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Post by Guest,

6466123444 Pain in that . . .

Post by Dick,

646-612-3444 Gotten many Telephone calls from W W W along with Major Sound in your background. Heavy Highlight. Said he was out of Windows and my computer had been sending many Malfunction messages to their server. He wanted for Fix that Issue. Link was thus bad I Inquired him for telephone back so I could get the whole Storyline. Many calls with Bad connections. Eventually Quit answering your calls.

Post by Sally,

6466123444 Called but left no message

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 no response Put up Trash CALL

Post by Tracy,

6466123444 I just talked for the same woman. She was Actually rude.

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 I 'm on your Nat l Do not Phone list why 'm I still becoming these nuisance calls.

Post by Mouse,

6466123444 I get several calls a week out of these thieves but each time from a different number unless I create them really mad and Subsequently they ll call back each five minutes until they get tired of it. As above Striving to get into my computer. I repair computers. They re not going for get anywhere along with mine. I m still Selecting Nuisance telephone for mean Info robber until you Men Place within a new Choice but it's Considerably more serious than a prank

Post by owen,

646-612-3444 substantial east Indy saying he was a tech from Microsoft and was going for mend my infected computer i Installed Upward. called At W pm 1 W W W W W.

Post by Rocky,

6466123444 This phone number keeps calling here and it s a scam. . If they telephone you report them.

Post by Em,

646-612-3444 Caller ID comes up along with Phone W

Post by Clayton Burrows,

6466123444 This really is a Important scam. They called and Subsequently cussed me Outside when I would t supply them access for my computer.

Post by Angela,

646-612-3444 My House Telephone keeps getting calls from this number. Occasionally it s a guy and sometimes a Girl but both are Rather Clearly computer scampers trying to fish for information around the phone. If you get a call from this number hang up.

Post by Brenda,

6466123444 Please Discontinue calling. . . . . . .

Post by Tam,

646-612-3444 Acquired a telephone from the Amount claiming for become out of Specific returning my telephone Around my computer running slow they also asked for me by name Yet I never called them my Man answered unaware and they said they would telephone back.

Post by VinMur,

6466123444 I 've verification out of Team viewer corporate. There surely is no relationship with them or Microsoft and That Telephone number W W That phone number is Established from brand new York city and is off a cell Telephone your Owner ID will Identify it as a wireless caller Do not Response Your Telephone if you personally do and you personally hear Around anything that says they are from Microsoft Technology support or any sort of Technology support Become Conscious It's a scam.

Post by Me2 again,

646-612-3444 How about that . . . checking account my other phone received this morning from DIR Assist W W W research shows it for become the same your own computer has a virus scummier.

Post by Ed S.,

6466123444 Sure you told them you personally were a Casualty thus they thought your own wife could possibly be vulnerable overly.

Post by SAR,

646-612-3444 SCAM W W W said someone was Striving to break into my computer. Sounded like he was possibly from India and lots of noise in your History. I told him that was great and Put up.

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Strong Highlight did t get name called and went on something about my Dwelling computer was delivering Announcements to Windows that there was a Trouble and he needed to connect for my computer. I Put Upwards.

Post by Melissa,

646-612-3444 I need away this call list. . .

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Speaks along with broken Feature. Claims for become with Microsoft informing me Around a Difficulty with my computer Applications. Phone number was Recorded as a wireless caller. Scam telephone.

Post by Jan,

646-612-3444 Do not call the number.

Post by scuyler,

6466123444 I too got a call from W W W. They said that they were out of an agency that monitored Crack calls into my computer. That foreign sounding Man said his name was John . I Installed Upward on him because I have gotten W calls out of foreign sounding mankind telling me that I had won many lottery and to send them a few outrageous Sum of cash for service Prices before they would send your millions that I won . That next morning someone hacked into my computer and Delivered e mails to several of my contacts. Be thorough along with these people.

Post by Mad in MS,

646-612-3444 I keep becoming calls out of the number even though I 've asked them not for phone back. I have told them that I would report them to the police and 1 Inquired for the Amount for your police thus she could phone them and phone me back. What a hoot. Will there be any manner we could Quit these Individuals.

Post by MM,

6466123444 They 've been calling for days. The first just one I got they said they were out of Microsoft. Luckily for them. I have a Mac. But However they still call and telephone. I call back and it rings Perhaps once or twice and goes correct for express send. Luckily blocking numbers has become much easier.

Post by Tracy,

646-612-3444 I vie never had my computer professionally repaired but I Simply started becoming these calls. They understand my Mid name which is something I don t Frequently use so I should become Capable for trace where they got it eventually.

Post by Kathy,

6466123444 I get random calls Around my computer Electronic Company Income Taxes. Every daytime and so does my Man. It's really Miserable this the happens for all of people. Someone needs for get them.

Post by Fax Machine,

646-612-3444 Want a fast Remedy. Get your clever phone your regular Telephone and your work s Facsimile machine phone Amount. Get your own clever Telephone ready to record open your voice recorder Program . Afterward phone your work s fax machine line and record the tones when the fax machine picks Upwards. Let it record until the Facsimile line hangs Upward about 1 minute . You re ready to 've fun now. . . . Your next time a telemarketer calls open Upwards that express app and PLAY the Facsimile machine record when you response that Telephone. It Generally takes 5 W seconds for that telemarketer to hang Upward. BONUS. . . . . Your own phone may be marked as company fax on their list Essentially a useless Amount since you can t scam a Facsimile machine . So you personally won t get Replicate calls and when the people that 've you personally number sell their lists your Telephone won t Search on it. . . Essentially your become useless to THEM. . . BA ha ha ha ha. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

6466123444 I did not response. That voice mail left was a Number of automated gargle

Post by RBTSWIM,

646-612-3444 They told me I could go F myself. They telephone also most once a week. Told them many times that we are on a don't phone list they don t care.

Post by gd,

6466123444 Just got a call out of the number. foreign Highlight noisy History within room. Said he was calling out of windows and had gotten a report that I had a Issue with my computer and he would help me mend it. I told him I notion he was a fake and he Put up on me. Definitely a scam out of the phone number. BEWARE.

Post by Vee,

646-612-3444 Called and guy along with Feature said he was from Windows support and that my computer has been hacked. They had my name and address. I told that guy he should be ashamed of himself for Striving to scam Individuals. He insisted that this was his job thus I told him for get another Occupation. He kept up his Software and I told him he should send me a letter with all his contact data and what I need to know. Of path he asked for my email address and I told him No and since he seems to have my contact data he should use your People Mail to contact me. Ha. That is disgusting and I think there should be a crackdown on the type of thing.

Post by Tony,

6466123444 I was getting these calls from the Amount and also out of W W W. Same guy. I told him every time I did t have a computer and he hung Upwards after I told him to Quit calling. Now he calls and somehow echoes our name and Amount back to your caller ID. Creep.

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 This hacker just been hacked by Unknown.

Post by Mr. D,

6466123444 what is wrong with everybody. Why do you personally all insist on answering calls from numbers you don t know and worse still Truly calling them back. All it does is really that your own number is valid and active thus that it stays on that list and is Approved along Offered for other scampers.

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 I have only answered them once. About my computer attempted to contact Microsoft myself but never got a Result. This Unique just one was from Georgia. The telephone I got Now was from Minolta Fresh York I am also on that National Do not Telephone List but it Looks not for subject. Now i Only don t hassle answering the call if I don t know the number. This has become quite annoying.

Post by Spokane Frustrated,

6466123444 He said that my computer ID had been deactivated on that internet. I played along along with him for a little while. He Inquired if I could run team Person for him. That is when I Rather the Match and told him he shouldn't be victimizing Individuals. and hung up. It bothers me that he knew my name and phone Amount. I Presume which is not to challenging for 've. Exactly why could someone Close down these frauds.

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 man called our Amount and asked for me by name mentioned he Desired to Speak w me about my computer and how according for him its messed Upwards and again Granting for him my Windows on my computer is messed Upward. He said he was w Microsoft NO The Guy IS LYING . . . More than likely he they're hackers

Post by Norma,

6466123444 I 've obtained a telephone out of W W W two times within a Line now within that late morning. Your first call was a woman who had a thick Highlight. She previously mentioned that she Signified some remove viruses etc. out of your own Residence computer via your Net. She Needed remote access for my computer for investigate potential computer viruses that it could possibly be infected with. I Put Upwards on her. Your second call that next morning was a male who Additionally had a thick accent. I took your time for explain to him that I had already researched the Amount he was calling from and Inquired him for stop calling me. He kept talking trying to ease me which he was a valid computer technician. I have no uncertainty that he and your woman who called the previous daytime are computer technicians but I don t believe that they are legitimate. I told him that I knew from previous reports on this number he was endeavoring for Take my Identification to increase access to my personal bank account credit cards etc. He assured me that there were Individuals doing the but he wan t among them. I told him to Discontinue calling. He ongoing to talk. I repeated Discontinue calling my number. He continuing to Discuss reassuring me that it would become totally safe for me for give him accessibility to my computer. I repeated Quit calling my number. He ongoing along with his spiel. I Installed up on him. Don t hassle replying this Amount unless you personally demand for vent your frustrations on someone you may never speak with again. These Individuals are frauds and out to get your private information.

Post by Joseph Doques - ADDENDUM,

646-612-3444 Think I pissed him off Actually nicely. Got a telephone from the Clark County Sheriff s office Illinois I live on that shore . I Go ogled the number first it was legit. Seems that someone in Ailing filled a complaint listing my name and number as your caller and was I Associated with Microsoft. Ah. . Click. I defined that I had been getting calls out of a heavily accented Hindustani Pakistani. Yes. Maintaining to be out of Microsoft Computers. Yes Yes. Stating that my computer had been disconnected from your Principal server. Yep. And that it would Price me W. Yes again. I gave him your W W W number. He said he d follow up on it. BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA. . . . . . .

Post by Alice,

6466123444 Months ago I was becoming several calls a daytime from these Individuals. My son who is really tech savvy took one of that calls and questioned them extensively and Afterward they Discontinued calling. UNTIL. Yesterday I had another Problem with Foxfire plugin. I sent an error report. Now the calls have started again. I 've AT amp T Net. Windows. Regularly use Firefox. Somewhere there is a hack. It s too Substantially of a coincidence that the calls Began Upward again just hours after I Directed} the Malfunction report. I do not reply your calls. When I did. Earlier they knew my name that was frightful.

Post by Susan,

646-612-3444 Just got 2 calls on my cell Telephone from W W W maintaining they were receiving Difficulties out of my computer. I Inquired which computer that name of it etc. She had a heavy Highlight and said that support for PX Windows 7 etc. Wan t even answering my questions correctly. I kept asking which computer because I 've 6 just one is work ha ha Then she guessed Windows 7 computer. I asked if it was on and she said yes thus I asked her your name of your problem computer. She got frustrated and Put Upward. Around 1 Second After obtained another phone. I had Simply goggled the Web site so when I replied I said I know you personally re a scam I Only looked you Upward on your computer and another express said Okay and Installed Upward. I Directed} a text to my husband who isn't real computer Savoy and told him if you personally see that number don t response. Cheers because of this Site. It saves a lot of Individuals out of getting violated .

Post by Franc,

6466123444 He was NOT English speaking whatsoever and proceeded to tell me my computer was hacked. I Inquired him what computer. He said that Microsoft. I laughed. These are Gloomy times people. Evilness may attempt and deceive you personally. I feel sorry for these Individuals. They actually believe sitting somewhere within many Nation hoping for scam someone from cash. This Nation can would nothing for shield you personally please beware and protect yourself. Ask questions Get evidence. Trust no 1.

Post by BOB  ,

646-612-3444 Called at 6 W 'm when i replied i got a garbled voice not sure what it said. said Hi again an could Notice Sound within your History. at this point I Put Upwards

Post by goldie,

6466123444 A guy having an Indian accent said he was from Microsoft. He wanted for diagnose my computer calming it Delivered Malfunction messages which Show that my computer was infected with viruses. I said HECK NO. It sounded like a scam don t fall for it.

Post by Low -Tech Solution,

646-612-3444 There s no motive for become snaky or rude and you personally certainly don t demand to use my Alternative if you don t enjoy it. And my solution works for those individuals who are becoming calls on a Acreage LINE which is NOT Related to a computer or Electronic even. Recall those. . It s impossible for download ANYTHING on a Basic Uncomplicated old fashioned land line. In fact you are able to even use my suggestion utilizing an old fashioned Express Recorder in place of a bright Telephone Program for those without antiphons . Heck there s Likely people Outside there who don t even Have bright Telephones amp computers that download things and they STILL can use my advice. . Imagine THAT. . . . . . . . A low tech and FREE solution to annoying calls. Yes I posted it twice. Because the first was an answer and I wan t confident it would display in that Principal thread. But cheers for pointing Outside my error . Feel better now. . . Hope You personally RE smart enough for recognize my explanation. Sorry it had for be spelled Outside within more detail for your requirements Actually. . . .

Post by Guest,

6466123444 desires for help me with my computer. Says he is out of Microsoft but small squeaky Highlight seems for be Offshore.

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 Called me six times within one day but the one time I did answer nobody responded.

Post by One-More,

6466123444 Could you personally all should tell these people that they can eff themselves and they would make more cash if they Participated within that Earliest Career within your universe.

Post by Still Laughing,

646-612-3444 MG that is hysterical.

Post by Charlie,

6466123444 Acquired a phone call at W W P. M. Now Jan. W W . When I replied that telephone personally that computerized message Only said Good BY and disconnected. Nevertheless this was your third call from this Amount. On your second phone I had rudely proposed him that they had nothing that I need. Afterward I had inquired as for how they Got my Telephone number. Your guy who could not speak good English in the least kept saying but Madame . I Put Upwards. But they keep calling.

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 scam.

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Owner said he was from windows Engineering to report that there was questionable action on my computer but would not supply a callback number

Post by joan,

646-612-3444 I answered Simply for engage one of them within a talk and offer them a Item of my mind. What I got was a record telling me that my computer was emitting a dangerous Sign . . . . Blah blah blah. Just within case anyone was listening or recording I instructed them perform a Organic function without a Spouse.

Post by CtChicky,

6466123444 Some lady with a foreign Highlight Only called out of that Seeking for Chat with Lu go. Told her I was that W year old babysitter and there s no 1 here by that name.

Post by annie z,

646-612-3444 I Simply had that same Trouble. They wanted me for hit the Ctr key. I kept asking what Firm do you personally signify. They avoided my question several times. I Subsequently said good by .

Post by kach,

6466123444 I got a phone when the office phones were transferred for my cell. I replied Telephone but had nothing so I hung Upwards. After reading all the comments. I would 've Team Person on my office computer. . . but Since they never said anything I trust we are safe and they could not Crack in my intelligent phone.

Post by Tracy,

646-612-3444 Three calls in your last three days. First two said that my computer had been disconnected from your mainframe because of a virus Difficulty. Confident I said Take another 1 it has bells. That last Owner was rude to me when I called her on her . Said that I d become becoming a phone from them each daytime. They re blocked now.

Post by Fax Machine,

6466123444 Desire a swift Remedy. Grab your clever phone your own Routine Telephone and your own work s fax machine phone number. Get your smart phone Prepared for record open the express recorder app . Subsequently phone your work s fax machine line and record that tones when the Facsimile machine picks Upward. Let it record until the Facsimile line hangs Upward about 1 Second . You re ready for have pleasure now. . . . That next time a telemarketer calls open Upward your express Program and PLAY your fax machine recording when you personally response the phone. It Generally takes 5 W seconds for your telemarketer for hang Upward. BONUS. . . . . Your own phone can become Indicated as company fax on their list Fundamentally a useless number since you can t scam a fax machine . Thus you personally won t get repeat calls and when the those who 've you personally number sell their lists your Telephone won t Look on it. . . Fundamentally your own become useless for THEM. . . BA ha ha ha ha. . . . . . .

Post by Fred,

646-612-3444 I asked them what a computer was and that my windows for your back yard looked good for me. Also said that I did have a virus a month Past but I took antibiotics and was Experience better now.

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Here is what Microsoft reports about these frauds coming from the number and similar. HTTP Www. Microsoft. com security online Seclusion avert phone scams. asp

Post by ScamDetective,

646-612-3444 Yep. . . got your same type of call Merely now. Told him I can 've his number disconnected as I have inside information about their Firm. Told them FBI is on the case. He rapidly Installed up. Adore playing with these scums

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Called and hung up

Post by Michael,

646-612-3444 calls here and Subsequently hangs Upward wasting my time and pissing me off

Post by Guest,

6466123444 These Men have called several times from different Amounts. Caller said he was from Microsoft and which our computer was being monitored by he Czech. Republic. Inquired for my Man by name. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Hang Upwards or don t answer

Post by Photoman43,

646-612-3444 I acquired a phone from this Telephone Amount. Nobody answered for hello. Don't present anyone your computer Amount.

Post by Chicago,

6466123444 The Put tried for get me to load a Rural control Software. I arks them exactly why they said my computer reported tho them I had a virus I said Okay what is that IPA address of your computer he said he was having problem pulling it Upward I decided for have a few enjoyment told him the Authorities department uses a FE all I heard Oregon click and Face tone LOLA

Post by mike,

646-612-3444 Peter called me a couple times. He insisted that he was with Technology support so i Inquired him a couple Straightforward questions regarding his company. He could t response any of my questions. Told him for lose my number and British pound sand.

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Spam spam and more spam. . .

Post by Colette,

646-612-3444 I received a phone out of a Consistent service person Now. Advanced hackers. . . .

Post by 646-612-3444,

6466123444 Telephone phone SCAM claiming I 've a problem along with a virus on my computer. He Verified he was calling from India. told him there was no way he could ascertain there was something erroneous along with my computer. I also described that what he was doing was a offense and he could go to jail if they ever Find him. He said he was not conscious of that and I Put Upward.

Post by Rich N.,

646-612-3444 ND time this year I got his kind of call Typically end Upward yelling at them and they Cease calling until the next Man calls to do the same scam

Post by Anonymous,

6466123444 I 've obtained a number of calls out of the number asserting they were out of WINDOWS and Wanted to fix my computer. They State they're calling from Micro center Tech support. I told him we have not reported any Problem and supply me your own Chief office Amount and I may phone back for verify. Your Man got really upset and I told him not for call back this Amount again. They still phone out of time for time as I see your on caller Id today I answered that Telephone by mistake and told them not to telephone back. They are phony don t reply this Amount.

Post by kk,

646-612-3444 There s no way they could be Close down. They are Indian scampers so that as such are beyond the reach of People law. Your Indian government shuts them down each once within some time but with a People of a billion or thus they Merely keep popping up again. Short of an atmosphere Hit on their phone Stores by just one or your drones stationed within your Indian Sea there s nothing anyone can perform to Discontinue your calls from being initiated. You are able to protect yourself along with a telephone blocker. At least Upwards to some point. They change Amounts a lot and if they phone you personally once they re certain going for attempt to telephone you. It s Mindless really because your Indian Highlight Offers them away. They phone me about twice a week correct now. When they call me I Typically tell em I m sorry but I have no Rupees for offer today. Afterward I hang Upward. They Typically immediately phone again and I Simply Place the Telephone down. After a few minutes they hang Upward.

Post by Fed up with this,

6466123444 Got same telephone from W W W total scam. Only hang up as they desire accessibility to your computer and private data.

Post by annie z,

646-612-3444 I Only had your same problem. They wanted me for hit your Ctr Essential. I kept asking what Business can you personally signify. They avoided my question several times. I Subsequently said great by .

Post by Me2,

6466123444 I did t reply this call out of CELL Telephone NY and they did not leave a message.

Post by Anne,

646-612-3444 I m waiting for an Significant telephone thus what pops Upwards on Caller ID W W Because there are numerous area Requirements here I picked up assuming it was my telephone. Chat Me. Hello. Caller. I m calling about your own computer. Non American. Me. What Around it. Owner. There s a Difficulty along with your own computer. Me. Really. flippantly Tell me what kind of computer can I have. Caller. Windows. Me. That USN t what I Inquired. . . Cease calling here. Take my name off your list. Me. Disconnect. Windows USN t a computer brand. If I wan t waiting for that call I should 've played along. Maybe did a Seinfeld. Told him I m active request for his Amount. Tell him I ll get back when I m free. Damn Cons.

Post by Raj M.,

6466123444 Same as most of the messages above. . . the Man said he was out of windows and wanted to mend my computer. Needed for me for follow miscounting and pref etch etc. I had already disconnected disabled the Web Link so he could not access my computer. When I asked him for tell me all the measures he Desired me to take then he gave Upwards and said if I don t care Around fixing my computer should he Afterward he Put up. DON T Autumn FOR THEIR PRESSURE For ENTER ANY Orders ETC. Hang Upwards. Don t let anyone whom you personally did t phone 've access for your computer don t enter any commands that they ask you personally for enter.

Post by Domino's Pizza,

646-612-3444 I have a regular response when unknown blocked wireless caller Amounts come Upwards on my Owner id. So Today when I replied a cs ll from this I said Thank you personally for calling Domino s Pizza. Can I take your own order. . The heavily Highlighted man along with Telephones ringing within your History Appears confused so I Duplicate myself. He Afterward Requires is Therefore a business. I reply back with would you personally enjoy for order a pizza. . He Installed Upwards. Less than a Second After He calls back. . Pleasure time. . . So I can my Introduction and he decides to purchase. 2 pizzas amp soda. I ask for an address. He Offers me MY address number amp road then asks is that appropriate. . Yeah I am going for tell you personally. . . NOT. . . . I play dumb and Subsequently repeat his purchase back. I Subsequently ask for a callback Amount. He gives me just one. I present him a total . He Requires when he ll get his purchase. I state your W minute ensure and thank him before hanging up. I then would a Google hunt on that Amount he gave me. Comes Upward along with voter Subscription info for somebody who lives not overly far away. I have his and his wife s names address Start Days. Intriguing. . . Quickly forward W minutes out of his order . I have my Man call that number he Offered and pretend he s your motorist. YES I blocked my number first. . A Girl Solutions and has no idea what he s talking about nobody ordered pizza. Hubby ends the phone. 5 minutes After the a hole calls back. I would your Domino s intro again. He claims he did t get his pizza. I Split into him telling him that my driver called and said that it was a fake address and the Girl who answered that telephone back Amount knew nothing Around the purchase. I Afterward accused him of defrauding me from W of product that is Thieving. I told him for never call my business again and Put Upwards. I Destination t gotten any more calls Today. Thus what did I discover. This is a local Man Likely calling from Residence who not only has my name but Additionally my address creepy. He keeps track of his call logs and what's said to him. Otherwise how would he understand to phone MY Amount back after my delivery Man talked to his Partner. . Partner told him about your delivery call and he thought he d have some enjoyment and continue the harassment. . . . Thus I vie Composed down the W W W number as well as all his private Information Partner s too . IF he ever calls back I Strategy on Custom him by name and calmly trilling him I have all his private Information. Then I ll educate him the last time he called I told him for Cease calling this Amount. And then I ll educate him that I will be going for my local Authorities station tomorrow and filing a harassment Gripe and I may be giving that officer phone Records as nicely as his private Information.

Post by Guest,

6466123444 I Actually had a Skip telephone out of this Amount a few days ago. Now she called and said she was along with windows specialized support and that they got many warnings in Value to the computer in my own home. They knew my name and cell Telephone Amount. She wanted me to pull Upwards a Site called Internet. team viewer. com and she would direct me through for describe to me where I had problems within the computer. I kept telling her I would not do that but she just kept arguing. The phone came out of Minolta NY from a disposal prepaid cell phone.

Post by Greg in nyc,

646-612-3444 I keep becoming calls out of these monkeys. Substantial accents. That guy said his name was Aaron. He said he was calling from the Universe Extensive Web. I said the Universe Extensive Net is not a Business. He finally said Uni co. I said where are you located. Finally he said Maryland. He said he Needed to Check my IPA address. I Inquired exactly why he said on your security. I Inquired for his phone back number. He would t present it to me. But I said it dozen t matter since I 've it within my phone now. I said I knew it was a scam and they should start doing something productive rather than this scam. It s somewhat unnerving Understanding these monkeys already 've my name phone number address email address and likely other info about me.

Post by Sam Sneed,

6466123444 I just got a call from them. A greatly accented voice from a Man named James informed me that I had a virus called a Trojan Horse. I explained for him that I m a Developer and delve deeply into that Windows APO s and such thus I could assure him that I had no Trojan Horses or any other horses. That I told him he s a fraud. He told me to open my computer or he would report me for that FBI. I told him he was full of it and he Put up. This really is his second Test for get me for let him have accessibility to my computer. Next time I ll attempt to sell him my products and see if he desires for Purchase what I m Making. I Wager I could go into the details for hours if he s got that time. . .

Post by Skylark,

646-612-3444 Exactly why can you people even Speak with these idiots calling everyone. Simply hang Upward.

Post by I hate telemarketers!,

6466123444 They phone me at least 4 times a week. I adore to Chaos along with them and waste their time. I Actually threw just one for a Cycle when I asked him if he could see me through my web cam. I told him I was nude and I would would whatever he Desired. of course I Actually wan t . He became speechless and Installed Upward. I suppose which was not on his scripted Recommendations. I m so Ill of the scam.

Post by Skylark,

646-612-3444 Exactly why do you personally Individuals even Discuss with these idiots calling everyone. Only hang Upward.

Post by LA,

6466123444 I had been ignoring calls out of the Amount for about a week. Someone called Recently and said they were along with some Firm that started along with a W and that my id had been deactivated and that they Wanted me to activate the fresh 1. I Inquired what ID and they could t even tell me how to get to it. When i Inquired why it had been deactivated they said it was no longer working because it had been deactivated. Thus I Inquired again and got that same in general reply. Since they could t answer me I asked them to call me back Now around noon and they said they Wanted a Particular time and i said noon. I then called HP and got all of my computer back for running W and all Removed up Trash files etc. . HP HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF THEM. So today your same Girl called me back and I said that I had gotten everything Chosen attention of through HP and that I would Actually value them for not phone me and she Installed Upward without saying a word. I then got a phone back and I answered from dismay at their lack of Value for my request. No 1 was there thus I Put Upward. Not even a Second After I got another call from your same Amount and it was a man who said he was along with Hot send and Recorded my oldest E-mail that I 've had since I was W W and haven t used since I was W W . And I plainly previously mentioned that I 've asked someone from this number for Quit calling me and I Wanted them to do that. And he said who else is calling you out of the Amount. and i said a woman called i don t remember what that Business name was but it wan t Popular send. He Subsequently got irritated and said but you personally don t know exactly why i m calling and i said I don t attention i have asked you personally people to Quit calling and he proceeded for tell me it wan t his Issue that other Individuals were calling me out of that Amount. That s when I got mad and said It s the same exact phone number how is that not your Issue. . He then proceeded to cry questions at me and not let me response. I got pissed away and told him to stop talking and listen to me for W seconds and he Only kept yelling around me thus I got pissed off and Installed Upwards. He called back 5 times that i declined to response. I gotten 7 calls from the Amount within W minutes. I m pretty confident that is a scam. I 've read several places that all appear for 've different companies and for get passed out of Man for person repeatedly. I may be reporting the number. If you personally tell someone soliciting for stop calling they 've for. Notice I 'm registered on the don't call list.

Post by rob,

646-612-3444 Exactly why dozen t that FCC or FTC Really Do SOMETHING Around the crap. That Guidelines are on the books.

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Central Asian man named Dave call Around windows on my computer

Post by DeDe,

646-612-3444 Owner id Fresh York NY W W W I answered. because I had gotten a phone earlier today in ref. to your job was a legit call out of NY NY should 've understand better as the First Firm that called today had the name of that Firm id on your Telephone. I said Hi there was no just one there Afterward there was a beep and a recorder says good by. Won't ans. the again.

Post by Receiver of call,

6466123444 Called my cell. As I did t know your number I did t answer. No MSG left. 've got the same phone before on that acreage line. Your India Feature voice of Hello. . . . . . I 'm calling you personally out of vain does. . . No happiness for you personally today Mr. Vain does

Post by Sue,

646-612-3444 Simply called Girl with foreign Feature said from Technology Team from Le nova Computers Put Upwards. SCAM. Would never reply unknown Owner W normal common NYC Region Cell Telephone exchange from where I know many callers. They don t Quit. . . . .

Post by Tony C,

6466123444 've obtained numerous calls from this Amount. Eventually I decided to response a call and got your same BS Around my computer. Told him I did t 've a computer and he Installed Upward. Idea that would be the last of it but now the calls have started again. I guess he s a slow Student.

Post by Ed S.,

646-612-3444 Confident you told them you were a victim so they notion your Partner could be exposed too.

Post by Anne,

6466123444 Man said my computer was in risk. Lola. I replied. Since you understand thus Substantially about my computer what brand would I have. He said Windows. Lola. Idiots. I don t know if your same Disadvantages telephone from Distinct numbers but I vie obtained other calls asserting the same.

Post by Phil McCracken,

646-612-3444 Caller ID from NY NY This is the same computer scam hackers that call from W W W

Post by lab,

6466123444 Received phone did not response as we know of no just one for the reason that Region code. They left no message on your answering machine.

Post by Maureen Gilman,

646-612-3444 Said they were from AOL and there was a Bank scam problem . My account was hacked. can I go to my computer now and go on my account . I said AOL never calls Individuals. And hung up.

Post by Lindalee,

6466123444 Silence and Afterward in a machine express it said goodbye

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 They don t leave a MSG. If I don t Understand a number I don t Select Upwards.

Post by Morgan,

6466123444 Scummier. Don't go along along with anything they request. HTTP Website. maltreats. org fraud scam W . . . d and trash Computer HTTP Web. Client. FTC. gov Posts W Technology support scams

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 I have had two calls. That first call was from David and Owner ID showed quot unknown Owner quot . The second phone did not tell me his name but caller ID revealed W W W. Both said that were from quot Windows quot and there was a Difficulty along with my computer Getting a virus every time I connected for the Net. They Needed me to turn on my computer and they would walk me Thur that procedure for remove that viruses and from any more Installing. I Installed Upward on both of them.

Post by Guest,

6466123444 for buy protection for my computer

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 Calls and Identifies as an an agent of Microsoft. When I challenge that quot Do you personally work for Microsoft. quot answers quot Yes I 'm an agent for Microsoft quot . Then goes on Observation that MY computer is notifying them of issues. . . I reply quot Then present me a number to telephone you personally at Microsoft so I can 've my IT department resolve the quot . . . CLICK. That is a fraud. . . . as I have been called by these frauds many times I 've walked through their process a couple times. They can 've you personally open Applications and registries and read desire you to read Rules to them. I have read them phony Amounts until they get frustrated and hang Upwards. I consider they desire for eventually take over your own computer and run their software or Simply 've you Add their Things. Maybe it could would something perhaps and likely not but your pushy fraudulent representation as Microsoft agents rate these Individuals as CON ARTISTS

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Jan Hill out of garbled Business name Looking to understand if I had a Dwelling computer.

Post by Denny,

646-612-3444 Got a telephone out of W W W. They were very insistent that they were from Microsoft and that I had a problem on my computer. They had my name and address. I refused to would what he Needed and after being transferred to a Manager they finally hung Upwards.

Post by Gus-Lindenhurst, IL,

6466123444 Gotten a call out of this Amount. Indian Individual identified himself as CEO of Global Net. I told him I was not interested and hung Upward. He called back a minute later and Inquired what I was not interested within and began jabbering that there was something incorrect along with my computer and I should turn it on. I proposed him not to call again. That is definitely a scam of some form . . .

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 Called twice within a just one Second time Period. Left no message.

Post by Jouyce,

6466123444 I just tell them for SUCK MY amp . That Normally keeps them from calling back.

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 As I don't response calls out of numbers I do not recognize I don t understand who this can be. I am on your National Do not Telephone List dozen t appear for help.

Post by total scam,

6466123444 received among these calls Now out of W W W overly. Heavy Feature maintaining to become from Microsoft and telling me someone was trying for Crack my computer. I told him I notion HE was Attempting to Crack my computer. I strung him along for a couple minutes but I eventually hung Upward after he said he d telephone me back later when I m at my computer. LOLA

Post by George O.,

646-612-3444 got telephone on W 2 W. Said they were out of Microsoft and my computer was giving errors. Awful English and talked Quickly. I Put Upwards on them and dialed number back. Got record that said going for voice mail leave a message. Put Upward and called again and got record that number was not within service. Someone along with Microsoft needs to find these people and have them prosecuted.

Post by Getting Scammed in North MS,

6466123444 Strong Indian accented guy asserting for become along with Microsoft called concerned along with a Difficulty with your computer user id. Asked if I was my name and if I was the Principal user of the computer. . . . when I said I was not he asked when could he call back. . . which is when I Put Upward. Lawyer Generals or whoever regulates this needs to get him them Ceased. Did I give overly much Information.

Post by 646-612-3444,

646-612-3444 Scam re access to your computer to fix it states out of Microsoft and your Subscription id is within Malfunction. There s lot of garbled Sound in the History sounds like a telephone Centre.

Post by wes wilson,

6466123444 I 've gotten a number of calls out of the Amount claiming they were out of WINDOWS and Desired for fix my computer. When i told them not to phone back they did and tried to Speak my Partner into giving them info on the computer within purchase to mend a Difficulty. I told her for hang up and your next day they called again and request to Chat to my wife I told them no and a woman on your Telephone informed me that I was the worst husband she has ever talked for overly which I laughed and called her a few choice names.

Post by Tracy,

646-612-3444 I vie never had my computer professionally repaired but I just started becoming these calls. They know my middle name which is something I don t often use so I should be Competent to hint where they got it eventually.

Post by Penny,

6466123444 Just got a second telephone from the cell number out of NY. I told that Man he was not Signifying a valid company he insisted it was. I Inquired for his supervisor. He said he was your Manager. Correct. Put up on him. He was saying that a Windows permit had been deactivated.

Post by Mike L,

646-612-3444 This number has called my House a few times. Every time they can they request for my Partner by her maiden name. They vie used that W Amount and I m certain they vie used a few other spoofed Amounts. First time they called I was already suspicious along with what they Desired. I asked that guy with the Feature on the other end if he had a callback Amount. The Man must have thought I was dense or something because all he did was randomize the Amount in my Telephone Amount. I said for him gee whiz that sounds enjoy you took my number and Simply randomized your Amount. He instantly Put Upwards. Now when ever they phone man woman it dozen t question i mess along with them and I Merely say haphazard crude matters. . . . they don t remain on that phone long

Post by Guest,

6466123444 Brand new Your is in that Pocono

Post by kk,

646-612-3444 There s no manner they could be shut down. They are Indian scampers so when such are beyond that reach of People law. Your Indian Authorities shuts them down each once in a while but with a Public of a billion or thus they Merely keep popping Upward again. Short of an atmosphere strike on their telephone Facilities by one or our drones stationed in your Indian Water there s nothing anyone can perform to Quit that calls from being initiated. You are able to protect yourself with a phone blocker. At least up to some point. They change numbers a lot and if they call you once they re confident going for try and phone you again. It s stupid Actually because the Indian accent gives them away. They call me about twice a week correct now. When they call me I usually tell em I m sorry but I have no Rupees for provide Now. Subsequently I hang Upwards. They Normally immediately telephone again and I just Set your phone down. After a few minutes they hang Upward.

Post by tuck67,

6466123444 Most Frequently I don t reply calls from numbers I don t understand and Subsequently Assess W notes for create confident I was right

Post by BGY,

646-612-3444 A holes called me today within minutes after receiving a phone from W W W. Not confident if these numbers are Related but my suppose is that they're. Both Amounts are blocked now on my phone blocker machine. BIO YA scampers.

Post by Low -Tech Solution,

6466123444 There s no motive to be snaky or rude and you surely don t demand for use my solution if you don t like it. And my Option works for those people that are getting calls on a Acreage LINE which is NOT connected to your computer or digital even. Remember those. . It s impossible for download ANYTHING on a Basic Uncomplicated old fashioned property line. Within fact you can even use my idea utilizing a classic fashioned Express Camera rather than a smart Telephone Program for those without antiphons . Heck there s Likely Folks Outside there who don t even 've clever Telephones amp computers that download things and they STILL can use my suggestion. . Imagine THAT. . . . . . . . A low Technology and FREE Alternative to annoying calls. Yes I posted it twice. Because the first was an answer and I wan t certain it would display in that Primary train of thought. But thanks for Going out my error . Feel better now. . . Trust You personally RE clever enough for recognize my explanation. Sorry it had for be spelled out in more detail for your requirements really. . . .

Post by Edwin Rood,

646-612-3444 I keep becoming calls from W W W claiming they're Related along with Microsoft and that my computer has Issues. I get 2 3 calls a week and I m tired of it.

Post by HaHa,

6466123444 I had them on telephone block on my phone. That last time they called me was Around 6 months ago. My call block was not empty so I erased all the Amounts that Haydn t called 6 months or longer. Now my telephone block is refilling Upward. When I replied they asked for me and said they were from Windows and I have an Malfunction and they need for repair it. Windows isn't a legit Business. I also Approved it along with a Buddy at Rice University in their computer department.

Post by yowzasma,

646-612-3444 they called again a little while ago July Th W amp answering machine did that answering

Post by anonymous,

6466123444 calls several times a week. all hours 7 a. m. weekdays and 8 p. m Sunday. . said she was out of windows Running system and asked who uses your computer. she asked for me by name. told her that it was 7 within morning and to never phone again and take my Amount off her list i knew it was scam . she had Feature and caller i. d. said it was a cellular telephone Amount.

Post by Judy zavala,

646-612-3444 Becoming calls don t understand who it's from

Post by Tracy,

6466123444 I just talked for the same Girl. She was Actually rude.

Post by Pat,

646-612-3444 I got a phone out of an Indian girl on a Saturday morning Additionally telling me they were from Microsoft and that my service was Ended due to not renewing my contract. I told her I had no dilemmas and thanked her and Put up. She called correct back very rude and I Put Upward. She continued for phone back continuously until I could t create a call Outside. I eventually was able for get to my phone carrier who could just hear me due to their steady calling. That Telephone Firm put a block on your number for me and I Recommend anyone that may do thus also. Telephone was W W W

Post by Nitney,

6466123444 As with everyone else I overly 've gotten calls out of these nutty Individuals. Simply don t understand how Individuals keep becoming roped within by these idiots. . . It s on your news and within the Papers. SCAM SCAM SCAM. . . . It dozen t question what telephone Amount they use long list of s it s consistently the same. Something is wrong with my Microsoft computer. Which is a joke as I have all Apple products. Oh well I caught him this time. . . I vie been on your Do not Call List since Forever and still get calls from these jerks as nicely as all the other jerks Outside there.

Post by yowzasma,

646-612-3444 they called again a bit while ago July Th W amp replying machine did the replying

Post by grannyb,

6466123444 Called in the Night. . . . I said hello there was a second of silence then a loud shrill beep Afterward a spooky female express said goodbye .

Post by Tony,

646-612-3444 They are a certified something or other along with Microsoft but undoubtedly running a scam. He said his name was Pete I Inquired him for fascination his last name since his Feature was so substantial. A L K I D A . I said Your name is Al QED . Bizarre he s make Upwards THAT name instead of Jones or Smith.

Post by joe,

6466123444 yup they called me overly. just once about 5 days ago. they did t reply my question either. a lot of mambo jumbo thus I assumed it was a scam I told them to phone me back but they did t. can t someone Close them down.

Post by VinMur,

646-612-3444 I 've confirmation from Team viewer corporate. There is no relationship along with them or Microsoft and That Telephone Amount W W That phone Amount is based from new York city and is away a cell phone your own caller ID may Identify it as a wireless caller Do not Response Your Telephone if you do and you hear about anything that says they're from Microsoft Technology support or any sort of Technology support Become Conscious It's a scam.

Post by LinuxUser,

6466123444 Got call from this Amount asserting my laptop is infected and proceeded for Go me through Installing team See and when that did t work he focused me to Amy. com. Both are Rural control Applications. Which could become used to increase access slightly for your computer at Dwelling. It a scam.

Post by booglyroo,

646-612-3444 I Simply gotten a call searching for me with a former last name I told him because that Hans t been my name in over 2 years that he had the erroneous Amount. The Guy was Exceedingly rude and demanded another Telephone Amount for former me. When i Inquired him what the was about he said something about a Microsoft based computer. I told him I did t have just one. HE Afterward said Excellent we ll see you personally within court . I Inquired again what is he calling about and what Firm is he calling out of. He Afterward replied in an extremely crass manner Ma am you are illegally using a computer along with a Microsoft Managing system and we re suing you personally. I said That s Wonderful because that simply computer I 've has a MAC Operating SYSTEM. For which he Subsequently replied I'm sorry you personally won t become Reading out of us again.

Post by Jessica,

6466123444 This Amount tried for call people but stupidly called Outside Facsimile line thus hopefully they won t body it Outside. Happy I did t 've to deal with them after reading a few Remarks. If they don t have access to your own computer Afterward there's no way for them for know you might have a virus. Additionally Microsoft manly makes software and has very few computers thus don t fall for that. Additionally display of hands of your amount of Folks Microsoft has helped you personally fix your computer for free.

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 Set a Discontinue for these calls by getting a Switch tone Subsequently Switch W on your own electronic home Telephone and follow the Guidelines.

Post by Scotty,

6466123444 Many guy with a foreign Highlight telling me I need to repair my windows computer . This really is a common scam. I told him for Set me on his don't phone list. . . So now they're calling me MORE Often. It's increased to Day-to-day. These are coming in the same Amount. Around and around.

Post by sendthemtojail,

646-612-3444 SCAM SCAM SCAM Microsoft computer virus scam Significant background telephone telephone Centre. Sound. Mexican accent Distinct in the typical Indian callers. Identified me by first name. . . easy for can with a white pages listed House phone number. It s W. . . . do Folks Truly still own Laptop s with micro crap software . . . .

Post by yowzasma,

6466123444 they called again a little while Past July Th W amp replying machine did the replying

Post by Receiver of call,

646-612-3444 Additionally see the link HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta . . . rs along with lawsuit

Post by John erisman,

6466123444 Unwanted call

Post by hprentice,

646-612-3444 My Partner got a threatening telephone out of this Amount and they said that phone was from your FBI.

Post by Susan malaro,

6466123444 Keep getting calls out of the number ID says cell phone new York. No one there when i answered.

Post by Gal,

646-612-3444 I got a phone from W W I don t answer phone numbers I don t Comprehend for all of the above reasons they don t listen and will continue for phone. I add your Telephone Amount to my phone book and your block the phone Amount thus I not not bothered again. never reply Telephone numbers you don t know if it s important they will leave a message. They demand to read these W notes.

Post by Low -Tech Solution,

6466123444 There s no motive to become snaky or rude and you personally definitely don t demand to use my Alternative if you personally don t like it. And my Option works for those people that are becoming calls on a Property LINE that is NOT Related to your computer or Electronic even. Recall those. . It s impossible to download ANYTHING on a Simple simple old fashioned acreage line. Within fact you are able to even use my suggestion utilizing an old fashioned Express Recorder in place of a smart Telephone Program for those without antiphons . Heck there s probably Individuals out there who don t even 've bright phones amp computers that download things and they STILL could use my suggestion. . Envision THAT. . . . . . . . A low Technology and FREE Alternative to annoying calls. Yes I posted it twice. Because your first was a response and I wan t confident it would show in your Primary thread. But cheers for pointing out my Malfunction . Feel better now. . . Expect You RE bright enough to recognize my explanation. Sorry it had to be spelled Outside in more detail to you really. . . .

Post by Liam K,

646-612-3444 Simply acquired phone out of woman at W W W saying she was out of windows computer security and asked me for verify my permit I. D. DC. She would t reply any question but was Consistent on becoming me to log on to my computer. I Inquired her for Replicate the Amount and told her there was interference on your line and hung Upwards. Go ogled Telephone number and located it was Fake after I had trouble logging within to eBay.

Post by Rock Annoyed,

6466123444 Replied Telephone Required to take Telephone away calling list amp Installed up on me. Called a second time after I hung Upward amp he went on amp on. Said he was along with Windows but calling from a cell Telephone. Will not answer that again.

Post by Christine G.,

646-612-3444 I Only acquired a phone out of the Amount. Your guy Asserted he was calling from the Windows server department and that the Malfunction message was coming from my computer for the server and your server department had told him to telephone me. He Maintained the Malfunction message suggested that my computer s IPOD address was exposed for being utilized by an outside Bash to defraud Individuals. He was calling my cell Telephone Amount and the made no sense for me since all of our windows accounts are through my Partner who would never use my cell Telephone number. The man was quite insistent and every time I pressed him Around what that Trouble was he never gave me your same answer twice. I Nearly fell for it but had for go pick up my son and thus told him that I had for go. He again insisted that we schedule another time for him to call me because it would take approximately W minutes for him for mend my computer. After I got off that phone I go ogled your phone number and saw this Site thank goodness. Can there be many agency to whom we can report the.

Post by Guest,

6466123444 This guy said he was out of Microsoft and Desired for get into my computer for repair matters. It's a scam. . . . don t fall for it.

Post by Skylark,

646-612-3444 Prophet as in prophecy as in a teacher. That s all a prophet is they don t predict the future.

Post by Tiredof Robocalls,

6466123444 Got a phone at W W a. m. 1 9 W. Caller ID Arrived up Wireless Caller. Left a garbled message. Used my Telephone to block the Amount. Thanks for all that post here thus I could Assess the number.

Post by Jouyce,

646-612-3444 That is your Window hacking scam that s been going around. . . . I told your I was going for telephone your police along with the Amount and they were within a Load of problem. Guy hung Upwards correct away

Post by Still Laughing,

6466123444 MG that is hysterical.

Post by Tracy,

646-612-3444 Matter is these scampers are Indian criminals who work out of phone Locations and Purchase information out of street vendors who specialize in brokering information. Indian government does nothing and the People can t do anything it seems. Telephone blocker May}n' be very best Wager.

Post by frank h,

6466123444 W W W CALLED AT 5 W PM CST. No one on line

Post by scuyler,

646-612-3444 I too got a call out of W W W. They said that they were out of an Bureau that monitored hack calls into my computer. The foreign sounding Man said his name was John . I Installed Upwards on him because I 've gotten W calls from foreign sounding men telling me that I had won some lottery and for send them many outrageous amount of money for service Prices before they would send the millions that I won . The next morning someone hacked into my computer and Directed} e mails for several of my Associates. Be thorough along with these Folks.

Post by Rhea,

6466123444 I 've acquired 2 calls from the number. . . . W. W. W Told them to remove my number from their records

Post by Guest,

646-612-3444 Luckily I did t answer. Never answer calls that I don t understand.

Post by Skylark,

6466123444 Why do you Individuals even talk along with these idiots calling everyone. Just hang Upwards.

Did you get an unwanted call from 646-612-3444? Is 6466123444 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

8179291317 Complains by Guest,

No name called Around Purchasing my timeshare. Scam Established out of Florida

8776402677 Complains by Guest,

it won t Cease calling me in your morning

9523678300 Complains by Guest,

This is a scam. United Wellbeing Care AA RP is for Actual and won't ask for verification by Phone. . The caller United Wellbeing Group is not for be trusted.

9547408663 Complains by Guest,


4234937793 Complains by Guest,


5012443107 Complains by Guest,

Tex ting asking for revealing photos.

6313382338 Complains by Guest,

i got a telephone out of this Amount. . . since did t leave a express send i m guessing it s some kind of Cool call Face er. . .

4178002374 Complains by Guest,

Well-being care

8002907821 Complains by ticked off,

called during dinner

8002871615 Complains by TW,

Same as above. Repeated calls no answer to my reply. Really ANNOYING.

8002927509 Complains by Guest,

continually call with different numbers after blocking. Fraud alert

8002101881 Complains by Guest,


8002881453 Complains by will,

This number W W W calls me each daytime they are grim and won t response is called back

8002586979 Complains by ashely,

've had several calls out of the Amount and i didn't understand who it was. . . . august W and Aug W

8002812526 Complains by LP,

Says they re calling out of credit control about a payday loan. Tried to Google that company name of credit control and can find nothing that matches the Amount. Looks enjoy a scam for me.

8002910500 Complains by Greatfull,

Thanks blocking that number now.

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