7188889862 / 718-888-9862

Telephone information: Verizon New York. Flushing, NY. Queens. United states
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Post by porky993,

7188889862 I keep becoming calls from W W W sometimes 4 calls a week no message is ever left I wish they would Quit it sounds enjoy a scam

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Did t Choose Upward but it s Clear spam

Post by terry19,

7188889862 I vie Simply acquired a call out of them. Like W min ago. All your same as you personally described it. I checked the Net and located the same Information. My Thoughts were quite similar delight first and very suspect after. Here are a couple funny matters call after PM interview on Saturday questions Around your things are previously mentioned clearly in my own Continue. I called them back but could t get Everyone on the Telephone. I thank you all for saving my time. Now i feel better.

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 It s Ok. . . Only for Child Safety

Post by sh123,

7188889862 Hello i Used for this Firm from grisliest i 'm contemplating not going due to seeing a permit Payment and Additionally it is within another borough. i 'm confused about this and i dint have cash for Set into a scam

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Nothing telemarketing THC ECO

Post by kelly,

7188889862 got a call the other day from W. asking Around mg mt position and its in queens. . they told me it your pap pas group went to research your company . i located the pap pas group and it's nothing for do with the company they discussed for me over the Telephone 've that Meeting today but after reading all the i m thinking twice if i m going for display Upward to this interview. female name was Betty. . they Offered me a E-mail E-mail W protected

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 ID

Post by Guest,

7188889862 If you have a Profession Contractor account delete it. Jerkin got my resume from the site. 8 9 W

Post by jan,

718-888-9862 yes I Simply received another telephone from these people. first they were going for send me a kid Security Equipment but they Desired for show Upwards at my house to show me a Test . I told them I did t demand a demo that I could body out how they work. so another guy calls me back and asks about your child Security Set and I told him I canceled that request but them lo and behold he request me would I know of any one who needs a job. Mm now how intriguing when the other guy heavy Feature Requires me if I was working and desires for satisfy Upward with me after work told him did t work . gee now how did the other all of a surprising whats for know if I know of any one who needs a job. if these peeps phone hang up

Post by debbie,

7188889862 Hi Men i got a telephone out of this Amount Now in that evening at 7 PM she was saying about a Business called CO Smear pas Bureau and wanted to schedule an Meeting on Saturday at W W 'm I was really excited the interview i Arrived home and after doing some research about the Firm and the number i got the call from all my exhilaration was gone and waiting her for telephone me back thus that i could Rush out on that girl who called me.

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 I never answered it

Post by Stuart L,

7188889862 I keep becoming calls out of the Amount at least 3 a week but they never leave a message that is becoming annoying I am going for call them and tell them for Discontinue my Amount is on that no call list

Post by a person who was happy,

718-888-9862 They're doing this two years After. I was going to go. But i don t Actually need for.

Post by pissed off,

7188889862 I don t value Pol calling me from unknown numbers like W W W they don t response Afterward hang up. . . time to report these Pol amp put a Discontinue to it. . .

Post by Flo,

718-888-9862 Obtained a phone out of them as nicely. Was excited at and almost fell into the. Was also suspect. I attempted for phone that back to leave a message for someone named Ellie no last name Just Kim. She gave me her extension and you can t even get through. I Truly had an interview place Upwards for today and when I hear from her you are able to bet she can get a piece of my head.

Post by KD,

7188889862 Got a telephone out of them today and yes they said n did each ting everyone else posted. Had an Meeting on Saturday which I thought was Peculiar. Hope these suckers call me back thus I can cuss them for Choosing me for a sucker.

Post by Dana,

718-888-9862 telephone re my Continue they located on career Designer. Desired for place Upwards an interview for that next daytime.

Post by Roland,

7188889862 Hi everyone so I got called for go for this interview tomorrow. . . . judging in the Opinions here I do not desire for go now. Can anyone else comment on this.

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 spam block him.

Post by Guest,

7188889862 they Merely called me right now saying they can satisfy me at my house that its Around a kid safety kit and they said something Around incomes and if I am using a local bank city pursuit etc. i looked up your and it all comes up along with everyone saying its a SPAM. . i dint trust them either i asked for more details and they said they can go around it at your Assembly _

Post by jc in manhattan,

718-888-9862 Got a phone overly out of someone named Wooding Sp. spoke fast Desired for offer me jobs in GMT sales or Therapist. Time don t know where they got my Continue. Cheers all for Publishing this and glad I looked it up.

Post by Joe dirtyou,

7188889862 Threes one Advertising on flake list because that idiot couldn't Manage to pay for fresh York state licensing fees must be Pleasant being unemployed. Your option Enables you personally for create W W to around 1 W W in your own career there. But a u. Successful Individual like that People who whine all daytime and create Upward excuses not for triumph are your ones who live within that dreary and will live along with mediocrity there entire life congrats dirt bag

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Said they are that Pap pas Group and am I still looking for employment. Power saw a resume on Monster. com. Sounded Bizarre.

Post by dave,

7188889862 I do believe it s Rather funny that a tel marketer should get thus indignant with me because Inquired a few questions about this sales job . I mean Actually she called me. . Thus if you personally get a telephone in the Smear pas Bureau either string them along or Simply hang Upwards. It s commission simply and who noes if you ll Really get paid anyway. Their line is you ll help union members with their insurance paperwork. When I Inquired is this sales or administrative she your telemarketer became irritated I figure I m not Assumed to understand what kind of work I d become doing until I show up for that interview and previously mentioned that she wan t going for remain on the Telephone along with me. That s fine as I did have other matters for can but honestly I Actually Needed to stretch this Outside for awhile. Their Queens office constantly Appears to have a Number of Individuals Farming about and Rather frankly most out of what I could see must 've fallen for that Frequency and I do not think anyone inside their correct head would take insurance advice out of these peddlers . I used to work for the reason that same bldg. thus I can Chat from first hand knowledge. If you personally would get a phone out of them. . . . . . have many fun along with it and create them work a bit.

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Who t these Pol. .

Post by Guest,

7188889862 Nothing telemarketing THC ECO

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Spam

Post by nin,

7188889862 i Acquired a phone phone from your same number A Man told me he located my resume on Cara Boulder and asking me if i 've a Direction standing if he was an Bureau he should Viewed on my resume and i Getaway t been renewed my resume since W and i was suspects. When i telephone back that number it has a active line . I 'm not going for for that interview.

Post by brebre87,

718-888-9862 i Only get a called out of them Additionally. saying i have an Meeting tomorrow at 9. . flushing queens after reading all these comments. . . no way 'm going

Post by Na,

7188889862 Got a call out of the number. I had removed my resume so I idea from both monster. com unscrambled. com. Message Around if was if was still on that marketplace for call them. I deleted the message.

Post by a person who was happy,

718-888-9862 They are doing the two years later. I was going for go. But now i don t Actually desire for.

Post by Guest,

7188889862 Spam

Post by Shawntice,

718-888-9862 I Merely acquired a phone out of them Around the same thing asking was i working and what I look for can. they even previously mentioned something about a Supervisor position and entry Degree. i Pick to would research on that Business and i located the and seen something on your flake list. so i feel like i 'm not going on this interview plus i did research on that Business itself and it had nothing to can along with what they said. Thank you for your insight

Post by jan,

7188889862 yes I Simply acquired another phone out of these Individuals. first they were going for send me a youngster Security Equipment but they Desired for show Upward at my house for show me a Trial . I told them I did t need a Trial that I could body Outside how they work. so another Man calls me back and Requires Around the youngster Security Set and I told him I canceled that request but them lo and behold he ask me would I know of any one who needs a job. Millimeters now how interesting when another guy substantial Highlight asks me if I was working and desires to meet Upward with me after work told him did t work . gee now how did the other all of an abrupt whats for understand if I know of any one who needs a Occupation. if these peeps call hang up

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Youngster safety kid

Post by Razzy,

7188889862 Only acquired a call out of them also requiting an Meeting. contemplating not going

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 They got my resume away Profession Designer and called not cool SPAM

Post by Kevin P,

7188889862 Acquired a phone out of a Ellie from that Amount last week. It Simply did t sound right. What Firm interviews on a Saturday. Only obtained the same telephone from Kim. The same BS was passed for me Around Direction positions and Administrative support positions Accessible. Then she Offers me that entire shebang Around it being a Added Insurance Business that works Specifically along with unions and your NFL etc. Sounds enjoy the same deal that Alack was Attempting for Take on me. Why is it when you personally post a Continue on Vocation Builder or Creature the only calls you get for employment are from these Supplemental Insurance Businesses that provide no Actual Advantages do not pay during a month long training Software and provide you personally along with Cool leads or none whatsoever. I do not want a standing in sales. My resume says nothing Around sales. I need a Continuous income with Wellbeing Gains etc working in an office environment. A word for the wise. . . . Direct clear of these alleged sales positions.

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Dent

Post by Guest,

7188889862 They called me and told me they're offering kid Security Packages for free and they Desired for know when they could come by my house. . . Furthermore that they said they work along with that Authorities department etc etc. . .

Post by annoyed,

718-888-9862 Cheers for all of your own comments you saved me from a huge disappointment. Your Man who called me called herself Casey. I idea it was Peculiar that she sounded Around W years previous uninformed and nervous. She was definitely reading a Software. Sounded like . I decided further research was Demanded. Again thanks for sharing your own experiences.

Post by Steph,

7188889862 Yes do not trust the Amount. I got a telephone from them today saying they got my Continue out of Profession Designer and since I Getaway t been on that site for 5 Years I was dubious. They asked me what I did and whether I had Supervisor Abilities. . . Since they had my resume they should understand where I work and what I can. They also would t offer me an entry Degree position as well as a Supervisor standing in your same 5 Min's. A woman named COURTNEY told me to go for W W White stone Expressway flushing NY. ND fl Package W. They're called the Smear pas group out of what I 've located out they're an insurance group called NIL CO. This is the same number if you get a call. . . HTTP wholesome. com Telephone Number. asp W Opinion Form

Post by Brian,

718-888-9862 I got a phone from your same Amount claiming that my resume was Approved for them out of monster. com. I got a little bit suspicious about your telephone because your fact that they called within a holiday for most Firms. Thank you all for posting this kind of dubious phone calls. They were offering me a sales or manager position.

Post by ab,

7188889862 They vie called twice a daytime for your previous few times without leaving a message. I have a Continue on monster. com really old Destination t logged onto Website in years so Perhaps that s where they re Taking that Amount from.

Post by j,

718-888-9862 Got a telephone from W W W Theater Smear pas she did t say That Smear pas Group Previously NIL CO . Questionable in the get go but went with it anyway figured I d can the homework after that phone and here I found all of you. Thank you personally all for Publishing Said they were seeking someone for manumit. Will cancel that Meeting.

Post by Debbie P.,

7188889862 They keep calling my mobile phone and leave no messages

Post by jc in manhattan,

718-888-9862 I received a telephone telephone out of this number out of a Woman who claimed she gotten my Continue out of monster. com. She asked what was my latest Occupation when I told her she Subsequently Inquired if I was interested interested within a brand new Profession opportunity doing administrative work within a office placing. I replied yes she your said it wan t a sales standing and that they just opened a fresh office within Fresh Rochelle. I could t help but wonder just how she Arrived across my Continue when I Used for jobs in your medical area. I knew this employer was a fraud when I Inquired Around your Payment for this job she said it might become hourly salary based or commission that I would have for ask the Choosing manager I thought commission was unusual as she did indicate that it wan t a sales standing. Something told me for appearance up the address on Google thus I would t waste my time traveling all that manner to Queens for many BS scam Occupation.

Post by Joe dirtyou,

7188889862 Threes 1 Advertisement on flake list because that idiot could not afford to pay for fresh York state licensing fees must become nice being unemployed. Your option Enables you personally for create W W for over 1 W W within your career there. But a u. Effective Individual enjoy your ones who whine all day and make Upward excuses not for succeed are the ones who live in that dreary and can live with mediocrity there entire life congrats Soil bag

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 . . .

Post by Guest,

7188889862 National income a person named Tiffany seeing a job position. found my Continue on monster. com

Post by Dee,

718-888-9862 Cease calls from this number

Post by Guest,

7188889862 National Income

Post by sh123,

718-888-9862 i 've an Meeting for tomorrow. . should i go.

Post by Nicole,

7188889862 These Individuals will not Discontinue calling me. I totally deactivated my account on Career Designer and removed my Amount from Creature unfortunately it s too late because they already have my phone number. They called and left me a message last Friday June W and here s what was said Hi the telephone is for Nicole this really is just a confirmation telephone along with your own Presence in your Meeting on Saturday the Road of June please can call me or let me understand if there are changes as nicely as please do email me confirming your attendance on Saturday. 've a fantastic day bye. There are MULTIPLE things that are incorrect along with this phone. 1 She NEVER mentioned the Firm once on her voice mail. 2 She NEVER mentioned her name. 3 I NEVER contacted ANYONE about doing an interview and she made it sound like I already place Upward everything for come within. Obviously this is their ploy for get you personally for call back so they can get you to come in. I did not telephone back and I would t even understand who these people are had I not come to notes Thank you everyone for Publishing about your own situations otherwise none of us would understand . Sadly the story continues. I did not phone back because I did not desire for talk to anyone Around this and I obviously would never go for an Meeting I never set Upwards. I received an email on Sunday June W from That Pap pas . I am going right now for click that link to Choose from any more Email addresses out of them and I Merely Hope they stop calling me. And now today June W I Merely acquired another call out of them but no message was left. How amusing could it be that Virtually everyone on here that places Around the Firm Offers it a Distinct name. I was told National Income Life within the E-mail someone else said Pap pas Affiliates and Nil co Insurance. . . please don t fall because of this.

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Keeps calling constantly. Merely pushes me for Alter my number

Post by Guest,

7188889862 These people are crooks and I Very Recommend which you don t go on ANY of that interviews. . . . .

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 they harass everyone its quite annoying

Post by jess,

7188889862 Performing for resume add on Livelihood Designer.

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Keep call within n call within n phone in me SPAM.

Post by Roland,

7188889862 Hello everyone thus I got called for go to the interview tomorrow. . . . judging from your comments here I don't desire to go now. Can anyone else Remark on the.

Post by Guest,

718-888-9862 Who t these Pol. .

Post by sh123,

7188889862 i have an interview for tomorrow. . should i go.

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Recent comment

7144752211 Complains by Guest,

unknown Statement collector

7865972837 Complains by Guest,

This can be a spam number that tries to get illegal activity

2705893798 Complains by Sigh,

Yet another loan shark calling but not leaving a message, so you pay for the long distance for them to try and scam you: Capital Finance, "specializing in funding for small businesses."

7076712701 Complains by Guest,

Stupid drunk

8764614016 Complains by Guest,

Ooh I won lottery. . . .

3172803399 Complains by Guest,

The number Only keeps calling so Much today it s telephone close to W times.

3173249888 Complains by Guest,

This is a university that has not Discontinued calling me. I never have answered calls and they have kept calling. It's quite annoying.

8186639405 Complains by Todd,

I keep getting calls that say This can be a ND discover that your own brand new car Guarantee is expiring

7743031927 Complains by Guest,

auto telephone along with hang up

6056105515 Complains by Guest,

He is Trendy.

4253368351 Complains by Guest,

recorded massage trying to Update business credit card processing Gear better rates for Payment s etc. .

8027368975 Complains by lacey,

Scam artist. Pressed just one and accomplished a Man he Needed my information

8066860806 Complains by john howard,

said my wells Fargo account needed Actions they wanted all my Information on there voice send. . . . i was like you personally must be mad to believe i would offer out any info around the Telephone plus my bank would never text message me that is unprofessional wells Fargo told me. wells Fargo told me to End my checking acct and credit card or they wouldn't be responsible for any THEFTS SINCE I Offered A HACKER MY SS AND Info The Occur SATURDAY OCTOBER TH

8132834631 Complains by dianita,

i got a phone out of this Mr bud Monk and is quite rude and he has became thus harassing which is calling my Workers dept. for Join him for me. he calls making threats. he trays to be really Handling. i Submitted Insolvency.

4064074632 Complains by Guest,

called my underage son s cell Telephone several times.

7202082064 Complains by Guest,

Merely calling. No messages

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