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Telephone information: Pacific Bell. Baker, CA. San Bernardino. United states
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Post by Guest,

7607339829 A recording was left for contact a Amount seeing an existing case Amount but an Person at that number States for be from the Irs. Assuming that Man is on that Hunt.

Post by Michelle Kern,

760-733-9829 This Amount keeps calling my mother in a different state saying they're trying for find me to file suit against me for taxes. I understand it s a scam but they keep contacting my Mom and it s seriously beyond harassment at the point. I don t understand how this can be legal and I desire for know how you can create them stop. These are Businesses Folks that should be arrested. . . .

Post by Michael in Winnipeg,

7607339829 Merely had the same phone I started by asking your agents id and phone back number. That number he gave me was not listed as a Microsoft . When challenged he said who said I work for Microsoft I m out of Windows specialized assist. I laughed and said you know Microsoft owns that rights too Windows appropriate. . . I then said goodbye. Frightful matter is though I m confident they have got many along with the.

Post by lou,

760-733-9829 We got a phone telling my son which our computer was within Hazard to be infected due to downloads and Needed my son for would what he was Around for instruct on your computer I got on the phone and Inquired for his telephone number to phone him back and he Put up on me Beware of these calls.

Post by p,

7607339829 becoming messages Seeking to return scammed money Thur western union. First time they called they identified themselves as FBI agents warning me Around a scam. Talked for your RCMP and they Approved that any interaction would go through them. These calls Develop within INDIA

Post by DJ,

760-733-9829 Called at 5 W am. Get a life.

Post by Bernard in Monntreal,

7607339829 Only gotten a phone out of the Amount W W W . It s your Windows scampers likely Running from Someplace in India. I vie gotten many calls out of them around the last couple of years. I said I m really active and can I telephone them back. That guy says take your pleasant time . I Put Upwards. I Ed to look for that Amount and called but the Registered message says that Amount is disconnected or not Working. Attention to any Strike men within the Sites where these telephone Locations Manage Your own services in Tracking DOWN your who run these scams would be Very appreciated. If you could Merely body out a manner of getting paid by all us folks who hate receiving these calls and for all people who got sucked in. The slim that run these Businesses and farm Outside calling lists for North America demand to become located Dead along with a Topic in their heads. As for that collaborating saps in that call Facilities A few demand to become beaten Upwards gravely enough that word gets Outside and that it becomes harder to locate Individuals not unwilling to create all these useless calls. As for Windows Why arena t they making bigger efforts to shut down all the crap that brings such a poor reputation for them. .

Post by Brian,

760-733-9829 Never ever ever ever ever provide someone accessibility for your computer which you don t know or haven't called yourself. You're Blessed the time. Next time . . . .

Post by Angelica,

7607339829 I am in Switzerland and I Only got a telephone from the number at PM

Post by Samara S,

760-733-9829 an identical telephone to 1 i acquired earlier Now from W W W stating i 'm being sued by the Government and that i demand for call W W W for resolution the Problem.

Post by LNAM,

7607339829 Calls says Hi and hangs up.

Post by alison Larsson,

760-733-9829 recorded message claimed to be your Government and that I Wanted for contact a Legal Attorney for unpaid Fees and that all my bank accounts have been frozen. could not Underneath stand your that they Desired me to phone.

Post by 760-733-9829,

7607339829 I Merely got a call out of this telling me my computer was infected. Did t Discuss long.

Post by me,

760-733-9829 I replied and talk me Around my business. Tell him send me a e mail. Telephone from a travel Business he said.

Post by JBS England,

7607339829 I Simply got a phone purporting for be kind your Vigor Section They Inquired fir me by name. Unusual matter is i have Only Moved vigor Companies using U Change thus I wonder if somehow they 've got my name and Amount from this I am Additionally reporting it for that regulators as the Looks too co Accidental.

Post by ballswan,

760-733-9829 a typical scam from the Technology support Centre of that world. They Actually demand your money. many North American Firms pulled their Technology support back Residence Ending within many losing their jobs and wild Events during your quiet time. Sally Strut hers may shortly have a commercial to get a few money for them. Of path W of Contributions may go to management of the charity but its the idea that counts. Your idea that hey you ll get a Fine tax write away and that management of the charity could add new Add-ons to their mansions.

Post by DW,

7607339829 That same Merely happened to me and the guy could barely speak English and his voice kept fading within and Outside. I had to keep asking him for Duplicate himself and then he said he was along with Microsoft Yoda Yoda and had that nerve for tell me I was waiting HIS time when I was losing patience. Mind you personally all the was after he had Inquired for that owner of the Telephone line that is my Mommy s and I had to notify he she Approved away last week. And he STILL tried for continue that scam. Cold hear ted .

Post by india,

760-733-9829 a guy kept calling me out of this Amount. . . after saying hello hello . . he kept asking me who i was. . . . i asked him to redial after checking the Amount. . . the Individual kept calling me again and again till i switched off my cell Telephone.

Post by jb,

7607339829 Left message saying they're out of Irs and that a litigation is being filed against me. Phone appropriate away for W W W. The Government never calls Folks so beware. That Government Associates Folks by send simply. . . . Major SCAM. . . .

Post by Annoyed,

760-733-9829 Merely a call from this did t fuss replying and I 'm so glad I did t after reading all these comments. I am in Ontario. I 'm seriously considering becoming rid of my Residence phone the only people that appear to call are telemarketers or scampers.

Post by Ruth,

7607339829 I got a call out of this and they were calling to tell me I was Accepted for a payday loan but first I had to pay a loan processing Price and then they would deposit the cash to my account I Viewed Upwards that name and there was no info Accessible thus I Assessed out that and Arrived across all this data so I m positively certain these are scam artists . I would trust someway somehow they would get these people and Quit them

Post by Mike,

760-733-9829 Informing me of a suit being Submitted against me by your Irs Scam.

Post by BDD,

7607339829 I gotten a phone from this number a few min. ago. He said he worked for Microsoft and that he had Found a problem with my computer and it would become shut down if I did not can as he asked. I told him I was not interested and for take my Amount off his list. He Began yelling at me that my computer was infected. Thus I just hung Upward on him and looked Upward his Amount and here I 'm. . .

Post by DW,

760-733-9829 Your same Only happened for me and the Man could just speak English and his express kept fading in and Outside. I had to keep asking him to repeat himself and Afterward he said he was with Microsoft Yoda Yoda and had your nerve for tell me I was waiting HIS time when I was losing patience. Head you personally all this was after he had Inquired for your owner of your Telephone line that is my Mom s and I had to notify he she passed away last week. And he STILL attempted for continue your scam. Cold Notice ted .

Post by KAREN,

7607339829 No way they could become Ceased. They're difficult Primary scummier extortionists located within India and Pakistan. A call Blocker might become of many help. Additionally don t Choose Upwards on Amounts you personally do not Understand.

Post by Jeff.,

760-733-9829 I m within Sweden and the number Only called me.

Post by Guest,

7607339829 I got a phone. I did not answer it. I did not Comprehend the number. I wrote the Amount down to research it and here I am.

Post by unwillingtoshowmyrealname,

760-733-9829 Jeffrey called Today but by his Feature he wan t a Jeffrey . Inquired for me by my preceding name told him I was Separated W years ago and thus if he had my previous name then he had a very old phone list. My Amount is now unlisted overly. I m on Canada s Do not Phone list but that did t seem to subject to him. Told me he was out of Microsoft after Substantially prodding and I told him for take me away his phone list and don t call me again. Installed Upwards on him. He Subsequently called me from a private name private number and asked why I was thus angry along with him exactly why I was yelling at him. Told him it s my Child s birthday dinner time he s calling me unsolicited and calling me by my ex husbands name and that s why I m pissed. Had an extremely LOUD talk along with him telling him to NEVER telephone me again he s totally disrespecting me and being a Absolute . So I Put up on him again. HE CALLED ME BACK. I answered saying JEFFREY I Imagine. Don t telephone me again and what does he state. . . I need for F K you I said pardon me and he said it quite slowly and certainly I. Want. To. F K. You personally. I hung Upwards. He called again let it ring once and did t telephone again. I called your Amount back instantly and it s been disconnected. Something has for be done Around the. How do I get the police included.

Post by evborr,

7607339829 don t phone them back. . . waste of time. . . . they called me also and left a message regarding Irs

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 Automated message telling me the was my last detect and the Government was filing a suit against me and for telephone back with a case that you could t even hear all of. Dialed the back within a few minutes and it is no longer within service. SCAM. . The Government does everything in writing.

Post by Susan,

7607339829 These people that get these numbers are brutal. . . makes me need to End my current Telephone service.

Post by JM,

760-733-9829 I was in a poor mood when they called and fresh it was a scam so decided I was Insane enough do dish it out. I kept them on the phone stalling asking Stupid questions. Told them I did not have your Web but if they would wait I would go Outside and Purchase many. I Inquired if it came within a could or a carton. Then said I would call them back but because I liked your Man 1 the Telephone I would just deal along with him so I asked for his Dwelling Amount. I want he would 've given it. Strung them on for a bit longer and was surprised when I Put Upwards that I had kept them on the phone for around 1 2 hour. It certain felt great for screw these guys around and my bad mood was gone.

Post by Guest,

7607339829 Another Government scam claiming a lawsuit was being Registered against me.

Post by D,

760-733-9829 I Only got a telephone. Said your same matter to me. Told him Yep whatever you re a scam. Pretty certain my Net provider would contact me not many scummier. and told him not to telephone again.

Post by evborr,

7607339829 don t telephone them back. . . waste of time. . . . they called me also and left a message viewing Government

Post by B,

760-733-9829 I am within Europe after I said my name twice she just hung up

Post by Joey,

7607339829 Simply got a call from this number this morning from a guy asserting to become from Microsoft as well. I let him Chat for an excellent 5 minutes Around your dangers of Malawi and my computer is infected along with a Trojan horse. Afterward he Inquired if I was close my Computer and Subsequently I told him I Truly don t own a Pc then he proceeded for affirm at me saying I was wasting time. It was amusing.

Post by Jeff.,

760-733-9829 I m within Sweden and this number Only called me.

Post by dh,

7607339829 Gotten a call out of this number they left a message stating they were in the I. R. S. and that they had been Striving for contact me and that they were suing me.

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 I replied that phone and a Female on the line mentioned you are being audited by your Government and telephone back and gave an extension. I did t get your extension because I know that the Irs dozen t call they sen a letter.

Post by Joan,

7607339829 I acquired a telephone out of a man with a heavy Indian accent telling me that I had a problem with my Trash send and security and he was calling on Account of Microsoft. I told him I could t Discuss to him appropriate now so he said he would phone back around seven o clock the Night. He may maintain for a surprise.

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 I gotten a voice mail from W W W stating the following quot Hi we have been Attempting for reach you personally. The automated message should become considered as a Closing detect out of Government Internal Revenue Service. The reason of this telephone is to advise you personally that Irs is filing a lawsuit against you to get more info Around this case file.

Post by Seadog,

7607339829 Needs to dis infect my computer. Told Leon I was interested and kept stringing him along for at least W Min's. before he finally gave up. Perhaps if everyone screwed them around they would .

Post by CT,

760-733-9829 Received telephone from Baker within CA at 7 PM EST Jan W W. Did not response no message left checked here for info and read about that scam. Looks to me law Administration at some Amount Should for be Capable for wrap the Upward rather readily. Time for these Individuals to go for Prison or Underneath it.

Post by Sr. Pérez,

7607339829 Location Tulips Mexico and acquired a phone from the number. They're identified as Business Brand new York Life. and Underneath your pretext of Exceptional credit history they will offer a Monetary support data and request you your credit card. Di Evident untrue information. I look for a brand new manner to cheat.

Post by Shannon,

760-733-9829 Still calling out of the Amount saying there was computer problems I told him was not dealing with it around the Telephone and hung Upward he called me back out of a blocked Amount and Began harassing me. He asked for my Partner he was not available so Began talking for me.

Post by Guest,

7607339829 I answered your Telephone saying quot Hello quot . Afterward I waited and waited. finally a Registered female express said quot Great bye quot and Put Upwards.

Post by KAREN,

760-733-9829 No way they could become stopped. They are difficult Key scummier extortionists located in India and Pakistan. A phone Blocker May}n' become of a few help. Also don t Select Upward on numbers you don't recognize.

Post by sc,

7607339829 I obtained a telephone out of this number W W W on February 4 W at 1 PM. When I replied an automated system said bye and that telephone ended. I instantaneously attempted calling that number back and heard this message Were sorry the number you might have dialed was disconnected or is no More in service if you feel you might have reach this recording an error please Assess the Amount and attempt your call again. Now USN t that Peculiar out of somebody who Merely called you personally 5 seconds ago. Another Peculiar matter about this really is I was on that computer when I gotten this telephone.

Post by Not using real name,

760-733-9829 I Simply got a call from this same Individual along with a deep India Feature. He said he was out of Windows Support Team. I told him I hate scampers and 've a brother in law who is an OPP Ontario Provincial Authorities Investigator that is Authentic. He would t give a Business he was representing. He said he rocks in an office by himself. I told him I would phone Windows Support Team and he said it would take a lot of time for contact them. He even tried giving me my physical address for our house. He then proceeded for strive and get me to log within for your computer using that Cmdr Attributes. I played along until I knew W that it was a scam. I told him my Detective brother in law hates scampers and which he may be locating him. He replied In all his life he won t become able for find people. I felt very threatened that he thought he knew the home address.

Post by Guest,

7607339829 they called asserting out of Microsoft say my computer giving Problems

Post by They SUCK,

760-733-9829 Its the you personally won BS why would the scumbags call Individuals. Simply Level out SCAM Grab Off Time wasters.

Post by Frankie,

7607339829 I vie had a few of these calls from different numbers. They state they are calling out of Windows Around my computer. I tell them I don't have a computer so they must 've that wrong Amount. They can occasionally apologize and other times Merely hang up. Either way it's a Quickly and easy way to get them to stop calling. Before I told them this I had called them out saying it was a scam or I told them for Quit calling etc. This Simply incited them and Supported them for phone each couple of days. Recall this can be really a scam. What they desire to can for is to ask you personally to download a program onto your own computer. Once you personally can that they could still your Id get credit card Information etc as they will 've direct access to your own computer.

Post by David Smith,

760-733-9829 Vancouver. . . they left no message.

Post by Tracking You Down,

7607339829 Enjoy thus many others gotten a call from these crooks. . . except now they are telling you that they are that Irs and Processing liens against you personally and for phone them at W W W. Obviously your Government dozen t call you on a Saturday and leave pare recorded messages thus this really is an Evident scam. Except now by maintaining they're the Government they could be in for some additional Popular water. If EVERYONE files a Official written Gripe against these crooks they would be Discontinued. Don t just kind some words up here and can nothing. Telephone as many local and state officials and make as many tides as you can for get these crooks away the phones.

Post by Bob from Ohio,

760-733-9829 They called me and your recording said that they were your Government and were going to sue me. Thus I must phone W W W.

Post by Cait,

7607339829 Got a call while I was out they left a MSG. Said meow meow and Put Upward Definitely a scam. . No doubt Around it. Get a Actual job

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 Quite DISRESPECTFUL. Called me calling me a liar and a fraud and criminal. Saying I owed them cash and I was someone they were looking for. Pissed me off. HARASSMENT.

Post by Joni,

7607339829 Telephone came at W W 'm and woke me Upward . . . Simply Sound on that line. In the morning I dialed the Amount and I got a message saying that line was out of service or had been disconnected . .

Post by Indiana,

760-733-9829 Get a express send message That reason of the telephone is to inform you personally that Irs is Processing a lawsuit against you to get more data Around this case file. Please telephone instantaneously on W W W. I repeat W W W. Thank you personally. I call back for hear name hear voice and Perhaps strike a whistle in their own ear. I hear the message You've attained a Amount that is no More is service

Post by I C THRUIT,

7607339829 Screened with my caller ID. Originates in south amp east California. Don't reply amp do not present accessibility to your computer. Really likely phishing for private info Accounts etc. for Larceny or Identification Larceny.

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 ID who it is

Post by Guest,

7607339829 On Do not Call list but that does not Prevent them.

Post by alan,

760-733-9829 Called from this number. Said they were the I. R. S. . . . and Desired me for call into another number. Record only. Installed up. . . did not telephone other number

Post by Baffled,

7607339829 I Only gotten a call out of this number W W W. It was a computer created message stating this is an Significant message. This is the Government Interior Income Service and they were starting a suit against me. I needed to call the Amount given with the extension immediately.

Post by Sue maddox,

760-733-9829 Just acquired a call out of the number very substantial Central Japanese Highlight stating it was Windows and they 've Information that the computer is at Danger of being infected. I said It is being handle rd I did download a virus amp having it cleaned by professional She raised her voice saying Why u keep saying virus Mum mam it is not a virus amp we can fix with 3 simple measures. I said raising my voice Exactly why don t u comprehend that computer isn't here. She Put up.

Post by Guest,

7607339829 Telephone rang. Decided it Upward. No one there. Installed up and did a W to Bell Canada. I wonder how Substantially Bell Canada collects from Individuals like myself who need to locate out who is calling. . Perhaps W W W is becoming a rake away.

Post by Phyllis in Ottawa Canada,

760-733-9829 I obtained a telephone from the Amount about W minutes ago saying that there were Issues with my computer. I Inquired for Chat to some Manager who told me their Amount was W W W but telephone show revealed W W W. I am on Canada s national do not call list thus I 've reported this Case to them Additionally. I believe they called me about 2 weeks ago as well same sort of pitch but at that time I Simply Put up on them.

Post by Sue,

7607339829 Says it s from your Government and is filing a law match against us. Then asks us for call Department number at W. W. W.

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 I gotten a Voice send out of W W W stating the following quot Hello we've been Attempting to reach you personally. This automated message should become considered as a Closing see out of Government Interior Income Service. The reason of the telephone is to notify you that Irs is Processing a lawsuit against you personally for get more data Around this case file. Please phone immediately on W W W. I Duplicate W W W. Thank you personally. quot This really is A SCAM WARN THOSE You personally Understand Which are Vulnerable For SUCH EVIL DEEDS.

Post by The blocker,

7607339829 Called. Did not leave a message. Amount blocked. That next time they call they will hear a click and that telephone can automatically disconnect on their Finish. They can continue for phone it can continue for disconnect and my Telephone won't ring.

Post by Chris,

760-733-9829 Received a phone out of W W W between PM PM CST tonight at my Guardian s house. It was an Indian Girl who was Seemingly reading from a Software as she kept rambling on without Choosing a Air going on about that computer viruses etc etc. Matter is my parent s had obtained a telephone a few hours earlier out of another Indian Girl who called out of W W W about your same matter. The first telephone my mother replied and because she could barely comprehend your woman she said no thank you and hung Upward. When I asked my mom who had called she told me and I got a bit upset because I really really really Desired for with this person Soho bad. . . . . so as Fortune would have it we got another call this Night. So here s a stump er. . . when she finally Discontinued talking I said I don t 've a computer . . . a few seconds of Stop and then she asked if I had a Notebook err. . . laptop and computer are pretty Considerably one within the same . . . for which I replied Nicely a Notebook is a computer. . . . the was followed by her rambling on and me telling her for hush and Afterward finally Close up so I could get a word in edgewise. I believe it sounded enjoy she told me to shut Upward and she Installed up. Shh. . . . the Actually made my day.

Post by Guest,

7607339829 They re at it again within July W. It was the previous computer needs fixing scam. That guy s accent was so thick I could barely comprehend him. I told him I did t understand him. He Installed Upward. Wish we could prevent calls enjoy these.

Post by F.I. Wright,

760-733-9829 We 're within Canada and acquired a phone out of the number. We did not reply and they did not leave a message.

Post by RDW,

7607339829 Got seven calls Now from this Amount and 6 others all saying I had window Difficulties. A word of advise. . . . . Attempt to keep no Significant info in your computer like Bank info SS Amounts tax forms etc etc. If you personally would demand to keep Information on your computer I would Recommend using Cervix LE and Shop the info for the reason that its free and does offer many protection I Additionally use SD recollection cards for my important storage of tax forms and important Forms it can be unplug ed from your computer and Saved in a safe Put. Most people know this but a couple here Looks to have had a close phone its almost at a point you are able to t trust your Buddies leave alone your own enemies. Become really cautious what you download you personally may get more Applications than you personally expect and not understand it till it's to late. Just Striving to help and warn Folks a computer could become an open novel online.

Post by Brian,

760-733-9829 Never ever ever ever ever give someone accessibility to your computer which you don t know or haven't called yourself. You are Fortunate the time. Next time . . . .

Post by Keiko,

7607339829 Got a phone out of W W W. A message in text for Presentation software told me that the Government is filing a litigation against me and that this Phone message was that Closing see. It instructed me to call W W W which USN t a Right W Number Amount anyway.

Post by John,

760-733-9829 Contacted me on Saturday informing me they were Uk Pensions and they were Changing all of their records I terminated that phone and they had a cheek for phone back using a withheld Amount thus I terminated the call again after being informed that they would phone at PM this day which they did t. When I attempted for phone the number it was unobtainable and when I Assessed it Outside it does not Leave in any respect.

Post by The_Illumin8r,

7607339829 I m Competent to block this number on my cell phone which they vie called 4 times in the last week but I m not Capable to block them on my acreage line on that DC List. which they repeatedly telephone and hang Upwards after my replying machine picks up. We monitor and don t pick up calls out of unknown . These clowns are surely persistent.

Post by TJ,

760-733-9829 Received telephone from the and the person difficult for hear but sounded like from a telephone center started laughing and speaking a foreign language Spanish maybe within the phone Rapidly Afterward hung up

Post by Mimi,

7607339829 I got a call out of this number telling me that the Government was Processing a lawsuit against me and to telephone W W W.

Post by JBS England,

760-733-9829 I Merely got a call purporting to become type your Energy Department They Inquired fir me by name. Odd matter is i have Merely switched energy Companies using U Change so I wonder if somehow they 've got my name and number from the I am also reporting it for your regulators as this seems overly co Minor.

Post by GC,

7607339829 HERE IS The best way to Stop THEM. I m in California. I Location this number on Owner ID Occasionally when they telephone my cell Telephone. I installed an Android Program called Mr. Amount to block their calls. Your app works quite nicely. It's available on Google Play Shop. When these annoying people Test to phone me your Mr. Amount Program intercepts that telephone and hangs Upwards on them. They never get through to annoy me. POOF. That problem Simply goes away. If they attempt to use an UNKNOWN Owner Status Mr. Amount can also intercept your phone and block your Owner. I have Absolute control over your inbound traffic for my phone and I could screen out any caller that I wish to block. It works great if you might have problems along with bill Lovers or collection Companies. I don t. My Difficulty occurred along with Amount W W W which I blocked. I consider that W W W is Only another morph of the Amount which I also blocked.

Post by DW,

760-733-9829 That same Only happened for me and that Man could barely speak English and his express kept fading in and Outside. I had for keep asking him for repeat himself and Subsequently he said he was along with Microsoft Yoda Yoda and had that nerve for tell me I was waiting HIS time when I was losing patience. Thoughts you personally all the was after he had asked for the owner of that phone line that is my Mum s and I had to inform he she passed away last week. And he STILL tried for continue the scam. Cold Notice ted .

Post by catherine holmes,

7607339829 I am at work and missed your call it Arrived Upward as an American Amount but I'm out of England and i dint no any within America. . I've Merely go ogled Amount and located this page. . Does any no if this really is going for change my iPhone. . Cheers Catherine and i wont b replying

Post by JC,

760-733-9829 Got a phone from this Amount and a foreign woman told me she was with that Us Department of treasury and there is legal Activity against me. To look for out about the nature of the Activity I Desired for telephone her Manager at a number she was going for offer me. I asked her if she was along with Google. She did t response so I informed her I was expecting she was with Google because I demand my balls go ogled appropriate away. She Put Upward.

Post by sickofit,

7607339829 Well local Cops state it is Wonderful for use an air horn which you can buy from a dollar Shop and blow it into the receiver. Perfectly legal. Enjoyment overly.

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 calling amp calling

Post by Sheila,

7607339829 Just calls and I don't reply because I do not know that number. They don't leave message.

Post by anonymous 72,

760-733-9829 Simply got a phone out of the Amount. He knew my name address and Telephone number. Told me he was from a Microsoft Technology and my computer had sent them a message. Something about my cs Top whatever that's coming from my Windows computer. I told him I don't have any Windows computers and he appeared surprised and ended that phone. I kept asking him where he got your Information and he kept repeating that it was from my computer. As for my Id info he probably got it out of Telephone listings.

Post by AVD,

7607339829 this called said Irs is suing me. . .

Post by 17607058888,

760-733-9829 They called my number 9 times within a Line I called back no connection

Post by LUANNE,

7607339829 Only GOT SAME Call. Government SUING ME.

Post by mari,

760-733-9829 said they were IRS

Post by Guest,

7607339829 Automated message telling me the was my last find that the Government was Processing a lawsuit against me and for call W W W for more information.

Post by bruno,

760-733-9829 keeps calling and don t answer

Post by Guest,

7607339829 i Only got scammed by these things that call them self's People more scum than human iv never had a loan so got offed 1 gave them first month Upward front and never got any thing in re tern

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 keep calling for credit Dilemma I dint have any. .

Post by Rochelle Weinstein,

7607339829 Don't have any idea who called out of this

Post by Andy,

760-733-9829 Given your international Setting of that Remarks here and your nature of the calls I did t response I believe the call is associated along with Alter. org. Whether Change. org has sold your own private info to your Road Bash or that info has been Taken it is most likely for become Correlated with Change. org. It is much less likely for become Connected along with HS People. org or Your Rescue. org two other charitable organizations. It is definitely Linked along with the resale or Larceny of private info from by a valid business or charity. Alter. org is questionable however as a valid charity they are more of a leach organization than a charity. Web Sources containing your own Telephone Amount 've been stolen. Or your private data has been sold. Since a Swede was victimized and I understand your resale of his private data is not Allowed by Swedish law it is a crime. This can be organized offense. I may Purchase a call blocking Telephone and Likely Shift my Amount. I may Subsequently refuse to give Outside my phone Amount for any Firm on that Web. Listen Net and phone Firms you demand for Begin privatizing customer and member information and you definitely need to Discontinue Marketing that data for criminal organizations.

Post by LUANNE,

7607339829 Simply GOT SAME Call. Government SUING ME.

Post by Bobby,

760-733-9829 I overly obtained a call guy with the Highlight telling me he was out of Microsoft Technology support. When I questioned him how he got my name and telephone number my Amount is unlisted he said he got it from my IPA address. He wanted for accessibility my computer and when I Inquired him how I knew he was valid he Installed Upwards your Telephone. A neighbour gotten that same telephone but being fresh to computers he idea it was legitimate and provided his Charge Amount thus they could access his computer and repair that damage. My neighbour was Outside W.

Post by Nancy,

7607339829 I received a call out of W W W this morning around W W am. Your caller Inquired if I was a Residence owner and I said NO. He has a significant Indian accent. He Afterward proceeded to describe that if we'd over W W in debt. . . . . I Installed Upward at this point. W is a California area code. The Telephone Bands 1 minute After and phone show says it s W W W. I answer your Telephone. It was your Man I just Installed Upwards on. W is a New York Region code. He asked exactly why I Installed up on him. I asked exactly why he is using different Telephone numbers even along with Distinct Region Requirements. I Installed Upwards again after I told him that I was going for report him.

Post by Evborr,

760-733-9829 Got a call from this number saying it was my final notice from your Irs that they're Processing legal Activity against me. . . . . . . . gave a Amount for telephone back W W W. . . I am not going to waste my time calling back. . . . . . .

Post by Noel, Alliston ON,

7607339829 There surely is now manner for Discontinue these Men. I even attempted swearing at them and threatening legal action Don't telephone list dozen t work so now I answer your phone but say nothing. They eventually hang up but the Works Upward their LED Invoice a bit. If everyone did the I believe they may slow down. Additionally I turn that ringer Off on my Room Telephone.

Post by Guest,

760-733-9829 Automated message maintaining the Government had filed a suit against me and I was for telephone W W W for get more information. SCAM

Post by Guest,

7607339829 the Man Desired to understand if we have a furnace within our house and how old it was I said 3 years then he Inquired about the atmosphere conditioning I told him that same and he said Ok mam thank you for your information have a terrific daytime not a rude person but I know it was many form of scam I wish there was a few way of getting rid of these calls at my house

Post by sickofit,

760-733-9829 Well local police say it's fine to use an atmosphere horn which you are able to Purchase out of a Money Shop and strike it into the receiver. Perfectly legal. Enjoyment too.

Post by J>T>,

7607339829 got a phone from this saying your computer i am on could become at Decay. . . told the Representative i was on a phone at that moment. . . they did not know what for state and Installed Upwards . . . dummies

Post by Jeff.,

760-733-9829 I m within Sweden and this number just called me.

Post by N/A,

7607339829 I Simply had the same call in Canada. Answered the telephone female voice stated hello and that Link looked terrible as I replied a few times and then the telephone was Put up. This is no doubt many type of Scam I felt that manner even before I Go ogled that number. Thank you personally for everybody that commented.

Post by no thanks,

760-733-9829 Yup they re now active in Canada as nicely. Tried for get me for Mount a keystroke logger or something on my machine. Of course I did not but I did my obligatory answers for keep Kevin on the line long enough to prevent scamming someone else. Kevin did t like that greatly and Afterward called me back out of W W W to phone me a

Post by sickofit,

7607339829 Garbled voice likely Criminal says a Specialist can help me along with that Issues on my computer. Strung your id git along for a little while and Afterward said I don t 've a computer. They Put up. Joyful for 've wasted their time. Called that Amount back instantaneously and Huge surprise your Amount you might have dialed isn't in service no kidding whomever they're they are not at that number they're rerouting it.

Did you get an unwanted call from 760-733-9829? Is 7607339829 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

8702006481 Complains by Ruby CHITMAN,

Keep calling reapeatley , but does not leave a message!! Very annoying.

4122674040 Complains by Guest,

car hop

8002751508 Complains by Guest,

my Girl called me to tell me all about her Time. It s a Individual s room.

8704638589 Complains by Guest,

They telephone to your Amount every week. I answered that last just one Now but they Installed Upward as I answered. I attempted to telephone your number back but an automated record says my call cannot go through. I suspect that they're spoofing their real number or maybe 've it Designed so you could t call back. ANNOYING.

8585687619 Complains by Guest,

Identified Psychopath W W W Spoke. com quot IS quot supporting

4142331331 Complains by Guest,

Seemed enjoy you lost me Mum .

8762883188 Complains by Guest,

Is a hacker. . .

9174993812 Complains by Guest,

keeps calling won t leave message. I 'm feed up

5302128571 Complains by Guest,

Recorded telephone out of quot Patricia out of card services quot

6477626645 Complains by Guest,


8003572991 Complains by spike,

Ditto. . . .

2153920982 Complains by Guest,

Comes Upward Out of Area on caller ID. Did not leave message.

5174841427 Complains by Guest,

Annoying PPS. No message could t telephone back to pester them.

8003334567 Complains by Grey,

Guy said his name was Adam from Windows Specialized Department from IT Services. They called me twice after I Installed Upward that first time. That Amount on my Owner ID was W W W. I told him I wanted a Amount to call him back after I Tested this was a legit phone call. He Offered me 1 W W W. Don t answer for this number. moved from HTTP notes. com forum ta abated . . . st Amounts here

2154514206 Complains by Guest,

Keep calling me

3479055749 Complains by Guest,

Call and never leave message

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