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Telephone information: Tw Telecom Of Dc LLC - DC. Arlington, VA. Arlington. United states
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Post by Steve,

7036500870 I vie gotten multiple calls out of the number. They Merely won t Leave. Today it was a Girl thus I Began talking Grimy for her. She got Actually flustered. It was great. Next time they telephone I m going to answer as a suicide prevention counselor and regardless of what they say I m going for keep Striving for Speak them from killing themselves.

Post by Guest,

703-650-0870 direct buy calling

Post by Bobby,

7036500870 I just got a phone from Direct Buy saying I won some money and a free round Vacation flight. Afterward your Girl proceeded for ask me how previous I am because my voice sound young. Hell if I Joined any contest I would of Supplied you personally my age already.

Post by anonymous,

703-650-0870 They vie started Coming me Upward Today and when I questioned and blew up their original number after being hung up on BTW your scam is just as stated above 3 days 2 nights a Cadillac oscillate and many food coupon they started calling out of a W number

Post by 7032235468,

7036500870 I Additionally gotten three phone calls from them. A Woman was talking on that phone she said my phone Amount is Chosen by Cadillac for W within W we will send that chick Subsequently just send people a W back. When I Inquired here where did you get my Amount from she Quit talking. . . . .

Post by Kay,

703-650-0870 They vie called me six times in the previous two days I m Around for hunt them down.


7036500870 I Received A Phone Phone AT 9 W P. M. THEY Also CALLED MY Man Now. PLEASE Investigate. . . .

Post by RPC,

703-650-0870 A lady said I was a semi finalist for a few contest I never Joined Drop for a trip Someplace and a W dollar food gift card. Told me to come to an Direct Purchase open house of all Locations. I told her I did t have time with this and Put Upward.

Post by Lynne,

7036500870 They said I was a semi finalist for some Match I never entered Swim Offered by Cadillac for a trip somewhere and a W Money food gift card. Told me for come for an Direct Purchase open house in Wood Connection of Areas. I told them I did t 've time for this and Installed up.

Post by Yanissa,

703-650-0870 I obtained a called from W W W Recently day and today at 9 W 'm. They Set in hold and I immediately check in Google about the Amount. I will telephone my Firm for block them out of my Telephone.

Post by Alan,

7036500870 I click for answer the phone and quickly click disconnect . . .

Post by Jay,

703-650-0870 Phone on my cell from Direct Buy letting me understand she wan t going for try and sell me anything but they were calling me specifically lucky me . Did t let her tell me why she was calling me especially before Only hanging Upwards.

Post by jeff,

7036500870 These idiots 've called me 3 times within that last 5 hours.

Post by lamia,

703-650-0870 I vie obtained a Telephone telephone from W and W both using magic jack phone Amounts. I was told that I will receive a Vital once I go to their Merchandise show within wood Connection Virginia. Your Vital is for a W Cadillac escalate and if your Vital dozen t Match your Automobile I may still get a prize regardless of winning or not three times getaway for 2 any where in that Us and a W dollars for food You've for be making above K yearly 've a Associate and around Times old. This really is all bull . Your Asian woman called Mara Put Upwards on me once I Began asking valid questions and Subsequently I acquired a phone from an unknown number IT was same Business along with another scummier called Matt telling me I received a federal allow of W dollars for spend loll and he asked for my bank account number so they could deposit that money. It s terrifying that we have thus many scampers Outside there taking advantage of stupid Pol who don t know any better or fall for that fake Awards. Anyways just block them out of your Telephone even though they ll find another magic jack number for phone you personally out of half manner Approximately that universe.

Post by Mark,

7036500870 I acquired a phone from Direct Buy saying that I won a Competition. Your first time they called I just Installed up but they 've called three more times. The last time I replied I requested that they Link me with a Manager at that time they feigned an awful connection and we got cut away.

Post by Guest,

703-650-0870 Call and hang Upward . . . twice

Post by Bob,

7036500870 Could t someone Take that plug on this outfit. Should they have that appropriate for create calls of the nature.

Post by fred,

703-650-0870 keep getting calls from this number. Extremely annoying. . .

Post by Guest,

7036500870 Won a free Vacation . Ya. Afterward get that Narrative about having for attend a 3 hour presentation. Yes right.

Post by sk,

703-650-0870 Can we get rid of these People. if yes how. any Tips are welcome.

Post by Guest,

7036500870 Match spam

Post by Bruce,

703-650-0870 They called my cell. I just kept telling them I could not understand them until they Put up. When they dais Direct Purchase I told them I was not interested in a drug Purchase.

Post by Steve,

7036500870 The number called me tonight 9 W PM. I did t reply but for a second I was going to because I know it's prohibited for telemarketers to phone after 9 W PM. I think this telemarketer is skirting your law.

Post by Frisco,

703-650-0870 I got a call on my cell phone out of the Amount today when I was at work and because it is a W Region code I idea it May}n' become someone I knew or something Significant . That Female said she was from Direct Buy thus I Put Upward the phone. Since my cell Telephone is prepaid all these Trash calls cost me.

Post by Brian,

7036500870 I vie asked for be placed on the Business s DC list numerous times they Talk Simple English and don t look for grasp my request. . . Direct Buy is that Firm though it shows up as UNKNOWN NAME on Caller ID which shows how shady and dubious this Business is. I vie reported them to your FCC. I vie also told them that I will continue for report them each time they telephone. I Think they are calling from an international location and spoofing the W Amount and So have no motive to Stress about your FCC s jurisdiction.

Post by Stace,

703-650-0870 Yes this number has called me several times. I vie never answered but the Man dozen t leave a message. It s a local number. . . good for know it s a scam. I won t be replying. Thanks everyone.

Post by Jennifer,

7036500870 They phone my cell phone. I Inquired them how I could get my Amount removed from the database. . she would t reply. . she Merely kept on with her spill about how I won a Group of BS. each time I tried to Discuss she would Discuss around me thus I Simply Began pressing buttons and pressing buttons and pressing buttons till she finally got exhausted of it and Installed Upwards. D

Post by Kaur,

703-650-0870 I receive calls almost every daytime. I vie stopped replying after I told them for never call me again. Sometimes multiple times a daytime. . . Thus sick and tired of it. It s annoying and distracting .

Post by vwguy,

7036500870 got a phone Around 6 W and i thought it was my house Telephone was driving and didn't pay Focus and a woman Inquired how i was doing and that she is from direct buy and i could not hear so i Inquired again and i notion Th as i Viewed at the number so i Installed up instantly

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4057789710 Complains by Guest,

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

6182150227 Complains by Guest,


3056153820 Complains by Guest,

First time the Amount Arrived up. Next they telephone I ll strive and find out who they're.

7869765587 Complains by Seth,

Multiple calls without message. When answered 30 seconds of silence...at that point I didn't even feel they were worth speaking to.

8646847367 Complains by Guest,

Hey what s up

7082151411 Complains by Irene D,

I received a notification they telling me they Priced my credit card a Payment of 1. W for a free W day trial of 3 Journals and can bill me W. W per month to my credit card. The Business is Preferred Readers Services. This can be a low life of a Firm. I trust that someone could Cease them from doing the for elderly Folks.

9199483857 Complains by Guest,

Inquired if your smoker

9107952594 Complains by Guest,


8002235986 Complains by Emily,

Stephanie Asserted for be out of Pier One Fraud department calling Around a brand new account Inquired for the telephone for be returned and for me to have my Account Prepared. I do not have a Pier 1 Account but I had Only opened a Low es account. When I called I accomplished a recording asking for my account I do not have a Pier 1 Account so I try ed pressing zero and the recording said it did not Comprehend my response and Inquired for my Account again I Installed Upwards and requested my credit report through . com everything looks to be in purchase.

8002190993 Complains by DAVE,

I got this same Facsimile along with a different phone number but Exactly that same Advertisement. . . they State to become At THO MES AVE Suite W CHEYENNE WY. If you personally investigation on that address you will locate many Firms there but none at Collection W highest Package NR I found was W s. . . . so perhaps W is that Increase room. I ll file along with your FCC again. . . anyone phone them and jerk them around after they understand your own voice they block your Amount you get a active Sign

8002462160 Complains by JENNIFER,

The So CALLED Company OR Little Business IS HARASSING Folks BY Always Delivering UNSOLICITED FAXES THROUGH Individuals S Products AND Thereby CAUSING Folks Spending Money ON Tattoo TONER. AS You personally ALL Understand NO Fax MACHINE Will PRINT Outside THOSE Facsimile WITHOUT Your Ink Within Your MACHINE AND Along with The Poor Market WE Do not Need To SPEND Cash UNNECESSARILY For Exchange INKS TONER Merely Because of The UNSOLICITED Huge Dreary AND Fearless People THESE Folks 've Sending THROUGH The Fax MACHINE ASKING People For Phone THEIR W W W FOR Little Company Funding. WHEN I CALLED The Amount Yesterday BEGGING THEM NOT For WASTE MY Ink TONER ANY MORE BECAUSE I 'm NOT INTERESTED In This Kind OF Fax THEY 've BEEN Delivering Then Your Guy WHO TOOK MY Telephone GOT Crazy AND CALLED ME CRAB Afterward Hung Upwards ON ME. I CALLED BACK For LET HIM Understand I Have BEEN OPTING Out In the Amount The OFFER HERE BUT THEY STILL KEEP ON FAXING Your SAME Huge Bold Ads WHICH HAS NOTHING To Can With ME. Then HE Installed Up AGAIN ON ME. AND NOW I Hope WHOEVER IS In CHARGE OF This REPORT May Would SOMETHING Around IT AND Phone Your W W W For Quit OR CUT DOWN ON FAXING ALL THESE JUNKS To Individuals Enjoy ME EVEN WHEN I Opt Out BUT THEY STILL Can IT Over AND Over AGAIN. OTHERWISE Afterward WHAT WOULD Be That Demand FOR ASKING People To REPORT About This BECAUSE I 'm Exhausted Of all OF People KEEP TALKING WITHOUT Activities Taken.

8001654546 Complains by Guest,

Purpose Beria

8002413965 Complains by Fran,

telephone shows as CIT Gather call W W W for W. W no Thought what it s about

8002450859 Complains by Heather Joseph,

I got 5 calls today from the Amount. Several times I Decided Upward and just got History Sound. This Amount apparently belongs to a Business called Cellular telephone Site Developers. HTTP . com contact people Using a disposable E-mail address I emailed them and Inquired them to Cease calling me. If it continues I can call them directly and also submit a Grievance along with your FCC.

8002227511 Complains by Guest,

Esq mastectomies

8002272034 Complains by Ryan,

I vie gotten calls from the number for a week or two. I eventually answered and it was a sales call in the San Diego Union Tribune Magazine.

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