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Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Alexandria, IN. Madison. United states
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Post by Guest,

7652335108 Hangs up and dozen t leave a message. I m guessing it's spam.

Post by missy,

765-233-5108 They called me repeatedly saying I was entered into drawing for win million and because I'm a great customer for whom ID I was becoming all these FREE Publications Subsequently they go for name off magazine s but ask if I 've a Charge or MC simply have for pay for Journals. . . anyway i use to be a telemarketer and they constantly tell u that u won something its a manner to keep u on the phone to sell u. U never win anything and NOTHING IS FREE. TRUST ME. But I 've to say unless they're rude or obnoxious I am considerate because at least they are working a Actual Occupation 9 5 or 9 their Simply Attempting for make a living enjoy everyone else.

Post by Ashley,

7652335108 I answered the some salesman sounding Man said I was Joined in a 1 W W drawing and something Around magazines. Asked my age Profession and what Firm credit cards I use visa m c Subsequently attempted for fer me but I hung up. Seems shady as enjoy Publisher s Cleaning House kind of shady.

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 don t understand who that is

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Blank express mail with machine sounds within History. Spam.

Post by Kayla,

765-233-5108 I got phone telephone out of it Now I did t response because I did t know that Amount. They did t leave a message. Caller ID said it was from Indiana.

Post by No call list,

7652335108 Called my cell Telephone but I did not reply. No Owner I. D. amp no message left.

Post by Tami,

765-233-5108 They called yesterday. Same as others. No message Simply breathing and rattling of paper.

Post by Christopher Mason,

7652335108 Mr. M

Post by Michelle,

765-233-5108 Did not answer when the number called me. Your express send left was nothing but Fixed. Also acquired your same matter out of a Columbus Iowa Amount last week.

Post by Tired,

7652335108 First they called out of an Ohio phone I blocked that Subsequently they called out of an Indianapolis Telephone . I have had 4 calls within 3 hours. Inquired them to removed my .

Post by Skip,

765-233-5108 Do not phone me again

Post by scrap,

7652335108 I got 2 phone calls out of the number. No messages left. I. D. says it s from Alexandria IN

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 Yet your calls come out of a land line phone registered within Mecca California. Your address is located as

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Left a empty express send.

Post by JypsyJay,

765-233-5108 I got a phone out of them too. I notion it was Actually convincing Upward until they transferred me to your guy i could just recognize who was talking W miles an hour. I wasn't sure how they knew as Substantially as they did or have my Amount and knew my name. They said i won a cruise. As nicely as a finalist for a grand prize of a Auto or W W dollars. . . . i mean i wish it was true Nevertheless why did they annoyance me along with buying Journals. And it was Merely called magazine for W. W. . . . every two months. . . and a cruise for that Bahamas. . . . . although i decided for call your Amount back and it said it was shut thus Subsequently i took that into consideration as a scam CZ why telephone from a protected Telephone number. . . . i dint understand wish it was Authentic but who gives Outside a free cruise just for pleasure. . . . . . no just one

Post by Cody Pierce,

7652335108 W W W calls a minor s cell phone.

Post by Anonymous,

765-233-5108 In case you personally did not understand the Those 4 questions are prohibited to ask in a job interview so i would become a little concerned Around matters if you answered any. . and when the Amount called me my caller id said Utah. . . .

Post by jaja,

7652335108 Writers clearing house scam

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 W Dale Monster Road Mecca CA.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Left haphazard voice send with breathing

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 Checking on Google Maps the Place appears for become a private residence. She is working out of her home.

Post by Max,

7652335108 Acquired a phone out of the Amount. I did not answer as I did not recognize that Amount. Your caller id noted that phone was from Alexandria In. The voice send that was left was Merely static.

Post by Sooooooo Done with this [email protected]@P!,

765-233-5108 No Caller ID etc. Do not response s I don t Understand Specially on my cell. No message left. Thankful for Phone Blockers on my Android. Blocked. Get a real life. . . UGH. . .

Post by 7652335108,

7652335108 SCAM

Post by DigiDiva,

765-233-5108 Only got a phone from them. I replied for your fun of it. It s some type of Publisher s Cleaning House scam. Attempted for get my info I state attempted because I lied enjoy I constantly can. Desired for tell them what credit cards I use. Installed Upward. But before that he told me I was a top 5 finalist or something within a Tournament I am Very confident I did not enter. It was Strange he had my name and number I Think someone prank Edward me.

Post by Shirley Knight,

7652335108 Unwanted telephone.

Post by LC,

765-233-5108 I have acquired approximately a dozen of these calls within the last three times since I signed Upward along with wiggle.

Post by U. R. Oblivious,

7652335108 And what Business would that become. Their address is . . . . . . . .

Post by jeff,

765-233-5108 did t reply no message blocked them spoofed number out of service

Post by Rhandi Tyson,

7652335108 I got that same Actual phone. . Maybe it s a scam.

Post by mona,

765-233-5108 got a phone today a lot of static within History Afterward they Installed up. . .

Post by Cathie Asbury,

7652335108 called my Dwelling and my cell . No message left. Have had them call before.

Post by joy,

765-233-5108 Becoming these Telephone calls once or twice a daytime no message or anything. W W W

Post by Florence,

7652335108 Keep getting calls from this number and other People saying that same matter.

Post by Lynn,

765-233-5108 calls does not leave message I desire them for Quit calling my number

Post by Adam R,

7652335108 I got a call out of the number. Apparently they heard I 've an W inch . While that is Accurate I wasn't willing for share images of it.

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 Pain within that Behind. Blocking the Owner. .

Post by Dave,

7652335108 Got 2 calls from this number Now. Did t answer. Can t they be reported as I am on no call list

Post by Arturo Baranda,

765-233-5108 I DON T desire for receive calls from this Amount again.

Post by Chris,

7652335108 Acquired 3 calls Now so far this number. Voice message was nothing but static and when after the third phone I attempted replied it but no just one was on your line. 1 would have for assume this is considered Extreme calling and harassment. . . stop calling. . .

Post by PC,

765-233-5108 Received 2 calls 2 hrs apart. Didn't answer an no express send. .


7652335108 It could be a forwarded phone from an international scam

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 Keeps calling won t state anything

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Telephone hang Upwards no MSG left

Post by Di,

765-233-5108 They called me. Did not leave a message. Called back and said office was shut but did t say anything else.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 left a blank voice send twice. called twice in just one daytime before I blocked.

Post by SRG,

765-233-5108 Got a phone out of the number the morning. I don t reply any calls from numbers I don't recognize. If it s a legit number they may leave a message. I blocked it.

Post by Jersey City CC,

7652335108 Publisher Service is who they claim It's a scam . . . They claim to maintain Iowa W Quiver Road but I believe that Owner actually Accepted for be in Texas but it's routed through Virginia. . . They may text E-mail and phone you using various seams. . they take data bit at a time thus you personally dint notice. . they got my name and address email and Delivery date out of a TEXT before i stopped it. They're relentless since Subsequently i 've now been contacted through various avenues with different lies. . . Phone your Telephone Firm. . it wont can Substantially but it starts

Post by Anonymous,

765-233-5108 Within case you did not understand the Those 4 questions are prohibited for request within a Occupation interview so i would be a bit concerned Around matters if you personally answered any. . and when this number called me my caller id said Utah. . . .

Post by rita,

7652335108 I got a Telephone call Now out of them and your lady said she was from a publishing Business for a service

Post by maestro_guitar,

765-233-5108 got a phone on my cell from this number a few Minimum ago. . . . . I did not response but they left a message. Your message was all static. . . . I could just hear what sounded like a female voice Making a message and I think it was automated. I could t tell what company or that motive.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Calls at least four times a day. . . no message. . . . dozen t answer if phone is answered.

Post by bill,

765-233-5108 Who are these people

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Please don t call

Post by DesertRat,

765-233-5108 Simply Set In MR Number telephone blocker it will Cease annoying calls like this .

Post by donovan,

7652335108 blow dudes. . . . . . . . .

Post by Angel,

765-233-5108 All that feedback on this page is true as shortly as I asked what was their company or exactly why are they calling by me asking all that questions they hung Upwards. Enormous time shady. . . .

Post by Guest,

7652335108 I want for them for stop calling me spam

Post by Kit,

765-233-5108 I suspect when you enter a Match on line enjoy the ones that say spin the wheel Afterward send you round and round asking questions for your point where you have for buy something and if you don t Subsequently it leads you personally out of the Match so you can t win. By that time they 've all that info they demand to make these bothersome calls. I vie done it and I Think everyone else has at 1 time or the other. Once they 've your own Amount you get the calls eternally and they sell name lists for others who also telephone you personally forever. In fact one wakes me up Virtually each other morning at about 8 W. If you reply and they don t respond correct away you personally understand it's a computer dialing that numbers for them. I Generally Only hang Upwards if they don t Reply appropriate away but sometimes I Only lay your phone down they don t wait long for you for response them but is gives me a miniature bit of gratification knowing they thought they had a live one.

Post by TD,

7652335108 Left a W second expressionless message. Assuming from other Opinions this can be However another scam telephone. These are getting out of control. Thus Substantially for joining the don't telephone list.

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 This really is a telemarketer telephone. I DID NOT request it. do not know your caller

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Please Discontinue calling. I just desire calls from employers.

Post by DesertRat,

765-233-5108 Only Place Within MR Amount telephone blocker it can Cease annoying calls enjoy this .

Post by U. R. Oblivious,

7652335108 And what Firm would that be. Their address is . . . . . . . .

Post by J Sutherland,

765-233-5108 Unknown and not Needed telephone from W W W

Post by ANGELA,

7652335108 CALLED CELL Telephone NO MESSAGE

Post by Wiffer,

765-233-5108 Got the phone today and did t answer. Never can if I don t recognize the Amount. Only another brainless who could t get a Ordinary decent job. They should get a life.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Make it stop please

Post by Tamara,

765-233-5108 calls from the Amount and with no speaking within the message Merely left Merely breathing and rattling of paper

Post by Bluebonnets,

7652335108 They called me twice thus far today. no message left. I am on that no call list but I confident get a lot of unwanted calls

Post by RC,

765-233-5108 Ken Sales Representative called me.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 leave me alone

Post by Caller 19,

765-233-5108 Think what. I took their call after the Rd time they had called my number which your first two they left empty voice mails and I found out about Publishers Service. She Subsequently proceeded for tell me I had gone for tech freebies. com that was incorrect and she kindly said thank you and goodbye after I Inquired her for take me off her calling list.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Please Discontinue your calls

Post by Angela Lightner,

765-233-5108 I answered it was a Girl. I knew it was a scummier thus I did t response happily she knew it and hung Upwards. I blocked the Amount instantaneously.

Post by terri,

7652335108 Getting phone. no message. Notion I was Enrolled for a do not call list. Message left is nothing but background noises.

Post by Angry Aryan,

765-233-5108 These Individuals called Mother and told me I was in your drawing for a million dollars and or a brand fresh mustang. I told them I m not interested BYE.

Post by charlotte,

7652335108 They called and did not leave a message. I don t understand anyone out of Indiana so there s no reason for anyone legit from this Region code for become calling me.

Post by fed up,

765-233-5108 Did not response left a message but all I could Notice was creepy breathing.

Post by Steph Ann,

7652335108 One of your W calls I vie received today as a few how my USN t on that don't telephone list any More. Hello could I Talk for Winston. This is Senior Account Executive out of PUBLISHER s . . . . . Cleaning HOUSE I said no there is no such Man here. . She said Okay and we both hung up. Definitely understand it s another SCAM phone. Your Man earlier said I won 1 W Money grant. Yes Okay.

Post by goose,

765-233-5108 I talked for your sales person and what they desire is you personally for buy a magazine prescription but tell you your own within a drawing for enjoy three Distinct contests I simply told them no not interested and remove my Amount out of their list. . . . . . . . . . yeah enjoy that can happen. . Lola Hopefully I won t hear from them anytime soon

Post by jf,

7652335108 got a phone from them too. . . saying i was one within your drawing for win bigger Gifts. . . . and she asked how old i 'm. . . . i understand in the Start it s a scam. . . . . i said. . . . sorry gotta go to work now. better get my Gifts on my own manner. . . . and that is. . . . work.

Post by whitney,

765-233-5108 Amount called i didn't reply i called them back said office was closed

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Please don t telephone back

Post by Have had enough,

765-233-5108 They phone but they will not leave a message. It is on my phone daily. I trust something could be done Around it.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Called twice Now in 3 hours apart. Name was listed as Arsenic Torres from Mecca California. Your calls were from 2 different phone Amounts. 1 from Mo and the other out of California.

Post by Don Baraka,

765-233-5108 First unknown Owner I ever received on my mobile phone I think I gave my cellular telephone Amount Outside when filling some sort of Internet type masquerading as a legit service. Desired me to Purchase magazines claimed I won some type of prize I did t pay that much Interest Only said no thanks and Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 It a Technique dint answer

Post by Shannon,

765-233-5108 I acquired a call but they left no message. When I called back there was no Business name just a recording of hours and times. No answer Simply told me it was because of high call volume and for call back later. Sounds pretty questionable to me.

Post by mjcdm,

7652335108 I received a call a few minutes ago. Nobody there. . . Thanks for your info.

Post by slick,

765-233-5108 trying to sell magazines really Mindless people. they did t ask me if i Desired them Merely Supposed then Inquired for my payment never said i Desired them and hung Upwards.

Post by Tweetybird,

7652335108 have got intense l of these calls since I know no just one within Indiana I did not answer

Post by Mike,

765-233-5108 Got a telephone Minutes ago. Same Storyline as above. Before he could ask his questions I particularly Inquired him if he was associated along with Publisher Cleaning House and he dodged that question so I hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Owner Simply left many breathing . Paper rattling noise on express send. Don t understand anyone from Indianapolis.

Post by littleredbaron,

765-233-5108 Merely got a phone out of this number. No 1 spoke then they Installed Upward. Left no express send. Call from Alexandria In.

Post by hard working american,

7652335108 Who. Are these idiot. They called saying they were looking for my grandpa and that. Had my name as a being concerned about him. They . Just left name and Amount once. I. Notion we had Customer protection for this particular type of matters.

Post by summergolf,

765-233-5108 senior publisher BS. told them for take me away your list

Post by Jack,

7652335108 Receive hang up calls out of the number. Additionally get same calls out of W W W from Iowa. Answered once and I Merely got a click Subsequently hang Upwards. W W W. Really annoying Generally get 4 calls a daytime out of each

Post by Chris,

765-233-5108 I answered the phone. Your woman said I was a finalist in a sweepstakes and needed to ask me a few questions to validate my entry. She asked my age and I Inquired exactly why what it was for. She said it was for that sweepstakes. I Inquired what your Find was she started to get flustered and said it was for the sweepstakes. I then Inquired what that Finish Match was and she said it was for the sweepstakes have a Pleasant daytime and Afterward Put Upwards.

Post by goose,

7652335108 Got a call from them Daytime. Said hello 3 times and no one answered so I Put up. Fascination got your better of me thus called back. Answering machine said office closed and nothing more. Odd. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 No message

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Voice mail was blank with rustling paper noises.

Post by Bur,

765-233-5108 No message. Tried to return telephone and got recording the office was shut. . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Santana,

7652335108 They called me twice. . I eventually called back out of a different Telephone she asked the Amount I Actually was contacted on I Offered it. She said I was a gold member on publishers Cleaning house and was within that drawing for win million dollars and other prizes I Installed Upwards after that. Och does not telephone they come for your House. So whoever these Folks are are a scam.

Post by tired,

765-233-5108 i replied that call and no one talked for me. Merely heard respiration and Stop. . . . weird. blocking the Amount. . . despise calls enjoy this

Post by AS,

7652335108 I got your same call

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 Called Middle afternoon Evident boiler room Business.

Post by sarah,

7652335108 Called cell phone twice today Around 4 hours apart. Left no message. Assuming telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

765-233-5108 Called my Telephone but did t leave a express mail

Post by Guest,

7652335108 it s a trick

Post by Mrs. MistyReal,

765-233-5108 W W W in my view is a scam. I refuse for telephone it. Thus I put in my own blocked s list. Here s another 1 W W W. Just another I blocked. I vie become block joyful .

Post by Sage,

7652335108 I got a phone out of this number and your Man told me he was calling me from Writers something . I Ceased him and told him to remove me from his list. He was still talking as I was hanging Upwards. I am also receiving a lot of calls out of UNKNOWN s. I personally understand it s already a SCAM telephone and I response with an Disposition and I tell them that it s a SCAM and they hang Upward right away or try to convince you that it's not a SCAM which within your end it is a SCAM.

Post by JG,

765-233-5108 Repeat phone calls for my cell Telephone along with out any message Never answered but it is annoying as I do not know anyone who lives there.

Post by Mark,

7652335108 nicely I understand where they got your number MY Wife Merely Joined for something at Publisher Clearing House and Offered my Amount Outside and this is a brand new Telephone I just opened 2 Days Past and haven't given to anyone Though. Thus that where they are getting your own number

Post by Carol C,

765-233-5108 Received call unknown name replied but no 1 there. Said hello three times no ans Installed up

Post by mandy,

7652335108 They just called and all I heard was respiration on message ugh

Post by MD,

765-233-5108 Does any just one understand who this is. I Merely got a call out of them I was not Competent for response and they did not leave a message.

Post by bill,

7652335108 Who are these people

Post by clueless to this number,

765-233-5108 no message get lots of these calls.

Post by Guest,

7652335108 Corrections The name is Yesenia Torres. After further investigating the first call came out of Region code W and was said for become out of Alexandria Indiana. Your second phone was from Region code W.

Post by Texdas Resident,

765-233-5108 Called twice Amount from Indiana left no MSG on my cell. . . . .

Post by Walter,

7652335108 Called several times looking for someone else. Got all bent from Form when I asked them not for telephone me again.

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6315334129 Complains by Guest,


7144636157 Complains by Guest,

I received the calls out of this number many times. Quite annoying.

7705981989 Complains by TIRED,

8503874554 keeps calling our house . Now they have a member of our family name , but we are not letting a minor child speak to them . keep calling with accents not from florida

5128610758 Complains by Guest,

2 calls about a month apart. . . . ST guy leaves in-depth voice send with legal case number etc. . . . for a family member that they're trying to look for a way to reach. . . . ND guy calls and says he got my number because said family member Set in down as a way to reach them. NO. Large effing lie. The family member hasn't been Approximately seen or spoken for since I have proceeded across the State and thus NO they dint 've my number and thus how would they have given it out. duh

2247570153 Complains by Guest,

Fishing scam for money

3023949503 Complains by Guest,

Debt deal

9515473960 Complains by Guest,

Daisy called and asked to verify your version for our copier. When I asked her who she was with she abruptly Installed Upwards on me. Attempted calling back line is always busy. That is a scam.

8082986552 Complains by BigJohn,

Get calls out of this Amount 6 7 times a month for Wellness insurance. You can never be removed by dialing option 3. Simply attempt to Face Alternative 1 and try and Discuss for someone live and get their data.

8003261857 Complains by Samantha,

Called and I Installed up I do not understand who they are.

8003230914 Complains by DaveC,

I m a Present customer of Liberator. They are Consistent with calling until you advise you personally won t need another order forgo ever many days or weeks. Decent outfit but next time I m going to suggest they should leave messages so we ll understand who s calling. That s what I dislike. . . they don t leave a message.

8002321085 Complains by RB,

If it goes for your replying machine they don t leave a message. HTTP who called. us look Upward HTTP Internet. caller complaints. com Investigation Result. asp. Phone W W HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP wholesome. com Phone Amount. asp W

8042349059 Complains by froglover,oct 22,09,

keep getting telephone within a. m. . Never leave message. Owner I. D. is Er mi. . . . .

8002311626 Complains by Guest,

don t talk to

8003343932 Complains by Frank Castle,

Same as Irene s comments. Called and did t leave message.

8003279292 Complains by MNW,

First American. Your so called Residence Guarantee is Ended. Won t Continue it because it's worthless and I have had dreadful experiences within the previous with this Firm. I wish they would leave me alone. It came with the home. I did t desire to would company along with them. It could t be cancelled.

8002856236 Complains by Judy,

I Decided the telephone Upward and it was for your Meiji's Shop Visa card. Hope this helps others.

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