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Post by Guest,

6479400600 It is a Promotion Firm phishing for Companies for scam. Express Logic . . . Internet. voice logic. com out of Toronto Ontario Canada. don't pick Upwards your telephone.

Post by Kevin - PA,

647-940-0600 I gotten a message from this Amount Now. It was Sun dance Holidays out of Wilkes Barre Missouri}. I filled Outside a drawing at my local mall and they need me to can a time share. Good offer but I vie done among these in that previous and had a lousy experience.

Post by Guest,

6479400600 It is 'm Vets an American Veteran s Organization.

Post by Christina,

647-940-0600 I Only got just one and she Inquired for my express mail by name and I told her it was me and she said they were calling about many events at Dave and Busters and then Put Upward. Strange. . . . and I can t phone back. Boo.

Post by Anthony,

6479400600 I acquired two Telephone calls Now. My staff attempted for take messages and was hung Upwards on both times. Seriously get a real Occupation and life. Stop wasting Parents time.

Post by Guest,

647-940-0600 I initially notion this was spam but after I listened for that express message they left I Understood it wan t. This can be a spiritual organization I 've supported in your previous and they 've my phone Amount in file. Your message was prerecorded to thank Individuals for their support.

Post by Mike,

6479400600 I replied as a company. Individual male said Sorry I must have dialed a incorrect number and hung Upward. Owner ID was W.

Post by Guest,

647-940-0600 've gotten 5 calls in your last few times from them. They either hang Upwards or state quot Thank you personally for affirming we re Merely Assessment that line. quot

Post by Mike,

6479400600 Voice Logic. com a telemarketer selling company telemarketing services. Call was to your company line thus in my case the phone was legit although they got a few calls which Installed Upward Soon after encountering that Personal receptionist before actually leaving a message thus I may add them to my block list. Your call was out of Laura and she gave the Amount 1 W W W if I wanted to ring her back.

Post by Jim From CT,

647-940-0600 They 've been calling for the past 3 days now. Always your same res ponce. Testing The Phone Lines . What could we would to stop the BS. Jim

Post by John Locke,

6479400600 The Amount Simply called me at work and said they were testing your line. The caller ID showed that the caller was ONTARIO.

Post by Disturbed,

647-940-0600 I keep becoming a phone from this number W W W several times a month. They always request Around your Individual who handles the electrical Statement. I Inquired them to remove my number from the list but they do not listen. I think we all should report them for your FCC E-mail W protected Great Fortune.

Post by SARAH,

6479400600 It s a recording message out of Universe Marketplace Center La's Vegas.

Post by MK,

647-940-0600 I Only had your same matter happened a few minutes ago. He told me that was calling for a friend thus he could send his Continue. No thank you. I get enough Trash don t demand anymore.

Post by cell phone owner,

6479400600 I got a phone from the number as nicely today. They achieved my cell when I answered they hung Upward.

Post by bv,

647-940-0600 calling on Part of that universe of concrete name was Adam is what he said

Post by Wall-E,

6479400600 Just more telemarketers amp scampers. We never reply your phone anymore Simply let it go straight for the answering machine. In case a friend or relative leaves a message we Choose up or phone back but these criminal scumbags can never reach people within Individual or get an answer no matter how many politicians they Purchase off for get away with breaking your do not phone law . . . When that tea buggers finally take political power maybe they will create a hanging court particularly for these lowlifes they d Likely win their next election within a landslide. Caller Romero Ontario caller amp others

Post by Mandi,

647-940-0600 Got a call Stating there were Assessment the line. Sorry.

Post by Guest,

6479400600 Call with no message. Assessed web and this really is a spam phone number

Post by mikeymike,

647-940-0600 It s a lawyer offering to settle collections cases cheaper than bankruptcy

Post by A R,

6479400600 Just got a call while I was at school Telephone was silenced thus I did not answer.

Post by Minneapolis,

647-940-0600 Acquired a phone and did not answer. Region code is Toronto.

Post by Mike,

6479400600 See message before this Just Understood the other calls within that log were out of someone else so to be fair I only logged one phone out of Voice Logic. com and they did leave a message.

Post by n0ne,

647-940-0600 Just got your second telephone from the Amount in as many weeks idea it was Peculiar as I m in that Uk and that Amount is from North America at a suppose. They Man machine Installed Upwards as soon as they heard my voice.

Post by MK,

6479400600 I Only had the same thing happened a few minutes ago. He told me that was calling for a Buddy so he could send his resume. No thank you. I get enough Trash don t demand anymore.

Post by J,

647-940-0600 Simply got a call at work from this number asked for my Supervisor i said he wouldn't maintain till tomorrow and they said they would call back Subsequently.

Post by Donna,

6479400600 This number called my work cell Telephone. When I answered no one was there.

Post by Tex,

647-940-0600 I got a telephone from the number and they left a recorded message on my express mail about how to get abundant and the way to Purchase real estate etc. . . and Items Advertisements a speaking engagement taking Put within my town.

Post by Graham,

6479400600 I did not answer the call. Your Owner left no express mail. thankfully it was a Google number they called thus I can Only block them.

Post by C Warren,

647-940-0600 I got a call on my cell from this Amount i did t reply it comes from Ontario Canada and when I called it back it's not within service. Somehow this must be a fake phone Amount that is sold for telemarketers to Grab Folks away along with. Simply a figure Exactly why else would thus many Individuals 've thus many Distinct company names from your same Amount. .

Post by Mandi,

6479400600 Got a call Stating there were Assessment the line. Sorry.

Post by Guest,

647-940-0600 real estate scam

Post by Twin Cities,

6479400600 I got your Actual same phone as the Individual from Minneapolis above. Owner ID was ONTARIO W. W. W. Left a message that said his name was Neil and had someone interested within looking at a house in my Town. Left a call back number of W. W. W

Post by Twin Cities,

647-940-0600 I got that exact same phone as your Man out of Minneapolis above. Owner ID was ONTARIO W. W. W. Left a message that said his name was Neil and had someone interested in searching at a house in my own Town. Left a telephone back number of W. W. W

Post by Joe,

6479400600 Caller ID says W W W Ontario. About 2 W Saturday day they Installed Upward immediately after I replied. We are on the do not telephone list. I used your Change Phone Look up from the web page and it has no data Around that Amount.

Post by Adam,

647-940-0600 Only got a phone two hours ago in the same number they didn't Answer when I replied.

Post by CN Smith,

6479400600 I Merely did a few research online People use fake caller ID to phone Folks and have an completely different Amount Read this HTTP Www. fake caller. com I hate all these small scams and trickery Folks can Annoying as hell.

Post by Frustrated,

647-940-0600 I work for an VAC company and a Female called from this number and said yes would you have an email address I could send you my resume. I gave her a fake one b c she sounded like a telemarketer. . . I get them ALL that time even though we 're on the Don't Phone REGISTRY After that she Inquired for a Facsimile Amount as well. . . as Inquired her what sort of work she was searching for and she said service . . . I just Put Upward on her and did a bit W. . . Subsequently I read all your above Opinions. Can your SAME phone become Soho many different Businesses. . . Are they trying to get Email addresses and fax s to sell. . . weird

Post by Ticked,

6479400600 It s Golden star Vigor. Said they will be in my Place for can Analysis. No cheers.

Post by JM,

647-940-0600 This Amount contacted my Workplace on W Jun W. After reading on here that it was reported as Golden star Vigor Group I investigated a bit more. While I did not personally take your telephone I did look for out that Place code W is based from Toronto Ontario Canada . I guess I ll have for wait until they phone back to see what they need. . . . .

Post by Fishy,

6479400600 I received a call on my cell and there was no response when I exhausted to redial it I got no res pose

Post by Deb,

647-940-0600 This Amount called and Installed Upwards when I answered. SOHO Annoying

Post by Megan,

6479400600 Got a telephone at work from this Amount and the Man said Sorry we re just Assessment the line. . . sorry.

Post by yb,

647-940-0600 Just got a call from the Amount at work. they Put up. Attempted calling back no ans.

Post by W,

6479400600 Only got a call at work out of the number. It mentioned it was Dave amp Buster s calling regarding their holiday specials.

Post by kitties-korner.com,

647-940-0600 Ontario Canada Advertising for World Dog Assoc. Very Zoo Occasion Reminder

Post by SHELDON,

6479400600 Just GOT A Call NO Just one ON The other SIDE

Post by Guest,

647-940-0600 your own are being Chosen Friend .

Post by MK,

6479400600 I Only had your same matter happened a few minutes ago. He told me which was calling for a Pal thus he could send his resume. No thank you personally. I get enough junk don t need anymore.

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7145983405 Complains by Guest,

Get. A job.

7702388624 Complains by Guest,


4022013331 Complains by Guest,

Many calls about life alert system for seniors. I press 9 for be removed from list and cannot look for get away list. They telephone Practically everyday

7144081742 Complains by thejakes,

Individual has called twice mumbling something incoherent within what I believe is Farsi. . . Want they d Quit.

9498913149 Complains by Guest,

This can be pointless

2136039091 Complains by Guest,

Got a call this morning out of the Amount your Owner has an accent though I could not Set that. Promised he was calling on Account of Us Treasury and a case has been Began against me and I should telephone this number and spoke to his senior Specialist a Russell Reed Reid. . instantaneously. I said I don't consider him and he called back and said Activity may be started against me. A scam definitely. I did not telephone back but wonder what's there for them for gain.

8888200968 Complains by Guest,

Never had the company credit card

2137255665 Complains by Guest,


8002263784 Complains by BobA,

Canada Drugs I vie used them for many years. Superb and exceptionally reputable.

8002315064 Complains by Target,

Got a call from Ray Anderson at W W W X Striving for charge W to my credit card up front ostensibly for save me at least W within credit card fascination with your long run. But pay attention to your words he used. They can charge your credit card a substantial sum of money Upwards front Only to Show you in W days that they could save you more cash within that next several months and years by negotiating lower interest rates for your credit cards balances. It was a boiler room sale pressure Strategies to swindle credit card debtors of their credit card money. They went by that name of Card Member Services and Financial Protection Facility which are not current on your open web. When Ray Anderson forcefully transferred me for Linda Man Lot for Proof of my Certification for their credit card attention speed decrease service I refused to sign up and insisted them for send me the service info in writing first. They Began having various managers and Professionals persuading me to take their offer because it would no longer become available upon that end of that call if I declined and After altered my head. I knew then that it was undoubtedly a CON. You personally could be that next target thus beware of this high pressure Scam from these people.

8002010676 Complains by S&A,

Acquired phone call 6 W W at 1 W pm along with a reference number re Well-being care benefits. Won't phone back.

8002261000 Complains by Skyler,

Left a brief message late at night The Reilly. . sports. . Sounded enjoy some Nevada hack

8001502079 Complains by Guest,

Keep calling and saying wrong

8002291393 Complains by Bryan Dube,

I 'm your VP of Business Development for FedEx. Please give me a call directly and I can get down to your bottom of this for you personally. My direct line is W W W. Sorry Around any confusion the could 've caused.

8001239877 Complains by Amy,

I 'm getting at least W a daytime. I 'm PISSED.

8002222898 Complains by Mr Kelly,

W W W The Amount called I said hello and it Installed up. I then blocked the number out of ever calling me again. Next time They get Amount You have DIALED Has been DISCONNECTED Afterward the line disconnects. I trust they telephone from another number so I could block more Amounts also. April Mr Kelly

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