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Telephone information: Xchange Telecom Corp.. New York, NY. . United states
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Post by Guest,

6468072871 Called and woke me Upwards at 5 W a. m. Pacific time. Left no message. I dialed your Amount back and a Registered ad for Magic jack played. Mick

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 Only stop

Post by Tracy,

6468072871 Just like Mel s post out of Jan. 9 they telephone no 1 speaks but u can hear lots of jumbled voices within that background Afterward they disconnect. 5 calls Only the afternoon. Very annoying. Don t Individuals 've anything better for would than be dishonest.

Post by No Dummy,

646-807-2871 These idiots called me and I was Competent to Discover many Information. out of them. By the manner nothing has changed substantial Middle eastern Highlight . . . she gave me a Amount for phone W W W for more information. . . . . but I 'm really hesitant to call it. . . . Merely idea I would put that Amount Outside there for what it's worth Likely nothing . Evidently someone applied for a loan and used my Amount now i 'm getting your damn calls. She Offered me this Information. Cash America. cash complex. Com W W

Post by Ron,

6468072871 Actual same matter happening for me. Maddening. Did u file a Criticism w anyone.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 Identification thieves. . . they desire card numb rs addresses and everything

Post by Guest,

6468072871 Has called X s Now. . . no just one responses. Also coir incidentally I always get a telephone from quot Unknown quot number in 1 to W minutes before or after the number calls

Post by Jk,

646-807-2871 I keep becoming calls from several Amounts. If I answer they hang Upwards.

Post by nancy in ga,

6468072871 I got these fools calling me now. Gotta love that Fall button. I believe I ll reply next time. Simply for see what it s Around.

Post by J,

646-807-2871 Nonstop calls on my cell while I m at work. Merely Wonderful.

Post by Guest,

6468072871 I let your replying machine pick Upward that call. They did not leave a message just Put up.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 I have called Verizon within an Test to Quit the. There's a manner for block numbers so the phone doesn't get Finished and your own phone dozen t ring. Trust the helps somebody.

Post by portent,

6468072871 called at 'm left no message. Brand new York code.

Post by Ms,

646-807-2871 On January W W at W a. m. CST I gotten a telephone out of Henry Thompson aka Proven that said he is out of India whom is working within Brand new York and is now working for National Auto Loans at telephone W W W no such which was offering me an auto loan up to W W with attention rate from 5 7 . My info had been gathered out of my E-mail id account and he was Competent for present me my mailing address and a lot of other private Essential info. Upon asking for his company s address he hung up. My Phone is on your Don't Phone Registry and isn't given out often. I consider Information is being assembled from inputting private info on that Web. Crooks use apt Systems for defraud millions of people each year. Is the another guaranteed loan scam.

Post by Anonymous,

6468072871 I replied your Telephone he asked me if I Desired a cash loan I said no thank you personally he Put up immediately.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 Asking Around a Automobile loan

Post by Guest,

6468072871 Keep calling and won t Discontinue even though asked to have my name removed out of calling list

Post by susan,

646-807-2871 Is calling all nighttime long and Operating me insane. Do we get them for stop.

Post by JG,

6468072871 These idiots Only dint Discontinue. They cannot Talk a lick of English either. Could t comprehend what that said really.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 They use vulgarer language

Post by Guest,

6468072871 Called three times today Marketing some kind of crap. Told them to take me off their call list. They Put Upward.

Post by Betty,

646-807-2871 Acquired another phone today from this number. I did not reply and they do not leave a message. I overly 'm on that don't call list.

Post by JS,

6468072871 Missed telephone at 9 Am no message. Additionally might be Associated to a few other bogus numbers some out of Irvine CA and some that show a No Caller ID Information Label.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 I don't understand anyone in New York or the Telephone number. . they 've called my phone About W sort 6 'm for 9 W am within just one morning. . I need them for Cease calling me now or I may become suing for harassment. . Tami

Post by Guest,

6468072871 No transmission they Merely Installed up

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 They called my house at 7 W 'm. . . . Not joyful.

Post by Kimberly Barbetta,

6468072871 keeps calling my cell. . . I am on that do not call list

Post by Jill S,

646-807-2871 I Simply reported them to your FCC online. They called over W times in 4 hours and I told them that first few times they have your wrong person stop calling and remove my number. Then they hang up.

Post by tiffny,

6468072871 devoid scam ed me

Post by Sunshine,

646-807-2871 I don t think it s part of Target Break in any respect. I scarcely go to Goal and I don t supply out my cell Telephone for anyone. Did t reply it because it said New York. Thriller is how they got my Amount. Could become random calling.

Post by Guest,

6468072871 Called 6 times Now really tough to comprehend but I believe Merely kept saying I need for Speak infant. Afterward unknown number called. I said take me away list and he said what. Not confident they got the point.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 Called at W in your morning.

Post by Guest,

6468072871 they call request for someone else Subsequently call back and Notice them talking gibberish

Post by Teddy Congacugat,

646-807-2871 Got a call from this number since I did t understand who it was did not answer it.

Post by Guest,

6468072871 Wanted for loan up for W

Post by TC,

646-807-2871 Began calling me at 5 Am California time on my cell Telephone. Said I was approved for an auto loan Upwards to W W. I stated that I wan t Striving to get an auto. He said thank you personally. I said wait I need for understand how you got my info. Then he Installed Upwards.

Post by Connie Welch,

6468072871 This Amount keeps calling me also but I don t reply them . . . Simply so harassing for keep this Telephone ringing. . . Look for these crooks and Place them away please. . .

Post by Mardiy,

646-807-2871 Let s have a little fun along with them. When they call and request you personally if you personally need a loan request them you personally want me to supply you a Only. Subsequently when they refuse your own statement and create their sales Message you say you personally need me for lend you W W. What exactly are you personally going to use the cash for and when will you pay me back. Keep up the play back and forth until they hang Upwards or present you personally more info. . See it may become a lot of pleasure.

Post by Guest,

6468072871 Discontinue calling.

Post by ,

646-807-2871 Would by answer

Post by Guest,

6468072871 national cash Progress calling at 'm. . scampers

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 have called three time Now and hangs Upwards . they could not Talk American

Post by Whatever,

6468072871 Called my uncles house and Inquired for my name No hint how he got it. Or how he Coupled it up along with that Telephone since I dint list any info with that number. Anyways. . . . Now thanks for someone saying yes I have some arbitrary Islamic within NY who knows my name and a family members number.

Post by Ron,

646-807-2871 Specific same thing happening for me. Maddening. Did u file a Criticism w anyone.

Post by Rebecca Bullard,

6468072871 Got a call today from the number and several others.

Post by Lakewood co,

646-807-2871 Same as many others . Phone at 6 Am. Difficult to comprehend and sounds like crowded room. Sounded enjoy he said Gasoline Yard company. Thinking if this is component of that goal Violation.

Post by Kyle,

6468072871 Just got a telephone from them about Am est. They called back W minutes After while blocking their Amount within hopes of getting me for reply. Merely for everyone s info that do not phone list does not Stop everyone who calls your phone from harassing you personally Businesses Really have to request your DC list in the government and chances are they Stadium t calling from New York. They re more likely call forwarding or spoofing their Amount.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 claim i have loan for W need green dot card along with payment on n they 've number then i get loan. i am not that Dumb thank you.

Post by Floridagal,

6468072871 That Goal Violation is just what I was believing Additionally. I Simply got the call the morning at 8 W 'm. And 've shopped at Objective during that time Interval. . . . . . . Anyone else. . .

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 They keep calling my Amount asking if I need a loan

Post by Cantankerous,

6468072871 ringing me on my Skype in number which forwards to my cell. I live in France. Time Area difference makes these calls even more vexatious.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 They called at 7 W am I don t know anyone in NYC.

Post by Lynn NeSmith,

6468072871 I am on your don't telephone list. Therefore Quit calling me or you could be paying fines each time you call.

Post by jmclark,

646-807-2871 Got a phone from W W W music was played for me nobody talked.

Post by Cheryl,

6468072871 I got 3 calls out of the number the morning while I was at work. They did t leave a message thus I Merely came on here for see who it was. Cheers for your Information. I m not answering the Telephone if they call again. I also 'm on the don't telephone list.

Post by anna,

646-807-2871 called me at 4 W 'm on a weekday. Indian Feature called from Brand new York. Whats to sell something. When I phone this number that mailbox cant Take any messages. How rude.

Post by Guest,

6468072871 bastards keep calling. don't call list six

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 asking for Mildred Stewart

Post by Truth Teller,

6468072871 LOLA it's your same scam that's been run since about W or W. Here is what I know. I actually use for have and still have that same Issue of them calling back in W to W they would leave messages saying that I did t pay back a pay day loan or something like that and that either myself or my attorney had absolute best call them back or else all they can do is wish me Fortune as your Condition unfolds on me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I located it to become hilarious but terrifying. Hilarious because they have substantial Mid Western accents thus that Risk Simply did t Cary as Considerably um mph scary because who desires for be told they have a law Room against them. I did a bit of research and I found that an online pay day advance companies server was hacked. I acknowledge I was going through a rough time when that economy first took a dip in W. I Used online and put within all my info social Contained however things quickly rebounded for me and I did t 've a demand for a loan anymore. Nicely these idiot scampers who are calling went and hacked the online systems gaining access for hundreds of thousands of innocent Individuals data. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . If I were you personally that next time they telephone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Go along with what they state however your simply Information real info you personally should offer them is your own name simply if they already have it If they ask on your address present them a bogus 1 remember the idea of that is to Infusion as Substantially Information out of them as possible tell them You're going to have your bank send them a cashiers check and ask for their address or better However ask them where they're located because you personally were planning a trip anyways and this call Only Offers you an justify for take a Vacation to where ever they're located thus you can hand that check within person. Have enjoyment with these idiots.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 target robber stole all my Information non Cease spam calls

Post by Guest,

6468072871 they called twice Now and request for my Partner could t comprehend what he was saying. . broken English . He said he Desired to Speak to him Around a Auto loan. The Cars are paid for. When I told him this he Installed up.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 It keep calling my phone Striving for get money

Post by Guest,

6468072871 They called asked for me by name could t Chat English quite well hard for recognize. I kept asking to Duplicate eventually within busted English said. . . quot you desire cash. quot . I Inquired to Duplicate. . . they Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

646-807-2871 I 'm on the don't call list. This business has solicited me 5 times

Post by Jill S,

6468072871 I Merely reported them for the FCC online. They called over W times in 4 hours and I told them the first few times they 've the wrong Man Quit calling and remove my number. Afterward they hang Upward.

Post by Wendy,

646-807-2871 Just got a phone and go ogled that number to see what s up. . it Simply click answer on your phone wait till I Notice something them click off. . . they ll get your message. I never answer a telephone I don t recognize that Amount. . . yup. . . I screen Subsequently.

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8133586183 Complains by Upbeat,

Owner ID Odessa. Left no message

6623641089 Complains by Jane,

Random number based out of Lincoln NE, has called on two separate occasions. I don't recognize the number and will not answer it. Never leave a voicemail, so they can go on wasting thier own time.

2162211157 Complains by Guest,

fin drug Sellers. us pharmacy.

3177242218 Complains by Guest,

TX me a. Said thy would pay me W dollars for my pussy

4096595586 Complains by Guest,

Pharmacy Amount calling for Select Upwards medicine.

8002149437 Complains by Andrew,

Nicely spoken Real person gentlemen reading a Software Around fallen heroes of fresh York. Asked what that minimal Gift I could offer without hurting myself. Thus bizarre and a clearly a scam. I said I dint even live in NY and he said thank you personally for your own time .

2163925213 Complains by Guest,


7574776538 Complains by Rich,

Gotten text message. BANK ACCOUNT ALERT. Your Card has been deactivated. Please call W W W

8001131753 Complains by Guest,

Impersonating Michael Jackson s to pursue women into having sex

8002474747 Complains by Guest,

Contacted my cousin first thru text and didnt state their name. My cousin called to find out who it was and the unknown person threatened my cousin sayin he was gonna cut her throat and her heart out.

8002607731 Complains by Guest,

stop telephone ling my number please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W

8001094267 Complains by Guest,


8002644274 Complains by Guest,


8002670077 Complains by Gallvatron,

I m getting the beeping calls overly late at night. I want them for Cease.

8002747240 Complains by Magoo,

Ditto for California . . . but fortunately my charge was only W. W.

8002805040 Complains by Kara Latteri,

It s a scam. . . I did it and it wan t what they said. I Delivered me Package back for a refund and they Refused my refund.

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