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108 complaints
Post by Cindy,

6466686744 Scam free cruise

Post by Laurie,

646-668-6744 Replied your phone and said hello. Caller Hi that is Tim out of Customer Service. Could you personally Notice me. Me Bob from WHAT Cu st. . Caller obviously a robot place to Talk when a Result is Found Fantastic. Me CLICK. Straight for block the caller in my own phone s Options.

Post by phonemac,

6466686744 Many idiot who has nothing better for do than for annoyance individuals who live a responsible life. The telephone was got out of a Verizon cell phone and I Hope for God that they are on a PAY BY The Minute Strategy. . and hopefully they ll go broke shortly or Verizon will End their service for NON PAYMENT. The number of mine that they called is one that I Do not Give Outside For ANYONE I have W other Amounts that I use for incoming calls. Also they Will not Be Able For GET THROUGH To MY Amount BECAUSE I Simply ADDED THEIR Amount For MY NONAGE Blocked Number List

Post by Marie,

646-668-6744 Called no message left

Post by FThis,

6466686744 Scam caller that calls each daytime.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 spam

Post by Jacky,

6466686744 free cruise scam

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 They identified themselves as quot customer service quot but attempted to Start into a sales Message.

Post by LJ,

6466686744 did t leave a message

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 Keeps calling no message

Post by Bill O NY,

6466686744 Customer Service Centre I won a free Vacation as thanks for all the business I vie done with them.

Post by hank,

646-668-6744 send all that scampers on boat Outside to sea

Post by Guest,

6466686744 This can be a scam number

Post by Amy,

646-668-6744 Keeps calling and that I could t Notice them at first and Subsequently knew it was a scam so I kindly told them to Set me in the don't call list and the guy got horrible and said he can phone me anytime he wants too.

Post by JMG,

6466686744 Called was a free cruise something Put up Assessed here blocked.

Post by Madonna718,

646-668-6744 Free cruise scam. Called two neighbor s in my own building overly.

Post by p.,

6466686744 Telephone all your time this and other Amount s three so far Now. . . When is this going for Finish. . . Also do not answer. . .

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 calls and hangs up

Post by George,

6466686744 just blocked this Fake free cruise telephone when will the Eva end. . .

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 Has called multiple times saying that I vie won been Picked for an offer

Post by g3b,

6466686744 they did not leave a message.

Post by Tammy Turbo,

646-668-6744 Got a free cruise for your Bahamas phone on my cell. CID says New York . Illegal recalls got to those who are on your ENCL. The scam needs for be Close down.

Post by Guest,

6466686744 This is that second time this calls leaves no message. I Display my calls. Don't know the and anyone from this location. From what I read that it sound enjoy a spam telephone.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 no message left

Post by eggy,

6466686744 calls from the Amount suck

Post by mighty bruno,

646-668-6744 I must be really lucky winning all these cash and Awards on a regular basis for contests I never Joined. . . .

Post by junky jeff,

6466686744 they keep calling and hanging up

Post by DJO,

646-668-6744 Similar for the other Opinions. That phone was at 9 W CDT on Oct 8 W. I did not response your call on my cell and and they did not leave a message. My phone says it's a New York number and I never have given my Amount for anyone in Fresh York. I will block that number based on other comments.

Post by Guest,

6466686744 Harassing calls Cease calls.

Post by hank,

646-668-6744 send all the scampers on boat out to sea

Post by U F A,

6466686744 Spoof caller from W W W

Post by monkworks,

646-668-6744 The Amount called 3 Distinct cell Amounts within the house Distinct cell Providers . Definitely Rob calling Amounts. Did t leave message. Def worth blocking if You're Competent.

Post by g3b,

6466686744 called and Put up

Post by Tim,

646-668-6744 W W W called my number Now W W W and I let it ring and Subsequently go for the voice mail That Owner Put Upward without Making any message. I go ogled the Amount which Added me here.

Post by Guest,

6466686744 replied call no Result Afterward Installed Upwards. tried to phone back and goes to some voice mailbox that has not been place up.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 no 1 answers when you Select up

Post by Joannie,

6466686744 Owner did not leave message my Amount is Enrolled along with Don't Call

Post by Missy,

646-668-6744 Keeps calling Nearly each daytime and never leaves MSG. . .

Post by mom,

6466686744 Free cruise record. Likely scam for gain credit card info.

Post by THOMAS,

646-668-6744 Pare recorded Rob Call Says How are you personally today. . . . . . . pause. . . . Great I m calling you. . . . . Free Cruise. Scampers

Post by Mr. Annoyed,

6466686744 The Owner keeps Attempting each week or so. I eventually woke Upwards and am now blocking the Amount so I should t be getting anymore of these you personally vie won a free cruise calls. .

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 Calls and hangs up

Post by Guest,

6466686744 Calls and no response

Post by db,

646-668-6744 annoying call

Post by Guest,

6466686744 The Owner calls numerous times leaves no messages Simply hangs up. . . So Ill of these callers this kind of Attack. . . .

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 A machine Called to state that have won a Holiday for 2. Looks for be a timeshare offer

Post by Did Not Pick Up,

6466686744 Telephone Arrived to a private cell number simply six members of prompt family 've the number. Undoubtedly that telemarketer is Rob dialing every potential combination

Post by Ron c.,

646-668-6744 Same telephone no message 4 W on a Sunday

Post by patsy,

6466686744 coming on my unlisted cell phone did t reply no message thank goodness so I did t get charged

Post by Amused,

646-668-6744 A cruise scam. I figure if I get five more free cruises I could be away out of House for a full year.

Post by KCH,

6466686744 Simply gotten a telephone on my cell Telephone out of this Amount. No Firm name is given so I have no idea who Views me a Top customer. Nevertheless I highly doubt anybody Legitimate that I can business along with is going to send me on a free all expense paid Holiday. So this has SCAM written all over it. Google Voice Taken this message Okay Amazing as a manner of thanking you for being one of the premier customers you personally qualify for the all Comprehensive promotion which Includes your Lodgings and all your food and beverages for Upward for 2 guest that s appropriate all you can eat all you can drink for 5 days and 4 nights. That s treasured at 1 W Additionally as a bonus You'll receive a free 5 daytime 4 nighttime magical Orlando get away that includes your Lodgings and Disney tickets to any Disney Style Park Which alone is valued over W Only for Choosing advantage of among the all Comprehensive Amazing Location promotions so I Merely demand to ask you personally a few questions for see you qualify is that okay. I m sorry. I did t Notice you definitely thus I Merely need for ask you a question for see if you qualify is that okay. Your records display that your at least W years or older and you personally still have a credit card or a debit card correct. I m sorry. I did t hear you personally definitely nowadays almost all Places Need credit cards Would you have a credit card which you could use on your own trip. Okay no Difficulty. Sorry. I bothered you I trust you've a really good daytime. This is a record that cannot tell that it reached a express send because it s waiting for answers Likely for alert a live Man to Select Upward that phone. BLOCKED. . . .

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 Calls Approximately 9 W am and doesn't leave message suspect it s a telemarketer. I am on your don't call list and still receive

Post by PersonNY,

6466686744 Just obtained it too this really is Though another Cool Phone to become entered into my Phone Dish list for be blocked.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 Calls Generally no message

Post by Guest,

6466686744 Stalker keep calling my number need for report this scams for the authorities. They need for Find this person.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 when I attempt to phone that I get a reorder no message left when they called me.

Post by Guest,

6466686744 calling several times a day really fed up with these Folks just calling when ever they need even at earlier morning hours do something Around these Individuals Actually fed up here they're calling a private unlisted Telephone Amount here

Post by Jenna,

646-668-6744 Please do not telephone me along with automated messages I will not response and I am not interested whatsoever. I appearance forward for not hearing back.

Post by a,

6466686744 credit card scam

Post by Whada fud,

646-668-6744 Gotten phone on cell left no message. Don t understand who they're but I blocked them

Post by 646-668-6744,

6466686744 Just one ring for cell phone. Como do Freedom Security free app intercepted and blocked call. Placed mechanically on black Recorded Owner.

Post by halexd,

646-668-6744 Called at 6 W in that Night. I did not response. No message was left.

Post by Bill,

6466686744 Classic free cruise scam offering a cruise to your Bahamas during a hurricane that hit the Isles challenging. Had for joke at your bad timing.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 leaves a phony message saying they're the IRS

Post by I H8 PITA callers,

6466686744 Simply another Pita call Total. . . . . . . s.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 Spam

Post by Guest,

6466686744 Telephone and state nothing. Keep calling around and over again. Even threatening them dozen t work.

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

6466686744 W W W

Post by Annoyed,

646-668-6744 Scam. Said that I won a free Orlando Holiday and then Inquired for my credit card number.

Post by cmans6282,

6466686744 Called said something about if you personally or loved ones need help with addictions blocked .

Post by Bob,

646-668-6744 Consider getting a telephone blocking System or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. If its a cell Telephone many already 've telephone blocking if not there are free Programs on the web that may work for many. You are able to Google this. If you might have a clever Telephone there surely is a free app called telephone control. IPhone Search to 've Programs also. Another 1 is called Mr. Amount. For traction amp directly Discuss HTTP play. Google. com store Applications details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. right Speak. com instep Internet. you mail. com home Providers straight talk block Amenhotep's Www. . com See Matter. PP. f W amp t Report your own callers here not Merely to your DC alone HTTP Web. . gov amp Cell HTTP Client Criticisms. FCC. gov Ch en Ishtar's complaints. dentally. gov Criticism Grievance Assess. asp. Screen For text messages forwarding any text message spam you get for the brief code W which spells spam on most Telephones for alert your own network Driver to your abuse. Art won t Take W But they will Take BLOCK and return a message the net site is blocked. forwards your texts for W or BLOCK depending in your Telephone Service. By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Complaint kind HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB consumer facts D R. pitfall E-mail W protected For file Grievances on Foreign Business s Buyer. gov Report Your Criticism send email W protected

Post by Ron c.,

6466686744 Same call no message 4 W on a Sunday

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 They called my cell Telephone multiple times and never left a message. I 've gotten calls out of two Distinct W s

Post by M,

6466686744 Received call

Post by SDO,

646-668-6744 Called on a Friday Night recording of a woman s voice about a free cruise. I Put up before it went any more.

Post by Guest,

6466686744 ID reads Fresh York. There was no message. I 've gotten calls from three W numbers.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 Consistently a phone Approximately Am no 1 on line

Post by Blocked,

6466686744 Automatically blocked by Google Express.

Post by Bob,

646-668-6744 Consider getting a call blocking device or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. If its a cell phone a few already 've call blocking if not there are free Programs on that net that may work for a few. You can Google the. If you have a intelligent Telephone there's a free app called phone control. IPhone Look for 've apps Additionally. Another just one is called Mr. Number. For traction amp straight talk HTTP play. Google. com store Programs details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. straight Speak. com instep Www. you personally send. com home Companies right Discuss block Amenhotep's Www. . com See Subject. PP. f W amp t Report your own callers here not Only to that DC alone HTTP Www. . gov amp Section HTTP Buyer Criticisms. FCC. gov Ch en Ishtar's Grievances. dentally. gov Criticism complaint Assess. asp. Section For text messages forwarding any text message spam you get for your short code W which spells spam on most phones for alert your network Driver for your abuse. Artwork won t accept W But they can accept BLOCK and return a message the net site is blocked. forward your texts for W or BLOCK depending on your own phone Company. By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Complaint kind HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB Client Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected For file Criticisms on Foreign company s Buyer. gov Report Your Criticism send email W protected

Post by tired of the scam calls!,

6466686744 Amount called my private cell Understood just to a few Buddies amp family. I missed that call but no message left thus I Assessed online for Learn your number is another scam. I wish whoever is initiating these call and or computer Applications would get a real Occupation or become dropped off on a desert island along with no accessibility to Engineering.

Post by the jester?????????,

646-668-6744 This is Tim from customer service. . . . . . . . . Definitely a scam. .

Post by Jake,

6466686744 Many scam artist named Hillary Attempting to Increase cash for her phony foundation.

Post by Can't be bothered,

646-668-6744 Caller ID said Unknown Name. Telephone Type Clearly scummier. I m thus joyful along with my brand new white list call blocker. Simply approved callers on my white list could ring my phone. No more recalls.

Post by Dan in NY,

6466686744 Phone gotten since I did t recognize the number I did not answer. No message left. More spammers.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 phone Afterward hangs up

Post by Mary Weber,

6466686744 I keep getting phone calls out of an unknown Owner who is using your Amount W W W. Who is the.

Post by Dee,

646-668-6744 Answered and no 1 on another end

Post by Nicole,

6466686744 They did not reply that phone when you personally call back.

Post by Mark F,

646-668-6744 Simply won a free cruise on that Disney Titanic. Wow. They Merely Desired my life Information plus all credit card numbers. Pleasant Nigerian Woman out of Arkansas that spoke Bad English said it was my day. Told Temperature for F K away and for her to have a fantastic daytime.

Post by smith n wessin,

6466686744 I saw what number who is calling me and I Simply did t reply it since I have a cell Telephone.

Post by PersonNY,

646-668-6744 Scam. You vie won a free cruise for your Bahamas.

Post by innyc,

6466686744 Bacall out of customer service. Perky man voice Only needs to ask a few questions. Instantly Put Upward came here for Check Afterward blocked.

Post by clay,

646-668-6744 called left no message

Post by Tammy Turbo,

6466686744 Got a free cruise for your Bahamas phone on my cell. CID says New York . Prohibited recalls made for people who are on the ENCL. This scam needs to become shut down.

Post by Marie,

646-668-6744 Did t answer. Left no message. Owner ID said Cell Phone.

Post by Annoyed,

6466686744 Becoming scam calls more Regularly after a period of none. I think your crooks are preparing for winter. They called at 9 W a. m. which takes some nerve. Recall that times when these criminals just called at dinnertime.

Post by Isa,

646-668-6744 Someone calls and hang up I called back that express mail box that's not been place up Though. when it Bands that phone quickly gets hanged. Once within a while your calls gets picked Upwards by a welcome to the Verizon wireless national payment Centre please enter your own phone Amount most of that time the line sounds occupied. Afterward it presents that options your refill of Initial of a. . . Unknown Telephone.

Post by WhatDNCList,

6466686744 Three calls during my week s absence. No message thus obviously I m not Significant enough for fuss with Laugh . Neither are they.

Post by Victor G,

646-668-6744 Answered your phone no just one was there. . .

Post by Alice Granger,

6466686744 Multiple calls per daytime. No message we Display. .

Post by Judy,

646-668-6744 When you personally phone the number back all you get is a occupied Sign. . . . . . . . . . this SCAM

Post by PSM-6,

6466686744 Called my cell and was blocked by Telephone Control Program. Gee Actual sorry I missed it. . . .

Post by Lyssa Bermant,

646-668-6744 Unwanted telephone at W W 'm W W W

Post by Keith Trumbo,

6466686744 Unwanted caller

Post by nm,

646-668-6744 just got it also. i did t pick up

Post by Susan Gildemeyer,

6466686744 I keep getting 1 2 calls per week stating it's customer service department. I keep telling them for not telephone again as if that was going for work. Has Scam Composed all around it.

Post by Guest,

646-668-6744 They won t stop calling it s like they have Automobile redial. 6 times in a row. It s Sleeping. . .

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4802634026 Complains by Guest,

Not Sprint

7348333624 Complains by Guest,

from purchase no spam .

8054604130 Complains by Rod,

Called and no message left. Caller ID indicated Unavailable.

8095087324 Complains by Guest,

Registered message

6155732001 Complains by dave,

called 10am,no message. nevada area code dont know anyone from there. born n raised in mn..friday i got a call from someone in county jail from missouri.....WTF????

7706279660 Complains by Guest,

Direct Tv cancelled request they still call definite IPA

5852439807 Complains by Guest,

Its a pay Telephone its a scam dint answer

3303904981 Complains by Guest,

Called rung once and Put up

8023213167 Complains by Robert Hellenga,

Unwanted telephone out of the number. I replied that phone but no 1 was there. This can be happening all your time though this is your first telephone out of the number.

7573014745 Complains by Guest,

These Folks keep calling me but your have your erroneous person

8003551085 Complains by Splenda,

Calls all different times Mostly towards the earlier afternoon. Oxford Law LC uses Distinct Amounts for telephone Making your Telephone ring once each time. I vie read on many responses to this Firm they are thus called debt Lovers perhaps scampers. I won t response their calls Or return them. Occasionally my Owner ID shows their name other times it shows Unknown or Unavailable. If they continue I m Preparation for tell a local television news station to also investigate them.

8047090559 Complains by Guest,

CM RE Monetary services. debt collection

8003351627 Complains by Guest,

calls me and says they running late for delivering court papers and tells me to call 636-333-6046 same number hes calling from ,,duh ,, but has no imformation , I ask questions and he knows nothing just to call the number , told him I am turning him in to the attorney generals consumers protection and he laughs , and I hung up

8046328776 Complains by Guest,

don t need for see this number on my id

8002514999 Complains by Mark,

What did they say.

8024415527 Complains by Deb Ben,

Directed} ob seen messages

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