7752414638 / 775-241-4638

Telephone information: Nevada Bell. Dayton, NV. Lyon. United states
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Post by Guest,

7752414638 Spamming harassing Attempting for sell cigarettes

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 They said I was a smoker amp i was searching for cheaper cogs. I think Its due for freebie stuff I Complete out. I told him I roll my own. I adore Mr number CZ I could bug the idiots that phone me.

Post by sheilaw03,

7752414638 Acquired telephone. Indian dialect. Anyway I Inquired if they could leave a message for that Man they were asking for. Of course I was told no and asked when was the best time for call. There s no great time to get a call enjoy this. I would categorize it as scam.

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 Dint know didn't answer

Post by Daleinaz,

7752414638 Ouch. W calls. I ll add them for my blocked list before that. That is my first call. It s a company of some type Cox Offers me a specific ring for businesses. CL ID says Dayton NV . Dayton Vegas is about W miles out of Carson City W miles out of Lake Tahoe. I could t believe of any good reason for anyone there for phone me.

Post by McFraud,

775-241-4638 They claim to become a Job free company from the Philippines. Absolute fraud.

Post by Jess,

7752414638 Becoming calls out of the number each day around 6 W pm. Don t understand who they're and they don t leave a message. I can hope it stops before I Stand up any where close to W calls. . . That can 've me really Insane if that happens. . .

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 They phone constantly amp never response. . . . they Only called again while I was typing this. . . Lola

Post by Mrs Wilson,

7752414638 Please please tell me how you are able to create your own Telephone not ring when they telephone. Telemarketers are driving me insane and I am on your GOVT Do not Telephone LIST. Gere

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 Don't have any Idea.

Post by rkmg_Tx,

7752414638 I have gotten a phone from the number every W minutes for last 4 hours. I tried replying. . . NO One responded. . . I could tell it was an open line but no 1 answered.

Post by julie,

775-241-4638 Yes got the telephone and they also mentioned something Around cigarettes. . . said not interested and Installed up. . . said they were looking for someone named risen

Post by Kim,

7752414638 MG. . . . . how can you personally get this to Discontinue. I think adding my number for your don't telephone list dozen t work. I wont response because you know that Amount is bogus but I 'm weary of becoming these calls.

Post by Mrs Wilson,

775-241-4638 Please please tell me how you can create your own phone not ring when they telephone. Telemarketers are Operating me mad and I am on that GOVT Do not Phone LIST. Gere

Post by LeeAnne,

7752414638 They are doing that same to me. egg. . .

Post by Tracie,

775-241-4638 I Only got a telephone they Installed Upward before voice send picked up. It was at almost PM I was within bed 've to become Upward early for work. I called it back and they replied Seeking me to Purchase Economical cigarettes. They said I filled Outside a survey which i have not . I Inquired them if they knew what state I was in she told me yes I then Inquired her if she knew what time it was here. She asked me what state i was in. some Folks are stupid Lola. I told them for remove me from your list we ll see they do.

Post by sqeeker,

7752414638 This W W W called. I don t answer any numbers I don t Understand. I get plenty of calls out of various Place Rules. On my house Telephone I let your replying machine Choose Upwards but they leave no message. 1 Amount that calls frequently and did leave a message was out of La's Vegas saying I Closed Upward to be in commercials etc. Yes correct I am W years old. Since I can t Quit the calls I Simply don t reply them.

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 They have called several times even late at nighttime. When I answer that phone no one Solutions back and they don t leave a message on that answering machine.

Post by Marie,

7752414638 Calls me each daytime 3 4 times day and they're really annoying. . .

Post by anita,

775-241-4638 i received a call out of the Amount. they left no message thus i called them back. it was a foreign lady Seeking for know if i was interested within buying duty free cigarettes. i Inquired her where they would become coming out of exactly and she said worldwide. thanks but no thanks.

Post by chuck,

7752414638 Exactly why oh Exactly why if ya did t bother for find out who that is can you post a Result. . . would you personally need to see your words online that awful. If you can t help people with WHO this can be Only Stay Off. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 They telephone constantly amp never response. . . . they Merely called again while I was Writing the. . . Lola

Post by Murphy,

7752414638 The Business is Affordable Cigarettes Team among many many other tobacco shop guises just one of their many names . They're most likely based within India. A few time Past I was searching into ordering a carton of smokes online. I don't Recall giving them my phone number but I must 've. Recently they have Began calling me. It used for Simply be once a daytime I scarcely replied because they always telephone when I 'm at work but another day they called me eight times in an hour. I called them back and Needed for tell them that it's a bit Extreme calling me that often. I spoke along with a Girl and I told her I Needed them to take my Telephone number out of their records. She said Okay thank you 've a Pleasant day. and hung Upward. I tried for telephone them back a few times but they never replied their answering machine says Work Free Store or something similar . Afterward they called me back 5 times within swift succession NEVER saying anything when I d answer. Also they called me from another Amount W W W. I Viewed the Upward and it's a pharmaceutical company online pills . I never looked into purchasing pharmaceuticals but did remember becoming an e send from a company thanking me for my purchase which Included someone else s personal details in it . So they are your same Firm. So what did I can. I Place them on redial. I would phone them let it ring and not say anything. If they need to waste my time I decided I would waste theirs. I called them over and around and around and suppose what. After my assault of calls on them I Destination t heard out of them. That s what I urge everyone here would Jam their lines. See how they enjoy it. Fight fire along with fire.

Post by Mrs Wilson,

775-241-4638 Called at 9 W W W W W W W W W W W thus Much today. Complete Attack of Seclusion. Unwanted telemarketer calls and I 'm on that Govt Do not Telephone List.

Post by Mrs Wilson,

7752414638 Unwanted telemarketer calls and I 'm on the Govt Don't Call List.

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 Wont Quit calling

Post by 2Creative Not 2 Get Even,

7752414638 Simply as an FYI everyone I have attempted something you might find interesting I have been reading through these posts Nearly daily for around a year now. The entire scam irritated me within a unique manner for many reason and I 've been hell bent for attempt anything and everything I could for help Discontinue anyone else being a Sufferer or give them any more Financing for whatever Illegal Applications they're involved in. I have Selected numbers from haphazard posts on the Newsgroup from other Individuals. Keep within head that none of these numbers had ever contacted me. I called back and started asking questions acted a bit bit worried and when they asked my name I Offered them a fake just one said I was Chuck U. Farley which that comedy was totally lost on them . I would Subsequently hang Upward. Literally In W MINUTES I Began receiving calls for Chuck U. Farley Around a warrant for my Charge a huge Invoice for a payday loan that wan t paid Assess fraud Costs etc. Chuck U. Farley dozen t even exist that name was an Technology of my imagination but they sucked onto it enjoy leaches believing it was However another Man they could scam out of money. As shortly as they had a Telephone Amount amp name a lousy debt of outrageous proportions magically appeared . On that note I agree that we appear to become becoming nowhere with aid from our own Authorities. I 've filed Criticisms with each branch I can believe of amp some new ones I located online . There was no Result action or resolution. I 've resolved for Only keep Striving to help as many as I could out of sending their tough earned money and for myself start seeing your comical side of it all. Here is a previous post I listed. It could supply you personally many great ideas on how to deal along with them but at the least it should add a little comedy to your day Here s a few more thoughts for add in there They have Began within with a brand new number now W W W thus that game begins again. This time when your guy identified himself as an Specialist I told him he has called a offense scene and I Began interrogating him. He Installed up after some stuttering and stammering. Anyone who did not see my last post here it is again with a few more creative notions on how to deal with these idiots Ok first off everyone Quiet DOWN and don t freak out about these People. No subject what they say or what they jeopardize they Could T do anything to you. I know each among people has attempted Processing reports along with law enforcement FTC FBI ICC etc. It dozen t look for work because these Men Stadium t even within the Us. Thus take a deep Air relax and don t let them ruffle your feathers. Now I started getting these calls about a year Past. I have personally used all of the Techniques below and they would Discontinue calling me for Around 6 months so the manner I body it a bit time out of my day for give them back a Flavor of their own medicine is worth it for 6 months of calmness and silent. Keep within thoughts as well every minute you spend screwing along with them on your Telephone is a minute they're NOT Competent for scam someone else. And the simply way they can ever Discontinue is if nobody pays them any money ever again. And now for your enjoyment part the way to screw with them back. I will start with your easiest and move Upwards your line with that more time Eating If you have no time to mess with them a. Simply don t pick up your line. Let it go for express send and Remove the message. b. Choose Upwards that line and instantly hang Upward. Keep doing it until they Cease. c. Choose Upward your line and use an atmosphere horn or Cops whistle blown directly into that Cartridge of that phone. I personally like that Processed air horn your absolute best. d. If they telephone while You're Operating turn that radio Upwards as loud as potential and response that line on speakerphone. Don t state anything Merely let them listen to the blasting music. Significant metal music works absolute best but I personally 've a Cd with Star Spangled Banner on it thus I play that as loud as I could. Just leave the line open along with that music blasting until they hang Upwards. If you might have a bit more time to mess along with them a. Ask if they are Connected to your deceased insert your own name here as the deceased or Merely a family Buddy because the viewing of your body if for family just but your memorial service is open for everyone. Ask if they would love Guidelines to your funeral. b. Just tell them which you 've read all Around their scam on your Web amp seen it on your news on Television so you Stadium t paying anything. Don t listen for any Result Simply hang Upwards on them after saying the. c. Use the just one only if You're willing to be as crude as they are Using your name they gave you i. e. Official Henry Taylor was the last one I got say Is your the The Officer Henry Taylor I read about on that internet. Might it be true what your places online say you have such a little d k that even camels won t have sex with you personally. Subsequently hang Upward on them. d. For this 1 I must first apologize for PEAT and all vegans but it highly offends your scampers because they consider cows to be divine beings. Tell them you don t 've time to speak with them because you work at a slaughter house and you might have over W cows you personally demand to kill away before that end away your day. Subsequently hang Upwards on them. e. Are you personally good with theatrics. Afterward try the 1 it was Really Very Powerful for me Place on your own strongest scariest crawliest voice and Simply whisper into your phone around and around I command that demons for come for you I command that demons for come for you personally I command the demons for come for you personally . Simply keep whispering it around and over until they hang Upward. I think the one worked nicely because they are quite superstitious. f. If you understand a foreign language reply that Telephone inside it and just keep talking in unintelligible Terms. That more obscure that language that better. Don t understand a foreign language. Pig Latin Looks for work Simply as efficiently. g. Request if they're calling from the benefit store and could they present you personally last night s winning lottery Amounts because You're confident you might have won. For any Result they give for it Merely keep yelling around and over I won. I won. h. When you personally response that phone request them where your pizza is and tell them because they did t get it for you within your W minutes you re not paying for it. Hang Upward. i. Tell them You're at work right now but for telephone you personally back on your Residence Telephone and present them the number W W W. That is the scam and fraud reporting division Amount at the FBI. Hang Upwards. If You're Actually p ed off and have plenty of time for screw with them a. Go on to Craig s List and post an ad within the wanted section or services section saying you are searching for a payday loan Business because you demand a loan. Ask they call you personally appropriate away. List the scummier s name and Telephone Amount as that contact information. The sends that scum sucking bottom feeders off for telephone another scum Drawing bottom feeders LOLA b. Go online and appearance for every free Day-to-day horoscope free insurance estimate free mortgage lending etc. and click on your have an agent contact me link. Type within your scummier s name and Telephone number. Viola. Now they can get flooded along with telemarketers as well. c. If you would like for blow off steam and don't have any problem with swearing Simply keep calling them around and over pretending you've Toilette s Syndrome by Only screaming obscenities within your phone until they hang up. This works pretty good in the Auto because no just one else could hear you personally and it is a good pressure reliever. d. Log onto these payday loan sites and enter all of the scampers info on it. The manner they might even wind Upward on their own list. e. Don't Test this 1 unless you might have state of that artwork Traveler ware amp virus protection and even then you personally still are Choosing a Danger Go into your own spam folder on your computer. Locate each E-mail you are able to Around you personally won millions of dollars or your Nigerian lottery or something to that effect. Send it back with all of your scampers contact information. f. Research for your Telephone numbers for both local and national Tv news Programs breaking news Table . Again tell the scummier on the phone for telephone you personally at your own work Amount and offer that number for your news station s phone number. Hopefully if that news Programs get enough of these calls they can start Broadcast more Narratives about it reaching more Individuals and reduce the number of victims that fall for this particular. Again before sending money to ANYONE stop. Think. Can you might have any paperwork showing you owe cash. If not request for paperwork. If they refuse for send it they are scampers. A real collection Bureau will always 1. Supply paperwork 2. never cry or cuss at you 3. never Demand you personally to pay first before receiving paperwork 4. never identify themselves as an officer of law Administration 5. never threaten you along with jail arrest or physical Injury.

Post by Karen Coykendall,

775-241-4638 Please stop calling me. I have asked you for Discontinue calling Adan you personally still do.

Post by kat,

7752414638 they 've called me 4 times within the last W minutes along with no message left. Next time I ll response and tell them to Stop calling me.

Post by LaTrice,

775-241-4638 I vie been receiving phone calls out of the so called law office for around a month now. They had the NERVE for tell me for Supply a legal statement regarding a debt Group and to Supply a statement or continue with your legal proceedings. The number was placed on the rejection list since I understand that this phone is a SCAM. I already contacted your National Trade Commission Around the issue and I ll 've that paperwork in several times. I might have for call them back and let that FTC understand that there s a scam going on. If the law office calls me again I m going to your Cops department and press Prices against them for harassment. They re NOT becoming a Penny from me. . .

Post by jen,

7752414638 with you personally telling them for Cease and they don t you are able to actually sue them big time each time they telephone since they're portraying themselves as a company.

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 They call always amp never answer. . . . they Merely called again while I was typing the. . . Lola

Post by julie,

7752414638 Yes got the call and they also mentioned something about cigarettes. . . said not interested and Installed up. . . said they were searching for someone named risen

Post by VashCrow,

775-241-4638 I Only received 2 calls from this number within a issue of W seconds. . . he Put up Middle sentence during the first just one and Subsequently Installed Upwards before I could say Hi that second time. . . prompting me to appearance that Amount Upward. And nicely here I 'm. OH. And Seemingly Indian people name their Children Jonathan James now. . . my soft white Irish that s his real name.

Post by Guest,

7752414638 Dint know who this is

Post by Becky,

775-241-4638 I called this Amount back because they kept calling me 3 or 4 times a day. They said they was a Smoke Business. . I chewed that guy Outside on your Telephone amp demanded him to take me away their list. I 've gotten in that previous 2 days calls from 3 different numbers Around every couple hours. Enough is enough. . . . .

Post by Smitty,

7752414638 I got a phone last nighttime at PM from W W W I did not response it and no message either.

Post by DRB,

775-241-4638 Got 1 Now. Did t understand your number so did t reply.

Post by Guest,

7752414638 They phone constantly amp never reply. . . . they Only called again while I was Writing the. . . Lola

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 Keep calling for sell me Job free cigarettes. I tell them duty free is illegal in the country and hang Upwards. They keep calling back.

Post by Rivka,

7752414638 Well i finally blocked these d Folks lets see if they look for a way Approximately it. i think its a phone virus Lola

Post by christopher,

775-241-4638 I 'm sick of these people calling me it's been a few weeks and I've requested to that person calling for remove my name and yet they still call. . .

Post by Guest,

7752414638 W calls in a Line really.

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 They telephone always amp never answer. . . . they Only called again while I was Writing this. . . Lola

Post by acole,

7752414638 Thus Way I have gotten only 3 calls Now and I have not replied the first 1. I 've been receiving a lot of these Kinds of calls and everyone of them can just Talk English yet they all have American names.

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 Did not answer said suspected spam

Post by Guest,

7752414638 They telephone constantly amp never response. . . . they Simply called again while I was typing the. . . Lola

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 Don t know who it's

Post by Guest,

7752414638 Dint understand didn't answer

Post by dorothy,

775-241-4638 this Amount is calling and I don t know who or exactly why they telephone Additionally they don t leave a message please block my

Post by Mrs Wilson,

7752414638 Please please tell me how you are able to make your Telephone not ring when they phone. Telemarketers are Operating me insane and I am on that GOVT Do not Call LIST. Gere

Post by jen,

775-241-4638 with you personally telling them for Discontinue and they don t you can Really sue them Enormous time each time they telephone since they are portraying themselves as a business.

Post by Clipnipple,

7752414638 This Individual called me and there was Simply screaming like someone was being axed up or something within your background. I 'm pretty confident I heard a death rattle.

Post by Guest,

775-241-4638 They Put Upwards when I replied.

Post by Caroline,

7752414638 Hi . I got two tickets last month and this number Maintained for be for an arrest Guarantee which is Unusual because I Destination t even had court Though. Absolute fraud they call away the number but tell me for return the phone telephone for another phone number

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8764898466 Complains by Guest,

Exhausted of the user .

2812017357 Complains by Guest,


8043547000 Complains by lol,

Fine Creativity.

2815450327 Complains by Guest,

calls every few times. net hunt says Amount dials about W W day

9107221920 Complains by Guest,

Block it

6786083272 Complains by Guest,

Complete SCUMMIER left no message and Owner ID of Out of AREA

2813156119 Complains by question,

Does anyone understand a name or address because of this Amount.

5628793958 Complains by Dana,

Got 2 calls from this number just now.  I did not answer.  When it stopped ringing on the first try, they immediately tried a second time. No messages left.  I don't recognize the area code, so I assume it's not someone I know and figure they can leave a message if it's important.

8042349072 Complains by Larry Reporter,

I obtained a phone from this Amount earlier today no message was left. I called back the number using W first a message all agents are active please wait for the next available agent Afterward a Man said thank you personally for calling NCO Monetary .

8002991564 Complains by DL,

The 1 W W W is on the borderline for harassment.

8003014853 Complains by Steve,

I gotten your telephone Now and Assessed Outside to see who was calling. When I Found what it was for I had for telephone back from a non listed and non Released number I do not use. I had a terrific time. I told them I was masturbating and it felt thus good and how badly I Needed their Merchandise because my was small and I wanted a big 1. Needless to say that girl kept talking.

8003336950 Complains by Carol,

Sorry my Telephone Vehicle Adjusted They left a message. . .

8003287448 Complains by DirtE1,

I believe you meant I don t 've time with this . Right.

8003062136 Complains by Man o man,

I wish to Correct a few facts on my previous message about TYLER AND MORGAN As Composed on their letterhead their tel. is W W W and not W W W. my apologies for whoever has the . Everybody beware of TYLER AND MORGAN and don t let them intimidate you.

8003176247 Complains by shannon,

I did not get a call from the number Nevertheless I recd a notification for a prize from Dream Riches Sweepstakes that lists the number as your one for phone for activate an ID for a drawing. . . I am on that Telephone with them now. . . they're a telemarketing Business targeting Favorite MC or Charge customers. . . Striving to get you personally to buy magazines cruise Visits. . . an no question how many times you state no. . . . they come Upward along with something else to attempt to sell you personally. Here can there be information Agra Marketing Alternatives Inc. Dab National Magazine Exchange W Us W North Clear water FL Owner Fantasy Riches Sweepstakes Owner Kind Telemarketer

8002862487 Complains by jules,

i 've your same Issue. they have called me S's of times looking for Jose asserting for be a Libraries agency. on reverse number appearance up they're Recorded as B I T'S Bolton St Ma Mother W W

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