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Post by Amp,

7346817400 Merely got a call on my work Telephone out of the number saying my MasterCard debit card has been froze I don t have 1

Post by Bella,

734-681-7400 I do not have a Master Card

Post by Guest,

7346817400 I called back instantly and got recording quot Number no longer within service. quot Clearly with all that Opinions regarding this Amount it's some bug people Test to defraud. Exactly why USN t something done Around the number. . . .

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Called really late and is a scam. Has for be stopped

Post by Phoobar,

7346817400 Got the same phone as everyone else here. its a phishing scam. for your adore of god don t enter your own credit card number

Post by MO,

734-681-7400 I just got an identical phone from W W W on my work Telephone. Your telephone quality was lousy and I heard something Around credit card account being frozen.

Post by Constance,

7346817400 Obtained telephone at 'm Now stated my MasterCard debit card had been frozen and for press 1. I Put Upward don t have a debit card.

Post by k,

734-681-7400 Obtained a Telephone telephone out of the number but they did not leave a message. Do not reply if they phone.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Next W prepaid debit card scam

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Hang up

Post by Jeep,

7346817400 Buddies I missed the call and did t know what it was. Did t leave a message. Cheers to all who posted so now i understand that it s Merely another Legal. Blocked that Amount reported it to that joke known as the Do not Phone Registry and Additionally my state Lawyer general s office. Of course nobody Appears to attention.

Post by Jo,

734-681-7400 I Only gotten an automated telephone out of W W W on my cell Telephone saying my Chase debit card was stolen. The sound was terrible scratchy and breaking Upward. I listened to your message twice. My card was sitting appropriate within front of me. Installed Upward and instantly called Pursuit. Was advised this really is a Phishing Amount to get your own personal information for FRAUD use. Though of path when we called the number it cannot be accomplished. refill

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Telephone on cell phone Amount not Normally given out message garbled don t fuss with phone phishing. Be careful become really careful.

Post by b!,

734-681-7400 I called and updated my new credit card within your send your day before. Today I acquired a telephone and it s about a MasterCard. This can be the reasons I don t phone those W numbers for my cell phone. Because they ll sell the list and other Folks phone you. So this phone call is out of me calling from my cell phone Recently for Exchange my brand new credit card that had expired

Post by Storm,

7346817400 Only gotten a phone from this Amount and it was so scrambled could t comprehend a word. But Viewing all these places Around MasterCard I would vie laughed my off at someone since I was Given Insolvency last December and don't have any credit cards for speak of. Amusing thing though at that Specific same second the telephone came on my cell our acreage land started ringing and it too was a Amount that's been Attempting for phish out of people for weeks.

Post by Hendrix,

734-681-7400 W W W I Only received a phone from a robot asserting for be MasterCard and Seeking that I Input signal my credit card number for unlock my account.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Called and Afterward Put up

Post by Cheechee,

734-681-7400 Asserted that my MasterCard was lost. For reactivate I had for reenter my card Amount. How dumb are we Guess to become.

Post by sumeet,

7346817400 Got a call

Post by V,

734-681-7400 Call the Saturday evening recording said my Chase MasterCard debit card had been locked and for press 1 I have a Chase card I was prompted to enter that W digit code I Put Upward knew it was a scam. I 'm on that dentally list but it doesn't help.

Post by jojo,

7346817400 Am call wt. Blocking.

Post by Franco,

734-681-7400 Obvious scam I received a call at 2 Am but did not reply from Milan MI. Nonetheless earlier I did answer another phone earlier which did not show Upwards on caller ID. That recording of dubious quality said a Net spend card card had been locked and for input an account number for activate thus I Put up. Please report scams to the Report your experience for that FTC online or by calling that number below or at this Web site. 1 W W W. HTTP Internet. Client. FTC. gov articles W phone scams

Post by Tmj365,

7346817400 Got a telephone that last two days out of the Amount saying our MasterCard had been blocked and Looking us to phone back. Clearly a scam.

Post by toni,

734-681-7400 My Partner got a call at 1. W am on his cell Telephone out of this W W W and I got a phone as well on my cell phone at 1. W 'm. WHO Within That HELL 'm I SUING IF MY Man WOULD 've A Heart Assault BECAUSE HE THINKS THEY RE CALLING HIM Within The Mid OF The Night AS HIS Dad IS ON HIS Not alive BED. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GET THESE GOD DAMNED SCAMPERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IT S A Issue OF LIFE OR Passing. . AND WE Can Certainly NOT TURN Our CELL Telephones Off AT Night. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by D,

7346817400 Got the same phone as you personally People. Froze my MasterCard I don t even have MasterCard and to press 1 for more details. Definitely a SCAM.

Post by Lm,

734-681-7400 Simply called me. W am Sunday. I replied heard a lot of Fixed. Idea it said something Around chase bank. I Put Upward and Assessed my account. Whew

Post by merle newgrain,

7346817400 that is a scam don t provide them your own card number and report them via Google or better business bureau

Post by jake,

734-681-7400 Acquired a phone 4 W 'm on Memorial Day. Very annoyed.

Post by pat,

7346817400 I got a phone saying my Pursuit card was going for be Ended. I don't have 1.

Post by amycat1,

734-681-7400 recording said my Chase debit card had been blocked and for press 1 for reach security. . . I don t have a Chase debit card and did not press 1. . . the telephone eventually dropped. . . my advice don t can anything that the record asks you personally for do. . . it s more than likely a scam for see who can Reply for your call

Post by Dookie Blanket,

7346817400 Got same message on cellphone. Did not Answer. Reported it for Chase.

Post by d,

734-681-7400 5 W no message left

Post by cali caller,

7346817400 Same scam here but along with a horrible Sign. .

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 YES CALLED ME AT W W Am This MORNING This really is A SCAM Just HANG UP

Post by Guest Report,

7346817400 Only acquired a call from W W W on my cell saying your own master card was locked for re activate press 1. I Hang Upwards that Telephone and dialed your number appropriate back I got that Amount you personally Face led cannot be completed and a buzzing sound. . . Definitely a phishing call. . .

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 fishing for MasterCard Amount. said debit card was blocked.

Post by d,

7346817400 Gotten Rob telephone Now informing me that my MasterCard has been locked. I don't have a MasterCard must become a scam. I Merely Installed Upward.

Post by Zephyr blue,

734-681-7400 Got a phone at 4 am this morning. Did t response because I figured it was something enjoy this.

Post by cbyrams,

7346817400 Scummier

Post by Cynthia,

734-681-7400 Definitely a scam. Badly broken up but could Notice something about MasterCard being frozen. Don t even have a MasterCard don t 've any credit cards whatsoever.

Post by julie,

7346817400 rang my cell Telephone at 2 'm today did not response it

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Dumb phone s. I get these unsolicited types and they're afraid on your Telephone. I figure its prostitution.

Post by Angus,

7346817400 I acquired three phone calls out of the Amount maintaining Seeking to help with the HARP Program. They keep calling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Cardurga,

734-681-7400 Got a phone out of the Amount at W W pm last nighttime. Said MasterCard Difficulty and Face 1. It sounded like a lousy recording of a recording. I was annoyed at that Time.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Credit card scam. Called at 6 'm to alert me Around an Issue with my credit card. Needed my card Amount.

Post by Roof Monkey,

734-681-7400 Recording asserting to be MasterCard. I 've never used MasterCard Put Upwards and added for my blacklist.

Post by Upset phone user,

7346817400 They called Now 5 5 W saying something Around credit card. . . I knew it was phishing thus I Only hanged up.

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 called at 3 W a. m.

Post by Annoyed,

7346817400 Got a call at 3 Am on Memorial Day. Did t Select up but thus annoying.

Post by Hector,

734-681-7400 I could t answer because I was at work but by looks of your reviews I m glad I did t.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Called my phone at 3 W Am. I did t telephone back. Looked it Upward online and located Outside it's a scam

Post by Stacy,

734-681-7400 I gotten a call saying my MasterCard out of Chase bank was Taken and I Desired for talk for security for get it Chosen attention of. I dint 've a MasterCard or an account with Chase Bank if anyone has any advice on how to report this please let me know.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Got multiple calls on the same daytime I believe 3 calling the Amount back leads to a disconnected non available voice message . As other Opinions previous to me looking on this Website most Individuals reported the call involved a credit card. My call your person kept mentioning a refinance totally Fake . Asked not for phone . The jerk on another Finish got rude I hung up.

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Called a midnight did not response. How can just one Cease these calls.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Received just one telephone but could t make Outside your contents. But if they phone again I may report it. Thank you.

Post by diana720,

734-681-7400 Same phone as above your own MasterCard is frozen. Scam. Don t press any buttons.

Post by R J S,

7346817400 Called me around 4 today and I could t understand how people get scammed by these folks. Common sense should prevail when you personally hear a recording and not a live Individual. That fact that I kept pressing 0 for an Driver and the recording Merely kept repeating proved it was a fake for me.

Post by edmund szamraj,

734-681-7400 MasterCard frozen

Post by terri,

7346817400 Got a telephone earlier on my cell from W W W saying my MC was locked my Man got the same phone Soon there after. At 4 W PM got a call from the W again message says MC has been locked funny we don t even have an MC. This has got for Quit. . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 There number just called and Installed Upward. Your not going for Discuss then dint call. Because I know Dumb Folks like this

Post by Jeff,

7346817400 Called my dad twice along with 2 different messages. Neither one he has. Its a Waste Individuals can do the without getting within problem.

Post by Kit,

734-681-7400 I got a phone called from this number W W W the voice mail told me for press 1 to reactivate my MasterCard. I hang Upwards and redial the Amount to check if it's your Actually your bank. No. Scammed. . . .

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Just received a call saying they were from Chase bank and like your others said my account was locked and I Wanted for press 1 for activate. Thank you everyone. I got my verification that this is a scam.

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 credit card scam

Post by Chris,

7346817400 Got your call within the Central of the night. Woke me Upwards and I Put Upward before I knew what they were saying. Can t the Authorities stop this.

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Asserted they were Pursuit Bank and that I reported I lost my debit card.

Post by Chris,

7346817400 got a telephone out of the number at 3 W Am the morning. . . since i was sleeping did not get to Telephone in time. . . . . no message. . . . . called back but got occupied Sign. What a bunch of jerks.

Post by James Hopkins,

734-681-7400 Cell phone rang at 2 W Am on 5 9 W. It Quit before I could wake Upward and reply. Owner ID Recorded W W W. I m Enrolled on no phone list.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 I called it back along with another phone 5 minutes and got a recording quot Number is no longer in service quot . . . . creepy

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Scam.

Post by S,

7346817400 Got telephone at 3 W 'm EST on 5 9 W. Did not answer. How do u report.

Post by Ron,

734-681-7400 Same here. They called at 2 W am about MasterCard being stolen out of W W W and Inquired to contact their Security Section. Idiots.

Post by 731-681-7400,

7346817400 Received a call at W PM hung up before I replied. In reference for the above Opinions credit card Firms are shut at that time these calls are got they Run during Ordinary business hours. This can be certainly a scam.

Post by John Marquette,

734-681-7400 I 've been getting these same calls Additionally. I don t 've a debit card either.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Called hang Upwards no express send phone quite late

Post by Rob,

734-681-7400 I get a call for W at W am. . . become cautious trying for get info about your own credit cards. . .

Post by Karen O,

7346817400 Acquired call from W W W but did not reply it. I see that many have received a telephone out of this Amount. I want to know how you can block unwanted numbers.

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Caller attempted for Get my debit card Amount by fraud

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Someone from this number called said they were calling Around my Master Card being blocked. It was for my husband and he dozen t even have a Master. Card .

Post by Elle Murphy,

734-681-7400 Left me a express send at 6 'm and it was only a partial message about a few security. Cheers everyone for your posts. . . most Useful within confirming this really is a scam.

Post by Jim Kramer,

7346817400 Got a call out of this number. Did t response no message left.

Post by Hillary,

734-681-7400 Yep that Fine ribald said my Chase debit card had been frozen. Blessed me I have no such thing. Butt Cap scampers. . .

Post by Woler,

7346817400 I got same call saying my card would become frozen. I hate the stuff.

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Called me in Oklahoma Now at 1 PM. Did t answer and they left no message. Viewed that number up online and found info that it s a Scam Amount.

Post by Bella,

7346817400 I don't have a Master Card

Post by chi,

734-681-7400 Received same matter others are reporting. . . reception was really awful and I heard that word MasterCard. Afterward we got disconnected.

Post by Chas,

7346817400 Rang my cellular telephone phone at 3 W 'm Sunday which I could not get to within time for answer. There was no message. Needless for state I was furious for having been woken Upward by a call that I shouldn't have obtained for start with. Next stop is for report your unwanted call.

Post by Mari,

734-681-7400 Woke me Upward at 'm and I did t answer within time. I called back and it said it was a non working Amount.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Lucy I got a phone from this Amount at 1 Am. Woke me Upwards I did t understand who was calling at that time of the morning when I go for reply it they hang up. I could t go back to slumber. I had for go to work a couple of hours later quite tired. How Care these Folks get away with the. I expect they get what they deserve. Yer ks. . . . . .

Post by Woler,

734-681-7400 I got same call saying my card would become frozen. I despise the stuff.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 calling about your credit card been canceled telling to press a number so you can take attention of it do not would it Merely hang Upwards and gt gt you Lt Lt phone your bank find Outside about it. . . .

Post by Guest,

734-681-7400 Called me and left no message tried calling back just to body Outside it s not a working Amount. How could it be that a non working number called me 2 Min's Past and i could t get ah previous of them.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 I Merely obtained a call from the number decided not to reply now looking Upward this Amount and see it was a scam. I appreciate all the Remarks. Thank you everyone.

Post by Megan,

734-681-7400 Just obtained a Telephone telephone on my work phone from W W W saying my MasterCard has been frozen.

Post by Guest,

7346817400 Attempted for get my credit card Amount asserting my card had been blocked

Post by shebee,

734-681-7400 After reading places out of other folks this Looks for become among those fishing scams. I have no Thought where they got my cell number since it's used only for my work that is a felony courthouse .

Post by chris,

7346817400 Men hate for tell you its not a scam I Lately found fraud Fees on my I account I Ended my master card yesterday got the phone Now so I know for a fact at least for me it was not a scam

Post by w,

734-681-7400 I got called twice within a week out of this Amount too. I knew it was not my credit card Firm because there was truly an Problem there would become a live Man talking for me. USN t thee anything we may do to Quit the. Report them for FBI.

Post by claudia,

7346817400 Gotten phone at Am with your same recording in the same W . My son received the same call Recently. This can be annoying.

Post by Sonya Miller,

734-681-7400 I got a telephone at 2 W a. m. this morning out of the number

Post by Stu,

7346817400 Called my cell today Around MasterCard being lost from W W W. They are phishing and must Alter lure Regularly depending in what bites.

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2895007805 Complains by Guest,

Striving to sell me insurance name was Les turner

3212768261 Complains by Guest,


3108725886 Complains by Guest,

Stop calling not interested scam

6142092155 Complains by Guest,

horrible desires BBB or uncovered its NOT Worth MY LIFE NOT EVEN For a MILLION my People and I don t play DAT BS

8133980231 Complains by tanesia,

yes this really is a scam please please don't go to Walmart and bye a card and present them that information the are crocks

8133980346 Complains by HEATHER CONLEY,

MY Man ADAM Put W. W ON A WALMART CARD AND This Firm TOOK IT AND SAID We'd A REFUND Check Within The Mail. Nicely It's BEEN 2 WEEKS NOW AND We've NOTHING. I Am REPORTING IT For That Lawyer GENERALS OFFICE AND MY LOCAL Police Dept. . . . . That is Complete BS. . . I 'm So Very Insane Right NOW. MY Lawyer Was CONTACTED Overly AND WE Will Become PRESSING Fees AND THEY Can Be PROSECUTED For this. AS A PARE LAW Pupil THEY Decided That Incorrect Folks For SCREW Over.

8663460996 Complains by Guest,

I don t understand who it was they called and Put Upward.

4015621444 Complains by Guest,


4149189900 Complains by Guest,

The caller won't tell you anything you personally ask unless you personally Confirm your Id. This is a PLOY used by Debt Lovers for Check your own caller ID and who you personally You're. BEWARE. .

9092173899 Complains by Guest,


9099619031 Complains by Guest,


9514890224 Complains by Guest,


8607607535 Complains by Guest,

I think it might be Direct Buy. . . I keep becoming calls but no message.

8622133161 Complains by Guest,

A few guy kept calling me

4694873765 Complains by LR,

Same as above. Calls many times and doesn't state anything. When I call back he says he is a security system.

8184789191 Complains by Guest,

Cease calling

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