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Telephone information: Mci Worldcom Communications. Herndon, VA. Fairfax. United states
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Post by Guest,

7034632044 How did the Man get my Telephone number please do not telephone again

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 They 've called several time. We are on your don't call list. If they phone again I ll report them to your BBB I am certain that they can do something about it.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 They phone themselves Vehicle Telephone Centre and they 've Information on a vehicle you personally either own or did own and are Striving for steel you some Guarantee service. I 've Inquired three times that they remove me out of their telephone list. Of path they will not. They simply give first names. You can t phone them. This can be a blood Drawing scam and one can just wish that owner of the matter 've that great fortune for spend Considerably time in jail.

Post by Anon2,

703-463-2044 I 've gotten countless calls and have a Auto that will become 5 years previous within August. This appears for become that scam. HTTP Www. ripoff report. com r Auto Processing Centre Santa Ana California Automobile Processing Centre Vehicle Processing Centre Auto Protection Alliance Enterprise F W

Post by Guest,

7034632044 Number has been calling for weeks. . they never leave a message . . they telephone several times a daytime. i don't 've dealings along with the number so at the point it is harassment. . .

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 They need for Quit calling my Amount. My Telephone Amount is on your quot do not call quot list.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 Stop calling. . I vie told you numerous times my number is on the Do not Telephone LIST. Why don t you personally leave your own Home Phone Amount so I can harass sorry call you personally back when it s most Inconvenient for you. .

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 I don't understand how this Individual got my phone number please Quit calling

Post by Guest,

7034632044 Hung Upward when answered. They demand to be reported to the FTC s Do not Call Registry by everyone who is called by these folks.

Post by Jimmy Bayo,

703-463-2044 Idiots out of the number keep calling. Luckily I did t reply each time they called. When called back your nuisance express record says office is currently shut. I called during each hour to see if the office ever opens but within vain. That is definitely a spam telephone. Be Cautious. I am on National Don't Telephone list and constantly pursuit such morons so that I can sue them. That is either a bot or a marketing telephone which should become Close down for great and opened MUST be jailed.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 They state they're closed when I phone them back. Thus annoying.

Post by wendy,

703-463-2044 they called viewing your warranty on my W Honda escape i don t 've one but my Father does and i used my ex pass within his Getaway. offers.

Post by Mitch,

7034632044 I concur along with Jimmy. Prison them.

Post by Anonymous,

703-463-2044 Been receiving calls from this Amount for weeks month Generally don t response CZ know it's telemarketer. He was from a few telephone Centre trying for get me to purchase an expanded warranty on my Honda vehicle. He was rude when I attempted to reply him and I politely told him to take me off his list. Will see he honors my request.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 Most of that time I don t reply. So one morning I Decided up and got no Result. Just Quit.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 I called VIZ and they Offered me the Annoyance Phone Agency phone number might not help but could t Damage W W W. I m giving it a try.

Post by Heidi,

7034632044 Just got a telephone from the Amount and they left a message using the F bomb twice terrible.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 Some telemarketer I Imagine who calls Day-to-day and never leaves a message. It is not the Amount of someone I know. So exhausted of these steady calls. It is a part time Occupation to keep track of them and report them all.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 Calls each hour and leave a express mail with people talking within the background.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 T

Post by Bertie,

7034632044 Your above Amount called and I could not recognize what she was saying English was her second language. I spoke a Distinct language for her and she hung up. These number Frequently Search on my Phone. They never get your Trace not to telephone back.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 The number calls me multiple times each day. I reply and there's just silence and Subsequently it hangs Upwards. I telephone back and I get an automated message saying they re shut for the daytime.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 quot Vehicle processing Facility quot most likely an expanded Guarantee scam place

Post by LaKisha,

703-463-2044 I m now Additionally becoming annoying Telephone calls from this phone number. . After reading that post regarding the DJ FCC etc. not being interested within the Condition I felt discouraged. . . guess I Only 've to either continue not replying when they call or get a new phone number. I too am on your national do not telephone list. Will there be no justice. USN t the harassment. I think we have no recourse. That first telephone was on Lay} Apr W at 1 W PM. I missed your phone so I called the Amount back and got a message Thank You for calling. Our office is currently shut. Please telephone back during Regular business hours. . . 7 am 4 pm Pacific time. Thank you personally. Your second phone was today Tues April W at W W Am. I missed that call again thus I called back again and got the same message which is surely foolish because right now it s W W PM ET thus that means it s 9 W Am pacific time. . . which is during Regular company hours. . . and Though of path nobody answered my phone. The prompted me to appearance up the Telephone Amount online and voila. Came across these Lists. I want someone could shut these people down.

Post by Tracker,

7034632044 Another Regular Consistent fraud Owner. The one calls me Typical of once every 1 or 2 times despite your fact I have their calls blocked. Callers like this may simply Cease when our Authorities Companies determine to actively intervene. Sadly they your NRA DJ and FCC are more interested in spying on Average law abiding Residents.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 Girl along with difficulty speaking clear English answered along with tons of background Sound of others speaking out of their boiler room shop. Everyone needs for continue reporting the to that FTC Do not Phone Registry. Publishing here isn't satisfactory.

Post by Anon2,

7034632044 I have gotten countless calls and 've a Auto that will become 5 years old within August. This appears to be the scam. HTTP Web. ripoff report. com r Auto Processing Centre Santa Ana California Vehicle Processing Facility Vehicle Processing Center Vehicle Protection Alliance Business F W

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 Would not identify self when calling Around among my Automobiles. Installed Upwards when I Added Upward Don't Phone list.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 Girl along with thick Asian Feature asking for Chat to my Man. When I Inquired what's was Around I think she said something about being from some Firm representing Cadillac. I did t comprehend your rest but when I put my Man on the Telephone she hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 I m getting that same as that others that number calls my house a minimal of once per daytime. When I telephone back for attempt to get them for stop calling me there s Simply a message saying they re closed saying their hours something enjoy 7 a. m. to 4 p. m. Pacific when I m calling well within that time window. I cannot get away the list either and I m Additionally on that Do No Telephone List.

Post by Jim Womack,

7034632044 Returned call during normal company hours with response as above calls.

Post by M. Simmons,

703-463-2044 They have been calling us for two days so far. Same result as others mentioned when calling back office is shut. Annoying.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 Cold phone Seeking to extend my Auto Guarantee. I told them that I had already reported them to that Authorities since I was on your no phone list and that they were not for telephone me again.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 Although this really is an East shore number within Virginia if you call it the record states that it is a Pacific Coast operation. This is a telemarketing front.

Post by Candie,

7034632044 got a phone out of this number. Owner had a Mexican accent and sounded like he was in a Tijuana Pub. he used some unbelievable name Asserted for be calling from the v. vehicle processing Centre seeing my car s Guarantee. when i asked questions he badgered me for your Distance. when i Suggested he had no biz re my Automobile he got furious amp bung Upward on me. what Information are these Individuals trying for get. .

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 Business has left messages on the Dwelling Telephone and 've called multiple times. I concur along with D that this is a form of harassment. I am going to report them for your BBB and any other Bureau that could change their company.

Post by Claire,

7034632044 I picked up BC it wan t an W Amount and they Desired to understand Around your Distance on a car I Getaway t owned since W. When I told them I no longer own it they Desired for understand what I own now. I told Katherine brown I no longer own a car.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 This can be that second time they vie called. I 've a W Place code number but I don t even live in your state thus there is no motive for Vehicle Subscription for call me. My think they vie got a scam of a few type they're running.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 Caller asked about that warranty on a Auto that was totalled Virtually 1 year ago. They 've Outside dated info related for cars financed through Capital 1 Vehicle Capital.

Post by Guest,

703-463-2044 I vie acquired several calls out of the number and 've never obtained a voice mail. This is some kind of telemarketer. I m blocking the number.

Post by Guest,

7034632044 nuisance caller

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9098429150 Complains by Guest,

Automated message

3167886599 Complains by Guest,

I W ed the number and it s from service.

3173533392 Complains by Guest,

One ring and Subsequently Put up. That Amount should not 've had my number.

8053344191 Complains by carrie,

wow me too. i called it back out of my house Telephone doing W first an DOT went for a fax but when i answered they said my name and i Installed up they have called me each 5 W Minimum since 9 W the morning did you find out who it was

8033391304 Complains by Guest,

A Bug .

8328384945 Complains by Guest,

Livelihood school don't answer

4254581469 Complains by Guest,

university of Phoenix

8022331026 Complains by Brian,

It's a telephone back from a Service Magic rep or their agent arranging for someone to do work which you could have Required through their web Website. They Manage all Kinds of contracting work along with estimates Guidelines or Real companies.

8002083830 Complains by Jeremy,

This can be that Amount for Poincare Contacts. They having been harassing my Mom for months even though I 've been making Funds. That creditor is Palisades LC collecting a cell phone Statement.

8002451494 Complains by Rusty,

I m along with Monique I got that sick feeling also. Marc told me he could not send me any data without my credit card number first. He kept talking Around that BBB but I could not locate them Recorded along with the BBB everywhere. I was looking for help along with my divorce. Monique were you Capable to look for out anything more. Cheers Rusty

8002297590 Complains by T,

Someone called me out of another number which was blocked out but the Amount revealed up on my bank statement along with another Amount. They vie Chosen money from my account for a magazine Membership and something else and I dint like it. Will there be anyway I could get to the bottom of this.

8002280859 Complains by Guest,

They Installed up as shortly as we answered. Called back phone dozen t t receive incoming call

8002452139 Complains by harpo,

YPR calls at least 3 times a day. There is no one on the line when I say hello. I now leave it go to message but there is none. I am listed on the do not call list for 3 years now. Who are these people & why are they allowed to call? Send me their home numbers & I will call them at all hours of the day like they do. lol. This should automatically be stopped by the DO NOT CALL LIST

8002743009 Complains by Guest,


8002786560 Complains by Jeffrey Springborg in Minnesota,

I hate to 've for tell you personally this but I almost got scammed from the Business which of path is bogus. Within my old age I was shrewd enough to Assess these Individuals out and found out your worst. Granting for Scam Novel they're totally a scam operation. What amazes me is the Actual Money One Hans t done anything Around it. They must know what s going on. . Anyway I m sorry I had for tell you personally the. Where can Folks like you and I go out of here. Are there any Fair loan Businesses out there.

8002383353 Complains by Fig,

Just hang up or tell them to Place it in writing.

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