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2016-02-16 09:10:36
Calls my cell Telephone at least three times a day and leaves no ID Or information. Checked online and found the caller is a Set Bureau. I owe no debt. Simply obtained a telephone from W W W same organization.
2016-02-16 08:59:17
block texts
2016-02-16 08:23:17
Says you got a free prize
2016-02-16 06:17:35
called me Now for twice
2016-02-16 05:51:04
Answered out of interest of who it could be. They had formerly called me 3 other times. It was a gal who did not identify herself or WHERE she was from. Southern sh accent. Said she was from an Schooling Improvement Business. She sounded recorded and stalled. And when I would ask her to identify herself or what she was calling about she would state sorry I did t get that When I told her that I never requested for further my Instruction I have already Finished medical school and gotten a Occupation all she said was yes after an expanded pause. Every answer came after an extended pause. She kept asking private info like Start date email evidence of being born in the Us. I felt as it was a fraud scam. Established away what she was asking and how she spoke.
2016-02-16 05:03:00
want for understand who it is
2016-02-16 01:58:02
They called me three times within 1 day both on my house phone and Subsequently my cell phone telling me that I said I had diabetes I told them never for call me again. . . . we ll see what happens.
2016-02-16 01:38:36
These Individuals called asking for different Individuals within the Firm. When I would send them for their extensions they would call right back stating they got that employee s voice mail and Inquired for their contact info. It s the Business policy not for supply Outside info without consent. Thus then they try and claim they're from our IT Business and supply me a name which I could t recognize due to that Owner s powerful Indian Highlight but I know it s not your IT Firm. Your company calls USN t in Vegas. Dang scampers. . .
2016-02-16 01:38:33
fake pimp
2016-02-16 01:32:28
also left no message
2016-02-16 00:41:26
Business trying to advertise schooling
2016-02-16 00:00:25
These Folks are indeed scam artists. . When I called them back using a Distinct Telephone after doing somewhat research I toyed around along with Mr. Black awhile Afterward Disclosed to him that I knew they were a scam. He proceeded to yell at me and tell me to never phone him again then Installed Upward on me they have called me looking for a Pal of mine 3 times within your previous year . I called your Amount back W W W and they had already disconnected the number. . . So Mr. King how Considerably are they paying you personally. You Folks are the scum of that earth who are too unintelligent and lazy to have a legal non threatening Occupation who wont hurt man sort. I hope You're fire proof because I Notice it gets Very Popular within Hell.
2016-02-15 23:44:08
vulgar Awful language
2016-02-15 23:44:07
The John Smith who is obviously NOT a John Smith in the Us calls out of a Cali number and leaves the Georgia number for phone back.
2016-02-15 22:34:39
They just keep telephone within and say in
2016-02-15 20:07:22
Do not call
2016-02-15 19:11:20
This Amount Only called me at 6 W within the morning. my spirit stops when my Telephone rings that earlier. i think among my kids is Damage. that is not during Ordinary business hours amid it appears enjoy a company number thus of path i answered it. I am extremely mad. .
2016-02-15 19:08:28
Scott fib Line. Walmart gift card. Strange hours.
2016-02-15 18:45:01
They suck
2016-02-06 06:20:55

Phone list in area 700

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
7007077007I m not answering a call from Canada. Guest52015-11-05 02:59:07
7001047193Spam. Tex ting asking if I Needed to get some cash quickGuest52015-12-21 00:08:40
7002036006unavailable anytime i see a Odd Telephone Amount out of area unknown or unavailable I Merely let it go for VIM eff the Ash Caller UNAVAILABLEGuest22015-11-05 20:40:07
7000000000Number Just keep calling no message leftGuest792015-11-05 21:15:54
7007999181copsGuest32016-02-06 06:20:55
7001293667None senseGuest72015-12-16 11:29:12
7001079286block this number and textGuest12015-11-07 23:48:57
7001057046Time waster bsGuest22015-11-08 04:34:57
7000376089Caller. Is a stalker his name is Christopher Wade session. We broke up 2 years ago because he was n still is a thief but the pervert has yet to leave me alone ol boy needs to leave well enough alone cuz its way too lateGuest12015-11-08 10:36:07
7002527433Ken's Ex-wife who is bothering me.Guest72015-12-16 11:03:43
7001097259zaqvsbwbdbebwnfv dbvqcdbeGuest42015-12-15 04:50:08
7001002165Have called my land line 3 days in a row at 5:00 PM. No message left. I blocked the number from my phone now. So annoying!Guest112015-11-08 20:44:07
7001051912Text from unknown party! No text back when I asked who they were!Guest82015-12-13 14:45:09
7009340594keeps calling here & hanging up I have no idea who this is must be someone playing on the phoneGuest12015-11-09 09:28:07
7001179638Don't no it.Guest12015-11-10 09:00:57
7001996050also left no messagel32016-02-16 01:32:28
70022200001-700-222-0000 is not a valid number. If you are sure that you got a phone call from a number beginning with this prefix, the caller may have 'spoofed' caller ID.Guest72015-11-11 09:00:07
7001017702block textsGuest32016-02-16 08:59:17
7001067856Called at 1:00 am.... said nothingGuest22015-11-12 11:29:07
7001000118Do not callHema David32016-02-15 20:07:22
7001094314twot dnaGuest82015-12-20 07:08:42
7001089809Says you got a free prizeGuest32016-02-16 08:23:17
7001090037Scammer-hangs up the instant you answer!Guest92015-12-16 16:56:26
7001000132vulgar Nasty languageGuest42016-02-15 23:44:08
7001209047want to know who it ischarles know52016-02-16 05:03:00
7001057541creepyGuest12015-11-15 11:29:57
7007996261This call came on my cell phoneGuest22015-11-15 13:40:57
7001036598scamGuest12015-11-15 13:41:57
7002221751They suckGuest72016-02-15 18:45:01
7001017707Mike fibrow. Walmart gift card. Odd hours.Guest32016-02-15 19:08:28
7001234179PoliceGuest22015-11-16 21:45:57
7001114338Playin on my phoneGuest12015-11-16 22:35:57
7004278388fake pimpGuest72016-02-16 01:38:33
7000000660Received a call from this number on my cell phone, but didn't answer it. No message left. I read on another site someone reporting hearing a ''filipino'' voice trying to leave a message - so maybe Scot Parker's suggestion above is on the mark.Roman32015-11-17 18:10:51
7001024713Educational post:You may have been exposed to scam # 3, as described here: to return here, to, after you look at any of the information at that site, either to post more information, or to let us know you avoided the scam, or to read any further information about that number that others may post.myciney62015-11-17 18:17:17
7001028931Credit card servicesGuest52015-12-08 23:59:21
7001018458Called twice at 4:15 am!!!! Did not pick up. What a pain.BWH42015-11-17 18:31:46
7000835664This person haust meGuest62015-12-13 12:51:12
7001057791Using this number to scam on dating sites had 4 different names and same number needs to be eliminatedGuest52015-12-16 10:02:48
7001234116Sounded weird. Looked like the call was from someone in IndiaLid12015-11-17 18:55:31
7000000650I got it today March 8-07. I did not answered. No message. My phone is from SFR232015-11-17 18:55:39
7001137663Oh! Oh! Mr Kotter! Pick me! I know the answer! - - - It's someone who likes to call people at 2:30 am on a Sunday- - - See how smart I am? That's Why I'm Arnold Horshack the last.Signed - - Epstein's mother122015-11-17 19:02:04
7001026019some foreignertodd32015-11-17 19:02:59
7001159650Called twice last night at 4 AM - we did not answer and they left no message.  Who calls at 4 AM?  Right - someone from overseas.  Blaze52015-11-17 19:05:59
7001996025Got call from 700-222-0808. What is this? When I answered it was that weird sounding eeh-o eeh-o sound. Have son serving in combat zone, get rare satellite calls usually with five digit number. Was hoping this was him, but am baffled. Anyone know anything abut this?breakingbigger82015-11-17 19:08:42
7001110001said it was a single conference call then silence, then I hung upfrank132015-11-17 19:15:53
7001996032Calss but does not leave a number, reported to FTCPK72015-11-17 19:19:33
7001996045called me this morning but didnt answer was sleeping left no message, when i tried to call it back the phone said cannot be completed the number you are trying to call is not aloud by this line.tempest8688222015-11-17 19:22:48
7000093168Unknown. Please block.Susan62015-12-16 16:34:26
7001279204Erc recovery. Kept calling and harassing.Guest62015-12-16 09:40:41

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