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2016-05-28 11:05:34
got a text saying JP Morgan NZ alert W Please Call
2016-05-06 00:32:10
2016-05-04 14:52:07
This really is silly. There should become hefty fines for telemarketers idiots who keep calling people for nothing. If at least there was a voice or someone at another that Finish . . . but no the line Simply goes dead. Completely silly.
2016-03-24 10:14:17
I acquired two texts. Appears for become Connected to Web site deviant artwork. Put number within Google and first matter to come Upwards was colostrum. com and a few down was a name and deviant art.
2016-03-23 16:04:28
2016-03-23 11:37:21
Sorry mad replied to the incorrect person.
2016-03-23 08:03:26
bugs me all your time
2016-03-23 03:21:36
I'm done
2016-03-23 02:32:21
Plank calls
2016-03-22 22:23:05
Do not Telephone Back It is A Scummier. .
2016-03-22 19:32:50
S G Wholesale Roofing Supplies Internet. sunroof. com
2016-03-22 18:46:47
Obtained phone from unknown source at the number. Did t response.
2016-03-22 18:32:50
2016-03-22 15:47:02
Wow. They must have a Rapidly track for the court house if they're Choosing you for court today. NOT. Please read Customers across the country report that they re getting Phone calls from Individuals trying to Gather on loans that Buyers never received or on loans they did receive but for amounts they do not owe. Others are receiving calls out of Individuals seeking to recover on loans Buyers gotten but where your creditors never Approved the callers for Accumulate for them. So what s that story. Your National Trade Commission FTC the Land s Client protection Bureau is warning consumers for become on that alert for scam artists posing as debt Lovers. It might be hard for tell that difference between a valid debt collector and a fake one. Occasionally a fake collector could possibly even 've many of your own personal data like a bank account Amount. A caller could possibly be a fake debt collector if he is seeking payment on a debt for a loan you personally don't Understand refuses to provide you a sending address or phone Amount Requires you personally for private financial or sensitive data or exerts high pressure for try and scare you into paying such as threatening for 've you arrested or for report you personally to a law enforcement agency. If you personally believe that a caller might become a fake debt collector Ask your caller for his name Business street address and Phone number. Tell that Owner that you refuse to discuss any debt until you get a written Approval find. The discover must Comprise the Sum of the debt the name of the Lender you owe and your own rights Underneath your National Fair Debt Group Practices Act. If a Owner refuses for present you all of this info don't pay. Paying a fake debt collector won't consistently make them go away. They could possibly make Upward another debt for try and get more cash from you. Cease speaking with that Owner. If you might have that Owner s address send a page demanding that the caller stop contacting you personally and keep a Replicate for your files. By law Actual debt collectors must stop calling you personally if you personally request them for within Composing. Do not give that caller private Monetary or other sensitive information. Never offer out or verify personal Monetary or other sensitive info enjoy your own bank account credit card or Societal Security Amount unless you personally understand whom you personally re dealing along with. Scam artists like fake debt collectors can use your information for commit identity Thieving charging your Present credit cards starting new credit card checking account or savings accounts writing fraudulent checks or taking out loans in your name. Contact your own Collector. If your debt is legitimate but you personally believe that collector might not be contact your Lender Around your calls. Share that info you might have Around the dubious calls and look for out who if anyone that Collector has Certified for collect your debt. Report your phone. Contact the FTC and your state Attorney General s office along with information Around suspect callers. Many states 've their own debt collection Guidelines in Improvement to your federal FD CPA. Your own Attorney General s office can help you discover your rights Underneath your own state s law. HTTP Internet. Client. FTC. gov articles W fake debt collectors
2016-03-22 08:30:55
Called was offering quot reduced quot credit card interest rates due to my excellent credit history
2016-03-22 04:18:17
Calls continually even when multiple requests 've been made to stop.
2016-03-21 23:43:11
2016-03-21 21:42:04
Text said Congratulations You're 1 Fortunate customer getting a credit applicable for your next month bill for more details visit HTTP tr. I am DA
2016-03-21 11:40:58
Says unknown caller lets it ring three times and hangs up has called three times Now. Leaves no message.
2016-03-21 07:47:13
Obtained several calls from the Amount no 1 there when I answered

Phone list in area 670

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
6709898966This forum Desired trembling Upwards and you vie just done that. Excellent post. Guest42015-11-04 19:10:37
6702777258SpammersGuest82015-12-09 15:16:10
6702340102GoodGuest92015-12-19 16:15:21
6702064769Student Loans . . . Computer calls first for get someone on phone. Hangs Upwards and human calls back . . I got 4 calls and they still won't remove my Amount . . Aggravating. . . Guest32015-11-06 12:27:37
6703305151This number calls two or three times a day leaves no messageGuest52016-02-16 05:56:02
6706521459Nine calls today between 12:07pm and 3:55pm. One also said "Marianas call; one also showed "V51614313800001" and another also showed "V51612073900001"Guest32015-11-08 01:09:37
6702357701don't answerGuest62015-12-16 11:45:50
6702064770Pank callsGuest62016-03-23 02:32:21
6703307569NastyGuest72016-03-23 16:04:28
6701340648stalkerGuest72015-12-08 17:47:02
6702873209BLOCKEDGuest12015-11-10 00:09:39
6702064773Called was offering "reduced" credit card interest rates due to my excellent credit historyGuest52016-03-22 08:30:55
6705204117policeGuest12015-11-10 12:26:39
6703307576Received call from unknown source at this number.Didn't answer.lml32016-03-22 18:46:47
6702885246The owner of this number (670-288-5246) Called my cell phone almost everyday for a week. Finally, I answered the phone, and the person who called hung up immediately. It was so annoying!! Disturbing the peace!!Guest12015-11-12 06:12:37
6702064779Says unknown caller, lets it ring three times and hangs up, has called three times today. Leaves no message.Guest62016-03-21 11:40:58
6702765353?Guest12015-11-12 20:34:39
6702064772there*Ashley72016-03-22 18:32:50
6704796309I own this phone number.Guest82015-12-16 13:28:34
6702857836Ne number for these guysAWL52015-12-16 10:58:02
6703307574SpamGuest52016-03-21 23:43:11
6702064776Sorry angry, replied to the wrong person.Danny Cook32016-03-23 11:37:21
6703307572S G Wholesale Roofing Supplies www.sgroof.comGuest52016-03-22 19:32:50
6704838349Received a text saying I was approved for a loan.Guest52015-12-09 08:23:58
6702064780aggravatingGuest42016-05-06 00:32:10
6700124509MytomanGuest32015-11-16 14:58:57
6703308112I received the same text today. <DELETE>texas72015-11-16 20:09:23
6703308198Like Darren above I got a text from this number saying "we really needed to talk.  This is Amanda.  You can contact me at 011.6703308198.Send from Email address   [email protected] /* */This was received 3-10-2012 at 1:23 pmHave no idea who but most likely some scam.ghost of casper162015-11-16 20:16:34
6703306530The caller is dialing randomly, and the number on your caller ID is spoofed (fake).  So, it isn't quite as weird as it appears ;^) .Chux42015-11-16 20:17:03
6703307731Just don't call the number! It didn't get you any result.Aligator472015-11-16 20:19:33
6703306329retarded doug texting againGuest62015-12-14 16:29:41
6703302958Hi Honey how are you please callRavikant Sharma52015-11-16 20:47:37
6703307566I recieved missed call from this number on 11september2011 at 10:15am, if anyone also know this number....fiseqat22015-11-16 20:49:43
6703307573bugs me all the timeGuest62016-03-23 08:03:26
6703302940I also got an sms from this number telling to call me on 006745590101. dont know who is this.deepesh162015-11-16 20:56:29
6703308116YES!I was just reviewing my bill and the number appears on one of our lines.  We're in Seattle and we're with TMobile AND there are charges totaling $126 in calls to this number!!  THIS IS A SCAM!Sheikh292015-11-16 21:07:35
6703305062Kept receiving nusiance calls from these no.s and when I pick up they hang up! 1-670-330-5061, 62, 63, 64, 65 Someone pls help me!Jonathan Hoe42015-11-16 21:34:11
6703308187Hey Amanda this is Cornelius I was just returnable at this message please I'm gone at my desk give me scalp at this numcornelius johnson152015-11-16 21:40:00
6706657777Same....nothing...then hang upneo22015-11-16 21:55:35
6703307558I recieved calls from this number about once a week.sun22015-11-16 22:09:26
6703301355i got the msg also but it seems its real, let give it a tryFriday172015-11-16 22:14:13
6703305172They left me a message as if they had called as an accident. Message was just background noise. Many of these calls are scams were you get charged just for picking up!Maria322015-11-16 22:14:22
6703302905PendejaGuest62015-12-18 02:47:08
6706569977It's a scammer, trying to get your money with some story that you've won a sweepstakes. He just needs some of your money FIRST...(to pay taxes or whatever) then you will get millions. HA! HA! Please don't be gullible enough to fall for it. It is becoming a popular scam to try and get your money up front for some fake winnings you will never see. If you win a REAL sweepstakes, you won't have to pay a dime in advance!wayne52015-11-16 22:44:26
6703302871this number called me too,and same thing happened when I ring back..Purple32015-11-16 22:53:55
6703306511My phone was off thank goodness..:-)binoe13462015-11-16 22:56:42
6703305061just add it to your reject list in ur hand phoneClarisse122015-11-16 23:04:02
6703810347Thos person calls me all the time weather early or late. he keeps waking my baby up. And he says rediculous things to me. I dont live anywhere near this area code and i wosh he would stop because I've  done nothing to provoke him since he has started calling.kylajo12015-11-16 23:10:55
6703309174calls my home phone all the timeguesswho82015-12-16 12:03:12
6703305105Same as above; I've won a prize and a secret admirer dedicated a song to me then says I must call that number.Kris32015-11-16 23:17:44

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