7187138512 / 718-713-8512

Telephone information: Teleport Communications Group. Far Rockaway, NY. Queens. United states
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Post by Guest,

7187138512 The guy calls incessantly . . . Why could t someone track him down and arrest him for harassing Individuals and posing as a government agent. . . USN t that a punishable crime within itself.

Post by Guest,

718-713-8512 Called me Twice significant Highlight very rude. Said he was the Irs and which he was going for send someone over to Charge me.

Post by Guest,

7187138512 A guy with a substantial foreign Highlight left a message saying he was from your Government and his name is Eric Foster

Post by Ricardo Hohl,

718-713-8512 I Received the same telephone and believe me for your first couple of minutes the sorry S amp Individual been had me going. I Nearly fail for it until he request me for pay online with a credit card. . . . . . . I ask him to please hold that line until i get within touch along with Government and support his Id on a 3 way Convention phone he instantaneously hung Upwards that Telephone. I feel thus sorry for the Folks that got scam Notably the aged. . . . . . . Yep. . . . There are Things enjoy the Outside there within your universe Folks beware. . . . . . . Confirm along with Government before you personally do any trades with them.

Post by Guest,

7187138512 Same telephone Eric Cultivate criminal Study department of that Government. . . Indian Highlight no details did t understand my name not even close for being valid.

Post by Guest,

718-713-8512 Man posing as an American with your Irs but has a substantial Indian Esq accent. Scam.

Post by Guest,

7187138512 Caller claimed for be from the Internal Income Service. He had a thick foreign Feature. I laughed Understanding this was many form of a phishing scam. He used profanity in asking exactly why I chuckled supporting my feeling.

Post by Darrell Freeland,

718-713-8512 These are criminal extortionists Managing in overseas boiler rooms using VIP to Change their identities and Places and from that reach of Us law enforcement. If someone calls saying he s an Government Representative and demands you send cash instantaneously hang Upward. It s a Telephone scam. Within fact it tops your Irs Grimy Dozen list of tax scams the year and it s been surging in current months that Bureau said Thursday. Your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration DICTA which oversees your Government has obtained reports of W W scam calls since October W and said almost 3 W victims 've been swindled out of W million so Way. By Adjusting their Owner ID number to ensure it is appearance like they re calling out of an Government office these scampers often threaten exposed Folks like the aged and fresh immigrants along with things like Charge deportation or that loss of their driver s license if they don t pay instantaneously for money purportedly owed. Often Making messages that say it s pressing you call them back your scampers use common names and sometimes say they are from the Government Legal Department. They could possibly even claim to understand that last four Numbers of your Social Security number and send follow Upwards E-mails that Search to become from your Irs DICTA said. They often demand that Funds be made by prepaid debit card. Once they make their threats that scampers 've been Understood for call back and again disguise their caller ID thus it appears they are calling from your Authorities department or the Department of Engine Cars DIV . Or occasionally when they telephone they could possibly say you have a refund due and request you personally to Supply private info thus you are able to State it. The real Irs can usually contact you by regular mail first if it needs for contact you at all. And the Bureau never demands immediate payment by phone or asks for credit card or debit Amounts if they would call. It Additionally never asks for private or Fiscal data by E-mail text or social Advertising. If you get what you suspect is a scam call report it to DICTA through its Net Website or call W W W. HTTP cash. CNN. com W W W pf taxes Irs tax scams

Post by "You",

7187138512 Same Storyline as above. VIM of this is a message for you personally Around a lawsuit. A follow Upwards phone along with a Girl an hour later. Told her it was inappropriate and for remove me from the list. Perhaps they ll mark me as not a rube.

Post by Olay,

718-713-8512 I got phone from the number heavy Indian accent male maintaining to be Government agent

Post by gc bennett,

7187138512 Gotten same phone out of Man along with heavy Indian dot not feather Highlight. Reported it for my state AG. Don t 've Substantially hope which he ll be caught. Notified my state AG.

Post by J,

718-713-8512 I acquired a call Now and I told him it was a scam. Once I told him it was a scam he proceeded for tell me f k you personally f amp k you personally you personally Soft b . h and he Installed Upward.

Post by Randall,

7187138512 Just obtained that same call out of Eric Foster . . .

Post by Steve,

718-713-8512 I Additionally received a phone out of the idiot said his name was Eric something I could hardly recognize him. He did say my name and address and said he was in the Government tax crime division and was warning me of a law suit against me in the Irs. I Put Upward on him and called him back he said hello and i said you Merely called me . He said hang on while check your own number and he again said my name and address and i said for him What that He _ are you calling me for and he replied listen you personally SOB and along with that I yelled into that phone You LISTEN To ME You TOWEL WEARING Mum Hair _ ING A _ Hole he Installed Upward thus i didn't get for finish saying what was on my mind.

Post by Loulou,

7187138512 I replied your phone but did not say hello or Chat in the least. There were sounds within that History like a call center. Everyone talking at. The Owner hung up. Subsequently I Viewed up the Amount. I don t understand anyone within New York.

Post by Randall,

718-713-8512 Simply received the same phone out of Eric Cultivate . . .

Post by J,

7187138512 I got your same message as described above. That is an Evident scam.

Post by Darrell Freeland,

718-713-8512 These are Legal extortionists Running within overseas boiler rooms using VIP for alter their identities and locations and out of your reach of People law Administration. If someone calls saying he s an Irs Representative and demands that you send cash instantly hang Upwards. It s a Telephone scam. In fact it tops that Government Grimy Dozen list of tax scams this year and it s been surging in new months the agency said Thursday. That Treasury Inspector General for Tax Management DICTA which oversees your Irs has obtained reports of W W scam calls since October W and said almost 3 W Sufferers 've been swindled out of W million so Much. By Transforming their Owner ID Amount for make it appearance enjoy they re calling from an Irs office these scampers Frequently jeopardize exposed Folks like that elderly and brand new immigrants with things like Charge deportation or your loss of their driver s permit if they don t pay immediately for cash purportedly owed. Regularly Making messages that say it s pressing you personally telephone them back that scampers use common names and sometimes say they're from your Irs Legal Division. They could even claim for understand your last four digits of your own Societal Security number and send follow up Email addresses that Search for become from your Irs DICTA said. They Frequently demand that Funds become made by prepaid debit card. Once they make their threats that scampers 've been Understood for phone back and again disguise their Owner ID so it appears they are calling from your Cops Section or your Department of Motor Cars DIV . Or sometimes when they telephone they may say you've a refund due and request you to Supply personal data so you can State it. That Actual Government will Generally contact you personally by Routine mail first if it needs for contact you personally at all. And that agency never demands instant payment by Telephone or Requires for credit card or debit numbers if they do phone. It also never asks for personal or Fiscal info by E-mail text or social Advertising. If you personally get what you Think is a scam call report it for DICTA through its Web site or telephone W W W. HTTP cash. CNN. com W W W pf Fees Irs tax scams

Post by Sarah,

7187138512 scam maintaining for become Government. Become careful

Post by JEN,

718-713-8512 I Simply got a message from the Man enjoy everyone else. My favorite component was the message is for you personally Lao okay. i never response Amounts i don t understand but if he calls me back I am surely going for supply him a piece of my head . . .

Post by Mike,

7187138512 I acquired that same Telephone call. Can t believe he called back after I Put up on him. How do we get the Feds on these Individuals.

Post by Guest,

718-713-8512 spam telephone twice said he was with that Legal Investigations Department of your Government along with Indian accent and I would face serious Legal charges

Post by BK,

7187138512 Got that same call Now out of a Girl. I told her I was at work and could she please hurry. Or provide me her Amount and I would call back. She said she would phone me back within W minutes as it was an extremely serious and time sensitive question. Reporting it and blocking that number.

Post by WLWH,

718-713-8512 I had a voice send message from the number Recently. It stared Outside saying This message is for you personally . Could it become more vague. Your Individual said he was calling from your Irs Legal Department and the he Wanted for Notice back the second I listened for the message. He had an extremely substantial Indian accent but went on to say he was Eric Cultivate. If II did t telephone him back instantaneously I would face serious legal dilemmas and my social security Amount would become reddish flagged forever . Today I obtained another call in the same number but the time no message was left. After hearing that message it s simple to see how thus many can be scammed. If someone dozen t understand about the Hello tech scamming they're intimidated and frightened and end up doing what your caller asks of them. So really Unhappy.

Post by FL,

7187138512 Same thing. . . . . substantial Indian Feature. Threatening that I m being followed and Trailed. That I owe the Government around W which I don t. Telling me if I pay the Invoice over that Telephone he won t 've me arrested. SCAM. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

718-713-8512 Called Girl amp threatened her. Then I called amp he said he was Truly searching for me. Was going to have me arrested if I did t send them money.

Post by Matt,

7187138512 I received that same Telephone phone twice Now. About an hour apart. Did t answer either time as I don t normally answer calls out of numbers I don t recognize. Body if it s important they ll leave a message. They did. Both times. Saying both times it would be my final detect. I figured it was a scam so like everyone else I did somewhat research and that s how I got here. Shame some resort to taking advantage of others.

Post by Melanie,

718-713-8512 My husband had that same matter happen for him today. Happy the forum is here in purchase for discover more about the scam. Guy called with heavy Indian Feature and said his SS was compromised and he Desired for telephone appropriate away. They left a express mail message.

Post by Guest,

7187138512 Male Issue with a India or Nepal Highlight maintaining to become an Government Researcher and also made claims of Legal Activity against my wife.

Post by KO,

718-713-8512 Just got a vim out of the Amount as nicely. Wan t too scared as it was thus vague but idea I d research it. Sorry to hear it s happening to others but happy to see it s not something I need for pay attention to. I ll be reporting that number as well. Thanks for your link above.

Post by Lindsay,

7187138512 I got the message overly. He Said his name was Eric Hanson along with a Significant Indian Highlight claiming to become Irs and that my SS may become compromised but did not say my name. SCAM.

Post by Guest,

718-713-8512 Claims for become an Irs representative and has threatened legal action.

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8037992316 Complains by mighty,

Hi Merely finding who.

8039967766 Complains by melvin isaac,

I got a call from this number and they said they are a law firm trying to settle a depth on one od my credit card. I made a payment of:$410.00 to them last month. Since then i have been trying to contact them but do not get any respond when i call. No messaging system its just silent and then the phone cuts off.

3147020551 Complains by Guest,


3477925224 Complains by Guest,

Aids HIV

5307360827 Complains by Guest,

Wall mart ad

7047475283 Complains by Deborah Kuhlman,

Call telling that I've won 2.5 million dollars and an automobile.  That I just need to go to walmart and send 10% of monies to pay the taxes.

6056794669 Complains by Guest,

Called at 2 Am and left a message Around removing me from their call list.

8177365308 Complains by old owner,

the Telephone number use to be mine. i lost the phone about two months Past. did not think anything of it cause of it Start prepaid. . so id figured it would Ended at your Finish of your month but i suppose a loser of a Baby got ah old of it. . i am quite sorry if anyone was hurt by it. . but i know better my dad is a ex sheriff and my family has 3 lawyers inside it. i was raised correct and again i apologize for anyone Damage. god bless you personally and your family this Thanksgiving. . and remember to provide cheers for the matters god has blessed you with

5802345707 Complains by Guest,


4144601170 Complains by Anita,

creepy express duplicating something in a low voice. . . .

6469639111 Complains by Guest,

That calls are out of sales Folks. They hang Upward when asked for remove your own number from your telephone list. If you can block that number do it. But your calls may eventually Cease.

8323047049 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling Day-to-day during that supper hour or within the Mid of that day. Once you answer the number a foreign voice comes on and state Hi with a little slur in speech so I just hang Upward.

3615204793 Complains by Kurt,

Also received a call from this number. It's TD Auto Finance/Chrysler Music played for a moment then silence. Standard late payment but if you try to call the number back they can't help...

4056256708 Complains by Pam,

Got calls from the Amount.

6156222807 Complains by Guest,

got a call for a Occupation Meeting. unable to return the call Verizon says it cannot Join as dialed.

7075441450 Complains by Guest,

Didn't say anything Simply one call for my mobile number.

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