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Post by jenny,

7054796631 keep becoming calls out of this Amount W W W dint response that call and they dint leave a message. am becoming drained of the calls and 'm going to attempt and block it

Post by HLewis,

705-479-6631 I receive calls about 5 times per daytime from this number. They never Speak on the rare occasion that I answer Now they have gotten a hold of my cell Telephone number which Actually pisses me away because I m on a pay as you personally use Software and they are costing me cash.

Post by penny,

7054796631 Simply got a call and it Put up within 3 seconds. . . . . . . 1 W W W W am

Post by Guest,

705-479-6631 I did t Choose up

Post by Maja Meza,

7054796631 Called me a Second ago and hanged Upwards not even a sound from them.

Post by Guest,

705-479-6631 Solicitor for mortgages b s.

Post by Amber,

7054796631 The Amount called me I did not answer because I don't understand anyone from that number.

Post by jb,

705-479-6631 I received repeated calls from the Amount looking for somebody I never heard of at least twice a day around your last two days on my replying machine. I tried using your keypad options to tell them they had that wrong Amount at least a half dozen times when I was unlucky enough for Really answer. I talked for him once last week and told him it was a incorrect number. Still he calls. Today I talked along with him again when I told him he had a erroneous Amount he previously mentioned that he d try and take it away the list and if I did t like that I could . A Actual Course act does Anyone understand what mortgage Firm he s Signifying I m certain they d love for know how he deals along with people.

Post by Guest,

7054796631 I did t answer

Post by Guest,

705-479-6631 Dead air

Post by Guest,

7054796631 Dead air

Post by Ed Farthing,

705-479-6631 Got a call Simply now in Place code W have no hint who or what for

Post by BankerBob,

7054796631 I add all these Amounts to my Connections on my phone as Discount . I Offered Upwards a very long time ago on Attempting to Discontinue them. I trust this helps.

Post by Andrea,

705-479-6631 I get 4 5 calls a daytime I 've caller ID so I don t answer since I don t understand that Individual or that company. I m expecting they ll stop calling soon

Post by Rick,

7054796631 I told the jerk not RI telephone me again and the next day he calls appropriate back. He claims we've spoken before but I have never spoke to the jerk before and am reporting him and his Business to that FTC. I 'm on the don't call list and these jerks think they're exempt for some motive.

Post by Mark Walters,

705-479-6631 receiving unsolicited unwanted calls out of W W W. When I phone back for request removal from their phone list I get a recording stating that number isn't within service

Post by Guest,

7054796631 Nothing

Post by Jon,

705-479-6631 6 8 W 7 W p. m. got telephone out of W W W Owner ID said ONTARIO amp that number. The live Man called me by name and said he was a mortgage Firm and Inquired me what speed my mortgage was I did t tell him and he instantly Installed Upwards on me.

Post by Fred Adanac,

7054796631 I believe his name is Bob. He is a mortgage Dealer with an extremely old list of numbers and Maybe an Automobile Switch er. I Think that Automobile Face er because whenever he calls I jest at him Discuss in daft voices Replicate everything he says call him all sorts of names insult his mother and he more or less sits there and takes it. But he can telephone back a few weeks After to get more insults and expletives Cast at him. What a dumb . Seriously I told him I was overly occupied for talk because I was having sex with his mother. He said she was dead so I told him I m a necrophiliac and I dug her Upward. He was STILL Striving to make that sale. The guy is such a Loss it s funny. . His mother USN t dead BTW. Swear at him phone him names tell him his mama makes you personally pancakes. Tell him you hope he gets face cancer. Tell him his semi retarded sister desires him to Begin paying kid support. He Looks to enjoy it. And he s too slow witted to come up along with a Good comeback. When it s no longer enjoyment for insult him over the phone tell him the Man he s trying for reach is not alive. That worked along with all the other mortgage losers that kept calling a few years Past. Have pleasure.

Post by Mark,

705-479-6631 I m receiving unsolicited unwanted calls from W W W. When I telephone back to request Treatment out of their calling list I get a recording stating that number is no More in service

Post by Judy,

7054796631 When I called back says that Amount is disconnected. . .

Post by Rob from NY,

705-479-6631 Your own customary lying mortgage . Inquired if I get another out of his Mother. He Discontinued talking. Subsequently when he Began I said she sucks badly and Installed up. Tired of being Fine to these jerks. Now your gloves are away.

Post by bisonsteve,

7054796631 they are faking the caller ID they never leave a message they only Discuss to a live person understand it's your Telephone Business they desire everybody for get caller ID and make them rich for nothing. . .

Post by Guest,

705-479-6631 Nothing I don t reply calls from numbers I don t recognize

Post by BIG SHOW,

7054796631 A few mortgage co. I rent w cell phone

Post by texas jan,

705-479-6631 calls all the time but can never say anything and then soon hangs Upwards. . . . . . just for do it again another time.

Post by Guest,

7054796631 Did not reply. Checked Amount on internet

Post by glen,

705-479-6631 they telephone. . . leave no message. i called back and it says the number can not become Finished as dialed. hang Upwards and strive again. who are these people. . .

Post by D J,

7054796631 the Amount called me i don't understand anyone out of Amount i believe the a scummier they use a Rob call

Post by Rick,

705-479-6631 Numerous calls but no one ever on that line. Ca ling your Amount back gets a record the number is no longer in service or has Benjamin disconnected.

Post by pat,

7054796631 dint hassle answering.

Post by Guest,

705-479-6631 Canadian once dead atmosphere once I did t answer dead atmosphere again

Post by picasso,

7054796631 This is a brand new just one for me but I Simply got rid of another mortgage caller who used for telephone twice a daytime for 6 freak within months. 1 day I replied Robbery Murder Schiller He said What. Me what do you demand. Him I m looking for. . . I Discontinued him and got like I was directing a homicide Research Zip Upwards your Case so that blood dozen t Flow out. Wait don t move your corpse till you Summarize it. etc. Subsequently I got back to him he had been overhearing all that and I was rattling Seats etc . Me So how do you personally know that deceased. Him What. Me You heard me. How did you personally understand Mr Armstrong. Him Crap. I m a mortgage Agent within Kansas. I don t understand any Armstrong. . . Somewhat panicky now I Really tortured your Man. Got the Notion away a YouTube skit. It went on for awhile. I drug it Outside making lots of background noise. Eventually I told him he was screwing with a murder Analysis and we d probably have for investigate his coincidental Telephone call at that Special Second. By now he was practically shout crying he s not involved. Me nicely that remains to become seen dozen t it. We ll be in Contact. I Put Upwards on him. He s never called back. NO spam calls since Till the W W W wiener. . . . Here we go again.

Post by Guest,

705-479-6631 Hung Upward when I replied.

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7049058652 Complains by Guest,

Directed} me a spam text

2036171342 Complains by Guest,

Continues for phone than hangs Upward when someone picks Upward Telephone. If you phone back States they did t telephone.

4084205738 Complains by Guest,

Caller calls W 7 Regular actually all hours time. Owner int erupts everyday life Programs amp has created a patterned type of phone. Cases Enables ring tone hangs Upwards amp repeats for a few hours.

7322268048 Complains by Guest,

scams significant accent man Attempting for sell you personally tools to continue your own. Schooling Absolute scam just hang up

8044822153 Complains by Daisy,

Some record within Persian language could t hang Upward on it. Even if I hang Upward when I Select the Telephone Upward again they are still going. They phone almost Regular. How do I Cease it.

4085086339 Complains by Guest,

Stop calling me.

8667856482 Complains by Guest,

Calls late at night

2604098412 Complains by Guest,

Identical message sent from another 951 area number. 'Help lowering mortgage payment.' Extremely annoying getting these spam texts.

9183138251 Complains by Guest,

block text an calls please

9252712244 Complains by Guest,

got telephone Saturday Morning i Select Upward and they hang up the occur many times already

8049529950 Complains by Verizon Retail Rep,

Obtained five different calls today on your office Telephone each single time I answer they Simply hang Upward. Called back and they were looking for someone never Associated with the Shop. Absolutely absurd.

8773420415 Complains by Guest,

got a call and visceral from the Amount saying quot This can be not a sales or marketing telephone. This can be an Significant message for my name which was a record of my name out of my express send service. I surely believe this is a a few type of scam or telemarketing call.

8774988563 Complains by Guest,

calling W 7 I'm already PS.

8003541579 Complains by South Bend Indiana,

Only obtained a phone telephone from the Amount asking for my mother. I Inquired who it was amp the guy said he had something for would with medicare amp heard I had Issues with my back. I Inquired how he knew amp he said Either replied a survey on line or filled out a survey. I told him I was on do not call amp I would report him if he called back again.

9132840405 Complains by Guest,

Jennifer would sent sound enjoy she gives blow Occupations so. . . . . . . . shes spam in my own eyes Sorry Jennifer life sucks u should too

8434084339 Complains by Guest,

that caller Recommends me that my credit card attention can be reduced to 6 . I stayed on the line to see what the Individual express had for say. . . No one came on your line it went to a occupied Transmission. I get a call out of the scam at least 3 X a week. I am on that Don't Telephone LIST but this was a waste of time. I wonder if these scampers etc did t get the number from that list. . L. S.

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