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Telephone information: Qwest Corporation. Colorado Springs, CO. El Paso. United states
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Post by Kathy Bridgeman,

7194712265 I 've requested several times to become removed out of their phone list and at the point Simply had their calling representative response to my request was a awful taunting YAK YAK YAK I m gonna keep calling. This is ridiculous that this must be endured. on a service I pay for. that number was W W W

Post by Central Telcom,

719-471-2265 The toll free for phone is 1 W W W. Fundamental Tel com

Post by Nipsy,

7194712265 I just got the same phone. . . Operator W. . . . . . Same schlep along with how many calls I m making. . I said. . . Hello wait a minute. . He Installed Upwards Subsequently. Jerk. . .

Post by pinkie,

719-471-2265 They 've been calling people for an extremely long time. Some times 4 5 times Day-to-day or times once. I can t believe a reputable Business would be needing my long distance Charging as I rarely create long space calls. I Only look for it so annoying.

Post by 1/2 a brain...,

7194712265 Yeah they re hoping your own out of Parkland Oregon. You are able to round Upwards almost any W Individuals and not be able to add them Upward and get 1 2 a brain. Lola Stupid people suck.

Post by John,

719-471-2265 These People call me every bleep within daytime. Phone them back and tell them for Discontinue bugging you. If you personally cant get some just one on your main Amount W W W. . . . strive their customer service Amount W W W and tell them to take you personally away their list.

Post by George,

7194712265 Cheers for doing this research Scott.

Post by Jonathon Lawrance,

719-471-2265 I Want THEM For Quit CALLING MY Number W

Post by Brandon McCartney,

7194712265 She called me saying You re going for save W a month in your phone Invoice. USN t that Excellent. I knew something was Bad but I was like Yea it's She Inquired Would you handle that bills at your own house. I said No but I can take a message She hung Upwards on me ha ha I knew it was BS. How do they get our number. .

Post by annoyed,

719-471-2265 I just got 6 calls within W minutes from these Folks and if I try and reply they hang Upwards. If they telephone me 1 more time I am going to file a complaint

Post by Joanna,

7194712265 Merely gotten a very rude call from essential talcum. I told the Woman that I can be speaking for my Mom as she dozen t Talk English well. That Woman Inquired again to speak along with my mother to which I told her again that it was not a possibility. This prompted that Female to request how old I was I replied W and she said she idea I was W. She Afterward condescendingly said that I need for Exchange all that data she s Around for tell me for my mom. I replied Okay. She begins telling me that since we Getaway t been using the long space your bill can become W cheaper. I said that s Fine but why . She answers back with do you desire your own Invoice for go Upward then. I was Chosen aback by this response but I said no my mom would like for know why. She Clarifies that more Folks are using their cell phones nowadays for which I said that s Authentic. She Afterward instantly says I don t Notice you telling your mother. . . You know what you re Truly rude. At this point I was extremely annoyed and I said that she was being rude but she soon hung up after that.

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 Calls several times a day. I don t reply calls I do not recognize.

Post by BugsMe,

7194712265 another daytime another telephone out of McDonald's Of Arrived name as Recently but Distinct state and number no message I don t Choose Upward when I see their name on my caller ID.

Post by Carol,

719-471-2265 They telephone all the time never leave a message. Really nervous Around the Opportunities of above posters is big brother really Viewing and.

Post by John,

7194712265 Telephone rang. Caller ID said CLODS CO. Not Understanding the name I didn't reply and it went for express send. They Merely hung Upward. I Go ogled your phone number and got that it belongs for Central Talcum Long Space Inc. . Fantastic. Just what I nee ed. Another Telephone spammer.

Post by Cassandra Romero,

719-471-2265 Acquired a telephone out of the number. Said I qualified for Reduction on my long space service. I 've Century link Bundle and my long distance is included in this. When I got my bill and Began searching at it your Man said Nicely we will just leave that W. W on your Invoice and Installed Upwards.

Post by Kathleen,

7194712265 My Owner id lists the number as McDonald s of C. They called three times. I don t reply numbers that I don t know. They did t leave a message thus I thought it wan t an Significant phone. After reading a few other places Around this number I m glad I did t waste my time.

Post by Scotti Powers,

719-471-2265 Tell them to Cease calling me.

Post by That Other Guy,

7194712265 Essential Talcum. Woman said she was my Talcum Company and Began telling me that my Telephone line was considered low Application because I don t create many long space calls is that right. I said wait what company are you personally with. and she Installed Upward. I called back record said it was central talcum a long distance Service and Afterward Installed up on me. Violates Telephone Customer Protection Work} of W.

Post by Janelle,

719-471-2265 I obtained a telephone out of Fundamental Talcum Now. I have been getting calls out of them for sometime but I never answered. Now I talked with the aged Girl who said that they Seen that I don't use my long space that much and that they could take my long space Invoice down for 2. W a month. I told her that I was con fussed because I idea my long distance Supplier should 've been your just one calling me. She Afterward proceeded to ask me who my Company was and she said she had a few questions to ask me. I told her that I don t response questions but she could tell me what she had and I would support for now she got agitated and said thus I ll Place you personally as a Fall. I asked her to give me her phone number and I can Assess along with my long space Company and if all is great I may make your Shift she Offered me that number of W W W. I called my long space Supplier and they said they're that only one who 've control of making changes for my rate plan.

Post by rick,

7194712265 Kept becoming calls from Essential Talcum Displaying Upward on Owner ID. . Got Ill it so replied the morning. What a mistake. . She told me that it dozen t appearance enjoy you personally don t make too many long space calls. is that true. I said yes that s Authentic . And she said we could take care of that . And then wished me a Happy Christmas and hung on me very suddenly. . She never Offered me a chance for Answer except that once. I idea which was very very rude. They will never get my company.

Post by GW,

719-471-2265 Priscilla Merak W South Taejon Road Th Flooring CO Springs CO W. fax W W W. This is the Information for that manager at Essential Talcum that I got from customer service after I complained of inappropriate calls and rude indignant accusative conduct of your rep that tried for sell me long space. I Inquired for his name and he accused me of being a conspiracy theorist. I 'm registered on your national do not telephone registry.

Post by Employee,

7194712265 They 've called 2 times within a row now. McDonald s of C just like another guy. I Generally reply as Customer Service and they hang up instantaneously. When I phone back it s busy thus how do I prevent them out of calling again.

Post by rose,

719-471-2265 Scam folks don t autumn for it. They are Attempting for get you personally for Change long distance on your own phone. Set a freeze in your account Thur your Service for Cease them out of switching your account without your knowledge.

Post by watsdee,

7194712265 Me overly. . . They typically telephone and don t leave messages. You personally would believe they d Notice your business voice on the express mail but Clearly that Hans t caused them to remove your number from their list. I replied earlier this week but when I said my Business intro upon answering the Man said Oh this can be a business. click The morning I answered like I would at Dwelling thus I could 've that chance to tell him remove me in the list etc. They called again while I was at lunch and did t leave a message. Exactly why the heck don t they stop.


719-471-2265 I GOT A Telephone Out of The Number W W W AND The NAME Arrived Upward Essential TALCUM. That Guy WAS CALLING Around A very long Distance CALLED Which was PLACED AND I Inquired WHAT The WAS ALL About AND WHAT Firm HE WAS With. HE SAID SORRY MUST 've Your Wrong Number AND Hung Up.

Post by EAFB,

7194712265 SCAM SCAM SCAM. . .

Post by Maria Martinez,

719-471-2265 Gotten a call and I was suspicious and now reading the.

Post by B Shaw,

7194712265 unwanted calls out of Central Talcum W W W. . I need these Individuals to Cease calling my Amount . . how would I go about doing this. . . Tried calling number back and of path you can t call it . . .

Post by Sherri,

719-471-2265 The Fundamental Talcum has called me 3 times within the last W minutes. I have not replied any of that calls and they haven't left a message I now have an extremely loud dog whistle by my phone which they can Notice your next time they telephone. I am Additionally going for block that number after I use that whistle. I usually am a very Individual Individual but they 've stepped over your line

Post by Central Telcom Long Distance,

7194712265 We re sorry you personally had a terrible expertise. Replicate business is that basis for any successful company and ours is no exclusion. Sadly we are unable for identify you out of this Criticism and want for encourage you for please phone and provide people another option to address your needs and to ensure it is right. Fundamental Tel com 1 W W W

Post by Jamie Newton,

719-471-2265 These Individuals telephone me multiple times a daytime. I have tried being Pleasant and asking them for stop and I 've been the terrible guy too. No issue what I say or can they hang up on me when I tell them to take me away of your call list. Its pissing me off. I can I get them for Quit calling. . .

Post by Lisa,

7194712265 I 've been receiving these calls for Fairly sometime now but ignored them until Now. When I picked Upward I asked who they were and they explained they were out of Central Talcum and told me that they could save me W a month on my long distance bill for which I replied that I already have a very long distance Company. They then told me that I would become Capable to keep my long space carrier and the simply difference would become that I would get a second page and that it would Record your W discount on my Invoice. I Subsequently asked them how they would go about it to which they replied that they would have to ask me some questions. I told them for Quit correct there and that if they Desired for supply me some info first Wonderful. He Afterward stammered a bit and told me which he would send me the Information but did not Identify whether it would become through snail mail or e mail nor could he verify my address. So I started searching Essential Talcum Upwards on that Web because just about each business has a web site now and could locate nothing other than a page that had links to PD files which I did t dare download for panic of a potential computer virus.

Post by Karol,

719-471-2265 Consistently telephone more than once a week.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 They phone several times a day. I never pick Upwards. They never leave a message. Quite annoying.

Post by Un happy @. freakin.com,

719-471-2265 I Just acquired a phone out of Essential Talcum. When I politely asked the caller if I could request a Party favor . He rudely replied within a sarcastic high pitched mocking me and began ranting about what he thought I was going to state and got Quite Angry with me . I demand an A Opening calling me repeatedly daytime after day enjoy I demand a Opening within the head and when I finally answered my Telephone knowing it was Fundamental Talcum caller ID I get this crap. . . I may cry it to everyone Around how terrible Fundamental Talcum is and for create sure the gets passed Approximately enjoy a poor penny.

Post by Cathy,

7194712265 I 've been getting calls out of them several times a day and your caller id says Central Talcum. It is quite annoying and I won t Select Upwards but 'm going to attempt to block the number. I also plan on Publishing questions to grisliest to see who else is experiencing the Disappointment. . . .

Post by Jamie,

719-471-2265 That is to everyone not just Amy. They a girls called W times also. Th time I replied screamed filthy words. I haven't gotten another telephone since. Simply time a Grimy mouth paid away. Yes infant.

Post by Central Telecom Slams be careful,

7194712265 Essential telex's keeps calling trying for get someone to say yes regardless of how many time you personally state no. They eventually got hold of someone who Addresses little English in my house and talked them into saying yes for that record. They are thieves and 've a whole department Merely for reply all your complaints and try and blame that Problem on you personally. file Grievances along with that FCC take them to court and contact your own state regulatory block your own Telephone before they get you personally by calling your own Company and asking for it.

Post by DAVE,

719-471-2265 Fundamental Talcum W W W Customer Service

Post by ecvnyc,

7194712265 Just got my Th telephone today for fundamental Talcum long distance

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 This Firm if it's a Business in any respect phone non stop my House number and my cell. This really is seriously not Simply annoying last nighttime I picked Upwards and did t state anything and nothing within return. So that is a pointless phone and if not it s not legal thus we should all figure who this Amount comes back for and Subsequently go out of there. I know someone that look a lot farther into this Amount Subsequently white pages and any paid Website.

Post by Pete,

7194712265 Get calls out of W W W I Comprehend this number now and don t reply it. Easy enough Simply to Blow off it.

Post by gch,

719-471-2265 Phone out of Essential TEL LON 1 W W W I Additionally got story B in a suspiciously slick amp important express something enjoy This is Central Talcum and we re going for remove a new long distance charge from your Statement. Are you personally within charge of the bill. Which Statement. Your own local Telephone Invoice. Yes. First for security Applications can you personally tell me the name of your own local phone Firm. Ok but first for security purposes can you tell me somewhat more about who you are. . . Than hangup . As soon as I asked for any additional information which probably would t 've been too hard to dingbat me along with really the guy Simply proceeded on. Ergo . . Scam. Caller Essential TEL LON Reply. Sq Seep I got a phone out of this same Amount and your female Owner did not identify herself Merely Placed into a speech about how my Amount falls under low to no usage frequency and doesn't qualify for. . . . . . I interrupted her and told her I Merely got my Telephone Amount today and 'm not interested within any telemarketing scams. Incidentally that Amount W W W showed Upward on my Owner ID as Essential TALCUM. Reply. Sam Seep W 1 replay Girl called and said she was out of Fundamental Talcum Firm or something like that and said she was calling Around a very long distance charge on my phone Invoice. I said goodbye and hung up. Reply. Syracuse answers to Jan Jul These guys are still at it. . . . . the same W W W. Caller ID just shows CLODS CO. I do not answer s I cannot identify so I Google that and found these warnings. They never leave a message but will try to telephone three for four times a day. Thus watch out. Answer. Lynn Seep W 3 responses call out of this Amount Merely Arrived within saying that they were Central Talcum and that they were calling to lower my long space Statement by making a String of changes which they described Ok. I did not state Okay. I said I was broken re who they're. They said they were calling low usage lines. Within fact they called on a line I never use it's no outgoing service it s Simply a Facsimile number that comes along with a particular ring recognized by my fax machine on for my Principal line . When I did not say Ok they Installed Upward rather than Speak More. I still have no Notion whether they are real or whether they Desired to Key me to agree for change my long distance Supplier. Caller Central . J'S answers for Lynn Seep I got a call enjoy that as well. It's a scam thus it was great which you did t agree. I called my local phone Business for look for out what was going on. What they were trying for do is called slamming and is illegal. Answer. Writer Eddie Smith answers for Lynn May W Warning . . . For all that is posting Remarks Around this W W W This Owner is NOT Legit and is a scam artist. Beware of anyone that call your Residences Businesses and Etc out of this number. There was a Female Owner that called my Amount and the same number came from a McDonald s of C . This really is that name that seemed on both my Computer telephone Recording system and your Owner ID of my Phone. It is Additionally believed the Food Sequence McDonald s uses a Capital D in starting off the Donald s part of their Chain s name. The Female Owner Promised that there was Long Distant Costs on my Phone Invoice that's not been paid and her telephone has been logged for tracing. Again this Amount is not a legit Business calling you personally if you personally see it show Upwards on your own Owner IDs and Etc. The Female attempted to sound quite upset which indicated that she was not legit and she did t sound professional. If You're not sure about what for can call Law Enforcement ASAP but by all mean your caller s are NOT legit Answer. C. Witt replies to Lynn Aug The same matter happened to me more than once. I turned them ion July W W. They would not Discuss just said they got the incorrect number or something enjoy that. Reply. Jason Seep I got the same scam a telephone from Fundamental Talcum Striving to deceive me into transforming my long space Business by misrepresenting themselves as my current phone Supplier. Owner Fundamental Telescopically Kind Telemarketer Answer. Charlie Oct I Simply got a telephone out of McDonald s of C . Your guy Only spoke Rapidly he knew my name but I could t comprehend what he was saying other than get a move on right before he Installed Upwards. When I redialed it went to your telemarketing company that said for telephone the W number to subscribe. Bazaar. I checked my call log and tool they called a few other times all of which I was Outside for. Caller McDonald s of C Telephone Type Telemarketer Reply. Jimmy Oct Get many calls from the number. Never picked up because they call when I 'm not next for phone. Response. Marianne Oct Only got a phone out of this number . I did t response Caller fundamental . T'S Oct Be careful I received a Telephone telephone in the same company Essential Talcum. They Inquired if I wanted for reduce my phone Invoice because their records showed that I was not using my long space and that I would get a reduction of W. I asked if they were Related with my telephone Business and they said that they were my long space service Service. So I Inquired your representative If you are Related with my Phone Business Subsequently what is your name of the Phone company I m with. and he said that he wan t able for disclose that. Yeah correct. This can be a Entire scam. I called back and made certain that they did t would anything humorous and threatened for report them to the FTC. Your Representative said that unless I was transferred to a second Man that Certified adding their company on Afterward nothing was done to my Present account. Caller Essential Talcum Long Distance Telephone Type Telemarketer Response. ready to report them Oct Essential Talcum W W W called my Telephone the 'm. Generally don't response W s. . . but idea the W might become out of a Buddy who has a brand new cell I do not understand However. . . when i replied that express said this was a courtesy call for notify me that due for low long distance use on my that there would become a W. W credit on a brand new line on my next Statement. I attempted to clarify. . . is this an Test for Alter my long distance Service. o no Mother. . . this really is a courtesy phone just. . . your Charging is your same just with a credit line on it . Now I 've a Bundle that includes long space thus it appeared Bizarre. Attempted again and Polly messed Upwards here are you Attempting to switch me from Q. O no Mother this really is Only a courtesy notification . . . your own Q Statement will go Outside tomorrow it can Merely 've the credit for W. W on it for low LED usage. Nicely Ok. . . whatever. . . AS LONG AS You DON T Slam ME OR Change MY Provider . . . . . and call was around. this is the general way your telephone went. . . not Actual. . . My bill is generated on the Th not that Th. . . and I paid it Recently. . . something Poor it smells enjoy. Not certain if I had by many means already been slammed or NOT. . . I immediately called Q and talked for Customer Service. Told her what happened. . . and she confirmed this Firm is on their warning list and does the with people but customers Typically do not Get what has happened until after a couple of Charging cycles when Fees Begin coming on their regular bill With the added Rd Celebration long space carrier central Talcum Long Space. . . They become a parasite in your system folks. . . and it Will mess up your own Bundle Prices as nicely as charge you personally for Formerly FREE long space. . Your customer service Representative congratulated me for catching it. . . and blocked my Amount I Trust. out of being switched until I so direct. . . . . and it's all Registered. I half kidding told her for go forward and let them pay me your W. W. . . but lock them from switching. . . Only to let them get a Flavor of their own medicine. . . not that they can Simply would become a fantastic matter. . . like JUSTICE I Actually am Sure. . . after all I see above my entry that these guys need to get spanked. . . lots of previous people are going to get ripped away and not a few younger ones. Not Fine guys. REPORT THEM for BBB and that FTC. . . they're Duplicate offenders. . . Willfully defrauding people. I 'm going for work on an Post for our local paper. . . hopefully save a few folks out of their dwindling Economical dollars from being Taken by sleazy thieves. . . telescoping wolves. that Usa has Enif Issues appropriate now without people turning on each other within every manner possible. Recall Thou shalt not Take. . . . Thou shalt not covet . . . Love 1 another show kindness for 1 another These haven't been overturned in a higher court. . . 1 choice leads to life. . . choose life.

Post by LJ,

7194712265 Got a telephone Now out of the number. Man on line said Ma 'm I could hardly hear you personally. you personally sound enjoy You're whispering. I Afterward started yelling into your Telephone thus he could Notice me better which prompted him to state Mother am exactly why are you personally yelling at me. I then said loudly Because you personally said you personally could t Notice me nicely thus I Began talking louder. He then said Mum 'm we have been done here. and Put up fast. Please become thorough. I called the House Telephone provider to ask Around it and they said that any company who is trying for sell long space could just add it for your Telephone number without your knowledge or consent. I m thinking they get you to reply engage you personally for a few seconds on the phone which is Simply long enough for them for lawfully become able to get access for your Telephone number to add long space for it without your knowledge. I ended Upwards Getting a block Rd party access on my Residence Telephone number thus no Road parties can make ANY changes to my Residence phone service in any respect. It s only 6. W month which buys me peace of mind Understanding that I will never 've for Cope along with unauthorized Costs that I have to pay or get sent to collections.

Post by [email protected] /* */,

719-471-2265 does anyone know the way to Stop it if you would it.

Post by carol presnell,

7194712265 Split OFFS ca er ID says Clods Co. called it and it says central talcum W W W for a customer service Congressman. . LOSERS. . .

Post by julie,

719-471-2265 They have Began calling me. Next time they call I m going for say long space but I don t even have a Telephone . . . That can give them something to believe about.

Post by starkilla,

7194712265 Which was Strange My computer froze up and sent a message without a chance 2 Complete. Anyways I obtained a notification of Termination and decided to write 2 your BBB. I was Related for your Co BBB. Your address on that notification amp Cover says Fundamental Talcum Long Distance Inc W S. Taejon St. Room W Colorado Springs W. That zip code E-mail and Site revealed up as non existent. So how your hell would u file a Grievance around a company that dozen t exist.

Post by poppi,

719-471-2265 These jerks phone Day-to-day without an area code showing Upwards on my Telephone and Only recorded messages. They come Upward as Fundamental Talcum

Post by Whiteman,

7194712265 Phone number is either Central Talcum Long Distance Inc. W South Taejon Strewth Flooring Colorado Springs CO W Phone W. W. Fax W. W. Email E-mail W protected Customer Contact Customer Service Supervisor South Taejon Strewth Flooring Denver Springs CO W Telephone W. W. Fax W. W. E-mail email W protected

Post by Linda,

719-471-2265 I get several calls a day your result within a hang up from W W W. I 'm Ill of it. I tried for telephone them but of path you cannot call in for them. This really pass's me away since I 'm on your National Telemarketer Don't Call List that is worthless due for that computer systems these idiots use which Numbers Outside every possible Telephone Amount in your area they are harassing.

Post by Joe...,

7194712265 This Amount keeps calling. . . I demand for understand the best way to stop from calling me

Post by Linda,

719-471-2265 Label I am becoming calls to but have yet to get a live Individual. But even if you personally would and tell these people for remove you they hang Upward on you personally as shortly as they understand what your are doing Subsequently phone back 5 minutes later. I 'm so drained of these Folks. I use to pay for a private Amount but which was a waste of cash since their computer systems get around that just one.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 calls constantly and no one there

Post by rayzer1,

719-471-2265 Because of annoying calls like this on my acreage line I vie turned off my answering machine and don t answer or I ll pick Upwards and hang Upward instantly if I Comprehend that that has called me before. My family Pals and company Associates understand for call me on my mobile . Generally calls may ring and ring and then disconnect after so many but this Now rang so many times that my local phone Business AT amp T showed call was Delivered to some recording. Sure it was just one for Extreme rings but want they had just one for a political right Central finger.

Post by white,

7194712265 they called me and attempted for get my to change my long distance plan I really nicely told them I did t want to Shift my plan and your Woman promptly hung up on me. No goodbye no Ok no have a Pleasant day just a click. Such Great Folks at central tel com.

Post by jenn,

719-471-2265 I had gotten 5 missed calls from them and i finally Decided Upwards because it was annoying me and they re telling me they wanna speak to that owner of your phone bill due to some surcharges and something about a long distance phone that was made. . . I was confused and I was telling them if they can be more Special along with that they are telling me but instead they Installed Upward .

Post by bob,

7194712265 obtained phone Telephone id showed from W W W Facility tel com guy said we have been reducing you personally Telephone Statement by W because you don't use a lot of long distance calls. he said all i need is for you personally for Check if i 've your own correct Telephone Amount and name . i did not answer and he Installed u. i called my Telephone Service what happened and Set a freeze on my account so that no one can Alter my long distance Company with Outside me calling my Supplier. my Telephone provider told me that a lot of people have been calling within and saying Merely about your same matter about Facility talcum.

Post by M.Onzaam,

719-471-2265 Called and tried scamming people for Costs. Said because we Warren t using our long space enough they were going for reduce the Fees from W per month to 3. W. Sounded scam my for me thus I called your Ph Firm and found out this was a Rd Celebration Charging Firm and that they were not affiliated w your service Company. I had a block put on third party billies Afterward called your BBB for MN Subsequently called the FTC for report them.

Post by Robert,

7194712265 You personally People should t even response this phone telephone. It May}n' be a way for them to discover that your own number is legit when you answer your Telephone that manner they could Crack your information and would illegal things.

Post by Amanda Clapp,

719-471-2265 I get unwanted Telephone calls repeated from W W W

Post by Jonathon Lawrance,

7194712265 I Would like THEM To Discontinue CALLING MY Number W

Post by JHP,

719-471-2265 I replied the phone and a person laughed and nothing else was said. They call all hours of your day and night. Harassment.

Post by Neece,

7194712265 Just got a telephone let it go for mail cause I did t Understand the Amount. Left a message for someone that USN t me and said they Needed for deliver Official Files. SM brand new Art Residence phone line.

Post by Anonymous,

719-471-2265 Central Talcum Long Distance Incas mentioned by many others it s a SCAM. There are so many of these types of SCAMS going on. Why arena t they Close down. My figure gt It s not value that Authorities s time.

Post by SimsS,

7194712265 Obtained a phone telephone out of a Man who stated which he was calling within regards for my Invoice. I Inquired what did he need. He proceeded for request for my parents. I stated I was an Adult and what can you need. He got quite furious and previously mentioned which he would make sure that the bill get placed within the mail to the owner of that account and Installed Upwards. AT amp T Verified that I need to Set some protection on my account. Beware Customers. . . . . . . . .

Post by Nancy Jobbs,

719-471-2265 I keep getting a Telephone phone within your Night out of W W W. They don t leave a message White pages. com says that they're Colorado Springs CO.

Post by jkk,

7194712265 Said hello and that they had that wrong Amount.

Post by Nipsy,

719-471-2265 Me overly. . . . . . . . . . and be thorough of so called Statement collectors. . . they're hacking into hospital records. . . then telephone asserting to become that third Group agency. . . quite rude and cruel overly .

Post by Charleston, SC,

7194712265 I received a telephone this morning W W W out of colorist co. That guy tried Marketing me n a Reduction Cost of 2. W on long distance service tel com he said he knew my Dwelling address. I Simply got the number through AT amp T. When I refused for provide him additional info and told him for Delivered something within Composing he hung Upward . Another rude telemarketer. What he did NT understand is he was speaking w a Local Newark whom is retired out of City Government and he has not heard that last from self. Individuals be in your P s and Q s we have been live within tough times where Folks may try anything for keep a Occupation. Consider and Trust in God.

Post by Jennifer,

719-471-2265 We tried for 've your phone company block this number but they said they could t add that Amount. .

Post by Don Z,

7194712265 I Simply got a call from this same number Likely from the same Girl. She said she was looking at my Telephone Statement and said I will start saving W Beginning next month. I Inquired her what Statement she was talking about my home Telephone or cell and she said that I was asking overly many questions that she would send me your Information within your send and Installed Upward on me but not before I could say you personally . I hate these Individuals calling my house Nearly each daytime. The was the first time I was House for reply that phone.

Post by Rickie,

719-471-2265 Someone called and Additionally said out of Central Talcum. Was actually amusing because she said great afternoon I m on that east shore so its no More the afternoon. . . . Said they could lower my long space telephone cost. When I said we've no long space she paused said What. then hung Upwards.

Post by nadya,

7194712265 i Needed for know who calling and got that same matter.

Post by Richard,

719-471-2265 The should be against your law. Not simply are they calling many times a daytime but Subsequently they will attempt to scam you When you request a question they hang Upwards. . WT.

Post by MR1958,

7194712265 acquired call from the Amount when he Offered his little Talk i suggested i was happy along with the service and he replied of if you re joyful Subsequently i m joyful sarcastically and i told him not to call my house and he Installed up on me

Post by Makes you go Hummmm,

719-471-2265 Shows Upwards Clods Co Said she was along with Talcum service I asked her again and she repeated. Told her I did t believe I did company along with them and she Installed Upwards. 1. That was rude to hang Upward that way. 2. A legit buss. would 've their company name posted. Leads me to consider they Upwards to no good.

Post by Maria Martinez,

7194712265 Gotten a call and I was funny and now reading the.

Post by Ron,

719-471-2265 just gotten telephone out of the number line was dead

Post by Joe Z,

7194712265 It shows the call is out of McDonald s of C they telephone me couple times a week usu sally phone within at 8 Am once I picked Upward the phone 1 guy said sorry erroneous call.

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 3 Calls nothing. SPAM SPAM SPAM

Post by Steve,

7194712265 I 've been receiving calls out of Fundamental Talcum W W W for your longest time I never answered them because I understand nothing about them. After having them calling till I got exhausted I replied it and was informed Around how I my long distant Invoice could become lowered to . . . . . I informed her that I do not create long Remote calls and that century link and them Inquired her questions she Put Upward on me. Can we Cease the. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Central Telcom,

719-471-2265 We re sorry you had an awful experience. Replicate business is the basis for any successful business and ours is no exception. Sadly we are unable for identify you out of the Criticism and want to encourage you personally for please call and give us another opportunity for address your own needs and for make it appropriate. Essential Tel com 1 W W W

Post by Guest,

7194712265 CALLED ON W W W W PMING Information i DID T ANSWER

Post by Linda,

719-471-2265 I overly get these irritating Telephone calls 3 or 4 times daily for about the last year. It is constantly a Woman speaking Spanish and each time I pick up I tell her not to telephone here anymore. She says Sorry and Subsequently calls back again that next daytime. I am going to report them them the FCC and I Recommend everyone would the same.

Post by Sandi,

7194712265 They telephone. I do not answer and they never leave a message. I m on the do not telephone list.

Post by Sarge,

719-471-2265 These filthy trash scumbags keep calling our acreage line. We don t response your calls as we treat all other scam calls. Everybody needs for whine Around the Central Talcum Long Distance Inc. They need for become shut down. We don t have long space on our property line and are also on a don't call list. I could possibly 've my attorney contact them with a page to their Colorado address. Lets see how they like being harassed within a legal way.

Post by Alex,

7194712265 I 've now had at least 4 calls a daytime from the number in Denver and I am on your Don't Phone List. Question is Exactly why and who are they and do I get them for Quit calling. They come Upwards on ID as Color DOS PG in Co.

Post by Confused,

719-471-2265 Phone rang. I Decided Upward. A man s express said Word. and then my name. I Inquired who was calling. He Put Upward.

Post by Legitimate,

7194712265 Rude it s a Phone Service Colorado springs called Amount and Simply a Dumb message but you are able to t leave one.

Post by Dirk,

719-471-2265 Only got a telephone out of W W W and ID says Essential Talcum. I raced to that phone to scream at them and let them understand we were on your national Don't Telephone Registry. Did not make it in time thus I Strike redial and it went for an automated express reply identifying themselves as Fundamental Talcum a national long distance service provider that Specific within bundling of Phone Deals. Your recording Inquired me for hang Upward and phone 1 W W W for reach a customer service rep indication you Upward Now. So everyone have at it. Phone these reps and let them understand how much you personally appreciate their calls unsolicited of path.

Post by My2Cents,

7194712265 These jerks are relentless. . . I two have been receiving calls from the jerks. I vie started for reply that Telephone pretending they have called a Hospital. . . Bahama Subsequently they hang Upwards. I m going for strive that W like what a poster a few places back Recommended. Subsequently. . . I May}n' even telephone that BBB. BTW I did change my service from one Company to another and that opened a whole Pandora's carton of grim callers and hang Advantages. I believe it s your cable company that Offered them our Information. Jerks.

Post by Central Telcom,

719-471-2265 We re sorry you keep missing our calls. We re Attempting to make contact to offer our low Application long distance service. Please call the Customer Service Specialists for Assess out your competitive rates or to remove your number from receiving any future calls. Essential Tel com 1 W W W

Post by essie,

7194712265 these Individuals keep calling all daytime and through that Night quite annoying. could your government can something to Quit them. they are talking Around a Telephone bill I dint understand such Individuals no Waste.

Post by Kip,

719-471-2265 Only to let everyone know these idiots can Additionally phone using your number W W W that is the same B. S. as from the number W W W out of Central Talcum Long Space Inc. They demand to have their company Close down. Everybody needs to complain to the Colorado Attorney General office. Many complaints circulating on the internet Around the company. Purportedly a Man by your name of Deborah Baker is that president. Central Talcum Long Space Inc South Taejon Road Th Floor Denver Springs CO HTTP Web. centralist. com HTTP Internet. . com They don t even 've a professional Site just their Inter Change Re Retailer Toll Tariff Information

Post by Linda Smith,

7194712265 I get calls out of the number W W W. showing Upward as Essential Talcum. They phone everyday sometimes multiple times on same day. I have tried not replying the Telephone. I 've attempted hanging Upward on them. But they keep calling. I have yet for Chat to some Individual that caller hangs up. This really is ridiculous. They demand for become Close down.

Post by kay rochester,

719-471-2265 They keep calling STOP

Post by mur,

7194712265 I also got a call Only now stating your Specific same thing. . When I Inquired if she was going for ask if I Needed a service that I did t already 've she Put up. . . .

Post by Nipsy,

719-471-2265 Me overly. . . . . . . . . . and be cautious of thus called Invoice collectors. . . they are hacking into hospital records. . . Afterward phone maintaining for be that third Group Bureau. . . quite rude and unkind too .

Post by starkilla,

7194712265 They called and when i answered along with my Firm Introduction. they Inquired was the a company i said correct and your Female said wrong number and instantaneously hung up. Owner ID read Colorado's CO

Post by pat carr,

719-471-2265 They're calling me at least X a week. Calls out of Hell itself. I will locate a manner for block these a holes from any more disturbances

Post by Rebecca Green,

7194712265 've been receiving two calls per day Every Daytime . Each time I told that representative for Cease calling that person would hand up in my face. Today I told a guy I was not interested and he replied locate something you are interested within and Put Upwards within my face. I called and talked for Direction reported the episode and Required for become placed on their would no telephone list.

Post by k_in_missouri,

719-471-2265 i think you re my husband. ha ha. i was gonna post this just one.

Post by Don,

7194712265 I have However for reply did t recognize that Amount and figured that whoever keeps calling 3 4 times a week would eventually leave a voice send but No. Think whatever they have for say wan t very important after all and know I understand . Thanks for your Information.

Post by operator 32**,

719-471-2265 i am thus sorry Around your own expertise. . . i came out of a Reliable company formerly and i was Lately Applied by Essential Talcum. . . on Account of them i apologize. . . its your individual telemarketers. . . they're rude Generally. . . many are more honest and are friendly Simply your substantial hitters who simply worry about their paycheck bonuses are your People ruining it. . . . and they are not removing Folks from list. . . i would love for know when i press remove out of list if it Actually does. . . if it does Afterward its all the individuals. . . if it dozen t Afterward its your Firm. . . i hope you create a speedy recovery. . . W



Post by pleasestop,

719-471-2265 For around a year the Dwelling phone receives calls throughout your daytime out of the Amount. When we return the phone there is a recording Sorry your own telephone cannot be completed . It's a scratchy connection and that voice sounds like an Grownup male. We would love for know that source of these unwanted harassing calls thus that we can report the source to the appropriate Experts.

Post by Alessandra,

7194712265 How do you telephone them. o

Post by sherry,

719-471-2265 Merely received phone the morning I am from California the telephone said I would no More get long distant calling and I ask what can you mean he Afterward said I can get a notice within the send and Put up

Post by Kasey in KC,

7194712265 My cell Telephone Amount is part of their Amount and people are calling me saying that I called them but I did t. I have called Fundamental Talcum Colorado Springs to investigate what's happening so hopefully they may get it resolved. I am wondering if my number was being used within Malfunction by a server etc. I Only hope it stops soon Individuals are getting mad at me and I am not affiliated along with them in the least.

Post by hotoi,

719-471-2265 W what's that Process within using caller id blocking.

Post by Sarah,

7194712265 Telemarketing Phone out of Essential Talcum. I did t answer. They did t leave a message. I registered Now in that National Don't Phone Registry dentally. gov . Recently I vie been becoming Around 3 unsolicited telemarketing calls per day. Hopefully the anguish can Quit now that I registered. Did you personally understand when you ask them not for call you again and they still can they could be Issue to fines of Upward for W W. Let s Set an Finish to this Chaos and let s all register in the National Do not Phone Registry.

Post by Jean,

719-471-2265 The calls Around 4 times a day after talking once for them I 've them on Block. . They state I could save on long space calls because it appears estimate that i don t use my Phone service a lot . So I request her How do you know how much I use my long space service. Are you AT amp T. Nicely No Well then You personally don t understand what you are talking Around. I then hung up amp blocked them. . still they telephone 4 times a daytime. . but it only rings once. They demand for become Ceased W W W. .

Post by Central Telcom Long Distance,

7194712265 We re sorry you personally keep missing the calls. We re Attempting for create contact for offer the low Application long space service. Please phone our Customer Service Specialists to check Outside our competitive rates or for remove your Amount from receiving any future calls. Central Tel com 1 W W W

Post by concerned citizen,

719-471-2265 me overly block them. report them for BBB than after Road time sue the

Post by heather,

7194712265 These people have been calling me for a YEAR. . I didn't recognize that Amount and knew it must become many variety of scam or something similar and think what ST time I replied and they request for me. . I state in a very Angry way yes. . . and figure what. . . Brittany Installed up on me. There has for become a manner for get these Folks to stop harassing all of us. Anyone have a response.

Post by AUTODOC1,

719-471-2265 FOILED Grievance With Federal Commerce COMMISSION Suggest OTHERS Would That SAME

Post by Guest,

7194712265 I notion that telemarketers had to Cease calling if you personally undoubtedly stated you want for become Chosen off of their call list.

Post by Janelle,

719-471-2265 I received a telephone out of Central Talcum Now. I 've been getting calls out of them for sometime but I never answered. Today I talked using an aged woman who said that they noticed that I do not use my long distance that Considerably and that they could take my long space bill down for 2. W a month. I told her that I was con fussed because I thought my long space provider should have been that just one calling me. She then proceeded for ask me who my Company was and she said she had a few questions for ask me. I told her that I don t response questions but she could tell me what she had and I would verify for now she got agitated and said thus I ll Place you as a Diminish. I asked her for supply me her Telephone number and I can Assess along with my long distance Supplier and if all is good I will make the change she gave me that Amount of W W W. I called my long distance Service and they said they are that just one who 've control of making changes for my rate Strategy.

Post by Jennifer,

7194712265 We get the phone at 1 PM everyday. .

Post by Holly,

719-471-2265 This number calls me CONTINUOUSLY. You can actually count on your calling at least once every Night but usually twice a daytime. I answer no 1 says anything and Afterward they hang up. This telephone is Actually frustrating me. I want I could BLOCK them.

Post by Jackie831,

7194712265 I Simply got a phone out of W W W caller ID Arrived Upward as CLODS CO. I answered. Woman Hi this really is the operator for . . . . Did t Get what she said Me Who. Her . . . . Me Hello. Her. . . . . Me Hangs Upwards

Post by MuzzledPuppy,

719-471-2265 They keep calling within the afternoon early evening but never state anything i just got my House phone less than a week Past to how do they get your Amounts thus Quickly.

Post by Krysi,

7194712265 This Amount has called me thus many times within that last month. . . but NO Just one IS EVER ON Another End. When i call it back a recording says your call cannot be Finished and hangs up. F King foolish. Central tel com. Do i report these deeps.

Post by Jerry,

719-471-2265 Telemarketer calling same Amount calling each other day.

Post by Laura,

7194712265 Gotten a few calls from this Amount. When I answered your guy said I qualified for low Use long space on my phone service and who was my local Supplier. I Calculated if it was legit he should understand who my local Supplier was. I asked him a few questions and he rather abruptly said he would send me Information in the mail and Installed Upwards. It all looked suspect.

Post by cassandra pittman,

719-471-2265 don t supply no Information to anyone out of the number

Post by Stan,

7194712265 I m going for preface this with the fact that I work for among the big and Actual Telephone Firms. I won t Show your name for legal reasons but there are only two left to Select from that could hint back for ma bell and I don t work for AT amp T so you personally body it out. Sorry folks Essential Talcum appears for become a legit kind of long space Business called an Inter Change Service or ICC. This just one Simply seems to have company Methods worse than most. These small User s are Regularly just companies that buy minutes from your Enormous People and Afterward resell them to Buyers and try and play a Match of opportunity that they can create cash on the percentages. I Found this Match that way you personally all did. I was at my elderly mothers house when that phone rang I answered and got that sorry you vie AL mentioned but being a Telephone guy I la ye Ignorant and got your sales pr son Replicate everything around and over and then explain who they wear ND how it would advantage me. We went through my existing Statement line by line etc. I finally informed him that I worked for an Illinois EC CL EC ND he was violating both he Mum and Federal Do not Phone Lists well as other Ma phone Facility Rules. When he Installed Upwards I W d them and got the MSG to cal on that toll free . I called that Amount and asked for the legal or regulatory compliance dept. I was Guaranteed it was all a blunder. Do yourself a favor create certain to join your own state and the federal don not call list and keep it up to date. You might have for can it each two years. If you do get ca led get that name of your Firm and that phone numb rand report the telephone to your own state s Lawyer general. I m happy you all support your own Actual phone Firms but if you are better informed about who these other People are you are better away. Happy dialing

Post by Stop Bothering Me,

719-471-2265 Obtained a call the morning from W W W. When I said hello many Girl said hello Hi hello along with a increased express as if she could t Notice me. She then Installed Upwards and Hans t called back.

Post by Melvin Harr,

7194712265 They're using a spoof service. They can also put any Amount they need within your spoof service when calling you personally. So when you phone that number back. it doesn't exist. I contacted the company they said they are. essential Talcum is a legal company. Mr Green of your company told me this service has been using their name. That essential Talcum doesn't understand who they are but they are checking account into it. They said they 've gotten like W Criticisms in a month.

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 The person told me I was becoming W off my phone Statement because I do not use long space and asked me for my Phone company I use to Confirm. He knew my name. I did not supply Residence that appropriate Phone Business. I called my Phone Business and it was not them if path.

Post by Jo,

7194712265 They Simply Began calling me last week and now it's about four times a day.

Post by starkilla,

719-471-2265 That was Strange My computer froze Upward and Directed} a message without a chance 2 Complete. Anyways I acquired a notification of cancellation and decided to Compose 2 that BBB. I was linked to your Denver BBB. The address on your notification amp Cover says Central Talcum Long Space Inc W S. Taejon St. Selection W Colorado Springs W. Your zip code email and Site showed Upwards as non existent. So how the hell do u file a Criticism around a business that dozen t exist.

Post by Pam,

7194712265 Along with within W minutes 2 hang Upwards calls from W W W. Fundamental. Talcum what s up with this

Post by Steven,

719-471-2265 Tired of the calls from W W

Post by andrick pittman,

7194712265 i don t desire this number to ever call my house again. . . .

Post by ljpx4,

719-471-2265 I get your same calls. . . McDonald s of C. Today they called every W minutes. . . I won t response your Telephone if I don t Comprehend that number or name. And of path they won t leave a message. I m going for get on the Don't Telephone list. . . think that may help.

Post by concerned citizen,

7194712265 Just had a Girl maintaining for be an operator along with central talcum maintaining I was a low usage long distance user and qualified for a W Reduction. She seemed shady appropriate off your bat was pushy Needed me to agree for the discount and affirm my information. As shortly as I said I was searching at my bill she hung Upward.

Post by yeah right,

719-471-2265 I esp. love your well yes it's 2. W a month for free unlimited long distance which is your service charge. there are fees Correlated with that individual calls. Thank you personally for neglecting for tell me that when you offer that 2. W a month free unlimited long distance and when I request if there are any other fees or Fees you personally state no.

Post by JuanB,

7194712265 yes they called me as nicely and they're Coming Upwards my phone i dint Select Upward I am waiting for that next one so i could tell your Individual on another Finish off

Post by anahi,

719-471-2265 Yes this Firm phone to ask about the long distance and that my Firm is lowering my bill sounds Poor since I Destination t obtained a letter from my Telephone Business . Thus that Woman tells me that I have to response a few questions Accurately to lower my bill and I can become Registered when I say no she gets Crazy and tells me it s a just one time thing that I will lose the discount. I spoke for my Telephone Firm and they never agreed to work along with this Business your point is when you response yes they will Shift your own service and your own company has to make the changes and Subsequently you get a huge Statement Lola. It s a Whole scam my sister within law went through this and I understand never for offer my info or reply questions Particularly if your Individuals don t even know my name.

Post by watsdee,

7194712265 Me overly. . . They regularly call and don t leave messages. You would believe they d Notice your business voice on the voice mail but Clearly that Hans t caused them to remove the Amount out of their list. I answered earlier the week but when I said my company intro upon answering your guy said Oh this can be a company. click This morning I replied enjoy I would at Dwelling so I could 've your opportunity for tell him remove me from your list etc. They called again while I was at lunch and did t leave a message. Exactly why that heck don t they Quit.

Post by Jim,

719-471-2265 scampers. How can we Change scam them.

Post by Janelle,

7194712265 I gotten a call out of Fundamental Talcum Now. They had been calling my number for sometime now but I never answered. When I answered today it was an elderly woman who previously mentioned that she Discovered that I don't use my long space that Substantially and that they could take my rate down for 2. W per month. I said that I was broken because I idea that my long space Supplier should have been the one calling me for any changes along with my rate plan. She Subsequently Inquired me who my long space provider was and she said she had a Chain of questions to ask me. I said that she should understand who my provider is and I do not reply questions around that Telephone. I asked her to tell me what Information she had on me and I will confirm. She got agitated and said if you were for call a credit card Firm you personally would provide them your credit card info over the Telephone. I said if I phone someone I understand who I m calling but you called me and I don't KO who your own are and I am not giving Outside my information but I will take your information and check along with my service Company and let you understand my decision. She Offered me your phone Amount of W W W which doesn't work.

Post by jeff,

719-471-2265 the on a Google search Reproduce n Substance in your own address Pub or Merely hunt that phone numbest maps. Google. com maps Set. Hal en amp IE UT . . . W

Post by Greg,

7194712265 Simply called that that W W W Amount back and there automated service guided me to a W W W for there customer attention Facility. I went ahead and called that and told that representative that they keep calling me and its very annoying and to take me away there list. Not sure if it may would a damn matter but just thought I would share with everyone.

Post by white,

719-471-2265 they called me and attempted for get my for Shift my long distance plan I very nicely told them I did t want to change my plan and the Girl immediately Installed Upwards on me. No goodbye no Ok no 've a Fine day Merely a click. Such Great people at central tel com.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 CALLED This Number AND GOT A few TRAVEL Bureau MORE CRAP

Post by Linda,

719-471-2265 Tag I am getting calls for but have yet to get a live Individual. But even if you can and tell these Individuals to remove you personally they hang up on you personally as shortly as they understand what your are doing Afterward call back 5 minutes After. I 'm so weary of these people. I use to pay for a private Amount but that was a waste of cash since their computer systems get around that one.

Post by telephone operator 32**,

7194712265 i work for Central Talcum Incorporated. . . i understand matters. . . request me questions and i will answer. . . you are able to become rude also. . . i Promote it. . . i 'm an honest Agent out of a preceding very best customer service company. . . Wine Country Gift Baskets is top Rate customer service W rating. . . i could compare that difference. . . Go forward request your own questions and rant. . .

Post by donna,

719-471-2265 KEEP CALLING ME Over Over.

Post by Exhausted,

7194712265 They telephone at least twice a daytime and never leave a message. We Only don t response since we don t know anyone in Denver.

Post by benancio macias,

719-471-2265 Set do not coll Aegean you personally get Excellent of W. Io us dollars

Post by Linda,

7194712265 I overly get these irritating phone calls 3 or 4 times daily for about that last year. It's constantly a lady speaking Spanish and each time I Choose up I tell her not for call here anymore. She says Sorry and Afterward calls back again the next daytime. I 'm going for report them them the FCC and I Recommend everyone can the same.

Post by JG,

719-471-2265 I just got a phone from Fundamental Talcum. Your lady said something Around a few long distance charges and Inquired how many calls I make. When I asked her what exactly she was calling for. She Installed Upward on me.

Post by dana,

7194712265 Central Talcum W W W was calling my Residence for a couple months now. At least 4 times a week. I have Installed Upwards on them yelled at them been courteous and said I wan t interested please don t call back and they still continue to phone. It was my Knowledge that when you've reported harassment out of a number they eventually Close that service away. Is this not thus. This can be becoming Actually annoying.

Post by nancy,

719-471-2265 Simply got a phone out of them and like an idiot i replied all their questions. afterwards i got the Strange feeling so i go ogled them and ended up here and after reading your Opinions i called my primary phone Business and they checked on my account for create certain everything is normal and told me for check my bill once it comes within your send and if anything is from the Everyday for contact them and they will file an Analysis.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 telemarketing long distance

Post by lh,

719-471-2265 hay morons Awaken Upward. You MUST leave a message when you telephone capos. . . . .

Post by mildred,

7194712265 I Have BEEN RECEIVING THESE Call Out of 1 W W W. I DID T Answer IT BUT I GOGGLED IT AND Found IT For Become A Telephone SERVICE Attempting To Transport Your Telephone SERVICE WITHOUT Your PERMISSION. I CALLED MY SERVICE Service AND TOLD THEM AS Well. .

Post by Nuckols,

719-471-2265 At W PM Fundamental time today 2 W. I Decided up phone but no one would state anything Subsequently your phone hung Upward. Owner I d read Denver SPF Co have no other details about that telephone. Happy I found this Web site if I see that number come up again I may state. To them for quality assurance this telephone IS being Registered . I ll let the Website understand if it works. An FYI for everyone A few of these calls provide you an Choice Enjoy press 1 if your own interested within Reading them OR press 5 to be removed out of their list. If you personally Simply press 5 and don t wait for your Switch tone you for sure won't become removed from your list. It s worth your time to Notice that dial tone.

Post by Mary,

7194712265 The number just called my company Telephone he Inquired me about the long space Telephone telephone on my phone Invoice I Inquired him again WHO IS The he simply replied I ll Place something within your send Ms it may become simple . Your Bloody right scam. . . wasting my time while I m trying for work. . . don t Select Upwards your Telephone if you see the .

Post by Scott,

719-471-2265 It's thus simple for Manage such people and such calls . . . . Just use a Owner ID phone and an answering machine and Treatment yourself of the typical insatiable habit of replying a telephone out of a Amount you are not recognizable with. . . . . . after all important calls will leave a message others won't. Additionally no use trying to get someone on your no phone list . . . like any other Gov t Application. . . good luck along with that. If just one cannot include themselves Afterward that Trouble is their own. . . . and who knows . . Perhaps some Folks just love the hassle. Maybe lonely. Who knows. Fascination is infrequently an Credit in such Things. Knowing who is calling you you don t know has little Worth . . . ever thought.

Post by k_in_missouri,

7194712265 i believe you personally re my husband. ha ha. i was gonna post this one.

Post by Leon,

719-471-2265 they keep calling and don t leave any me sage. . . . . . . I believe it's a scam. . . . . . become cautious. . . . . .

Post by Rhonda,

7194712265 Called my mother saying something Around a long distance telephone. She thankfully said there surely is no way because I have long distanced blocked and hung up. She did Notice them say thank you personally and have an excellent daytime fast enjoy they knew she caught them.

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 They call several times a daytime and don t leave a message. It is really annoying. I want they would Only Discontinue.

Post by yeah right,

7194712265 I esp. love your well yes it is 2. W a month for free unlimited long distance that is your service charge. there are fees associated with that individual calls. Thank you for neglecting to tell me that when you offer your 2. W a month free unlimited long distance and when I request if there are any other fees or charges you personally say no.

Post by loren kincheloe,

719-471-2265 got a call from this number but as soon as i answered they or whoever Put up.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 Press One for Vehicle destruct. Press TWO if you think a listing will stop these calls. Press THREE if you are a robot along with emotions. Press FOUR if you are being recorded by that NASA. Press FIVE if you believe a Distinct list can stop these calls.

Post by Kelly,

719-471-2265 I am becoming numerous calls on a daily basis out of the same Amount. Your Owner ID simply says Colorado Springs Co. I just answered it your first time believing it was a General in Denver. . . . they said a few words and Subsequently hung Upwards so I never have replied since. All the numbers are registered along with the Don't Call Registry thus I am starting to think your registry is useless.

Post by Chloe,

7194712265 Just that same here. From Colorado Springs CO. They just keep hanging Upwards on me though.

Post by Unknown,

719-471-2265 Becoming calls from this co. I 've told them not for phone me I was not interested in changing my Telephone service. That last Girl that called me I told her I had told them not to phone me. She got Actual Insane and told me she had never called. I told her I had Inquired to become removed from the phone Business s list. She had that nerve to tell me I was broken and she would hang Upwards and call back. I blocked that number but they can just use another number.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 they telephone Regular and hang Upward when I ask for their not empty name

Post by Doe,

719-471-2265 This number is calling House Telephone and shows COLORADO'S CO. W W W. Can any of you might have any reasons for your Government to become using your carrier to tap your own phones. When in Vegas we began getting all these calls which had SPF after that name or city state. We After found out the People Lawyers Office Organized Offense Activity Strength was calling in for open the lines for open Microphone Line taps Underneath that ability of your Us Patriot Act Missing a judge Certified court purchase to authorize your National Wiretap. Additionally become cautious if you get these calls on your own cell Telephones which 've cameras within them because we caught Sprint Network Company allowing their personnel for can open mic and open camera video Records using our cell phones. Your own network Company gets reimbursed for all Price and including reimbursement for their personnel costs by feds to do these taps. One of another ways you can tell if they are doing the to you is if all the unexpected your cell starts going dead Actually Rapidly and you've to charge it constantly. Additionally get comprehensive Charging out of your own network provider and watch your bills incoming calls and look for SPF as mentioned above. We Found Dash actually Receiving people for these calls. Then when you call these Amounts back You're Typically prompted for enter an access code. If you get that when calling back you personally definitely have wiretap that agents understand accessibility Requirements thus multiple different agents could accessibility your own account. We Lately located multiple other numbers on the cell Telephones as Revealed within AT amp T on the i Telephones which show registered to names within California etc. and Further searches revealed Section of the Navy. Good Fortune you personally Men. I expect this helps you and Recall your network provider can give you personally your run Approximately for hours if you Face them but they're lying. AT amp T was busted and we got all their Information right from their computers when a Sheriff went in and Viewed at that Reports directly on AT amp T computers under the account Amounts and Telephone numbers. America USN t what it used to become. Welcome for the fresh Police State.

Post by rshughes,

7194712265 Just got a call from them. . . a rude guy along with a little east coast Feature. He was calling on one of the business lines that we Getaway t been using and he Inquired me if I was aware that we haven t had many long space minutes on this line duh. . He proposed that we could hint Upward for a Distinct plan that would reduce our Invoice by W a month. I said we don t want any changes to your plan. Subsequently he got Hostile who said that. he asks and I replied you did. After many back and forth with me Preventing saying yes to anything he Inquired I told him not to phone us any more. Transforming our plan through deception is called slamming and is illegal.

Post by CSW,

719-471-2265 Got a phone today that Man started rambling about how they were calling to enlighten me they were going to offer me a Reduction on my bill and it would go out of W. W to 2. W a month I asked What. and he got Extremely rude and said you personally re not paying attention then proceeded to ramble some more and I stated Mom my Company is AT amp T for which he even more rudely replied You personally Obviously AR EN T PAYING Attention to ME and Put up. . .

Post by Central Telcom,

7194712265 We re sorry you personally keep lost the calls. We re Striving to make contact for offer your low usage long distance service. Please call your Customer Service Specialists to Assess Outside our competitive rates or to remove your Amount out of receiving any future calls. Central Tel com 1 W W W

Post by over65,

719-471-2265 I Simply went to your fresh Residence 2 weeks Past they have been calling for the previous 5 days each 2 hours I Damage my back and I 'm on bed rest really annoying. . .

Post by Still that other guy,

7194712265 The address for Offer them for Matches Underneath your Telephone Client Protection Act I's S. Taejon Seth Flooring Denver Springs Colorado's Firm President is Debbie Baker

Post by kdham,

719-471-2265 I received that same telephone and on the Owner id it says McDonald's of c the number is W W W. They did not leave a message and when you personally phone back you personally get a message that the Amount is for many talcum Business. I would love to block your Amount and Quit Afterward from calling my Dwelling. I work within a bank and there are thus many Firms which are Getting people Credit Assess cards and checking account account. Individuals please beware of these companies. I 'm not certain how they got your number. that simply matter i can believe of is that I entered that online monopoly game on McDonald's Web site and i believe this has something for do with it.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 Very rude. They called me several times a day so I finally answered. The Girl told me I was paying for much for my long space and was going to send me a refund and when I Inquired where she was calling from she hung Upwards on me. I was thus Insane that I tried for call her back and cry at her but of course could just get a busy Transmission.

Post by tim Burns,

719-471-2265 Please take me off your calling list.

Post by hotoi,

7194712265 W what is that Process in using caller id blocking.

Post by atsart,

719-471-2265 I have been becoming calls from them for many time daytime and nighttime. I never response and they never leave a message. They should be arrested.

Post by shannon,

7194712265 i Merely got a call from the and when i replied they Merely hung Upwards. I go ogled this and this site Arrived Upwards. I vie read many Actually great Tips on here and i may definitely attempt many of them. Keep up the good fight Pol.

Post by george bloomer,

719-471-2265 please remove out of calling list. i 'm on that do not telephone list.

Post by chris h,

7194712265 Called my grandmother W years old at W sh tried for phone back weary of her becoming stupid calls from Mindless spammers they better trust and Hope they don t Truly con her into something I 've her Electricity of attorney and I may telephone my attorney

Post by Ms. C,

719-471-2265 Acquired 2 calls Now from McDonald s of C with that Amount Recorded above. This was that first time I d acquired calls from this Amount. I live within Co. but my tel s area code is from another state. I wan t Residence for your ST call but picked Upward for your ND. Individual man said they were calling Around many long distance Prices. I laughed for I have none. Said that they either had your incorrect Amount or either it was a scam. Afterward he Only Put up.

Post by Linda,

7194712265 I too get these irritating Telephone calls 3 or 4 times Day-to-day for Around the last year. It's consistently a Girl speaking Spanish and each time I Select Upward I tell her not to phone here anymore. She says Sorry and Afterward calls back again that next daytime. I 'm going to report them them the FCC and I Recommend everyone would that same.

Post by Sarah,

719-471-2265 I Merely got a phone from this same Amount and your woman was saying that she is with Fundamental Talcum. She said that we Certified for a discount on your Telephone Statement because we create really few long space calls. What she did not understand is the phone was part of a Pack package through your cable company and we don t Truly use that line I don t even understand your phone Amount. . When I told her which our Telephone with through another Business she said that we would t see them on our Invoice because it s Normally on that second page and Afterward got irritated stating that it would be W a year can you personally desire it or not. . . I advised her that we have never got a single telephone from this phone and that it's through your cable Business. She Subsequently got irritated and Installed Upward on me. I power saw a few of the other posts and may definitely call your cable Firm for Place a Green or pass code on that account. I m checking along with your BBB overly.

Post by mur,

7194712265 I also got a telephone Only now stating that Actual same thing. . When I Inquired if she was going to request if I Desired a service that I did t already have she Put up. . . .

Post by Rosie P.,

719-471-2265 I get this showing up on my caller ID each day or so. I asked them at least once for take me away their calling list and your Man was polite and said they would. Since Subsequently it Only hangs Upwards if I reply UNTIL Now. When I answered that guy started talking Around my low use long distance and when I said I asked you Individuals not to telephone me he said who s you personally Folks. really awful and Installed Upward when I told him Essential Talcum. I tried calling that Amount but it s Simply a recording saying your call cannot be completed. I pay to 've a non Released and this is bugging me how can I get rid of these calls.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 Called id reads McDonald s of Denver. . . Owner says wants info Around calls got from this number hangs Upward when I ask what Amount. . .

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 agree along with all other Opinions. calls each daytime Subsequently desires for sell me a Reduction service while Very Substantially rudely telling me that I a Dumb previous Man and Merely shut Upwards and listen. Fantastic. I eventually said to never ever phone my Amount again.

Post by CHW,

7194712265 They telephone me always. I 've small children and they call earlier as well as after 9 W PM PST. What can I can.

Post by [email protected] /* */,

719-471-2265 I acquired a similar telephone. Man who said he was David or somebody at Essential Talcum and that because of low long distance Use I would soon see a W reduction on my next Invoice. He said that s not something you would turn down is it. and I laughed and said no every little bit helps. . . . but who are you calling from. What Firm. He Installed up. I located that Amount he called out of on my phone history and Assessed to look for out there really is such a Firm. I tried for describe the for an info Driver and she apparently called you personally and said she d had a telephone from a Woman who did t understand what she was calling Around. I did and would. I think this was your start of a scam as others have said. USN t there a way to Cease it.

Post by PISSED 2,

7194712265 I get 4 5 calls Day-to-day out of the Amount. Tel com. . I have replying. I am pissed 2.

Post by Heather mid 30s. nj nyc,

719-471-2265 i Simply let voice send get it i am not untested is from fundamental talcum seen on my fax machine call i. d. how annoying understand that every 1 has a Occupation for can thus i am Okay wit it Merely not interested. Truly a few tel sales and marketer es create around W to W per hour so that is not lousy Only for call a house etc. Only shouldn't can it at your same house all your time ya understand.

Post by operator 32**,

7194712265 i 'm so sorry Around your own experience. . . i came out of a reputable company previously and i was Lately Used by Essential Talcum. . . on Part of them i apologize. . . its your individual telemarketers. . . they're rude mostly. . . many are more Fair and are favorable Only your heavy hitters who just Stress about their paycheck bonuses are that ones ruining it. . . . and they're not removing Individuals out of list. . . i want for know when i press remove out of list if it Actually does. . . if it does then its all the individuals. . . if it dozen t Subsequently its the Firm. . . i expect you personally make a speedy recovery. . . W

Post by JB,

719-471-2265 same Amount Only called me said THEY were my long distance Service. denied them on what they Needed for do. Called my Telephone Firm up and Inquired them who was my long distance Provider it is wind Supply as i idea. GOT a pass code Place on mine so no one can Alter it. They told me it can be done even without my consent your way it was.

Post by Central Telcom,

7194712265 Your toll free for telephone is 1 W W W. Fundamental Tel com

Post by Ashley,

719-471-2265 want calls out of the number for Quit.

Post by Hector Vera,

7194712265 I d like that calls to Cease.

Post by Bob,

719-471-2265 I get a phone call Regular from this number and Merely let it go for voice send which they never leave one. I decided to call them back I got a record for phone W W W for customer service. I tried calling that and no 1 Solutions.

Post by Wendy,

7194712265 Someone from the number just called and said they were out of fundamental talcum calling Around a very long distance telephone made to my Amount. When I questioned them about the Amount he said he was delivering your information within that mail and quickly Put up. I called my provider and they reassured me that there were no long space calls got to my Amount. I m not confident who else to telephone. I should 've never answered that Telephone.

Post by stop calling,

719-471-2265 Everyday I get phone calls out of W central talcum. I don t reply but its annoying.

Post by yola,

7194712265 I Simply got a telephone out of essential talcum and the Female said I have a few data Around your own Phone line and I said I don t need any data I 'm Ok whit my service the she said nicely Okay I m going to Stop you personally order. I haven t purchase anything. what can I can to Discontinue this calls.

Post by sarge182,

719-471-2265 reply them back same manner Your Telephone CANNOT Be Finished AS DIALED. PLEASE HANG Upward AND Try After. Would this a couple three times and see your calls decrease. Works for me . Thanks for listening. Provide em what they provide. . . 've an excellent day.

Post by one angry momma,

7194712265 Do not reply their phone call. I had a General Select up that Telephone and unknowingly authorize Fees got to my long space service even though technically I Really had no long distance service . It took about three months for me to Choose Upwards on that charges being got DIRECTLY to my AT amp T phone Statement through People BI a third Celebration Invoice er . When I called for Ask about exactly why they were Receiving me for services that I never authorized and to reverse the charges they Ceased that service which had been Began within my relatives name but refused for reverse the Costs. Become confident for phone customer service for your Telephone company and 've them BLOCK third party Charging so you can avoid what I Merely went through. This company Works within a highly unethical manner and business along with them should be avoided at all costs. Don t let them scam you personally.

Post by 29412,

719-471-2265 Same matter happens to me. Calls your business probably 6 times through out the day.


7194712265 Do NT Phone MY Residence. THANK YOU

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 every time that Amount calls there is no response. Attempted calling back the Amount says it s disconnected Lola

Post by MYRTLE,

7194712265 LONG Space Service CALLING. . . I DID NT Response WHAT THEY Desired For Notice So THEY WERE Quite RUDE AND Hung Upwards ON ME.

Post by Kacy -switchboard operator,

719-471-2265 So it seems each few months there s a new wave of irritating con artists that telephone back to back. Essential Talcum is this month s winner. Within that previous 3 hours they have called my company 5 times beginning with the same spiel of long distance charges on my home Telephone. I 've told them 4 times in the past 3 hours for please remove the Amount out of their list. Not working thus Much.

Post by Rich V.,

7194712265 My first encounter along with Essential Talcum. I answered the Telephone and said Hello my I help you. Came that question Who are you personally. I replied along with the same question the guy Installed Upwards on me. My Gamble it's a collection service for that previous owner of my land line. I used my Seclusion Supervisor to block that Amount. IDIOTS. . .

Post by Breanne,

719-471-2265 I overly had been receiving calls from this Amount I did a bit of research on the company and that Telephone number for reach customer service is W W W. Your Managers are Patricia Or um and Tracie Becker.

Post by Barbara,

7194712265 Owner accused me of being rude said i ll Simply send this Outside . I asked what he was delivering he accused me to be rude and he Installed up on me

Post by one angry momma,

719-471-2265 Do not answer their Telephone phone. I had a relative Choose up your Telephone and unknowingly authorize charges got to my long distance service even though technically I actually had no long space service . It took about three months for me for pick Upwards on the Fees being got DIRECTLY to my AT amp T phone Invoice through Us BI a third Bash Invoice er . When I called to Request about why they were Getting me for services that I never Approved and for Change your Costs they Quit your service which had been Began in my relatives name but refused to Change that charges. Become confident to phone customer service to your Telephone company and 've them BLOCK third party billing so you are able to avert what I just went through. This Firm operates within a highly unethical mode and company with them should be avoided at all costs. Don t let them scam you personally.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 I notion that telemarketers had for Quit calling if you undoubtedly mentioned you personally want for become taken away of their telephone list.

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 This Amount calls several times a day. This has been going on for months. It s becoming annoying.

Post by Bran,

7194712265 I haven t paid Interest how Frequently the Amount calls but it shows Upward as Essential Talcum W W I talked with Edward he was saying Items Around long space charges on my Telephone bill and becoming a lower rate. I kept asking him questions because it Merely wan t adding him. . . he States your are teamed Upwards with my phone Business Verizon Though he had no idea what Telephone Business I was along with without asking. . . . . . Needless for state he said he was going to Set me on that Telephone along with a few other Man to Check the changes and said your person would be asking me many questions that I must answer a simple Yes or No and will need for Confirm my birthday. Afterward he said he was going for request me that questions that the other person would be asking that is Merely just one Enormous crock because the last question he asked was something Around authorizing them to change my Invoice for which I Put up. Merely one big scam.

Post by dan,

719-471-2265 Gotten phone from the number few times this week. . . . been awhile since I vie obtained any calls. . . been receiving them most three or four times a week now. . .

Post by GA,

7194712265 I did not reply they left no message caller id Essential TEL LON

Post by Stop Bothering Me,

719-471-2265 Gotten a telephone the morning from W W W. When I said Hi some Girl said hello hello hello with a raised express as if she could t Notice me. She Afterward hung up and Hans t called back.

Post by notocentraltelecom,

7194712265 Fundamental Talcum Inc. is not for become trusted. They can distort your truth and make it look as though they are Related along with your own current telephone Business. They will offer you long space at a low Price so they say and they will send your own telephone to some third Bash verification Driver to ensure your own complicity within adding a brand new long distance service to your Present phone Statement. Say NO for your operator if you have been transferred by that telemarketer. Or Only hang Upwards. Within fact hang Upward once you personally Notice their name. The third party Proof will become recorded as evidence which you agreed for your service FCC RULES . If you have agreed to that service and are reading the message board in a Stress Simply still down and Face Essential Talcum s toll free Amount 1 W W W. End that long distance service you agreed to. Get your name of that operator you personally talked to his her ID number and a Termination number. You can Additionally ask to listen to the phone phone you personally had along with the third Celebration verification Owner. I hope this helps.

Post by Bruce L,

719-471-2265 These morons have called a few times a week for the last few months. Wish there's a way for Cease them my cell phone gets hit with W calls a daytime from telemarketers.

Post by K.SHAHI,

7194712265 I Simply Acquired A Telephone Out of THEM. . . Really 2 . . . Your FIRST I COULD T Response Your SECOND I Answered AND IT TOOK A minute FOR A Result AND Simply AS I WAS Around To HANG Upward A Guy COMES ON AND SAYS SORRY Wrong Number AND THEM HANGS Upwards. Your NAME ON Your Owner I D WAS Essential TALCUM.

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 They phone request for a Man Afterward hang Upward the goes on and on they don t leave a v m. Don t even offer you personally a chance to tell them for take you away their list. Enough is enough. . .

Post by Julia Reyes,

7194712265 Me es tan Armando P} Ester numeric y me dice Que tenon la data P} la Manufacturer Del Phone y Check Eli numeric y es untrue.

Post by karen,

719-471-2265 I keep becoming calls from W W W all day long. I 've replied once. They said something about saving cash on my long distance calls. I Put Upwards. Now i get calls all day. would like it for stop. Cheers Karen

Post by Laine,

7194712265 Five hangups on my machine in that space of 4 1 2 hours. Caller Id says fundamental Talcum. I don t think it s Actually them. I believe they May}n' be a legit business. I become had a lot of experience with these types of calls. Normally if it s Actually a scam Established company your first thing that comes upon Google when you personally investigation your name is complaints. This time it was a regular website for a phone Firm based within your British. I believe someone is running a scam using their name. I m going for Assess out your Web site try and send an email saying what s happening. I ll post back later. For recap I think that caller is a scam but that company is legit and unrelated.

Post by tinkerbell,

719-471-2265 I tried blocking this Amount W W W with your W. It said that it cannot become blocked. What great is your number block on my service.

Post by CP,

7194712265 I Only got a call out of the number. A man told me he was out of Essential Talcum and the Telephone Invoice would become lowered because we 're low Use for the reason that we are apparently not making a lot of long space calls out of this number. He said Is that right. When I said I don t know you personally. We don t have Essential Talcum he Installed Upwards.

Post by Art,

719-471-2265 I just got a phone from that same number. . 1 W W W I called my provider and they Set a Long Distance Suspend on my account. No Rd Celebration company can create changes to your own account through your Company without verbal confirmation from you personally. It's a scam and has been verified. For that 2. W a month they put on your Telephone Invoice you get nothing.

Post by Bettie,

7194712265 I have had more than 1 call from these creeps I am Ill of these calls. Could t get any rest out of them. We have been senior citizens and don t demand this crap.

Post by Carol Wagner,

719-471-2265 They keep calling just one time when my boyfriend answered they said did you take pictures. Good send them The time it was That s it your re outta there both times Installed up after she says it Weird. .

Post by Tired of Calls,

7194712265 Simply got a telephone out of W W W. . . it was someone speaking Irregular. I Merely said What. There was Stop so Installed Upwards. Annoying calls should become prohibited. . . . we demand legislation for deal along with nuisance harassing Telephone calls.

Post by sgutgirl,

719-471-2265 simply called once so Way when i answered a woman said oh I m sorry. Incorrect Amount and hung Upward. this was a few days Past and nothing else since them. keeping fingers crossed.

Post by Hodrod,

7194712265 Additionally based out of Good See Utah. . . . . . . Fundamental Talcum is a subsidiary of Lynch Interactive Corp.

Post by Central Telcom,

719-471-2265 We re sorry you had an awful expertise. Duplicate business is that basis for any successful company and Mine is no exception. Regrettably we 're unable for identify you personally from this Gripe and desire for encourage you to please phone and provide us another opportunity for address your needs and for make it appropriate. Fundamental Tel com 1 W W W

Post by wolfie,

7194712265 jugs got a phone no response Fixed W W pacific going for Co to look for Outside for myself

Post by Confused,

719-471-2265 I keep becoming calls out of this Amount but thanks for Owner ID I don t reply calls that I don t recognize. . . They're really annoying though. What s their motive anyway. And do they get your phone numbers.

Post by tom,

7194712265 Got your same telephone Now. Started asking personal questions. Did what I constantly would Installed up. Telemarketer. Never give private Information for anyone on thaw Telephone too many frauds around. By the way your number belongs to a Business. Central Talcum Long Distance Inc 0 0 W S Taejon St Ste W Colorado Springs CO Telephone W W W

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 Each daytime for a week we get a call and then hang up. Really annoying.

Post by ERS,

7194712265 I have had W Telephone calls out of W W W within a two hour period. I 'm becoming exhausted of the and who can I report this for. . . .

Post by karen,

719-471-2265 A man called he treated my questions enjoy they were Dumb. In the other posts it sounds enjoy high pressure and rudeness are component of their training. I Installed Upward on him in your Central of a tantrum he was having over my questions.

Post by Tired of unwanted calls,

7194712265 I get a call every evening out of W W W. Caller id says Clods co. I am on that don't call list.

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 Keeps calling when I m not Dwelling. I happened to reply today and they attempted for sell me some discount home phone service. When I would t supply them data they Installed Upwards on me. I called that number back and got another Amount from the automated message. I asked them to remove me from the calling list or I would pursue legal action. Hopefully this may Cease your calls.

Post by sue,

7194712265 We obtained a telephone out of the number today. Did t Understand it so Arrived on line for see if we could locate your source. Envision your surprise to see so many entries. I figure occasionally it pays not for stay Residence.

Post by Donna,

719-471-2265 I 've been receiving multiple calls daily to my company Telephone. When I answer they hang up.

Post by *W!,

7194712265 I kept becoming called on my caller ID. I called back today. I got a voice mail for me for phone many W . I am happy I read your Remarks before calling the W W

Post by Mary Lou,

719-471-2265 They have called Regular for that last 5 times. Never a message Now I replied and they Installed Upwards. . . . what a nuisance. . . .

Post by John Megatem,

7194712265 Phone Linked with a Western S amp M Team located within San Francisco. They are searching foe fresh members. Japan es mobsters and shrewd Men involved

Post by Michael,

719-471-2265 've an excellent one for you I Am Your Mangrove Con around Mads. They have been irritating your Heck from me eventually checking Upward on it and Led to the post s. Will be aggressively going After Dilemma. Just have a couple billions of Lawyers on payroll and wont even go into Details of the violation s they have already Crossed. Remainder assured accountability's coming. Thank you personally on your research and post.

Post by crazo,

7194712265 essential talcum Shows on caller ID we pick Upward your Telephone and don't speak after several seconds it gives us a Dalton's it someone hung Upwards or their machine could not Identify a voice we don t talk to anyone we don t understand we presume it s they are dialing for dollars aka the all Americana way

Post by sueska,

719-471-2265 Two calls within that last 2 times just one was on Sunday after PM. Blocked the Amount. Cheers for everyone that provided information on the Amount.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 Their posing as my home Telephone company

Post by GW,

719-471-2265 I Desired for add that I was Competent to contact Central Talcum and they were Really responsive and helpful.

Post by S,

7194712265 I Simply got a call out of these guys telling me someone is making Fees on my long space service and was I your one that is responsible for that Statement. I Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 Steady calls and nobody there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Central Telcom,

7194712265 We re sorry you had an awful experience. Repeat company is the basis for any Effective business and ours is no exclusion. Sadly we have been not able for identify you from the complaint and need to Promote you for please telephone and offer people another opportunity for address your needs and for make it correct. Essential Tel com 1 W W W

Post by Guest,

719-471-2265 Ill Cease by their office and show them spam. .

Post by Kenneth,

7194712265 What do all that Users have in common.

Post by Nicole Stemwedel,

719-471-2265 I get frequent unwanted hang ups in the number W W W and that ID shows Denver Springs CO.

Post by Richard,

7194712265 The should become against your law. Not only are they calling many times a daytime but Afterward they may try to scam you personally When you personally request a question they hang Upwards. . WT.

Post by Payback,

719-471-2265 You can Purchase a call blocker and help yourself or if You're on Call Upward Web download a free Variation of phone Dish read your instructions and set that infant Upward. There are enough call blocking apps for cell phones. So instead of giving Upward expect fight back.

Post by Catie,

7194712265 Simply started getting these calls from McDonald's of C. Please be cautious everyone.

Post by julian,

719-471-2265 phone over and around on Friday evenings. i picked Upwards and said they d present a Reduction rate on long space as at amp t was overcharging people . I 've Around decided to End my property line CZ of these hassle rs. Suppose its time to appearance Upward that Co attorney general s info and file a complaint

Post by Linda,

7194712265 I overly get these irritating phone calls 3 or 4 times daily for Around your last year. It's constantly a Woman speaking Spanish and each time I Choose Upward I tell her not for telephone here anymore. She says Sorry and Subsequently calls back again the next day. I am going for report them them your FCC and I suggest everyone would that same.

Post by kjs,

719-471-2265 Same number keeps calling me 5 for 6 times a day but as shortly as we response they hang up. Can t wait to Speak to someone

Post by FBI,

7194712265 W W W Contact your local U. S. Lawyer s Office in your own Area. U. S. Department of Justice. Additionally contact that Lawyer General s Office on your Area. Yes take your time for file a Gripe with your Federal Connection Commission. Just Extreme and Guru active reactions are ultimately going for shut this task down. Don't be passive and become Posted to the type of treatment. These Companies now have the technology to hint these calls and could get Particular physical locations as to where these calls are Beginning from Immediately.

Post by mur,

719-471-2265 I Additionally got a phone Only now stating the Specific same matter. . When I asked if she was going for request if I Desired a service that I did t already have she Put Upward. . . .

Post by Grams,

7194712265 Only got a call from this Amount when I said Hi they never replied me at all. . who are they.

Post by wondering... huuummm?,

719-471-2265 That lady Only called my house phone my mother replied your phone and she said that she see my long space calls are low and my mother Inquired me and i said I dint 've long distance on my Telephone and she hung Upward.

Post by pissed off,

7194712265 I Place that number on my block . . . . they call enjoy 5 freaking times a day. Sick of them.

Post by John Rwiyaza,

719-471-2265 Simply gotten a telephone out of a Girl claiming to become calling from Fundamental Talcum and she said that I qualify for a W Reduction for my next bill. She said something Around less long spaces calls. When I was trying to request her Around your Reduction she Put Upward. Can you help Discontinue them.

Post by Dee,

7194712265 They attempted for tell me that they were my Telephone service and was going for supply me a lower speed because I Haydn t got really many long space calls. I vie just had that Telephone on for a week. That guy goes You're paying W. W and they would reduce it for 2. W. I told him I wan t paying W. W he said oh Afterward you are paying your W. W. I said no I wan t paying that Substantially for long distance. The idiot goes we could t would company with people who aren't Fair along with people Subsequently he Put up on me. . LOLA. . Its a long distance scam I idea these were illegal.

Post by val,

719-471-2265 this can be pissing me off all daytime all times of that nighttime this auto mated system call . . . can I Discontinue it. .

Post by Stewart,

7194712265 They keep calling on my Fax number but I am never Dwelling when they would call. I 've never had a opportunity for Select Upwards the phone. They can show up as Fundamental Talcum on my phone log.

Post by Crystal,

719-471-2265 Get calls everyday from the Amount. Owner ID says Co. They hang Upwards as soon as I reply as a company office.

Post by giarose,

7194712265 They phone several times a daytime. When I can response the line is silent and no one is there.

Post by D Coston,

719-471-2265 I have been receiving calls from Clods CO 1 W W W. Sometimes once a day or occasionally 2 or 3 times a daytime. Today in a W min time period I obtained 4 calls. On that Th phone I replied it and the guy started telling me that I he had Detected that I Destination t been making any long distance Telephone calls. He asked me if that was right and I said that was right. Then he Began telling me that I could save W a month on my phone Invoice and Inquired me how that sounded. Before I answered him I ask him what Firm he was calling out of and I heard the Telephone hang up. Thus hopefully they have marked my name off their list and won t become calling back.

Post by Guest,

7194712265 Spam caller wanting private Information.

Post by JuanB,

719-471-2265 Well done

Post by Guest,

7194712265 SPAM

Post by Joseph C. Lane, Esq.,

719-471-2265 Obtained a phone for someone who had the Amount earlier to me. I 've had it for 1 1 2 years. When I mentioned this for the Owner they hung Upward on me.

Post by crazo,

7194712265 caller id central talcum calls several times within an hour even when replied they state all American Advertising Just don't answer eventually they may go away

Post by Central Telcom,

719-471-2265 That toll free to phone is 1 W W W. Central Tel com

Post by Guest,

7194712265 Calls 3 times a week

Post by Vicki,

719-471-2265 I Simply got a telephone out of the number and your man began talking about my long space service amp changes. I Installed Upward on him and called my Residence Telephone Company for educate them Around it. I located Outside that they McDonald's of C are Really switching Individuals long distance without any power. My Telephone service now has a Picture Freeze on it so they can t Alter my service Company at all. Become very thorough . . .

Post by Sherry,

7194712265 Caller identified by Owner Id as Essential Talcum calls my company Www. . com repetitively over the last few weeks. When I response I am Normally greeted along with no response but today a male answered and said I want an isosceles size carton . When I asked him for clarify he Merely repeated an isosceles box . he was Attempting for sound enjoy an old guy . I Inquired him what size box he was needing and that my understanding of isosceles was a type of angle. He Subsequently Installed Upward.

Post by Leslie,

719-471-2265 I keep becoming the Amount on my caller id as well but it states McDonald s of Co. they phone all your time never leave a message. .

Post by Elliot,

7194712265 Essential Talcum wanting for save me Five Dollars on long space but knew nothing Around my Present long space Service and became downright argumentative.

Post by Chris,

719-471-2265 Just got a hang Upward phone form the number

Post by Alessandra,

7194712265 Do you personally phone them. o

Post by idk,

719-471-2265 hash they called me too and I'm doing a state report on your great state Co i dint live there but i love the state and i got the phone phone i thought it was that governor John Helper but it wasn't too awful any manner it's such a cow incidence Lola i spelled that incorrect but which was freaky because when i picked Upward a Man said hello asking a Session long Remote calls i bet it was him CZ when i called back it was a girl

Post by Terri,

7194712265 I got a phone out of W. W. W. He had my name and said he was out of Essential Talcum. I said I m sorry I m not recognizable with your own company. He immediately Installed Upwards on me. It s Strange that he had my name since this number is Recorded Underneath your Business I work for.

Post by berts friend ernie,

719-471-2265 They phone my work Amount nearly every day and occasionally as many as 5 times a daytime. Seemingly small old me should become Capable for make a decision on long space service for a company that employs more than W W Folks. Do I make them Quit.

Did you get an unwanted call from 719-471-2265? Is 7194712265 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

8326152137 Complains by jkghkj,

Bonnie Huge

9312775866 Complains by Guest,

The number keeps calling . No message left.

5594812872 Complains by Callblocker,

This is a collection agency.OUT OF AREA (Caller ID Name)Source Receivables Management (Source RM), LLCCorporate Headquarters4615 Dundas Drive, Suite 102Greensboro, NC  27407-1761(518) 621-5475 (Caller ID No.)(202) 559-6082 (Alternate No.)(206) 858-9046 (Alternate No.)(210) 598-5974 (Alternate No.)(213) 291-0287 (Alternate No.)(253) 292-6805 (Alternate No.)(262) 584-4992 (Alternate No.)(303) 558-6930 (Alternate No.)(313) 346-5881 (Alternate No.)(314) 596-0865 (Alternate No.)(317) 497-0286 (Alternate No.)(321) 578-3705 (Alternate No.)(336) 553-1430 (Alternate No.)(386) 742-6201 (Alternate No.)(402) 881-8871 (Alternate No.)(405) 275-4394 (Alternate No.)(405) 529-5354 (Alternate No.)(406) 552-0345 (Alternate No.)(440) 398-2007 (Alternate No.)(505) 359-6461 (Alternate No.)(516) 570-9614 (Alternate No.)(601) 724-3302 (Alternate No.)(609) 318-6371 (Alternate No.)(616) 988-0606 (Alternate No.)(617) 517-5129 (Alternate No.)(678) 392-3397 (Alternate No.)(712) 560-3561 (Alternate No.)(720) 496-4569 (Alternate No.)(802) 222-2809 (Alternate No.)(850) 262-9421 (Alternate No.)(856) 581-8049 (Alternate No.)(913) 535-1535 (Alternate No.)(336) 386-3111 (Office No.)(866) 266-3111 (Office No.)www.sourcerm.comAdd this number, and other alternate numbers they call on, to your call blocker.

8134435732 Complains by Guest,


8187249934 Complains by The Valley,

After a couple of quick just one ring hang Advantages they finally stayed on the line long enough for state they're Marketing sales. . I 've told these guys thus many times for stop calling and follow the DC registry.

6023272583 Complains by Guest,

I got a blocked phone did t answer it but a message was left on my express send. Your lady previously mentioned her name was Trisha. She said she wan t confident if she had your right Man but if I was searching for component time or not empty time work for supply her a telephone at W W W.

7273753867 Complains by Guest,

They claim they giving Outside government Scholarships for W. W but you got to pay Walgreen or c c W to get it

8135418205 Complains by eddy,

telephone obtained at 4 W am

8002138181 Complains by Bob,

Called numerous times daily here too.  Never bothered to leave a message so I never bothered to answer.  Finally blocked their future calls.  

8002329804 Complains by b,

me overly. . . it was Kirby

8002667557 Complains by Guest,

This number is a scam. I recieved a text from them, when I called back from another number they tried to get my personal information. Be aware of text and phone calls from this number. They could not give me a business name after they clamied to be starting a business.

8002567137 Complains by Jordan,

It s a Amount out of a Gal Flag Toyota auto Vendor in CA. Either North Hills or Van Nus I consider. . .

8002145316 Complains by Liang,

Calls our business repeatedly demanding payment on a Electricity Invoice. Threatened for Close off the gas after we told her no 3 Telephone calls After. Demanded sensitive company data from the employees. Absolute scam all of the accounts are Present and in great standing.

8002460709 Complains by Guest,

Leave a comment about that caller here

8001381417 Complains by proactive,

This is probably Nationwide Credit, a debt collection company. They are known to collect for Chase and American Express.  DID numbers come in blocks that are multiples of 20 sequencial phone numbers.  This number falls within a 20-number range of known Nationwide phone numbers.

8001993261 Complains by Tyiesha,

Your same thing happen to me

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