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Telephone information: Xo New York. New York, NY. New York. United states
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Post by Guest,

6468436254 Caller Inquired me for turn on my computer and he will tell me what Hey would. He said my computer was infected.

Post by Sadie,

646-843-6254 Got your phone on 8 6 W. Same mo as above. Telephone Arrived in from Kirkland Wa. Owner kept saying he was out of Windows and they 've been receiving Malfunction messages out of my computer. Did t consider that Man thus I said I m not going to my computer correct now offer me a Amount for call you back and he Offered me W W W but he had to Assess that Amount several times. Notion it sounded like a scam thus I m happy I checked it out. Cheers for having the post. If I get that telephone again I believe I ll try to play along with his thoughts enjoy many of you People did. Thanks for the Hints.

Post by annette,

6468436254 Same matter just happened to me. . . I told him Daniel that my electricity Only went Outside and I did t have a battery. . .

Post by DO50,

646-843-6254 I got that same telephone and got the same Telephone number for call. My permit Amount is not Related to my Telephone Amount thus I did t concur for anything. Told her Alana Wilson along with a foreign accent that I would have my Technology guy appearance into it. Beware of Cool calls.

Post by Guest,

6468436254 I was called by Daniel who gave me a long W Number ID that was supposed to identify my computer. He wanted me for run quot eventful quot and Afterward use the Win Vital quot R quot in your Event Audience. He gave me a Telephone Amount to telephone to Confirm that he is out of Laptop Care W W W where Jessica answered and connected me with Daniel again. Daniel threatened for lock my computer if I did not do what he told me. He acted as if he was trying to right my infected computer that I haven't had Difficulties along with.

Post by Karen,

646-843-6254 These Folks called my elderly parents and convinced my mother that for W. W he would offer Complete computer support and Clear Upwards that that problems on her computer. Called back 5 days After and told her that someone was trying for hack into her computer and for another W. W for a year he would take attention of it. She said she would t do anything until she talked for me. So he said he had for Close down her computer. I had her unplug it and when I get there in a couple days I may attempt to get it straightened out. Your guys name was Shane Watson. Significant Highlight fake name I 'm certain. Really get steamed by people that prey on your elderly. .

Post by Guest,

6468436254 This really is a scam. Clearly a boiler room op along with a guy with an Indian accent calling with Fantastic Emergency that my computer is infected and he s going to help me. I Merely demand for update my Malawi using a credit card. Hang Upward.

Post by lgborneo,

646-843-6254 I had the same Telephone telephone the evening. I told that Man I would investigate his data and he told me your same matter about Understanding my permit number. Since I m not confident what my permit Amount is that would t 've been Useful. I just knew i was not letting anyone who called me into my computer. He Subsequently told me that my computer was W corrupted. Along with that Substantially corruption I m certain there would have been many Trouble that I noticed. Within any case I told him several times I was not letting him into my computer.

Post by anonymous,

6468436254 This is A SCAM. Read Around the your own Laptop is infected scam here HTTP news. sifted. com news Cold Call Technology . . . on W. HTML They lie about your Computer sending out Malawi error messages etc. and say your Pc is Around for crash to frighten you into giving them remote control of your own Pc to mend your nonexistent Trouble don t let them. . If they request you to open your systems tab in eventful. masc for see all the Problems these harmless errors are Ordinary for any Windows Laptop mine has several and it Works just Wonderful . Don t let them take control of your own Computer because they can download real Malawi Maybe a Malawi Selection that could spam steal bank lo gins and private info etc. If they vie remitted into your own Laptop that safest repair is for re format your drive and re install your OS assuming you have clean backups of your Information. You can attempt Reading along with various anti virus software but Reading may not look for all your Malawi. If you personally don t know how get help out of Pals or pay a local store to would it. This really is A SCAM.

Post by Shirley,

646-843-6254 I got that same phone at 9 pm out of Roger Williams . Very substantial Feature hard to recognize. I kept asking him what he was Marketing and he said there was no charge unless I Wanted to purchase new virus protection. He said your same thing about having the license on my computer he was along with Microsoft Technology Support and gave me a W digit license Amount. I have been Striving for find out what my license Amount Truly is. . . was this Fully got Upwards or what. I knew it had for become a scam so I told him I would telephone him back. I was believing it was a phone made out of India so I would not phone back anyway. I go ogled your phone Amount and tool all of these posts so I m happy I did t let him on my machine. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Post by pat,

6468436254 Scam. Dint believe that hype. . . Got tube call tonight. Another Note not for be nave in the world or you ll get taken to that cleaners. . .

Post by jj,

646-843-6254 Obtained call out of a Kurt Williams who spoke along with a foreign Highlight. He said he was receiving warning messages and Malfunction reports out of my computer and was calling about my windows Managing system and used your period CL SID. Your phone Amount he provided for a return call was W W W.

Post by Greig Marshall,

6468436254 I got a phone out of the number they said they were Microsoft technical support and they wanted for do a scan on my Pc because it wan t running Right. They walked me through that RUN Software and had me download Amy Administrator V. 0 Free to Check my Laptop Afterward told me I needed for buy a Certified Variant of AVG for W W 1 Year. or W. W Year all the way to a 4 yr. and lifetime version for W. W. I got their number and said I can telephone when my wife is home and we'd talked. Then I called AVG and they told me it was a SCAM as AVG protects Simply as they AVG say it does and I could buy a Certified version from AVG for W. W on special right now

Post by Scruffy,

646-843-6254 Acquired a phone from W W W said he was out of Progress Laptop Care and his name was Peter Said my computer was reported by my server as having many Issues and Needed me to go for your run and kind in an access code for allow him for Assess and repair my unit. Told him I did not have time to work with him and hung Upward Have obtained several more calls that I haven't answered.

Post by Jan,

6468436254 Simply got that same call referred to here. He gave me the Amount and said his Supervisor would answer. He said his manager would explain everything and to request for him. Mike Cooper.

Post by Be bop a Doh!,

646-843-6254 I don t ever let Browsers remember my Accounts so he wan t Capable for get those. Still I am going to Alter my online bank accessibility user name and PW because correct now online accessibility was blocked thanks for my checking along with my bank before Continuing. within fact I think I ll Alter all of my Paws

Post by Margie,

6468436254 I was Simply called by this outfit except Owner ID revealed a Amount that reverse calling revealed for become an insurance agency. Thus they could 've been Capable for use the number as a Display. The Man who called an Indian with an extremely substantial Feature was hard to understand. Said his name was Henry Williams and he gave me a telephone back number that was different than the Owner ID. . . . W W W. I Viewed THAT Amount Upward on Change calling and tool these other messages. Thanks everybody.

Post by Terwilliger,

646-843-6254 This can be that first time the has happened. One of these scam outfits Really had that nerve for telephone me back along with TWO Independent Associates Paul and great Illinois Melvin. Persistent cusses. Annette how did they gain control of your own computer. Did you actually run that unique identifier . That identifier is a Pressure and download tool for Traveler. Sometimes they use that it s a very long string that starts DC. . . one of their affiliates can give you a Exceptional identifier which is NOT Exceptional to Windows 7 another just uses an obscure file that's component of a Electricity common across a number of Stages. Note This can be one of Around W W numbers they use. For Pete s Welfare DON T ENTER ANY CODE For Affirm ANYTHING. Their Amount 1 Target is to hack your own system and get all of your bank Information. If that fails they try and sell you personally a Pc maintenance service and they get your own card Amount that manner.

Post by Guest,

6468436254 Spam

Post by annette,

646-843-6254 Your Man told me that they have obtained many reports out of my computer that I was having several Issue and they were going to repair them. . . when they took control of my computer. . . without asking permission I pulled your plug. . . I don t 've a battery. . . I previously mentioned the electrify went Outside. . . they called back three times. . . I did t answer but called my banks and cc companies and blocked all Web access.

Post by Guest,

6468436254 Scummier saying he was a Microsoft affiliate saying they were getting error messages that my computer was infected. Told me for Purchase a Software Abnegate DELL Tool with a lifetime guarantee so he could mend it and help me whenever I had any Issues and told me to never download any Applications to phone HIM to Mount them. I fell for the scam and he remote accessed my computer and quot reconditioned quot it. Discovered after hanging up that the Software he had me install he deleted because I told him that the license Essential for your product was being rejected. I knew correct away I had been scammed. I did get his phone number to phone supposedly if I even Wanted him to quot fix quot my computer again. . After he Installed Upward I found Outside it was a scummier. . . Just want for warn everyone. I Price me W Dollars for a program that's worthless and he constantly installed a program called AMY which I am still Attempting for get deleted out of my computer along with no Fortune.

Post by Art Kluvo,

646-843-6254 2 Oct Got a phone from that Amount and my report is similar to the other posts below. That Microsoft Congressman Jane Martin knew that registry number of my computer. I did t Take the offer because it sounded phony. I Afterward had for spend your next hour deleting Records on reg edit to Remove all Records for ultimo and Amy that I had permitted to become installed on my computer. This morning I called that number and talked to some guy claiming to become Linda Martin. It wan t your same Individual I spoke with last night. Anyway I told them that I declined their kind offer for Clear Upward my computer.

Post by sam shenkus,

6468436254 Aloha I gotten a telephone at 9 PM on June W from an older female who had a slight Feature but not sure what nationality. She mentioned calling for Microsoft windows Running specialized support and needing confirmation on my permit id . I stated I was not confident if she was a scam and to offer me her name and number and I would telephone her back. Name given was Nancy Wilson and the Amount was W W W. I Required your license she was showing for that error reports and she Offered me an extremely log sequence. Luckily I have smart Pals I can rely on and I did not telephone her back. It's intriguing that my Owner was an older woman.

Post by margie swift,

646-843-6254 That guy name is Alex Jones he told me he works for micro soft and that someone has my information.

Post by Rich,

6468436254 MG I Simply acquired this unknown telephone from one Female saying that my computer was in trouble and it's a lot of warning and Malfunction inside it. Thank you personally to these Individuals or Web site that I 'm appropriate Around them. What a scam er. . . .

Post by Be Bop a Doh!,

646-843-6254 The Roger Williams telephone was Truly not out of this Telephone number thread but came out of W W W

Post by Shirley,

6468436254 I got that same phone at 9 pm from Roger Williams . Quite heavy Feature difficult for recognize. I kept asking him what he was Marketing and he said there was no charge unless I Desired to buy new virus protection. He said that same matter Around having your license on my computer he was with Microsoft Technology Support and Offered me a W Number license Amount. I 've been trying for look for Outside what my license Amount actually is. . . was the Fully got Upward or what. I knew it had to be a scam thus I told him I would telephone him back. I was thinking it was a call got from India thus I would not telephone back anyway. I go ogled that Telephone Amount and tool all of these posts so I m glad I did t let him on my machine. Cheers everyone for sharing.

Post by Matt,

646-843-6254 Same thing just got a telephone out of an Indian Woman trying to convince me to run a program. I Assemble my computer myself and behaved enjoy I knew nothing. Absolute SCAM.

Post by KDH,

6468436254 Within a nutshell got a telephone from UNKNOWN Owner at PM. Answered for tell whoever it was to take me off their list and not call so late. Same situation. Said he was calling out of Windows about error messages. I questioned everything and Suggested everything and kept Striving for make him Establish who he was for real. Long Narrative but Fundamentally he told me trust me and I am a Microsoft Certified Tech along with a Master s Amount and to log in and I may prove myself . When I insisted on becoming a number to return your call because it was an inappropriate hour and that I did t consider who he was and needed for get back for them when I was ready he could t supply me a number and refused. Finally he Offered me the Amount you personally posted the W number . But after that he was obviously Crazy that I wan t falling for it and questioned everything he said so he proceeded to insult me. Told me that I was uncultured rude he has a higher Schooling that I would and ever will have. I got so Insane that I called him a FA and Installed up. Become warned. . . . He called me back and left me a threatening express send. Thus I am Processing reports with any authority I could because if they find them and can take them down then the more ammunition they 've that better.

Post by Ann Tasko,

646-843-6254 The Owner said he worked for windows specialized support in Florida and I could verify the because he knew my computer license Amount. He said my computer had been infected and needed cleaning Upward. I did t consider him so ended your call.

Post by Be Bop a Doh!,

6468436254 Your Roger Williams telephone was Truly not out of the Telephone number train of thought but Arrived from W W W

Post by Be Bop a Doh!,

646-843-6254 The Roger Williams call was Really not from this Telephone number thread but came out of W W W

Post by Tippy,

6468436254 This Man continually calls my sister. . . insists that she is having problem with her computer. . . she dozen t 've a computer and gets really pushy. Her son got on the phone and exchanged words with this guy. Her son got downright mean and called the guy a name. . . did t question he still insisted she had computer Difficulties. . . again she dozen t own a computer. . . what does this tell you. . . GIANT SCAM. . . She has asked time and again for them for please Discontinue calling but Clearly they don t comprehend Basic English. . . Someone needs for look for a way to Cease this nuisance. Don t be Chosen in

Post by Guest,

646-843-6254 this is scan please be aware

Post by annette,

6468436254 Same thing Merely happened for me. . . I told him Daniel that my electricity Simply went Outside and I did t 've a battery. . .

Post by Evan,

646-843-6254 Thus this Man called and i knew he was scamming so i Simply trolled him Very hardcore. We Inquired if it was that dell computer or your vain neither of which we have he said it was a dell. I said i love Adele and Inquired if he Enjoyed her music. Subsequently continuing trolling. . . . eventually it ended in can you have hairy pubes . Subsequently he Put Upwards Lola

Post by Terwilliger,

6468436254 A guy along with a thick Indian Feature who said his name was Melvin called me out of the number. He said his Business s name was Computer Attention and he worked within Organization with Microsoft. He said he was based within Seattle along with a New York Region code . His company had been monitoring my LAN and Detected that anonymous servers had been repeatedly Running malicious Applications for my computer while I was Related to your Web they had been sending me messages for weeks but that messages had not been Capable to get through because of my message blocker Options. I kept asking him questions he should have been able to response but he could t and attempted to deflect. These rogues are becoming a little bit smarter they don t Merely hang Upwards anymore. They give General Solutions and they request questions for test your own knowledge. They could become Fairly disarming for someone who did t understand better. Five minutes into the call and this guy still wan t giving up. I faked a doorbell ring and got away that phone. Why did I remain on that Telephone this long. For waste their time. That more time a scummier spends along with somebody jerking his String is less time he has to Grab somebody else away. I rarely get these types of calls anymore and I ll Gamble Melvin won t be calling back again. Don t block them. Don t hang Upward. Don t waste your time along with that worthless Don't Phone registry. Don t waste your time complaining Around immigration. Authorities doesn't care. If you might have a few minutes waste as Substantially of your scampers time as you are able to. That calls may drop off significantly.

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direct Tv collector

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Telephone all daytime every day

8173159754 Complains by Leann,

I had this Amount call my cell Telephone . I attempted for telephone it back but the Amount will not go through.

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out telephone BS

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Cedric ugly bottom black

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8025527554 Complains by Thomas Watson,

I obtained same as that others within this thread. Theme line Pressing Purchase Cherished Friend Madam This is Chad and I will like to order Strapping Carts Would get back for me with the Kinds and Price for the People you personally do carry and let me know if there is an extra Price when using Credit or master card. Kindly get back for me with your own name and Telephone number. Regards. . . . . Frank Wilson replied that we do use credit cards without extra cost. His next message Thank you personally quite definitely on your E-mail. nicely i am okay with the pricing of Skiing Q Premium Strapping Shopping cart Dispenser Additional Heavy Job costing W. W Each and for order W pieces And i can urge a Cargo Business for the pick up of your Things for Switzerland . . I desire you personally for contact this shipping company with that Absolute weight of the units find Outside the Shipping estimate how Considerably it may cost me . The delivery address is below Shipping Address Wasps Projects rue Facing 5 W Firebug W Europe Contact Individual Name Scott Webb Freight Company E-mail Address E-mail W protected Strive and CC me a copy of what You'll become giving to the shipping Business And including that Choose up Place and they may Certainly get you personally a freight estimate . As shortly as you personally her out of them let me understand thus that i can Continue along with the Exchange . I can make payment along with my Credit Card. . Along with type regards's is when I decided to so some research and located the thread.

8003540602 Complains by pam,

I Merely gotten a call on my cell Telephone in the same number currently i 'm paying all Loans through chapter W thus they will 've for cease and assist.

8022495472 Complains by Guest,

Calls every day, multiple times, beginning around 9:45 a.m. and ending before 9:00 p.m. No answer, no message, just bothering people.

8132154766 Complains by Alan,

Merely obtained that same text as Raul. I figure we have been both winners. . .

8001622537 Complains by Connie Rutherford,

The Amount is a scam Owner pretending to be an attorney Attempting to help out a relative supposedly within Prison.

8003181373 Complains by kerry,

got a dead air phone from this number Recently April W W

8095872098 Complains by Indigo,

No message calling after PM

8003337400 Complains by Larry,

Received a Telephone phone from this number. No express message left.

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