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Telephone information: Consolidated Communications Of Pennsylva. Cranberry Twp, PA. Butler. United states
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46 complaints
Post by Gail,

7247417000 This number has called my house W times from W today until 3. . . quite annoying.

Post by Angie,

724-741-7000 I am getting these calls at my place of company Generally on Friday evenings. It s really annoying.

Post by Guest,

7247417000 Calls each few minutes


724-741-7000 You are getting an Facsimile blast meant most probably for a few number other than yours. After much research here it all I could find The company is Coventry Health Attention in Cranberry Township Pa. Their number is W W W or W W W and your address is W E Ken singer Drive zip W. This really is Allowing for info gathered out of Google. They are Additionally Understood as Avaunt Medical Care and Perhaps other names. If you personally need for look them Upwards would a Google sophisticated investigation minus the words Occupation and Occupations to narrow down your hunt. I don't have any idea exactly why they are calling me as my Amount is a private home with no working fax machine and on the do not phone list. When we did 've a Facsimile it was a different Amount. Your just possible motive is that some insurance Business had incorrectly listed the home number as some physician s office fax number but that was many years ago. Truly a mystery.

Post by Guest,

7247417000 Coventry Wellbeing fax line They called 7 times in a row leaving messages along with Facsimile beeps.

Post by Eric Krone,

724-741-7000 This is pissing me off. As everyone else here has already said they Merely keep calling back. Either there s something really bad going on here that we don t understand comprehend or your Man on another end of this fax is that worlds dumbest dial er of time.

Post by Attorney Bob,

7247417000 Phone comes within from California. I can file Criticism soon.

Post by sickly,

724-741-7000 That is not your first time the number has called our Residence phone. I 've multiple Wellness dilemmas and Need extensive rest. This Amount on caller I. D. registers as COVENTRY Health C and when we Choose Upwards it s Clearly a Facsimile beep on another end. The Amount called your house on W W W at 2 W P. M. 4 W P. M. 7 W P. M. amp W W P. M and on W W W at 5 W A. M. . PLEASE Stop CALLING The Dwelling. . My Partner finally unplugged that phone thus we would t become disturbed after going for bed but the caller I. D. still registers incoming calls. You will become reported if the continues.

Post by Bob,

7247417000 I have Coma Set on my blacklist Trouble solved

Post by ARRGGH!,

724-741-7000 Does this help.

Post by smloriot,

7247417000 Coventry Health Seemingly someone from this number could possibly become Attempting for Facsimile something to a doctor s office within Lexington KY. We get calls all that time because there's an error Someplace. Phone W W W if you need their Facsimile number.

Post by Dee Palmer,

724-741-7000 Receiving calls at my place of company from W W W and when I transport it for my fax nothing happens.

Post by BC,

7247417000 I just got a phone from the number and it was a fax beep AT 2 W Am. . .

Post by Bob,

724-741-7000 Stop calling its really bothersome when trying for run a company.

Post by Guest,

7247417000 I don't understand who that is. It's a Facsimile Amount someone is calling me out of. Do I stop this .

Post by Guest,

724-741-7000 I 've gotten W calls from this fax machine for my cell Telephone within the last several days. Make it Discontinue. . .

Post by J ulia,

7247417000 This Amount just started calling our company tool Business phone Amount the morning and in that last hour has dialed us around W times. Averaging each 4 minutes. It is Only a beep but is Extremely annoying and won't stop. We have been on your do not telephone list registry as nicely and have reported it and done everything possible to ensure it is stop. Most of the complaints I have seen on here were from around W. This can be W and they're still doing it. Someone PLEASE Discontinue That Mayhem. . . .

Post by smloriot,

724-741-7000 I think I 've solved my Issue whenever they get the return Facsimile Perhaps they will Discontinue. I attempted calling both Amounts above no Fortune. Then I called a Amount W W W that turned out to be a call Centre within TX where that IT Time and Property Amounts all went for express message.

Post by Charles Ray,

7247417000 This Mindless Amount calls people ALL That TIME. It Discontinued for a few weeks and now it s back again. . . nothing but a Facsimile machine beep. They telephone in any respect hours earlier morning and late into that night. I vie contacted our state Lawyer General s Office since we are on a no phone list and we will see what happens. It s harassment pure and Straightforward.

Post by flippersgurl520,

724-741-7000 Who are these people and how do we get them for Cease calling me

Post by Jane in WVa,

7247417000 ALL Info COLLECTED From GOOGLE. I gotten a Facsimile phone from Coventry Health Attention from W W W this morning about W W a. m. EDT. Another Facsimile no. in Pa is Fax W W W. Your Business is Recorded as being in W E Ken Vocalist Dr Cranberry Township Pa W. I called that Business and after several useless computer Choices and asking to Talk to a Manager or manager or someone who could fix your Condition. I did not mind giving Outside my Private Information for solve the problem. I finally was put in contact along with Donald at a support Facility in Texas. After explaining your possibility that either your meant Facsimile Amount was written down incorrectly or the meant Facsimile number was Joined onto the Facsimile machine incorrectly I consider that Donald in Texas may address your Condition at the Pa office and get it Fixed so no other poor hapless spirit may get repeated fax calls on their Residence or business Telephone whatsoever hours. Since this is a just one time Problem for me I was not unwilling to Give my time to get the problem Fixed rather than using that time for file a Gripe with your FTC. I 'm Striving for become a good Friend though I have no business connections with either Etna or Coventry. W W minutes of my retiree time and hopefully the Condition can be solved using that Crosby or Juan Process of Excellence through Quality.

Post by Gigi,

724-741-7000 I Began getting calls out of the number today and when I state something it's a fax line. I phone it back and your same matter happens. This can be really annoying as this is my company cell . .

Post by HD,

7247417000 if anyone Stats out who owns the Amount post something here. I work for Coventry Health care IT and even we can t body Outside who this Amount belongs for. They're a repeat offender though


724-741-7000 Owner ID Does not Say WHO Your Call IS Out of BUT I DID Attempt To Facsimile THEM With A MESSAGE Only For Get A NO Reply Result. I GET This Telephone W To W TIMES A Daytime.

Post by Melissa,

7247417000 This is annoying Merely started getting the W times within your last hours when may it Discontinue. . . . . . . . .

Post by E Shaw,

724-741-7000 I Merely gotten 4 calls from this Amount and only getting the fax beeps in the past W minutes. Wondered if it was just a incorrect number but Viewing the site means it s probably not going for stop any time soon. . . dang.

Post by Jacki,

7247417000 Mg stop calling me. . .

Post by tmk,

724-741-7000 I Simply got this same matter. FYI. Tom

Post by miller,

7247417000 I hope your figure Outside shortly the are calling your jail

Post by Shari,

724-741-7000 W calling again over and around. . . . Clearly a fax.

Post by Sue,

7247417000 The number called me repeatedly for Around an hour. It needs for Discontinue. It sounds enjoy a fax Striving for be sent.

Post by Steff,

724-741-7000 This Amount is repeatedly calling my son s phone at all hours. . . he is a minor and these calls are disrupting. I may take all Methods to make them Discontinue.

Post by Linda Garland,

7247417000 Keep becoming these calls. It Appears to be a fax machine. Began Recently W Mar. W. Calls each W Min's.

Post by Sarah,

724-741-7000 Th telephone within under W minutes. . . This had better Cease before your Sabbath. . .

Post by Lois D. Baker,

7247417000 Webster E Baker and Lois D Baker at W W W received two calls 1 around W W P. M. Wed and another at 3 W A. M. Thurs morn from W W W.

Post by cavebill,

724-741-7000 Started becoming the call today Friday April W W . Facsimile machine tones.

Post by NotnCongress,

7247417000 It s a fact the service provider with this Amount within Brand new Castle Pa knows exactly who where owns the account Invoice. These Gripes demand for go to the FTC and or other entity that governs your would no call protection. Nothing will be done until an Study is done at the Degree and it may take S's of S's of Buyer Grievances before this may get your Interest of despise Right department. We need that office or personal Amount of a congressperson for become inconvenienced in purchase to expedite your Analysis. Don t hold your Air.

Post by Sherry,

724-741-7000 I keep becoming calls out of W W W. When I reply it's a Facsimile machine beep. Do I get them to Cease.

Post by Pam,

7247417000 I keep getting multiple phone calls from the Amount. It is just a Facsimile tone. I desire it to Cease. How do we Quit it. Who can we contact. If thus many Folks are having Difficulties why will there be no answers.

Post by Guest,

724-741-7000 This is really annoying. The number is continuously calling my cell Telephone and all it does is really loud beeps from a fax. It is enjoy it is on Vehicle dial. I have sent a fax for that number to stop calling my cell phone but it won t.

Post by tmk,

7247417000 I Simply got this same thing. FYI. Tom

Post by Luigi,

724-741-7000 I keep getting calls from W W W. When I answer it is a fax machine beep.

Post by Charlotte A. Morris, M.A.,

7247417000 Repeated calls from Coventry Well-being Care fax and I cannot look for any phone numbers for phone to whine that are not Additionally fax Amounts. GREER.

Post by Flo,

724-741-7000 Got a telephone from the Amount four times in W min. at my work. All I get is a Facsimile tone.

Post by N. M. Nolte,

7247417000 Started receiving fax calls out of the Amount Now. The fax dials my Amount about each W minutes

Post by RSL,

724-741-7000 Receiving class from this number to my cell. Replied once it was fax or computer. 've had 6 calls in last W minutes.

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Sallie Mae

9259307959 Complains by Guest,

Future Careers telemarketing

4143369201 Complains by Guest,

Irma Firm and could see where they got my Amount. It appears enjoy Facebook.

6303975155 Complains by Guest,

block lost

8133976715 Complains by Guest,

This can be a Duplicate telephone over hours within the day. It needs to Quit as it is a type of harassment.

2817122282 Complains by Guest,

Grimy awful stalker may jeopardize your own like if he is ignored Beware. . . .

9723705020 Complains by Guest,

Called left no message

6785428161 Complains by Guest,

Mom house number

9376884795 Complains by Guest,


8003588140 Complains by fran fed up,

has called for a month at 5 W no 1 speaks I Simply Han up Who or what's calling . It is very annoying

8002074092 Complains by Guest,


9492090922 Complains by Guest,

This number continues to phone and I continue to not for reply.

9853202063 Complains by tbone,

This really is a scam. They Place a virus on your own computer. They want you for pay them to remove it.

8003342030 Complains by ROBERT MEIER,

Well Ella I 'm sorry I was not an ideal W. Oh my god I Simply Understood I Place my Actual name. Oh hmm okay uh wait 1 Second let me would a couple of Pictures. . Yea okay I am back my name is John Brady and I am here to tell you that we 're a Entire joke. Okay I said it wow I like the fact that I could be real and Fair when I drink. I need for do another Photo. Ella You're on top of the mountain searching down. Wait I 'm Ella. No Close Upward I am John Brady . Robert Meier is my Actual name and Jason Burns is a liar he got me can it. He got me do it. God I 'm so Dumb. I need for see a therapist. Okay never thoughts I am So drunk. Where's my pudding. Call me W W W. What was my first dog s name. I gotta go. Oh Yes we send you personally nothing. . . . . . . . . . . . . I drink and I despise Jason Burns. . . . . . . . . . He ruined my life.

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