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Post by Guest,

7052300073 don't leave a message

Post by George Tobole,

705-230-0073 Got a Telephone call from Amount 1 W W W . . My Telephone number is on no call list. Get those violators please.

Post by Steve,

7052300073 Not your Conservative Celebration no. . . . Pi ere Pouting . . .

Post by Fred Dickinson,

705-230-0073 they called me three times within a row within that time of 3 minutes

Post by Embrad,

7052300073 1 W W W Called me and left a 4 min message which was nothing but white noise

Post by m,

705-230-0073 9 Am Atlantic sunlight time got called did t answer. Likely telemarketer. Did t put my number on DC list Though.

Post by Fernie,

7052300073 It is Amy. Yep correct liar it is a voice Registered carrying a BS survey paid by your Conservative Bash of Canada. What a Group of loose rs . Last night was that number 9 times calling after 8 W PM.

Post by dan,

705-230-0073 free cruise from Amy

Post by Kirk,

7052300073 Answered no just one there. Was my cell they called. After searching at notes here added it for my reject list on cell.

Post by N,

705-230-0073 It s a survey if you call them back it says that it has expired and if you want for become removed out of their list to Strike 9.

Post by Trigger,

7052300073 called me today didn't Select Upwards BC Canada

Post by Bill in Abbotsford,

705-230-0073 You might missed a Popular date Chad. . . Lola

Post by Arthur Gagnon,

7052300073 T AI re u pluses Apple Ave Ce numb RI P} t l phone. Personae NE me r pond ET auxin message non plus.

Post by Yo Mama,

705-230-0073 Just got a phone from the douche. Poultry would t say anything. The guy must be a few sick solitary perverts looking for a girl for reply so he could prevent just one would ever Speak for him. Speak up gargle monkey. Happy New Year everyone. Except that caller from this Amount you get no good Needs for that brand new year Only a trust that you autumn down that stairs into a cellar and slowly perish alone Jack SS.

Post by Dave,

7052300073 Correction. . . I had WON a trip too. . .

Post by Firealarm237,

705-230-0073 This Amount called me Recently at 6 W PM

Post by Charles from Richmond B.C.,

7052300073 Called at W W the morning. Decided it up no just one replied.

Post by Cynthia,

705-230-0073 called at 4 PM while I was at work. ARGO.

Post by Old and Tired,

7052300073 Called that number back it was a survey.

Post by Ben Dover,

705-230-0073 Hello Amy. . . what exactly are you wearing. . . . that Typically gets your call dropped

Post by Annoyed,

7052300073 Fresh cell. Just Thing I vie given my Amount to in that last month is the Canada Revenue Agency. WT.

Post by sarah,

705-230-0073 Called twice Now at 2 PM and 2 PM followed neither rang long enough to even pick up

Post by Mary,

7052300073 Becoming the telephone daily

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Not alive air on my voice mail no message.

Post by anonymous,

7052300073 I receive multiple calls out of the telemarketing . Not able for 've my Telephone Amount removed from their calling list. Please report them.

Post by sharon,

705-230-0073 its a survey

Post by Why Me?,

7052300073 Called my Amount at 9 W 'm on Dec 5. No message Additionally followed by a telephone out of W W W W. .

Post by Sal,

705-230-0073 Automated message offering a free cruise.

Post by Pat Hodgson,

7052300073 Discontinue these calls

Post by Zoe,

705-230-0073 And they Simply called me . . . Nov W W Thus annoying.

Post by Dave,

7052300073 Correction. . . I had WON a trip overly. . .

Post by amiyad,

705-230-0073 Merely got telephone now voice mail

Post by Ho Ho,

7052300073 They called me overly within Vancouver Region. Missed it thankfully. No message.

Post by Pissed OFF,

705-230-0073 Free cruise for the Bahamas. Brand new number after moving. . . do I need for Alter it. I see places a month and a half previous. How toothless are these Things that are supposed for shut down scampers.

Post by Bill in Abbotsford,

7052300073 You personally May}n' missed a Popular date Bob. . . Lola

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 This can be A TELEMARKETING Company WHO Is not Approved For Phone ME AS I Am Registered ON Your NATIONAL DC SYSTEM FOR MANY YEARS.

Post by B,

7052300073 Only called at 5 PM September W W. We need to get this line disconnected. . . Thus annoying.

Post by Infidel,

705-230-0073 I think it was ISIS calling for see I wanted to maintain a video. No thanks

Post by Adelaide,

7052300073 Called yesterday was sleeping. Woke up for Y missed calls. No express send. Never seen such Chronic.

Post by lori l,

705-230-0073 called me overly its has been a couple times now and no message is left.

Post by Jeff,

7052300073 Called at W W am no message

Post by JT,

705-230-0073 They did leave an automated message re survey Triumph a cruise. I don t response unknown numbers appearance them up Afterward save as xxx thus I never response.

Post by Marc,

7052300073 They called Today at W W p. m. I thought it was my Captain speaking . Lola.

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 called once when I did t reply they immediately called again.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 not alive tone on other side when i pick up. weary of this call. how on earth did he get my cell number.

Post by Elizabeth,

705-230-0073 This Amount was calling me for years. It s a survey along with a chance for win a cruise. I Simply Blow off it and hang up.

Post by Jess,

7052300073 Called me X Afterward blocked their number and called again. . Afterward less than 2 Min's later called back X. . and 1 min later called back again. . quite annoying when I m at work.

Post by John,

705-230-0073 I used for get these free cruise calls several months ago. I idea they went away. If they're calling your android or IPhone get Mr. Number Program and block them.

Post by Mack,

7052300073 They called me at 2 W pm

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Telephone on my cell and hang ups

Post by StephenoCronn,

7052300073 My staff did t answer that telephone. Called the office twice already in 3 hours.

Post by ANNOYED,


Post by Cole,

7052300073 Got a call today out of this number at 9 Amen just one said anything when I picked up.

Post by Colleen,

705-230-0073 it happening for me too. Greer

Post by WEP,

7052300073 Complaining is a correct.

Post by hue,

705-230-0073 After they take your own credit card Information. Please don t take these calls. They are a scam.

Post by Handsome Dude,

7052300073 SCAMPERS

Post by Ben Dover,

705-230-0073 Steady calls out of this number and I vie programmed my Telephone not for ring when they call. No message.

Post by Pat,

7052300073 The Amount is calling saying I vie won two free tickets for that Bahamas. . . Quite annoying. . . 1 W W W

Post by Dana Taramina,

705-230-0073 Please make these calls stop.

Post by CJ,

7052300073 Survey but when you call back it's expired. Block it.

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Did not answer

Post by sarita,

7052300073 i am getting constant calls from your same no. at 8. W pm. veer annoying .

Post by Ken,

705-230-0073 That is an extremely interesting theory. Can you've a link for the article or that research that you used for base that statement on. I would Actually like to read it.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 win a cruise spam

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Called rung once hung Upward. That happened twice in a row I did t even get that opportunity to reply.

Post by Shirley Alguire,

7052300073 Don't phone again.

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Telephone on my Cell I did Not Awns er

Post by rfe,

7052300073 Only get a call out of the Amount for my cell did t pick no message.

Post by YVR,

705-230-0073 Called at 4 W Therapist. Checked the Website and Afterward telephone blocked that Amount. Simple and no stress.

Post by Steve,

7052300073 Not the Conservative Bash no. . . . Pi ere Pouting . . .

Post by Brent,

705-230-0073 Called my cell in the day today not Comprehend that number did not answer

Post by Stephen Harper,

7052300073 This Amy gal Actually works that phones. Occupied gal. I won a cruise on your Cos ta Concord.

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Called me today and like along with your others I got no message.

Post by Fabian,

7052300073 I was Sleep Oreg. no response calls outbound without inquire before.

Post by Élise,

705-230-0073 Called tonight at H's I did t answer since I did t Comprehend the Region code.

Post by scott,

7052300073 Bahama I like that manner you believe. Use his military for a useful goal.

Post by Sparkles,

705-230-0073 This number called Recently we re in BC . They telephone under a variety of Amounts. The caller name is Intern at l Call . It also shows up Underneath W W W W IT s an Vehicle dialing system that leaves a message as if we have replied your phone asking us for press a Amount to take a survey and we may get two free cruise tickets. I can only imagine what that Actual Narrative is . Thus Much none of that Amounts are block Competent as they're from Place . We 're also on that Canadian Do not phone list and any legitimate marketer Recommendations the list so obviously they're illegitimate and I may report these Amounts.

Post by kelly,

7052300073 called at W W am no 1 on that line

Post by James,

705-230-0073 Automated message from Amy claiming to present away a Assumed free cruise for answering their fake survey

Post by Mark M,

7052300073 Gotten a telephone type your same number at W. W am Pacific time even though I 'm on the don't phone registry. . .

Post by expeditor,

705-230-0073 I located a missed telephone from W W W. I go ogled your Amount as the was my previous area code I 've since moved into another area code believing it could be a friend but did not Comprehend number. That s what Direct me for this Site. Happy to see I m not missing anything.

Post by Jen,

7052300073 Free cruise scam. Fake survey. They desire your credit card Information.

Post by D in YVR,

705-230-0073 Amy left a message about doing a survey and I could Triumph an all inclusive trip for two to that Bahamas. . . . .

Post by Shelly Shalini Ram,

7052300073 It calls but no answer

Post by HKM,

705-230-0073 They called me four times in 2 minutes. W W to W W no voice send.

Post by Ralph,

7052300073 Each 2 daytime BUD

Post by unknown,

705-230-0073 Aug. W W 5 W pm est. W W W called me 3 time in 3 minutes. rang twice and hung up

Post by rapidwiz,

7052300073 Moron

Post by Laird Underwood,

705-230-0073 No message. Only a nuisance call

Post by Alain,

7052300073 Got this telephone at Am today could t answer which was a good matter i figure.

Post by Pete Tranter,

705-230-0073 Call acquired on a cell Telephone already Enrolled on your national Don't Telephone list. Not that that's any effect.

Post by abbey,

7052300073 Calls several times a week really annoying.

Post by Fraggle,

705-230-0073 Called me twice in Winnipeg. I did t Choose Upwards. No message left

Post by Firealarm237,

7052300073 They called me at 6 W pm

Post by trouble,

705-230-0073 W W W still calling unknown and won't reply it

Post by Countrygal,

7052300073 Did t response and they did t Speak to the machine. Good hint it wan t us in Unique they were Looking for cal. Merely among those callers that don t offer a hoot who they telephone. . .

Post by Ryan,

705-230-0073 If you might have an iPhone just block the Owner. Pretty simple

Post by Adam,

7052300073 They called me at 2 W pm its also a local Amount for me. They have Though to leave a message

Post by Bill in Abbotsford,

705-230-0073 Lad these Men are becoming good. Called my acreage line and woke me Upwards. Ignored that phone in that hopes I could get back to sleep. Afterward just in a minute they called my cell phone. I m guessing their programs are Beginning for compare owners names having two or more phones in purchase to phone them in 1 go. Your just manner this scam will Quit is if people may stop answering calls they don t Comprehend and check them out first and Quit being so Buddy gullible. This scam is so widespread and done from thus many fake numbers that get shifted often that they must become becoming a lot of fools for offer them their Credit Card info. As long as suckers keep going for it this can never stop.

Post by Louise,

7052300073 Apple Sir cellulite sans message 9 W

Post by Lisa,

705-230-0073 Called 5 times in the space of a couple of minutes.

Post by gordon,

7052300073 Sound and Cease many times. No body was in the other side.

Post by Dan,

705-230-0073 Left message but no express. . sounds like an Automobile Call machine or something of that nature. Phone never rang and nothing on caller ID. Just left a message on my express mail without ringing the Telephone.

Post by K.Simpson,

7052300073 Called on my work cell phone free Vacation to your Bahamas if I response questions I d enjoy them to response a few of my questions . . .

Post by Frankie,

705-230-0073 My co worker Merely obtained two calls out of W W W within a two hour period. Being Interested he called back to look for out who was calling. . . a telemarketer. I don t believe they should have access to Folks s cell phone numbers. That s Actually not right whatsoever. . .

Post by Anonamous,

7052300073 They called me. I did t Choose up

Post by onesnowflake,

705-230-0073 W W W they phone at 4 PM

Post by Banded the marketer,

7052300073 Go away

Post by Firealarm237,

705-230-0073 The Amount called me at 6 W PM

Post by T M,

7052300073 They called and left a voice send. . overly poor I missed your telephone. . . I won a cruise for that Bahamas. Bah aha really.

Post by BJ,

705-230-0073 Tired of these calls. I m on your don t telephone list but. . . .

Post by Tony,

7052300073 Merely gout another call out of them. I wish they would stop calling

Post by Ryan,

705-230-0073 If you have an iPhone Merely block that caller. Very simple

Post by albertadude,

7052300073 they called me at W Am I did t answer they did not leave a message . . . . that is very annoying and Thus I never reply the phone unless I recognize your calling number

Post by Donwanng,

705-230-0073 I got this call at night Approximately there was no message.

Post by hue,

7052300073 After they take your own credit card Information. Please don t take these calls. They're a scam.

Post by Internet user,

705-230-0073 Called me twice several minutes Past no voice send I did t answer.

Post by m,

7052300073 Got a telephone out of This Amount at Am fundamental time left no message.

Post by LTomk,

705-230-0073 its for a survey

Post by [email protected],

7052300073 Keep getting calls on an unlisted burn cell from 1 W W W. I imagine their Merely dialing numerically automatically trolling for live Amounts. Never any message. Yup Merely enjoy Normal bottom feeding suckers.

Post by canadianveggie,

705-230-0073 just one ring Afterward they Installed up

Post by No spam please,

7052300073 The number Simply called Alberta no voice mail.

Post by Lee Ann,

705-230-0073 My Mom tripped and hurt herself the morning at Around 'm running out of bed for your kitchen for reply the phone telephone.

Post by WEP,

7052300073 Complaining is a right.

Post by Sam,

705-230-0073 They called twice on my cell Now. Luckily I don t response except when family or Pals call. Any company that needs for get a hold of me is told for telephone my Dwelling which always Declares my friends by name on my caller ID. Scampers that can retrieve my Residence phone through a directory don t like talking for an answering machine so they hang Upward. Afterwards I Put them on call block. I vie added Upward for 4 Distinct caller IDs now but they're Economical. You are able to buy surplus People which are Owner ID just no phone for W if you personally look Approximately at garage sales. I vie placed them on phone block on my cell which holds Upwards for W Amounts. Thank goodness for intelligent phones. If these People are on your list of people that can still telephone you personally after you enroll your own Amounts on your National Don't Call list I would formally create a Grievance. The callers may get that Trace if they 've for pay Outside fines. HTTP Web. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt camp Eng

Post by Dave,

7052300073 Correction. . . I had WON a trip overly. . .

Post by KT,

705-230-0073 no response when I said Hello

Post by Elaine Schimmel,

7052300073 Don t understand who is calling but it is out of Ontario. They tried my property line for months amp are now calling my cell. . How do these Folks get cell Telephone Amounts. Greer

Post by Grant,

705-230-0073 got a call Installed Upwards after 2 rings.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 Rings twice then hangs up. Really upsetting as I 'm waiting for important calls from medical Individuals viewing a very Ailing family member. I have to consistently check Amount to make certain I never have missed an important call out of a brand new addition to the health team.

Post by Sat,

705-230-0073 They called twice at W W am and W W 'm on the same daytime and did t leave any message

Post by Zoe,

7052300073 And they Simply called me . . . Nov W W Thus annoying.

Post by Jelisa,

705-230-0073 Discontinue CALLING ME Like I Can NT Need Your own SCAM Triumph A CRUISE. . .

Post by Madeleine,

7052300073 Only got a call out of this Amount. No express. No message.

Post by AL,

705-230-0073 they called twice within a row today good for understand it s a scam.

Post by No Spam Please,

7052300073 This number Simply called Alberta Canada no express send.

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 This no. called me X Now 8 W W. First 2 calls it was at 3 W p. m. Subsequently the last telephone was 3 W p. m.

Post by Yo Mama,

7052300073 Just got a telephone out of this douche. Chicken would t say anything. Your guy must become some sick lonely perverts searching for a girl for answer thus he could prevent just one would ever Speak to him. Chat Upward gargle Horse. Happy New Year everyone. Except that caller out of the number you get no great wishes for your fresh year Simply a hope you fall down that stairs into a basement and slowly perish alone Jack SS.

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Bahamas Cruise Scam

Post by Countrygal,

7052300073 Bizarre Amount to call here. . . Let it go to that answering machine go ogled the and it led me for W notes. . . Thank You for the Information W notes. Thank You personally to People that take the time for share their experiences with unfamiliar callers.

Post by Beth,

705-230-0073 Stop calling me

Post by Dave,

7052300073 Correction. . . I had WON a Vacation overly. . .

Post by Patrick Sullivan,

705-230-0073 Called at AM

Post by YK,

7052300073 Called me at 2 W pm

Post by Jess,

705-230-0073 Only got a call from this number and tried calling back. It s a survey company thus I asked to become removed from the list and it s worked so Way. Strive calling that Amount they can t get any personal Information out of you making a phone telephone.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 no message no response. spam

Post by Andrea,

705-230-0073 called at W W PST

Post by shanni,

7052300073 2 calls in a Line must be a scam

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 No MSG left.

Post by Lily,

7052300073 Got the call several times before. It called again at W. Am twice amp W Am. Anyway we can Quit the from calling.

Post by LePeR1898,

705-230-0073 Received a phone 2 times in a row. . It only rang once before hanging Upwards thus i did t 've enough time for Choose Upwards. . I called it back using a Google voice Amount and it was a survey

Post by Relly,

7052300073 Missed call at 9 W am this morning while at work confused me at since this really is Really my area code but after locating this Website when I Go ogled that number I assume it s a telemarketer. No message left.

Post by RoB,

705-230-0073 Won a cruise wow

Post by Lee,

7052300073 Hung Upward on me called 3 times as shortly as I answered they disconnected.

Post by Diane Leavitt,

705-230-0073 Called me left no message

Post by Joe,

7052300073 Simply a Stupid survey Firm. . . . Simply telephone them back and press 9 for be removed out of list. . . . . . Your Welcome

Post by Emily,

705-230-0073 Called at 5 W PM left no message rang only a couple times.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 the caller calls me rings 2 times Subsequently hangs Upwards. I live manner out within BC thus this Man s a spammer. no clue what hes doing but Merely block him.

Post by WEP,

705-230-0073 Complaining is a right.

Post by Greg,

7052300073 It was a survey and apparently you can become removed out of their list by pressing 9.

Post by Tracey,

705-230-0073 Don't phone again

Post by Micheline Laplante,

7052300073 This Amount called my Telephone I don t desire to become harassed. THC

Post by kate,

705-230-0073 Got a phone out of the Amount no message.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 got 2 calls within a row from the number but i could t response because my Telephone was freezing

Post by Ken,

705-230-0073 That's a very intriguing theory. Can you might have a link for your article or that research that you used for base that statement on. I would Actually like for read it.

Post by Jules,

7052300073 Called me at 9 W pm Did t leave a message.

Post by EasternSun,

705-230-0073 1 W W They called i rejected the call and Afterward they called me right back still did t reply. no voice mail. but for all android users for cell phones. if you go into the call log choose the number go into Alternative gs you are able to add it for your reject list so you never receive calls out of that Amount again I trust this helps

Post by James,

7052300073 Hid their Amount on your phone show as W W W but that caller name had the Telephone number inside. Called and left no message on Oct W. Reported for the ENCL

Post by moe roy,

705-230-0073 these should become reported for that Authorities .

Post by Guest,

7052300073 you win a cruise call. . spam

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 cruise scam

Post by Guest,

7052300073 Bahamas cruise.

Post by Erika,

705-230-0073 Called multiple times in a couple of minutes and Installed up instantaneously.

Post by Mike,

7052300073 I Simply acquired this call Now. It is that second time they have called me. But Sadly for these jerks I use Mr. Amount an Program that blocks them on my cell phone.

Post by Van,

705-230-0073 Just got a telephone from this number. . . scampers

Post by timminsgirl,

7052300073 Just got this call 2 PM. . . . replied and that phone was Shed before i even had a opportunity for state hello

Post by Pat,

705-230-0073 Obtained telephone from a recording Hi my name is Amy and I want to award you personally a free Vacation to the Bahamas Merely for. . . . . Ah no cheers Amy.

Post by Tricia Lloyd,

7052300073 Called X. Do not know

Post by Tina,

705-230-0073 Called my cell around PM in Alberta Now. They left a message. . . survey for free cruise tickets for that Bahamas.

Post by Mack,

7052300073 They called me at 2 W pm

Post by Kris,

705-230-0073 1 W W Ontario Canada Called and hung Upward twice. Probably trolling for live number.

Post by Jon,

7052300073 Very annoying. . . these calls . Within Tampa on holidays and have to pay that charges. Simply Because some Individuals are foolish enough for actually fall for the sound of a blowing cruise ship horn.

Post by Mandatory,

705-230-0073 Just got a call from them. No message left

Post by Guest,

7052300073 no vim left

Post by john,

705-230-0073 This can be Amy you personally won a free cruise for that Bahamas.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 Left voice mail. Automated telemarketers Marketing quot trips quot to Bahamas. Blocked.

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Calls and won t respond

Post by Guest,

7052300073 caller calls and hangs Upwards when I recalled survey is over 5 seconds after hang ups

Post by Chloe,

705-230-0073 Simply got a phone at 9 W 'm. Did not ring for long and they Only Installed Upward. That date was January Road W.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 The number called then within seconds an Unknown Amount called then the Amount called within 1 minute. Did t answer as it was out of another Land.

Post by scott,

705-230-0073 Bahama I like that way you personally believe. Use his military for a useful motive.

Post by Jwt873,

7052300073 Merely called me at W Am. . It was a very long distance Amount that I did t recognize so I never replied. I came here for get that Information. As usual it s yet another Telephone scam. This notes. com confident is a terrific service.

Post by Jen,

705-230-0073 That is a scam not a survey. Striving for get credit card info.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 Phone rang 2 times and when I Decided Upward no Result.

Post by William,

705-230-0073 Called me on a Saturday morning at Am and I work till AM

Post by BarbJ,

7052300073 They called and I missed it. . . no message. . . no Change look up Accessible for it thus I called back. Got an automated service saying that I had called back about a survey that was no longer open. Yeah. . . . I m So Depressed that I missed THAT 1.

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 Called PEI twice today this may be Amy with news of another cruise.

Post by Brick,

7052300073 I did t response called me at W W AM

Post by jeremy,

705-230-0073 Called back. Told me i could get money Delivered for me for surveys

Post by Bill in Abbotsford,

7052300073 Boy these guys are becoming good. Called my property line and woke me Upwards. Ignored the telephone within the hopes I could get back for sleep. Afterward just in a minute they called my cell Telephone. I m guessing their Software are starting for compare owners names having two or more Telephones within order for telephone them within just one go. That only manner the scam will Cease is if Individuals may stop answering calls they don t Comprehend and Assess them Outside first and Discontinue being thus Pal gullible. The scam is so Popular and done out of so many fake numbers that get shifted often that they must be becoming a lot of fools to present them their Credit Card info. As long as suckers keep going for it this can never Discontinue.

Post by John,

705-230-0073 Happened for me too.

Post by Guest,

7052300073 Decided up no response

Post by Embrad,

705-230-0073 Left a 4 min MSG that was nothing but white noise

Post by Jeff,

7052300073 don't call list punks

Post by Guest,

705-230-0073 free trip for that Bahamas

Post by dads C,

7052300073 I got a telephone out of this number at Am within your Central of my sleep. I work graveyard shift till Am and it s Simply quite brutal phone for me. Expect I could 've a drone aircraft for property a bomb on the telephone centers.

Post by SwamiD,

705-230-0073 They called and woke me Upwards Afterward called again 3 Min's later. . I 'm on that don't call list. Despise these calls.

Post by tculley,

7052300073 Number just called me W times within a row. not even enough time for Truly reply that telephone.

Post by Cec,

705-230-0073 Called X within seconds Now but they never leave a message and they phone each month or so your same way. I don t Comprehend the Amount so I Simply dint reply.

Post by Linda,

7052300073 Rec d phone 3 W pm on Saturday July W was waiting for urgent phone out of hospital. Very upsetting. Did t reply because did t Understand Amount decided for would research on Amount Now. I have now blocked it on my iPhone expect it works.

Post by dan,

705-230-0073 Called around 7 W pm was a scam telephone maintaining i vie won a free Vacation for the Bahamas Lola. .

Post by Zoe,

7052300073 And they Simply called me . . . Nov W W Thus annoying.

Post by Nick,

705-230-0073 2 calls in W Minimum. no VIM though.

Post by Kari McKnight,

7052300073 Keep calling I am on do not phone list. . . . . . .

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unknown number

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Got 2 calls out of it no just one on other side rang back get active signal.

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This unknown Man calls every morning. When I Choose Upwards no People there or when they leave a message they don t say anything. Probably just trying for record me saying something.

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Automated credit card phishing Advertising message

3379354063 Complains by Guest,

f you

7572327579 Complains by Guest,


8087451493 Complains by geneva gustin,

for attempt care of his son. on care. com

8164575029 Complains by Guest,

I got the same message everyone else is getting about tax fraud owe money to the IRS. This is a scam! The phone number does not work. Do not believe this person

8667797942 Complains by josh,

Hi there

8104713671 Complains by Sammys Bashfulbaby,

TRD or something research company and we were selected to do a marketing research for our areaJoyNot!!

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2067319731 Complains by atx,

who is the Man who keeps calling me and not Making a message.

8187710608 Complains by Guest,

leave me alone you personally Selected the.

2254058405 Complains by yaright,

car loan my [***]. I didn't apply for no car but they have my number?Sounds like a scam to get your info to do fraud or something. I spoke with a "manager" and told them to take my name off the list.

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