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2016-06-12 10:48:17
Si Il vows Apple D's voter tel cellular telephone. . Il y UN fa con P} blocker Les numb Rios unveil. . . sorry I am English and Striving moi T AI Fiat ca. . . com me ca l Apple Va direct a la bite Oral. .
2016-02-16 09:09:48
Credit One Group Telephone can phone you personally W times a day
2016-02-15 21:33:24
2016-02-15 21:16:45
Don t answer
2016-02-15 21:16:44
called and asked did i go for Walmart
2016-02-15 21:07:36
not nice
2016-02-15 21:07:35
hoe on that highway. desperate guy.
2016-02-15 21:06:10
Obtained calls on three Straight times from this number let it Fall for express send but no message left. Additionally have been becoming calls out of its Friend number W W W
2016-02-15 20:59:09
This number is a annoying and wont st top taxing ever body at work and i dint know how the number got mine or anybody's Elise's
2016-02-15 17:56:41
Telephone calls along with no just one on line when Decided Upwards.
2016-02-15 17:25:47
2016-02-06 07:57:20
I Additionally met him on a dating Website. He uses your name Gilbert Jackson. Fake profile. I blocked him.
2016-02-06 07:53:50
called at 2 PM. Owner id revealed CC FOP TX. It Truly scared me a bit. I notion it was a Joke Telephone phone until I go ogled that Amount.
2015-12-21 08:07:18
unknown caller
2015-12-20 20:24:49
I received a phone out of W W W and having read other messages here I consider I understand what they are if not who. My credit is Exceptional because I pay my bills on time something credit card Businesses Hate . Around 4 years ago I had a Question with a credit card company which went bankrupt. They proceeded to make claims that I owed them money less than W. W although your debt had been PAID Within Not empty AND I Could Demonstrate IT. They had no phone number for telephone thus I was Required to send several certified Words return receipt Required to them which they entirely ignored except for hint that return receipts . They continued to send standard bills for several months without ANY acknowledgement of my communications along with them. About a year later I Began becoming letters out of a Set agency a group of goons Someplace who when I called rudely refused for show any evidence of debt We don t Do that Friend. and insisted I Simply pay I don t Do that Madame. . Their Words stopped after a few months. A year or more After I gotten a few Set Words out of yet another Lot of goons. These I ignored. A few months Past I received some quite favorable Words out of Though another agency which tried to create a Cope regarding that alleged debt offering Savings and Looking for help . What a joke. I ignored these Additionally. A few days ago on my Th birthday I got a pare Fixed correspondence out of an alleged law Organization demanding a response within W days of what one might ask . Your Amount demanded is now more than 5 times that of your preceding demand. Several days ago I got that phone out of W W W. Established on the letters here it s Evident for me that whoever is calling is attempting for ascertain that I exist. It May}n' also be a childish Test for harass and intimidate. Perhaps that is a mild type of terrorism. Contemplating that disreputable nature of the original in my case it s not surprising that such M F's exist for would their bidding for a few crummy dollars. My Guidance is for ignore them completely whether you owe them or not but Notably if you personally don t. They may already have damaged your credit thus exactly why reward them with any thought. F'S em I say. If they can t can business within a civilized manner they can K's my S's. In my own case I don t care if they sue. If they would they may LOSE. A final notice About W years ago I was harassed by the same type Lender viewing a disputed Total of about W. W. Fortunately my Na vet Added me to your Attorney who took the collection letters and about two months After sent me a Assess for 1 W. W my share of an excellent extracted within National Court for that Lender s violation of a few National Law designed for shield debtors. In the current anti Client climate which exists in this State I uncertainty that protection still exists but it May}n' become value looking into. DON T Become INTIMIDATED.
2015-12-20 04:10:04
unknown call
2015-12-20 02:52:28
Got ext MSG Now out of W W W. . . Clearly scummier call. . no reports. on it till now
2015-12-19 17:20:43
Calls every daytime at that same time This is total harassment with these telemarketing Businesses it should become illegal. Cease calling.
2015-12-19 11:22:04
2015-12-19 11:16:22

Phone list in area 710

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
7104185726Automated message stating that the Government was suing me and I was for call W W W. Seeking that quot W quot number reveals scam warnings. Guest12015-11-05 01:59:40
7104678912NothingGuest52015-11-05 05:54:40
7106789122Female causing military work issueGuest52015-12-16 17:14:48
7104107069they telephone each night. I haven't spoken for them. Guest32015-11-05 11:54:40
7105327834block it allGuest52015-12-16 09:24:36
7109209948W Savannah Fold deer park TXGuest42015-12-09 10:11:56
7107792836eagle Lt a ref quot HTTP . com quot gt Lt a gt Guest42015-11-06 20:46:40
7104027029Automated service selling School informationGuest62015-12-15 01:43:39
7102019286Name maxGuest92015-12-14 21:51:05
7102013266Erroneous Amount keeps calling. Guest212015-11-07 07:18:40
7104225252CopGuest12015-11-07 09:51:44
7106662222They keep calling me and telling me they are from windows computer and that I have viruses on my computer that they want to help me fix the problems but I didn't trust them and hung up on them.Guest72015-11-07 15:25:40
7103752178We had the same as Meron had, only this guy said we had finally won after all thease years after a couple of questions we asked the line was cut offScott52015-12-14 02:26:55
7105008494Caller ID was " US Government" Woman called for an unknown person for collection with office like background noise.Guest202015-11-08 00:50:40
7105009207I dont want to be bother with this numberGuest82015-12-09 09:24:03
7102911404Still calls all hrs of the night needs to be block.Guest52015-12-14 19:38:58
7102043234Don't answerGuest32016-02-15 21:16:45
7102043225called and asked did i go to walmartGuest52016-02-15 21:16:44
7102018276Says he is an investigator and tried strong arming an unpaid debt like a shylock. Don't answerGuest82015-12-18 19:29:41
7102629713phone calls with no one on line when picked up.Geri72016-02-15 17:56:41
7102530410Credit One Collection Call, will call you 10 times a dayGuest62016-02-16 09:09:48
7102019206Received a call from this number stating that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and I needed to call another number.Guest12015-11-10 05:03:40
7105914460suspicious scamGuest32015-11-10 05:18:40
7102012276Spam. Bogus IRS lawsuit claim. Don't worry, it's fake.Guest22015-11-10 18:00:40
7105759013calling my cell number when I'm on the do not call register.Guest12015-11-10 18:55:40
7105440981They called saying it was an important phone call that I had won some money and wanted me to call back, which I didn't.  I think it was from American Lottery Company.  You could tell he had a deep accent.Marylee42015-12-16 04:07:13
7102017246Automatic record voice claiming to be the IRS claiming that this is the final notice for a law suit and that I need to call back at this number 028641319.Guest12015-11-11 13:15:40
7102217000african bankGuest12015-11-12 00:54:44
7107509741Prerecorded message said they were collecting for the IRSGuest12015-11-12 09:49:40
7102017216A message was left saying they are the IRS and have a lawsuit against me. Then they told me to press a series of numbers for more information, which I did not doGuest42015-11-13 04:02:40
7106255261They keep calling me and saying they will kill meGuest12015-11-13 07:45:44
7102010216IRS is suing me. Call them back.Guest22015-11-13 19:59:40
7102629703Loserrrrr.Guest62016-02-15 17:25:47
7103012712diabetes medical serviceGuest42015-12-16 11:32:16
7102751782Would not reveal identity. They texted out of no whereGuest52015-12-10 02:48:22
7102019296Got a call that there is a case filed by IRS and asked to call back a different number.Guest12015-11-14 16:34:40
7102012206Called a PRIVATE, UNLISTED Employer-issued cell. No message left. WHO IS THIS and what do they want?Guest52015-12-16 13:59:33
7102282102Big MacsRonald McDonald62015-12-09 02:25:43
7102014256Robocall alledgedly from IRS. Did not use my name, but claimed IRS was about to start a lawsuit. Sounded like a scam to me. Did not call the number that the left as the message was garbled.Guest12015-11-15 08:26:40
7108485889612 689 7080Guest52015-12-08 13:42:35
7109209624Call came through my home phone ----when I answered it the call disconnected. When I called it back it was just of mailbox recordingGuest62015-12-16 03:50:40
7107058888pervertGuest82015-12-16 14:18:35
7102273490hoe on the highway.desperate man.Guest62016-02-15 21:07:35
7106611003Find out da callerREG15772015-12-16 19:01:37
7102011296Middle Eastern accent said he was calling from "Fedex" (sounded like fidicks) he said he has a "small package for delivery" and wanted to confirm my address, and a name of a person living here. i gave him a hard time, and he gave up and hung up. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION. they want to confirm information for future harasment callsJohn62015-12-09 14:53:26
710825708410 calls - want to return calls but can't get thru to caller would like to know name ?Guest12015-11-17 09:20:40
7108050030Tx message in middle of the nightGuest42015-12-09 11:20:00
7105411689Sandy works at Dale County Juvenile Services.Guest62015-12-18 18:45:53
7102011256HonostyGuest52015-12-09 04:49:52
7109209340don't call me againGuest62015-12-10 15:11:31

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