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Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS. Pahrump, NV. Nye. United states
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Post by Karen,

7752533401 Thank you personally for Publishing that when you personally receive numerous calls out of this Amount you can phone them back and choose option number 2 which Places you on your do not phone list. I hope the works as they have been calling me continuously and then you either cannot understand them or there is no 1 there. Very annoying I 've repeatedly told them do not call me at the number but it's not so Way helped thus I typed in the number bringing me to the site and now hopefully the may take care of it. If not I will become back on this site and may let everyone understand your continuing saga.

Post by patty,

775-253-3401 The calls 2 3 times a day and leaves no message. Very annoying.

Post by Guest,

7752533401 Not sure who they're no messages spam for me

Post by J Lynn,

775-253-3401 I vie gotten two calls from this Amount and they don t leave a message. My number is on your Don't Telephone List but apparently that dozen t work either.

Post by Guest,

7752533401 I get a telephone on my cell phone several times a day out of the number. I don t Comprehend it so I never reply. Your caller never leaves a message. I m in your don't phone list.

Post by Donald Knox,

775-253-3401 Within the past 3 days these Individuals have called my cell phone 7 times. On the Th 4 times ST 2 times and today already once. Each time they 've asked for my wife this can be not her cell phone number. They're Marketing Gardenia Gambia. We have told them for stop calling and that we don t want their Merchandise but your calls continue. Your Man who calls has a heavy Indian or Pakistani Feature.

Post by Guest,

7752533401 Calls always all day and nighttime. It s exceptionally disruptive. Cease scam artists.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 won t answer

Post by Alan,

7752533401 Received calls out of this Amount a guy asked for my mother by name. I asked who was calling and got no Result I Inquired again who was calling and they Put Upward.

Post by Lorraine Young,

775-253-3401 Received several calls out of this Amount. Haven't answered.

Post by Annoyed,

7752533401 This really is a Firm within Vegas alleging Striving to send you personally a free try of a weight loss Merchandise. They are harassing a member of my family along with cells 3 times per day. I called them from a blocked different Phone number Though they were were able to unscramble that number I was calling from and read it back to me. This Firm IS Highly Questionable. They claim they 've a don't telephone list. . . . I Offered them that Amount they keep calling and told them to stop instantaneously. We can see what happens.

Post by Geezer,

775-253-3401 Agreed. I got your mistake of filling out a few Region water survey about 3 4 Times. Past at your Residence Depot and that Individuals giving your survey could possibly be wearing Dwelling Depot aprons but they Don't work for HUD and since that time your unlisted acreage line was swamped along with each type of idiotic telemarketer out there for several years Afterward tapered away. But I 've to add my suspicions Around that DC as nicely Merely as soon as that calls slowed to a trickle I added our phone again for your DC and they started bombarding people with calls once more. Phone phone blocker is full and time for Purchase another. . . .

Post by Guest,

7752533401 I prefer my Amount to become used for a better motive than it was on a list. I think it s ashamed I pay for my phone service but others call to use my service and present Outside my Amount without my permission.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 spam caller

Post by Guest,

7752533401 Calls come Day-to-day but Owner won t Reply when telephone is replied.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 I demand to increase weight not lose. . they're Mindless and Harassing Pol

Post by lori anderson,

7752533401 Why did you would that. All you've done is validate your phone number as a working number. Anticipate your number for be resold and countless calls coming within.

Post by JoJo,

775-253-3401 I 'm weary of these Individuals 4 times a day they telephone earlier morning till late night

Post by Marian,

7752533401 I have gotten several calls from this and have told them I 'm NOT interested in what they're selling. Still am getting calls out of Ti's Amount W W W.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 Keeps calling. Won t stop.

Post by Guest,

7752533401 I don t response my Telephone if I don t recognize your number or don t return calls that don t leave a message.

Post by Jan M.,

775-253-3401 These calls are made by Rob Retailers run by scampers. The Do not Telephone registry means nothing to them. Your Rob Call er is programmed along with a Lot of Amounts to telephone concurrently. When among that numbers is answered that Switch er terminates your rest of your calls hence no just one there when you personally pick up. I 've an android phone and installed your free Call blocker Program. IPhone 've a block Amount Attribute on the phone which I am told works nicely. Thankfully my Telephone keeps Fairly a few numbers in your log from which I was Competent to get quite a few different of these Amounts and programmed them into the blocker. Now phone blocker mutely takes care of them and I don t hear that Telephone and am not interrupted with those annoyances. Interestingly now i am becoming fewer and fewer of those calls. Before when I was replying occasionally it was Nearly if I was giving them permission for keep calling me more. My advice use a phone blocking Attribute on your phone or get an Program. No power is going for be Competent for Get and prosecute these idiots. So you might have to be proactive and take care of things in your own.

Post by anonymous,

7752533401 The number has called so many times. I Discount them n Avoid it as I'm in a Assembly. Sick of that calls.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 Calls numerous times a daytime. I do not reply.

Post by momma cash,

7752533401 Same as earlier post. . . many Indian woman calls multiple times each day Amount says Vegas. annoying as hell that they have my private cell number.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 Don't phone anymore Thank you

Post by Jennifer,

7752533401 Many crap about info Required for weight loss. Funny thing is nobody in the house has Required anything involving weight loss.

Post by Mary,

775-253-3401 I Closed Upwards for Weight Watchers Subsequently the next day I received a call out of the Amount. A man trying for sell weight loss merchandises. Shame on you personally Weight Watchers for selling my information.

Post by Guest,

7752533401 These People call 1 X per day. Thanks for Mr. Amount I m not bothered by them but it s still annoying to know there are so many of these harassers out your. Thanks Mr. Amount.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 These calls are thus disruptive

Post by Susie,

7752533401 Really annoying. Being called 4 5 times a day still after multiple requests for be taken off of their call list.

Post by Doris,

775-253-3401 I get 4 or 5 calls a daytime. I don't know who it is but they phone in the least hours.

Post by sharyn moris,

7752533401 I called them back and it Offered me your Choice for get on that Don't Telephone List which I did along with Choice 3 and it works.

Post by frances soltis,

775-253-3401 Keep getting calls from this Amount 3 4 times a daytime dint response. . . Foreign accent cant recognize when I did answer

Post by Guest,

7752533401 Scam. People calling Seeking for get your own private Information.

Post by Mikki,

775-253-3401 I block all calls that come out of numbers I don t Understand who did t leave a message thus they could t telephone me back again. . . at least not from that Amount anyway.

Post by [***] head,

7752533401 off

Post by Sunshine,

775-253-3401 I answered this unknown Amount last nighttime expecting a telephone out of someone who was Traveling but Put Upwards when Inquired for the Woman of the home . It was an American female voice. The morning on my non caller ID Telephone and got a few foreign Girl Collectively with Considerably background noise. She wanted for thank me for something which I could t understand and politely told her I don t understand foreigners and she wished me an excellent daytime. I had just called Sears Recently. Would they have Supplied my unlisted number that fast.

Post by Pam,

7752533401 Receiving calls numerous times Day-to-day 2 within previous 3 hrs . Really annoying and I ignore because I don't recognize this Telephone Amount.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 Calling Around weight loss.

Post by traci kolb,

7752533401 W I 'm. Not sure who this is. I don t owe Anyone cash. Thus it is not. A bill collector. So keep trying to telephone cause I won t answer.

Post by Tina,

775-253-3401 The Amount called people four times Now and several times yesterday. Now I replied and that Female using an Highlight was trying for sell me a weight loss product. Told her I was not interested and it would become a very good Notion for her or anyone not to call my Amount again. I Additionally told her that when they telephone me again I can be returning there phone several times and harass them. I can become also reporting this to your Attorney General Office.

Post by Suzan Bayar,

7752533401 I have Inquired repeatedly to Discontinue calling me and put me on the do not telephone list. This has not Quit them or even slowed them down. At this point I 'm considering this to be harassment and am presuming of Calling the Authorities. They call several times a day. They will not supply me a formal name for that Business but phone themselves Gardenia Cambodia.

Post by Mary,

775-253-3401 I gotten two calls today I answered both times and no one says anything.

Post by Donna,

7752533401 unwanted ca. .

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 Has called my cell phone 5 times within the last two times no one there.

Post by annoyed,

7752533401 Constantly receiving calls I won't response. I attempted for block but receiving calls

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 All of an abrupt I started receiving calls from the number even though I m on the Don't Phone List. They don t leave a express mail. I Destination t replied because I don t answer Amounts that I don t Understand. No idea what they desire but it's Very aggravating.

Post by sal,

7752533401 revealed quality garcon my sentry phone blocker did it s Occupation.

Post by julie,

775-253-3401 called once they only have a Amount W W W no i. d for caller

Post by sick of it,

7752533401 They have been calling me 3 for 4 times a day. I am on a no phone list for all your great it does. Only blocked them. Its still annoying.

Post by cheryl clark,

775-253-3401 Please have this Amount Discontinue calling me all day long.

Post by Guest,

7752533401 Calls 3 or more times a day even SEC after last telephone leaves no messages I m Enrolled on national do not telephone list

Post by David bin,

775-253-3401 Th its called me Aston diet they asked if i wanna go on diet I'm getting the first time Free the diet stuff free by send i Unhappy yes because I m fat they asked for my address and for my credit card they sad its free beside Transportation for 4. W I did t Offered it because It s fraud .

Post by carlos emilio,

7752533401 this really is annoying this number telephone me everyday and no body reply when I Choose Upward my phone

Post by teresa,

775-253-3401 i keep receiving calls out of the Amount multiple times a daytime. Its irritating. . . W W W. . i keep ignoring the phone and no message ever left. . . .

Post by Donna,

7752533401 Telephone blocker might help.

Post by I don't trust out of area #s,

775-253-3401 If you personally press option 2 Afterward Alternative 3 it Places you on their dogsbody call list. Says it can take Upward for W hours to Upgrade inside their system.

Post by Donna,

7752533401 These Folks call several times a daytime you cannot comprehend them it sounds Indian or Asian. what could I would to end the harassment .

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 This can be Actual. If they have called you personally you ordered a weight loss Merchandise out of them or sister Business sometime within that past. But I concur that they should not cold call people whatsoever.

Post by TOJO,

7752533401 Yes Gd luck with that.

Post by TOJO,

775-253-3401 Yes Gd Fortune with that.

Post by Stephanie Bailey,

7752533401 Five times or more a daytime they call. Now they asked how Considerably weight I wanted for lose. . Really. . . .

Post by Georgina Silva,

775-253-3401 I never pick Upward to unknown Amounts but they keep calling Upwards to 8 times a day without leaving a message. Please make them Discontinue is so annoying. .

Post by Nick Adams,

7752533401 I get calls from this Amount always and none is ever on that line. I have said that I will file a harassment club and they Discontinued calling.

Post by Susan,

775-253-3401 Received a call many Girl Attempting to request about getting 6. 1 finance charge on your credit card account.

Post by Guest,

7752533401 No phone list Quit calling.

Post by Kimberlee Simmert,

775-253-3401 I continually receive calls out of the W W W. I 've answered the phone within your past they claim they are out of gardenia Cambric. I have told them I do not want data and am on a do not phone list.

Post by Yolanda,

7752533401 Exactly the same Criticism. Daily calls no one responds upon answering and also on your don't telephone list. This Merely started when I joined your Trim Down Club this week. Quite interesting indeed.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 I Merely blocked the caller I get a telephone several times a day. Exactly why can we've to PAY to locate out who these callers are. Who is being protected here. Think Around it. It s becoming very annoying that we are on a don't telephone list and we still get bothered and harassed.

Post by Judy,

7752533401 Keep becoming calls but no just one on line when I reply. Would like these calls for Quit. I cant tell the caller because no 1 there.

Post by julie,

775-253-3401 telephone the district Lawyer office and file a Grievance and telephone Buyer protection bureau trust that helps adore Julie

Post by Guest,

7752533401 7 calls Now and several yesterday. Something Around weight loss

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 Has called four times in your last two times. . . when I reply no 1 says anything.

Post by Elizabeth,

7752533401 I receive calls from the Amount Day-to-day. I have eventually Strike Vehicle reject call but still receive them without your Telephone ringing. I replied before and no 1 said anything. Subsequently it says goodbye . I telephone back but there it's an automated woman wanting you to Select options. I have no idea who that is. It's quite annoying for me. Gr RR

Post by julie,

775-253-3401 phone your district attorney office and file a Gripe and call Buyer protection Office trust that helps adore Julie

Post by lori anderson,

7752533401 Why did you can that. All you've done is validate your own phone Amount as a working Amount. Anticipate your own number to become resold and countless calls coming in.

Post by JCKrause,

775-253-3401 I replied but that Owner Merely Installed up. This really is your third call.

Post by Irritated,

7752533401 A couple months Past I got Soho many calls from the number and every time an Indian girls would answer. I finally had enough of it thus when they called back I interrupted and told that Girl I had enough and I want to be taken off your phone list. She had your nerve to tell me that I was wasting her time and I should listen to what she had to say. She Afterward proceeded to Discuss to me Around diet pills. Eventually they Ceased calling me and today they Began to call me again. THEY 've CALLED ME 6 TIMES Now and it's the same Indian girl. I seriously have no Thought what to do I 've blocked them and a few how I still receive their calls. UGH.

Post by Brenda Mullenax,

775-253-3401 Dint phone me again

Post by Guest,

7752533401 Keeps other comments previously mentioned weight loss company

Post by Toni,

775-253-3401 Calling several times a day. No message left. If I answer by mistake no 1 there. Really Annoying.

Post by Guest,

7752533401 I m on do not phone list. They leave mags on vicennial. Allowing to law they owe me money. Stop.

Post by Geezer,

775-253-3401 Agreed. I made that error of filling Outside many Region water survey about 3 4 yrs. Past at that Home Website and your Folks giving the survey could be wearing Dwelling Website aprons but they Do not work for HUD and since that time our unlisted land line was swamped along with each sort of absurd telemarketer Outside there for several years then tapered off. But I have for add my suspicions about your DC as nicely Simply as soon as that calls slowed to a trickle I added your phone again for your DC and they started bombarding us along with calls once more. Phone telephone blocker is full and time to buy another. . . .

Post by Karen,

7752533401 Thank you personally for Publishing that when you get numerous calls from the Amount you are able to telephone them back and Pick option number 2 which puts you personally on the don't call list. I expect the works as they have been calling me continuously and Afterward you personally either cannot recognize them or there surely is no one there. Quite annoying I 've repeatedly told them don't call me at the Amount but it has not thus Much helped thus I typed within the Amount bringing me to the site and now hopefully the can take attention of it. If not I can be back on the site and can let everyone understand your continuing saga.

Post by LG,

775-253-3401 Calls all your time Subsequently hangs up when I response.

Post by Anna,

7752533401 Obtained 3 calls in less than W minutes. I did not response. I am on your don't phone list but it dozen t appear to apply to these type of calls. Tired of all CALLS like the.

Post by Brandy,

775-253-3401 Rebekah If you've a smart phone download an app called Phone Blocker add that Amount to the list of blocked Amounts. You should stop becoming Announcements that they re calling because the Program can send that call directly for express mail which they never leave a voice send anyway. It has helped me immensely. I expect this helps.

Post by Kerri,

7752533401 This number calls several times a day and leaves no voice send.

Post by Brenda,

775-253-3401 don't have any Notion what this is but this Amount calls me I 've added it to my Avoid list but I still get that call

Post by Irritated Female,

7752533401 An Indian female has called me 2 3 times a day out of this Amount and has not once left a message Only keeps harassing me. Now I Decided Upwards because I have had enough. She mumbled some Items Subsequently Inquired me how Substantially weight I Needed to Free. I told her she had no right for call me and that I would file a Gripe again that mystery Firm. She hung Upward on me.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 Phone several times a daytime. I cannot half comprehend them when I telephone your back. Really annoying. Seeing other Remarks that it s Around gt loss. . . I simply weigh W lbs due for Sickness. . wt heck

Post by Pam,

7752533401 I am to exhausted of becoming these Regular calls out of the Amount. I get at least 4 5 a daytime. Why is the allowed. I tried pressing Alternative 2 for that Don't Call List but that does not work. They telephone Regular. Their has for be something I can perform. Any Recommendations.

Post by N. B. West,

775-253-3401 No response when phone Decided Upward happens every other day

Post by Guest,

7752533401 What can these people need there is no response when I reply. Soho irritating

Post by Donna,

775-253-3401 These people phone several times a day you personally cannot understand them it sounds Indian or Asian. what can I would to end this harassment .

Post by Michelle,

7752533401 Called 4 5 times within an afternoon. No voice send. Located Outside it s BC i ordered Closing trim weight loss Nutritional supplements but Afterward cancelled. I vie blocked several other telemarketing attempts by them ever since. I ll become blocking the just one overly.

Post by Guest,

775-253-3401 keep calling and hanging Upwards something about weight loss. told them to Cease calling and they hung Upwards but still calling

Post by Jen,

7752533401 This is a scam. I had for Stop my debit card due to these Individuals. Did a free trial of Cambodia gardenia for weight loss called to End subscription before I was Priced and Amount was not a valid number. They called for a customer service follow Upwards a few months After and I let them 've it and told them Do not telephone me again. All of surprising now a few months later and they vie called me 3 times. I think I m going to lose it with these people.

Post by K,

775-253-3401 Cease CALLING ME. . .

Post by Guest,

7752533401 I want these Folks would Quit calling me. I speak for them and request that they stop calling me. I tell them that I m on their quot Do not Phone List quot they state they may Quit but they don t. Their thus annoy in

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8152291255 Complains by Guest,

Wouldn't Cease calling

2247303062 Complains by Guest,

No just one on the line

4025714673 Complains by Guest,

HTTP Web. subliminal. com W W W. HTML the belongs to some debt collector

8052411769 Complains by Anonymous,

Amount W W W belongs for Verizon Number W W W belongs for VERIZON WIRELESS

8558494255 Complains by Guest,

The telephone USN t spam in the least. I just call from this number because I 've for unfortunately Quit my internet service with Com cast. Anyways they Merely called for verify that.

8312193029 Complains by annoyed,

Got a few calls from the . Hopefully won t become anymore.

6108090180 Complains by Guest,

Abusive Homosexual

8322457621 Complains by Guest,

i could t talk correct now i phone u later

8002672569 Complains by Valdemar Herzog,

I vie been receiving similar calls from purported AT amp T offering me W to 2 W off my next AT amp T bill if I log onto that same phishing Website overdraft. com. Each time that Owner forwards a Distinct W phone Amount which when I attempt to call it back proves to become invalid. Your phishing Website requires your AT amp T mobile log on information and your own Societal security Amount. I vie done a who is overdraft. com. Google search and discovered the Website is registered having an Australian net hosting company Internet. Victoria. com. Au owned by Victoria IT Ltd. You can contact that hosting company at E-mail W protected or by calling W. W. That name of the Web site registrant is Mary Polkas PO Box W Sunnyvale CA W. The registrant phone Amount is Recorded as 1. W. Police authorities please take Suitable Actions against the Fake Person.

8002914367 Complains by JOHN SMITH,

CM'S Credit Management Services The Poor Man THAT HAD Your Telephone NUMB ERIS HAVING A poor RUN OF Luck Only Phone THEM BACK. TELL THEM You are NOT WHO They're Looking FOR. . . . . THEY Can Quit CALLING . . IF You're Striving For Hide From THEM Change Your own Number Simply TAKES A CALL

8002905130 Complains by Kris,

Lucre Inc. W plains field ave grand rapids Mi. This is that Business that owns this Amount. They Additionally make similar calls Fromm a Grand Rapids Place Telephone Amount. I vie Registered a Criticism with that Michigan Attorney General s office at HTTP Protected. Ag. state. mi. us Grievances dentally. asp . Maybe they ll take action. Here s your Business information for Lucre Inc. HTTP Web. manta. com c mtg lucre inc Let s provide them a Flavor of their own medicine.

8002741145 Complains by Guest,

bock calls and text messages

8002713989 Complains by amanda,

obtained a phone from the Amount at 7 PM last evening that did t leave a message. Does anyone understand what the number is for. When I tried for call that number back I got that not a valid Amount message

8002242847 Complains by CB,

Fake to become AT amp T and state that you 've gotten a reward card. Afterward ask you to go to your website that Firefox says is a reported spam Website. I 've blocked them multiple times and they keep calling out of different W Amounts.

8002916133 Complains by madaboutewe,

Obtained the telephone at my work it's a government Centers Telephone. Wasting taxpayer dollars having me reply and investigate who is calling.

8002822644 Complains by Dee,

I believe these Folks went back 9 years into my credit history and Simply now calling Around it's that legal.

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