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Telephone information: Global Crossing Local Services-pa. Belle Vernon, PA. Fayette. United states
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Post by Democrat,

7242473088 Robert Haber needs for would a few research. We are all registered Democrats in this house and would t vote for him if he paid people.

Post by Kathie,

724-247-3088 Please Don't Call me Mr Huckleberry along with your own taped message. My Amount is Recorded on that Do not Telephone Registry so do you personally Mr. Huckleberry get my unlisted Amount. I will never vote for you personally as you've invaded my privacy and my right for 've my calls blocked.

Post by Not A Con, Not A Lib.,

7242473088 Got the telephone four times in your last three days. Pretty much a rant against Obama attention Likely more Around becoming Haber s name Outside there for your next election than anything else. O T It was interesting the call got reference for the fact that Worldwide Wellbeing attention would cost lives contemplating most of Western Europe has both General Wellness attention and longer expected lifespans. Of path Haber is form of an idiot anyway he s the Man who commuted your life sentence of Maurice Clemons who went on to kill four Lakewood California Cops officers. Kind of his own personal Willie Horton Condition. . . that'll torpedo his W Odds as we get closer to the election.

Post by vickie,

724-247-3088 I Only obtained a phone out of this same number I did t answer. I Merely got on computer to locate out who it was. I am a registered Democrat but I vote for the person not the Bash but I did t know I had helped along with anything and I don't Strategy on helping. I don't see where it gets you personally everywhere by helping they are going to can as they please whether I help or not. Thus far I don't see any thing Amazing being done since Clinton left office. . . . sure want we could 've him back again. . . . . . I would vote for either among your Clinton s within a spirit beat. . . . . . . .

Post by Life long Republican,

7242473088 Well said GMAT. I 'm a life long Republican who is W in favor of Obama care. I have worked in your corporate life administrating group Wellbeing care plans and have spent that past fifteen years running my own Visiting business purchasing Person Wellness Care Insurance. In my own opinion most Ailing informed Republicans would have a fast Alter of spirit with Wellness Care Change if they had to buy Wellness Insurance on an Person basis. Currently Paul Ryan s plan Republican Budget does noting but transport costs to others read Medicare and Medicaid and Prize that rich with tax favors within lowering their rate. The Republican Bash doesn't deserve your own vote Wake up Upward Republicans.

Post by Oregon Bev,

724-247-3088 Sadly that national do not call list isn't worth Substantially. . . . . . . . there are too many Conditions. That list of those who could telephone even people who are ON your don't call list Features Political Parties Charities any and all charities Fiscal Companies banks and other financial Things and here s your really horrible just one. . . . . . . . completely Any Individual or any Company you've ever done business along with no question how long Past. Thus. . . . . . . . . . you tell me what good is that don't telephone registry. It s Pretty useless.

Post by Pelgal,

7242473088 Cease calling me. I guess your do not telephone list is a joke. I did telephone back and got Haber and he thanked me for returning his call. No message left when I answered. Thus it s a trap thus he can Discuss to you personally. Also don t telephone during my dinner hour Only don t call.

Post by Lynne,

724-247-3088 Recording of Haber. Not the way to get votes. These recorded political calls need for be outlawed.

Post by P.O.,

7242473088 Get multiple calls daily. . . It s got to Cease.

Post by Jack,

724-247-3088 I wonder if Paul Haber knows that I would be a cold day in hell before I d vote for any politician that was rude enough for Bacall Folks.

Post by Anita,

7242473088 That is a correction for my Publishing. The telephone came out of Belle Vernon Philadelphia.

Post by Mark,

724-247-3088 Haber will not Discontinue calling me W 'm till W pm request W times to take me away there telephone list but they will not.

Post by Angry about this,

7242473088 I vie had repeated calls and get a record of Henry Haber s express saying that they're only 4 votes away from repealing Obama attention and stating all the derogatory stuff. Press 1 to hint their Request etc. I hung Upward. When I vie gotten other calls in the same Amount but no just one on the line I telephone back the number and get your same message as above saying cheers for calling back.

Post by Life long Republican,

724-247-3088 Well said.

Post by Rebecca,

7242473088 Get rid of the Henry Haber recalls. . . harassing. Choosing away my independence of peace of mind and happiness

Post by Catherine,

724-247-3088 What's the gadget. . . . I m W and could t run enjoy I used to. I demand the gadget.

Post by Bobbie,

7242473088 calls over and over

Post by GA Privacy,

724-247-3088 Haber phone repeal Obama care. I m on a do not phone list and if your GOP Applicants insist on Setting Rob calls to your don't phone people Subsequently it might become time for consider other Choices Customer who regards a citizen s private Solitude.

Post by jj,

7242473088 Keep becoming calls how do I get them to Quit when NO person picks Upwards even when you Strike Distinct Amounts during that discussion. About for email Haber and may continue Day-to-day until calls stop. . . .

Post by Joe,

724-247-3088 Got a phone Now type someone who wants for repeal the Heath Care Bill. They called your wrong number I m going to Compose letters to my Congress Reps. within support of the Invoice.

Post by Guest,

7242473088 Political automated Telephone telephone opposed a Wellness bill.

Post by Joe,

724-247-3088 I think this really is Fantastic. It s just another reason to despise that Republicans. I expect the backfires on them.

Post by Do Not Call Me,

7242473088 It s a recorded MSG out of Paul Haber. Something about repealing Wellness attention reforms. I Installed Upward at that point. I really resent political Promotions that use MY Telephone which I pay for to attempt to sell to me. They're no better than telemarketers. I can never vote for a candidate who Rob calls me.

Post by ohsuzi,

724-247-3088 May W Received a phone from this Amount amp that call ID said Belle Vernon Pennsylvania. No message left. I too am on Don't Telephone List. Why.

Post by Dandy,

7242473088 That message on that express send was a Facsimile Attempting for ring within. When I called back it was Haber. Fortunate me. . .

Post by jonstarpar,

724-247-3088 FYI. . . Your Do not Call List doesn't Comprise charities or politicians of any Bash. . . You're better off to response or they can Only keep calling. I understand how annoying they are but we can t would 1 matter Around it.

Post by Dwight,

7242473088 W W W is a Change scam out of Scott Haber s election committee. If you personally call them back they don t have any toll Costs for pay. SORRY THIEVING SCOUNDREL. Report them to the Do not Telephone anyway.

Post by Rose Deguara,

724-247-3088 Reported the number for Do not Call and will continue to would thus politics or not. Getting a telephone Practically every daytime and sometimes twice a daytime. It has to Cease. Next time I m going for telephone my Telephone Business and tell them I m getting these calls Very Considerably harassment. Let them deal along with it.

Post by M,

7242473088 P. S. Here s your E-mail address for that group. . . I asked them for remove my Amount from your list Perhaps if enough Folks would it they will get that message email W protected

Post by Dwight,

724-247-3088 I called this number back after becoming your silence also. Paul Haber s recording thanked me for returning his telephone but there was no way for leave them feedback these call are unwanted. I did Control for leave feedback on his Facebook Website about how displeased along with the Technique phone. HTTP Www. Micawber. com . Concentrated . . . W AFDC Maybe this may be a Awaken Upwards call to him if enough Folks also gripe about his unwanted sleazy Strategies thy is way.

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2283657820 Complains by Guest,

Got a few text msgs making sexual statements, stated they knew me through a friend. Ive no friends in WY! Will be calling my service provider!

8284065805 Complains by Guest,

It s the Cops don t autumn for it

2623231662 Complains by David,

they never leave a message.

8017365220 Complains by Guest,

Online School.

8324954368 Complains by susan,

i acquired a telephone Now amber Mitchell when i returned telephone they had never heard of her the witch that answered Inquired if i got my summons i said whist summons she started laughing and said isn't your social and named last 4 digits a poor Assess i said i dint Compose checks she laughed even more please denote i am really upset

5172527675 Complains by Guest,

Best Buy W dollar Competition Success Notice. I erased

7274177872 Complains by Guest,


8152060794 Complains by Guest,

They keep herassing me and they keep calling me and hang up and will showdow faxing me and they won't leve me a lone

8002591593 Complains by justin,

Compels users for phone with fake virus warnings. Don't phone.

8002669692 Complains by chris,

Got a phone at my workplace how did they get my Amount. . from Anne from Viking.

8002260027 Complains by atc,

This is your W number used within Amritsar Tax Centre s XML and Sir people Radio Advertising. A National Tax resolution Agency representing Customers with Irs tax Issues. If you personally owe your Irs back taxes and have unfilled tax Yields Amritsar Tax Expert are Accessible at this Amount. They are friendly courteous and understanding and may help you personally comprehend your options. Great Folks helping great Folks. Amritsar Tax Centers Tax Relief Department.

8001636166 Complains by A,

The past two mornings at 6 am the Amount has called and never leaves a message

8002176423 Complains by Walter,

Calls all your time.

8002687220 Complains by Nader,

Timeshares Only

8000456324 Complains by Guest,

suspected customer service Representative. at AAA who called and threatened me on march Th W at Around W W or W PM

8001303180 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling with automated message looking for Robin Fisher. Needs you personally for press 1 or 2 on your Telephone. Never leaves a message. three numbers along with same auto message is calling me now. I 'm not Robin Fisher. They State to be Verizon. I called Verizon and the Amounts don't Fit to them.

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