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2017-09-22 16:36:03
repeated calls
2017-06-22 06:05:06
Received a text from 7317074185 , claiming to be Sun Trust Bank and need to called this number. I want to see what was going to happening so a call and a recording can on and ask for my last 4 numbers of my SS. Also, noticed that it was and group text with first six letters the same.
2017-02-14 17:20:38
dont answer
2016-06-17 01:33:08
People the Don't Telephone List is a pacifier for the masses. It has no teeth no Administration Part nothing. It was Released by a few Congress critters To GET VOTES. That main Things exempted. POLITICAL POLLING ORGANIZATIONS. Gee how did that happen. Many states 've severe penalties for telemarketing. Pursue the at that state level. That National Authorities is a self licking Snow cream cone.
2016-06-16 23:56:34
Keep calling daily. No 1 ever Addresses when replying.
2016-06-16 20:04:21
Asked many times to quit calling me
2016-06-16 12:58:43
not available
2016-06-15 23:30:26
2016-06-15 21:59:41
she been playing on the phone.
2016-06-15 20:01:58
Listens for answering machine message and Afterward hangs Upward. Does not leave a message.
2016-06-15 15:26:44
I Love how they can barely Talk English and say quot Hewer my mane is Bob and I m caw wing out of People Pharmacy quot Yep that dozen t 've SCAM written all over it. . . .
2016-06-15 09:58:54
Caller Merely held the Telephone and made noises. .
2016-06-15 07:27:04
SCAM. . . The First caller with an odd accent Maintained that the Irs issued an arrest Guarantee for me as nicely. I told him that I could not understand him. He transferred me for someone else along with a very significant accent but easier to recognize. He said the police stopped by my address to issue that Guarantee. I asked what address and the address they Offered was an extremely previous address which they Likely got out of a classic scam database. The number they called was my cell Amount which I vie had way back when I lived at your old address over a decade Past. Perhaps your cell phone Firm s data got compromised.
2016-06-05 10:13:00
this Man is no one I care for talk to
2016-06-05 10:12:52
that is a scummier component of a ring that Works on Craig s list and maybe others and is involved within Assess fraud
2016-05-16 20:58:51
2016-05-14 22:50:32
. .
2016-05-10 22:04:53
2016-05-06 17:54:52
The Owner Delivered me Nuisance text messages saying Ir W.
2016-05-05 13:54:09
Owner id says UNBOUND W.

Phone list in area 731

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
7314206072Scam text messages Around Pages and pics. Won t response questionsJohn Doe92015-12-19 01:22:10
7315774171ScummierGuest632015-11-04 17:13:07
7314874864Call enjoy Am amp says who s this then kept on making noises but could not really get it. RNP62015-12-20 01:53:13
7314724230Discontinue the number from coming to my phoneGuest52016-04-08 22:16:22
7313634446Text message offering a W Starbucks card. Assuming it's spamGuest32016-04-17 08:32:59
7314784842remain away from the dangerous evil guyGuest32015-11-04 19:22:07
7314208884Won t Quit callingGuest582015-11-04 19:25:07
7312539029SPAM out of Marriott HotelsGuest82015-12-20 05:44:41
7314396353CUSTOMERS CALLING ASKING QUESTION Then HANGING UPGuest42015-12-16 10:38:25
7312980184unknown Owner unwanted callsGuest52016-04-14 09:02:31
7312563308Calls once a daytime during your week. . dozen t leave a express send. Guest32015-11-04 16:29:07
7312567008sales spam callGuest12015-11-04 16:36:20
7313883570wrong no. Guest62015-12-08 19:37:12
7316767221If the call you again press 9 a they ill never call you Guest52016-04-12 06:30:35
7314389215phone back Amount disconnectedGuest32015-11-04 17:01:03
7313639106Pause after Choosing Upwards then Put Upward. J Hammond72015-12-09 07:46:49
7316428454Never leaves a message. Must be a debt collector from medical bills BC which is your just debt I 've but none of it is Assume to be in Choices BC I make Regular payments to that hospital and Physicians out of an Crash. Guest2242015-11-04 18:06:07
7312158010No message. . . Guest2662015-11-04 18:26:07
7316195184stalkerGuest52015-12-18 20:52:09
7315779267FraudGuest202015-11-04 19:35:07
7317276831Ugh. . Merely ughMike Jones42015-12-09 05:29:50
7313939502Calls twice a daytime 4 times a week. It s grim. Guest62015-12-19 18:51:19
7314103139Profile recoveryGuest782015-11-04 16:13:07
7314102816Same here call with no message. g92015-12-19 04:18:28
7314220184harassmentGuest62015-12-14 10:57:32
7314131025McCoyGuest12015-11-04 18:04:20
7316088372Not taking calls from you personally at this timeGuest62015-11-04 18:19:07
7312563983soliciting a emotionally challenge person. Guest72015-12-09 20:35:54
7315779031blocked. . . . Guest52015-12-16 11:49:37
7313002571Whoever is at the number is perpetrating a scam. Guest32015-11-04 20:22:07
7317845258no messagesAllan42016-04-16 13:24:36
7314723000Called many times no just one on other end no 1 answersGuest132015-11-04 15:38:07
7313949905Get on boxerGuest42015-11-04 16:23:03
7312566450No message 2 3 times. . must be a low life sales individual. Saskie52015-12-14 04:36:57
7312563580TelemarketingGuest4672015-11-04 18:07:07
7316812812Called. No message left. Calls returned Choose Upwards but don t state anything. Preceding reports claim spam. Guest52015-11-04 19:00:07
7319847690SpamGuest1312015-11-04 19:14:07
7314337055Britbrit72016-04-14 18:17:51
7313770675dint answerGuest12015-11-04 20:13:20
7314785515blockGuest22015-11-04 20:28:20
7313455811I am not ready to talk please leave me beGuest52015-11-04 20:50:07
7314464851yesGuest52015-12-15 15:29:13
7316899856've some Individuals in Shiloh Tenn. . . . they are really good at what they can. . . . I m talking Attorneys and police. . . . . . . . the has got for Cease now. Guest132015-11-04 21:06:07
7314432938blockGuest62015-11-04 21:09:03
7312565140Quite rude bill collector. Guest662015-11-04 21:19:07
7314120320Cable fraud scummier States for desire for buy a thing for sale Requires for info threw textGuest12015-11-04 21:22:03
7312562140Always callsGuest12015-11-04 21:35:20
7315487024get a whistle or atmosphere horn when they tell to Strike 1 wait until they Begin talking present them a Boost. Guest502015-11-05 02:40:07
7315184101Said I hit his car. Guest112015-11-04 22:01:07
7314337053if it s Significant should leave message rudeGuest72016-04-13 03:45:38

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