7064593119 / 706-459-3119

Telephone information: Powertel Atlanta Licenses. Dalton, GA. Whitfield. United states
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Post by Bella,

7064593119 I worked therre lol

Post by S Sabree,

706-459-3119 Acquired call 3 6 W and they knew my name. When I Inquired who she was it was thus muffled I could t comprehend and I kept asking her who was she and where was she calling out of then she Installed up. I m going to see if my cell Company may can a trace. Actually had enough of those Attempting to Take identities.

Post by Guest,

7064593119 How did you personally get my number. . . said nothing. I Put Upward. . Leave me alone.

Post by Guest,

706-459-3119 This Amount keeps calling and dozen t leave a message.

Post by Aggravated,

7064593119 Just as stated above. I keep getting Telephone calls but no ones there. When I telephone no response just an replying machine stating they are closed

Post by Stephanie,

706-459-3119 Called me twice first time I missed your phone and did t know who it was thus called back for get a thank you personally for calling our company is currently shut please telephone back BTW our normal business hours which are Mon Fri from 'm PM . . . and I was calling BTW those hours . Then obtained ANOTHER phone on SATURDAY not their Regular business hours . He did t speak Amazing English and identified himself as someone from vehicle processing Centre . . . he knew my name and my vehicle create model and year. He asked how many miles I had on my vehicle to which I told him that I was NOT giving him that data this was my personal cell Telephone number and I 'm on a do not telephone list thus I m not certain why he was calling me to Start with and within the Central of me telling him that I needed to be removed out of their list he Installed up on me.

Post by Sam,

7064593119 've had this Amount telephone twice. Once yesterday I Decided up and no response and Afterward Now did t Choose Upward and no voice mail was left .

Post by Guest,

706-459-3119 Repeated calls and hangups

Post by Cam,

7064593119 A foreign guy called and said he was with your Vehicle Processing Centre and that call was within Wishes for my expanded warranty. He asked how many miles were on my vehicle. He knew my name and what I drove. I reply that question because I idea the was legit because a had been receiving Words within the mail regarding extended warranties for my vehicle. He said he was transferring me to his supervisor as shortly as I replied his question Subsequently he hung up on me. Is the a scam or what.

Post by Guest,

706-459-3119 I vie received 6 calls within 2 times. Never leave a message and they don t quot reply quot when I Select Upward. Very weary of it and I m sure it s a few variety of scam.

Post by REPEAT,

7064593119 DITTO ON Your ABOVE. . . DID T Answer AND DID T Call THEM BACK. THEY Have CALLED MULTIPLE TIMES Within Your Previous TWO WEEKS OR So. . . BUT NO MESSAGES. GOING For Have For BLOCK The Number I Guess. I Get CALLS From DALTON GA Each 6 MONTHS OR Thus. . . So I Think WE RE ON A Turning Phone LIST OR SOMETHING.

Post by Cathy Franklin,

706-459-3119 I have been becoming his same call out of Dalton GA. But when you return that call you get a express send from a Firm in CA saying hours are from 7 'm 4 PM Pacific Time.

Post by Guest,

7064593119 I receive calls out of this number and it says Dalton Ga but are supposedly located in Calif. I 've Required to become removed from their call list but that calls keep coming. That is my company Telephone and I have for reply.

Post by Quitbotheringme,

706-459-3119 Been becoming calls from this Amount. They won t leave a message. Finally answered and Inquired what they Needed. Told him they had your erroneous number and they continue for telephone. . . .

Post by S Sabree,

7064593119 Received telephone 3 6 W and they knew my name. When I asked who she was it was so muffled I could t recognize and I kept asking her who was she and where was she calling from Afterward she Put Upwards. I m going to see my cell Supplier can can a trace. Actually had enough of those Attempting for Take identities.

Post by burn all scammers,

706-459-3119 Owner ID specifies only Dalton GA Owner inquires for Individual than starts on vehicle. When pushed for company states vehicle processing center for Chrysler will not supply Firm past that point. When Inquired for Web site states he isn't allowed to present that data. Owner Subsequently Installed up. This may help HTTP Web. ripoff report. com r Automobile Processing Center Santa Ana California Automobile Processing Center Vehicle Processing Centre Vehicle Protection Coalition Enterprise F W

Post by Guest,

7064593119 Don t want quot who ever quot that is to telephone.

Post by Kathy,

706-459-3119 Me overly. . about W minutes ago. Called on the home phone which is also on Don't Call list. He had my name and info Around among the cars that we no More own. I kept Attempting to Cease him but he kept correct on talking. So when I told him he shouldn't be calling and we no longer owned vehicle he was referencing he Inquired what we owned now. . Quite RUDE. . . I hung Upward on him. . something i don't Typically would. .

Post by Hickman,

7064593119 Yes I acquired a telephone around 2 p m Now of course I could not answer no voice send left. After reading these post I understand there's no use in calling back and I confident will not become replying if they should telephone back. I think these calls autumn Someplace under Harassment. Anyways tips were really Useful.

Post by REPEAT,

706-459-3119 DITTO ON That ABOVE. . . DID T Reply AND DID T Phone THEM BACK. THEY 've CALLED MULTIPLE TIMES Within That Previous TWO WEEKS OR So. . . BUT NO MESSAGES. GOING To Have For BLOCK Your Amount I Suppose. I Get CALLS Out of DALTON GA Each 6 MONTHS OR So. . . Thus I Think WE RE ON A Turning Phone LIST OR SOMETHING.

Post by S Sabree,

7064593119 Received phone today the time from a foreign sounding guy knew my name again and when asked said he was out of a processing Business but could t tell me what processing Business. I politely said not interested thank you personally and hung up.

Post by aggravated!,

706-459-3119 This number keeps calling and not Making a message. . . same as all another posts

Post by Quitbotheringme,

7064593119 Been getting calls from this number. They won t leave a message. Finally answered and asked what they Desired. Told him they had your incorrect Amount and they continue to call. . . .

Post by Scams,

706-459-3119 Telemarketing scams are the new E-mail spams. You'll receive many many more calls out of various Amounts. All the Amounts and caller ID s are faked spoof. Your criminals will use another fake number tomorrow and Afterward another the daytime after that and so forth. Telemarketing scams are on your rise and YES that Individual on the other Finish know they are Attempting to scam you personally which makes them criminal low lives too. Criminals don't care Around you personally Or your law. These calls arena t going for stop you may get many more value repeating . Don't Choose up. Don't bother pressing any buttons or wasting their time. They're criminals. Criminals don't attention. Never ever present out personal data around your Telephone. Never ever offer out personal info over your Telephone. Duplicate Replicate Duplicate. Notably don't provide private data over that phone for telemarketers that Call You personally. You'll not win anything there is no lowering of your credit card interest speed there is no home security computer repair Automobile Guarantee no medical alert Gadgets or no free government money. There is no company just criminals searching for steal your own identities and your own challenging earned money. Warn that elderly and warn your gullible. Take your time for let others know. Don t take that calls personally. A computer does all the work until you press a button. Afterward your phone is forwarded to a criminal User who efforts to steal your private info. Don t become a Casualty. Do not provide any personal data around the Telephone and Merely Blow off your calls. Never ever supply personal information around your phone. Not not empty name. Not not empty address. Definitely don't offer date of Start over the Telephone. Definitely don't provide your social security Amount around your phone. And definitely do not provide Monetary data over that Telephone. Beware of from your calling Place callers. Beware of Strange caller ID s. And hang Upward on unwanted automated telemarketing calls and unsuspecting calls. Don t allow criminals for waste your time. Discount their calls. Take that time for warn others report your calls for the Don't Phone Registry and beware.

Post by Tom,

7064593119 acquired a telephone on 2 W and Additionally again on 2 W. . . I did not Understand that Amount and no Amount or message was left.

Post by frustrated,

706-459-3119 've gotten EIGHT calls from these Individuals in your last week on my cell Telephone that is a private number any variety of question i ask they hang Upward on me. Simply called ten minutes ago PM 4 5 W . . Is there anything other than being on the DC list that can be done about the variety of matter. .

Post by Beware of Bogus Calls,

7064593119 This Individual called and said that they were from a Vehicle Processing Company. Inquiring about GM warranties and mileage on a Automobile. I told her unless a valid Firm shows Upwards on my caller ID don t anticipate me for answer any of her questions because she could be anyone. Vehicle Processing sounds enjoy a department in a company not a Firm thus what Business are you supposedly calling out of. She Put up. Just because GM had that ignition Trouble Recently. Fake people perhaps think they can phone and say buzz words like GM warranty and vehicle processing and You're going for Move around and present them Essential info. Do not autumn for it. Anytime there surely is a recall or a Difficulty the Producer consistently send you a card through the U. S Postal Service.

Post by Bonuslovethruster,

706-459-3119 Got a few calls from these jokers but wan t available for response them. Next just one I get I can Work} quite interested and keep them on your phone as long as possible to waste their time and jerk them around without giving any real Information of course. It might save a few Simple victims and piss them away at the same time.

Post by Stephanie,

7064593119 Called me twice first time I missed the telephone and did t understand who it was thus called back for get a thank you for calling our company is currently closed please telephone back BTW the normal business hours which are Mon Fri from 'm PM . . . and I was calling BTW those hours . Afterward obtained ANOTHER telephone on SATURDAY not their Ordinary company hours . He did t Chat Excellent English and identified himself as someone out of vehicle processing Centre . . . he knew my name and my vehicle make version and year. He Inquired how many miles I had on my vehicle for which I told him that I was NOT giving him that info this was my private cell phone Amount and I am on a do not call list thus I m not confident why he was calling me to begin along with and in that middle of me telling him that I needed to be removed out of their list he hung Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

706-459-3119 Has called several times and leaves no message

Post by Scammers looking to steal!,

7064593119 Any telemarketing telephone is illegal. Span. Don't don't Don't provide any personal info over the Telephone. Never provide info around the phone Particularly for callers that call you personally. Beware of Identification theft and financial fraud.

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8044147774 Complains by Guest,

West gate Resorts

8133585101 Complains by Andrea,

My Telephone display Telemarketer but understand message left from the. phone I gotten either.

9374582071 Complains by Guest,

news paper company

3095172411 Complains by Guest,

Just calls and hangs Upward.

7272868912 Complains by Guest,

Wanted me to Continue my reader s digest and NAT GEO. I haven't had for several Years. I am on your Don't Call LIST

8135632565 Complains by hobo,

company loan scam

8303580769 Complains by Guest,


9528816628 Complains by Guest,

sorry i may call u later Now.

8002756206 Complains by Guest,

The Owner could no longer receive messages out of the number

8002143126 Complains by Jay,

These are fake postings by an Staff of Amritsar.

8002533156 Complains by Guest,

Offered newspaper

8002352512 Complains by Annoyed,

calls 2 - 4 times a day, something about a student loan.. when called back, it's asking me to enter the extension of the person I want to talk to... can't even get to a real person

8002574601 Complains by Sacramento,

These folks are really Pleasant people very Useful and Fair. They care very much Around customer satisfaction. Many many Firms within that tax resolution company are unethical but at every measure of the way the Individuals at Amritsar Tax emphasize doing the appropriate thing. My experience with them has been Fantastic. No Gripes.

8002082639 Complains by Olivia,

Said they were Art and would credit me W dollars

8002442525 Complains by Me,

called back it was a Telephone sex line

8002048927 Complains by Oklahoma based,

I received a bogus AT amp T message out of this Amount directing me to your Web site did t go thus no Thought what the Website was Striving for get .

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