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Post by Mr W,

6475575013 Wow. What a Bad translation. Merely goes to display that Google translate does create any feeling. Learning for read basic French is a far better Alternative.

Post by chingu,

647-557-5013 Got a telephone but did t answer

Post by Guest,

6475575013 congratulations. . you've. . .

Post by Mahi,

647-557-5013 Telemarketer

Post by ed,

6475575013 Phone rang Around W W pm. I did t response it. Thank goodness for this site so I know who it's. Thankful also to my beloved Coma so they are now blocked and won t be calling again

Post by Lynn,

647-557-5013 Got a telephone earlier Now out of this Amount at W W I missed the telephone. 1 W W W it Prices me every time these calls come through Ill and tired.

Post by Guest,

6475575013 A cruise line. So annoying.

Post by Guest,

647-557-5013 survey

Post by Ben,

6475575013 Only got a phone from them. Did NT Choose Upwards.

Post by T,

647-557-5013 the USN t always your case seeing as I get calls out of this number and have never been with bell.

Post by John,

6475575013 Those fooled by that free cruise scampers will be left waiting at your dock for a boat that never comes while your scampers Cruise away along with their credit card info.

Post by Line,

647-557-5013 Only got a telephone from that number. I did t recognize that it was not among my contact. No body talked. Id Non en reg.

Post by MIdtown,

6475575013 Though another fake spoofed phone number in the free cruise fraud. Third Distinct number this week. Did not reply this Bacall. 'm in Toronto. Called Now at 9 W in your morning on Saturday.

Post by roxanne,

647-557-5013 You called me

Post by lina,

6475575013 N esp Rex pas Que a arr Te . Il y a dies gens quid Ont Du temps Pedro. Le Seoul Pickup Si vows voyeur dies Dr Les De numb Rios Weird P} Ce genre tout implement NE pas r Pool re . . Stout Ave Ce's Rules r Ginsu Que l on NE Conn t pas.

Post by Guest,

647-557-5013 survey call

Post by not relevant,

6475575013 W W W is delivering for Individuals on that don't telephone list

Post by Jay,

647-557-5013 Merely got a telephone from the number did t Understand it thus did t reply and no message left.

Post by SHERYL,

6475575013 Just HAD THAT Amount Phone MY CELL . . I Answered IT BUT NO One WAS THERE. . . I Have NOW BLOCKED THAT NUMBER

Post by Guest,

647-557-5013 Marketing and spamming nuisance

Post by cruise ship,

6475575013 Lola

Post by Doni,

647-557-5013 Get Actual Folks. We 're all becoming calls from scampers. They need us for offer them your private data your hope we may get a free cruise and in your meantime they may destroy your credit. There surely is NO SUCH Matter AS FREE ANYTHING. . It all comes at a price the question is are you personally willing for pay the regular list price or that private price of having your credit gone.

Post by Paul rochon,

6475575013 I am reporting the unwanted telephone call.

Post by cruise ship,

647-557-5013 Lola

Post by Guest,

6475575013 free cruise

Post by Ron,

647-557-5013 I have obtained several calls out of this number. . . offering cruises. I 'm still on dry acreage. . .

Post by Chris,

6475575013 Only got your same phone missed it Go ogled your Amount found the.

Post by John,

647-557-5013 If at any time within those W years you would 've fallen for your free cruise scampers Cope you would t 've the cash for even buy a snow shovel Substantially less own a Dwelling to Scoop snow at.

Post by samething,

6475575013 Merely got same phone i called back and option 9 says for remove from survey

Post by roxanne,

647-557-5013 You personally called me

Post by marie,

6475575013 Encore UN P} Ce's numb Rios faint mes. Personae Au Round Du Crash ET ills NE Lassen Jami's P} messages Sir Le r Consider non plus. Quad vows Ave dies Doctor Les P} Requirements r Ginsu NE r ponders pas. La pulpit Du Conditions c est UN unique.

Post by angry jane,

647-557-5013 phoned at 2 W 'm I 'm So Furious. .

Post by Lise,

6475575013 This can be frustrating at all hours. . . on Dwelling Telephones cell phones and thus on to tell us we won a Vacation You phone back your number and they response out of a computer saying it was a survey and now is Completed and to press 9 to remove your Telephone Amount out of their list . . . . . are you personally nuts. . . . it would become Likely a scam to bill you personally or whatever else they could can with your Amount. . . . The system should be removed by Power of Rules for Cease those Folks Businesses not identifying themselves and for top it off if I WON a Vacation Merely send me that tickets by mail free of charge . . .

Post by lina,

647-557-5013 N esp Rex pas Que a arr Te . Illinois y a dies gens quid Ont Du Conditions Pedro. Le Seoul Pickup Si vows voyeur dies Doctor Les De numb Rios bizarre P} Ce Type tout implement NE pas r pond re . . Stout Ave Ce's Requirements r Ginsu Que l on NE Conn t pas.

Post by Mr W,

6475575013 Wow. What a terrible translation. Just goes to display that Google Interpret does create any feeling. Learning for read basic French is a far better Alternative.

Post by Just,

647-557-5013 Just got a telephone out of this Amount did not reply because did not know number and they left no voice message.

Post by Paul,

6475575013 They called twice in that last hour but no message left.

Post by France,

647-557-5013 got a call out of the Amount how. though my number was on your no calls list. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Beba,

6475575013 Their telephone waked me up on Sunday at 8 W 'm. . . I did t reply they did t leave any message

Post by Mary,

647-557-5013 Pals Cease this no calling me always

Post by lesray,

6475575013 Stop the calling me W W W

Post by beeky,

647-557-5013 Your Great CR TC who should become making these type of calls illegal are much too occupied going after porn channels for not providing enough Canadian content. They are a Collection of elitist twits. By the way I seriously doubt that these calls are being used for skip tracing they're a scam Finish of Storyline. If anyone can body Outside how to get payback on them I d adore for Notice it.

Post by Amelie,

6475575013 Acquired 5 Telephones calls out of this Amount the morning. Registered message playing when I response. Very annoying not the first time it happens.

Post by Big Piglet,

647-557-5013 Ya. . . it would t surprise me these days. As all of financial are in order there surely is no reason for anyone to be calling. I don't have any warrants or Excellent debts. Since I never answer unknown calls my just source of identifying who these fools are is this site. The Free Cruise scam could quite well be a Process of locating particular People but if you don t answer what could they do . A debt collector International Credit Experts use for phone here Fairly some time ago. Again no outstanding warrants or debts. Subsequently I located out through this site that they were scamming Folks by Attempting for convince them an Late balance still existed and that a payment was demanded. Lots of Garbage Outside there these days Folks don t subscribe to any of it .

Post by Mercedy,

6475575013 really annoying as calls at your same time ever morning. A recorded message saying I won a cruise or something

Post by Tina,

647-557-5013 Got a telephone out of the Amount. Did t response it as it was a very long distance call. Not interested within telemarketers calling.

Post by Flammy,

6475575013 vows to us Banjo T en AI Ra's la biol De Ce's Firms quid pour vows vend re lemur Camelot vows pursuant bisque Danes voter log is. Voice plus BSA dies numb Rios De t l Telephone code W ET W quid correspondent dies apples robot is s void f mi nine Competition Asiatic vows proposing oi vows avast en languor Angles Que vows parries vows m rioter UN magnifier Cross re. O . Jew l ignore com pl torment part Celia me met en Rockne. Applier Sir Le 9 pour sortie De lemur Lister d Apple. Jew n AI pas Pu fa ire Le Evaluation. Les Oranges snot unregistered s Sir Mon r Think patois Dix foils Level hour. ET Si on SE blessed en accordant pour r Lake re. Ce la est arr iv ma conjoint quid SE h ta it veers Le t l Telephone casement Ellie est tomb e De dos droid Danes la Colon vet brawl Sir Le Cash d UN table De salon. . . Sans cons quince Moliere's. T AI Depp's Dix joys System 3 plaint es distinct es La luge nation ale dies numb Rios De t l Telephone excl us LINNET . organism Fix Au CR TC. Friend SA page net l on Pet y inscribe son numb RI De t l Telephone en taint Que excl us dies apples De t l marketing's quid NE respected pas Les conditions Du CR TC Sir Le t l Promotion. J AI d T Get Du suck s Ave ex Danes d Atreus Ca's. Jew vows Promote sans obligation P} voter component formulae UN plaint Crete directest Friend lemur page web APR s Avior insecurity voter numb RI P} t l phone lemur r gist re. Jew Sui's UN Victor r receptionist De Ce Style d Apple component poach. T AI l Effect Que on SE refile Les list es De numb Rios De t l Telephone Odds d UN Business P} t l marketing l outre. De plus Les numb Rios P} t l phone dies appellants Alternative d UN Apple l outre pour Le M ME MESSAGE ET sans Que l on Expert leers identity s. Marci. 1 W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

Post by samething,

647-557-5013 Simply got same telephone i called back and option 9 says for remove out of survey

Post by Monica,

6475575013 I 've gotten Thai really telephone numerous times on both my cell and land line but Destination t you heard that by Driving your number 9 in a call that That somehow give them your ability to use your Amount for their long distance calls. . Never Drive 9. .

Post by Roumen,

647-557-5013 Had 3 calls on my Residence Amount and one on my cell. If I reply your phone they don t say anything not alive silence. I m within Vancouver BC. I Registered Gripe with CR TC on HTTP Internet. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt camp Eng

Post by Chose,

6475575013 Message unregistered inaudible quid Durer plus d UN minute.

Post by annoyed,

647-557-5013 same here. twice this morning no message

Post by Corey MacDonald,

6475575013 Unwanted calls

Post by ray,

647-557-5013 I did got the telephone out of that number and I never reply it so it's a scummier called .

Post by Guest,

6475575013 Harassment call

Post by Monica,

647-557-5013 I have gotten Thai very call numerous times on both my cell and property line but Getaway t you personally heard that by Driving your Amount 9 within a telephone that That somehow provide them that skill for use your number for their long distance calls. . Never Drive 9. .

Post by Suspicious mind,

6475575013 Got a call out of the Amount 9 'm Saturday morning.

Post by Big Piglet,

647-557-5013 Ya. . . it would t surprise me these times. As all of financial are within purchase there surely is no motive for anyone to become calling. I have no warrants or Excellent debts. Since I never response unknown calls my simply supply of identifying who these fools are is this Website. This Free Cruise scam could really well be a System of locating specific People but if you don t response what can they do . A debt collector International Credit Experts use for phone here Fairly a few time ago. Again no Excellent warrants or debts. Then I located out through the Website that they were scamming Folks by Attempting for convince them that the overdue balance still existed and that a payment was demanded. Lots of Garbage out there these days Individuals don t subscribe for any of it .

Post by Chris,

6475575013 Only got your same call missed it Go ogled the Amount found the.

Post by Anthony,

647-557-5013 Just called 5 minutes ago. No one answered. No message left Additionally. Thinking how they can Really use a W number. Pathetic.

Post by john,

6475575013 Simply got a call from that number W W W I did t ans were go ogled it and found this Website .

Post by Ticked,

647-557-5013 Obtained a phone out of Ontario W W W this morning at around 9 Am this morning. My Telephone is registered with your national Don't Telephone List since W already. What is the government doing Around the. I vie been receiving these same calls from the same scampers for 2 3 years now. Their Amounts keep changing and their scams keep continuing. What s going on in Canada. It appears to me there is no True Solitude law for shield that people out of telemarketing fraud and small is done for hint these scampers. Fairly the Waste. I think it could become worse in other States.

Post by Guest,

6475575013 Bahama cruise line scam

Post by Serge Dubois,

647-557-5013 Jew Ce the Ce numb RI pluses foils Level hour W W W ET Jew NE Connors pas Du tout.

Post by Marie-Claude,

6475575013 Jew n arr Te pas P} Tank cert Apple Depp's UN mo is. Est Ce Que Ce site internet sett claque Selected oi on NE Fiat Que en paler. Pace Que sin on Il NE sett rein.

Post by Sandra,

647-557-5013 Got this call once again Now. Become cautious Around your press 9 advice because occasionally things like that are Only a manner for them for take control of your own telephone line to make long distance calls on it. It is annoying that these telephone scampers are now using your Place code W because it's the code given for so many cell phone numbers in the Toronto area and one hates not for reply what could possibly become a family member or Pal in trouble and calling on their cell phone. I 've been Composing that unwelcome numbers down and trying for keep them in my thoughts for prevent getting caught. Since we stopped answering unknown numbers we are becoming far less calls.

Post by Merrikate,

6475575013 Me too this time I added that phone to cell s Reject list. Trust that keeps these Bugs from interrupting my life.

Post by pat,

647-557-5013 called me at PM today. I 've phone show and any incoming call which shows up just as a number I won t Select Upwards. I added that Fool for my telephone block list on my iPhone.

Post by JBarber,

6475575013 Routine caller

Post by Michel,

647-557-5013 Dint phone again I have and ID caller I wont reply. Dint waste your own time

Post by Gaby,

6475575013 Jew re Oise cert Apple 4 5 foils par seaming for people Les matins veers 9 W portent Jew Sui's Sir la Lister dies Private harassment N AI l officer ET Jew Le canceller T AI trove Que c est la clique d angers P} Sellers De Apartments en Flo Drive quid vows pro met UN Cross re gratuity en Jamar Que ET quid vows Cote Le Complete quad ills addition for us Les extras.

Post by pooky,

647-557-5013 1 telephone 1 ring on my cellphone. no message

Post by No spam please.,

6475575013 This number Merely called no express mail was left.

Post by Canadian,

647-557-5013 Got a phone out of the Amount. Did t answer it as I did t recognize that Amount. My friends family and acquaintance can leave a message if it's urgent. Go ogled it and located Outside they are scampers as expected.

Post by swilson,

6475575013 This number called me Now and I missed the phone. That weird matter is that it showed Upwards on my iPhone as W W 7 W W . I presume it s that same Business as all the other Opinions have stated but it s Merely Bizarre how it came Upwards. W USN t a country code I recognize at all.

Post by Big Piglet,

647-557-5013 Nothing free within life. Free cruises . I wish I could supply these Tel a Free Cruise along with my frozen boot. First blunder is for answer the Telephone. If most Folks have Call Show use it. Unknown or long distance Sabre never great news. As shortly as you Choose Upward your is Verified as active. You could let it go to VIM bu tit takes More to cut down on your number of calls. If there's no reply when they phone they ll have for move on. Second blunder is that DC list. Folks 've Publishing for years about your DC registry and still keep getting calls. You personally could possibly get a few of these idiots off your own back but they Merely get another Amount and start all over again. I have never trusted that DC registry. Dozen tavern work for Offshore telemarketing calls. . . useless. Obviously I still get calls now and Afterward but nothing enjoy it used for become. You would have to block out all incoming calls you don t want. Let s Layout system to would Simply that.

Post by Patty Coletta,

6475575013 Please remove my number out of your calling list. I am on a don't phone list.

Post by Peter,

647-557-5013 I Additionally pressed 9 when prompted for become removed out of the list press 9 . I hope that can Drain your cruise for good. . .

Post by Jess,

6475575013 Jew n AI pas r pond Mai's T AI rappel Ce numb RI 1 W W W. C ta it UN message en Angela's dis ant Que c ta it pour UN Sontag Mai's Que Le Conditions limiter pour y r Pool re ta it d pass N AI rappel 1 Second APR s. pare moi j AI manque Mum chance.

Post by annoyed,

647-557-5013 same here. twice the morning no message

Post by Steven,

6475575013 telemarketer they vie phoned a few times blocked it. auto Promotion free cruise scam since December pf ff. This can be my go to site. Long live call blocking.

Post by Kir,

647-557-5013 Obtained this telephone numerous times. Can there be a Website you can report these.

Post by Guest,

6475575013 Congratulations you personally won . . . . blah blah blah. . . .

Post by ML,

647-557-5013 I Only got a telephone from this number overly. Did t pick it Upwards as I did t recognize the Amount.

Post by sylvia,

6475575013 Did t reply as I could tell it was a call center. No message left.

Post by bigscotty,

647-557-5013 Dead atmosphere when I answered but we get the free cruise recalls all that time.

Post by G,

6475575013 Free Cruise spam call on my cellular phone

Post by Kelly,

647-557-5013 If you personally reply this number and press 9 it can remove your own Amount from your list. i found this out from a friend. i Only did it. hopefully i may stop getting calls for this particular stupid cruise

Post by Renei,

6475575013 Got a very earlier call on no. 1 W W W I did not know who the Owner. but every week I am get this phone. I don t understand who is the caller Firm. as I did not response cause I don't know any one for call me out of Ontario each week Finish.

Post by M,

647-557-5013 They Only called me overly. 5 minutes Past same daytime as poster above Sheryl. Those scampers sure are keeping busy.

Post by T,

6475575013 this USN t consistently your case Viewing as I get calls out of the Amount and have never been with bell.

Post by Ross Birney,

647-557-5013 I keep getting calls repeatedly out of W W W. That message says I 've won a free cruise. BS. I 've left a message asking for be removed but they keep calling.

Post by Peter,

6475575013 I also pressed 9 when prompted to be removed from this list press 9 . I hope that can Drain the cruise for good. . .

Post by Guest,

647-557-5013 Cruise spam

Post by Ianus,

6475575013 Perhaps it was used by scampers in that past but the Amount is Now being used by Blanked Carpooling Program Now offering GT . When your own motorist passenger calls you personally this number will Search.

Post by Guest,

647-557-5013 won a cruise

Post by tirol,

6475575013 W moi Jew recoils Ce no P} la ca would it Avior dies mo yen pour Les ureter sis pas Authorities ext ext reassemble

Post by Annoyed,

647-557-5013 Phone out of the Amount on my cell at 'm MDT. 1 ring and they hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

6475575013 spam crap

Post by T,

647-557-5013 the USN t consistently the case Viewing as I get calls out of this Amount and 've never been with bell.

Post by Debra-Lynn Poirier,

6475575013 Please remove my number from your list. I don't plan on taking any cruises.

Post by Guest,

647-557-5013 Free cruise

Post by Dan,

6475575013 Got a telephone from the Amount although it was W 7 W W which Arrived Upward as Fresh Ardor and. Did t leave any message. Strange.

Post by hugo boutin,

647-557-5013 true Kelly fake number

Post by Guest,

6475575013 cruise

Post by Kelly,

647-557-5013 I Simply got called i did t Comprehend that number so i did t Select Upwards. . . if you personally do don t Strike anything if you personally do they understand they have a live number

Post by Edouar,

6475575013 Apple robot pour m informer Que N AI gang UN Cross re aloes Que Jew NE me Sui's insecurity auxin concourse.

Post by scamhater,

647-557-5013 please post there Place i 've Around W people standing by to remove there services for great

Post by Sylvie,

6475575013 These people have many others numbers. I keep getting these calls and I m getting Very tired of them. Apparently you Actually win a cruise but they Strength you to go to buy tours that are really costly for get out of that boat you might have to pay for your own flight and they force you personally to remain in their own lousy hotel before you get on your ship so they create more money with you personally. And of course the cruise isn't pleasure at all. At last they want for sell you all sorts of things. it was within that newspaper last week La Presser .

Post by Joanne,

647-557-5013 The Amount s been calling me for your previous month Around 3 or 4 times a day it's very annoying no one answers when you pick up they listen and then they request for the person of your Family and they state something about a survey thus I end Upwards hanging Upwards and block the number

Post by AM,

6475575013 Obtained two calls from this number Now and there was no one on that line.

Post by cayen,

647-557-5013 fatiguing Tank dies Oranges non solicit s ET en Angela's quad Tu NE Le parley pas Don incomer sensible

Post by Hanta,

6475575013 calls at arbitrary annoying times along with various scams. total harassment


647-557-5013 SCAMPERS ID Thieving linked for Understood criminal organizations called fraud Group Authorities are investigating

Post by irritated,

6475575013 They did t offer me a cruise. . . . . and I did t reply. I immediately Viewed up your Amount and then added them to my Avoid block list. As a matter of fact half the time I don t fuss to check your computer to see others are bothered by your Amount I Only Avoid them if I don t Know them. .

Post by aline,

647-557-5013 3 PM Montreal. Call to mobile Graph Amount. Did not answer no message left. Yet another unknown amp unwanted call. . Way Too MANY Currently. .

Post by pc,

6475575013 Discontinue giving Telephone phone please

Post by Diane Wervin,

647-557-5013 unknown


6475575013 . amp amp amp amp amp amp TELEMARKETERS. . .

Post by Guest,

647-557-5013 don't answer the number

Post by john,

6475575013 Got a telephone Around hours Past W W W . i Only picked up they said i won a free and i hung Upwards very annoying .

Post by Guest,

647-557-5013 Bahamas

Post by Big Biji,

6475575013 Simply ignore if they phone again No point to pick Upwards that phone out of unknown name. If they need for hide their Id exactly why fuss find out. . That's an Indicator of of they're Upwards for something no great just ignore that call and let go for the replying machine.

Post by Kate,

647-557-5013 Rang once at 'm. Woke me up and since 've problem sleeping Very not impressed

Post by Gerry Atrick,

6475575013 dint be fooled Folks these calls are all coming out of a Factory operation within Quebec. hundreds of different numbers being used spoofed at present. the free cruise matter is a Weight of bull. it is an online harm and Pornography outfit harvesting tel Amounts from peoples net sites. Complete crooks. Only a issue of time before that powers that be Find them. i cant tell you how i know this Only trust me. dangerous. report them to Police if they phone you

Post by CLO,

647-557-5013 JEW NE D SIRE Reservoir VOWS Apples S. V. P. ET EN PLUS ON NE LASSIE M ME PAS P} MESSAGE .

Post by Paul,

6475575013 la nus Many missed calls from these two Amounts W W W W on home hone while I was away. Left no message amp not answering on callback. . . Natural scam effort of low life idiots. Nothing to can with carpooling Program as you said. I am not a motorist or passenger for any of these Program.

Post by boo bin,

647-557-5013 Saturday morning 9 Bahamas cruise we have been on no phone list. . . . exactly why dozen t Canada would something Around the Issue.

Post by Donna,

6475575013 really annoying can phone several times per day

Post by Patricia Laffin,

647-557-5013 Merely got a call out of this Amount W W W i did t reply due to Posts i read Around it. no More desire phone from the number

Post by Dave,

6475575013 no message left

Post by Katie,

647-557-5013 Now I am pissed. This phone woke me Upwards at 9 within the morning on a Saturday. This needs to stop.

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8125256014 Complains by Guest,


9126614174 Complains by Guest,

let me call you right back. .

7172303717 Complains by Guest,

Other Users from the Amount said it's a scam. I don t even 've the insurance and have never been in the hospital except as a patient s visitor.

8003333682 Complains by jpr,

Nelson Tv Ratings Survey for Television Evaluations. They pay you personally for record your Television Viewing.

8085539219 Complains by Guest,

I got a phone out of man with heavy Indian Highlight stating that he s calling out of Microsoft because of virus on my computer. I told him that I don t use Windows and not to telephone. 5 minutes After a woman along with Indian Highlight called out of same Amount. I told her not to telephone because I don t use Windows and that I can report her to the authorities. She asked what system I use. I told her I m not telling her and not to call. She said that she can continue to telephone back.

2157340220 Complains by Guest,

Just received a phone on House machine. Very significant Feature. Really threatening message viewing everything previously mentioned below. No caller ID. No company name. Definitely seems enjoy a scam along with a threatening angle.

3152949444 Complains by Guest,

Calls for many times

7622084256 Complains by Guest,

Calls almost every daytime. no message leave. I don t know who could be

8042019706 Complains by No way,

Called on behalf of Expert s while before using at hat computer wanting donation and could keep Information right. Told send paperwork and I ll see what I can do. We will see.

8043289231 Complains by home owner,

They called my House. Left no message.

8044778007 Complains by davemder,

Just obtained a phone from your above telephone Amount. Owner did not wait for your answering machine for Select Upward that call. Called the Amount back using the W prefix but reach a Bell System record saying that my telephone cannot become Finished as dialed. Owner ID says Richmond Va . Your mixture of upper and lower case letters indicates that the caller USN t getting their service from an BROCK.

8002091253 Complains by Joan,

I got a phone out of the number overly. This is at the Disney Travel Planning Facility within Orlando FL. Your person calling me worked for Noble Travel amp Cruise Inc. which I checked Outside along with the Florida Department of Farming and Buyer Sacs Div of Consumer Sacs. Noble Travel amp Cruise Inc. is Certified as a Seller of Travel and has no Gripes. I was told I was eligible for receive a Florida Vacation Platinum Bundle worth W for W Twice occupancy W each based on my affiliation along with Quality Time and Period International from my time share . So. . . . after obtaining a callback Amount and Really hanging Upwards along with Harold and calling back which may or could possibly not have demonstrated anything. . . . . except that a receptionist answered and the Set sounded Getting . . . . I Really did pay your W. I am Guessed for receive 5 days 4 Days in Orlando at a resort Afterward 3 times 2 Days in Ft. Lauder dale then a 5 daytime 4 night Bahama Cruise to Free Interface Grand Bahamas. I have already gotten an Welcome Page with the details which I had for indication to state I agreed and return. . . thus I m guessing I could take it to court if I had to. But thus Much nothing has happened. I am Nonetheless documenting everything including all phone calls. And keeping my fingers crossed it works out because I could Actually use this vacation.

8003103953 Complains by Big hairy Balls,

Fully unsolicited sales promotion phone. USN t this type of automated calling illegal.

8002662267 Complains by HV,

I have been receiving calls out of them for weeks. We do not Select Upward since we see that no. on your Owner ID. Once when I did no one was there. I called the W Amount back and irately told your guy who replied for take our number away their call list. Then the Man asked what Web phone Business would we use. I said what does it issue. Get your number Away your telephone list. Sorry Mum am but we are Only a telephone center and he Related me instantaneously for the phone service established er West. . . . I immediately called West and they know nothing Around the kind of Treatment or the W number either.

8003186511 Complains by cheryl,

Your so packed with crap. company is fraud. Get a life you terrible Man.

8003202738 Complains by St,

I got your message this morning on my W area code pare paid cell Telephone. I phoned 1 W W W for protest their use of my cell Amount and for opt Outside. I accomplished Complimentary Holiday and using each option constantly ended up being Directed} to their express mail. Maybe 9 'm is overly early for them. . .

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6475575053ViewTel: 647-557-5053**** *********** ******

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