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Post by Fed Up,

6478631351 Obtained call at W W am. Evident foreign emphases in History. Eventually someone stumbled over my name on your answering machine then it ended. Caller id says from Ontario.

Post by stop fruad,

647-863-1351 my parents are previous get these calls all the time. No 1 cares these Individuals go after senior citizens. they state they are calling about a computer and my parents do not have a computer.

Post by Fight back,

6478631351 Phishing telephone stating from Microsoft and attempting to control my Pc. That normal foreign Feature low life Items.

Post by J MARINO,

647-863-1351 Called out of Canada foreign accent Suez my computer going for crash and he is going W call his manager. . . Mad telephone. Attempted calling back no phone

Post by MeOverHere...,

6478631351 Called at W left no message but background Sound and someone respiration audibly on the line. Owner ID says Ontario. I blocked the Amount as standard. It s frustrating to leave my phone on waiting for a legitimate phone and get spam called all hours.

Post by NoOneHome,

647-863-1351 Called while I was getting into the shower of path. Left a voice send but it was of someone breathing heavily. I could Notice a lot of other voices within your background.

Post by Jennifer Small,

6478631351 calls stating they're out of Windows I 've repeatedly told them to not phone and I request for a Manager which seems for Penetration your Owner and they become rude and argumentative. . . . . . . . . .

Post by j crickson,

647-863-1351 Scam alleged issue with the computer

Post by MG,

6478631351 Called at Top Am. No message.

Post by TiredOfTheseCalls,

647-863-1351 They went through several people including 1 that said he was a Manager. They wanted for access cert mgr. masc on my computer. They would not state exactly why they Desired access. He eventually cussed me Outside for wasting his W minutes time. When these Individuals call request them what your IPA address is. Don t tell them but request them and they won t become Competent for tell you. Or ask them what your own computer name is since they would know if it really was within a log somewhere. Owner ID said TORONTO ON

Post by Guest,

6478631351 ON NO Phone LIST

Post by Get a life,

647-863-1351 Called with lies Around a computer and got quite annoyed when I told him to get a life.

Post by Scam fraudbrk,

6478631351 Th es idiots don't have any life or sense of well being for become such scum butts.

Post by MCSE,

647-863-1351 Called with a BS sales call when i told him i was a MC SE and had a degree within computer technology and could t wait for Notice his scam he started screaming I was a liar then Put up. Very comical all in all.

Post by Danielle Fair,

6478631351 Owner said I had something incorrect along with my computer and Desired for type something into the browser to allow him to repair it. I played dumb girl and said Oh my that is horrible. He asked me to let him understand when I was in front of my computer and tell him what I saw. I said I m here. I see a lovely Graphic. When he told me to kind whatever it was into that browser address Pub I said Would you seriously believe I would consider you could tell me something was wrong with a computer which you could t access except through many scam. He then proceeded for curse and affirm for Around fifteen seconds all sorts of vile and vulgar words that I cannot kind here then Installed Upwards. When I attempted to telephone the Amount back I got a not within service message. I would really like to satisfy the gutless small varmint a few daytime.

Post by Satelite Invader,

647-863-1351 Again another rs cum Behind no message left.

Post by SeberHusky,

6478631351 Hangup phone. No message left.

Post by Guest,

647-863-1351 They continue to telephone and desire to mend my computer

Post by Frustrated in the Midwest,

6478631351 The past several days we've received several calls from the number. W is an Ontario Canada Place code. They 've called as earlier as 7 W Am so when late as W W PM. We don't response as we do not understand anyone that would be calling from Canada thus voice mail picks Upwards. They 've never left a message until Now when your message said f you personally . Something needs for become done immediately for Discontinue these calls. . . . . .

Post by James,

647-863-1351 Called today left no message. Owner ID said TORONTO ON

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7189545152 Complains by Guest,

He is a weirdo

8156776841 Complains by x,

caller id showed "unknown name"  and the caller asked for someone by name, saying she was with ??? "XX&X" a  major phone company, wanting to speak to someone regarding the account.  She needing to make to make changes..  >>   and went through all the changes.  I replied thanks I'll call "XX&X"

3098297494 Complains by Guest,

Worldwide Press group called me and did not leave a message thus I looked there Telephone number on Google and located there name called them and went to your dropped phone nothing

2253014272 Complains by Guest,

Midland Hall Custom Pools W Midway Road Slaughter LA W W W W Pool repair Business family owned Offered Upwards to W miles. Pool install pool repair Boat replacement call people. . . Swimming Pool Contractor Swimming Pool Pool Contractor Custom Pools Pool Setup HTTP . com

4082642547 Complains by Guest,

Calls all the time

9032158557 Complains by Guest,


2092204353 Complains by Guest,

spam biz loan

2562131753 Complains by Guest,

They left a message saying two Fees may become filed against me in my own County.

8002065542 Complains by pat,

Course we're smart enough not to answer, just how do we stop them... this one so unusual....6 rings.

8002480866 Complains by pissed,

The outfit is nothing but a harasser they are Striving for collect 6. W for a already paid Invoice

8002357402 Complains by shopper,

Was the case. Were your landlords paying mortgage. Thank you personally.

8002145335 Complains by Sophie,

Still around. Astounding. After your city inspector got Completed had for tear everything they did out and get another Company. Lousy Baaed news. Your Man that Attached everything Upward was named Ed too is you. . .

8002408438 Complains by Real Keen on Stuff,

Thanks Alfalfa for that notice. . . . . Knowledge is Electricity. I m Ill of these retards calling me even after I request them not for. Owe for confident I owe W. W but I lost my Occupation W months ago and 've been struggling Merely to Set bread on that table and pay the Electrical so I be dam Edward if I m gonna send some lowlife Butt collection agent money. Now if I can get a better Occupation and Find up on buying clothes and shoes for my family Subsequently I ll send that money BUT UNTIL Subsequently calling me W times Ian t gonna get you anyplace. I ll pay when I could. . . . Never Anticipated for my Business for close after working there for W years thus Central portfolio my family comes first. Moreover I did t contract along with Central Account for anything and I don t believe I m liable to pay them a Penny now if they bought your debt that Simply their lousy luck the Mindless

8002458292 Complains by TS,

Telephone Arrived in only let phone ring twice before they Put Upwards your Telephone. Did t even supply my reply machine time to even kick on.

8002497442 Complains by Sue,

I also get calls on my cell phone from that number . I don't have any idea how they got my cell Telephone. . but when I did response your cell your Girl was Really ugly to me thus I told her I dint Discuss to Individuals that I dint know that talks for me enjoy that. . . . and I Put Upward. . . she keeps calling and I wont response. If its a Set I dint know what it is as I dint owe anything. . . . SCAM. . dint know

8002660333 Complains by Grape,

Do not provide ANY Information for Dunn and Bradstreet they used for be The SOURCE for credit Information but NOW are Simply spammers and telemarketers. I made that error of talking to them ONCE and they wrote my name down wrong I have been becoming send for that incorrect name for YEARS. . . it s on a listing that may never die. . . D amp B Dumb B starts. . .

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