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Post by JC,

6492329811 This call is likely Connected with a scam Beginning out of Grenada Region code W Dominica Region code W Jamaica Place code W and Likely several other Caribbean Isles. Turks and Cacaos Islands are in your Caribbean. Please read Private s post within the Newsgroup for more information about this scam WARNING Do not RETURN Just one RING CALLS Out of ANY CARIBBEAN Isle Place CODE HTTP notes. com forum ta BA . . . slant Place code

Post by butch,

649-232-9811 I get calls out of this number Afterward they hang Upward.

Post by ila,

6492329811 Called in early within that morning and I did t reply they left no message Simply states Turks and Cacaos Isles. . .

Post by king,

649-232-9811 Called and rang once. Subsequently called it back and it was a recording of a Girl repeatedly saying you might have achieved a test number . . . . . . .

Post by sthom,

6492329811 I got a telephone Now but didn't answer

Post by Guest,

649-232-9811 This call Arrived in at W at nightmares Subsequently Installed up

Post by Guest,

6492329811 called me at W PM jackasses. .

Post by Court,

649-232-9811 Called my cell at W Am rang once and hung Upwards.

Post by Guy,

6492329811 Called cell phone rang once

Post by Fed Up,

649-232-9811 Just obtained a 1 ring call on my cell Telephone out of W W W. . . I never respond for any one ring calls unless I Comprehend that phone Amount. . . Cheers for bringing that scam to my Focus.

Post by Blue010,

6492329811 1 ring.

Post by RVM,

649-232-9811 Called cell phone rang once.

Post by Anit de Nibas,

6492329811 Called my cell once it says Turks amp Cacaos Island did not return the telephone. I do not return or reply Telephone calls from unknown Amounts.

Post by Teddy,

649-232-9811 Same thing here 1 ring on my telephone a few minutes ago

Post by anon,

6492329811 Called cell at 'm Pacific. . hung up

Post by e,

649-232-9811 showed Upward on my caller id as nitre Brant on CID did not answer

Post by sthom,

6492329811 I got a telephone today but didn't answer

Post by peggy,

649-232-9811 Rang my cell phone. Rang only once.

Post by Meryl,

6492329811 missed call

Post by Guest,

649-232-9811 This phone come within at 1 W am Subsequently Installed up

Post by Guest,

6492329811 appears to become a scam

Post by susan,

649-232-9811 Called both my amp my husbands cell Telephone in 1 minute of each other. Left no message. My husband called back amp got a message for remain on your line until an User is Accessible . He hung Upwards.

Post by Kristi C,

6492329811 Received same matter. My and my Man s phones were called and rang once. Don t call these back. I read Someplace that a few of these legally charge S's per Second. I anxiety that is from the Target hack. Please report these for. FBI Net offense department. HTTP Www. ICC. gov Grievance Standard. asp

Post by mom,

649-232-9811 called my house at 3 W am rang once

Post by blue collar,

6492329811 Steal money out of many just one else or better However go to work.

Post by kim,

649-232-9811 Called all 3 of your cells. Rang once. Didn't answer any of them.

Post by Benny,

6492329811 Called my Telephone it never range just a missed telephone thus I called it back CZ my Pal is over Oceans believing it was them but it told me I did not have enough cash in my own account to call same matter with the Amount W W W

Post by A,

649-232-9811 Called me at 6 'm. I did t hear it.

Post by Jay,

6492329811 Called as scam. they attempt to get you to phone them back. Don t and don t answer

Post by Guest,

649-232-9811 1 call along with 1 ring. Subsequently Installed up. It's component of a W international calling scam.

Post by Guest,

6492329811 now phone then Installed Hey. Info said Turks amp Cacaos Islands

Post by primate04,

649-232-9811 Rang once didn't response.

Post by JC,

6492329811 Called my phone and I called back and got the due to technical difficulties. Nicely I got my cell phone Invoice within the mail and there is a international charge on it. Scampers have scammed again.

Post by ila,

649-232-9811 Called in early within your morning and I did t answer they left no message Merely states Turks and Cacaos Islands. . .

Post by Snow,

6492329811 The number called my cell Telephone at 3 W Am in that morning from Turks amp Cacaos . Telephone rang once and which was it. . . . .

Post by JC,

649-232-9811 Called my phone and I called back and got that due for technical Problems. Nicely I got my cell Telephone Invoice in that send and there's a international charge on it. Scampers have scammed again.

Post by ila,

6492329811 Called within earlier within that morning and I did t response they left no message just states Turks and Cacaos Islands. . .

Post by Sugarmedic,

649-232-9811 Do not reply these calls. It is a scam Striving to get you to telephone back and your bill is charged. HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta BA . . . slant Region code

Post by J. B.,

6492329811 W W W. Called your house Telephone at W W at night. . . on 1 W 1 name I power saw because of this was Huffiest. I power saw it on line while looking for info on the Amount. They simply rang twice.

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8135151789 Complains by Cameron,

From email W protected MSG Your own the month of may Success of 2 tickets on your boat W. W. W

2068556817 Complains by Guest,

hang up no MSG

5124890300 Complains by Guest,

Called but did not leave a express send. Unknown

7135880921 Complains by Guest,

Always calling harassment each minute

2523046214 Complains by Guest,

I don t know him and he keeps bothering me

7137142418 Complains by Guest,

Scummier Delivered multiple sex texts don t understand him would not response when I called back.

7137382364 Complains by Guest,

Dorothy Coleman unknown call 1 AM

8186887575 Complains by cme,

If you get a call from this telemarketer please file a Grievance with the FCC and FTC HTTP Www. FCC. gov Gripes and HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov complaint Grievance Assess. asp. If they receive enough complaints they ll inquire. In Improvement they send info on how to file a suit. Recently they shut down five of these scams.

9524554707 Complains by Guest,

Trying to sell Publications books

6308705531 Complains by Guest,

leave me alone

7203409354 Complains by Guest,

Joke calls lade disrespectful language

2143965544 Complains by Guest,

lots of unsolicited calls thus that my phone Invoice could get jacked up. I think your cell Telephone companies are paying Rob callers for telephone cell phones so that the cell phone Art Verizon etc could Select Upwards a whole bunch of cash when you personally reply your phone. My idea is for everyone for Stop you cell Telephone. we did t need them before they told us we needed them. Merely another manner for create money

2255788529 Complains by Guest,

Quite hostile

7174207279 Complains by Guest,


7205358339 Complains by Guest,

Damion s house

8053209516 Complains by AJ,

Got this call today.  It was so obvious from the first moment that it was a scam. I called the number nevertheless, just to be sure. Funnily enough, some "Jenkins" answered, and started talking in a stupid Indian accent! He said since it is a Friday I have to pay the "fine" immediately, or else face the prospects of spending the weekend in the precincts...and the amount was an arbitrary $2,790 for failing to file Form 61...who knows what that is.  Apparently I could get the "Government Tax Voucher" only from four places - CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger and some other shop!  He was dumb enough to tell me that CVS pharmacy will only accept cash since it is a government voucher, and asked if I had the cash or if I had to go to the bank!  I started getting angry with him and asked him for his identity...he rattled out some batch number and started getting anxious.  After a few seconds he hung up.  I checked this website, and after confirming for sure that it was definitely a scam I called that number again! This time "Deputy John Harris" answered...and I gave that tool a piece of my mind and hung up.

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