7752238307 / 775-223-8307

Telephone information: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless. Reno, NV. Washoe. United states
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Post by FD,

7752238307 The Thing refuses to answer nor leave a message. How do we Cease this type of unwanted harassment .

Post by spook,

775-223-8307 Owner ID is Wireless Owner. A CELLPHONE. In the parking lot of Goodman Law Center W Factory Road Reno NV W W W W Facsimile W W W

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Spammer

Post by Carol,

775-223-8307 Got a call a few minutes ago out of the Amount I answered it said Hi I don t even understand how many times they refused for reply me or say anything whatsoever they were still on the line being hushed so I said who that f is this you playing games or what either say who you are and what you desire or get the f off that Telephone. Eventually they Installed Upward. I 'm Ill and drained of these BS calls. It just comes Upwards as wireless Owner along with the Amount.

Post by St Paul MN is Sick of Scammers,

7752238307 got Bacall on from W W W Owner ID said WIRELESS Caller on Thursday W W W W PM Credit Card SCAM message. . . . . . . consider this your final call as it relates to that stimulation. I pressed 1 for Discuss to a person. Young gal Arrived on the line and said Hello I responded Hi She asked Are your own responding to lowering your own Attention. I Simply Luvs that line and answered Yes I 'm and I immediately Began blowing the SCUMMIER HORN . I would Occasionally check back for see she was still on that line and she was thus continued Coming and Subsequently making implicative comments within between. The Card SCAM gal must vie been kinky with alto of time on her hands cause she was still talking. Ongoing for strike that SCUMMIER HORN checked again for see if she was still there and she was now Striving for counter my SCUMMIER HORN by Driving many of her phone buttons. By this time I had walked to my computer and Subsequently fired Upward at not empty volume my Raunchy Cussing Swearing YouTube Observation . Nicely that fight she had put Upwards for nicely around 7 minutes ended in less than W W seconds with your repetitive expletive Rant. Gotta Luvs that Raunchy Cussing Swearing YouTube Rant .

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 The Amount call and leaves no voice send. After the second time I blocked them.

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Spoofed comes up as quot wireless user quot on caller id.

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 Rob dialing phishing phone. Fully fake credit warning and possible Identification thieves

Post by Guest,

7752238307 When I pressed 0 to get to someone and Inquired to be Set on the quot do not phone quot list he Put Upwards instantly. Total sham. Should become Close down somehow.

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 credit card robot call

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Had several calls out of this Around lowering credit when i stay on line for tell her I 'm on Don't call list amp remove my Amount she immediately hangs Upwards. Know its scam.

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 Never leaves message. Hangs up.

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Keeps calling for lower my credit card rates. I press your Amount they say for press for become removed out of their phone list. These are harassing annoying nuisance calls. I filled a Criticism stuffed with the FCC for harassment.

Post by Justme,

775-223-8307 I enjoy your Strategy.

Post by Gary,

7752238307 Arbitrary phone No message

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 Telemarketing

Post by Guest,

7752238307 calls repeatedly.

Post by Kplan23,

775-223-8307 Called on W W W W W PM out of Reno NV. Owner ID shows Unknown. No message was left. Next they called out of W W W a T mobile cell Telephone in Philadelphia. Card Services daily phone s .

Post by Guest,

7752238307 We are also on the do not phone list. What great does that can. . They telephone amp when your answering machine comes on they hang Upwards. Exactly why arena t these idiots being reported. . . .

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 insurance fraud. How do these idiots get away foam the. Hello Us Authorities we are on that don't call list what are you personally doing about this. . .

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Record Striving to scare you about your credit

Post by JMG,

775-223-8307 I don't need any calls from the Firm and or number

Post by John,

7752238307 The card service scampers Will service our credit cards BUT when they End servicing them they can don't have any available credit remaining.

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 After Original Registered message that caller says they're from quot Card Member Services quot . This really is a spam phishing scam call. They will not remove me from their call list since they say they're offering a no cost service. They want for give me a low interest credit card since I allegedly 've a high interest 1 with great payment history. I say bull. I despise these unsolicited phone calls.

Post by The Owl,

7752238307 Reported to that National No Telephone List and suggested them of the scam based on the Remarks here. Also blocked them on my Telephone.

Post by John,

775-223-8307 That card service scampers Can service our credit cards BUT when they End servicing them they will don't have any Accessible credit staying.

Post by Lyn,

7752238307 I pressed 1 and Inquired politely that they remove my number out of their list. Your amp amp . hung up on me. Greer

Post by Tom H.,

775-223-8307 I blocked in on my Verizon FIRS Electronic voice. The just Difficulty is that there's a Control of W Amounts you are able to block. These crooks use several Distinct numbers.

Post by Beware,

7752238307 First machine along with computer woman voice called to report about final last day for lower your own interest on your credit card and Inquired me for Press 1 I pressed the button Subsequently guy Discuss for me Attempting for get info about my credit card. I said I don t have any out of which bank are you calling. I Inquired him three times within a row and every time he Only apologized but never answered your question. During my last question he Just hang Upward on me. I located Outside that they called from next Amount W W W

Post by KenK,

775-223-8307 got a call from this Amount. Card member services. lower my attention speed. BLOCKED.

Post by Guest,

7752238307 credit card scampers

Post by Cc,

775-223-8307 I m guessing these are Resources services jerks. I get Constant calls out of various Telephone Amounts Recorded or ID d as Beacon Fresh York. When I search these Beacon New York Amounts online they turn out to be connected along with many kind of electrical services. I don t reply the calls I block that Amount and they call me out of a Distinct Amount. Now I picked up that phone out of a Beacon Brand new York phone and screamed Cease calling me. Within two minutes they called right back from the cell phone number. Create them Quit.

Post by Gene,

7752238307 I get these calls daily sometimes 2 or 3 times. It s a scam. They need you for provide them your own credit card Amount but they won t give you their phone number. When I Inquired the best way to get on their don't call list she said never.

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 I 'm on the National Do not Call list and I screen all calls that I do not Understand with my replying machine and Owner ID. They consistently hang up. Never response these calls. File a Gripe along with that National Do not Phone website and report these calls to that FCC at HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. create Client. action

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Rob phone Around credit card I am on do not telephone and I get MANY calls of this type

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 Never leaves message. Hangs Upwards. Violating don't telephone registry.

Post by Guest,

7752238307 I m really tired of the person calling me for get me to give them a credit card number for lower interest speed and when I tell them I don t have 1 they call me a lire and hang up on me. they phone Upwards to 4 times a daytime.

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 Scampers. . Don't reply these calls. Their lives must become very boring. . Jerks.

Post by p,

7752238307 card services what a Lot of constantly calling

Post by D81,

775-223-8307 Called 1 W P. M. CT on 2 W and almost woke Upwards my grandma as she was napping. Yes cheers for that courtesy telephone Card Services you personally insensitive schmucks. Exactly why don t you just let it go and put an end to the nonessential Plan of yours before you get your carcasses hauled away for jail where you personally all belong.

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Annoying calls Re credit card attention. Annoying and I am on that do not phone list. Ken

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 Annoyance call

Post by Christina,

7752238307 I live with 2 elderly Individuals and this telephone came over their land line phone. Luckily I got your call when they were not House. This scamming Firm sounds Very sincere and I Envision they have torn off millions of Folks. Initially it was a Rob phone and I had for press a Amount for talk with a Individual. I did Only for fun. The Individual I spoke with was not prepared for questions I asked. He notion I was a person with no mental Work and one Base in solemn thus my questions were complicated for him. I asked general questions and he said he had to talk for one of your elders for reply. I could have asked if sunshine was out and he would have said he Wanted for talk with cardholder for Check. Eventually he got frustrated with me calling him on his bull poop and said he wouldn't become calling again. I ended call by saying of path you won t become calling again because You're being reported .

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 Annoying calls for reduce my credit card rates will not provide a name or and opt out Choice.

Post by Lyn,

7752238307 I pressed 1 and Inquired politely that they remove my Amount from their list. That amp amp . hung Upward on me. Greer

Post by jo,

775-223-8307 I am weary of these calls. . So i press one and strike a whistle until they hang up. It stops the RI BO calls for a little while.

Post by Justme,

7752238307 I like your own Strategy.

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 scampers again from Nevada beware of Owner credit card not valid would NT go along with it fraud

Post by Rodnil,

7752238307 Wireless Owner three Bands hangs Upwards.

Post by Tami,

775-223-8307 Would not reply when I said Hi. Arrived out of Wireless Caller

Post by john d.,

7752238307 you are able to always spoof your Amount but if they aren't spoofing this number is run by a Richard M. within Reno Vegas and at least Foundation all was a T Mobile Usa INC. Amount.

Post by Guest,

775-223-8307 When can these Head not alive telemarketers Cease calling

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Don t telephone . . . waste of time.

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

7752238307 Skim of your bottom of the barrel bad Folks don t fuss with them

Post by cathy,

775-223-8307 Stop CALLING

Post by Just Me,

7752238307 Intriguing how that telemarketers are using probably their own cell Telephone for create calls. No message Afterward I don t response or telephone back. Uncomplicated. .

Post by mike,

775-223-8307 Card service scam. . . . . Fall not alive and go away.

Post by Guest,

7752238307 Don t understand who this really is but they demand to Cease calling immediately. It is harassment.

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8773436259 Complains by Guest,

ASPCA Dog Insurance

2535794186 Complains by Guest,

Threatening my life.

6098273182 Complains by Guest,

he can rob you

8889830362 Complains by Guest,

Don t understand who these Pol are but they never leave a message and when you personally attempt to telephone back it times they are not Taking Telephone calls at the time

2086150779 Complains by Guest,

received one message that said quot Wow I am jealous quot

8003151437 Complains by Glenn,

Called my cell Telephone no message. Called it back prefixed by W number is not in service. Another scam Rob caller using fake number ID.

8005283559 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling my cell and hang Upwards each time. Annoying.

8162956869 Complains by Guest,

Received spam text with a LOT of text in it. Seems like random lines from a book. Addressed to multiple phone numbers.

3367638471 Complains by Guest,

Did t response. They did t leave a vim.

6307896022 Complains by Guest,

attempt later

6142127553 Complains by Guest,

Unknown collection agency

8663451023 Complains by Guest,

Much guided con ESE n City Te lawman pregnant informs n y Que Tu reporter P} Cr ditto est banjo y Que Te quieten Adar y es para robe Tu identified.

5127409434 Complains by Guest,


5419814323 Complains by Guest,

Same thing here. Help. What can I would.

8194203902 Complains by pup,

I know there pissing me off overly. Will there be any way that they could be Quit. I mean really enough is enough Around 3 for 5 times a week. This can be an important message . . . . . . . . and Subsequently they state they do not sell anything and they are not telemarketers what B. S.

9493798774 Complains by Guest,

Obtained a phone and it was for a Homeowner litigation service

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