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Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Bishop, CA. . United states
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Post by Steve,

7605820313 I have repeatedly gotten calls out of an Person from an Thing Calling themselves AC SA. Do not send these clowns any cash. This really is component of a scam. They have called me repeatedly out of this Amount and have been reported for that Kansas Brand new Mexico and Oklahoma Attorney Generals office since January of W. If they're located they can become prosecuted for extortion and mail fraud.

Post by Rosemary,

760-582-0313 That threatening Telephone telephone I received today was out of an Person saying he was an attorney named Nick Stevenson within Laos Angel es California. Your contents of that telephone sounds exactly like that just one above out of Nancy. He was not able to tell me that Specific name of the payday loan Business that allegedly I owe your money for. He demanded a fax with my motorist license info along along with my credit card data and that Times I would become making the payments and state that I concur for create that payments for them. I 'm thus happy I did not. Instead I called the local Police Department and that officer told me that when your payday loan company Desired for take me to court they would have for have a Procedure Server come for my home and Function me along with Forms and not that way this individual was threatening. I want there was something legal that could be done along with these People who've no conscience for Set them from company forever and Set them within Prison where they belong. Perhaps they understand that because they Manage outside of the U. S. there surely is nothing that can be done to Find them thus they're brazen inside their behaviour.

Post by Ashley,

7605820313 I am becoming the same calls and I was Fully freaked Outside. What should I can. Is there anyway I can get them for stop calling.

Post by AP,

760-582-0313 In the last couple of months W W W has contacted my number numerous times. Messages have been left when that phone is turned away. The man caller has a thick Feature possible India a couple of times a female has called along with a potential Asian Feature . Your first message said the phone was to Confirm my address to intimidate . Messages that followed were outright threats such as if you don't call the Time you personally get this message. . . implied was something horrific was going for happen to me and so on. He is a drama Double. A couple of times the man stumbled in his message lost his Put reading from a Program . I have not talked to these idiots I won't waste my time. They Ceased Making messages Lately although a couple of calls have come from the Amount within the last couple of days when the phone was turned on no message was left. I had seen a lawyer Lately for legal advice not about your calls Yet because that calls were saved on my cell phone that Attorney had the option for listen to that messages left by W W W. He was concerned Around the threatening contents of your messages that are blatantly prohibited FD CPA . He had Understood about phone centers from out of your State such as India and Pakistan that been getting a hold of U. S. Telephone Amounts to create fraudulent Group calls. Your Attorney suggested that if I had the Engineering I should make a Replicate of that calls from my cell Telephone to your Cd to save permanently. I haven't gotten anything in writing just that threatening calls. That Attorney said he could not can any legal Actions unless they were within your U. S. I was told for contact him if I receive any Composed Certification. Your W W W isn't out of any existing Place within your U. S. location. The California number W W W is purchased for get routed calls out of Nations from your U. S. I am not certain how your Engineering works that lawyer defined that Telephone numbers are purchased within your U. S. for supply a false impression that the caller is in that U. S. instead they're calling out of another State. Your caller has Additionally Suggested he is calling out of United Law Services in attempt to Search creditable. Perhaps some of you personally could recall your Assault of Fake email contacts in the Africa Region with phony offers for get Individuals for send them cash. Seemingly the frauds were Place down FBI maybe. .

Post by Ashley,

7605820313 I am becoming the same calls and I was Fully freaked Outside. What should I do. Can there be anyway I could get them to Discontinue calling.

Post by Amy Keller,

760-582-0313 I 've been receiving Telephone calls from a Man at this Amount my Put of company he was giving Outside private info about me to my co Employees and I don t even know who he is . I 've spoken for him personally but don't recall his name. He has been proposed that no private calls are accepted my Set of company under any conditions. I 've been threatened by him that I would be visited at either my place of business or at my Dwelling by an officer who would be coming to get me and Charge me. This really is against your law I understand because I have read Around it. The calls had better Cease or I can take Things into my own control in regard to the question. I can report them.

Post by maire d.,

7605820313 your same Amount is calling saying that i had a payday loan from Area i try and get the number but there was know Amount for them whatsoever why r they doing these for Folks i need to phone your phone Business an Shift my name.

Post by louise,

760-582-0313 I Only acquired a call out of James telling me I would be arrested Now if I did t send them W. W. He had all of my Information including Pals names. It was the Actual same Amount and company name.

Post by MsMcQ,

7605820313 I was at work today and I got a telephone out of a guy saying that there were 3 suits against me for unpaid loans. I told him I had no idea what he was talking Around thus he proceeded to read something for me. I had for int erupt him and tell him I was at work and did t 've time with this he Afterward asked me if I had time for jail because which was where I was headed. I told him to please stop reading for for it was useless. I Inquired him to please fax to me what he was reading because no subject how many times he read it to me i could not comprehend a word he was saying I Subsequently told him his English was real poor and that when this was as serious as he claimed he Wanted for put an American on that phone. He said he could not do that. He also could not tell me what sort of loans they were how Considerably that loans were for. He did Yet 've my name my work Amount and your last 4 Numbers of my SS . I Inquired him for a phone number that I could phone him back at on my lunch break he gave me the numbers W W W and W W W. After I Put Upward I was Interested about where he called from so I go ogled the phone number he Offered me and guess what I found. So I Submitted a report along with that FBI a report with That Federal Commerce Commission and the Key Service. I Afterward called my long time Lawyer and really great Pal. . these scampers are in a lot of problem. As soon as I took my lunch break I called this jerk wad back on that Telephone he Inquired me 4 times within a Line what my name was Afterward he Inquired how it s spelled then he asked my name Though again and I said I gave it for you and I need you personally to know that i am on for you I know exactly what You're Upwards to and that I have already reported you to the authorities and that if you EVER phone my Set of employment again that I would 've him arrested so fast that it ll create his head spin enjoy he was possessed. I uncertainty he ll be calling me anytime soon but a component of me hopes he does just thus I could mess with him. Oh. . . and I know how he got my Information. . . I have been Implementing for apartments online I think your Websites Actually arena t Protected. I can never offer Outside my within via Net again.

Post by Rocklyn,

760-582-0313 its a Enormous scam. Some Man called my work asking for me. Said I had a General named Nick which I don't who was Sick and would become going into that hospital. I telephone the number and of path occupied signal. There has got for be a way to Cease these morons from the harassment. I 've filed complaint after Criticism and never have got any Development. I Merely Discount your calls or when I get fed Upwards I reply wait at least W seconds or thus Subsequently when that foreigner says ell I unleash several harsh words that the person they are looking for died.

Post by Aubrey,

7605820313 I have been receiving calls from Alex since April of W. He is out of many form of Debt Collecting Bureau Nonetheless won't tell me your name of your Business. Alex has been calling asking for someone named Joanne and when I tell him that I do not understand your Individual he makes accusations that I am lying and to 've Joanne call him back or he makes threats of imprisonment. I 've Inquired Alex multiple times for Discontinue calling me however the calls have never Quit. I get anywhere from 3 5 calls per week from Alex asking for Joanne and Alex has never been courteous to me viewing your fact that I 'm not Joanne nor can I understand them. Finally today W W W when I talked for Alex I told him I was Processing Criticisms. Complaints 've been Submitted along with your FTC and the state of California s Lawyer General the W Place code is from California . I would Very urge placing complaints for both.

Post by Abe,

760-582-0313 I called and reported the company to that National Trade Commission and I think everyone else should overly. What they're doing is prohibited.

Post by PHIL,

7605820313 ON W W W I GOT A Call Out of MY Pal SAYING HE Obtained A Telephone From A SID BAXTER W W W saying he was go in for press Costs against me on Account of united law services i want for know how they got my Buddies Amounts. my Pal said i Place them down for references which i never did

Post by Jackie Holcomb,

760-582-0313 I 've acquired two calls now out of this number both at my place of employment. Your caller said his name was Nick Stevenson. He is maintaining that I have an outstanding payday loan that has now been turned over for an Solicitors office. Your first time he called I was thus up set. he told me I had to pay him W. dollars or that would take me for court. I could not recognize him so I repeatedly request to talk to many just one else. Than he had me Discuss for someone named Rick Watson. I told him I was not going to pay for something that I did not have any info on. He Maintained that they had sent me several notices for my email. I had told him I could not talk for him now thus he said he would call After. That next telephone I obtained was in the same W W W and that same Man Nick Stevenson he told me I had to pay W. dollars to keep this out of court I told him that I was not going for pay without having something in writing He again said that they had sent several Email addresses for me Underneath spam. I told him this was crazy. He than told me he was going to 've two of his Men come pick me Upward out of my work and take me to California. To court. I called that Authorities and reported him. Your Cops called him to get some info for me and your guy named Nick told that Specialist he was going for send his Men out for Select me up that next day. The Specialist told him It was against the law but he still said they were coming. He than asked if that Official was my body guard. The Specialist told him it would be kidnapping and he would be seeing him compared to the next day and he would be that 1 arrested. Nick than said he would be Viewing him than. That police dept. is reporting them to California were the acreage line was reported. The also reported them for your Feds and that Secret Service.

Post by The Saint,

7605820313 For at least the last four years possibly More a group was calling former payday loan applicants advising them that they have defrauded a bank and are now being sued for non payment of a loan. Your callers can claim for become calling on behalf of an attorney s office name varies your Dept. of Law and Research AC'S or other similar combinations below United Legal Processing Promotion Offense Monitoring Services Fiscal Offense Department. S. National Bank Attorney General s Office usually within California American Legal Services Affidavit Consolidation Services AC'S You may be threatened along with arrest a costly trial and possibly worse. Within no Design way or kind can you be arrested for non payment on a Customer debt. Don't believe these threats as they are without Benefit and cannot be carried Outside within that style they Claim. Who are they. In the past when pressed by law enforcement for an address that callers have Supplied the following info David Morgan and Affiliates Morgan amp Affiliates Morgan Associate's W W W Northwest Th Road Winter garden Florida W Address is likely Broken The collector s MO matches a once legit Libraries Bureau called Ellis Crosby amp Associates. Here are some links on them HTTP Www. Buddhas. com collector pages . Imhotep Www. Buddhas. com collector pages . godfather 've been previously fined over 1. 3 million for various violations. They 've been Understood for use phone banks within India to create their calls which more or less coincides with your challenging to understand accent many of people detect when we have been contacted. The last time the group went by any official name was back within W Ellis Crosby amp Associates Douglas amp Morgan Associate's South side Boulevard Room Jacksonville Florida Telephone W W W W W W Address is likely invalid There are NUMEROUS consumer alerts out against the group of individuals Florida HTTP Jacksonville. com Tu online Narratives W met. telekinesis HTTP Internet. Buyer affairs. com news's W W . molecularity HTTP Internet. . gov press . . . Isle HTTP Web. . com news rho . . . W 1. HTML's Virginia HTTP Www. Fargo. gov . Mo On July Th W a People Awareness Message was Delivered Outside by Missouri Info Analysis Center. . . received reports from People within Kansas and Illinois reference funny Phone calls they acquired. Within both Cases that callers are reporting that a voice mail is received out of a guy along with a Middle Asian Highlight identifying himself as an officer working with the Fiscal Crimes Unit. The message indicates the reason for the call concerns a loan made by that receiver or someone within the receiver s family. The voice send requests that a return call become made and a telephone Amount is provided. When a return phone is got the caller is asked to Supply private identifying data such as their date of Start and social security number. Reports Show the calls are Regular and persistent and that they even jeopardize Charge or legal Activity if information or cash isn't Supplied. It appears the individuals making these calls could possibly 've accessibility to many records connecting individuals and their relatives. Missouri does not 've a Monetary Crimes Unit and all indicators are that this is a Fake agency. If you personally get an identical Telephone phone please be proposed that it's a scam and please contact your own local law enforcement Bureau or that Missouri Info Evaluation Facility at W W W. Bottom line Do not supply that callers along with any additional data. Tell them you've reported them to law enforcement and hang up. If you personally Getaway t already go forward and report that calls for local law enforcement your state s Attorney General and beyond. Appearance up your local Key Service Department s data in your area and get in contact with the Representative there. If you personally ever applied for a cash advance online your own info is Outside there. Potential sources for your Break of your privacy are Your scampers obtained your own information from Racetrack a reporting Bureau used by many cash advance lenders to determine their risk Financing to you. Your service is Competent for tell cash Progress lenders if you've existing loans with other companies for example. Many state Guidelines prohibit borrowers from having more than two cash Developments Outside at your same time. Your scampers created their own fake payday loan Program Website. People searching for a cash advance went to your site and applied Therefore Easily providing your scampers along with their data for malicious use at a later time. Your scampers were Capable to get into that database s of cash advance lenders likely Objectives being Sonic Payday and Cash net Usa. The best way to shield yourself Notify your own Company. You are likely becoming calls at home and or at work so create sure your Manager is conscious that calls are part of a scam and to not take them seriously. Advise the callers that they're no More allowed for telephone you at work. If they continue to phone File your date and time of the calls you personally gotten. Save express mails left if in any respect possible. Alter your own Amount s . For some the could possibly not be an Alternative for others a one time number Shift can be done free of charge. Become suggested any Recommendations you personally listed in your payday loan Program may be contacted. Let those people understand that this is a scam and they can disregard. Use Google Express. Google Voice is an excellent replacement voice send system for Simply Around any phone Amount you personally use. Messages can be transcribed and express send recordings can be saved as MP files. Pro Trick telephone the scampers along with a Google Voice Amount before turning off your own previous phone Amounts. Make sure when you personally phone you identify yourself so they can Begin up their Software. At any point after they have your own information pulled Upwards Only hang Upward. They can Subsequently Begin religiously calling your own Google Voice number. At the point you are free for Shift your own regular phone number s and enjoy not having these Individuals ever call you again. And laugh at the fact these people are Essentially talking to some Packet wall several times a day The scampers change their numbers Generally. Law Administration used for believe it was because the callers ran out of minutes on their prepaid wireless Records or they were shuttered due to fraud but now they comprehend it s Only for evade detection by savvy Customers online. Along with that proliferation of VIP it s even easier for that crooks for stay a couple of steps forward of law enforcement. Below is Simply a sampling of the W Amounts that 've been used within new recollection. 1 W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Thus could they Actually do anything for you. It s not a Straightforward yes or no answer. Logic dictates that if they really wanted for take you personally for a Experience and drain your bank Reports they already would have. Thus why Getaway t they. Authorization. Why do you think You're being called so much. Perhaps it's because they enjoy that sound of your own express. No they have for have your own Agreement for take any form of payment out of you Span. Your callers know their audience and that audience is typically a Number of Folks that have Used for payday loans in your past. Most of those people they call could t afford an Lawyer if they Desired one and are so used to receiving Libraries calls that so long as they sound like a real collector they will likely be Observed as one. Moreover they don t even really desire to Discuss to your attorney that Simply sounds official and terrifying enough. A real attorney would take that callers for Activity and Compose them away as two bit con artists. Your callers demand you personally within Composing for authorize payment against that Fake debt they claim you personally owe. Go forward request them for evidence you personally owe the debt more Typically Understood as verification of debt. See what they state. A Telephone Agreement carries really little weight so if they have something Closed by you on file You're done for and that callers know that. That authorization is the only thing these callers are doing by that publication and for great reason. If they Merely went all willy Nelly and got an ACHE debit from your checking account account without your Composed acceptance you could within turn report the transaction as Fake for your Fiscal Company. Within Around 7 W business days you would get your funds returned to your account. Subsequently your scampers would be Upwards against a bank and their team of lawyers and Researchers. Base line If you personally Getaway t paid that callers a Penny don t. If you Designed on paying them for Close them Upward Simply don t. Recall You're not being contacted by a lawfully licensed ethically owned and operated collector. Read up on your FD CPA HTTP Web. FTC. gov BC Edward Bars Client credit Cree. PD and know your own rights. HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W 3

Post by Amanda,

760-582-0313 These People called me 3 times within 1 day and that SAME people attempted this last year after I had been arrested. I informed them that I know that they're Striving for scam me and that they already tried this along with me before and that I would become Calling that FBI However again. Your calls eventually Ceased calling. Word of Guidance NEVER Implement for a payday loan online. Last year they got my name in the Charge record and the year they got it from an Program I stupidly did online. Nothing you do online is Protected. . Simply Recall that.

Post by nanny,

7605820313 I was called at work out of this Amount. Saying my Father was Ill and I Wanted for called the Amount. I called and found Outside it was not true. I told the guy on your Telephone I was calling my law er and sue them for everything they idea they had. And he Installed up on me. I can contact my law er and offer him your Amount and see what he can do.

Post by Abe,

760-582-0313 Me overly they have been doing it for months. They won t even tell me what it s Around. Which is against that law though.

Post by Rocklyn,

7605820313 its a Huge scam. Some guy called my work asking for me. Said I had a General named Nick which I don't who was Ailing and would become going into your hospital. I call the Amount and of path active signal. There has got to be a manner to Discontinue these morons from the harassment. I 've filed complaint after Gripe and have not made any Development. I Simply Discount your calls or when I get fed up I answer wait at least W seconds or so then when that foreigner says ell I unleash several unpleasant words the Man they're searching for died.

Post by me again,

760-582-0313 It was United Debt Collectors

Post by Connie,

7605820313 These Folks are Around enough for drive you insane. My Partner applied for a loan but never got the money. He gave for much of our personal history. Such as social his Parents Telephone for reference They called us for a month Around ten times a day. They Offered my Man a fax W W W and told him to Facsimile his driver licenses and a notice with his touch and promising for pay within amounts of W. W until it was paid. They Virtually had his Mum Sure that they were going to put him within jail if she did t pay that W. W. I eventually decided to phone your wright county sheriff s Department. Todd Olson thank god that scampers called while the Pleasant Specialist was here. Many of your names they used were Martin Stanley Joe Harris And get this a attorney David White that worked appropriate along side of him. After he was done talking to the Cops officer he stated he was still going for come and take my husband to Prison. What a pain in that Bottom this entire ordeal has been. They Additionally 've called out of local phone . Thank God they Destination t bothered us since. I expect we all can learn a valuable lesson don t provide Anyone your personal information. . .

Post by leo85,

760-582-0313 That same Amount was calling my cell Telephone and my place of employment saying that they can 've me arrested and that I owe Pynchon I NEVER HAD A LOAN Out of THEM. Other Amounts where also used W W W W W W. Your mans name is ALLEN WATSON Along with A THICK Mid Asian Feature .

Post by Guest,

7605820313 United law Agency. Said they were giving an officer to my House. Scam.

Post by Jenna Carvalho,

760-582-0313 They called me Showing that I am a suspect of fraud and that I am going to Prison.

Post by Nancy,

7605820313 I overly was contacted by this Nick Stevenson claiming I owed money and if I did not pay I would be Chosen for jail. I went to that sheriffs office and they did not desire to Set the thus called Nick on that Telephone Nick finally gt on the phone and was not cooperating with that officer. One odd matter is on my cell Telephone I got a phone call out of my house when I answered it was Nick. I fast hanged Upwards called my House and Inquired if anyone from home had called me they said no.

Post by latrice,

760-582-0313 These scampers demand for become caught. . . . This can be thus Bad what they're doing. I obtained 3 calls Now out of these holes saying all of the above. . . If they phone me 1 more time at my Set of work I m going for cuss them out. . . I m sick of them already. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by louise,

7605820313 I Merely gotten a call from James telling me I would become arrested Now if I did t send them W. W. He had all of my Information including friends names. It was your Specific same number and Firm name.

Post by Angela,

760-582-0313 The Indian Man was calling me for two times now. He first Inquired for my attorney data. When I told him I did t 've an attorney he said Oh My God how are you personally going for handle the Condition. I abruptly Installed up on him and he called correct back. He was calling me at work and I told him that I could not Discuss for him at work. He gave me your Amount W. W. W for call him back and ask for James Watson. . . . who ever heard of an Indian named James Watson. Anyway I did t telephone back. He called again today at work. I spent W minutes on the Telephone along with him and his Manager and that supervisor around him which I believe was all the same person. They were threatening to 've me picked Upward and Chosen for Penitentiary if I did t settle your debt I owed to some payday Business. I explained to him that I did t 've any loans along with a payday company and I would t pay back cash that I did t receive. He said that did t subject and that if I did t pay it back I would become Decided up and taken to court where I would have for pay around W within fines. I told him that I Wanted for Chat to an English speaking Man because I wan t Knowledge half of what he was saying. He even read me my Miranda rights. . . . Eventually I told him that I would have my Lawyer contact him at which point he said he could t talk for my attorney. . . . Now when he first started calling he Desired my attorney s info. . . . . . I eventually Put Upward on him and am going for report it for the federal trade commission and all other agencies that it needs to be reported for. I talked using an attorney Pal who says that it is a scam and that no collection Bureau could endanger you along with Penitentiary time even if you personally owe the debt. . . . .

Post by me again,

7605820313 It was United Debt Collectors

Post by Beth,

760-582-0313 Guy was calling me for Approximately four times now. Calls himself Allen Watson I vie never heard such an Indian Allen Watson within my whole life. He says that i owe a payday loan Firm cash and that i need to send them all of the money asap. or else they will call my employer and let them now they 've suits being Registered against me. Today I fell across this site and called your Man back and told him he was a liar he told me that Your American Government lies for the Individuals an dells them these lies You'll see tomorrow when that police arrive. I told him to bring it on and eat me because I could plainly see that my payment was posted and cleared. I m livid. But I dint understand the way to make your guy Quit.

Post by Kimberly Cervantes,

7605820313 They keep stating that I owe on an account out of April W and that info they provide me dozen t match any of my records. They did not need me for research my files because they wanted me for Only pay the account. I did research it and located that none of the data they gave me matches my records. They endanger to pick me Upwards and take me for court suspend my bank account and assets. They state they can go to my House and for my work.

Post by maire d.,

760-582-0313 your same number is calling saying that i had a payday loan from Area i try to get that Amount but there was know number for them in the least why r they doing these to people i need to phone the Telephone Business an Shift my name.

Post by roslynne gongre,

7605820313 ll en Watson from united law services said i owe out of pay cash just one. out of W. i never took a payday loan. they threat end me told me i would go to Prison. W W W

Post by Nicole,

760-582-0313 Got a telephone out of someone stating he was Lawyer Alan Watson with an Indian accent Ha. . He told me I demand to contact him immediately or there will become consequences.

Post by nancy,

7605820313 ON Oct W amp W I 've obtained Telephone calls from a so called Nick Stevenson stating he is a Lawyer or when someone else gets the telephone he states he is a Specialist he says I owe cash to some payday loan I request him which one he said Pay Cash Fund and I ask for the name of attorney office he says United Law services. He Offered me your Amount to call when I called W W W your call was redirected to a W number for a Firm named Quest. Nick said oh you personally need for Face a 1 first. He told me I m calling you from this Amount I told him no Hey are not he was calling out of another Amount he said oh Le me call you back he dialed and that W Amount seemed. A sheriff called him and they were not Combined with the sheriff.

Post by Guest,

760-582-0313 United law Organization. Said they were sending an Specialist for my Residence. Scam.

Post by Ph4r40h,

7605820313 I got the same call. They use Distinct numbers. Here s a few Information that I located Outside about them when they called out of Amount W W If you are targeted by these criminals be sure to report them for all this National and state law enforcement agencies most of which you are able to do online or around the phone 1. The U. S. Key Service is responsible for protecting your Nation s Fiscal infrastructure and payment systems from international and national threats. Telephone or write your own local Key Service subject office to alert them to that details of the attempted extortion. Your addresses and Telephone Amounts for your local Secret Service area offices are Recorded at HTTP Internet. secret service. gov edifices. HTML or in your own phone publication. 2. Alert the FBI at HTTP Suggestions. FBI. gov Be certain to tell your FBI that you are being targeted by extortionists over your Telephone. And if your crooks claim for become law Administration or lawyers officers of that court or bankers be certain for include that data in your own report. 3. File a Grievance along with your local Cops. Most Cops departments may take a report around your Telephone. Become certain for tell them you re being targeted by an extortionist and provide them all that details. 4. File a Grievance your state s Lawyer general that contact information for whom is at Internet. Fargo. gov. File a Grievance online with Your National Trade Commission at HTTP Www. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang Enif these crooks phone back Guarantee them nothing pay them nothing and tell them nothing other than which you know they re a scam and you vie reported them for law Administration. And be confident to report them for all the Companies above each time they phone you. By your manner here s Only a small try of Amounts used by this Unique group of scampers. Read your reports and you ll see your same Sample time and again phony organization names thick foreign accents and oddly worded threats that are thus melodramatic and absurd that it s laughable HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier posting here as Gary and GARRY Kinship notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier Publishing here as Scott notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier Publishing here as Ricotta notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier posting as Carole David Brownish and Amanda notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false Lists at the brand new Amount as sloshing Jannie and Tina preparing a brand new number to use. HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false Posts as Rosetta notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier Publishing as Roberto notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier untrue Lists as Marriott notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false postings as Betty Burns Chichi and Tom Littlest notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false postings as Marco Polo real Initial HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false Posts as John David HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false Posts as Georgette notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false Posts as Rwanda Robinson Shannon Walsh Jack Dawson and Cynthia notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W scummier untrue Listings as Suzy Johanna Hall Cinder McMillan Michael Dublin Mark Williams Carol and Rio notes removed many of the scampers posts because the all Arrived from your SAME IPA ADDRESS HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W scummier false posting as Jason Connect notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier untrue posting as John Caner Gestapo notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false Lists as John and Amenhotep notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier untrue posting here as Amenhotep notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W Scummier false posting Customer Alert Attorney General warns Kansans of debt Set scam January W W Lawyer General Bob Six is cautioning Kansas Buyers about telephone calls from Clear fake debt collectors who are impersonating law enforcement officers in an Energy for extort money from People. Buyers are warned for not submit payments to these Fake debt collectors. When calling your scampers most Frequently state they are Seeking to Amass a debt Linked for an Web payday loan obtained by that Client but which that consumer never repaid. Customers state they 've never obtained such a loan or paid away your loan years ago. That scam artists 've most recently identified themselves as AC'S National Affidavit Processing Section and United Financial Offense Department but could possibly use additional phony names. It appears that Telephone numbers used by that scampers are spoofed numbers thus that the Amount appearing on a Customer s Owner ID isn't your Real number of where that phone originated. It appears your calls within question could become Coming out of outside the United States. When questioned your Person calling refuses for divulge your not empty name or address of that Group agency they claim to signify. These scampers have been Competent for provide Customers with identifying info such as the Buyer s Societal security Amount home address e send address names of family members and that Client s computer IPA address. Since the callers are able for provide valid personal info Customers could become broken and consider they are being contacted in Value to some valid debt. If that initial debt Set scam is unsuccessful consumers have been re contacted months After with your scampers posing as law enforcement officers or officers of the court. Generally that Customer is threatened with arrest for fraud or some other Fake crime unless your Client agrees to instantly wire money via Western Union. Your Fake officers strive for frighten and confuse People into compliance by using legal sounding terms such as We re filing an affidavit against you or by stating a litigation has been or is within that procedure of being Registered against your consumer. A hallmark of each scam has been calling Customers repeatedly at their Set of employment. The scam hit home when an employee of the Iowa Lawyer General s Office was repeatedly called both on her cell Telephone and at work. Despite the Staff s repeated Mental Differences that caller refused for Supply any identifying information to allow her to send a written Contest. Your scummier also continued to call her numerous times a day seeing a payday loan she denied Finding. Two months later she was again contacted by Phone by an Person identifying himself as an Official . I denied owing your debt and refused for pay without being Supplied Agreement of your debt. I was Subsequently told If that s your case I will 've local law Administration come to your own place of company and Get you out kicking and screaming mentioned your Staff. It is important for Buyers to know their rights under that law Attorney General Six said. If a Customer is receiving calls out of a debt collection company and consider it is a scam I encourage them for contact the office instantaneously. Underneath that Good Debt Collection Practices Act FD CPA collectors are Needed for send People a written find in five times of your initial contact. Your notification should comprise information such as the amount of the debt the name of the Collector to whom that debt is owed and a statement informing that Client they have thirty days to contact your Consumer within writing for Question the debt or request Approval of your debt. In Add-on legitimate debt collectors are prohibited by your FD CPA from making false or misleading representations such as that Buyer has committed a offense implying nonpayment can result within your Buyer s Charge or using that threat of violence. More data is Accessible on that National Good Debt Group Methods Work} at HTTP Internet. FTC. gov BC Ed Bars consumer credit Cree. PD. For register a Criticism with that Kansas Lawyer General s Buyer Protection Department call 1 W W W or See Internet. sag. org. HTTP Www. sag. org page Customer alert at tor . . . Set scam

Post by Nancy,

760-582-0313 I too was contacted by the Nick Stevenson maintaining I owed cash and if I did not pay I would be taken for jail. I went for that sheriffs office and they did not need to Set the so called Nick on your Telephone Nick eventually gt on that phone and was not cooperating along with your Official. Just one unexpected thing is on my cell Telephone I got a Telephone telephone out of my house when I replied it was Nick. I quickly hanged Upward called my Residence and Inquired if anyone out of Residence had called me they said no.

Post by roslynne gongre,

7605820313 ll en Watson out of united law services said i owe out of pay cash just one. out of W. i never took a payday loan. they threat end me told me i would go to Prison. W W W

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Recent comment

8024388612 Complains by Interesting man,

Its amusing because I Only gotten the same call in the same idiot stating my cars I drive that number plate year version colors and insisting I should t drive anymore because my permit is suspended. What a idiot he need me to call his office for settle whatever your hell who knows that he s talking about. The only thing that piss me off is the idiot upset my peaceful slumber and I want to get my control on his neck and choke him for calling my phone and harassing me twit. I Google tony Anderson and his Telephone Amount is different from what that idiot claims. It looks enjoy he is within that same state as that real Attorney Anderson which is Vermont Virginia. Simply ignore that fool he Ian t worth it.

8002932123 Complains by Guest,

acquired text message

8152010068 Complains by Grumpy,

Jerks called and woke me up earlier on Sat morning. AGAIN. How many times has this roofing outfit been reported to no avail. That federal Authorities is a joke. Everybody Places their numbers on that FCC s ridiculous list but now every 1 else within your universe knows the Administration dozen t even pretend to apply that Don't Call Guidelines anymore than they are enforcing that immigration Guidelines or fulfilling their accountability to provide Good Wellness care for veterans. Your scampers have a subject day making people all miserable Understanding full well that nobody can ever come after them for violating the law.

8045771108 Complains by cheryl,

always telephone but never leave a message

8003289271 Complains by Investigator,

The number belongs to a chat line with a young Female doing your announcing. I called that number twice to verify.

8023693037 Complains by Carol,

Merely got that extended warranty call. This guy spoke English and had no Highlight. . . Offered to Go warranty on my W Saab. . . . Mindless people. . Saab Offered to GM Afterward for European Business. I believe China is now building one for the foreign market. Yes he looked to have current Information I was Simply at my Saab dealer last week. . they must become able to Crack into Seller info. . . beware.

8003502457 Complains by collectors-r-criminals,

HILARIOUS. Tell us another one next time try to become more convincing LOLA.

8044100007 Complains by FLSlattons,

Enjoy for understand how an SAN can be arrested.

8002147862 Complains by sum,

That lady had a reply for everything. She has definitely done her Research. The for confident has Educated me a lesson. Your general People myself Comprised aren't Intelligent on what the rights are and the rules for Set. Within the experience I have researched and learned many matters. Glad I know them know it won t ever occur for me again. I have altered my bank account etc. That Girl Toni Warren called my Telephone nonstop for 2 days within a Line leaving me nasty voice mails and your last just one she advised me I better 've my attorney contact her.

8002177670 Complains by Natalie,

Who the May n't be.

8001012049 Complains by Guest,

dint answer

8002146380 Complains by ll12r,

same here i got an e send along with the Specific same thing from a Bob.

8002111794 Complains by Kenneth,

Worst company EVER. If you might have a financial crisis and demand a payday advance look for another Firm. We vie been dealing along with them known as American Credit Line and our loan was supposed for be Set into our account around a week ago. We phone each daytime and continue to get hung up on. I vie Submitted a Gripe along with your BBB the atty general and ripoff report. Look elsewhere hopefully your experience with them will urge you to find another source. HTTP Www. ripoff report. com American credit line loans Net internet fa. HTML

8002178402 Complains by UMNSoccer08,

I Additionally got the same message do not offer out any info.

8002182168 Complains by Munyia LeBlanc,

has anyone else located the Amount on their cell phone. That phone rang with this Amount on a Sunday Night after PM. . When I called back out of a Distinct phone that message said they were not open on Sunday. I called on Monday from a Distinct phone and that message was We cannot respond to the dialed Amount please enter that number out of which you personally received that telephone. I did NOT can that. Any ideas how I could look for who the twerp is.

8002041830 Complains by Rachel,

It s a Rob telephone from Energy Gulf South with data on power outages.

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