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Telephone information: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless. Clearwater, FL. . United states
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Post by Guest,

7272666905 Quit. .

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 Why does Verizon allow Clearly scummier calls for be Finished.

Post by Martha,

7272666905 I 've had 4 calls in less than a month from the number 2 were Now an hour apart. When you personally response they don t state anything they hang up. It is a few sort of Insurance near St Peters burg FL Thank you

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 Called repeatedly that last few weeks just answered the Telephone twice both times no answer

Post by larry Varner,

7272666905 Great Fortune understanding the Muslim. . . . scam Marketing insurance

Post by Barbara,

727-266-6905 Gotten 3 calls in 2 days. The first 2 nobody talked. The third time a guy named Julio told me he was calling on Part of an insurance Business I did not Get which one . I told him my Amount is on the do not call enroll and Put up along with him still talking at me.

Post by Mark Fielding,

7272666905 The number called my cellphone and advised that there was an upcoming deadline for renew my insurance with Blue Cross Blue Guard. My insurance is Fixed via my company so there is absolutely zero need for anyone for be calling me for remind me of my Wellbeing and Gains let alone on my cellphone. If legit send me an email. I politely thanked them for the Memory refused to get into a conversation for prevent them Striving for sell me anything and instantaneously blocked that number on my phone afterwards.

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 Owner does not answer

Post by Guest,

7272666905 medical free insurance spam.

Post by Hal - Palm Beach,

727-266-6905 5 W W called no MSG. reporting for don't phone recommend you personally do the same.

Post by Guest,

7272666905 Simply hangs up

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 Always calls my number. The phone Bands 2 times and before I could answer hangs Upwards quickly.

Post by Guest,

7272666905 keeps calling everyday. No 1 there once I reply it.

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 blue cross blue shield insurance marketing

Post by MU,

7272666905 W W W W W pm W W W called my cell did t leave a message. I m on Don't Telephone LIST so don t value it. Located this info here he must be searching to get you personally to insure with him. HTTP Internet. local. com company details trinity . . . gent W AL Drenches Allstate Insurance Agent Goose Slough Blvd Ste W Trinity FL W W W W At that local. com Site you can complain there also. Additionally Gripes at other unwanted calls website. can file at all of them you can overly.

Post by Irritated daily,

727-266-6905 Each daytime Around W W Am or so I get a Telephone phone from the Amount with caller ID Al Drenches. As shortly as the voice send Solutions the call is ended.

Post by feedup,

7272666905 I acquired several calls a week from the number W W W and when i Select Upwards person don t say anything and when i ET it ring no message is left. I consider that is a Individual Attempting to sell something or a few sort of Legal task is going on. I went to Site and they mentioned they are apart of Allstate insurance did some investigating and they are not apart of Allstate so beware. . . That is probably a fake company setup. . . I ca led the Amount and a man name Andy Decided Upwards and i told him about unwanted calls and i 'm Enrolled with your Don't Call Registry and for Cease calling my phone before i take legal actions. He Afterward mentioned he May take my Telephone number away that list i will wait and see. . . . . .

Post by 33713,

727-266-6905 Called multiple times. Eventually picked Upwards. Telemarketers for Well-being and life insurance Firms. First offered me Well-being insurance through Blue Cross. I already have it. How Around life insurance Afterward. 've that as nicely. He said cheers and great bye

Post by Guest,

7272666905 Did t answer

Post by Brenda,

727-266-6905 Someone from this Amount keeps calling my phone out of the number W W W as well dozen t state a word. Nonetheless it shows Upwards on my caller ID with that name Al Drenches AL . I Merely Strike that hang Upwards button every time they phone . Not going for waste my time with stupidity . God bless them .

Post by Guest,

7272666905 Only hangs up

Post by Bill - Belleview, Fl,

727-266-6905 Consider getting a call blocking System or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. If its a cell phone some already 've phone blocking if not there are free Programs on that web that can work for many. You are able to Google this. If you might have a smart phone there surely is a free Program called telephone control. IPhone Search to have Programs also. Another just one is called Mr. Number. For traction amp right talk HTTP play. Google. com Shop Applications details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. direct talk. com instep Internet. you send. com home Providers directly Discuss block Amenhotep's Web. . com view Subject. PP. f W amp t Report your own callers here not Merely to your DC alone HTTP notes. com forum ta defeat's reporting international smashups Web. Buyer. gov canto file complaints on Foreign Firm s consumer. gov Report Your Grievance mail email W protected HTTP Web. . gov amp Section HTTP Customer Criticisms. FCC. gov Ch en Ishtar's complaints. dentally. gov complaint Gripe Assess. asp. Cell For text messages forwarding any text message spam you personally get for the short code W which spells spam on most Telephones to alert your own network User for that maltreatment. Artwork won t Take W But they can accept BLOCK and return a message the net site is blocked. forwards the texts for W or BLOCK depending on your Telephone Company. By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Gripe sort HTTP Internet. FCC. gov CB Buyer Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected

Post by Guest,

7272666905 I answered quot this is John quot . Your Owner Installed Upward.

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 Overly persistent

Post by Guest,

7272666905 health insurance telemarketer

Post by Callee,

727-266-6905 Someone along with this kind of thick Feature I could t comprehend him.

Post by Guest,

7272666905 caller does not answer

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 harassment

Post by Guest,

7272666905 never leaves message

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 As soon as I Decided up fast Put up

Post by Guest,

7272666905 Wont Cease calling searching for someone else

Post by Linda,

727-266-6905 Day-to-day calls I don t response and they leave no message. I consider it s a scam as Allstate Insurance does not can arbitrary calls Specially from their local area most agents in a Firm enjoy State Village Allstate etc. have a Unique Place and Normally just solicit by mail.

Post by kbrkr,

7272666905 A amp D Insurance Company trying for sell insurance. just keep calling THEIR number and hanging Upward and see if they enjoy it.

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 The Owner has called my 4 times within 1 daytime. State hello they hang up. Called back with private they response along with a few unheard of ins. Told them I may report them if one more call. He apologizes.

Post by Guest,

7272666905 I call back and they have me on hold saying the next representative will become along with me shortly Afterward after W minutes of waiting the automated system just says goodbye scam scam blocked

Post by Tina,

727-266-6905 Received four calls fr m this numb r Tod y i d d not ans er don t r corgis your n m r.

Post by Cindy,

7272666905 Keeps calling I don t Choose Upwards since I don t Understand your number. Figured it's some telemarketer or someone selling something.

Post by Bill - Belleview, Fl,

727-266-6905 Consider becoming a phone blocking System or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or thus. If its a cell Telephone many already 've telephone blocking if not there are free Programs on that web that may work for many. You can Google the. If you've a intelligent Telephone there surely is a free app called phone control. IPhone Search to 've Applications also. Another 1 is called Mr. Amount. For traction amp straight Speak HTTP play. Google. com Shop Programs details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. directly Speak. com instep Www. you send. com home Providers right Discuss block Amenhotep's Www. . com See Matter. PP. f W amp t Report your callers here not Simply to the DC alone HTTP notes. com forum ta defeat's reporting international smashups Web. consumer. gov canto file Criticisms on Foreign Firm s Customer. gov Report Your Criticism send E-mail W protected HTTP Web. . gov amp Section HTTP Customer Gripes. FCC. gov Ch en Ishtar's Criticisms. dentally. gov complaint Grievance Assess. asp. Cell For text messages forwarding any text message spam you get for that brief code W which spells spam on most phones for alert your own network operator for the abuse. Artwork won t Take W But they will accept BLOCK and return a message that the net site is blocked. forwards the texts to W or BLOCK depending in your phone carrier. By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Grievance kind HTTP Internet. FCC. gov CB Buyer facts D R. pitfall E-mail W protected

Post by Guest,

7272666905 The caller calls and doesn't reply.

Post by Guest,

727-266-6905 They may phone and hang Upwards before Hey answer.

Post by Guest,

7272666905 telemarketing for insurance

Post by David,

727-266-6905 Telemarketer selling insurance what don t they understand Around that DC list. . . . Hung Upward on them.

Post by Guest,

7272666905 Owner asked me about my health insurance. I 'm on that no telephone list I told him and he would not give his name.

Post by Fedup,

727-266-6905 Al Drenches calling. Don t understand who this really is or what they want. I did not reply and no message left.

Post by Guest,

7272666905 Scam

Post by AL Arthur,

727-266-6905 This number has called repeatedly over several times and never leave a message. I answered and they did not state anything

Post by Kristina Stanski,

7272666905 Telemarketer selling insurance. Said Don't telephone me again . Still phone.

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3107177923 Complains by Guest,

got message on cell Telephone for text for get free IPhone to test amp keep

7323749462 Complains by Guest,

carpet cleaning scam

8136426365 Complains by Crystal,

The Amount calls my work line several times a daytime. It Bands once Subsequently hangs Upward. Never given a chance for become placed on your do not telephone list or even locate Outside exactly why they're calling. Excessively disruptive to your business wish we'd a better manner of dealing with these types of calls. Especially for Companies which cannot be protected by that don't telephone registry.

2012222024 Complains by Guest,

HTTP docs. Google. com Display d 1 edit. USP disclosed

7064256399 Complains by Guest,

loan spammer

7064800020 Complains by Guest,

I am getting calls out of the number and no just one is Making a message. I vie called back and asked your calls for Cease and it Hans t yet.

8327695667 Complains by vincent brown,

yes I had a phone in the phone number W W W saying they asylums I Discuss for them and done what they said that I was getting a loan for W. W and had for pay W. W for the Frost payment to be verified so I did and Subsequently told me to hold while they would my loan. then came back and said due to my credit score that I had for send a norther W. W thus for cover the Line trans Hair so my Stupid did send the cash by cash G to them now they tell me for hold on while they do the trans fur Subsequently they came back and called me and said your my banks has Difficulties along with your Line and they did third 3 time and now my bank account was being shut down if they tried again. and told me now that I need to send W. W by western union for pay for fees cause that were my money is now if I need that W. W loan and your money I sent them when request for a refund of my cash. they it was all Used and they cannot and Began cussing me said they are going for kill me and my family if I don t pay and a lot of other matters they said for me and my wife. . Thus Purpose Outside W. W plus the coast of the money grams I send . can any one help please. which was a lot of money we last to pay on bills and rent. and I had for tell my landlord I could not pay him. . I did look that Telephone number up and understand it out of Dickinson TX

2602259384 Complains by Guest,

Received 1 ring call. I did t reply or telephone back in case it was a spam.

9712707713 Complains by Guest,

I acquired a telephone out of Ms Mulder after I text Edward her Around her wood cooker for sale. she helped us load it and was Extremely Taking. Then she gave us W back because of a defect. An honest Woman. Peter Reid

7162432267 Complains by Guest,

Block it

9789336522 Complains by Guest,

did not reply has called twice today

9144951127 Complains by Guest,

that is a spam number

7173594414 Complains by sara,

Yes I Simply did today and Recently. . . not certain where they're from

9162349451 Complains by Guest,

payday loan people.

9374258300 Complains by Guest,


8663017625 Complains by Guest,

I don't know

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