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2017-08-09 02:25:27
These people keep calling and leaving threating messages
2017-08-03 18:59:56
Same as other descriptions. Says his name is Jason Marshall and wanted to contact someone with a similar name to mine. Get a job Jason and hope you get an anal wart!
2017-07-18 22:58:35
I got a call from an unknown number first saying they are in my area and won't to serve me papers for a legal matter. And i said papers for what then she said to call 866 204 9647 then I called an they said they have a judgement on me and I have to make payments or go to court then I hung up and they called back from 716 562 3761
2017-07-13 17:48:36
Rude person wanting me to confirm info of my passed away mother in law but won't give me info - he reads me addresses and DOBs and I tell him I can't confirm anything specific other than the name he provided is deceased. I called back to ask the name of the company and he got all hot and told me to go have a good breakfast as I was miserable. Seems like a scam to me...
2017-06-22 05:22:05
Called me also about a legal matter from Joseph Kramer
2017-06-07 19:14:52
Called my number and left message saying they are from Pionner Credit Recovery. If they are an official company why they hide. I believe Pionner Credit Recovery was found to have bad rating and a lot of spams and abusive tratment.
2017-06-01 16:34:41
716 442 2011 block them...
2017-05-22 17:34:02
Called, I picked up & got dead air. So I called back, womans voice on mailbox says for Trevor Cornis (not sure about spelling of last name.)
2017-05-09 23:26:13
I received a call from this number. I answered and there was no answer. I called the number back and a lady answered she asked me if this was numbert that I was calling from that the call was made to, I said yes but it wasn't. While she was checking the number I asked her what company this was and it sounded like she said Groupon so I repeated what I thought she said. She when said I didn't find this number you are calling me from. I asked her if she said Groupon she quickly said no and hung up in my face. If this call to me legitimate then why not answer my question, "What company is this?" Why hang up in my face? You be the judge.
2017-05-09 13:05:08
Got a message from 7163280166 saying they were Time Warner Cable / Spectrum but not sure if it is fake.
2017-04-11 20:59:14
716-770-1213 is a number that calls and threatens to imprison me for a debt I never made nor heard of nor is it on any of my credit reports. They have asked for my minor childrens social security numbers and said I could only avoid jail by paying them. STOP THESE TERRIBLE PEOPLE PLEASE!
2017-03-29 16:00:56
They called my employer to verify my the last 4 of my social , but when she told them they need something in writing they hung up
2017-03-27 21:20:28
I received a text after posting a listing on Craigslist. Said "U still have it". This text made no sense pertaining to my posting. SPAM!
2017-03-25 06:31:31
Left a voicemail on 11 year olds phone saying a formal complaint had been filed against her dad and stated his name to call back and left the name to call or have an attorney call them back. Ladies said her name was Jennie Herron.
2017-03-21 23:35:55
A man named Chris Brucknell called from NY (716) 504-6994 looking for my husband or his attorney, one of my children, my Ex-brother / Ex-sister -in-laws, and 3 other people Ive never heard of. Said something about Case files in regards to them and needed to speak with them. I wanna know how this Troll got my number or even knows if I even Know these people. Sounds to me like he Trolled around on my Facebook page, because my phone number is Private. Its a Collection Agency, I'd assume and they can LOOSE MY NUMBER. I'm no Snitch.
2017-02-20 17:01:49
Received a text at 10:55 AM 2/20/2017 from "Keybank" where I do NOT have an account saying: "[Key-Bank] Urgent Message Please Call : 7163626377"
2017-02-16 15:56:42
Calls three times in a message, when I do answer no one there
2017-02-15 04:03:54
A man called me in reference to my ex-husband. Go figure, we get divorced and he stops paying his bills since I'm not there to make sure they get paid. Bound to happen, I just hate that my number is still on record as being related to him at all. But that is all this number is.. a debt collector. My phone shows the number was unavailable, but they left a voicemail and left their number.
2017-02-01 02:22:29
This company has called me at least 10 times. They have called my mother-in-law and my father-in-law who are divorced and live in two different houses, neither of which house I have ever lived in. The man claims to be looking for me so that he can discuss submitting a pending pre-legal claim review. My mother-in law spoke to the man who stated that he was Joe Vecho from the Silver Manor Suit was trying to contact me. So I called the phone number he had given my mother in law and had to leave a voicemail. It sounded like any other cell phone voicemail and not a business. "Joe" called me back about 5 minutes after I left him a voicemail. I answered and said,"Hello." He said, "Hey this is Joe." I told him that I has called because he told my mother-in-law it was URGENT that he talk to me. Then Joe asked me to verify my social security number and date or birth. I declined and asked for information regarding the company he was calling from. He stated he was calling from N.A.R.T. but would not give any information about what the call was regarding. When I wouldn't verify my information he got very nasty saying that he was trying to be nice but because I was being a B***H and uncooperative he would just take me to court regarding the civil matter. I again asked what this was in reference to? (Because I do not owe anyone any anything!) He said he needed to verify my social security to make sure I was the person I said I was. I reminded him that I was the one who called and left a voicemail for HIM including my name and phone number after he contacted my in-laws and that I felt that me calling him was verification enough. He proceeded to say that I was being a B***H that he was hanging up. I said, "FINE, this B***H will see you in court!" This is a SCAM! DO NOT give ANY INFORMATION TO this man, anyone from the company NART, or ANYONE claiming to be "submitting a pre-legal claim" that requires additional information from you to be submitted. There are MULTIPLE complaints on the internet.
2017-01-31 15:49:23
This phone number keeps calling and saying they need to deliver certified documentation to my address of place of employment from 2 to 5 pm and they are from COC. From Ohio

Phone list in area 716

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
7169026066A lady with a very heavy Feature called. Assessed reverse look Upward prior for returning telephone. She said she was in the Irs and to call instantly or action would be Chosen. She threatened that I would 've for Cope with that Cops. Guest382015-11-04 15:31:16
7162004275Fresh York buffaloGuest322015-11-04 15:42:07
7164912974I acquired a call out of the Amount and they had dialed that erroneous number. They did t offer to sell me anything but I thought I should post this Upwards. Riverside Auto Insurance. . org Magnolia Method Riverside CA W W WCecille Crary52015-12-16 18:01:51
7162807577Never answerGuest1802015-11-04 16:34:39
7164783606attempt to Accumulate a so called Invoice of my brother. Guest1102015-11-04 16:51:40
71638067431 text. go for HTTP Www. goal. com. pod. biz . State id W Enter W to claim your FREE W Target gift card. Guest32015-11-04 16:54:10
7165644915First Source Edge likes to phone under Rest Red Phone or BLOCKED Phone. This really is a Libraries company. Credit MASTERCARD AMERICAN Express ETC. . . . Guest242015-11-04 16:54:12
7162591882idiotsGuest1062015-11-04 17:01:54
7165983374Dint not pick up . Guest82015-12-16 11:04:00
7165802179Time wasterGuest52015-12-14 20:54:52
7167152865Peculiar guyGuest52015-12-15 15:02:22
7162352361Group agency calling incorrect number will not Quit. Guest342015-11-04 17:28:07
7168679362Called, I picked up & got dead air. So I called back, womans voice on mailbox says for Trevor Cornis (not sure about spelling of last name.)CC92017-05-22 17:34:02
7164041850payday loanGuest72015-11-04 17:39:10
7168038687Automobile insurance spamGuest32015-11-04 17:46:05
7166267640An Significant message please hold and no one there. Guest342015-11-04 17:48:13
7165138102debt collectionGuest292015-11-04 17:54:40
7162612180Maintaining for become your Government telling me i demand for send money via phone to them instantaneously or i will be arrested left multiple awful messages on my voice send. These Folks are mad maintaining to be officers. I Only cant get over how rude they are. Its mad. Do not send them cash. Guest722015-11-04 17:59:08
7162108035Promotion for a little loanGuest82015-11-04 18:18:07
7162131028Whole Scam please report any calls from this Amount for your FTC. That is a person posing as a fake Government agent Attempting to get you to pay bogus outstanding Fees. I called them back Offered them many return fire and they Installed Upward on me. DON T Autumn for this SCAM. Guest172015-11-04 18:37:07
7168836782consGuest52015-12-16 10:45:12
7168261669Telephone bookGuest322015-11-04 18:56:14
7162674000GeckoGuest1312015-11-04 19:01:08
7162425202Total scam. Make it sound like they're calling out of a law office about a pending case against you or in this case my MIL. Jerk weeds. Guest1782015-11-04 19:04:07
7165122848Calls randomly for Nuisance a jokeGuest22015-11-04 19:07:40
7162001764Telemarketers. . . annoying callsGuest62015-11-04 19:18:39
7162477401no voiceGuest42015-12-15 00:25:44
7163322328SpamGuest1522015-11-04 19:22:09
7168534344This really is a law Organization calls Get guy Daryl LC. W Rand Building W Lafayette Square Buffalo NY W W W W W Send debt Group Challenge notification certified return reception Underneath regulation GDP. If Signifying Banister ruin your own credit Subsequently Bank is Underneath that FORA. Send Evidence info in your credit report to three credit agencies via certified mail with return receipts and Move Outside each times credit reports for not informing Right as quot consumer disputing quot and go after your bank for FORA 3 W per month per agency violation and thousands tens of thousands of dollars within damage within National court. Guest22015-11-04 19:30:14
7169947224twit rude DNAGuest22015-11-04 19:31:06
7166280555Google maps BSGuest72015-12-14 09:47:49
7163827530prayGuest62016-05-14 14:49:15
7169327246Kevin glow BCGuest52015-11-04 19:59:43
7162001457Wont leave messageGuest42015-11-04 20:17:06
7163190079Violinist. com It was a textGuest72015-11-04 20:18:09
7162403045Spam. . . . . Guest1822015-11-04 15:14:39
7167159061Keeps text my pHGuest32015-11-04 15:17:41
7162428364Really rude and harassing threatened my employment I m certain which is illegal. Guest362015-11-04 15:51:08
7163939770They said they were your Irs. The Irs is suing me and this is my Closing notice and for call them back for additional Information. Guest452015-11-04 16:05:40
7165368909Repeated hangupsGuest62015-12-18 16:21:47
7162592779This was an unsolicited phone caller told me I registered within an online sweepstakes which I never Can Subsequently attempted to blame it on a error amp still insisted I Simply answer a couple of questions to become eligible for W W at which point I Installed Upward. also I m really cautious along with giving Outside my Amount. Guest182015-11-04 16:32:54
7162427584Left a general voice MSG recordingGuest2122015-11-04 16:38:08
7163280166Got a message from 7163280166 saying they were Time Warner Cable / Spectrum but not sure if it is fake.John62017-05-09 13:05:08
7166569630Fraud debt collectorGuest302015-11-04 17:20:13
7166882956he Offered me a joyful ending Guest42015-11-04 17:23:13
7165120011leave a messageGuest72015-12-09 12:52:48
7166013063An investigatorGuest1422015-11-04 17:44:13
7166468034I could Notice a Television in that background but no just one said anything and then they hung Upward. Guest12015-11-04 17:44:41
7162407221Got a phone from a woman who said I was listed as the primary contact for someone I d never heard of. They were wanting data on that person. Your Girl would t tell me who she was how I was contacted. Guest422015-11-04 17:44:53
7162395767Scummier Pretends to become an Irs agent warning of an Irs suit against you and requesting you personally return telephone and offer personal info. Guest12015-11-04 17:46:39

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