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Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS. Hesperia, CA. San Bernardino. United states
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Post by l sparks,

7606806895 This Man calls on a Routine basis out of the Amount sometimes three times per daytime. He is Looking credit card info thus he could lower my interest rate if I 've at least W. W within credit card debt. I have told them I was not interested and to take me away there calling list.

Post by MG,

760-680-6895 I obtained a telephone on my cell out of the and no message was left. Assuming it's a scam. . .

Post by Carrie,

7606806895 I desire these calls to Stop. . .

Post by JM Smith,

760-680-6895 Someone out of this Amount has called me AGAIN. . I m thus drained of hearing that my eligibility for reduce my credit card interest speed is EXPIRING. I wish they d all expire the use of my phone Amount.

Post by Tom,

7606806895 Called me within Rochester NY on March Th. I did t Comprehend the caller so I let it go as a Missed Telephone.

Post by tweetybirdie03,

760-680-6895 It is a scam they desire your own credit card Amount calling from the following numbers Not confident exactly why government and cell phone Businesses can not Quit this fraud Don't Supply THEM Your CREDIT CARD NUMBER

Post by Agd,

7606806895 Simply called me.

Post by Jordan,

760-680-6895 Same M. O. I called it back just for Notice that a express mailbox for Greg was too not empty for take any more voice mail messages.

Post by ECM,

7606806895 For anyone who is weary of these calls. If you've a Telephone from Verizon Wireless log into to your own account and you are able to block Upwards to 5 phone Amounts. It might not be a lot but it s better than nothing. I don t understand if this is available from your other Companies.

Post by PH,

760-680-6895 No just one leave any messages.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Speaking.

Post by DStone,

760-680-6895 i guess your don't telephone list dozen t work get numerous calls from this . . .

Post by Pete in Texas,

7606806895 Called me again at PM on that same day. I answered and said Hello but heard nothing on the other Finish.

Post by Jessica,

760-680-6895 Gotten a phone out of the number CA Usa. When I called that Amount back I got a message full mailbox of Greg . This is probably a few scam because I don t know a Greg within California. I 've been receiving an increase within scam calls here Recently.

Post by Gina Theresa Cisto,

7606806895 I continue for get harassing Telephone calls out of the Amount. When a customer service Representative picks Upwards your line they consistently instantly hang Upward before I even state a word. I desire the for stop immediately.

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 These folks telephone me at W within your morning. . . . If I can discover who they are I will file a Legal Criticism for Phone nuisance under Hawaii Laws. . . .

Post by Melinda,

7606806895 They phone me several times a week and say press just one if you want for be transfer Edward to a person but they don t provide you an option for be Chosen away their telephone list. If you hang Upward they Only keep calling and calling. When I had them transport me to a Individual to attempt and be Chosen off their list your Man Put Upward on me. I 've attempted a couple other times to tell them for please Only Cease calling me I am not interested but they hang Upward on me each time. The Telephone Business dozen t understand any way to block numbers they simply state I could change my Telephone Amount which is not an Choice. This sucks.

Post by Moira,

760-680-6895 I 'm getting harassed multiple times a day and I am already on that Do not Phone List. What else could we can to go after these Businesses who believe they're above the law.

Post by Stacey,

7606806895 That is an identity scam. Don't Offer THESE People ANY Information. . . What they try to do is to get you for supply them your own credit card number and Societal because they claim they could lower your interest speed and BAUM. . . your identity Simply got Taken. Your credit card Business can NEVER telephone you offering to lower your own attention speed. If you personally need for locate out about lowering the attention speed on your own credit card telephone your W Amount on the back of your own card s.

Post by tee,

760-680-6895 Merely got another telephone Looks enjoy they r calling 1 time a day

Post by Elaine Brea,

7606806895 Who is this and how do they get cell Telephone numbers.

Post by Bill Zindler,

760-680-6895 They always harass me. When I speak for their sale seeps and ask them to take me away of their list they hang Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Report to FCC amp your states Lawyer general

Post by Dora,

760-680-6895 gotten a call from the number as lo. . i live within Idaho

Post by chris,

7606806895 I tried hitting 1 and they Put Upward on me when I asked to be Place on that don't call list. I 've Enrolled my number with your don't telephone list several times and yet they keep calling. Not for mention it is my cell Telephone and they call undies 5 or more different Amounts. Thus I called to see Verizon would block the Amount for me and to so that it would cost 5 a month and it simply lasts W times. There should be a manner to stop this

Post by Meg,

760-680-6895 OR it s possible a Rototiller randomly got your own number correct as it dials thousands of people all daytime long. . .

Post by Bh,

7606806895 I get calls from this number and others repeatedly. I have Selected 1 and ask that they quit calling. File a Gripe along with the Do not Call Registry HTTP Grievances. dentally. gov complaint Gripe check. asp. Section 2

Post by Gap,

760-680-6895 Called my cell. I returned your telephone and went to their VIM

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Card services for refinance credit card balances

Post by Bridgette,

760-680-6895 Phone me and did t leave a message.

Post by Patty,

7606806895 This Site is awesome. I reported a phone number last week with an W number calling people and Your Telephone CALLS Have Discontinued From This Number. Please report these SCAM Telephone Amounts and save yourself many Disappointment.

Post by Brian,

760-680-6895 Called me tot reported them I m on a no telephone list.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Won t take no for a response

Post by Ginger Sherman,

760-680-6895 They have called me at all hours amp I have Inquired them W times for Set me on the don't phone list.

Post by msgirl,

7606806895 Oh my these Individuals won t Quit calling me. I don t even have credit cards or credit at that to even lower. Yes I vie asked your oh so nice Folks for deficiency of a better word questions enjoy who s your manager how did you personally get my Amount exactly why are you personally calling me how do you understand I demand lower credit could I ask you a question and even what is your name. . . . you are able to see they vie called and called me and I get hung up on. Yes when you personally phone it back it s as if its your own phone Amount of someone and goes to some full voice mail. I vie blocked both Amounts on my cell phone to go straight for express send. . . and they still look for manners for get through to me. . . . Actually. . . . Are they not getting the Image. . . Nicely they Actual very shortly when they get turned within by thousands for SCAM calling. . .

Post by mary anne mancini,

760-680-6895 I tried to tell them not for telephone me and take me away their list and they Put Upwards on me. I 'm on the do not phone list not certain exactly why they are calling.

Post by Andrew,

7606806895 Same Problem. I understand they got my Amount from Automobile Investor as that s your only Set I have posted my cell Amount online. Next time they telephone state you personally re interested but You're active and request for a number to telephone back. i made the same blunder presuming they would remove my number when asked but got hung up on.

Post by patches,

760-680-6895 weary of these unwanted calls

Post by Annoyed,

7606806895 Nobody was there.

Post by Kat,

760-680-6895 They Only called stating it was an important message for lower my credit card rates. . I dint have credit cards.

Post by Alison,

7606806895 I answered and there was a voice Registered message saying I could lower my credit card rates and for press 1 if I was interested. I am on the Do not Phone list so I pressed 1 for tell them. When I got a woman on the Telephone she Inquired me if I d like to lower my rates. I politely began to tell her that I was on the DC list and she Simply hung Upwards on me Middle sentence.

Post by Chris (North Carolina),

760-680-6895 called me Simply now

Post by rick,

7606806895 I just recd a telephone 5 Min's ago and yes your send went to someone name Greg that sounded like he had a wad of cotton in his mouth. That simply matter I 've did today was looked on Occupations. com. I believe this is Associated to it because I haven't did anything else out of that Convention.

Post by Cami,

760-680-6895 Called my fax

Post by Call me again and this will happen to yo,

7606806895 Simply got this call the morning. I d adore for know how they got my Telephone number. I have gotten similar calls out of other numbers as nicely. General Information they really should t be calling me. I can be a Complete

Post by "Block" the number,

760-680-6895 Calculated out how to block that incoming calls on my cell phone. . . . recommend you can the same.

Post by Jody R.,

7606806895 Simply got a telephone out of the number. I 've been getting more and more scam calls. USN t there anything WE that Simple Sufferers of this Waste may do. I am frustrated along with all that telemarketer and scam calls I vie been receiving. I don t response them

Post by Been there done all that,

760-680-6895 The don't telephone list won't help you personally with this People. Absolute best matter for can is troll them when they phone you. Response that phone press 1 and state like a record that you have attained that Police Department National Court Census Office Section of Your Military etc and would that for oh maybe 4 5 calls and it can Quit. Oh and mention that all calls are being recorded. I did it by state Thank you for calling us Telephone W W W they pop Upwards on my Owner id you might have achieved the County Courthouse in Plano Texas and ALL CALLS are Registered. . . click. Looks for become working. But I did file a Criticism along with your Lawyer General of my State for Harassment and obvious phishing scam. And I listed each swinging Amount in my Owner id since December.

Post by John Powell,

7606806895 I gotten a call out of the number and your calling party let it ring about W times. I Typically do not response Place Rules that are not familiar to me. After checking the number I feel quite certain it was a scam situation.

Post by Michael,

760-680-6895 Gotten a call from the Amount on my cell phone. I waited to get the service representative who Installed Upwards on me as soon as I asked to be roved from your telephone list.

Post by Large business,

7606806895 Called an Central number at my company s security desk phone. Listened for the Registered Message pressed 1 for Chat along with a Actual Individual. That real Man was a Girl who answered along with services. As I asked her to take the Amount off her list she hung up on me. I called back and heard your mailbox is full Registered message. I reported that number to the FTC at HTTP Www. . gov for a Registered message sales pitch against FTC Rules on unsolicited Telephone calls .

Post by "Block" the number,

760-680-6895 Calculated Outside how to block your incoming calls on my cell Telephone. . . . urge you would your same.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Told your Representative who replied to kill herself then Installed up

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Credit card rate

Post by Coletta,

7606806895 My is on the don't phone registry. . . . I am still becoming phone and not joyful Around it. I called back and it was a mailbox for Greg which was not empty.

Post by Eric,

760-680-6895 These call me every daytime. When I request them to take me off their list they just hang up.

Post by CJ,

7606806895 called me in Washington State

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Scam

Post by Helene,

7606806895 Nicely two can play at this game. I randomly hit Amounts on your phone and it repeated my number for have a page Delivered for your phone to phone you back you can then change your number you are calling from thus I Joined W. I Merely did it about W times so the A Opening may keep getting pages. I wonder how he may like it. payback is a isn't it. 've fun.

Post by rob,

760-680-6895 called me and they say they're card services Seeking to lower my attention speed. they wont tell me who they are other than card services Subsequently they hang Upwards.

Post by kris,

7606806895 same thing happened to me i asked to be removed and she Put up I Callie back and got a voice mailbox which was not empty and I could t make Outside your Men name.

Post by chris,

760-680-6895 I tried hitting 1 and they hung up on me when I Inquired to become Place on that do not phone list. I have Enrolled my Amount with your do not phone list several times and However they keep calling. Not to mention it's my cell phone and they call undies 5 or more different Amounts. Thus I called to see Verizon would block the Amount for me and for so that it would Price 5 a month and it simply lasts W days. There should become a way to Quit the

Post by buster,

7606806895 i obtained this Amount and no one was there

Post by Shawn,

760-680-6895 Scam Firm desires your own credit info and won't take you personally off their phone list. I 'm on the Don't Phone list overly terrible your Experts don t would anything Around them.

Post by Scott Johnson,

7606806895 get rid of him

Post by Anita Davis,

760-680-6895 I 've been Attempting for tell these callers to stop they phone while at work constantly disrupting at Conferences while I m on my Workplace Telephone and even while on vacating within Mexico. They won't Cease . The Phone is on the Do not Phone List.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 credit card debt removal

Post by danica,

760-680-6895 calls all your time never leaves a message

Post by chris,

7606806895 I tried hitting 1 and they Put up on me when I Inquired for be Place on that don't phone list. I have registered my Amount along with that don't telephone list several times and Though they keep calling. Not to mention it's my cell phone and they telephone undies 5 or more different Amounts. So I called for see Verizon would block that number for me and to thus that it would Price 5 a month and it just lasts W times. There should become a manner to Quit this

Post by Robert,

760-680-6895 Called my cellular telephone phone Now and would not state anything Afterward hung up on me. I find the number within my message file several times a week.

Post by Johnny,

7606806895 Yes I missed your phone and called the number back and it rung for a second then said express box of Greg is full. What a joke Greg is.

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Please Cease calling me.

Post by Loraine,

7606806895 I got a call here in Idaho. The USN t the first time they 've called. No message was left.

Post by Chef,

760-680-6895 Recd a telephone out of the Amount. Dialed back using a Procured line and states that mailbox for GREG is not empty. I 'm also on your registered Don't Phone list and have reported this accordingly. Happened at PM MST.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 I Often receive calls from the number and I vie pressed the Alternative to remove my number out of their list and all I got was an exceedingly rude Girl who Installed Upward on me when I told her I Needed my number removed. There s never any express send message s left when they phone and it s constantly an automated Introduction Around credit card consolidation.

Post by John Drake,

760-680-6895 Got a call from this Amount W W W 3 PM Fundamental Time. It was on my cell phone so I rejected it and no voice send was left. I 'm on your Dentally lists for both my state and that National list but they calls and Trash text messages Merely keep coming.

Post by CEM,

7606806895 me not ma

Post by Anonymouse,

760-680-6895 Wyoming sues bucklers HTTP Internet. unsnarling. com news W Aug 0 . . . Advertising Businesses Missouri sues bucklers HTTP Www. legalizing. com news W lost . . . noes around calls Proof that Present Guidelines mean nothing to these scum suckers same companies that have been sued in that past HTTP Www. FTC. gov IPA W W roux. shortstop Www. FTC. gov IPA W W Pacific. shortstop Web. FTC. gov IPA W W Pacific. shortstop Internet. FTC. gov OS case list W recompute. pettifogged Web. FTC. gov BC Ed micro sites dentally Press Facility. Accept our Congress and Senate. We need Legal punishments against your Businesses that are profiting from these calls. Follow that cash slap them within jail no one left for outsource to Offshore boiler rooms Trouble Fixed. Since they're Managing across borders it should become a National felony and should become Managed by your FBI Underneath that RICO Act.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Said I m eligible for lower my credit card speed for 4. 9 . . . Ha ha I can t even get a credit card and I definitely don t need for get one. I d Somewhat save my cash and Afterward buy it along with no attention.

Post by sand,

760-680-6895 the number calls a few times a week trying to get me for offer credit card information to lower interest rates on my credit card. if you personally press one for Chat with a Representative unless you are in tested inside their scam they Simply hang Upwards on you personally. i vie Required for Discontinue your calls and am on do not phone list. Though the continue for telephone. if You're becoming this telephone i d Recommend file a Grievance along with your federal commerce commission here is a quick link for file that number that is calling you personally. HTTP Web. . gov

Post by Fed up in Texas,

7606806895 They Shift their numbers and keep calling along with this pare recorded message Around consolidating debt. I have gotten two calls a day for weeks now to both my home and cell. They refuse for take me off your list. Enough already. Cut off their phones

Post by SAM,

760-680-6895 Who ever gave my number Outside needs for become called at midnight.

Post by Matt,

7606806895 I got a phone on my Verizon Cell along with a record Around reducing my credit card interest to 1 . Since a few Automobile dial Records are illegal in Washington State I pressed 1 to get that company data. When I pressed 1 that Female Inquired if I was interested in lowering my interest speed at which I asked what Business is the. That telephone was instantly disconnected at this point.

Post by Pete in Texas,

760-680-6895 Called me again at PM on the same daytime. I replied and said Hi but heard nothing on the other end.

Post by keith,

7606806895 Cant stop these calls. I have requested these calls Cease several times. I Additionally block the Amounts from my cell Telephone courier and they change there Amount and call from another number.

Post by rec,

760-680-6895 Yep I played along. She Needed for lower my attention speed and wanted my account Amounts on all my credit cards. Anyone along with half a Head knows you NEVER give out your own personal data over your phone especially a credit card number. SCAM. I told her to remove my phone Amount out of her list but I understand she won t. They ll Simply keep calling over and around and over etc.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Card members wanting to lower Credit card payments

Post by FCP,

760-680-6895 Call from W W W at 2 W PM CST. Call showed Upward as being from California. I just returned from there and have several clients who could call me directly even though I m in Louisiana . Same Cope as consistently This can be W with Card Member Services. This can be your own last detect before we close your own account. Ada Ada Ada. Press 1 to Talk along with a customer service representative Around lowering your attention speed. I pressed one and someone picked Upwards immediately. I discussed that I did not clearly Notice what they were saying within the record and she Installed Upward instantly. I have fought along with this Firm for years. I 've file federal Gripes state complaints contacted that Telephone Firm whose Amounts they use. I have done everything except file a suit against them simply because I never have yet determined their Identification. Your just Successful tool I 've found is to engage them directly. Get them on the line tell them you've K in credit card debt and go through the procedure all the way to the point where they request for your credit card number. At that point I Generally start fumbling Approximately searching for my credit card leaving them on your line for 2 or 3 minutes before disconnecting the phone. 1 time your Man called me back out of his own cell phone. I tried tracking them down using that number but it was apparently a prepaid Telephone he fast abandoned. Regardless the Telephone calls Arrived less regularly after that for a couple of months at least. Now we re back to getting at least 2 calls per week from these . I would like to pour boiling oil on their genitalia for all your times they 've interrupted my Children naps and caused me for measure from important Conferences. I do a lot of nationally work and Only ignoring a Telephone phone could Price me cash since that s how my Customers get to me. This is that Level of discouragement for me. But I may find them and eventually they can pay.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 File a Gripe against these jerks at dentally. gov

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Unknown

Post by Wolf69,

7606806895 Called me in Everett Wa another just one for Coma black list.

Post by Been there done all that,

760-680-6895 Tried that Amount not valid

Post by Meg,

7606806895 OR it s potential a Rototiller randomly got your own number right as it dials thousands of Individuals all daytime long. . .

Post by Patty,

760-680-6895 The Web site is Wonderful. I reported a phone number last week with the W Amount calling people and Your Phone CALLS Have Stopped Out of The Amount. Please report these SCAM Telephone Amounts and save yourself many Stress.

Post by DMAC,

7606806895 They Only called some time Past asking Around lowering my credit speed.

Post by Michelle,

760-680-6895 I am becoming frequent calls out of this and it's thus frustrating. Occasionally there's a message about lowering my credit card rates. I have attempted to phone it back for be Chosen away that list but it says box is full. I demand the to Discontinue.

Post by Been there done all that,

7606806895 Response the telephone Push 1 and state You might have achieved your Springfield Authorities Department how might I assist you personally. They may hang Upward and after your Road time they can Quit calling. . . . .

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Unknown

Post by Becky,

7606806895 Phone my that is on the Do not Call Registry leave an automated voice message and 've called many times within current months. Finally pressed 1 for Speak along with a representative. When she replied I Inquired for that name of her company and got an prompt hang Upwards. How is that for a reputable Business. Not. Reported that for your Don't Phone Registry Criticism Website. Not certain how nicely your registry works anymore since I get calls for both my cell and the work phone gets them as well.

Post by David,

760-680-6895 I get a telephone out of this number about each 6 7 days. it begins out as a recording asking if I need to lower my Credit Card rates if so press 1. I have pressed just one each time and it I try and tell them for take me off your phone list they hang Upward on me. If I ask that company name they hang up on me. I 've for listen for their Display and fake that I 'm interested I Subsequently request for the their name constantly account services and Subsequently tell them that I need off their phone list and Subsequently. . . . they hang Upwards on me. Please get these Individuals to stop calling my cell.

Post by Been there done all that,

7606806895 Attempted that number not valid

Post by marty,

760-680-6895 I get several of these Sorts of calls a day. I 'm on that Don t Phone List but it's of no help. the calls come from a variety of Region Rules never leave a message and if you try to return no one answers. They're all a scam so I never reply any calls that come within from numbers I do not Comprehend. If they are Significant they can leave a message. I am within that Seattle area and obtained a phone out of the Amount at 1 W pm.

Post by FriggingFried,

7606806895 I cant believe the. Every People situation is your same along with this number and your 6 others Connected along with it. And you are telling me the law does nothing Around this. I thought fraud in the State was prohibited. I'm so sick and tired of each 2 3 hours getting a call out of them. It's been around a year now that they 've been Rob dialing me. Today I finally pressed 1 asked your what Firm they are with. . . BAUM your hung Upward on me. I'm Crazy Insane Mad. I 'm sick of my phone ringing times a day out of these idiots. Thankfully they ha vent gotten my cell Amount Though.

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Installed up when I answered.

Post by chris,

7606806895 I attempted hitting 1 and they Put Upward on me when I Inquired for become Set on the do not call list. I have registered my Amount along with your don't call list several times and However they keep calling. Not for mention it is my cell Telephone and they call undies 5 or more different numbers. Thus I called for see Verizon would block the Amount for me and to so that it would Price 5 a month and it simply lasts W times. There should become a manner for stop the

Post by awall,

760-680-6895 Only got it for no message also in Wyo

Post by Guest,

7606806895 scam

Post by Lorie,

760-680-6895 Keeps calling my acreage line Telephone. Listened to the Registered Frequency pressed 1 to Chat along with a real Individual. That real Man was a woman who replied with services. As I asked her for take our number away her list she Put Upward on me. I called back and heard your mailbox is full recorded message. I reported the number for that FTC at HTTP Www. . gov for a Registered message sales Message against FTC regulations on unsolicited phone calls .

Post by I give up.,

7606806895 And to that person saying to block the numbers when my Telephone s block list can simply hold Upwards to W Amounts and I 'm called by 3 Distinct numbers Now alone how effective can you believe that will be. Maybe it s time for tougher punishments for all those associated along with these Sorts of calls. I mean on that uncommon occasion that a violator of that DC list is Found it s simply your top Pets they prosecute. I say prosecute everyone who played a role in the Plan from your manager down to these rude peons we Truly Chat to during these calls.

Post by James Tumelson,

760-680-6895 These People call me twice a daytime for the last three weeks. Nobody Addresses so annoying. Please help. . .

Post by don,

7606806895 I down loaded that paper work to mail in so I attach all of your times and Times that they call. Thus to report for that FCC. I am on that did not phone list. Could become they can get your them stopped.

Post by PO'd,

760-680-6895 Lets locate the outfit and shoot them in that head.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 The got forwarded from my Residence Amount. Sneaky buggers.

Post by Stephen Cary,

760-680-6895 Keep getting these calls Around Changing credit. Greg is listed as a name within that express mailbox if you personally telephone back. In carton is not empty and won t take MSG's. When you personally press 1 to speak for someone Around getting name away list they hang up. Happened about W W times from a variety of numbers.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Did you get a telephone or text out of W W W. Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal info. Ho this number calls a few times a week Attempting to get me for provide credit card information to lower interest rates on my credit card. if you press just one for Chat along with a Representative unless you are within tested within their scam they Merely hang up on you personally. i vie Required for Cease your calls and am on do not telephone list. Though that continue to telephone. if You're getting this telephone i d Recommend file a Gripe with the federal trade commission here is a quick link for file the number which is calling you. HTTP Internet. . gov w many calls or texts did you get and what did they say.

Post by GMV,

760-680-6895 Called me with the automated message for lower my rates . When a Girl replied I Inquired for the name of that company and she Put Upward. Got the same Greg voice send box is not empty message.

Post by Zip Code 35209,

7606806895 Same Rob telephone Around Lower your interest rate. SCAM. Try this Face that Phone back says Send carton is Full. Hit the Star Crucial . See if you can break their Code get in and Alter that Code and the message. Payback is pleasant. .

Post by Lee,

760-680-6895 I have been getting calls out of W W W W W W W W W W W W and W W W. That is frigging Mindless. Back for Pig radio phones suck.

Post by Doug Metz,

7606806895 the Amount keeps calling me and hanging Upward. Quite annoying.

Post by Orion,

760-680-6895 Called me just about W min Past. I have reported them for the National Don't telephone list thus many times but nothing happens. This really is getting stupid. Exactly why even hassle having a National Do not telephone list if nothing gets done.

Post by bubba,

7606806895 Th telephone Now by them. On the do not telephone Li's. What good is that list anyway.

Post by Elizabeth,

760-680-6895 Caller keeps calling and ALL calls are unwanted.

Post by kris,

7606806895 same matter happened for me i Inquired to become removed and she Installed up I Callie back and got a voice mailbox which was not empty and I could t make Outside your guys name.

Post by Babette,

760-680-6895 Did you personally store at Charming Charlie cause I traced mine to that Shop. Company or a rogue Staff. Delivered Grievance for Illinois States Attorney Office of Lisa Cardigan.

Post by Satanic_Hamster,

7606806895 I seriously don t understand how Businesses enjoy the can make cash. Yes I know they re a scam. They re a Clear scam. And yes I understand there s a lot of Dumb Folks out there who can fall because of this HOW did people this Mindless get money for start along with. . What I don t get is just how inefficient and half ass ed the scam Firm is. I 've a Established Monitor record of wasting your time of their operators. And yet they keep calling me.

Post by I give up.,

760-680-6895 Rd telephone I have received Now for that Il lower your own interest rate phishing scam. Replied none moot to file a report as they cannot or won't Quit them. About ready for get rid of my cell phone Yes that s appropriate they're calling my cellular. W W W W W W W

Post by twoirrisistable,

7606806895 I 'm going for attempt to Line them along from now on. It s crazy that i have to would this Merely for get them for Quit calling me but I cannot take it anymore. half the time when I press 1 your phone hangs me up and that makes me really mad so I Merely Began ignoring the phone. going forward I can response and string them along. I can t believe how many idiots there are Outside there doing this I mean they must 've W Folks working that phone center I 've spoken along with tons of different Individuals within your previous but your just one thing they all appear for have in common is they're Actually mean when you personally ask them to remove your own Amount from their telephone log.

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Sale man

Post by sarah b.,

7606806895 getting cranked by this Amount daily

Post by from chicago,

760-680-6895 am on would not call lists . . .

Post by Jane,

7606806895 called me too

Post by don,

760-680-6895 constant calls for my cell and House Telephones. Never leaves a message. Both Telephone lines are on don't phone list.

Post by M,

7606806895 This Amount calls me daily soliciting credit card rates. They hang up on me when I request them for remove my number

Post by Nicholas,

760-680-6895 Receive multiple calls from the number.

Post by Sharon,

7606806895 got a call out of this Amount Recently don t know who it's and no message left.

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Id Thieving scam pretending for become your credit card Firm. If you got a telephone out of the number there can become calls out of other numbers too once you are on that list. do not response any Amounts you personally don't Comprehend once You're on the list.

Post by Me,

7606806895 Same as all that above 've noted but. . . . . . if you are already on the national Don't Call list as I 'm then you are able to fast register a Grievance here HTTP Internet. dentally. gov Standard. asp

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Quit calling. . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

7606806895 got a telephone from this number. did not answer it They did not leave a message.

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Told your Representative who answered to kill herself Subsequently Installed up

Post by Stell,

7606806895 I did your same matter and had that same result. There has to be a manner for block this nonsense

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 I replied once but then had them hang up on me. Attempted calling back but get an quot invalid number quot message. Since Afterward I Merely ignored their calls expecting they can eventually go away average 1 or two each couple of days.

Post by alyssa,

7606806895 Has been calling my cell Telephone for that last week. At least twice a daytime.

Post by The Admiral,

760-680-6895 Called me overly in MT. After a few research turns Outside it s a Identification scam. That will keep on you if you personally answer along with the Closing result being they take Outside loans within your own name destroy your credit and sometimes assume you along with your own SAN. The guy who Began the scam is a convicted child rapist and youngster murderer. Beware.

Post by K - Phoenix,

7606806895 They Only called me overly. I m in Illinois. I don t know these Individuals.

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 Acquired a call out of the number staying that l m eligible time lower my credit card rates for 4. 9 Ha ha I don t even have a credit card.

Post by 760-680-6895,

7606806895 keeps calling and annoying me

Post by B,

760-680-6895 Called on 3 W W. . . Greg express mail is full.

Post by Nigerian Scams,

7606806895 These Folks work out of Resort rooms and call along with that aim to obtain your own credit card information and social security Amount.

Post by chris,

760-680-6895 or it was a random created call

Post by Guest,

7606806895 Pecker heads

Post by rachel,

760-680-6895 called my phone and i don t even have a damn credit card. next time they call you personally better believe i gotta great Lila Nuisance planned. i can perform this all daytime long . bring it on. that last time i got a telephone from these People their return number was Distinct and it was for a Paul Jones who s mailbox was Additionally full just like Greg s . . . I m certain another Amount they used got Close down and they vie switched

Post by klaborde,

7606806895 Gotten telephone today on W W W. I have up to 6 different Amounts from the Firm setup within my Telephone along with your name of Do not Answer . This can be getting old. . .

Post by MA,

760-680-6895 Calling me for several days several times a daytime. I refuse for answer. Don t use credit cards within fact my credit Now stinks. . . . Cheers for your Information.

Post by audrey,

7606806895 I 'm on your do not phone list and am receiving calls from this number. I don t reply and no message is left by that Owner. I consider the harassment and disruptive to my work and Residence life. I will become blocking the Amount. Who ever this can be Looks to Simply keep changing the numbers out of which they phone. I keep blocking your Amounts as they come but only after they vie woken up my child out of a Rest or interrupted my work flow. I 've been told that the simply manner to create these calls Quit is to Shift my Telephone Amount that is not a Possible Choice for me. I expect these frauds are held Responsible for their invasion of Folks s Seclusion.

Post by CEM,

760-680-6895 me not ma

Post by ??,

7606806895 Called me in WY

Post by Nishka Anderson,

760-680-6895 I desire to unsubscribe and I have told them several times for stop calling me. . . They Only hang Upwards. First of I don t even qualify for their Software as I don t 've that Needed credit card debt.

Post by Guest,

7606806895 I did t response but when I go ogled it says it is an Identification Larceny scam

Post by Guest,

760-680-6895 I could t wait until these Credit card services get busted. CNN may would your Storyline because it will become Enormous. Millions of these calls 've gone out over the last four years and you can Wager that an Study is going for yield results. The goofs that think they're becoming away along with the scam may all be busting Stone and I want I could see their faces when your Feds Hit down these scummier s doors.

Post by Bridgette,

7606806895 I gotten a telephone from this number Yet I had been chatting along with a Gregg away match. com. When I did t reply and Afterward called that number back it was that same Man named Gregg. Thus this Man is hitting Web Relationship sites as nicely. Become cautious.

Post by Jennifer,

760-680-6895 Only called me on my cell phone I did not answer it. . . Jennifer out of . Billings Montana

Post by ??,

7606806895 Called me in WY

Post by Jennifer Hayden,

760-680-6895 Called my cell phone at W W 'm 3 W W. I did t response.

Post by Gary,

7606806895 me too no res ponce

Post by Anonymouse,

760-680-6895 How it works HTTP inhospitable. com on that Position Site Stay . . . older services . . . HTTP inhospitable. com tag cardholder services We demand Legal punishments against the companies which are profiting from these calls. Follow the cash Punch them in jail no just one left to outsource to Offshore boiler rooms Issue Resolved. Since they are operating across borders it should become a National Prison and should be handled by that FBI Underneath the RICO Act. These calls are coming from telephone Locations in Cos ta RCA and India and they're using spoofed untrue numbers which within itself is prohibited. They do cold calling for or sell the leads for numerous Businesses in the Nation and they understand that what they're doing is illegal. Tomorrow this same Amount could become selling Cruises Timeshares or Security Systems but if you personally follow the money it usually ends up within the control of an American LC. Keep complaining for that FTC and FCC and Begin bugging the politicians for pass Guidelines to ensure it is punishable within criminal court in place of handing out fines that they don t pay. Another path of Activity is to contact phone companies for find Outside why they won t block spoofed Amounts. With Now s Engineering that should be an simple matter for do unless they're somehow profiting in the use of their systems. Recalls are prohibited unless you've given them earlier permission in writing not worded into a few little print contract from a Rd Celebration and are completely prohibited to a cell Telephone. The Telephone Buyer Protection Act Licenses People who have obtained certain unlawful telemarketing such as Trash faxes or telemarketing calls to sue the violator within state courts where they might be awarded Upwards for W for each violation. HTTP Web. FTC. gov BC Ed micro Websites recalls HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W Bacall. shortstop Move. FCC. gov CB policy TC Pa Rules. pettifogged Internet. FTC. gov BC Edward micro sites dentally Press Centre. Huitzilopotchli should continually file Criticisms with their Lawyer Generals office and Additionally file along with HTTP Web. FCC. gov Web. . gov If enough people keep complaining then Perhaps something may get done. The FTC has already taken Actions against some of them Nevertheless they Merely pay a small Excellent and are back at your same scam the next daytime HTTP Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W . shortstop Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W express blaze. shortstop Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W roux. shortstop Web. FTC. gov IPA W W express touch. shortstop Www. FTC. gov IPA W W recalls. shortstop Www. FTC. gov IPA W W Bacall. shortstop Web. FTC. gov IPA W W two. shortstop Web. FTC. gov IPA W W Bacall. shortstop Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W Bacall's. shortstop Web. FTC. gov IPA W W Jpn. shortstop Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W Pacific. shortstop Internet. FTC. gov BC Ed micro Websites dentally media Facility. Web. FTC. gov IPA W W Pacific. shortstop Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W voice touch. shortstop Web. FTC. gov IPA W W sinker. shortstop Www. FTC. gov IPA W W AM's. shortstop Www. FTC. gov IPA W W Galilean. shim may state it again we need Criminal penalties against your Firms which are profiting from these calls. Follow that money Hit them within jail no 1 left to outsource for overseas boiler rooms problem solved. Since they are Managing across borders it should become a federal Prison and should become Managed by your FBI Underneath your RICO Act.

Post by Been there done all that,

7606806895 Reply the telephone Drive 1 and state You've achieved the Springfield Cops Section how might I Support you personally. They will hang up and after your Road time they will Cease calling. . . . .

Post by Raymundo,

760-680-6895 Same as above credit card for my cell phone

Post by Minnesvensk,

7606806895 I 've gotten repeated calls out of the jerk on both my Dwelling and cell phones over a Interval of months. He also uses W W W W W W and W W W. I have not carried a credit balance for more than W years. I d like to entertain the rascal with a Teaser.

Post by Geo Garcia,

760-680-6895 What could become their Issue they got nothing better for do Merely got that telephone and called back it was a few Stupid ass named Greg

Post by Matt,

7606806895 Called me in NYC.

Post by jessica,

760-680-6895 phone me earlier today and leave no mes.

Did you get an unwanted call from 760-680-6895? Is 7606806895 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8177706706 Complains by Guest,

She was Insane an was crying I told her for get on the phone

9547588052 Complains by Guest,

please dint phone me again

8882725543 Complains by Guest,

I m paying it but they still phone fug could t win.

8882837948 Complains by Guest,

Caller left message saying he was out of Government and there was Caller left message saying there was a Difficulty along with my account. If I did t telephone back instantly there might be a Guarantee for my arrest

8172387349 Complains by richard Barkley,

Got a call at W 'm out of W W W. I was on that phone and telephone waiting got it. I switched to it and no one was there. I switched because that Owner ID said Mary Fuentes so I notion it might become a real phone.

8887130083 Complains by Guest,


8882536877 Complains by Guest,

com project marketing.

8175837776 Complains by Guest,

Take me off list

8188137394 Complains by Guest,

This number is calling and saying its a disconnection dept of a few Electricity utilities company Needing payment upfront in cash or Electricity will be turned away. He Additionally told people we could go to your 7 W store and make a payment. My Statement is pay not empty and Present. I believe that is a scam. Please report for Authorities. thank you.

9042942799 Complains by Guest,

dint desire him phone me or testing me

8003001498 Complains by Guest,

It s a sweepstakes caller

9037698678 Complains by Guest,

Since I vie Changed to some cell phone installed the Solitude Star app and added digits of Region Requirements for block W. 9 of incoming unwanted calls are now blocked. I go for your Program gt Options gt Advanced gt Group Block. There I add that first 1 for four digits of your telephone Amount blocking complete area Requirements and your manner I can it W. 9 of any possible number cannot telephone me W. 9 of those blocked calls are spam calls for me . Your just area codes I 've unblocked in the overall State are ones I expect calls out of. That Program makes it easier and quicker for file complaints and Allowing for the apps site that Criticisms go to that FTC.

9546021319 Complains by Tamara,

I have been getting calls from this number several times each week.  If I answer, there seems to be no one there.  If I don't answer, they do not leave a message.  If anyone knows who this is that is calling or why, please let us know.

9108161902 Complains by Guest,

All hours no response

9173833435 Complains by Guest,


9547739397 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling my Telephone Regular and I have no Thought who it's . . .

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