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2016-02-16 09:02:15
Dumb waste of time retard calling escorts not serious business
2016-02-16 07:41:20
Called 2 times thus far today. 1 1 2 hours apart. No message.
2016-02-16 06:11:47
Individual tried to buy item Recorded on c list using a Paypal account. When I told him my bank holds PayPal trades for Confirm matters which takes several days he balked. I vie had a Amount of calls out of other numbers trying the same scams. I don t know what they do if you Take payment state they never obtained your item and strive a charge back. I m unclear. It was a guy but his ID on email and PayPal is Rosa Davis.
2016-02-16 03:57:39
2016-02-16 03:23:59
Caller calls himself Mr. Simmons and says that he has a sweepstakes prize for some 1 at this address and phone Amount. calls repeatedly and won't stop
2016-02-16 03:09:29
Indicated she was a Investigator and investigating a reported episode and Needed to Check my personal info. Would not state anything for me to verify. Suspect it was a scam Perhaps to rob my house while I was away.
2016-02-16 03:02:56
this Amount constantly sends threats.
2016-02-16 02:07:39
2016-02-16 02:03:45
2016-02-16 01:51:24
Me too got a phone out of Patricia 4 W W. Again she was Challenging. Said she got my Continue out of online which there surely is one but when I Inquired what the Business did she said something about signing Upward union members. However on the outside chance that it May}n' become legit I place Upward an interview for Now 4 W W for give me time for research that Clark Group as she put it. That daytime when I got home I got an E-mail out of figure who. . . American Income Life congratulating me on my upcoming Meeting. Ha Ha saved me that trouble. So I ll Only shine small ole Louise on today. On the ripoff report. com pages of Gripes against this company.
2016-02-16 01:49:05
Prostitute in Chi co CA. Hardcore meths and Supplement user. Will get your number and Subsequently try to call and threaten until you pay her away.
2016-02-16 01:45:35
I Additionally got a phone out of the number about the timeshare. They said they were from west gate. I Inquired several times. We talked about Marketing and renting the Residence. I then called we Level for confirm and I was told that they were not calling owners and none of your information I was told was not true.
2016-02-16 01:17:40
Just I get a message of an pressing nature and a phone back Amount and file number. When I telephone back the guy throws a bogus name at me and I state Never heard of them that Result is then It must become this paperwork within front of me that is wrong. . . . blah blah blah Sounds enjoy a fishing trip on Cain Daniel s component BEWARE.
2016-02-16 01:17:39
Caller randomly Nuisance calls and says you personally Strike their Auto.
2016-02-16 01:17:34
She Merely called me on my cell Telephone. She Inquired me how much English I spoke. When I told her she was polite and said thanks and told me that she was going to contact somebody else that needed her services.
2016-02-16 00:58:41
If that is Accurate . . . if you knew who called . . . why did you personally search your net for that phone number. Lurkers Yes that's a real Scuttle phone Amount . . . but do we understand it was not spoofed.
2016-02-16 00:23:40
2016-02-15 22:57:26
2016-02-15 22:32:38
The Phone number W W W is the Phone Amount of an unscrupulous dept Set firm by the name of P. A. Group W Grape Road Suite W 1 Lake Elsinore CA W. They Run under that company name that Pacific Resources Group. They use illegal Techniques for collect previous debts from unwary Casualties. An Lawyer that I retained within southern California has determined that the address above is a quot mail Fall quot at a Advantages Shop that's mail boxes for Book at the same address above. I told this debt collection Company that my telephone telephone back to them was being recorded. The Man on the Telephone at that quot Pacific Assets Group quot begged off my phone and said he would call me back in a few minutes but never did. My Lawyer Additionally said the firm has shifted their Phone number in your past when Researchers were closing in. If you can receive a telephone telephone or calls from W W W I Ardently advise that you Maintain an attorney before sending any money to the debt Set Agency.
2016-02-15 21:07:41
keep calling me and Making ob sense messages

Phone list in area 671

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
6716864678Josh from Customer Mortgage Services. I asked him full name of his Firm and he said that it was Only Customer Mortgage Services. When I asked him that Firm s website he Installed Upward. Never got a opportunity to tell him that I am a Renter and that I am on your Don't Call list. Guest42015-12-18 18:27:52
6712514588Horrible. . . . . . . I desire to kill these Folks with a bazookaGuest82015-11-04 23:29:38
6714778976medGuest12015-11-05 09:50:40
6714569208Someone called me from the Amount but latter I found out I had a missed phone thus I called back and it said line disconnected. I called 4 times and each time it said line disconnected. somebody72015-12-14 12:09:06
6715550151I do not understand anyone in Guam. These telemarketers are STUPIDGuest72015-11-05 13:31:38
6716858703Owner randomly Nuisance calls and says you hit their Auto. Guest62016-02-16 01:17:39
6716464152Guest42015-12-14 22:03:36
6717970688Telephone within and hanging upGuest12015-11-06 00:04:40
6719678281CheckingMom82015-12-16 19:04:58
6717772777SleazeballsGuest62015-12-09 12:25:27
6716858513Don't know callerGuest62015-12-16 07:09:35
6716858919ScammerGuest72016-02-16 02:03:45
6717474938dint answerGuest72015-12-16 13:57:24
6714834988harassing meGuest42015-12-15 11:07:21
6717875800Don't ANSWERGuest22015-11-07 02:37:57
6718484801Craigslist spamGuest42016-02-15 19:03:17
6711131684JshdahwbJahsksksksksldkdkdrkrkrirkjrrjjdjdhdhdhdhdhbfhdnjddjdkkdkdkfkfkcjcjfjfjfjjfjjfjhfufufuruurruturuufrtuururjfjfifufujdflzkxhcgggssokskdkdjxjzgxxfffcfvczxjs?!,?,?,!! BzAaaaaaqaemqwwwwapsldjxixuuidirjxhfjcjcjjckckcjjcjcjcjcjjcvnncbnGuest12015-11-07 19:25:37
6716493300Pretends to be Ariana GrandeGuest52015-12-15 11:10:36
6716461886?shibatal62015-12-16 15:10:00
6714883488stalkerGuest12015-11-08 23:44:40
6714870633stopGuest52015-12-08 13:30:44
6717873989This isn't "bible story" this is a Humor Hotlines Number.Guest72015-12-16 13:39:18
6714873937Chinese speakerGuest72015-12-16 19:08:34
6714880000Thanks, Jen! The same thing happened to me this morning. Thanks for posting your story. I'm going to block the number as well. And, yes this had scam written all over it!Jeff42015-12-14 09:13:01
6719295801Unwanted call to unlisted number.  When call is answered there is silenceSheila82015-12-16 03:54:10
6717885246Heavy CL poster from K3.Guest52015-12-14 09:11:21
6719896689Don't knowGuest12015-11-11 15:28:40
6716891664Huron Valley DMC Collections Dept.Al62015-12-14 09:30:39
6719983883Won Walmart gift cardGuest62015-12-14 16:34:32
6716461601I don't know anyone Guam.Guest12015-11-12 05:22:40
6714883516scammerGuest12015-11-12 12:47:40
6714568699psychoGuest72016-02-16 02:07:39
6716892834don't answerGuest62015-12-21 21:41:57
6719878912block this numberGuest62015-12-14 23:20:35
6718681579keep calling me and leaving obsense messagesGuest62016-02-15 21:07:41
6717776139cnukGT <a href="">tkrdblfogbkh</a>Guest42015-11-13 20:57:38
6715550154He said he was from windows. I cut him off and said "You know this is. Scam so why do you even bother?" He said it wasn't a scam nd hung up on me.Guest22015-11-14 07:09:38
6714873513Where are they?Guest12015-11-14 13:46:40
6717929822Borrow up to 5000 Today for Any Use All Credit OK Flexible Payments Reply STOP to UnsubGuest12015-11-14 16:12:57
6717871829List in 411Guest42015-12-09 20:25:22
6714771096I dnt know who's calling but they won't stop:(Guest12015-11-15 12:55:40
6716890229this number has been disconnectedGuest12015-11-15 13:12:40
6718480202Got a call with no message...called back & is recorded voice for survey/winner BSRhonda92015-12-19 14:17:01
6716890933Illegitament doings going on that line.Guest72015-12-14 17:09:34
6714872269UnknownRenee52016-02-16 00:23:40
6716536431bothering meGuest12015-11-16 10:51:40
6716460185SCAM!!!!A42015-12-16 12:17:26
6716882090hoe dieGuest62015-12-14 18:55:58
6717787817Wal mart gift card crapGuest42015-12-14 15:14:32
6714732300block all numbers associated with this numberGuest62015-12-15 04:01:58

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