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Post by Gary,

7059468280 roadside help I used Toyota Roadside aid the morning not a Pie scam enjoy another Man said

Post by pat,

705-946-8280 Basically all Automobile Companies whether they be Toyota or GM or Hyundai all use the same service to provide roadside help. I had notion it was many scam given the Canadian number and your fact that I seem to become plagued by them but the 1 is legit.

Post by Josiah,

7059468280 I 've used ST roadside help several times and I consistently call from my cell or my Partner s cell and we receive that automated calls for confirm we received help and they only have Priced me once 0. W for just one minute. I m along with T Mobile if that Things.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 Not spam . . . . roadside assistance

Post by Mark T.,

7059468280 Based on what all I have read on the post I suspected the call I got that daytime that I had to pay W cents for a 1 Second call was your daytime that my battery died in my Auto. I had called both Mazda roadside assistance amp AAA. Mazda could t help me but AAA did. I was cut off out of whom I was talking for out of a Bad Sign. That AAA office was Pleasant enough for call me back. Then I got disconnected again. I power saw your Amount that they called out of on my cell amp called back to just locate that this will not Take calls but it took my cash. . So I have concluded that it is from a AAA telephone center running from Canada.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 NOT SPAM Customer gratification survey follow Upwards out of Progressive others. Roadside Aid.

Post by Jr,

7059468280 LEGIT. Roadside Service. I called your Subaru Roadside Service automated line to End my request for a tow and I obtained a call out of the Amount confirming that I Actually did want to End my request.

Post by John Smith,

705-946-8280 Same same I got a peculiar phone call. Someone else posted Around getting their Automobile towed. I Additionally got my Auto towed Recently and they did same something Around a follow up survey. So I am Very sure which is what that number is all about.

Post by Eric,

7059468280 I got a call out of the Amount today. I did t Understand it so Generally I would t reply. Unfortunately I was right in the middle of delivering a text message so my finger hit your answer button but I did t fuss for speak for anyone to hear who it was. Sounds enjoy it's a roadside aid call although I got a call the weekend from a roadside assistance verification number that was a W number so I don t know if they re the same.

Post by John Smith,

705-946-8280 Same same I got a strange Telephone phone. Someone else posted about getting their car towed. I also got my Auto towed Recently and they did same something Around a follow Upward survey. So I 'm Very certain which is what that number is all about.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 Not Spam. Roadside Aid from Us AA.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 Road side assistance

Post by NoName,

7059468280 Okay time for put this all for remainder. This number isn't a scam number. The number is Enrolled for the Business that I work for called Cross Country Automotive Services. That is out outbound simply Amount to inform customers of when they re roadside assistance can become arriving. We do roadside assist for a Amount of Businesses including GM Chrysler Ford Nissan Hyundai KIA Mazda Jaguar Acreage Rover Subaru ST Century Progressive among others. Until Lately we also Managed that towing for the Tow for Pep Application which Lets customers for become towed for Pep Boys and have the Price of that Pull added to their fix Invoice. That phone Facility I work for is located within Sodium Ste. Marie Ontario Canada. As Way as calling that number back it s a waste of time as it goes nowhere.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 framers road side assistant verification. . . Not spam

Post by Heronymous,

7059468280 LOLA. . . I work for all of the roadside assistance's and that Amount does not accept calls. It's an automated system. . The automated systems calls to create confident You're alright or to can a survey. That's all. You personally ll get these calls if you have Progressive Nationwide GM Toyota . . . . etc. . . . we would all of your roadside assistance. . Funny I located this. .

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 Instantly hangs Upwards. If you call back you ll get hit along with international calling rates.

Post by ABA,

7059468280 do not phone me again for I have no company with you personally.

Post by Woody,

705-946-8280 I did t reply and they did t leave a express send but I did 've my car towed so I think Marilyn in the train of thought is right. It s a follow Upward telephone concerning the Pull service.

Post by Chris,

7059468280 Truly that is that automated General Motors roadside help Amount calling you personally back along with that Anticipated Entrance time on your own service like a Level tire

Post by Alexandria,

705-946-8280 It was Chevy Roadside help making sure that someone was on its way to us.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 Roadside assistance

Post by Levi,

705-946-8280 Used On Star services cause we ran out of gas on June 6 W. Acquired a telephone out of this Amount from On star Roadside Support to let me know when someone would become Accessible for bring gas. A wee bit peeved knowing that I have Additional cell phone Costs. Never use On star again can Only use my auto insurance roadside support if Desired.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 Hyundai Roadside Assistance

Post by Modembiker,

705-946-8280 GM went from company and their Resources were sold. . . that Issue is that whoever bought the assets don t identify themselves. Trust No 1.

Post by M Doshi,

7059468280 Called 3 times in W Min's. No voice send left

Post by Stop,

705-946-8280 It is NOT legit. Even if is don t call it back. I don t have Progressive GM or On star but I did 've my Automobile towed and serviced by Pep Lads. I was called by Pep Boys Distinct and People based number and acquired a few status Changes etc. Then this Amount shows Upwards twice in a Line with no message. . . I m going for Set on my tinfoil Cap here and state that they're a scam and have some tie in to that roadside help Software Program that Businesses like on star and progressive use. They Afterward use the for their advantage and do what James is suggesting. Of path it is valid Discussion that they could become a phone center that handles all of these companies. However I 've called and have been called by many telephone Facilities around the world and I 've NEVER seen an international area code. Beware.

Post by tee,

7059468280 That is a Roadside Company. I work for them. We have been not a scam the Amount that calls Outside is out of an automated telephone for let you personally understand about your service that was place Upward or calling for see your own service had arrived Though. Automated calls do no leave express mails. We Manage several American insurances and OE MS.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 Roadside help confirmation. Not spam

Post by Alex,

7059468280 . Dint tell Folks its road aid or something. I dint 've any car in the least but they keep calling me on a Routine basis APR 4 5 times a month . They could easily get any Information Around your own car and any Issues along with that simply by having accessibility for it. Just like when you got spam calls from India and other States Approximately that universe.

Post by Stranded in STL,

705-946-8280 Telephone was roadside help affirming a Pull truck was en route.

Post by ford taurus,

7059468280 its not a scam. its a road side support company verifying that you 've a tow Pickup on the manner and or for verify that your tow truck has been there. .

Post by Rob,

705-946-8280 I concur. Had my Automobile towed the morning by Cadillac and it was a confirmation call

Post by Gaylord,

7059468280 This is a number that On star uses during road side assist.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 Many automated line starts talking but I hang up

Post by Guest,

7059468280 triangle phone scam

Post by B,

705-946-8280 Received a telephone at 6 PM on 5 W W and a second phone at 6 PM on 5 W W. They did not leave a message. When I tried for telephone back it Merely rang and rang there was no response and I could not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 It s roadside help. NOT spam.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 don t understand who this really is

Post by Charlie,

7059468280 W W W is that number RIF road side service I used last week

Post by Joan,

705-946-8280 Got a telephone from the Amount and it could become legit Nonetheless I 'm not in my own Auto and did not phone for aid. Thus exactly why they called me I don't have any clue.

Post by Wo0kie,

7059468280 I don t live within Canada or haven t had my Automobile towed. They telephone my cell Telephone and don t leave messages. I don t reply numbers I don t understand I let them go for voice mail.

Post by lisa,

705-946-8280 It s Saul St Marie Ontario. If you personally live within your states it s an international call. It's the Firm that coordinates roadside help. I had to 've my battery jumped after that snowstorm.

Post by Beverly,

7059468280 Got a call at W W which I did not answer because although it showed the phone number it was marked UNKNOWN NAME. Telephone rang again at W W. By then I had already Go ogled your Amount and located the message board. It is a Roadside Assistance phone but they really Actually need for work on their Time. The automated message told me what company would become Buying up my car and telling me that I would gotten another call when that towing Business gets to my Dwelling. Your Huge Trouble with all that . . . . . your Automobile had already been picked Upwards TWO HOURS EARLIER. . . They don t provide you personally that Alternative of speaking to some real person.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 If this can be farmers roadside ID exactly why they would be calling me. I 've Us. . . . .

Post by Jove,

7059468280 Got a call from the Amount after I used ST Century Roadside Aid. I did t reply but there was a message from an automated callback for create sure I had gotten aid. They Really called 3 times 1 for tell me help was on the manner and 2 to tell me that help should 've arrived and if it did t I should telephone that Initial aid Amount. It appears the automated call does originate out of Salt Ste. Marie Canada.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 get off my line punk

Post by Guest,

7059468280 Telephone no response no message

Post by rev velveteen,

705-946-8280 Hi those who have On star or Roadside Assist these calls could possibly become legitimate for You personally but obviously they are NOT for other Individuals. I don t 've on star this is not MY roadside assist number I had not requested any roadside assistance and they did t leave a message. Perhaps they're spoofing your legit on star number thus it shows Upwards on Owner ID rather than your real number Considerably enjoy you personally or your own Pals might get email spam that appears for come out of your own address. But if those of you maintaining this is legit are in your U. S. why would your own on star telephone come out of an Ontario phone number. In any case if you personally think it's legit because you personally had roadside assistance that s Great but please don t bother posting here and Striving to tell your rest of people that we 're incorrect. The Amount might become correct for you but it indeed Has been spoofed and used for prohibited purposes as well. Comprehend.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 They re calling to affirm their Coming time

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 That is not spam. it t was an automated phone for let me know my assist had been dispatched.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 I got Usa and it was a confirmation for my road side assistance. I did t answer but they left an automated voice mail message Making me understand the service should be arriving.

Post by Nathan,

705-946-8280 Yes this can be an outbound just number out of ST Century Roadside assist to support service is on its way or has been Finished. If you don't response or do not press 1 or 2 or another option that system can redial until it's able to affirm you might have obtained or still Demand roadside help. Uncomplicated resolution is for answer the call and Select an Choice for Entire the service request. Menes groups Measure into your motive Feel your own passions Enrich your own authenticity Live within Liability and integrity. unremitting. com

Post by John Smith,

7059468280 Same same I got an odd phone telephone. Someone else posted Around getting their Auto towed. I Additionally got my Automobile towed Recently and they did same something Around a follow up survey. So I 'm pretty certain that's what that Amount is all about.

Post by Modembiker,

705-946-8280 GM went out of company and their Resources were Offered. . . that Trouble is that whoever bought the Resources don t identify themselves. Trust No 1.

Post by Jen,

7059468280 I got the telephone today Thursday at PM. My service was provided SUNDAY at 'm. I 've a brand fresh Toyota and called Toyota care for service a Level tire. On Sunday. A few random non Toyota service Vehicle came didn't Find that Firm name. Afterward they called me back Thursday night. They did t leave a message so I can t even verify that it was Linked for your Automobile service but perhaps it was. .

Post by Angela,

705-946-8280 It's an Ontario Canada number. . . . . . or Owner id lies. Had Automobile unlocked Recently.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 Do I understand you.

Post by not you,

705-946-8280 called got my machine. Subsequently called right back. knew it was Trash. not within my Place code. . wow I can consider they're still calling people I power saw Criticism since W WT people

Post by Tony,

7059468280 It s an outgoing just number from roadside help. It s legitimate.

Post by TJ,

705-946-8280 Had this number called for my house phone as it was for a nationally insurance claim it's legit. Not a scam Nevertheless if you personally would call back it DOES charge you.

Post by ToscasKiss,

7059468280 Sounds like they acquired a incorrect number which happened to be yours . Possibly the absolute best thing would be to response it and if there s an Alternative let them know that don t know if there surely is an Choice to talk for someone or leave a message .

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 Called twice at 6 W 'm with no message. Fully outside my calling Region.

Post by L,

7059468280 Had your Lincoln towed via the Lincoln Courtesy Roadside Service. This is a confirmation phone. . .

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 Progressive

Post by Sam,

7059468280 called my cell Telephone didn't leave a message. don t know anyone from Canada.

Post by Noel,

705-946-8280 Yes survey sounds correct I Only had my Automobiles towed Recently and Subsequently got a telephone from this number

Post by toby,

7059468280 They keep calling never Making a message. We re on that do not call registry.

Post by james,

705-946-8280 2 calls in W minutes no message

Post by Guest,

7059468280 spam scum bags

Post by lisa,

705-946-8280 It s Saul St Marie Ontario. If you live within your states it s an international telephone. It is the company that coordinates roadside aid. I had for 've my battery jumped after that snowstorm.

Post by Sharon k,

7059468280 I acquired a telephone and my Auto had just been towed so that s probably what it was. I was Operating and did t response.

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 This is probably the first number I have seen along with a spam score of W

Post by Guest,

7059468280 Schemers

Post by Stacy,

705-946-8280 do not answer or phone back. your own cell Telephone Business bills you. salesman Ontario is where the phone comes from.

Post by Clfy Jr,

7059468280 The number is for a telephone center that Addresses verification calls for many road side assistance Suppliers. It is not a scam Simply because it originates within Canada gee sh people . Only accepting a phone does not harm your own phone or cause you personally higher Telephone bills unless they telephone Amass . W of these telephone centers use VIP anyway and could Really be located anyplace in that universe. Within my last job I called and gotten calls from colleagues within Canada ALL The TIME. On that Favorable side if you personally received any road side help and get a phone out of the number You're Ok. On that negative side called id can be spoofed.

Post by ann,

705-946-8280 no message left

Post by cella,

7059468280 It s roadside assist. Locked my Recommendations in my own Automobile and they called.

Post by Vivian Roettger,

705-946-8280 Called 3 time a few min. apart. Said it was a Toyota Supplier and they had a telephone that I needed a tow. Phone back and provide them my vain Amount and info so they could set Upward a tow.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 I did t answer but I m confident it had something to can along with roadside help.

Post by Towing,

705-946-8280 Called me. It was People AA roadside assistance affirming your time to expect your towing service for arrive.

Post by lisa,

7059468280 It s Saul St Marie Ontario. If you live in your states it s an international telephone. It's the company that coordinates roadside support. I had to have my battery jumped after the snowstorm.

Post by Amanda,

705-946-8280 Agreed it s your roadside service calling to support.

Post by Wocket,

7059468280 2 calls w in an hour. no message.

Post by ToscasKiss,

705-946-8280 Sounds enjoy they acquired a wrong Amount which happened for be yours . Possibly your absolute best thing would become to response it and if there s an Alternative let them understand that don t know if there is an option for Speak for someone or leave a message .

Post by Guest,

7059468280 Roadside support Confirmation

Post by Dee,

705-946-8280 This can be not a scam phone number it s a phone back out of roadside assist. I have progressive insurance and used roadside Support to have my Automobile towed today and it s a survey about that service.

Post by NoName,

7059468280 Okay time for Place the all to remainder. This Amount is not a scam Amount. This Amount is registered for your Business that I work for called Cross Country Automotive Services. This is out outbound just number for inform customers of when they re roadside assistance can become arriving. We can roadside help for a number of Firms including GM Chrysler Ford Nissan Hyundai KIA Mazda Jaguar Acreage Rover Subaru ST Century Progressive among others. Until Lately we Additionally handled that towing for your Pull to Pep program which Lets customers to be towed to Pep Lads and have the Price of the tow added to their repair Invoice. That phone Centre I work for is located in Sodium Ste. Marie Ontario Canada. As far as calling that Amount back it s a waste of time as it goes nowhere.

Post by Wilbur517,

705-946-8280 Roadside aid through on star verifying service is on the way

Post by Shelly,

7059468280 No message left three calls in 1 minute

Post by LB,

705-946-8280 Had could possibly Auto towed but which was yesterday. . . . and I was dispatched to that tow Firm. they called and I Validated.

Post by Ugh! that's it!!,

7059468280 Got a telephone from this while I was talking to a Representative from roadside assistance. Did t understand the was Really from GM roadside support out of Canada for Us service. . . but anyways I did t response. Relieved for understand this can be not a telemarketer but absolutely no cheers for that international charge on my cell. . . .

Post by ford taurus,

705-946-8280 its not a scam. its a road side assist company verifying that you have a Pull truck on the way and or to verify that your Pull truck was there. .

Post by Dominic,

7059468280 Yes I called Nationally Insurance Roadside Help a couple times ago got a tow. Must be that same folks.

Post by Mike,

705-946-8280 Called 3 times within 1 minute.

Post by Chris,

7059468280 Actually this is the automated General Motors roadside support number calling you personally back with that expected arrival time on your own service like a Level tire

Post by Guest,

705-946-8280 Please let her know that I am aware

Post by Guest,

7059468280 It s for my roadside assistance confirmation

Post by Dee,

705-946-8280 W W W called twice within less than a minute and I eventually picked. I found it was related to having my Automobile towed. I pressed 1 for Check i had received service and it went on about a survey thus I hung Upward. it USN t spam they Merely need to know how that service was. I obtained 2 other calls and a text messages from other Amounts before my Auto was towed thus I m guessing it is all Attached Collectively for create sure I was a joyful camper.

Post by Guest,

7059468280 road side assistance thank you for calling to follow up.

Post by Barbara,

705-946-8280 Telephone twice in 1 minute

Post by David Francis,

7059468280 It s On star. When you personally call them they call you personally back to Confirm a callback number. No scam. Simply On star.

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3034692653 Complains by Guest,

Said he was with your copier Firm in the office. When asked what company he Put Upwards.

8184919797 Complains by Outraged,

I got a call just now regarding legal documents. They asked For my wife. I said wrong number!! She.asked if I knew her. I.said its my wife! Than gave me the 888 410 3843. I.asked what this was in regards to.. She could not answer and advised me to have my.wife.call the number before 8 p.m. I.than asked how she.got my number and she said it just comes up in the system. My wife calls and its a recording!!! This is a terrible hoax!!!

6015200914 Complains by Guest,

Block Amount from calling amp testing

8038100922 Complains by Robert Brunson,

Get PCs out of various W W xx xx numbers all that time. They re always telemarketers. I never response any calls out of that exchange anymore.

8328894062 Complains by Guest,

this Girl is harassing my son

8325643290 Complains by Michael,

I got a call out of this number as well it was telling me my verification code . I have no Thought what it means though. I live within the Us

8152805219 Complains by Guest,

I acquired a telephone from this Amount Today at Around 7 Aisha CST . They asked for someone not at the Amount not listing it here . I told them it was a erroneous number and they Put Upward.

2052085729 Complains by Guest,

This Amount called me last week and did t leave a message. i called back but your call could not become Finished.

7174898036 Complains by Guest,

Got a text out of this Amount Tonto saying quot I'm watching u quot Your owner Clearly wants a Cops report Submitted.

8180896431 Complains by Wguy,

scam alert

8003156050 Complains by Guest,

Again don t understand your number.

3152394237 Complains by Guest,

This really is a contact I received for a Recipe Network deal. I cannot get ah previous of anyone at this .

7632102299 Complains by Guest,

Hangs Upward on all phone es.

9043288160 Complains by Guest,


8182301470 Complains by sally,

Yes people do fall for this scam. Your callers are hard Key Indian or Pakistani scummier extortionists. What they are trying for do is scare you personally into paying cash for them but threatening you with all sorts of lousy matters. But of co use they can create your whole matter go away if you Only send them many cash by untraceable means. Generally by green dot cash Parks or something similar. Mad scam but it s Successful enough to keep them in company for years.

7738975685 Complains by Guest,


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