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2016-05-02 11:38:31
Who is this
2016-04-26 18:43:28
Striving for get people to renew a Guarantee on a vehicle
2016-04-25 11:27:23
Pretended I have a delivery just for start asking questions on private details
2016-04-25 07:57:32
Offer ts for money
2016-04-24 11:53:02
Your own number is blocked by this Customer.
2016-04-24 09:08:59
YES I Gotten A Telephone THEY Put ON LINE FOR A FEW Afterward Hung Up IT Looked For ME Like A CELL
2016-04-22 22:51:01
Actually drained of these calls. . .
2016-04-21 08:16:22
I Merely acquired a text from the re guarding a posting on grisliest. Thanks for your Information i wont be calling them.
2016-04-19 08:07:27
Has called me all day and wont leave a message
2016-04-17 22:05:35
I dint understand who the Man is but they keep delivering me inappropriate text messages.
2016-04-17 22:00:32
2016-04-17 16:00:43
The Amount has been calling my grandma. It s bulls t calls so don t fuss replying. . . It s a Rob call too. Report their butts. FCC people where you can report the number. I just reported another 1 online. If you personally would report it make confident as provide as much Information as you can about your call. . . Kind when where EVERYTHING. . .
2016-04-17 15:06:18
Missed phone. I 'm on the Don't telephone list and this was an unsolicited call.
2016-04-17 09:24:21
I got a Ph phone from your same Man and he had said he was an Specialist. He knew my Delivery date my SAN and of course my name saying that i was being sued and that there were three matters they were Choosing me to court for he even asked for my Lawyer s name and ph and of path don t have one. Now was your second time these Pol called and said that they ll turn it into the FBI or something and that they re going to send someone for my house A tomorrow morning I am frightened and really don t know what to would. They vie said everything that everyone has posted to me as well. ID whether for consider these people
2016-04-17 09:03:45
2016-04-17 08:53:32
Creepy Man. Remain away out of him. Time waster
2016-04-17 06:14:43
Insurance sales
2016-04-17 05:13:42
They phone just often enough for be annoying. I never reply they never leave a message
2016-04-17 04:18:37
the number is for Mice enterprises located within Stockton ca. they sell Kirby merchandises . they're located at W Pershing Opportunity A Stockton CA W
2016-04-17 02:56:26
generated Amount of Douglas

Phone list in area 664

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
6643756118This can be your Embark Fraud Operations Hot lineLivvy62016-04-10 06:56:05
6647887270Never replied. Ongoing for ring time and time again. I believe it's a solicitor. Guest32016-04-17 00:48:28
6641334000I Made A Telephone From your Line AND This Amount Came Up ON The other Persons Caller ID. ANY 1 Understand Why The HAPPENED And why Sprint REPORTED This CANT Happen. . Would You personally Understand HOW Substantially Crisis The One Phone Telephone HAS CAUSE ME AND MY Partner. . Guest1662015-11-04 17:36:57
6642647113Amount was posted in a homosexual sex Advertising Yakima grisliestGuest12015-11-04 17:09:57
6647080903endorses De teaselGuest42015-11-04 21:11:57
6642160614hi i desire for know who call me out of this number phone i mean who send messagemedo42015-12-16 15:25:03
6644120063didn't leave a voice mail appears enjoy a spam callGuest582015-11-04 22:44:37
6646527859missed calldjpondarua62016-04-16 23:48:15
6643756116The phone was disconnectedGuest62016-04-09 12:58:33
6646759911cheapGuest62016-04-14 18:01:09
6644120064Telemarketing on national don t telephone Amount. Guest512015-11-05 02:51:37
6644112070Towing Firm Attempting to Representative your own Automobile Pickup or whatever they have to Congressman. Guest42016-04-16 02:57:58
6643230104Really tired of these calls. . . Guest72016-04-22 22:51:01
6643230113Edit for earlier message number is W W WTroy32016-04-09 14:22:03
6644248377Saying I owe money phone me 4 times a dayGuest42015-12-19 02:14:46
6642748941Pretends to become U. S. Customs amp Line Patrol. Says his name is Scott T. Wilson. Rachel42015-12-18 03:18:14
6646600372They phone Only often enough for become annoying. I never response they never leave a messageGuest42016-04-17 05:13:42
6644120065Rang twice 9 pm and hung up when I replied . Guest452015-11-05 17:42:37
6642665648Is keep callingGuest82015-12-09 20:20:06
6644120041Calls in earlier morningGuest422015-11-06 00:50:57
6644120040They need for Quit calling meGuest792015-11-06 04:29:57
6644919371HTTP flagella online Purchase. internet Purchase Flagella Online Lt a ref quot HTTP prodigy cheapest price buy. org quot gt Depositing Purchase Lt a gt HTTP la six Purchase online. net Guest22015-11-06 05:17:37
6642248675oGuest12015-11-06 09:26:39
6646759897they text my son Telephone who is W saying dickybirdGuest32016-02-16 03:52:07
6646759914rude somewhat threatening creepy message out of an unknown sourceGuest52016-04-11 13:46:17
6646527856TimewasterGuest42016-04-16 18:12:17
6641952267They left a 5 minute voice message of juat breathingGuest32016-04-14 07:58:24
6641952271I dont know who this person is but they keep sending me inappropriate text messages.Guest42016-04-17 22:05:35
6643213865Keep calling cursingGuest42016-04-12 22:56:52
6645048068I think it's a bill collector. Guest12015-11-07 03:44:39
6648466032some sort of computer tech support scam. Virtually sounded like it could become riskyGuest12015-11-07 04:44:57
6644120066Annoyance telephone from an exchange in Montserrat West Indies. Don't call. Guest602015-11-07 05:15:57
6644120028Calls several times a day, whenever I try to tell them to stop, I get no answer, always on hold.Guest42016-04-13 13:27:57
6641678744BlockGuest112015-11-07 07:42:36
6643690275This female calls and hangs Upwards r texts all kind of messages she need to become reportedGuest82015-12-16 01:51:17
6647087371Dobde estaraGuest32015-11-07 16:00:57
6646600371Me toojulie52016-04-06 13:20:49
6644790357sells person jaracen me traten me.Guest42015-12-16 06:27:32
66441200423am call - says Montserrat below numberGuest622015-11-08 01:11:36
6643756119who is thisGuest32016-04-12 11:16:55
6641952266They just keep callingGuest32016-04-10 02:54:13
6641952273Capital One - Auto Financeanon72016-04-06 17:02:28
6646355400Oh yea, the other funny answer I got from "John King" was why I should send money electronically or by giving my credit card number. His answer: we want it quickly. LOL. These alleged charges are more than 2 years old and he can't wait another week to send me formal communication, on letterhead? Unbelievable.Louisk42015-12-18 03:30:39
6644120069A hang up call at 2:35amGuest592015-11-09 03:06:57
6645158250Received a message from a person claiming to be a DEA agent and that I was to call back immediately,john strohm82015-12-16 11:50:37
6646885800A male called my wife and asked for my cell phone number. She asked who was calling and the purpose of the call. The person rudely called my wife a "vulture" and hung up on the call without identifying the company or his name.Guest52015-12-14 22:14:26
6646600367Its Progressive insuranceJulia72016-04-09 04:56:00
6644120061SpamGuest592015-11-09 22:11:57
6644112066bill collectorGuest62016-04-08 07:56:00

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