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2017-06-15 19:02:17
Number above Won't stop calling yester 5 times and 3 xs in a row since 9am this morning as called 5xs already
2017-06-07 18:43:56
The number 762-208-3241 is National Credit Adjusters calling from Columbus, GA using fixed VoIP to make their calls.
2017-05-09 21:20:12
This is Diversified consultants. Only information I could get from them.
2017-04-28 19:02:16
I don't know who called me from this number, but I want them to stop. They are not on my contacts list and should therefore stop bothering me.
2017-01-12 17:29:49
Repeated multiple daily calls with no message
2016-12-10 16:46:07
Answered and said hello, they hung up
2016-07-05 22:33:03
Calls whatsoever Distinct times of daytime 3 times yesterday 1 time Now thus Way.
2016-07-05 19:19:16
Man desires me to would them a Party favor and present me extra cash. And yes i consider it is an scam
2016-07-05 02:50:08
Is a policeman asking to Purchase drugs. . Says his name is quot Nick quot . . . Be Aware. . . .
2016-07-05 01:33:47
2016-07-04 20:31:19
Extreme calling threatening
2016-07-04 17:27:22
I rejected the telephone and they left me a VIM that previously mentioned I demand for create a Restitution Payment that they demand to make by PM thus that this would t go for the county o I blocked my Amount and called him back. o I suggested that I don't have any E-mails out of them. He mentioned that he is going for get that sent and Afterward call me back. Previously mentioned he was sorry for the Wait and the phone was ended.
2016-07-04 16:21:46
Dunn Right
2016-07-04 15:23:40
same Telephone Amount trying your same scam out of a grisliest listing. he is at sea and PayPal for me but third Celebration shipper.
2016-07-04 08:26:38
Call and call and call. . . all day long. Never has anything to say.
2016-06-16 17:41:05
I gotten around a dozen calls within Daytime. The very first time Dave called I defined that I wan t interested in their own product. I Additionally asked that he remove my Telephone Amount off of there list. I still been becoming calls. They don t take NO . . . for a response. The last phone phone I told Dave that I was reporting him for harassment. They use the Message has saving you cash with vigor conservation systems.
2016-06-16 16:37:49
block the number
2016-06-16 13:37:22
The person is harassment me but I don t know who it's . .
2016-06-16 05:20:32
Choices I Think but just left a voice send with a reference number. Could become spam but I m not returning your telephone.
2016-06-15 21:02:18
Sales call

Phone list in area 762

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
7622337221Time for W LolaGuest52015-12-18 02:24:42
7622087390dint know herGuest12015-11-04 20:19:49
7622076886They telephone twice a daytime Regular amp don t leave a message. Tina Scott62015-12-16 09:13:37
7622155795don t desire Mary bothering me. Guest32015-11-04 21:03:17
7622096179I was told to go here textGuest42015-11-04 21:45:24
7622084246SpamGuest212015-11-04 23:18:24
7627280631solicitordee72015-12-16 08:01:32
7622083346how each calling won't say a word Only placing there i state Hi Around OR till dint hear any think they telephone W or W time a dayGuest32015-11-04 23:58:24
7622084701Strange. Guest52015-12-16 08:06:18
7622076598Bizarre callFunky Bunch32016-02-23 17:05:29
7627078765Claims that your own credit card was deactivated and desires you for enter your own credit card Amount. Guest1422015-11-05 01:24:24
7622316169 doesn't WorkGuest42015-12-15 04:20:55
7625859585Dynamic RecoveryGuest42015-11-05 01:39:17
7624990882who is this calling me. Verlean Turner92015-12-08 09:33:08
7622083409need for become arrested for harassmentGuest132015-11-05 02:38:24
7622084256Calls almost every daytime. no message leave. I don t know who could beGuest92015-11-05 02:44:24
7625854818Reveal yourselfGuest12015-11-05 02:59:49
7622084693annoying steady callingGuest302015-11-05 03:27:24
7623388762karmaGuest12015-11-05 03:35:49
7623230068don t call meGuest262015-11-05 04:19:24
7622087987You personally call And no talk. . . stopGuest42016-06-15 10:46:00
7622070892Wood lake Contracting LC W Pine Springs Ln Beaver dam Virginia W W W WTimberlake Contracting LLC52015-12-14 17:17:42
7622083992Identification thief scummierGuest72015-11-05 07:01:24
7624367044 quot Get abundant quot Program. Guest42015-12-18 18:41:12
7622120629At 3 Am the morning I gotten the following text from this number quot Would you personally let me Trip you again. answer back quot Guest102015-11-05 08:40:24
7622332476scam leave no message. reporting for Authorities. Guest462015-11-05 08:56:24
7622084264Whoever this really is they are threatening and harassing my nieceGuest82015-12-09 23:23:15
7622084311Sallie Mae Pupil loansGuest32015-11-05 09:46:17
7628212083Star Bank fort Wayne or person working thereGuest72016-02-15 23:55:24
7622223338free W goal gift cardchun hua lin62015-12-20 15:11:00
7622084230Insurance salesmanGuest212015-11-05 13:33:24
7622330263Who is the. mambi72015-12-20 04:41:38
7622083145Called number and it says Diversified Instructors. Guest102015-11-05 15:34:17
7622418410Not meant for me. Adult meeting siteGuest82015-12-21 15:38:26
7621809243've Delivered repeated E-mails and texts to request them to stop and they won't. Guest42015-12-19 12:42:42
7622224359i got messages from this Amount. unfortunately i was scammed out of a cell phoneGuest12015-11-05 17:51:17
7623334079WGuest82015-12-09 21:17:18
7623597526Won t identify themselves Guest52015-11-05 18:06:49
7622083168Keeps calling. . . no one speaks when you personally response. Guest22015-11-05 18:27:17
7628222274feverGuest62015-12-19 22:21:09
7622361776wireless home security systemGuest92015-11-05 19:50:24
7623230174SpamGuest72016-02-23 12:24:41
7622318917LoserGuest82015-12-14 10:52:30
7625249934DON T Know WHO This IDIOT IS Addresses Quite Bad ENGLISHSTEVE42015-12-20 06:21:48
7623230190SpamGuest112015-11-05 23:51:24
7625859085W Chief streetGuest52016-02-16 07:50:45
7625856925I dint need the Individual getting. ah previous of meGuest52015-12-18 00:26:45
7625729515caller name on your Owner id was tendrildont call me52016-02-15 23:46:03
7625859580Debt CollectGuest52015-11-06 01:01:17
7625859582I Consider The HAS SOMETHING For Would Along with A MISTRESSangrywoman42015-12-16 16:09:45

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