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2017-06-28 20:20:59
i got a text: Enter Uber code **** to confirm your number tried to call and recording said that this number does not receive phone calls
2016-09-13 23:36:26
Says IRS "is filing a lawsuit against you" (no name given for either party), and to call this number for more information. Ignore it.
2016-06-09 22:47:25
2016-05-16 14:32:50
2016-05-16 04:24:01
wants to fertilize his lawn
2016-05-14 07:04:27
Check cashing store
2016-05-11 23:50:39
That is a college Entries office.
2016-05-06 05:36:42
Called and left no message. Additionally called from another number W W W which is listed as W W W W W W W HART Well GA W CLACK W W REIGN Maker TALCUM INC. Ginsberg
2016-05-05 09:15:01
Individual keeps calling my number.
2016-05-04 18:55:17
I got the same telephone for several time in 1 day. I m within Singapore. It Appears the Amount is from Uk W. How they got my number.
2016-03-04 03:29:31
Read All Post. Good Interface Cops had Actually posted that they were a scam Nonetheless the same police department re posted right after stating they had been contacted for confirm your company info and were Supplied a Site. The Business does debt collections NOT a SCAM. They could Just have a wrong may you personally should contact them for clear it Upwards.
2016-02-16 07:13:20
Keeps calling my Amount.
2016-02-16 06:29:28
i got a telephone on my cell phone saying for call the Amount for Day-to-day lottery Amounts and State prize. . . it s a Promotion program for some guy. . The should be prohibited. Untrue Promotion and misleading. I believe your lottery division should know Around this
2016-02-16 05:11:41
2016-02-16 04:58:48
Received a telephone from this number saying if I did t telephone back and resolve a Libraries Dilemma that he would phone my work and get cash that way. I have ZERO delinquent Records and 've never Chosen any kind of payday loan. This really is a SCAM. If you personally get calls out of the Amount contact your own Lawyer General to report it officially.
2016-02-16 04:49:52
I Merely started receiving calls from this Amount last week. I have not and will not telephone them back but they leave automated messages informing me that they will deploy a Man locator for hunt for me and other People of interest that is Whole B. S. It s a scam don t fuss calling them back.
2016-02-16 04:35:19
They re using the phone publication. I 've two phone numbers. . . they called your first one. I answered in 3 Bands and nobody was there and Afterward they called your second just one.
2016-02-16 03:00:45
Yes its a delivery Firm delivering furniture. They gives you a confirmation number so get that Needed Information for that delivery.
2016-02-16 02:15:59
enjoyment boy
2016-02-16 02:15:54
Long distance scam

Phone list in area 747

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
7478724513Leave me alone. Guest72015-11-04 16:14:13
7472539956Spam callGuest32015-11-04 16:43:07
7472009513They called me back for back at W within the morning when I called back it went straight for voice send and was saying that this magic Port customer cannot be attained at your momentGuest292015-11-04 20:41:13
7476665471Called my cell 4 times left no message. Guest1322015-11-04 20:25:13
7472019743harassing nonstop calls that dint Cease and are earlier in that morning for Start. Guest272015-11-04 20:57:13
7472012589automated machineGuest1642015-11-04 21:09:13
7472004376keep calling an holding that phoneGuest12015-11-04 21:47:32
7472226298St ocker won t stop callingGuest52015-11-05 00:20:13
7477770356IDGuest32015-11-05 00:21:07
7478724511If you believe you are blind dint Place it on spamGuest112015-11-05 04:00:13
7472219860Craig s list scamGuest32015-11-05 05:00:13
7472338064They phone out of Distinct numbers I m on national don't phone listGuest352015-11-05 05:06:13
7472211186Due to specialized issues there could become Fall of express as a result caller is not able for Notice your own voice. You might call back on this Amount. Apologize for your inconvenience. Guest152015-11-05 07:40:13
7477844004could t Discuss busyGuest82015-12-16 11:31:40
7472435463Twit plays on phone said he was W called no 2 hrs later now he is WGuest42015-12-20 14:53:57
7472332024Never stopping callsGuest12015-11-05 10:56:33
7477651369SpamGuest22015-11-05 11:35:07
7479008833Text from xxx xxx MD. gov where xxx xxx are my Region code and ST 3 Numbers of my Amount with message saying . Telephone CB W W WGuest62015-11-05 12:17:13
7472318464iGuest72015-12-16 15:35:03
7476665529Its a scam. They desire you for send cash for a security deposit on a house for Book and they may send you personally that Rent and Recommendations. Problem is your house is not theirs to Book. Guest12015-11-05 13:05:07
7474445838Marketing gold salesmanGuest22015-11-05 14:13:07
7478889000CollatorGuest122015-11-05 16:36:07
7478882239Poe mam onGuest12015-11-05 18:59:33
7472220407That Pretend to be calling out of Police Headquarters amp try to Infusion data out of me. . . Stupid ass I 'm within India. . . Guest12015-11-05 20:12:07
7472203304I phoned that number back and was told to press 1 if I wanted to get on their no phone list. I pressed 1 and can see what happens. Guest192015-11-05 22:47:13
7472226189spamGuest62015-12-16 15:29:39
7476004168Fake pimpGuest52016-02-16 00:15:56
7476665493Cheap fuck bioGuest32016-02-15 20:09:17
7477770058this can be a fake girl. . . she catfishes all that timeGuest72015-12-16 16:37:48
7472019596I think this is a scamGuest52015-11-06 02:55:13
7472021079SpamGuest622015-11-06 03:23:13
7470087900Seeking Microsoft impersonation scam out of this numberGuest282015-11-06 03:53:13
7472014254fake Switch guyGuest12015-11-06 04:15:32
7472338601I received an unsolicited text from the Amount. There were three messages total saying that a Mrs. Mary Taylor Hook your hiring Supervisor of Blue Selection was responding to some resume I posted which I don t believe really happened and that I had been Picked for an online Meeting. She Required that I add her on Yahoo I'm Mary. Taylor yahoo. com and wait for become briefed on that details. It was strange. I 'm pretty certain this can be spam. Guest102015-11-06 05:43:13
7475550158Claim they are Boga fraud Department calling Around my debit card. I don t even have a Boga acct. Guest222015-11-06 06:09:13
7473336281That is a scam numberGuest112015-11-06 06:56:33
7472019800a telephone Around a federal violation and we could become prosecuted they simply left a return Amount no name no Firm. we need the stoppedGuest132015-11-06 08:37:13
7472009512it is a quot magic Port quot Amount . . . Pol who use that Program quot magic Port quot appears along with this Amount. Guest302015-11-06 08:53:13
7472005408I answered I said quot hello. quot and they said are people still there. and Installed upGuest52015-12-09 10:47:52
7472009719I rec d a call from them. They Maintained to become the Government amp they Promised that I did t file my W taxes. I save EVERYTHING thus I know that I did. They claimed haven t answered any of their Words so now they Wanted my Lawyer s contact info to send forms that were overly complicated for me for Complete Outside for him. . . . for start court Procedures. I don t have a Lawyer thus that did t work. They Maintained that I did t response their Email addresses either thus now they have quot no other selection quot . I told them that I did t get any Email addresses from them amp Inquired what E-mail they sent it for. They told me a quot bogus quot E-mail that did t even resemble mine amp claimed quot that s what you personally Offered us quot . I told them that I vie never talked for them before so I knew that wan t Accurate. They Promised that the Sheriff s Department would be calling me within the morning for find out where for Function your summons. Of course I knew that was bogus for quot Offer Documents quot they Only quot display Upward quot . . . amp . . . they don t need to quot call quot to locate out your address. Guest152015-11-06 10:16:13
7472005188Don t textGuest82015-12-19 17:55:50
7477776193St. Fran. Cabrini Hosp. Guest72015-12-21 07:46:13
7472019598Called me while I was talking for my mom called back but no just one reply. Still don t answer. Akima72015-12-09 08:04:01
7474445225Car. com Marketing Automobile loan Eric E.82015-12-09 14:50:15
7472203317Rob phone. Called cellphone about me credit card balance. Guest212015-11-06 16:34:13
7474005111Rob phone. Hang Upward. GO AWAY. . . . Guest102015-11-06 19:13:13
7472019742uGuest162015-11-06 21:30:13
7472019751This Owner is asking debt collection on Part of People treasury. He is Duplicate Owner for Administration Activity out of treasury Section. Guest132015-11-06 22:02:13
7474773379pranksGuest32016-06-09 22:47:25
7476665503WeirdGuest72016-02-15 20:09:21

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