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Telephone information: O1 Communications. San Mateo, CA. San Mateo. United states
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Post by N.e.c.,

6502004041 I just gotten a text out of an unverified sender asking me to telephone the Amount for Discover HSBC company debit. Called and they Inquired for my account number for reactivate I immediately Installed Upwards called HSBC. They knew nothing and my account wan t being held or locked. SCAM.

Post by SUEyou,

650-200-4041 MasterCard SCAM

Post by Spammer Killer,

6502004041 Phisher hoping for suck Folks into revealing credit card numbers via a Record. I love for telephone these Men and plug in fake stuff. They have enough smarts for know the first four digits of each bank. Thus if you personally understand them plug those within then a haphazard W Amounts. Your Phishers may try and sell your data. When their buyers locate they vie bought many fake numbers they could come and Discuss to your seller. The Retailer may demand some medical Advantages thereafter

Post by Bob,

650-200-4041 This morning s bank of pick for this particular scam is Wellness Attention Credit Union. They re Consistent Stadium t they. I m Simply Interested how they got my cell number. . .

Post by Beck,

6502004041 Received a text 7 days after being declined at a Sovereign Bank ATM that said Sovereign Bank Alert. Debit Card locked. Phone W W W for Open it. I do not have a a Sovereign Bank Account and my own bank doesn't even have my cell Amount on file with them as I opened that account years before cell Telephones were popular. Upon talking with security at my bank they have no record of my declined transactions simply record of the next bank that I went for next for get money. My bank previously mentioned that that was a big reddish Banner having no record of your failed Exchange. there was plenty of cash within your account They closed my account instantly and are searching into your Issue. Please telephone your own bank if you personally try to use an ATM and get denied with Sufficient funds or receive this text. Don't call that text back.

Post by Bin,

650-200-4041 I Additionally obtained the same text Now on my cellphone. MasterCard MESSAGE Your card are locked. Please call W. W. W for Discover it.

Post by Cherie,

6502004041 Yep. . . us overly. . . ours said h. s. b. c. business rang alert. . . Cheers everyone.

Post by lori,

650-200-4041 Received a text out of W W W and another number of W W W appeared within that text to Talk along with someone about a standing I had Used for. When I asked for their Special data as none was Supplied there was no response. I blocked the Amount.

Post by Tara Stobbe,

6502004041 I have obtained a text message every 2 minutes asking to telephone the Amount on Around W of my Telephones I Control at my business. When I phone could not get a Person for nothingness all communication.

Post by Internet Win,

650-200-4041 This Amount Arrived through on my work Telephone through Race s network. Did not get a Telephone call Only a text stating MasterCard MESSAGE. Your card are locked. Please telephone W. W. W to Discover it. My link Additionally acquired the same text earlier with it stating to Please call W to Discover. Same number. A little go ogling and it turns out this number is a fax for a milt Website company who Supplies digital Options on multiple devices do not call or text the Amount back Only forget it and move on. If it persists contact your spam email for that FTC as it is a Electronic intrusion and possible scam E-mail W protected

Post by david,

6502004041 I Only got that same text message. It said Sunshine Trust Bank MESSAGE. Your card are locked. Please telephone W. W. W to Discover it. Regrettably this really happened to me within your morning but it was simply a coincidence cause this message wan t from Sunlight trust never supply your CARD Information SCAMMED. . .

Post by Guest,

650-200-4041 I Additionally received a text from sovereign bank stating my account was locked 7 days after being declined 3 times from an ATM machine of their s. There California no record of my Exchange at my own bank. Bank said this can be definitely a Trouble due to there being no record of Deal. My Telephone isn't even in my own name. It s a Secret of what happened. Bank s searching into it after closing my account.

Post by b,

6502004041 i acquired a text message on cell Telephone. It was out of and unverified sender. I did not Answer. I consider it is a scam

Post by LoLo,

650-200-4041 Just got that message stating that my H amp R emerald card is blocked humorous matters is that I have NEVER used H amp R services it Appears that thees phishers are using various financial Companies to see if they can Find anything

Post by Rod,

6502004041 Hello everyone this can be SCAM I don t have any MasterCard . Message received Dec W W MasterCard MESSAGE Your card are locked. Please telephone W. W. W to Open it.

Post by Wilma,

650-200-4041 Got a text saying Huntington National bank card locked phone for unlock it. Called my bank Scam. . .

Post by curt,

6502004041 Simply got a message MESSAGE. Your own card are locked. Please call W. W. W for Open it. I don t have a Huntington acct. could you personally state SCAM. . . . .

Post by Guest,

650-200-4041 Gotten text message stating Auto was lock and for phone W W W. After reading below Remarks deleted that message.

Post by Mark O.,

6502004041 I obtained the text Around 8 9 times thus Much Now. I do not 've a card along with these Folks stating I Desired to call them to unlock my card. I don t have a card or account with them.

Post by Hot Mama Pat,

650-200-4041 This really is A SCAM. They're USING VARIOUS BANKS For SEND This TEXT MESSAGE To Individuals. . . . . If you personally call your number they will ask on your debit card number expiration date and your 3 digit code on that back what happens Subsequently is they may Clear your account. . . . . . . . . BANKS NEVER NEVER NEVER Ask FOR You personally Personal Info VIA TEXT MESSAGE THEY May SEND You A Page IF There is A Difficulty Along with Your own Records. . . . . Don't Fall For this particular SCAM. . . . .

Post by Joe,

6502004041 As an HSBC Staff who Additionally obtained the text I could Check that it it NOT valid. Don't provide Outside any information viewing an account if you might have 1.

Post by Guest,

650-200-4041 I obtained a text message Dec W W out of this number. Message quot MasterCard Alert. Card locked. Call W for Open it. quot I was suspect of a text message on my work Telephone about a card I do not hold. After reading reviews on the site I have decided to delete that message without an answer.

Post by dawn,

6502004041 this can be a fishing scam they request you personally card . Don't give anything. If you would hold any accounts along with your company they supposedly symbolize contact them directly.

Post by Guest,

650-200-4041 Obtained a text message saying that my debit card from sovereign bank was locked and I needed for telephone the W W W for reactivate my card. I fresh my account was Excellent and thankfully did t autumn with this scam. Thank you personally Mr. Number

Post by Guest,

6502004041 This really is a phishing scam. Do not give them any info. I acquired a message from MasterCard that my card was locked and Desired to call this number to Discover. Amusing matter is I don t 've a MasterCard.

Post by Guest,

650-200-4041 I got text message from W W W regarding a quot Customer Issue quot with that letters UL AG and asking me for please telephone W W W. Before calling any number back I attempt to check them Outside. Established on that Remarks here It sounds like phishing for account numbers and I 'm Only deleting your number.

Post by asdf,

6502004041 well i think its Apparent at this point its a scam anyone have useful data like the best way to get them to stop sending W texts a day or just a Group of Individuals replicating whats already been said enjoy sheep

Post by Guest,

650-200-4041 I gotten two text messages on Dec. Th at 6 W PM and 6 W PM. That my Sunshine trust card was locked and to telephone the Amount. I have no such Reports thus suspect phishing scam. I Merely acquired a third text message tonight at 5 W PM Asian time that my MasterCard account was locked and for ac ll the number to have it unlocked.

Post by Dave,

6502004041 Got an email that says Sun Trust Alert. Card locked. Call W to unlock it but I don't 've an account along with that bank. Natural scam.

Post by Guest,

650-200-4041 I have recd W today and this really is your first time I have ever recd texts from this . It says Wellbeing Care Credit Union Message. Your card are locked. Please telephone W. W. W for Discover it.

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8002399538 Complains by 800-239-9538,

W W W New Probability Marketing

8002722187 Complains by Aggravated Person,

Cease calling my phone and hanging Upwards please. .

8002383267 Complains by anon,

Left a message saying "It's going to hurt when they take the tape off".  Very confusing.  Wrong number, maybe ?

8002471993 Complains by AbbyC,

I keep becoming calls out of this Firm also. They leave a message for my name referencing a case involving a Girl s name of whom I never heard. Several years ago we Registered Insolvency due to my Man s health failing and him no longer being able for work. Additionally there were your Important medical bills which came along with his declining Wellness. Even along with two insurances 1 a state health Strategy hardhat it still was not enough for that various hospitals treatments etc. My income was not enough to cover everything so we'd small pick but to File Insolvency. Anyway since Afterward we've had no brand new debt. We have a Insolvency payment which we make religiously each month but no fresh liabilities. I could t Picture exactly why they're harassing me. I am Scared for telephone back lest they Check the phone number is a working number and phone even more.

8002668880 Complains by Fed UP!,


8002766048 Complains by Colin,

Same matter two Costs though. Just one for W. W another for W. W. . . what a scam. Contacting my bank to attempt and Cease payment.

8002134686 Complains by random,

I caught your number off of a grisliest Advertising for Choosing around mortgage Funds on distressed Properties. Google searching the number Added me here.

8002631410 Complains by bbg,

It is XM calling every day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I cancelled my service in July when they automatically charged my credit card without my authorization. They won't leave me alone. I have already told them to stop calling but it hasn't stopped them.

8042349063 Complains by Jill king,

Really aggravating. How do they get our numbers. I Don't Want For Be CALLED Along with This BS. . . . .

8003096196 Complains by Guest,

I 've this Amount blocked. Nevertheless for many. Reason text messages continue for get Thur from this Person. .

8001521489 Complains by Guest,

George out of match. Crazy Man from fit that did t post picture

8042349010 Complains by Denise Anderson,

I am on your do not phone list. Furthermore this violation they're using Upwards my cell time. I ran into this web Website by Writing within your Amounts just. I did not Understand the area code significance I don't know anyone with this phone number area code and never have replied. Thank you personally for making the Website Accessible and allowing a group reporting.

8003098853 Complains by Hezjusthim aim from ny,

I Only GOT Your SAME Correspondence I Thought I WAS Joined WHEN I Used FOR A Job AS A Prepare Along with A CRUISE Company. BUT NO THIN IS FREE THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE AND ALL You People LOLA. . . . . . . . . . . . . SCAM. . SCAM. . SCAM. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

8002433662 Complains by Paulus,

Who is using that Telephone. what's his her address.

8042349054 Complains by joe,

Debt Collectors

8002883351 Complains by Fletch Rock 1824,

Certain i got them on my case now . . .

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