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Telephone information: Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LL. Centreville, VA. Fairfax. United states
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Post by Jim Rockford,

7038280417 Irs scam from India. Block and Discount.

Post by phil,

703-828-0417 I gotten the scam call as nicely and Additionally Elect for great Fortune

Post by lisa,

7038280417 They called me 4 times within one morning. I called Afterward back they Inquired for my Telephone number and I Offered it for them. I could Notice allot of voices in that History. India Feature. It took him awhile for get back to me but he did say which he was with the Government and that someone was suing me for tax evasion and I needed an Lawyer. I said they were not your Government and told them to never to telephone me again and I your them on phone rejection.

Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 was silent

Post by Linda,

7038280417 Got the call 3 times eventually called back. I Inquired them who they were and they said that Government. I said but who are you personally. Man said something enjoy James Rodriguez. I said Okay thus what can you need. You vie been Making crazy messages . They said thank you very much and Installed Upward. Called them back again same matter. Called a Rd time they Simply Put Upward. Th Th Th Th i Only get a active tone. Hopefully they vie blocked my Amount by now. frig gin scampers.

Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 calls does not leave a message

Post by Milton,

7038280417 Same Irs call

Post by NO FOOL,

703-828-0417 I received your same Specific message and if that Irs is after you that should send a notification. They don't wish you great luck nor 've an Indian Feature. What a scam. Likely a Group Bureau playing Grimy and Attempting to Strategy you personally into calling. I would phone that Irs directly and not your Amount they want you for. NEVER RETURN The Telephone.

Post by Stacey W.,

7038280417 I Simply obtained that same call in the same phone as described previously by others on the train of thought.

Post by CPT America,

703-828-0417 His name is Hindu Stench or you can Merely call him Smell for brief. He is a scummier. That next time he calls Merely Attributes for him by name and he ll comprehend and leave you alone after that.

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 Automated service left a express mail message about your Government and that I should phone back. Called back but consistently busy. I Think SPAM action.

Post by Mr. and Mrs,

7038280417 Actual details Recorded 3 9 W on the same day with same talk and phone no. My husband said he just heard that news story last night with same details. I wish they could be Monitored and prosecuted. Although we are seniors and alert regarding these kind of calls I am sorry for those who Stadium t into your Technology world and autumn victim for these disgusting People.

Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 This person claimed for become calling from your Government and requested a call back immediately. He said that if I did t call back all he could do is want me good Fortune. He also said something Around an Lawyer but he was hard for understand.

Post by Concerned Mom,

7038280417 Report the telephone here HTTP Www. treasury. gov dicta . HTML

Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 This caller is calling me about each W minutes. Says he s from the Irs and acquired notification about many info he received. He also said to phone back immediately if not Afterward quot I want you personally good Fortune. quot

Post by Guest,

7038280417 Could barely Chat English However was calling from the IRS

Post by Scott,

703-828-0417 Obtained phone from same Amount for same scam. Caller identified himself as Official Nick. I reported episode to DICTA at HTTP Web. treasury. gov dicta . HTML

Post by Ana,

7038280417 HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Tax Scams Consumer Alerted notes. com Newsgroup ta Irs warns of telephone scam Report the Calls to that real Irs here report the episode to your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Management at W W W. You can Additionally file a complaint with the Federal Commerce Commission at FTC. gov. Add Government Phone Scam for your comments in your own Criticism. Would consider getting a phone blocking Product or phone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or so. If its a cell Telephone some already 've telephone blocking if not there are free apps on your net that may work for a few. You can Google the. If you have a clever Telephone there is a free Program called phone control. IPhone Search for 've apps also. Another just one is called Mr. Number.

Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 The caller States for become your Irs and says your Government will be suing me. I don t owe any cash so that is Clearly a scam and I hope you are able to look for Outside who is doing the and Quit him.

Post by Susan Abendroth,

7038280417 Message on cell phone from a man by having an Arabic or Indian Feature. He was asserting to become calling viewing the Government and for myself or my Lawyer for telephone back. He previously mentioned this matter should not become ignored. Va Us W W W March Th W W W AM

Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 Left 4 messages implying I must call back instantly regarding Government action.

Post by Reporting scam,

7038280417 Two calls this morning 3 6 W Evidently out of Government Making callback Amount W W W each time saying they were notified by Irs HQ Around an intervention needed and we should phone back Instantaneously. If they did not Notice back out of people or your Lawyer instantaneously before your situation got out of hand they could just want us good luck. I d describe your Feature of that caller as Indian as in Bombay Brand new Delhi etc. . SCAM Definitely do not call back.

Post by Tony,

703-828-0417 HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Tax Scams Customer Alerted notes. com forum ta Irs warns of Phone scam Report the Calls to the real Irs here report the incident for that Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at W W W. You can Additionally file a Gripe with your National Trade Commission at FTC. gov. Add Government Telephone Scam for that Opinions in your own complaint. Can consider becoming a phone blocking Unit or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. If its a cell Telephone some already have call blocking if not there are free Applications on the net that will work for some. You can Google the. If you've a bright Telephone there's a free app called telephone control. IPhone Look for have Programs also. Another 1 is called Mr. Number.

Post by Guest,

7038280417 Getting multiple calls from this Amount claiming to be from Irs. Indian accented Owner threatens that they are quot coming down on you quot and Seeking for get private information and cash Sent for them. That is A FRAUD Brought Telephone Do not Offer Information OR Cash.

Post by Billy Bob,

703-828-0417 Same call 3 W W. What bull

Post by durkadurka,

7038280417 Humorous number of a fake Irs Indian Man so i awns er and state dank you personally come again Dirk Dirk

Post by Tony,

703-828-0417 got your same Telephone phone except I replied the phone knew it was a scam and custom enjoy they 've never been reached before needless to state they blocked my number

Post by kellyHuber,

7038280417 Acquired same phone amp message. I 'm sure its a scam. Making our Government tax lady know so it could become reported.

Post by won't fall for it,

703-828-0417 same called me i m W for block the number

Post by Pam. Bradley,

7038280417 Acquired a express mail foreign Highlight enjoy out of India or Pakistani said he was out of Irs amp i was for call him back immediately. at W W W. Trust he calls again when i can reply he s gonna get an earful

Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 purportedly calling for IRS

Post by Guest,

7038280417 I too get these calls quot Daily quot out of Distinct ph s saying I vie won a few millions of s or now it s the Irs threatening me. Sounds Indian with several others within your History Seemingly doing the same. All I can say is Thanks quot Mr. Trust and Alter Bummer quot and People quot Please quot don t autumn with this SCAM. . . .

Post by Guest,

703-828-0417 Scam claims legal action against you in the Irs. quot your only matter I can do is want you personally good luck if you don t phone back quot

Post by connie samaritano,

7038280417 acquired a phone and the Man said he was in the Government. . . . and that I 've a law suit. . . . . I told him he was full of s and this is a scam and that I was reporting them

Post by Tanaya,

703-828-0417 Gotten that call as well your Irs is not going to endanger you personally along with being not able for help you personally along with your Results. He should also have rehearsed his express send because if you Found he states in your telephone that once you read this What an idiot because we were not reading anything we were listening for his little speech. Unhappy. . . . he should get a Actual job. . . .

Post by E A,

7038280417 I got that phone out of W W W Around 3 times telling me to phone back. Said he was in the Irs. Sounds enjoy a scam.

Post by Justin,

703-828-0417 Simply got your same call thankfully I go ogled it before I called back.

Post by Stacey,

7038280417 Got a call out of this number stating that I Wanted for contact them instantaneously or have our attorney call them. They mentioned this was the Irs. .

Post by Helen,

703-828-0417 Have been getting calls from this number for 4 days. Same threats as your. Never called back.

Post by kristin,

7038280417 same telephone and mes sag

Post by Barbara,

703-828-0417 I also gotten the very same message and Calculated it to be scam thus needless for say I 'm not calling back if anyone finds Outside who this really is please post thanks

Post by E A,

7038280417 I got your telephone from W W W about 3 times telling me to phone back. Said he was from your Irs. Sounds like a scam.

Post by Donna,

703-828-0417 Got the same phone this morning out of this Amount. . . purportedly in the Government threatening either phone back immediately or if don t Notice out of people or your attorney they want people good Fortune as that situation unfolds Owner did not give his name mid Japanese man express Maybe from India. Last part of message garbled Around their Notice or something from the Irs. Expect too many people don t get taken within by the scam and phone and give private information for them thinking they're your Irs. . . enjoy they have time to phone millions of people all over your Nation. Right.

Post by Ana,

7038280417 HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Tax Scams Client Alerted notes. com forum ta Government warns of telephone scam Report your Calls to your Actual Irs here report that incident for your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at W W W. You can also file a complaint along with the Federal Commerce Commission at FTC. gov. Add Irs Telephone Scam for that Remarks within your own complaint. Can consider becoming a telephone blocking Product or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. If its a cell phone a few already 've phone blocking if not there are free Programs on that net that will work for many. You can Google this. If you've a smart phone there is a free app called telephone control. IPhone Search for have Programs also. Another 1 is called Mr. Number.

Post by Haley,

703-828-0417 I experienced a Telephone telephone Virtually exactly enjoy Charlie. They left a express mail message on your Th of March at W 'm claiming to be out of Irs Subsequently says they 've a gotten a Request in the Irs. Line goes into a white Sound for a few seconds at your Finish and the recall Additionally a message a few hours later is just blank.

Post by Concerned Mom,

7038280417 Report your phone here HTTP Www. treasury. gov dicta . HTML

Post by Tony,

703-828-0417 got that same phone call except I replied the Telephone knew it was a scam and custom enjoy they have never been reached before needless for state they blocked my number

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6508882696 Complains by Guest,

Caller inadvertently left a MSG as if they did t recognize your telephone connected so they were waiting on a Result. Caller talked to someone Regional letting them understand it was time for go House. Lots of voices in the History.

9185504419 Complains by Guest,

block Mel

3858026209 Complains by Guest,

that he thought his dad worked for me and i killed him??? i explained he had the wrong number....but he call 2 times with threats....i call 911 to report it.

4073017911 Complains by jack,

They called and didn't leave a message.  I don't know anybody from the area code, so it's got to be some kind of telemarketer.

8171887466 Complains by Cierra,

Calls all your time.

9372032958 Complains by Guest,

Continually calls no message

6787775422 Complains by Guest,

mortgage ref spam

3012230096 Complains by Guest,

awful people

8002182350 Complains by Ed,

But I 've never called this number Or 've I called ANY of your multitude of toll free Amounts that always telephone my DC Enrolled Amount. So they do not have your appropriate to telephone me. The number called me 2 times Now. I concur along with that post a bit above where the poster lists 2 other Cost free numbers that are Perhaps associated with it. Striving to sell Automobile insurance to people that have not Required it. Scampers.

8002231104 Complains by RJA,

Replying these kind of messages are about that WORST matter you can do. Whether you personally Set them on hold strike a whistle or whatever you might have told the Telephone Amount is a great one. Don t response it because when you personally can they know the Amount is good. More calls amp they present it Outside other telemarketers.

8002226297 Complains by Call them back anyway,

That doesn't mean that someone could not have taken Outside a student loan within Ur name or used a fake Telephone Amount either manner Merely phone them back and look for Outside what the deal is better safe than sorry correct.

8002186335 Complains by Mary,

It is Monetary. They're grim and rude Particularly when You're behind in Funds.

8002200605 Complains by Binky,

I vie had my Telephone Amount for 6 years. After having your number for several years I Began becoming Set Bureau calls for a person I never heard of. Apparently your debt is being Approved from Group agency for collection agency sequentially. As I get each Bureau for take your wrong Telephone Amount off their list Soon another agency is calling your Specific same incorrect Telephone number. It Merely keeps getting Approved out of one Bureau to that next. I vie been through this with dozens of collection agencies. I would t be surprised in the least for look for Outside that each debt Group Firm has at least a DOZEN Part Business names for hide behind. Afterward when they pass the account from just one Firm to that next all they have to would is switch for the next subsidiary agency name within the same Put. I m tempted for State that I 'm that deadbeat Only to find out what company is your First debt holder thus I can remove my phone number. That person they seek Seemingly NEVER had the Telephone Amount within that first Put and Seemingly nobody by his name ever Dwelt in this overall state. If you think Around it none of your Set Companies wants for right that incorrect info which would benefit many OTHER collection Bureau After on. Why would just one Set agency want for ensure it is easier for another Group Bureau to get paid. That s exactly why I desire for get for your Initial debt holder to get MY Telephone number off their darned list. I don t 've credit and don t desire credit. I don t know which is worse the scummier Buyers who Stand Upwards bills they don t Want to pay scummier BANKS who Offered credit to threescores or the scampers who run the collection agencies and create prohibited statements to try to threaten deadbeats into paying.

8002232214 Complains by ca,

they called and asked for my Man. I said who is the and he said Michael Timothy. When I said I don t understand you personally he said I know I m not calling for you personally and Afterward he hung Upward on me. . .

8002201500 Complains by Key,

This was not a call. What happened was that I dialed 1 W W W and the guy a Rob express answered saying to find the very best loan. . . I don t remember the remainder but the was the Amount that the voice said for phone I never have called it and I when I after several efforts finally got to where the number I dialed was supposed to take me I complained about that hijacking.

8002014102 Complains by Troy,

Century link phone attempt to sale Man. They call Regular. Never say a words.

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