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7692570954 Quit CALLING MY CELL Telephone. 7 TIMES Within 2 Times. . I phone them back and get a busy Sign or 1 2 a ring and occupied.

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769-257-0954 phone rang automated voice said goodbye and disconnected

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7692570954 I Only got a phone out of them. I could t comprehend who he said he was or who he was with. I was expecting a call out of Quin tiles since I had Lately Used for a job thus I thought it was them. He Inquired if he was speaking for my name I said yes Subsequently he asked if I worked for anyone other than Pampered Cook. I said I worked component time for Kelly Services. He said good luck and just Put up. I notion at he had seen my Continue on Monster or Career Builder but if he had he would have seen where else I was working. He had for 've seen my Pampered Cooking page since the only places I have posted that I work for Pampered Cooking is on my resume and my Pampered Cook page.

Post by Keith Kimball,

769-257-0954 They keep calling and when I reply there's no answer quite annoying. My Amount is 1 W W W

Post by Glory2,

7692570954 I gotten a phone from the on my cell Telephone. I 'm on a no phone list. Can be Calling my cellphone Service. Th

Post by Annoyed in Cali,

769-257-0954 Simply got this number calling for the first time. When I answered there was Stop Used by an automated woman saying Goodbye and disconnecting. If I get the telephone again I can report for your FCC. This really is completely not called for and unprofessional. I have no idea where they got my Telephone number.

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7692570954 that sounds just what I would have done. I 'm Ill and drained of these Mindless calls and I wish they would Quit but that's not going for occur because nobody can stop the.

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769-257-0954 received a call out of this Amount and nothing but a Quick beep at the other Finish. Creepy Nuisance call.

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7692570954 just phone leave no message don t know who it's I do not answer calls if I don t know that Amount. warning. . . . . . . . . . . . Cease wasting your own time.

Post by Guy,

769-257-0954 They just called me today saying that they re Certified to telephone me for reduce my credit card attention rates but he isn't along with any of my credit card Companies. Afterward he Suggested along with me that the Federal Do not Phone list does not Use to them and would not permit me for speak along with his supervisor or Supervisor as he Asserted which he was this person. He said he would call me back tomorrow but I kept insisting he remove me out of their list. I doubt which he does but I may report them to that FTC.

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7692570954 the same number W W W called my cell phone on Aug. W they call every two or three days between W and 1 I don't response.

Post by Dave,

769-257-0954 On the DC phone list and they called demand for be reported

Post by prophs,

7692570954 I get a phone from the number Nearly everyday and I never reply it I Only sent it for Express Mail. After when I listen to the send. The Man says phone me I got a few important information for you. I dint trust it Additionally I 'm on a Don't Phone List.

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7692570954 Blow a whistle loudly within Telephone when they call I Wager they Cease calling Lao

Post by Karen,

769-257-0954 I 've Inquired the number around and over to Discontinue calling because they refuse for tell me who they're. They are rude and won t Discontinue. When I telephone the number back they response without saying anything and hang up. I am thus frustrated because they start calling at Am and don t Leave until PM daily.

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7692570954 Ill of this Amount calling. .

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769-257-0954 Just got a Peculiar telephone out of Josh . Is he Marketing anything.

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7692570954 Spam

Post by arnuldo pina guerra,

769-257-0954 some hole s keep calling my cell whatsoever times and leave no message. at current time in history this morons are still breeding.

Post by Brian,

7692570954 Simply gotten another call out of them. I did not response. I called them back and they said someone Required info on how to work out of home. Not me I told them for remove my name asap. . . .

Post by reny,

769-257-0954 W W Cease calling my phone You're affecting my PEACE

Post by Ken72,

7692570954 Stuck it to them along with my Adroit phone blocker when they telephone now they get a very loud Sound for W seconds. HTTP Www. squid. com extreme call blocker droid great android app No I don t sell it or Revenue when others Purchase it. . . but if you vie got an Android phone you Demand the Program.

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769-257-0954 Keeps calling

Post by Judy Garay,

7692570954 Obtained phone phone stating Josh along with no further information.

Post by Larry,

769-257-0954 I recalled the number and got a Quickly Busy Sign. 1 cal yesterday and another call today.

Post by Becky,

7692570954 Only got a voice mail message. Said his name is Josh. Tried for telephone back and got nothing but music.

Post by Sue,

769-257-0954 I am on your DC list and keep becoming calls out of the number.

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7692570954 Owner left Strange message stating they 've my file amp great news for me I should telephone back.

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769-257-0954 called but left no vim. . . . believing it's a political telephone. . .

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7692570954 I Simply acquired a call out of the Amount. I have been seeking employment but I dint recall Attempting to get any Residence Established jobs because I believe W of them are scams. He said his name Thomas Scarps Sp. and said something about me being the CEO of my own company. He Inquired me a few questions on what I would can with a greater income and asked me if it would become value W Min's of my time for learn how I could make 4 W Additional per month part time. I said politely I dint have time now because I Needed to appearance Upwards the and Business and he said for me for revisit your Site didn't supply me a Site when I have more Quality. Then he Installed Upward on me. If this actually were a company I would never work for them after being Installed up on. After reading all the Remarks though I am happy I didn't waste any more of my time on your phone with them.

Post by judy,

769-257-0954 i Lately have acquired numerous calls out of different numbers. does anyone understand the number don't call list

Post by Alan,

7692570954 Response out of Mr. Driver via email Dear Alan I would appreciate you personally letting me understand about the. I also MUST educate you personally that it is NOT I Or any affiliate of mine as I don't have any. Alan so you personally comprehend effective as of 1 1 W I am no More Associated with the LNG Revolution Firms in anyway shape or form. Your phone Amount Revealed is not mine nor ever 've been. Yet the Individual is has Place there Telephone in a always busy state as of the time thus I can t supply you personally anymore data on that. I 'm really sorry that this has happened and will can that best I can to make it Discontinue.

Post by Alan,

769-257-0954 Response from Mr. Participant via E-mail Dear Alan I can value you personally letting me know Around the. I Additionally MUST enlighten you that it's NOT I nor any affiliate of mine as I do not have any. Alan thus you understand Powerful as of 1 1 W I 'm no longer Associated along with the LNG Innovation Businesses within anyway shape or type. The phone number Revealed isn't mine nor ever have been. Nevertheless the person is has Set there phone within a always occupied state as of this time so I could t provide you anymore data on that. I am very sorry that this has happened and can can the best I can to ensure it is Cease.

Post by Brian,

7692570954 Brian wrote . . . leaves his direct line number in your voice send. Exactly why don t you personally share that Amount here so we can all appreciate it.

Post by ken,

769-257-0954 i would love this Amount removed from my calling list.

Post by LR,

7692570954 I got a phone too. . . I am on DC list. . . do we report them.

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769-257-0954 Spam

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7692570954 ML sales.

Post by lohe,

769-257-0954 Yes the call was coming within for 3 times now a couple times during the daytime and I Blow off. Quite annoying and they don t Discontinue.

Post by Paul,

7692570954 I understand what I may would that next time they call I may start making sound enjoy it is a sex line

Post by Anthony,

769-257-0954 called me and when I said Hi they keep saying Hi Hi Hi and I Installed up

Post by Bill,

7692570954 got a telephone he brand new my name I believe I had poor reception at the time Subsequently he hung up my is on the do not telephone list

Post by kelvin510,

769-257-0954 I keep getting a telephone out of this Amount and your automated person says goodbye within a Strange express sounding like something from the ring . Annoying

Post by scuba steve,

7692570954 Lola Strike a whistle loudly within Telephone when they call I bet they Discontinue calling Lao

Post by Frisky,

769-257-0954 Keep getting phone calls out of this Amount same time each day. Now i pressed your number 6 on that keypad of Telephone to blend up matters for them. Trust it works.

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7692570954 Multilevel Advertising surveys

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769-257-0954 Network Promotion ml

Post by Not Giving My name,

7692570954 Obtained W yes W calls out of the Amount today not for mention about W the week they're rude Raw and socially unexceptional not to mention irritating. . . . . . who the hell r they

Post by Hates telemarketers,

769-257-0954 Just calls and hangs Upwards when they get my answering machine. Very best investment I ever got was that replying machine.

Post by Rebs,

7692570954 You understand I eventually replied this telephone today because I wanted to see who it was. They did t response on the other end. But your odd thing was at the end of the call it made a sound enjoy someone was taking my Image. I did t have my reading glasses on but when I heard the sound I Additionally power saw a Quick icon on my phone screen. So how could they capture data and can I shield myself.

Post by Jill Ibel,

769-257-0954 Weary of these Locations calling. . .

Post by Frisky,

7692570954 Keep getting phone calls from this number same time each daytime. Now i pressed that number 6 on the keypad of Telephone to combine Upward matters for them. Hope it works.

Post by rick,

769-257-0954 i hate these pricks

Post by tlm,

7692570954 Strike a whistle loudly within phone when they phone I bet they Discontinue calling Lao

Post by Deb,

769-257-0954 I 've obtained several calls from Unknown Caller and the morning a call out of W W W. I m assuming they're from your same Firm. No message is left. I 'm not calling back since no message left and I m certain they're searching for someone along with a name similar to mine.

Post by gayle,

7692570954 please Quit calling.

Post by sad,

769-257-0954 Appears enjoy they Began again Likely searching for real people so they know who to phone for solicitations Computer Only says goodbye after 5 6 seconds

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7692570954 Milt Degree marketing

Post by gloria,

769-257-0954 the Amount calls me about 4 times a daytime nobody says a word when I picked up

Post by Jeep,

7692570954 I missed your telephone Called them back and get a active Transmission Wad up Humor DAT.

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769-257-0954 Bank calling for lower credit card rates

Post by OBAMA,

7692570954 This Caller IS PISSING ME Away CALLS ALL The Freak Within TIME. . . . .

Post by TMBer,

769-257-0954 If you have a contract with your Mobile Company then Merely phone your own carrier s customer service and ask them for block any Amount you wish for not get calls out of any more. This worked for me with Run.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 His name is josh. Frig Generation jerk . Dint answer this Amount. Each time u answer ca ls u dint know it takes away R minutes.

Post by gat,

769-257-0954 First phone 4 W pm. Did not reply. Owner ID says Unknown.

Post by Martha Boykins,

7692570954 I never have present my number to anyone. I m always getting calls from this Amount all through that day and nighttime. I have no Notion who this is and what they need. When I return your phone all I get is elevator music for around W minutes. No ans were of express mail

Post by Busa Boy,

769-257-0954 It's from an online job Website. My wife filled Outside an Program online and has been getting calls from them. They are now Competent to get incoming calls at that number so phone them and tell them no thanks and remove my number.

Post by Bob Wolfe,

7692570954 Becoming unwanted calls from your reported Ph . . . . . I m not within Actual estate and don t desire to Purchase leads because of this business. Dozen t look for get it and keeps calling.

Post by stephanie,

769-257-0954 I Merely gotten a phone out of this Amount claiming to be a law office and Subsequently when I Inquired for their Telephone number the guy said jeez Female and hung Upwards on me. I called back and all I got is hold music

Post by Tom Delk,

7692570954 dint bother

Post by scuba steve,

769-257-0954 I filed a Gripe Th your FCC Perhaps if nicely all would something might happen.

Post by D. Miller,

7692570954 I keep becoming calls and hang Advantages from the Amount.

Post by ME,

769-257-0954 I got just one from the Amount did t recognize did t answer.

Post by cali,

7692570954 phone out of the Amount went for voice send message said let s do both do it. Let s take away the pants. I m serious. laughing within that background Subsequently hung up

Post by concerned,

769-257-0954 Gotten a call out of the number several times and nobody talked until today and a man Inquired for Talk along with my Partner when I told him he was not Accessible he hung up within my ear . . . . . . how rude and scare . . .

Post by Richard Conti,

7692570954 These Individuals 've been calling in any respect hours mostly during dinner or earlier within that daytime and never answer What they're doing is a mystery to me I am believing they might Merely become some sort of a Following service to see what time Folks answer their phones or something I see lots of people whine about the number on the internet

Post by goinuts,

769-257-0954 Despite numerous calls from various Folks out of this number to my cell they keep asking for Ron Reagan or someone enjoy that. One Asserted they got my Amount away that Net for someone looking for schools. I keep telling them for remove my Amount been on the do not call list but as soon as I mention it they hang Upwards on me. Rude.

Post by Jargon,

7692570954 I can have a Do not Phone but this Business still calls. Hello are Thus rude. what could we do for have them Quit from calling.

Post by Cristobal,

769-257-0954 Got a telephone from the number. Answered. Silence on the other line. Hung Upwards.

Post by D,

7692570954 Hello when i get called I Begin calling them back. I have around W minutes on roll over thus it's no problem. I Strike redial. I go for a walk w my dog and Strike redial. Occasionally I tell them i am waiting within the parking lot for them to come Outside and your calls Cease. They really do. Just one Put must 've called me around X s within just one month. I called them around X s just one Saturday morning. Another reverse harassment plan. . Strike 0 and Set in an ext. I just suppose at just one or use among ones I once had. Keep calling that Amount and Complete up their voice send. It's Normally among your execs. or managers. The Additionally Typically makes your calls Quit. I 've done the to very Chronic Co. s and it's worked. Unfortunately I think it also increased my blood pressure a bit. But God help people all. Anything is better Subsequently becoming called X a daytime each day W days a month by these jerks. This place I asked for become put on a do not telephone list after I called them five times and they Guaranteed me I would become. I was very considerate when I Inquired. Don t understand if it worked Though. But again. . if you have that minutes Change harassment has definitely worked for me a Amount of times and got me feel better.

Post by Chris,

769-257-0954 These Folks don't present up. I 've replied and told them I am not interested in any of their leads merchandises and for remove me out of their list at least 3 times. I still get arbitrary calls in the morning at least each other month. They certain waste a lot of time calling people who are entirely Tired in their own scam my services. I hope someone sues them soon.

Post by Adrianne,

7692570954 keep calling here. No 1 there when I reply. Try and look up caller and am told it's an invalid Amount.

Post by Nancy,

769-257-0954 I have blocked a lot of Amounts this 1 included on my cell phone. They still keep calling. How do they get previous the block.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 These assholes don t need to be calling me without my permission.

Post by Lazarus,

769-257-0954 These people are persistent. They work for a company that Provides leads. For 3 days I must 've acquired W calls. . . They kept asking for me and I would tell them I m not here anymore. They would not provide Upwards. Thus That next daytime on about that Th phone I decided to answer. I said hello your lady Inquired if I was there. Along with an abrupt surprise and Virtually balling in tears tone I replied Mam I m sorry but he died. she then said I m so sorry to your loss I ll create sure he s Chosen away your list. It s been around a month of independence from these terrorists and life has never been better. Rather than telling them to go drop dead consider telling them your person they re trying to reach did.

Post by Nebraska,

7692570954 I keep becoming calls out of W W W to my cell Telephone don t understand how they got my Amount. I do not answer unexpected unknown Amounts they never leave a message when that calls go to voice send.

Post by guest,

769-257-0954 Did t response as I never would if it USN t an Place code I m recognizable along with. Called 9 PST.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 Not ting

Post by Guest,

769-257-0954 Lots of background noise but no one talked when I said hello

Post by Will,

7692570954 same here but I never Select Upward that Telephone. In case a person is serious they may leave a message. But I believe it s Associated to some work from home scam.

Post by Ken72,

769-257-0954 Android users who need to put a Permanent Finish to these harassing calls should run not Go to your Play Shop and Choose up Extreme Phone Blocker Droid my review is here HTTP Www. squid. com extreme phone blocker droid Excellent android app . Disclaimer I don t make a penny endorsing this software and have no relationship along with the Program developers. My Galaxy SUI is my simply phone and I 've zero Threshold for annoying marking calls this Program stops them Cool period.

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Post by Frisky,

769-257-0954 This person calls is rude hangs Upward on you personally leaves no message. I n DC but my calls continue.

Post by Person-of-interest,

7692570954 He called my Cell phone. Asked for me by name and Afterward got stub burn when I Inquired where he was calling out of and would not tell him who I was. That ID said MS Us. W W W

Post by Art,

769-257-0954 KEEPS calling. . . . 4 times within 3 hours. WT. . . And when I call them I get a active signal. . . . Thus I CANNOT get reprisal on them. . Only added them for my Blacklist Guru on my droid. Picks Upwards and HANGS up. . . but still I want to RAG your FOKKER. .

Post by Annette,

7692570954 I gotten a phone out of this number Now and 4 days Past. When I attempted for call back there was a active signal. I have no Notion who these people are and go ogled that telephone Amount only for find that a lot of other people 've gotten calls out of this Amount. Your DC list obviously dozen t work at all as the USN t the just shady call I vie acquired.

Post by william,

769-257-0954 tell them for stop

Post by Frange,

7692570954 I Simply called your Amount back and Inquired that my number be removed from their telephone list. A Girl with a southern Highlight was really considerate and said no Trouble have a nice day . Now we have for see they actually Quit calling but at least they were courteous.

Post by KA 12 Sept 2012,

769-257-0954 I obtained calls from this Amount I 'm not Recorded do not know how my Amount was obtained. That call Arrived within no Introduction just a beep and a Registered goodbye after a few seconds.

Post by Me,

7692570954 LOLA Adore it. . . I just got a phone from them. . . went to express send. . . express mail message says it went for express send. . hello Hi. . . I 'm going for telephone them back again and again. Cheers for the advice.

Post by Ingrid Werner,

769-257-0954 She is trying to reduce that attention on my MasterCard which I don t have and when I told her that I have no interest she hangs Upwards.

Post by Kathy Dawn,

7692570954 I 've acquired a call each day for a week from the solicitation Amount. . . . it appears by your posts here it might be Actual estate Associated I 'm not a Broker . When I phone it back I get a occupied ringing tone.

Post by Guest,

769-257-0954 I just got a telephone from this . I m happy I checked this Website first. Every since I Published my Continue I vie had a lot of unknown calls.

Post by ksm,

7692570954 W. When I gay a telephone twice within Pennsylvania at week I called Amount back amp get a active Transmission. ND phone I was Competent for And er but Thur hands free talking in Auto. I could t recognize your Girl thus I said I could t recognize what they said amp asked where she was calling from ml she Installed up. I attempted calling back amp got occupied Sign.

Post by Deb,

769-257-0954 I used your Don't telephone list dentally. org and it worked for me at my home.

Post by Nancy,

7692570954 I get repeated calls from them too and all cell phones AND the home phone are on that Don't Telephone list. So how do that Amount and how are they Competent to get away with calling. It s really annoying.

Post by TLW,

769-257-0954 The Number KEEPS CALLING ME. I Am DONE. Cease CALLING MY Number It's ON A NO Telephone LIST. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Timothy Feuling,

7692570954 Please Cease this guy William out of calling my cell phone he is RUDE and won t stop calling.

Post by ME,

769-257-0954 I got one out of the Amount did t Understand did t reply.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 I got a Telephone phone from the number I have Mr Number Program and it shows suspected spam so I reject that call. I checked another websites it says the same matter the number is spam

Post by kalola,

769-257-0954 Irritating. Answered the Telephone. . . . nothing but dead air and Afterward a Somewhat loud beep and a computer generated woman s express said GOODBYE . Disconnect. ARR.

Post by Alan,

7692570954 Got this telephone Recently and Now and that day before Recently. They must 've Only Began on me. I did t answer the call. No express mail was left. Attempted for telephone it back and it s constantly busy and ends that call by itself fast like it either dozen t take incoming or is so occupied it cannot and that cell system knows it. This really is enjoy spam . . . either haphazard calling or phone numbers farmed away your Net. Probably don t care which you answer or don t. Simply verify it s a working number and pass it on to some list for others.

Post by Monica,

769-257-0954 This number called me. They're searching for sales leads. Adding your own name on your DC list probably won t work within this situation. They most likely got your own number because you re resume is posted Someplace online Creature Profession Designer etc . Once you Set your own Amount Outside there the DC list no longer Implements since by making your Continue investigation Competent solicited their business which makes it legal for your calls. By offering your own Amount for be Easily searched on Occupation boards Create My Resume Hunt able Choice you open yourself up to these calls.

Post by Marylynn Donald,

7692570954 This person called me and hangs up

Post by Linda Sholar,

769-257-0954 I do not desire to receiver anymore calls out of you personally.

Post by coco,

7692570954 The co. calls every day between W and PM. quite annoying. They don t care Around no phone lists.

Post by Soul,

769-257-0954 Caller id Jackson MS As I replied they Put up. Sounded like a radio playing in that background.

Post by george,

7692570954 the calls me 3 or 4 times Regular i vie ask them for Quit calling and now i think they call even more

Post by rick childress,

769-257-0954 unknown

Post by Reporting Calls,

7692570954 Out of HTTP Web. FCC. gov guides unwanted telephone marketing calls The FCC can issue warning Details and Demand fines against companies violating or suspected of violating the don't phone rules but does not award Person damages. If you personally receive a telephone solicitation you believe violates any of these rules you can file a Gripe along with your FCC. There surely is no charge for filing a Grievance. You are able to file your Gripe using an online Grievance kind. You are able to Additionally file your Gripe with the FCC s Buyer Centre by calling 1 W Phone FCC 1 W W W express or 1 W TELL FCC 1 W W W TY faxing 1 W W W or Composing for Federal Communications Commission Consumer amp Governmental Matters Agency Customer Inquiries amp Complaints Department Th Road SW Washington DC W. What for Contain within Your Gripe That very best manner to provide all that information that FCC needs to process your own Gripe is to complete totally your online Gripe sort. When you open your online complaint type you may be asked a Chain of questions that can take you personally for your Special section of the type you demand for Entire. If you personally do not use the online Criticism sort your own Criticism at a minimal should indicate your name address E-mail address and phone number where you can be accomplished the phone Amount where you received the phone and whether this Amount is on your national Do not Telephone list that date and time of the telephone whether the call advertised or Offered any property Items or services any data including a Owner ID Amount for help identify the individual or Business whose property goods or services were being advertised or sold and whether any of the info was Supplied during your telephone whether you personally or anyone else within your own House Offered your caller permission to call whether you've an EBRO along with that caller specifically whether you personally or anyone else within your own House got any purchases of property Items or services in the Person or Firm that called or got any question or filed an application with your individual or Firm prior to receiving your call and whether you personally or anyone within your own Home formerly asked the caller or individual or company whose property goods or services are being advertised or Offered NOT to telephone and when you personally got the request. Some states permit you personally to file law Matches in state court against persons or entities violating your do not telephone rules. You could possibly be awarded W in damages or True Financial loss whichever is greater. Your amount could possibly be tripled if You're Competent to display the Owner violated that rules willfully and knowingly. Processing a Grievance with that FCC doesn't prevent you personally out of Additionally bringing a suit within state court. States also could bring a civil law match against any person or entity that engages within a Design or practice of violating the TC Missouri} or FCC rules. You are able to contact your own state Attorney General s office or Buyer protection agency with Specific complaints or to encourage such Matches.

Post by ChipQ,

769-257-0954 Called without leaving message around and over again then finally they left a VIM and said they have my file in front of him and he has good news for me. Subsequently left this number and that name Josh. That incoming telephone had that Arizona Place code of W but the phone back Amount josh left was this one W W W. You personally would believe if it was such good news they would state more what it is seeing.

Post by violated,

7692570954 Scumbag calls telling me he can lower my Charge and MasterCard rates. I educate him this can be your own cell Telephone and he has violated that Don't Telephone registry. He tells me he did t understand. I tell him to remove this Amount out of his DB instantaneously. He says he dozen t have for. I Subsequently get angry and tell him to remove the Amount or I can telephone the Cops in Jackson MS and report his company for fraud and federal violations of the DC list. He tells me not to dig yourself an early solemn and for get your own panties out of a bunch . . . and Afterward hangs up on me. Wonderful Folks for can company with. On my personal cell phone.

Post by denise Leydic,

769-257-0954 stop the calls. Very annoying.

Post by JimK,

7692570954 Jerks keep calling

Post by Rebs,

769-257-0954 You know I eventually replied this phone today because I wanted to see who it was. They did t response on the other Finish. But the Peculiar thing was at your end of your phone it got a sound enjoy someone was Choosing my picture. I did t 've my reading glasses on but when I heard that sound I also tool a Short Image on my Telephone Display. So how could they capture data and how can I shield myself.

Post by SEH,

7692570954 This number has called my cell phone 4 times the week. . . they never leave a message. I m on your DC list thus not sure why they re calling or even have my number.

Post by detailer,

769-257-0954 I 'm not within Actual estate even though I do 've land for sale 9. W acres around searching Laos Angel es. California. A Agent. com W North SOTO Laos Angel es CA Additionally returned that telephone as well they said great bye and Put Upward on me overly.

Post by Trevor,

7692570954 got a phone out of the Amount. I said Hi and they said Goodbye reminded me of the Beadle s song. I think it's a machine phoning to locate what numbers are in service for future harassing Advertising calls.

Post by Benny,

769-257-0954 I 've obtained calls from the number several times and when I reply they request for me by my first name and when I say this really is he . . . they hang Upwards. Really questionable and annoying. Desperate Direct generator or sales Firm.

Post by Willie,

7692570954 Several calls out of W W W but never anyone on that line when I response. A telephone back for that Amount Provides a Amount has been disconnected message. I want I knew who it is so I could call them repeatedly and hang Upwards when they response.

Post by VIV,

769-257-0954 It look enjoy never can stop these unwanted Telephone calls. I 've for report each daytime but still get it. please help me for Cease this Amount W W W they got me sick

Post by Mis,

7692570954 I get a call at least once a daytime on my CELL Phone. No message and I do not response. Frustrating and annoying.

Post by Guest,

769-257-0954 Been calling your last two times directly Verizon wireless blocked them now

Post by scuba steve,

7692570954 Lola Blow a whistle loudly within phone when they call I Wager they Discontinue calling Lao

Post by BJK,

769-257-0954 Please Discontinue calling me.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 These people telephone a raising you and playing in your cellphone I must state that is 1 of the worst Group called I vie ever gotten I suggest everybody to report them to the better business Office because they re not supposed for become calling your own cell phone

Post by Guest,

769-257-0954 They asked if I was in milt Amount marketing I Inquired them for remove my Amount out of their list and they said they would your caller was considerate but spam

Post by Kelly,

7692570954 dido. Repeated calls Regular for 4 times beep goodbye hang Upwards. I am on your don't phone list. When I redial your it's occupied. make it stop.

Post by mike,

769-257-0954 I overly keep becoming calls from the number. I don t pick Upwards no name Amounts or Amounts I don t understand. They never leave a message. I just added it for my reject list on my phone. They phone me once a daytime.

Post by Matt Settles,

7692570954 I have had around W calls out of the number. Let it go for express mail. No message is left.

Post by annoyed,

769-257-0954 I need for Quit becoming calls out of the number. Pronto.

Post by Mohamed Hassan,

7692570954 These Amount is keep calling me and when i try and answer it they Abruptly hang up.

Post by Alex,

769-257-0954 I acquired a telephone from W W W coming from Ma Us saying that they were out of National Bank Card Monitor and they Guide with house hols debt. She kept saying that she was Designated for me. I Inquired her what company she worked for again an told her that I had no affiliation with that Firm. She said that she was Designated for me again and it all sounded too strange. I started swearing at her telling her not for telephone the number.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 I keep becoming that same phone on my cell phone out of quot Josh quot also. It s spam. I reported it for Web. telephone finder. com don t understand if it may would any great but at least it s on record. .

Post by scuba steve,

769-257-0954 Lola Strike a whistle loudly within Telephone when they phone I bet they Cease calling Lao

Post by Guest,

7692570954 I answered and they said goodbye. it was automated

Post by cindy,

769-257-0954 It appears they're back. The Amount keeps calling my Mum asking for me. I 've never Edward lived or used this number as mine. When attempt to return phone simply get a busy signal. Fairly irritating.

Post by Kitkat,

7692570954 Tired of this number calling.

Post by Guest,

769-257-0954 Got a phone telephone from this number but did t response because I did not Comprehend it. I called back to see who it was so when soon as your telephone was answered I was Place on hold for about 6 Min's and then an automated express said quot goodbye quot and it hung up. I attempted this again about W Min's later with that same result. Established on what I vie read from others online this Looks for become a few sort of scam. Oh Yep and my number is on the do not telephone registry so I m not confident how they got it.

Post by MillisaAnn,

7692570954 They called me I did t answer that Telephone I 'm Additionally on your DC list overly.

Post by Dona,

769-257-0954 I gotten calls from this number overly. They called me thus many times. We all demand to report this abuse for that authority thus they could investigate them. . . . . I believe they're scampers. . . They won t even leave a message and when I tried to telephone them back that Telephone was busy. . . . for at least 8 hours. . . . . This really is annoying and ridiculous. . . . we should Alert the authority Around the annoying scampers. . . . . . . .

Post by Bama,

7692570954 Quit calling me you lowlifes.

Post by Tom,

769-257-0954 These jag offs don't provide Upward solicitation leads told them twice that I 'm not interested and the Owner was exceptionally rude and would not provide any Business information and Afterward Installed up. They have been still calling every day for that past 3 weeks I Only blocked your number.

Post by SAM,

7692570954 I obtained the telephone along with a hang Upward when I answered. The call came in Now and Recently on my cell phone. I can Assess out how to block a Amount on a cell Telephone as mentioned above. Or if someone has your steps please post.

Post by Island_Gurl,

769-257-0954 They telephone like each other 3 times. I replied but no one talks. I Simply hang up

Post by Johnny,

7692570954 Got just one a few minutes ago. No message left. I 've an Android Program that blocks calls by Telephone number as well as other Conditions . Thus I added the Amount. Next time they call the app may Collection Subsequently instantaneously hang Upward. B

Post by psi128,


Post by JG,

7692570954 They called around W W pm today. I was away Striving for Discontinue another scam that my Partner along with dementia had gotten into. Cherished God help me.

Post by Guest,

769-257-0954 keeps calling my cell

Post by MARY,

7692570954 I obtained a phone out of W ask me for lower the interest on my credit cards. The Girl said they're National visa MasterCard.

Post by Just got their 'call',

769-257-0954 That Amount called me overly Merely a few Min's Past. I never reply whenever I see it. The last time before that I got a call a few days Past from them.

Post by Nadine  Force,

7692570954 I Only got a phone from the number. I bought phones where I could block UN Needed numbers out of calling. I don t answer numbers I don t recognize. Subsequently I look that number Upwards on the web. Thanks for sites enjoy this I understand for block them

Post by Guest,

769-257-0954 Dwelling business

Post by Nancy,

7692570954 I have blocked a lot of numbers the 1 included on my cell Telephone. They still keep calling. Do they get previous your block.

Post by ME,

769-257-0954 This can be Mad AND RUDE. CALLS ALL The TIME. . . . . 1

Post by Annoyed,

7692570954 keep becoming phone calls as well. will block it on my cell. I wish I could turn the a. . hole within.

Post by Jacque Giesbrecht,

769-257-0954 I vie been receiving unsolicited calls out of this number for your past 5 mornings. When I response no just one responds for me. IF you are able to identify who is doing this I d become grateful. . . it is Invasive unwanted and unsettling for become woken up by calls which are not Needed. Thank you

Post by Edward,

7692570954 Began receiving calls last week 2 calls each daytime on CID. Replied Telephone Recently nobody on line and Installed Upwards i am receiving a telephone about every W minutes W calls thus Much today and my phone service cannot block incoming Amounts.

Post by Nancy,

769-257-0954 I get repeated calls from them overly and all cell phones AND your house phone are on that Do not Telephone list. So do your number and how are they Capable for get away with calling. It s Actually annoying.

Post by scuba steve,

7692570954 I filed a complaint Th that FCC maybe if nicely all do something May}n' happen.

Post by cali guest,

769-257-0954 9 W PST No message.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 Nothing

Post by Brian,

769-257-0954 Mark wrote . . . leaves his direct line Amount within the voice send. Why don t you personally share that Amount here so we could all enjoy it.

Post by Jackie,

7692570954 Called Around milt Degree Advertising and if I were within a business. They Needed to help me Improve my company. . . . told them no thank you personally and Put up. . . . .

Post by Jessie,

769-257-0954 I already got three calls on my cell from this Amount when I pick Upward a recording says goodbye this can be quite annoying. I m within NY.

Post by jane volkmer,

7692570954 I 'm on national don't phone list this caller has called many times

Post by vanessa,

769-257-0954 i got a call today for your first time from the Amount around W pm. A message was left Hello. Hi. Hi there my name is Josh it Looks I 'm leaving a message on your voice mail. I 've your file sitting in front of me along with your info. If you could phone me back at W. Again that number is W. If you personally demand to contact me my direct line to my Table is W. Again your number is W. No mention of what Business is calling didn't mention me by name.

Post by Mr. Pierce,

7692570954 The number called me 5 times in a Line during a Assembly it was idiotic. I attempted to answer but they constantly hung Upwards. I am also on that DC list so whats that Cope.

Post by Susie Waxerfield,

769-257-0954 It's a Business called Brand new Credit for you personally. I called your Amount back and Inquired them to take me off their list and they were nice and said they would

Post by Guest,

7692570954 They don t say anything

Post by Deb,

769-257-0954 I used the Do not telephone list dentally. org and it worked for me at my Dwelling.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 His name is josh. Frig Generation jerk . Dint reply this Amount. Each time u answer ca ls u dint understand it takes away Ur minutes.

Post by Fed up,

769-257-0954 I continue to get calls from this number despite reporting it and being on the Do not Telephone list. This is Actually frustrating and I desire it for stop.

Post by ad,

7692570954 Called them back Now after W calls the week when I Inquired what business the was she could not response. When I Inquired to become Chosen away list she hung Upward on me Around 6 times.

Post by Beanie,

769-257-0954 Obtained several messages from this number saying they have your own paperwork in front of them and they want for Discuss to you . Your Man calling says his name is Josh. They have called five times within your past six times.

Post by Jan,

7692570954 They keep calling and when I state Hello within my Insane voice they hang Upward on me. Who in the hell are these Individuals anyways and what do they desire.


769-257-0954 ON DC LIST PLEASE Create Sure THEY Cease CALLING ME.

Post by Guest,

7692570954 Spam

Post by heather,

769-257-0954 Discontinue CALLING MY Number. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Quit HAVING THESE CALLS Forward To MY Telephone. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by tigerbuny,

7692570954 Calls 1 2 times per daytime. No 1 on that line and no message left

Post by Nancy,

769-257-0954 I 've blocked a lot of Amounts the one Comprised on my cell phone. They still keep calling. Do they get previous the block.

Post by Kelly,

7692570954 Began becoming phone calls from this Amount recently. . . thus Much its Around twice a day. Never response and they never leave a message.

Post by kat,

769-257-0954 despise when they telephone my cell.

Post by Corncer Citizen,

7692570954 Obtained a call from Man saying he is calling on behalf of Mr. Samuelson and if I could pass your Meeting I will 've the option for create a lot of money. All he Wanted was W seconds. I said go ahead the Time is ticking. . . . he got thus anger and said I did t pass the interview and Put up. I 'm on a DC list and 'm wondering how they get my number. He was a creep.

Post by anon,

769-257-0954 yup been calling for days i 've yet for reply but doesn't look like threes any motive too after go ogling it i wonder how they ended up with my CZ I am not within Actual estate either.

Post by Cathy,

7692570954 The Amount calls my house alto and occasionally daily for awhile now and I 'm becoming really frustrated.

Post by ANNOYED,

769-257-0954 Someone named Josh keeps leaving voice mail messages for me.

Post by Jesse,

7692570954 Got a call but I did t reply. Owner left no message.

Post by tesla,

769-257-0954 This Amount has called me 3 times the previous week getting tired of it

Post by Sick of phone calls,

7692570954 Do I Discontinue this out of happening it started two weeks ago and continues that call and that computer created woman s express saying goodbye. when I telephone back I get Registered elevator music playing.

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8602106086 Complains by Guest,

They called again a few minutes After. That Caller ID Features your and says Ct. I let it go for express send and they hung Upwards.

7653303058 Complains by Guest,

they are becoming info out of Underneath aged Kids. someone called my house and Inquired for my kid by name and even knew what school she attends.

3609674409 Complains by Guest,

the was an automated phone and they mentioned they were in the Government and there was a fit against us. 2 W p. m. fundamental time.

4802778200 Complains by Billy,

Helping his sister sale her deceased son truck, I called and no one called me back. I left a message got a text this morning, but no voice recognition.

7185773206 Complains by Hesher,

They re NOT unsolicited telemarketers. They're calling to follow Upward on a request someone at your own office may have made for Information at some time.

8105464284 Complains by Guest,

Inquired haphazard question Around a Man that dozen t exist.

8166599550 Complains by Guest,

This time waster is whitelisted. I don't think he's sinister or anything, but he manages to take up your time with calls and texts and then cancels by text when youre already on your way to his place.

8172331240 Complains by Guest,

Liar cheater game

8002200766 Complains by Elsie Buck,

Favorite Shoppers Network

8002459943 Complains by Mark,

Got a Telephone call for a Discreet message for me. I also got a notice in the send out of an Lawyer stating it's come for our Focus that through the County Court records which you have been named as a Defendant in a suit recently Submitted by Learn Bank. It's possible that the procedure server has not Offered you personally. It is your Knowledge the Lender is seeking a Ruling against you for xx xxx. xx due on the account plus. . . That page is Advertisements stuff from Rowdier Law Offices Inc. My question is can a litigation become Registered against me if I Destination t been Offered any papers. In any case I lost my Occupation and I m disabled. I live on a small income and can hardly pay my Regular bills as it's. I figure I m going for 've to go down that bankruptcy Option shortly.

8002005186 Complains by lamet,

Did you indication Upward for Glaring word. If you personally did go back for your Web site and READ your conditions and conditions. By they are required to disclose fees and Prices within your terms and conditions. they Count heavily on your Customer not reading them whatsoever. they know if you personally read your Conditions and States first you personally would never have placed your order

8002148501 Complains by Linda008,

Additionally talked with Henry Beck and he was quite rude and inconsiderate. He has called my Put of employment after being told several times not overly. He is a JERK. . .

8002441456 Complains by Guest,

No telephone no display since Jan. 2 beware wants location of Resort.

8002439404 Complains by Mary T.,

I vie noticed your same charge on your last two BOA card statements. Called Bank of America customer service the morning and was told the charge was out of something called Privacy Source for keeping an eye on your credit Seclusion so no just one Takes your Identification or words for that effect. How did they get hold of people. Through your credit card said that customer service Woman. She said for call that Amount Recorded on that line of that charge W W W tell that Amount that I wished for Stop and ask for a refund I should then become sure to get a Termination number AND create notice of the date on which I Ended if the charge ongoing to Search BOA can use this data to Contest the charge. She Additionally said that we ought for have got a few sort of Communication from Solitude Source maybe as component of your card statement maybe separately announcing the charge. I don't Recall seeing anything of that type but it s possible my Partner paid that bill and thrown that Communication away.

8002242462 Complains by Guest,

Nagging balk women from Upward north.

8002461076 Complains by NR,

I Additionally called them thinking I was calling American Express Customer Care. I dialed W rather than W . They posed as American Express s promotional office saying that their lines were busy and they were picking Upward your calls. They previously mentioned that I was eligible for a W gift card great at Absolute best Buy House Site Walmart. . . They Subsequently requested my name and address. Then they Desired a Mater card or Credit for charge your activation Payment of 3. W. I told them I would not provide them that info they Afterward said I could use my debit card. I told them the did not sound legitimate and hung Upwards.

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