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Telephone information: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless. New Port Richey, FL. Pasco. United states
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Post by Jim Sprecher,

7272471204 Yes my name is Jim Sprecher owner of GSA applications or you may know me from Federal Verification Co., Inc. in Clearwater, FL. Let me start off by saying thanks to all of my attorneys keeping me out of jail, and showing me how to file bankruptcy so that all the card holders and past workers can’t get their money back and I would also like to thank Pam Bondi’s office for taking my check for $250,000. I guess that’s what I have to pay in order to make this go away. I gave her office a bribe for my freedom. Now for the rest of you dummies at the I-team, Jackie Callaway AG Economic Crimes Unit of Tampa, and the FBI get lost. You don’t have anything on me and you all already know that. Go ahead and put taps on our phones. You and Pam Bondi’s Office can’t do one thing to stop me from running my companies the way I have been. I am getting more telemarketers, more offices to make more money than I ever have, and why not? No one is going to do anything about it. My office gave you a contract and if you did not follow that contract then we keep the money and that’s the bottom line. Yes my family and I live well, real well. For all of you dummies that keep calling the office for a refund, look in the contract you signed. For 2017 this is going to be our biggest year yet for sales. More programs we offer from the government, the more money we make. If anyone would like to talk to me my number is 727-744-5382.

Post by norbert1234,

727-247-1204 Got a phone out of GSA took me to your Website along with nothing but Maker and Providers tried for explain that for your person but they would not listen I said why would the Authorities Purchase from me a little retail company owner when they could go appropriate for that source where I get my products GSA never Certified me they Merely Needed my cash.

Post by Sissy,

7272471204 Got a phone from Tracey LyX out of W W W. I instantaneously idea it was a scam because your Authorities would never ensure it is that simple to work along with them. I called back and rang the operator and Inquired if this was that Expert s Administration. She said it was GSA Preview. I said thank you personally and hung Upwards. Got on net and power saw all of these Criticisms. I think they may have gotten my name and number away your Virginia approved Companies Web site. Not sure.

Post by Gia Jackson,

727-247-1204 Of path I know GSA doesn't Approve schedules. They Assume for offer a service to Make the paperwork for get Accepted for a GSA Schedule through that Fed Govt. Again Don't Can Business Along with GSA Preview. . I just copied that Information below from another E-mail Recorded here. Report this Firm by going to Florida s Attorney General Web site HTTP . com and click on consumer protection and that file a complaint type. If enough people complain your Lawyer General can investigate them but Enif Individuals must complain. It has been a year and they still will not return my money or calls etc. Get AT LEAST W W references rather than Making them take me to some Site to show me 1 old GSA schedule they allegedly helped get approved. Call all W Recommendations and not your first few People because they Merely may become employees or friends. I bet You'll get an ear not empty. .

Post by tired of idiots,

7272471204 Yeah good matter you Used the Group of morons. Simply BECAUSE IT S A Phone Phone Does not MEAN IT S A SCAM. Lot s of valid Businesses market their services and products the manner. I vie Lay} here and read five pages of Folks calling the company a scam Simply because that's how they choose for market their services it is idiotic to create an Prediction enjoy that Merely because you personally got a phone call and then got on the Website where anyone could write anything and NONE OF It's VERIFIABLE. It is so frustrating because my Man works with this company they 've a Enormous building and hundreds of Workers and have been in company within this community for around W years. If it was a scam they would 've been investigated and Close down many years ago. My Man and many others are now having difficulty making a residing because of sites like the and others where it is thus Evident that the Cards are either former Workers or competitors who could Merely get on there and spew any previous matter they need AND NONE OF It is VERIFIABLE but people consider it.

Post by harley,

727-247-1204 Went for BBB said Firm got a b rating simply because it was Began in Aug. W

Post by klhjd,

7272471204 Left VIM saying if was interested within 1 year or 5 year GSA contract in my own state for phone back at this number x W did not catch that guys name. SCAM

Post by VT,

727-247-1204 That phone I acquired was from Lindsey W W W X. Has called twice in two times.

Post by Debbie,

7272471204 i understand JOE GLEN NON Is not That OWNER. . i 've evidence and he will be in trouble just one daytime.

Post by Screwed,

727-247-1204 I am with you personally Romeo. We Offered GSA Survey W and had to chase them for Nearly a year for get them to file the application. In your Finish they provided no real Signs of Processing anything not even a contact name for where your file was Delivered. Three people that handled your file entry consecutively Stop their jobs the was within your path of 8 months. I figure it must be tough to go for work in that morning when you are living a lie. All GSA want is your own up front money. Beyond that they offer you personally Around as Considerably as Nigerian scam artists. For the remainder of you Folks on the blog who are contemplating doing business with them heed that warnings. You might have heard from people who 've been burned by that hot cereal so start Coming on your yogurt. Confident Speak for Joe Glen on he will most likely Supply a few justify for exactly why they 've been jerking you around for months or years. Within your meantime he is laughing all that manner for that bank. Florida attorney general here I come.

Post by Rich,

7272471204 They said they would provide me an Advertisement value W for my problems for free. Exactly why run an as that expensive. Additionally asked where I can see the Advertising. Never got your Site. Scam artists.

Post by Sammy,

727-247-1204 Shopper beware. See what they Actually mean by their cash back guarantee. Many quality service Companies Outside there thus Google GSA schedule Experts.

Post by Information4u.,

7272471204 First of all GSA preview offers a 5 year no invite contract along with a consecutive 3 terms Restoration making it a W year contract. They market your own company and help you pare Discuss your own price. They Manage all paperwork for you personally W W pages of contract paperwork and they do all the for W dollars just one time Payment for W years of service. They 've been doing the for more than W years and yes the government uses GSA more than bidding. . .

Post by Brooke,

727-247-1204 Sharon Talk Around hiding your own Id. There is not a Sharon that works at GSA Preview. Trust me I understand. This can be becoming silly. The re fences are Actual. They don t use Workers. Your consultants processors who can your work Construct relationships along with their customers and get Words of re Fencing. The problem is becoming too many files and not being Capable to Manage that work Weight. I don t recommend the company Nonetheless I can ensure you personally the letters are real and some customers get the service they expected.

Post by mike,

7272471204 there are many links for follow but they all say that same GSA National Companies Direct Countryside Writing and Fe ma Now GSA Survey are a SCAM. . . THESE ARE A few OF That LINKS FOR MORE Information. . . FE Mum AND THEIR Response. . . . HTTP Web. ripoff report. com reports 0 W Ripoff. Imhotep Www. Company Speak. com F's fem Now W

Post by Brooke,

727-247-1204 GSA is not that government. It is a business that Functions as an Method between small Companies and Government agencies. This Firm does Specialist and some employees do what they're Assumed for can. Some have Amazing relationships along with contracting officers at GSA. Yet the good does not weigh Outside the lousy unfortunately. GSA will not Direct any Specialist Firm for Support in getting your own GSA contract. They only Increase Therapist AC. Rehabilitation AC is no as knowledgeable as you personally would anticipate or want them for be either. You take your own Odds with ant Business you go along with for help you along with your paperwork. Would research and go along with your bowel. If a Firm doesn't offer or refuse for give refunds most likely they're not the honest Business and Likely not someone you personally want to would company with. Look for a Firm that backs what they state along with money back guarantee. Nu Cent Attempt Inc within Oldster Fl. Offers money back guarantee. As nicely as a couple other companies within the U. S. There aren't many though. GSA Preview has NOT been in business for W years unless You're counting all the other names the Business has had. That speaks Sizes as well. Exactly why would you personally demand to change your name so many times. By your manner Maryann over there would never say she worked for your government and she isn't a telemarketer. She happens for become one of your very best processors over there and knows her Things. Train yourself before you speak.

Post by Rich,

7272471204 Untrue statements. . . . What about your own company saying I could get that contract Finished in W W days. . . It's Chosen Virtually a year and still nothing. Your own company is that just one making false statements.

Post by TP,

727-247-1204 This really is a very great explanation. I have had Authorities Deals for nicely over forty years and it takes a lot more get within to service their company than Simply getting someone to Entire a schedule for you personally. They don t just do business along with you personally because they see your name or your schedule. .

Post by Screwed,

7272471204 I am with you personally Romeo. We gave GSA preview W and had to chase them for Nearly a year to get them to file our application. In your end they provided no real evidence of Processing anything not even a contact name for where your file was Delivered. Three individuals who Managed the file submission consecutively Leave their Occupations the was within the path of 8 months. I guess it must be Rough to go for work within that morning when you are residing a lie. All GSA need is your Upwards front cash. Beyond that they provide you Around as Considerably as Nigerian scam artists. To your remainder of you personally Folks on this blog who are contemplating doing business along with them heed that warnings. You might have heard out of those who have been burned by the Popular cereal so Begin Coming on your yogurt. Certain Discuss to Joe Glen on he may most likely provide some justify for why they 've been jerking you personally Approximately for months or years. Within that meantime he is laughing all the manner for the bank. Florida attorney general here I come.

Post by Brooke,

727-247-1204 Sharon Speak about hiding your own Id. There surely is not a Sharon that works at GSA Preview. Trust me I understand. This really is becoming absurd. That re fences are Actual. They don t use employees. That Instructors processors who can your work build Associations along with their customers and get Words of re Fencing. The Issue is getting too many files and not being Competent for handle the work Weight. I don t recommend the Firm Nonetheless I could ensure you personally the Words are real and some customers get that service they expected.

Post by Brooke,

7272471204 Sharon Discuss about hiding your own Identification. There surely is not a Sharon that works at GSA Preview. Trust me I understand. This can be getting ridiculous. Your re fences are Actual. They don t use employees. That Professionals processors who can that work Construct Connections along with their customers and get letters of re Wall. That problem is becoming too many files and not being Competent for handle that work load. I don t advocate your Firm Yet I could ensure you that the letters are real and a few customers get your service they Anticipated.

Post by Storms Eye,

727-247-1204 Obtained voice mail from Kevin Donaldson GSA Survey. Wanted me for telephone back if I were a Little Business Owner or President interested within 5 year Authorities contract. Interestingly enough this telephone came after attending a Course on federal Amount contracting. Your Number of the seminar must have sold my number .

Post by Stella Collins, Pam Sprecher,

7272471204 GSA Applications Federal Verification's something smells Poor. . . . . Word on that street is a Insolvency is looming and Afterward a relaunch Underneath Stella Collins with a Firm name of Creative Concept Groups. Stella is mistress of Rick Preacher he won t wed her. . . . . Jim is that owner and scummier of GSA Applications his daughter Pam Preacher Works that Processing Section to insure it goes the manner the manager desires it. She can cover up any story and attempt to capture you personally along with her lack of business intellect. . . . Sarah Tipper she Works another Business under her SAN Likely USN t Enrolled along with that state. . . this is another one of their Moss. 've employees create names under their SAN to throw Folks off. . . . I am directing everyone for that Congresswoman on this case with your Attorney General and ABC Actions Team News HTTP Www. abjection's. com Depp news local's . . . em federal work You can contact your Attorney General Pam Relationship 1 W W W on the case HTTP Internet. . com lite. NSF I've . . . C but I would Additionally contact People Congresswoman Castor. Us Congresswoman Kathy Castor Washington Office Canon House Office Building Washington DC Telephone W W Facsimile W W Office Hours 9 W am 5 W pm Tampa Office N Armenia Ave Selection Tampa FL Telephone W W Facsimile W W Office Hours 8 W 'm 5 W pm Joe Investigator Florida Attorney General Economical Crimes Division East Frontage Road Selection Tampa FL W W Fax W W W E-mail W protected Contact that BBB and Federal Trade Commission as nicely John W. Jack corporate counsel of that Better Company Business his email address is E-mail W protected National Trade Commission W W W in Compliance along with Congresswoman Kathy Castor Here is your FTC Complaint Sort HTTP Www. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en

Post by give me a break...,

727-247-1204 Robin your own company isn't that Amount one chip within the State. Which is your funniest matter I have heard to date. First of GSA will not supply Recommendations for Expert. They could t. Your Firm took on more than you can Manage and you've made a terrible name for yourselves within that procedure. It's unfortunate.

Post by Ed,

7272471204 Quacks enjoy a Goose walks like a Duck. its a scam. Got a telephone out of a few Dave Man trying for sell me Lizard oil of government contracts

Post by mystery caller,

727-247-1204 That is a Sweet Storyline there Dave you could vie got a lot of cash instead you did t can any research and missed Outside on that option for make cash. good just one. By the manner those telemarketers sleep enjoy babies not like many old guy that's tired of seeing his company Fall. . sweet wishes. .

Post by New Name,

7272471204 Next week You're going to be called by Quick GSA .

Post by Bill,

727-247-1204 I talked for them Around working there. They Market sales Opportunities Making over K. I do not think it's a scam and can think some Individuals are Only complaining because their business Includes telemarketing. For become Good it Additionally appears like there s some shill troll answers and also a few from the company. I did not have an excellent bowel Experience about working there and found these Remarks and others on other Sites after a Straightforward Google which did influence my decision. While not a scam it was High-priced at W. Yes you are able to can it yourself but they seemed to Place Collectively a Entire Bundle to your Fed govt. But becoming into the Fed system means Merely that. You're within the system and not Considerably else your Feds guarantee W for the reason that 5 years. It appeared for Demand being low bidder and pare invite your own Costs. W demand to become low invite got it look like an expensive business proposition to me.

Post by harley,

7272471204 Went to BBB said Firm got a b rating only because it was started in Aug. W

Post by tired of idiots,

727-247-1204 You re a moron. David is From GSA Preview. . . . He does not Desire To Would A Preview. He Additionally dozen t desire for Upgrade your 5 year GSA schedule He needs for assist you in Getting a 5 year GSA schedule for a Price. That's what this Business does it's legit and all of you who think it is a scam Only because you personally got a phone phone are idiots and when you personally fail for give these messages and calls to your Companies or someone who does comprehend what is going on You're Maybe causing them to miss out on a terrific opportunity for their Business to create a lot of money. These callers are Promotion A SERVICE Only like tax Planning or anything else. It s a good thing Pro Kathie was tipped off along along with all another idiots if not the National tax dollars would become going for little Companies run by morons like them.

Post by TIFFANY,

7272471204 I think Individuals are thus skeptical and it hurts businesses which involves telemarketing. I believe this company is valid and sincere. Your telemarketers are doing their Occupations. That s all and I have had an excellent expertise working with them thus Much.

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Desire to block numbed

8086395506 Complains by anonymous,

A few alcoholic pill popper female enjoy matter called herself Katy searching for a hand out and crying Around her hands hurting and how she has been ripping off that Authorities becoming food Postages and government Property by fraudulently filling out the forms. Additionally Many coke pot head male enjoy thing that acts like a female called himself Mark searching for a hand out and crying Around his back is hurting and how he was ripping away your Authorities becoming food Postages and government Property by fraudulently filling out that forms. Bizarre stories and out of what I could look for all of them are lies be cautious not to get too close as it look them try to suck all your own resources dry for their gain.

4696932949 Complains by Lulu,

Continuously gets phone out of the number once I answer they hang up

4697358923 Complains by S.M. Tidwell,

First call was a hang up after I challenged them to identify the calling company.Second call, I learned the caller wanted to discuss a Toyota I supposedly own.Caller did not identify calling party or company.Toyota said it was not them and deny affiliation with calling party.Sounds at the beginning of the call indicate this is a robo call, probably a telemarketer.Speech of caller is not consistent with a caller from Bainbridge, GA.Probable off-shore robo re-route to protect scammers.

8175660292 Complains by Annoyed,

Only gotten a text AND an instantaneously after a Telephone telephone out of the Amount along with nobody on the other Finish.

2037245166 Complains by Guest,

this Amount keeps calling our house leaves no message when i called that Amount back it said it was snot within service

2012151712 Complains by Guest,

Calls are consistently in your Night and it is very annoying.

8002471060 Complains by Scott,

Same Facsimile same scam. I called with 2 of their faxes within hand along with Distinct Costs and your man representative Put Upward when I talked Around that Cost difference. I used a different Telephone and got ah old of a female Representative Ally and I played along for a bit Afterward I Inquired why online the website said that they were a scam. . . she was really taken aback. I could Notice a man express within your back ground. . . could t Select Upward what he was saying but Afterward she got flustered when I was stalling with my Facsimile Amount and asking questions between Amounts. I m still going to report for FCC HTTP support. FCC. gov complaints. HTML. . . . 've to 've a few trust that it may do something.

8002529141 Complains by D.R.,

LA Times Calls my job at least 4 6 times a day never leaves a message thank goodness for caller id. .

8002602013 Complains by MikeB,

Be thorough because I 've Given with them before. If your own General took Outside a payday loan along with a shut account they will work along with the DA within your city for bring felony fraud Fees against them. Your own best bet is to get in touch with them and let them know that they can arrange for payment of that bad check. Otherwise I m not certain what will occur. I notion they might have been a rogue collector as well but Seemingly they are a serious recovery Research Organization and do work along with local courts for bring fraudsters for justice. I got that error of Choosing Outside a loan along with a deferred presentment Assess and my bank account unbeknownst to me was closed due to your negative equilibrium. I let it Fall after I could t pay back the advance and it Arrived back to haunt me. Thus I would t become too quick about writing them off.

8001001246 Complains by p.b.,

call out of W W at 9 W within 'm no message left.

8002605570 Complains by Marilyn,

I get at least three calls a day out of the number. I don't owe anyone. I want the for Cease. I am Enrolled with that State of La within that do not call Application.

8002101145 Complains by Anton,

When I replied nobody replied.

8002536500 Complains by Fraud,

Got Fraudulently Priced Around K on card from Maw Amway Order W W W Mi. Looks enjoy that is Very common. Bank Place a Banner Outside to Discontinue it from ever Attempting for charge me again. They apparently charge you to see how Considerably they could get Afterward possibly hit you for more.

8002509997 Complains by Medibag Sales,

This really is legate manner to promote your own company with a local pharmacy. You can constantly affirm your name of your agent assigned to that pharmacy Only by calling that pharmacy and speaking with the pharmacist. Or ask them for Mailbags Amount and phone your Business directly to see who is Given for the pharmacy location in your hometown.

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