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Telephone information: . Robertsarm, NL. . United states
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Post by Mark,

7096520342 Michael from computer support called. Quite slow speaking with Indian accent. He request would you have a compote to which I said no . You don 've a compote. No I replied I don t consider within them . Line went dead. Perhaps he fainted. So I Put Upwards.

Post by Nancy,

709-652-0342 unwanted call

Post by rockinchan,

7096520342 If you might have VIP Net phone you can use their web Website such as Advertising com to Avoid particular Amounts. Works Fantastic for me. Each time I get a telemarketer telephone I add their number to that list. . . Growth. . . gone.

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Record that says quot goodbye quot

Post by R Thomas,

7096520342 've called twice within two days. I response and a female Registered voice says goodbye

Post by Sickofit,

709-652-0342 SCAM. Out of Pakistan Attempting to get you for pay for repairs for your computer. Screamed and blew a whistle within your rat Waste s ear.

Post by Courtney,

7096520342 Caller ID read Miles Cove. A man with an Feature sounding like he was from India told my husband that my husband s computer was delivering them don t understand which Firm he Mentioned messages that something was wrong. My husband asked for his name your man said John after pausing. My Partner hung Upward on him but not before asking what your man was trying for sell and did not get a clear answer. Appeared scam enjoy for sure.

Post by Sharon,

709-652-0342 Annoying calls Regular out of the number never leaves a message. Lately l decided for Finish this Trouble and updated my Don't Telephone data. After about 6 7 weeks waiting for it for work l still get your calls . Subsequently l decided for answer it and tell them l 'm on your list Don't Phone . Each time when l state Hi a female record says Great Bye. WT. And its happens enjoy that now about 3 5 times a week. Ln your past l 've had calls from out of area and answered that said at least twice a year that my computer is giving error messages and l demand for address these Issues. I tell him Ok Cheers quite definitely l can call my tech support l already pay for that covers all my computers. They get Attached Upward at that point and become speechless for a Second which Offers me the chance for hang Upwards. Afterward lam great for another 6 months. Actually makes me mad.

Post by rockinchan,

7096520342 If you've VIP Web Telephone you can use their web site such as Media com for Avoid particular numbers. Works great for me. Every time I get a telemarketer call I add their Amount for your list. . . Growth. . . gone.


709-652-0342 What a bunch of BS. Manner out of Offshore. He calls again I ll supply him a hear full he may never forgot

Post by Guest,

7096520342 I vie read Opinions that this could possibly become a scam or phishing and I don t need for locate Outside that I m stuck with long distance Fees. I live within Ontario Canada .

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Scam. Desired for fix my computer. . . . . accessibility info.

Post by Sue,

7096520342 Called and left no message. I don't know anyone within Canada thus likely a scam telemarketer or erroneous Amount.

Post by Chuck,

709-652-0342 Substantial Indian Highlight and Short tons of noise within the History Showing this is a boiler room and your Man Promised to be out of Your Computer Department of Microsoft . Laughable. I tried to keep him on your Telephone as long as I could but when he told me he had multiple warnings that my computer was giving him I could t keep that sarcasm from my express when I said Oh Actually how interesting please tell me more which made him hang Upward. Simply a complete tool would fall for something this idiotic and Mindless. Reported them to your FCC since it s a Don't Phone violation but I uncertainty that may would anything.

Post by Guest,

7096520342 Don t understand the person. Did not answer

Post by michael barnes,

709-652-0342 Please stop calling. Obtained 5 calls within the last W hours

Post by Court,

7096520342 Caller named John along with Highlight that sounded enjoy he was out of India told my husband that my Partner s computer was giving his company which he did t identify messages that it was having problems and that he could help fix them. Sounded enjoy scam appropriate away bat. My Partner Inquired caller for tell him what he was selling Owner did not answer question. Husband told caller for remove our telephone number out of their database. Called number back was disconnected. My caller id read Miles Cove and that scam number was W

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Hang Upward phone on my cell Telephone. These nuisance calls need for Quit. Where is the phone Firm in all of this abuse. . . .

Post by Guest,

7096520342 Says quot Goodbye quot . Keeps calling.

Post by Linda K,

709-652-0342 Acquired a telephone out of this Amount W W W on July 3 W at 2 W pm. No 1 was Dwelling for answer the Telephone and no message was left. As I could see out of other posts it's another phone from your so called computer tech scampers Considerably enjoy the just one I received on June W W at 2 W PM from another number W W W caller id showed Ba Hello Nail However the Man on that phone obviously East Indian claimed to become calling from Fast Computer Support as I allegedly had some Trouble along with my computer. He claimed his name was Shane Watson. I told him which was Fairly the American name for him to use. He also Offered me a number to telephone which I did not phone 1 W W W

Post by Denise Marie,

7096520342 Some Stupid Indian accented Man called me saying that there surely is something erroneous along with my computer and he has for show me your reports. I told him for tell me your windows Applications I 'm using to prove if it was Actual or not. He did t recognize my question and continuously began for mimic me. I told him for pass the Telephone to some Supervisor and he ongoing for laugh. After that I told him to go for school get a real Occupation and Cease harassing Folks at their Dwellings.

Post by Courtney,

709-652-0342 This really is your fake Pc tech trust game. Essentially some fiend within a boiler room Typically within South Asia desires to coax you into dropping your firewall and security measures and play Damage with your own system Maybe with the Target of Subsequently selling you personally your solution for that problem they caused. Worse Though they May}n' plunder your own tough drives for whatever can become Offered or used against you personally. If your own credit account data are volunteered or Taken there is no Finish to the trouble which could possibly follow from all their Legal Pals. Your scampers count on most computer owners being Machine users who don t recognize what s under the hood and being easily misled. They might State for 've a stack of complaints because your own system is spewing spam or else instruct the user to open a shell and appearance at perfectly innocuous system feedback and claim there's something dangerous happening. This is that Pc same of that crooked auto mechanic who squirts oil on your own axle and wants W for fix your non damage. That dumber ones claim to become out of the Windows Corporation or that Microsoft legal department or something as implausible. Their actual knowledge of personal computers is constantly pitifully low as reported many times when Actual Computer techs are called. Sometimes their order of English is small better. Regularly the reps become hostile and curse you personally out if you indicate any type of informed Weight. Microsoft is not running any continuous crisis alert system and is surely not going for run a Change tech support telephone Centre Focused for Composing each of people a trouble ticket. If a billion dollar International corporation won t Check your own every mouse gesture exactly why would you personally grant such invasive accessibility to some two bit repair shop you personally vie never heard of. Don't follow any Directions out of these goons and don t offer them any satisfaction of making you upset. Here s the verdict direct from Microsoft Avoid Technology support Telephone smashups Web. Microsoft. com security online Solitude avert phone scams. phone pretending to become from Microsoft tech supports answers. Microsoft. com en people windows f . . . E abbot's Comfort came that first week within October W as that FTC spanked entire gangs of these creeps with damage awards. FTC Halts Massive Tech Support Scamp Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W pecan. sham

Post by Gail G,

7096520342 When I picked Upward no 1 was there. I Lay} there for a few seconds in silence. Then I heard an automated system say Good bye and they hung Upward. I 've your No Soliciting service from Century Link thus they had to press 1 for even make my Telephone ring.

Post by rockinchan,

709-652-0342 Same deal. Call out of W W W in Minnesota too.

Post by Guest,

7096520342 I get a call 3 4 times a week it's Miles Cove NIL

Post by MN,

709-652-0342 These morons call me at all hours of that daytime and night. Finally I answered and was Capable to Speak to someone. Some computer scummier Striving to get Rural accessibility for my computer Ian t happening pal. They get really upset if you personally tell them you work in a computer fraud department or computer security. Thus Way Destination t received any more calls.

Post by jess,

7096520342 Got a call telling me my computer is busted and Around to crash. I m sick of these stupid calls even after telling him to take my Telephone Amount off his calling list. I know your own a scam er Johnny

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 It keeps calling and just a recorded express saying quot good bye quot . I'm sure its a scummier and I am certain they re Striving to figure out when your best time to phone is.

Post by Dawson Murphy,

7096520342 Same number has called me Around W W times within about two weeks

Post by rockinchan,

709-652-0342 Same Amount as a lot of these messages W. Same crap.

Post by Linda,

7096520342 I picked up the call because I adore to mess along with telemarketers. Your Man using an Evident Indian Feature I personally live the Feature and 've nothing against your people and he said quite slowly which he was along with Microsoft and he was calling Around my computer. I asked him what was wrong within a very nervous voice. He Began into the crap about my computer having Malawi and viruses. After a bit he got a good breath within and I told him how really frightened I was because Microsoft managed to infringe my Mac Novel. He sighed and Installed Upward. gt If you personally ever need an excellent joke appearance up grandparent on YouTube. Your guy is famous for messing along with telemarketers.

Post by Oswaldo Medina,

709-652-0342 gt gt He entered my computer Lt Lt Since that scummier accessed the computer they probably did 1 or more of this Disabled your anti virus Applications Added a lot of Malawi to the computer Copied your Contact List thus they can email the soon to be ex Pals Copied any Fiscal Info or Accounts they could locate Compromised the ID Zombies your computer thus it would Reply to THEIR orders sent via Net Deleted some important files Asked for cash for fix your damage they caused Now what could you personally would. 1. Pull the cables on the computer thus it cannot access that Net. 2. Shift ALL passwords Saved on that computer. Run Not empty Malawi scans on that computer within SAFE mode. 4. Shift that passwords again especially if the Malawi scans showed anything. Contact bank and credit card Businesses. Hint Upward for credit monitoring and check that status Generally. Possibly bring your computer to your local fix shop and tell them that Storyline. 8. Tell Buddies what happened thus they can be conscious of unexpected emails out of you. Plug in that computers simply AFTER all your above 've been done. Shift the Accounts on all online Reports. Recall honest computer companies don't cold call people for tell them their computers demand fixing. You personally were exposed for one of these scams and you personally might be susceptible for others mentioned on the Website HTTP Telephone help. Truth. com factored. to return here for notes. com after you personally appearance at any of that info at that site either to post more data or for let's understand you avoided the scam or fixed the computer Right.

Post by Chuck,

7096520342 Shows as Newfoundland on Owner id. Left no message

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Continually calling. I refuse for reply the phone. When answering machine comes on they hang up. They are becoming annoying. What is with the do not phone list. . It does no good.

Post by Guest,

7096520342 same guy called back. . not long after I hung up on him. . . He stated that we'd by disconnect. . I said quot no that I had hung Upwards on him quot . and I Put Upward again. . . . .

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 claims there s something wrong along with my computer. Keeps asking if I m there. I request a question and got record that terminated call.

Post by Guest,

7096520342 keeps calling telling you personally something is wrong with your computer please go to computer thus we could mend problem. Additionally hang ups

Post by M,

709-652-0342 He s called every daytime the week he says he s calling out of Texas caller ID on my Telephone says it s Miles Cove NIL Newfoundland. Says he s a certified Microsoft Technician. I told him he was packed with Bull and he said he did t comprehend. Lola. I told him for not phone me back.

Post by rockinchan,

7096520342 Same deal. Telephone from W W W in Minnesota overly.

Post by emoney,

709-652-0342 I played along last week along with the scummier for some time. I brought online a Windows PX machine in my own Vampire environment to allow him to Link and Weight their Fake software. The company is . com Web. . com or FM Cd . They telephone pretending for have data Around your own computer s Difficulties then try and sell you a support contract. I did t indication Upward obviously but your tech proceeded for do clean up work . They ll offer you personally false data about what you see in that computer event logs and tell you they need to mend them. Half way after installing a Collection of insignificant Applications they switch and tell you personally for pay about W subscription Price for continue that work. I got a lot of enjoyment watching them run within circles. . . but now they re calling back telling me to pay up. I Lola. Also this really is the headquarters within Texas. . . a Pleasant looking Dwelling in a suburban Region by your DOW airport W Keep Creek Doctor. Hurst. TX. Google Street See HTTP Web. Google. com maps Set W Keep C . . . abide

Post by LILY C,

7096520342 A Girl having an substantial accent mentioned that my computer is not getting Microsoft Upgrade obviously some kind of scam. I told her I did t 've any Microsoft Applications and she hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Called said computer had sent him an Malfunction message. Desired to turn on computer and he will send error message for me for see. Amusing thing is my computer was not on. Sounds enjoy a scam

Post by Guest,

7096520342 Hmm computer fix center sure I constantly phone Newfoundland to fix my MN COMPUTER. .

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 I was becoming calls out of the number a few times a week. Never left a message. I go ogled it an there was info there. It originates within the Holland and they attempt for get computer Information out of you personally Underneath your guise that they are some kind of tech support. The last time they called I was sitting appropriate by that phone so I answered quot Stockton Police Dept fraud division quot He said quot what. quot and I repeated myself and Inquired how I could direct his call. He Installed Upwards and they Getaway t called back. LOLA Trust it sticks.

Post by Oswaldo Medina,

7096520342 I take it he called you told you about reports he was becoming from your computer and you had viruses. He was lying. Computers don t send reports enjoy that. Your just way he could enter your computer is if you let him within. Did you personally kind what he told you for kind. Did someone else type what he told them to type. If no 1 within your house did enjoy he said Afterward he did t enter your computer. If you personally did type the Things he told you personally to he got within and may have installed viruses. Turn off and unplug your own computer. Take that System to a locally owned geek run computer fix Put. Tell them what happened and pay them for reverse that damage.

Post by Oswaldo Medina,

709-652-0342 I take it he called you personally told you personally Around reports he was becoming out of your computer and which you had viruses. He was lying. Computers don t send reports enjoy that. That just way he could enter your computer is if you let him within. Did you kind what he told you to kind. Did someone else kind what he told them to kind. If no 1 in the home did like he said then he did t enter your own computer. If you did kind the Items he told you personally to he got in and might 've installed viruses. Turn off and unplug your computer. Take the Structure to a locally owned geek run computer repair Put. Tell them what happened and pay them for undo that damage.

Post by Guest,

7096520342 Needed to display me on my computer what Difficulties they he found on it. . . Exactly why would I get someone out of Newfoundland for fix it . . He Afterward told me he was out of Texas. . . . He said there must be something wrong along with my phone when I asked exactly why NEWFOUNDLAND Arrived Upward on I. D. . . sounds like another phone scam Lover. . .

Post by megan,

709-652-0342 The Amount has been calling my grandma and of course she dozen t answer and they leave a message and it sounds like they're yelling Perish. And it s not simply scaring my grandmother but our family as well

Post by Temple East,

7096520342 I Merely got a phone out of the same Amount and I 've obtained many calls from India telling me that my window s is fake. I know it's not. I am thus Ill and tired of them bothering me. I have complained to the government Around it on there do not call list site and it's becoming on my nerves where can we go for real help on getting all numbers enjoy this blocked without it costing us money

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Merely had phone telling me he was out of American Express Security Section and asking if I was having any Issues with my card. When I refused he then told me it is a survey. Watch Outside as they are looking for me for offer my Amount. I recognized that number from several calls before telling me they are out of Microsoft and there surely is a report that my computer is having Issues. Desired for help me out and correct the Trouble. Do not supply them anything. Wow. Disconnect ethics phone number as 1 scam to that next.

Post by Guest,

7096520342 Same as others. Computer telling me great bye. Wonder if it is Associated to shopping at Goal Stores.

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Went online to Oregon state boaters Security path it Desired foxfire to work now my computer dozen t work in any respect and I am getting these Telephone calls

Post by Guest,

7096520342 Calls and dozen t leave message.

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Keeps calling and is Dosing my Web. I reported them for the FCC and I Promote you personally to do your same

Post by rockinchan,

7096520342 Same deal. Call out of W W W in Minnesota overly.

Post by Linda,

709-652-0342 This person Victor has been calling every day and I let it go to your answering machine but no message was left. My Man replied the phone this morning and Victor said he was calling from Microsoft and the computer was pumping Outside spam and Malawi. My Partner said good bye and Installed Upwards. I 'm in California.


7096520342 Man was not from the People OR CANADA. Change hard for understand. Needed me for Go on line with him. I said No I just got out of that hospital along with a poor Leg . Next Time I may block his phone or Only not pickup

Post by Guest,

709-652-0342 Needed for repair computer. When returned call Amount disconnected. Presuming scummier

Post by Guest,

7096520342 Report them to your National Do not Call List this is a shady company

Post by Gina,

709-652-0342 Caller ID ROBERT S ARMONK. Phone number W. Did not answer that phone they did not leave a message. I 'm within MN.

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8165251652 Complains by Guest,

The has not been my address for three years. No Bowen Martin or other perversions of my name Dwelt there either. My address is that one I 've on my account and that's that one connected with my Telephone number. Plus Checkmate. com has Released slanderous data Around me maintaining I have other aliases that I don't asserting that persons I don t know are relatives and maintaining that I have arrests within my previous. These are Clear lies. Checkmate is Responsible of libel. I suggest you personally discontinue your own business along with that Firm. It's Clearly unreliable and again it has libeled me. I may sue if it does not remove those lies.

3146627475 Complains by Guest,

credit card service

9012701631 Complains by Guest,

Following me

3478289783 Complains by Guest,

threatening call to Offer a Guarantee by police did not even ask for a Individual or name returned telephone and the Amount Solutions as quot Legal Investigations quot

5056886623 Complains by Guest,


8705632275 Complains by Guest,

constantly block

5049404582 Complains by Guest,

Yes I did get calls and text out of this number. Picture text messages

8763648820 Complains by Guest,

This really is a Fake call posing as Publisher s Clearing House to Eventually attempt to get cash from the Owner.

8002002256 Complains by rkdc,

Don't fall for this. It is obviously a scam.

8002095130 Complains by Dan H,

I acquired nine . calls out of this Amount to my cell within your last three times. I never replied as I Generally don t reply toll free Amounts or those out of Place along with no ID. I called your number back once but it just rang and rang at least a dozen times and no reply or message. I vie Enrolled my phone three times around your last two years on that do no telephone list. What great could it be. Does anyone know who s making these calls.

8001383304 Complains by Sadegh Khamooshi,

the number calling me out of At amp T and abusing me. I understand they're fake and nothing from Actual AT amp T because they 've Indian Highlight.

8002202018 Complains by anonymous,

They are collecting for Midland Credit Direction even after a stop page they telephone after an attorney has Midland Credit Direction Discontinue calling. I got lucky as your Congressman was as Stupid as they can get and told me he is collecting for Midland Credit Direction.

8002083287 Complains by Guest,

Text out of the number Around your Disney Dayton Vacation for 4 along with purchase of a Automobile Rent.

8002176322 Complains by jk,

the same number W W W called my Buddy saying she owned a payday loan. . . she never had a loan. scam

8002113328 Complains by KARL JONES,


8002081057 Complains by Guest,

When you personally reply this Amount all it says is thank you personally and goodbye or you are able to hear them talking.

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