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Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Yerington, NV. Lyon. United states
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Post by Guest,

7753444202 They telephone me over the Telephone SCREAMING saying that I 've a criminal history I 've Submitted for Insolvency and I don t pay my bills on time. None of which is true. The worst part is they refuse to stop calling me even when I endanger for go for that authorities.

Post by Guest,

775-344-4202 Telemarketer. . . . . calls. repeatedly over and around again. Sometimes just one correct after another.

Post by Faye Lively,

7753444202 I 've never had a pay day loan or applied on line for a Auto loan. Not confident how they got my Amount but they're calling all that time out of different numbers. Uses poor language. Asking for a Individual that doesn't live or has never had this phone. They're in Vegas but doesn't show a not empty address.

Post by Don't with this [***]!!!,

775-344-4202 SCAM. . . . . I never Used for any loan and how they got my number I don t know. These idiots are total won t quit calling repeatedly. Asked to Chat for Supervisor and she called me a F king and said she ll phone me W times a daytime if she needs to. They don t Discontinue even when Inquired NOT to phone. . . . I am Following and recording each phone now so I can submit to that Lawyer General s Office for harassment.

Post by Done with this [***]!!,

7753444202 They are calling out of Bhopal India. Absolute idiots. . .

Post by Done with this S***!,

775-344-4202 Calls Start in India and are routed through Harrington NV

Post by LG,

7753444202 This can be a Large time scam. . . . They called me enjoy W times in a Line today. I eventually called back and a woman answered stating that I Used for a payday loan which I haven't I told her to take my number away her list and she hung Upward. I called back and got that same Individual again I said please take my number off your own list. She told me the only manner for get my number away her list was to Alter my Amount. Actually. . They continued for phone thus I Began calling and harassing them back. I called and said take my Amount off your own list and Installed Upwards repeatedly until I got drained.

Post by not doin it,

775-344-4202 thus these just called me enjoy W times and Began sexually harassing me and telling me he works for bin la din and hes going to go to where I live and look for me he has my address and my number. How your can they get it

Post by Dg,

7753444202 Acquired calls from W W W. When I don t reply they leave no message. When I reply there's no one there. Additionally becoming calls out of W W W its enjoy they rotate back and both between 3 or 4 numbers.

Post by Kris,

775-344-4202 They have been calling me for that previous week and told me to throw my Telephone away

Post by Guest,

7753444202 They're calling out of Bhopal India. . . . . BEWARE of these idiots and don t believe a word they say to you they are idiots.

Post by Guest,

775-344-4202 telemarketing

Post by Guest,

7753444202 Dint Choose Upwards. . .

Post by hydro,

775-344-4202 They called many times Now. She cussed me out saying that I was a F amp B amp that I 'm liar she would fire me. and F amp You. I REPORTED THEM For MY LOCAL Phone Carrier as well as had several of their Amounts blocked.

Post by Fredia,

7753444202 The are such typical scam people they got through to some Pal of mine and told them to get the loan she needed she would 've for pay W. W as honest money and she would get it back when she gets her loan when your loan did t come they thus her some bull Around she would have for pay another W. W and she would get everything back after she told them no she asked for her W. W back they told her it would take W times then your guy John called her and told her W times and then she called and they previously mentioned that they would western union that money and Offered her a Mac or map number and kept calling western union and nothing thus she called john back and he told her for offer it for seven o clock still nothing she called john back and told him he had the nerve for state that the Amount he gave her had Ended and to provide him a half hour for generate a new Amount she told him no would it now and Subsequently he gave the phone for someone who Asserted to be a manager and told her she better Quit calling there. Is there anyway that we could get these Folks.

Post by TR,

775-344-4202 WT I NEVER Employ FOR A LOAN OR NOTHING THEY Call ME 7 TIMES Today N Say NOTHING I'm Contemplating Transforming MY Amount BUT I HAD Your SAME Number FOR Your Previous 9 Yrs WHAT For Would CZ ITS Operating ME CRAZY

Post by Pearl Coffey,

7753444202 This number called me W times within an hour and a half and requested the calls Cease multiple times

Post by Guest,

775-344-4202 Spam

Post by Gwen,

7753444202 This Man is this kind of typical scamming ignorant idiot. Q What state. A United States Ha ha ha. That s a good just one. . .

Post by Guest,

775-344-4202 No name or message

Post by momo,

7753444202 I had that same Trouble Around W's Past. They Inquired for me state in Hi this really is Nancy. I recognize you Needed a loan for thousand dollar u could get up to W W within R bank. count by tomorrow morning. For some unexpected reason they had my Day right were i Dwelt right and Subsequently Thad a nerd for tell my social. . such a SAC

Post by Guest,

775-344-4202 scam. . . . . . . . . . . . . they take Outside cash out of me . . . . . . . . on moneybag

Post by Gwen,

7753444202 The guy is such a Standard scamming ignorant dingbat. Q What state. A United States Ha ha ha. That s a great 1. . .

Post by Guest,

775-344-4202 SCAM. . . . . I never Used for any loan and how they got my Amount I don t know. These idiots are Absolute a oles won t Leave calling repeatedly. Asked to Chat for manager and she called me a F king bi and said she ll telephone me W times a day if she wants to. They don t stop even when asked NOT to phone. . . . I 'm tracking and record each telephone now so I can submit for that Lawyer General s Office for harassment.

Post by Guest,

7753444202 asking for sexual favors

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8553933579 Complains by Guest,

KEEPS CALLING Weekly Sometimes TWICE Within One Daytime NO MESSAGE EVER LEFT. .

4348369185 Complains by pooty foster,

I know nothing

4143884522 Complains by Guest,


7133306117 Complains by Guest,

bless you personally. . .

7185706848 Complains by mole nation,

joyful valentines day text

8003700146 Complains by Sam,

Could u tell me your Amount u called please. .

2816613923 Complains by Guest,

Apparently he Twice Tennis Branches is an abusive word. Really amusing. I haven't been able for answer when that call comes in but they started on 6 W. No messages left. When I return call number is busy. Either they are spamming or Seeking for fraudulently Put international calls by routing through 1 s cell Amount. Your Amount owner would become responsible for the resultant bills.

8175609260 Complains by CEDRI,

Calls no response they don t leave a message

8042698337 Complains by MN,

same recording as reported by Sicko De Beers

8003041805 Complains by Carolina Joe,

Monetary Account Service Team W Kingston Pike Knoxville Tennessee HTTP fast company. com W W W W W W fax W W W toll free

8042053900 Complains by TiredOfThis!,

oust got the same phone at 3 W pm CST. GREER. . . . did t answer it as I don t give Amount out for anyone but family. . .

8002605887 Complains by ML Colorado,

This Amount is for State Duplicate. Annoying calls voice send message almost Regular and sends postcards Usually selling their stuff.

8003154757 Complains by fedup*,

They Purchase defaulted loans from other Businesses e. g. CL Customer Services amp try and Amass they're within CO amp GA. . . .

8003223630 Complains by A Aaron,

I get this Telephone call about twice a daytime everyday. I spoke for your Driver and asked her for remove me from your list because i 'm getting really irritated becoming the call everyday. They say that each time However still call Regular.

8001111018 Complains by Maryann,

The Amount called me again Now. UN ricking believable. How many times can I 've to request them for not call me.

8003009934 Complains by wor,

Infer git cor con Dee Telex Z Seine t ascot Severally cor. Es its Unversed mt Wei unset Private Daren Missourian.

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