7274741146 / 727-474-1146

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Clearwater, FL. Pinellas. United states
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Post by Joyce,

7274741146 Gotten the same e mail Now. . . Sum is Distinct out of others. . W. W. . . I want something could become done Around this. .

Post by kc,

727-474-1146 I m afraid which you will 've to handle that yourself Denise. The board is for discussion and info and has nothing for can with blocking calls for people.

Post by Cloud,

7274741146 they cant would nothing for your requirements its all a scam they did the for me once before and once I got on them they yelled at me in there Local language and hung Upward I got this email Now and I get to use my bankruptcy on them and show them how Stupid they're. thus don t worrier and don t fret.

Post by dencnygirl,

727-474-1146 I obtained your Specific same email slightly different Times. I called that Recorded in your email and told them I was reporting THEM for that proper Experts and he hung Upward on me. A legitimate business would not can this.

Post by kc,

7274741146 I m afraid that you will 've for Manage that yourself Denise. The board is for discussion and information and has nothing for can along with blocking calls for Individuals.

Post by Henry Harvey,

727-474-1146 Don t let these camel riding frighten you. They sent me that same email today I called and now they 've blocked my phone from calling them. I may harass them until they Discontinue doing the so keep your own chin up

Post by Cloud,

7274741146 they cant would nothing for your requirements its all a scam they did the for me once before and once I got on them they yelled at me within there Local language and Installed up I got this E-mail Now and I get for use my bankruptcy on them and show them how Stupid they're. so don t worrier and don t fret.

Post by VICKIE,

727-474-1146 i got that same email today. i knew it had for become a scam. i Delivered an answer that is they ever send me an email again i will forward for that proper Experts.

Post by frustratedinnc,

7274741146 I received the Actual same email as above w only minimal difference within amounts. I am sending the to that FBI FTC and any other reporting Bureau that I could. This is outrageous that these idiots are allowed to harass Pope the way.

Post by me too,

727-474-1146 i obtained an E-mail and Telephone calls. . . . .

Post by annoyedinWA,

7274741146 maybe they should look Upwards their privacy acts before they attach them. This really is a full on scam they 've been calling and delivering the Email addresses for me for over a year and I vie called and let them understand I will become contacting your SS Section to Check and they Put Upwards on me.

Post by rb,

727-474-1146 I rec. your same email today as nicely at first it totally freaked me out but after rereading it again and having someone else read it and appearance it Upward I feel better . . . thank you for having a sight for Assess these things out. i wonder how many others send money.

Post by RHopkins,

7274741146 I got that same E-mail. Don t Recall if I got a telephone out of them or not. I Only Blow off it. If they attempt anything I pay for a legal service Thur my job. Thus I 'm Prepared. And every time I get among these Email addresses or calls. I let my Time Section understand what s going on. I have gotten Chosen once. Its not going to occur again. When I got took it was a few company from New York American Legal Services I don t 've there Amount anymore but they got for W before I knew it.

Post by megan,

727-474-1146 I got this same matter what would I do

Post by Guest,

7274741146 On 3 different Events someone text me to informer me I may be going for court for wire frond. The FBI would become coming for me and that they have my social security Amount. I owe W. W plus W. W for court fees. I request when did u give me a loan he hug Upward your Telephone.

Post by Jennifer,

727-474-1146 Amazon Cinnamon I laughed overly when i saw United States of Attorney .

Post by ....,

7274741146 They're a Group of scumbag scampers

Post by junior,

727-474-1146 hi everyone i had requested a loan because i had an emergency. that loan was for W but i had told them for withdraw on a Particular date Yet they did not honour that and i ended up with a W extra noses. . . then they kept harassing me and then i attempted for ask them for extension and they would want all your W plus now is more than W on top of fees. . . thus i said 8 _ 8 0 . . . . . thus they send me your same Things as a few of you had obtained. . . but the ques ion is. . . can they Actually sued you personally in California. if they're who they state they're should not by now maintain court already rather than Investing time along with Individuals that they know they will not answer for them. they Gather so Substantially attention out of so many Individuals. . . . so what s the Large deal losing W or many dollars for them. . . i did a research on a Firm and just thus you've an Notion of how much money they Accumulate here is your breakdown i Arrived up along with they 've a minimum of W request on 1 daytime many come on a biweekly basis so that s X X W Price W within a month others twice a month X X W Cost plus for those biweekly that come within along with a three paycheck during a month that's another W for this company. . . thus how much cash they create in a month W and other times plus an extra W thus why are these companies thus small. . . . aha. . . so if you would your math

Post by me too,

7274741146 i received an email and Telephone calls. . . . .

Post by Henry Harvey,

727-474-1146 Don t let these camel riding scare you. They Delivered me that same email today I called and now they 've blocked my phone from calling them. I can harass them until they Cease doing the so keep your own chin up

Post by megan,

7274741146 I got the same matter what would I do

Post by me too,

727-474-1146 how do we go Around filing along with your FBI

Post by Zeus,

7274741146 I gotten your same e send today with that same info as Web User

Post by Guest,

727-474-1146 gotten email threatening for send FBI and educate my employer Around fraud. what could I can to Cease contact.

Post by JParker,

7274741146 Got your E-mail Now. That first time they attempted to scam me with among these payday loan scams was by phone. Scared that wits from me. Now i consistently Assess that Telephone numbers by go ogling and find Remarks like your ones here. That more we Remark and report these the better. Keep them out of scamming others

Post by Larry,

727-474-1146 Now they harass by E-mail. When you telephone them for tell them they are a scam they hang up on you personally and block your Amount.

Post by Nisha,

7274741146 CASE FILE 0 W BLOWN Info DUE Sum W. LOAN Company AC'S Within corp. This is to enlighten you you are going for be legally prosecuted in that Court House in couple of times. Your SAN is Place on hold by People Federal Government thus before the case if Registered we want to notify you personally Around the issue. It seems Clear which you have Selected to Discount all our efforts for contact you personally in purchase for resoluteness your debt along with Payday Services. At the point you've made your intentions clear and 've left us no choice but for protect your fascination with the subject. UNITED LEGAL Analysis Institution HAS Previously mentioned 4 SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST You AND They are 1 Infraction OF Federal Banking Legislation 2 Collateral Check FRAUD 3 Theft BY DECEPTION 4 ELECTRONIC FUND Transfer FRAUD. Now the means few things for you if You're Underneath any state probation or payroll we need you to tell your own manager Concerned Time department about what you have done in the previous and what would become your Results once your case has been downloaded and Completed within your own name. If we don't Notice out of you personally within W hours of that date on the correspondence we may become compelled for Find legal representation out of your Business Lawyer. We reserve the right for commence litigation for purpose for commit Line fraud Underneath that pretense of refusing for repay a debt perpetrated for by use of that Net. In Add-on we reservation your correct to Find recovery for that balance due as nicely as legal fees and any court cost incurred. WE Take ALL Your RIGHTS Allowed To Enlighten To FBI FTC Your own Employer AND BANK Around FRAUD. And once You're found guilty into that court house Subsequently you might have to Keep the entire cost with this law match which totals for W. W excluding loan amount Lawyer s Price amp that interest charges. You have the right for hire an attorney. If you don t 've could t Manage 1 then that court may appoint just one for you personally. We consider that this was not your own intent and that these measures are unnecessary. We Just Demand you personally for contact your retrieval asset Place Section at 1 W W W between 9. Am to 6. PM EST . IF You personally Want To Resolve The Matter Subsequently Immediately CONTACT Us THROUGH Email OR Telephone Us BETWEEN WORKING HOURS ON 1 W W UNITED STATES DISTRICT Attorney Copyright c W AC'S Solitude Terms of use Confidentiality Statement amp See This E-mail is covered by your Electronic Communications Solitude Act W U. S. C. W W and meant only for your use of your individual or entity to which it is addressed. Any review re transmission dissemination to unauthorized persons or other use of the original message and any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you obtained this electronic transmission within error please response for that above referenced sender about the error and permanently Remove the message. Thank you personally for your own cooperation.

Post by RHopkins,

727-474-1146 I Only acquired that Equivalent E-mail that due amount was W. W and that case file number is different but the lawsuit Sum is Similar. . . W. W So has anyone else heard a word from the court after they get this email. . Should I Simply ignore. .

Post by Alfalfa,

7274741146 This is a criminal extortion scam Running from India. They're making your calls utilizing VIP and the names of valid Organizations to ensure it is appear that calls are originating out of in your People. There surely is NO Business or debt and You'll NOT become arrested. They're harvesting and or Purchasing consumers personal identifying information from unscrupulous websites enjoy the one you could possibly 've filled Outside an Program along with and you personally need for would whatever you can to shield yourself. This Comprises Notifying that FTC HTTP Www. . gov Setting fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus notifying your own bank and Company and Making these criminals know You're aware they're Seeking to extort money for a non existent debt and have alerted that authorities. ABC News released an investigative report on the scam in June. The FTC has indicted one of its ringleaders for Legal fraud HTTP acne's. go. com Blotter phantom debt co . . . W amp page HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W BM. sham

Post by Wally Day,

727-474-1146 I got the same notification. Very scam my and not even a very good 1. Let s break it down a bit. Bad grammar all the way through that letter. There's no way it could be Composed by a Local English speaker or a legal Specialist. Payday Services is not a Firm. Or at least not among that well-known names. That use of a Universal term enjoy the indicates phishing. If when you call them they can request questions to get better data for their follow Upward emails and calls. There's no United Legal Investigation Agency . It sounds Significant but it dozen t exist. It exists simply within your minds of the scampers. If we don't hear from you within W hours of that date on the notification . There's no date on this letter within your E-mail. They could 've at least changed it for If we do not hear out of you within W hours of reception of this E-mail . Copyright c W AC'S. Who would copyright a correspondence or email like this. It is Assumed to be a legal Record. This can be a poorly Completed scam.

Post by Nisha,

7274741146 I think I'm going to provide this Business AC'S a call and let them understand that their Business name is being used within a scam to attempt and extort money. These people are really becoming idiotic and they now trying to Get your district attorney into the and Striving to look professional within the E-mail. Afterward try to use legal terms. I'm so sick of these Individuals this really is exactly why you cannot can everything online because your Identification can become Taken in an instant. I'm also reporting them for the FBI

Post by Jennifer,

727-474-1146 Amazon Cinnamon I laughed too when i saw United States of Lawyer .

Post by me too,

7274741146 do we go about Processing along with that FBI

Post by Guest,

727-474-1146 Threaten me Around a loan that I vie never gotten saying that they re going for sue me

Post by Droid Razr,

7274741146 got that same E-mail today i called after Around three tries i finally got someone but could not understand him thus he Installed Upward attempted another three times nothing but a busy tone Min's later someone call me back from W W W john something out of AC'S saying that i receive a email out of them but he needs my email address for verify i told i dint understand who they're and that I'm reporting for that FBI and he said sorry for that inclines and 've a Pleasant day

Post by Alfalfa,

727-474-1146 That is a criminal extortion scam Running from India. They're making that calls utilizing VIP and that names of legitimate firms to ensure it is appear the calls are Beginning from in that Us. There surely is NO company or debt and you will NOT be arrested. They are harvesting and or buying Buyers private identifying data from unscrupulous Sites like the one you could have filled Outside an application with and you need for do whatever you can for shield yourself. This includes Notifying the FTC HTTP Internet. . gov placing fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus notifying your own bank and Workplace and letting these criminals understand you are aware they're attempting for extort cash for a non existent debt and 've alerted your Experts. ABC News released an investigative report on this scam within June. Your FTC has indicted one of its ringleaders for criminal fraud HTTP acne's. go. com Blotter phantom debt co . . . W amp page HTTP Www. FTC. gov IPA W W BM. sham

Post by tired of being harrassed,

7274741146 I received that same E-mail today and i m receiving calls on my cell and work Amount. . i 'm just so drained of the. . . can this become legal

Post by ...,

727-474-1146 They r packed with I Merely keep calling them each 2 minutes and they hang up. But at least another Man USN t being scammed cause your lines r busy

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7074982610 Complains by Guest,

Spam my text.

8166294362 Complains by tc,

acquired your exact same Telephone phone . federal authorities need to drop a hammer on these clowns.

3312512344 Complains by Guest,

Hello Leslie this really is Sweet how are u could i ask a favor out of you personally do u have Ashley s address can I 've it

8172388420 Complains by lolo,

This can be a debt consolidation company. i got through to them at W W W and told them to stop

8312272144 Complains by Rob,

Striving for look for out who calls from this number.

5852877668 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling me and stating that there's fraud task against me

8177784166 Complains by B,

Female called my cell Telephone didn't leave a message Subsequently called my work Telephone right after and left a long message Around the Us Security Section was Processing fit against me on behalf of a major bank. Since I'm within Texas the would be classified as a level D felony. I called her back and she was really rude. She mentioned a few Business who i vie never even heard of maintaining that I owe them cash. I Inquired which Important bank was filing against me and she named my current bank. When I questioned the she got loud and called me a liar and I then politely told her I was hanging up the Telephone. She continuing to cry something but I Put Upwards and didn't know what she was saying. Clearly unprofessional bottom of the barrel scampers. If I owe something I would definitely attempt and create arrangements for pay it but i will not become a victim of a scam.

9104788607 Complains by Guest,

i keep getting calls from this Amount Around paying for sex. . . uh no.

8002405676 Complains by Dolly,

Facsimile Says Simple Company Funding Pare Accepted for W W. W W W. W. For use for Gear funds or for working Capital. Phone Amount on paper is W W W. I never have tried for telephone. Tells you personally a list of Businesses who've recently Financed transactions along with them. Attention as low as 5 want it were Accurate.

8002304051 Complains by scorekeeper,

This number is from a marketing company called Real loans now. I told them to stop calling and remove me from their list.  I also blocked their number with Mr Number.  Good luck.  Ready to change my number. Tired of all the scamming and marketing calls.

8002432508 Complains by sherry clendenen,

Never put checks from Individuals you don't know within your own bank. Odds are it is a fake and you end Upwards becoming within that reddish with your bank. Take it for your post office where you personally live and display them the check and that Bag it was mailed in.

8002337315 Complains by Informed Consumer,

Merchants Credit Recourse (MCR)...aka Kresch Legal Services (Ari Kresch)http://www.collectorsexposed.com/forum/index.php/topic/3633-merchants-credit-recourse-llc-or-merchants-credit-resource-inc/

8002218340 Complains by djlee,

It's Saks credit office.

8002583069 Complains by Lies,

I understand Michele personally. . . she isn't wanted. . She isn't a con Girl if you are in a accident she will send u to your Doctor. if you need one. . If you personally dint demand a Dr. say Ur not interested. . Shes not doing anything prohibited. She went through a bumpy road once. upon a time but she is residing great now. who goes out of their manner to hire a private Researcher. . . Sounds enjoy you personally don t 've a life and should have died in that car accident. .

8002389896 Complains by C. Bron,

Calls several times a daytime but no just one there when I reply.

8002575722 Complains by beauport01930,

I have gotten calls out of the Amount and others Additionally. I Only got a new property line from Com cast. Clearly before it s Released they give it Outside. I 'm going to phone Com cast and demand a new private Amount and condemn them for giving Outside lists of fresh numbers. Waste on all resources who intrude on my Solitude.

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