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Post by Guest,

7343403098 I m not recognizable with this Amount. They called numerous times and dozen t say anything.

Post by Tru,

734-340-3098 I got a call from this Amount yesterday day. Indian sounding Man saying he s calling from windows Microsoft. I Inquired him exactly why and he says You don t have computer. I said No. How did you personally get my number. . He says the Friend. I told him for Set me on my neighbors DC list and his.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 The man with your Indian Highlight asked if I was using Microsoft Windows to which I replied within the affirmative. He said that each time I use my computer it's giving a warning for them. I asked if they would love for Talk for the IT guy. Don t think they knew they were calling a company. He hung up on me. He has called twice today one time he Installed Upward on me and the time he spoke to me.

Post by Cindy,

734-340-3098 They kept calling me overly. So I kept telling them I don t understand their language and I demand to Chat to an American. That Man continuing for Speak around me thus I talked Enjoyed him pissed him off. . He hung Upward on me. . I was just starting to 've enjoyment too

Post by Guest,

7343403098 They telephone Regular 2 3 times a day. I telephone that number back says NON WORKING Amount. They never say anything. . BLOCKED. . LOSERS. .

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 Some said that they are calling sort Windows Technical Section.

Post by jilliAUS03,

7343403098 I vie gotten two calls within two times out of the number. Today I decided for answer and the Man told me he was out of Windows Technology Support. Too awful he called my iPhone I m a mac girl. Idiot.

Post by Michele,

734-340-3098 Got the telephone a few times Around PM or W W. . Again thick Feature asking for Michael . I vie told him I m on that DC list and remove my no. He s Installed up on me a couple of times.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 SPAM

Post by Carrie J,

734-340-3098 Carrie Just talking on the Telephone will not infect your own non Telephone computer. Nonetheless if you personally follow their Recommendations and download a few Applications or perform your key presses they urge Subsequently they can do Really awful matters for your computer. They can disable your own virus protection Take your contact list try to read any Accounts and zombie your own machine thus it sends out scam emails. That could all occur in minutes. Glad you are wary of those suspect calls keep it Upwards and remain safe.

Post by your Dawg,

7343403098 I 've obtained several calls out of the same . I try and phone this same back Computerized Owner state s No Such Number.

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 If u continue to phone me i can turn u within for atty general

Post by J,

7343403098 Merely called me this has to be scam. I could not comprehend what he was saying but he hung up on me when i asked for Talk for someone else.

Post by Carrie J,

734-340-3098 Carrie Simply talking on your Telephone won't infect your own non phone computer. Yet if you follow their Guidelines and download many software or perform that key presses they advocate Subsequently they may do Really ugly matters to your own computer. They could disable your own virus protection steal your own contact list attempt to read any passwords and zombie your own machine so it sends Outside scam Email addresses. That could all happen within minutes. Glad you are wary of those suspect calls keep it Upwards and remain safe.

Post by Irma fedup,

7343403098 called several times no message. . . . can block this weenie

Post by Robert,

734-340-3098 got a phone in the same number knew appropriate away it was a scam so i decided to play along with him a Lila bit first I had to restart Pc took like Five minutes while Subsequently i told him I had to take a dump and he sat there on hold for several minutes while i got groaning noises and oohs and HHS. . . Lola Long story brief I kept him on that line for enjoy W minutes before telling him he was a Part of S t and needed a good kicking for being a burglar he rapidly Put Upward. I m sure they may strive again. Thank god my G F did t reply she s blonde. . . . Lola j k wow. . damn phone Only rang from another among those jerks. . what great is the do not telephone list if it cant be enforced. W W W

Post by Guest,

7343403098 They phone me several times a daytime and nighttime and state their out of Microsoft and I understand there not. . I filed a Grievance along with that government Gripe calling dept. Telephone W W W follow that prompts.

Post by Cindy,

734-340-3098 They kept calling me overly. So I kept telling them I don t recognize their language and I need for Chat for an American. That Man ongoing to Speak around me thus I talked Enjoyed him pissed him off. . He Installed up on me. . I was Only Beginning for have pleasure too

Post by anonymous,

7343403098 The number calls late at night anytime from Approximately PM PM and no just one says anything when I Select Upwards. When you personally telephone it back it say your Amount is no longer within service

Post by gg,

734-340-3098 When I did not bite the guy got hostile and told me I was being childish. What kind of professional says that.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 Spam

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 why did u telephone me Alex h turner

Post by Jen,

7343403098 I've had the same thing. . . . called me 4 times today alone for tell me how all computers are connected and I'm at Hazard. I asked if there was a need to call me 4 times Now for tell me the and he said yes there is. . . . Thick Indian Highlight really rude. I am on that do not telephone registry and 've told them personally not to call me numerous times. . . .

Post by Bonnie,

734-340-3098 I 've obtained numerous calls wanting for present me cash and saying they are your Us Authorities but he has this kind of thick accident I could hardly recognize him.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 Don't Call. . .

Post by jessica,

734-340-3098 Did u look for your address

Post by Guest,

7343403098 block

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 Calls a lot but never acknowledges Custom. Spammer most likely.

Post by Shawna,

7343403098 This number calls stating that they are from Windows tech Support. I believe they're scam artist Attempting for get cash asserting that they can fix your computer. I vie told that man several times that I ll use my local Technology and not for telephone. He still calls and claims I m not your Man he talked along with but he Sounds like your same Individual I spoke with. You personally guys might need to not Supply services to the person because I consider they are trying to would illegal things.

Post by T,

734-340-3098 They 've called me 3 times. The last time they Inquired me about my computer and my window. They asked me about virus protection. I said I was Okay with my computer. They hung up.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 The Amount calls several times a day. Have asked them nicely not for telephone the Telephone is for Facsimile just. Obviously they don t comprehend English but I really want for know how they got my first name.

Post by Teri,

734-340-3098 I Merely saw this on that news here within Florida a few weeks ago. You're just appropriate. They got this lady for about 1 W. W. Report your number and block them from calling you. . .

Post by Evie,

7343403098 W W W Ypsilanti MI This number called Minutes ago W Am and a guy with a thick Highlight kept asking for E after asking him to Replicate himself 5 times he yelled my name a bit clearer. He got frustrated and Put up on me.

Post by Jacqueline,

734-340-3098 Keep becoming calls out of the Amount and he won t stop. I told your guy not to phone and he just continues to do thus anyways. He sounds Indian and called again at 9 PM. . . . When I yelled which he was not Guessed to telephone me this late he Installed Upwards it s so ANNOYING. .

Post by TC,

7343403098 Asked if I was at a computer. . . . I said no and they Put Upward. . . India Feature. . . sounds enjoy another scam.

Post by Carrie Shelor,

734-340-3098 This number is calling my Dwelling several times a daytime. W W W

Post by Guest,

7343403098 Cowards. I have them on block to hang Upward somehow they get for my voice mail and there s silence. What part of I do not need to Speak would you you don't understand. COWARD. Get a life and a Actual job. Never did I provide you personally my Amount so very best matter for you to would is lose it. COWARD COWARD COWARD

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 as shortly as I pick Upwards that telephone is cut off. this is annoying. cut it out.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 I get several calls a daytime out of this number no just one answers and when I telephone back it says it is from service

Post by Carri,

734-340-3098 The has calls me 1 2 times daily for the previous week. They ask for a name that's not at my number. Then they Speak over me and say they're state medical company that 've really imp Information for me. I asked who was speaking and they won t present me a name. I Inquired to take me off their phone list but they Finish Upward hanging Upwards on me. I 'm on the national do not telephone list but apparently that USN t working. GU. . . Discontinue calling me.

Post by jessica,

7343403098 Did u find that address

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 Called 3 times in a day and did t leave a message.

Post by PRO,

7343403098 I am going ring their neck through that phone if they phone here again.

Post by Ana,

734-340-3098 Same here they keep calling at early morning asking for my Small Child. I vie Inquired them nicely for please tell me your name of that campy and they say I m sorry Mother am it s a personal business subject . . .

Post by Tru,

7343403098 I Merely got a call from him Recently. He says he got my Amount from your Friend. Sm My neighbors n I don t Chat.

Post by Tracker,

734-340-3098 Obtained several calls from the Amount having an Indian Foundation man on another end. Repeatedly I 've Inquired him to remove my Amount from his telephone list. My return phone says the number is no More within service. I 've tricks. I may track him down.

Post by kelly,

7343403098 Keeps calling. Inquired for Cease. called again. BLOCK Calling from Ypsilanti MI

Post by your Dawg,

734-340-3098 I 've obtained several calls from this same . I try to phone this same back Computerized User say s No Such Number.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 Calls a lot but never acknowledges Custom. Spammer most likely.

Post by Felton,

734-340-3098 These People have been calling me out of the and other numbers off and on for weeks now. I vie tried hanging Upward insulting them playing along for waste their time nothing stops them. They are either overly dumb for Software Amounts which are on to them in their own toddlers or are the very Image of Determination. This last call I tried shaming Martin by asking within a still voice if this is your just Occupation he could look for trying for dingbat Folks and stealing their money. Even if you are poor is the what your own Mum Educated you what you will teach your own children etc. He was at a loss for words for a second maybe I inspired him for Leave or jump off a Link or something. Uncertainty it.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 called 3 times within a daytime and a guy Simply repeated the same thing I said. also heard several mankind laughing within that background

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 I Additionally acquired a phone from the Amount asking if I was on windows. Like the Man down the page he said in a strong Indian Highlight that they were becoming a Sign of a virus on my computer. When I Inquired him to verify who he was. He got upset and said if you personally don t trust me I m going to hang up. So I waited for him to hang up and then he said mam I m Simply Attempting to help you along with the virus that's in your computer. Thus I just Put Upwards on him. Going to file Gripe with the FCC

Post by Guest,

7343403098 harassment How do I BLOCK THEM. . .

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 Called multiple times Now past PM and call control blocked it by hanging Upward on them. Reporting for FCC and filing complaints against them tomorrow morning on do not call gov Website. Done along with morons who don t comprehend when it hangs Upward on you don t keep calling it generates a phone log for me to take legal action such as harassment against them

Post by Guest,

7343403098 The Amount calls me several times a day. I vie asked to remove my Amount and your female said NO. Then Put up on me. That male that calls from this Amount Merely hangs Upwards on me. They are definitely not English speaking.

Post by Chris,

734-340-3098 I had your Specific same expertise. I don t even use Windows thus jokes on the Man.

Post by Randy,

7343403098 These are scampers. They're Striving for increase access for your Fiscal info anyway possible. They can tell they are along with computer support or even they state they're with people government along with FREE Allow Cash . He Inquired me how Considerably cash 'm I looking for gt I said W W. He said exactly why. I said your giving away free cash Ill take more but we could Begin with W W. Subsequently he asked if direct deposit was Ok. I said certain . Thus he said Head need my account Number. Then I said instead of direct deposit lets Only Simply would payment by vehicle. I would Take payment by Range Rover. He then told me for go f myself in his Indian Feature. If these Men get your money you will not be able to prosecute. BEWARE. Absolute Scampers. Because even if you Chaos with a Congressman like I did if its a legitimate Business a Congressman won't be Capable to take that kind of tone along with you. He can Have To remain professional. If an Indian guy calls you personally and hes willing to talk profane for your requirements it is proof its nothing but criminals. BUSTED .

Post by Teri,

734-340-3098 Typical Indian scummier extortionist. They either use your fake Microcosmic scam or the loan scam or your grant scam. Merely another all in one scam number. Anytime anyone using an Indian Highlight calls you and 1. offers you something or 2. threatens you personally you personally understand it s W a scam.

Post by J,

7343403098 Simply called me the has to become scam. I could not comprehend what he was saying but he hung Upwards on me when i asked for Talk for someone else.

Post by 734-340-3098,

734-340-3098 Unwanted Telephone call

Post by Mel,

7343403098 The Amount has been calling me for that past several weeks everyday pretending to become a different Business. 1 daytime they said they where Windows that next day they where that Irs and compared to the next day they where giving Outside Authorities Scholarships. They have Really stopped calling me due for that fact that i pick Upwards the Telephone and request them who they are pretending for be today. The has actually gotten me farther than telling them not to telephone me anymore.

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 Calls wanting info about you for medical fishing scam. .

Post by Shawna,

7343403098 This Amount calls stating that they are from Windows Technology Support. I believe they're scam artist trying to get money claiming that they will fix your own computer. I vie told the guy several times that I ll use my local tech and not for phone. He still calls and States I m not that Man he talked along with but he Sounds enjoy your same Man I talked along with. You personally Men could desire for not Supply services to the Man because I believe they're Striving for can illegal matters.

Post by LennyC,

734-340-3098 I have obtained several calls out of this Amount W W W their English is so poor I infrequently recognize my own name when they say it sometimes they call to inform me Around an Schooling grant occasionally he says he is in the Irs but each time I request them for stop calling me I get an Discussion out of them before I cry at them amp hang Upward. I Additionally text their Amount each time demanding they Discontinue calling me amp I get verification the message was received. I also get that same calls out of several other Amounts. They must become Democrats for become the annoying.

Post by Annoyed,

7343403098 This number W W W calls my Amount at least W W times a daytime. The caller leaves NO message. Do I Cease this caller from calling me.

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 I get daily calls out of the Amount Perhaps 3 to 4 times a daytime. When i telephone it back it says its from service.

Post by Guest,

7343403098 Calls a few times a month

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 I

Post by Guest,

7343403098 They got a nuisance of themselves by calling non stop for several times had for block Thar for get my life back

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 It appears the Turner family has nothing else for would. I get calls out of the Amount several times per daytime along with hangup. Callback Offers Amount disconnected message. I vie filed a Form D FCC complaint with this Amount at HTTP Internet. FCC. gov complaints

Post by kim60,

7343403098 Only acquired a telephone. Asian guy Inquired if I was using Windows and i said no. He hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

734-340-3098 I get 2 or 3 calls a day out of this Amount and they hang Upward as shortly as I say Hi. Afterward today when I finally talk for someone I asked why they always hang Upward when I reply Afterward she instantly Put up again.

Post by kim60,

7343403098 Just acquired a call. Asian man asked if I was using Windows and i said no. He hung Upwards.

Post by Teri,

734-340-3098 I Only saw this on that news here within Florida a few weeks ago. You're exactly right. They got this Girl for Around 1 W. W. Report your Amount and block them from calling you personally. . .

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7864633070 Complains by Guest,

Phone W times a day. Have asked it be Discontinued several times.

2036808367 Complains by Guest,

Hang up

3035698641 Complains by Guest,

direct TV

8665443430 Complains by Wrong Name,

This number just called me twice. They left an awkward voicemail for someone who is not me regarding a new car that was purchased. I have no idea how they got a hold of my number.

9036897711 Complains by Guest,

Keeps sending harassing text messages n calls. Dint no your person

9734533955 Complains by Guest,

acquired E-mail for call W W W

2038641900 Complains by Guest,


6467728350 Complains by Fateya,

I got the same caller on my cell phone. I 'm Striving to find Outside who that is

8002323779 Complains by dragonwych,

Found number in a message on my replying machine sounds enjoy a law Company did t request for anyone in Special so it s something bogus.

8002544168 Complains by DRS,

Telephone soliciting cash for chiefs of Authorities to support amber alert Applications. Stated that cash was Desired for High-priced equipment. Pressed caller for what the expensive equipment was Owner Subsequently switched for High-priced training. The place away my bogus alert.

8002156195 Complains by Jerrys' Ford,

what's your own address please

8002740441 Complains by Terry,

The Amount calls Virtually each sometimes twice Day-to-day. When I reply it . . . no 1 will there be. Quite frustrating.

8002588081 Complains by Laura Garlick,

No answer. Line not alive. Annoying. 4 W pm Akron Ohio

8002183894 Complains by Guest,

that is Blevins Dr

8002611776 Complains by sparky,

who keeps calling me out of here they called like 4 times within a row

8002587631 Complains by Beeps,

I went to their Web site and filled Outside your form with garbage info First name Respect the Last name Do not Call List E-mail E-mail W protected Telephone W W These people are the lowest of that lowest and they demand for Cease calling my company Telephone along with this crap.

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