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2017-08-07 20:35:44
Keep getting calls. This is someone in Texas. Not me.
2017-08-04 21:04:04
Callwd looking for me, used my real full name, i acted db and pretended to not now who that was. Asked to take a message and they said they would call back later.
2017-07-25 01:25:31
Unsubscribe politely 3 times and each time he had a smart-ass remark the first one was well I just have a couple of questions for you and then the second one after I asked him to take my name off the list was well it's in your best interest and then I cut him off and said please just take my name off of the list and third time he goes what you just don't want health insurance I said listen you fat fuk I said go fuck yourself and then he started laughing which proves to me that this is not a company that's interest in their customers whatsoever this is a scam and luckily for me I work in it and I will be finding out exactly who runs this company and Reporting them directly and be putting these assholes out of business once and for all because not one person has had a good experience and even myself has not as well so there has to be a reason for this there has to be a reason for the pattern and I can guarantee that none of it's good
2017-05-30 17:39:59
keep getting calls from this number.. how can i make them quit. it is only 10.30 am and they have called 4 times.
2017-03-14 14:12:12
A lady call asked for me but she hung up when i wouldnt agree to take her off of speaker phone.
2017-02-23 22:23:38
Called today @1436... let ring 4x answered call lots of "Background noise" typically like youo wold hear in a large call center also known as a "boiler room"... waited 30 seconds no one on other end of line. Suspect it is another TELE-SPAMMER / ROBO CALL from A SECURITY or Q SECURITY. Phone Comany / Provider Name: Time Warner Communications Axs Of Austin, Tx Type : Landline City: Kennedale, TX See >>>
2017-02-22 20:32:14
This man tries to trick escorts into doing favors and does not plan on paying. Stupid Cream Pie story.
2017-02-14 16:23:06
Harassment call from 682 978 5421.
2016-11-22 17:48:28
When I answered, they didn't say anything. I said hello 3x and still no reply. They are located somewhere near Edna st in Ft Worth TX
2016-09-08 22:42:21
Collection agency.
2016-07-06 05:43:06
This scummier Directed} me a text asking me if I was still looking for work. Why are these scampers thus attached to Grisliest. Individuals should t 've for Experience with the Merely because they list an Advertisement on that site.
2016-06-16 21:39:59
W W am
2016-06-16 20:22:49
Same thing happening here I keep becoming calls not just out of this Amount but from eight Distinct Straight phone numbers as well and each hour by your clock. your Amounts that I have receive a phone from are W W W and it goes all that manner for W W W. How can I block these Amounts .
2016-06-16 14:25:27
won t Discontinue calling
2016-06-16 11:39:09
I second the message from Leo Russ. As a little company these calls Price ME TIME AND Cash. Report morons to FCC HTTP support. FCC. gov Grievances. HTML
2016-06-16 08:48:34
books fake Program ts said his name was lance construction
2016-06-16 04:51:16
rooms for go Pal used me as a reference searching for her for pay bill
2016-06-15 11:23:47
I obtained the same telephone. They said they would settle for W or I go for jail. I Offered them my Attorney s number. Then they put me on hold. Arrived back and said I Offered them a wrong number and I will go for jail
2016-06-05 12:06:45
Treated to take me for court for a debt that s W years old
2016-06-05 09:44:12
u 've been erased

Phone list in area 682

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
6828085325Lots of calls out of the just one and I guess Linked W W W. Never a message. paul72016-05-02 09:33:56
6822276118They said they were out of cps . . . had erroneous last name and proceeded for tell me my number was a winning Amount and I won lots of prizes. Scam. Guest12015-11-04 15:19:06
6828331458Called and Put up when called back number said it was unavailable that is when I became funny. Guest382015-11-04 15:42:54
6829365259fax P} me Road. . . JED52015-12-16 11:49:32
6822276017Dint knowGuest62015-12-18 15:41:39
6829908331rejectedGuest42015-11-04 17:25:07
6826284499Grisliest scamGuest72015-11-04 17:33:07
6822035744Alert Around Credit Score and link to the web Website. Guest82015-12-22 19:37:23
6824728665They say they're along with Bar. Clear. House and I won. Tom82015-12-16 15:01:21
6822214905Asking for moneyGuest22015-11-04 18:05:06
6823006453UnknownGuest32015-11-04 19:14:07
6826285978I Simply Directed} in a Remark on Crags list scampers here is another 1. Guest12015-11-04 19:25:07
6827774164Merely got a prerecorded MSG that they were the Government and last attempt other shrewd we were going for become prosecuted and to telephone another number. Just feel sorry for the people not street smart that this is a scam. Guest212015-11-04 19:30:53
6826515862AnnoyingGuest82015-12-19 00:20:06
6822374489Unsolicited telemarketingGuest12015-11-04 19:39:56
6825871651aceGuest62015-11-04 16:46:07
6822138837Identity robber trying Ty o get my banking Information address dob etc. Guest22015-11-04 18:22:53
6824639084No message. Record please hold Guest42015-12-14 21:14:19
6828413517Gotten that same email. Could not comprehend once I Began asking question he got mad. Guest722015-11-04 18:54:57
6823177183Winning something spamGuest62015-12-14 15:46:21
6825515136You might have been blocked. This message is not receivableGuest32015-11-04 19:51:07
6822182703This can be a telemarketer. I sure wish I could block these calls. Guest232015-11-04 20:44:06
6826675586Caller keeps believing I 'm quot Carrie quot keeps Assessment and calling even after I tell him Clearly to Cease. Guest12015-11-04 20:46:07
6824381043keep calling n testingGuest22015-11-04 20:47:07
6827109318Finance alert get cash appropriate away go to Internet. . comGuest42015-12-14 23:54:00
6822092769this really is a Policeman . . Guest32015-11-04 15:41:06
6828085305SpamGuest722015-11-04 15:47:53
6822034468blocked software. Guest82015-12-19 08:33:18
6822276171They phone 3 times a daytime and when I response there surely is no just one thereGuest132015-11-04 17:32:53
6825836597probably another Business in Fla that desires to take your to purportedly sell your own timeshareI25guy42015-12-15 02:31:20
6829905503Will not leave me aloneGuest12015-11-04 18:31:56
6822002421bl ck Strategy took money back Do NT SEE HIMGuest72015-12-18 12:08:52
6822398630the Amount calls with a record. Guest62015-12-16 13:27:31
6822006531This Man called my Set of work saying his name was Micheal Sinclair and was from the law office of Andrea Garcia. I called the Amount back and it was a scam. Guest292015-11-04 19:40:53
6824789808GayGuest22015-11-04 20:31:07
6826228974Leave a comment Around your Owner hereGuest42015-12-18 14:48:43
6824339934Party LINEPARTYLINE72015-12-20 06:29:57
6823014911This number is in no way Related for Eric John Jenkins and shouldn't become called ever within an Test to Identify him. Guest62015-11-04 16:18:53
6823252083car ah oleGuest52015-12-16 12:28:01
6823658520it would appear the Amount has been Striving for recruit Folks for over a year now I just acquired a telephone about a job offer by Amanda steelGuest82015-11-04 17:24:53
6823251669jerk fave who bails all your timeGuest62015-12-14 15:47:21
6827308177diversified Professionals. . . Guest42015-11-04 17:52:07
6825524556Telephone 2 3 time a day. . . . Guest22015-11-04 17:56:07
6826228593. Guest112015-11-04 17:57:07
6826285763This number belongs to a Grisliest scummier named quot Grant quot don't answer. Guest142015-11-04 18:28:53
6827101244grisliest fraud. . . . . Guest242015-11-04 19:00:53
6822122112Called a company. Did t response. They did t leave a message. Great for know that Amount is a spoof. Guest102015-11-04 19:17:06
6829991060RapistGuest52015-12-19 12:20:31
6822003020Have received several calls out of the Amount and each time no body there. Ron42016-04-30 16:31:48
6826514009Vehicle insuranceGuest262015-11-04 21:02:07

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