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91 complaints
Post by Alexandra,

7754320574 I get calls two time es no message was left

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 Telling me Around my credit cards when I don t 've one

Post by Pooch,

7754320574 Don't call.

Post by db,

775-432-0574 Assessed here I did t response. Hate telemarketers bothering me on my days off.

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Telemarketers

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 they phone and call and never stop

Post by Lori,

7754320574 Called my phone . . that Owner ID popped up as Prohibited SCAM W W W. . So I ASSUMING IT S A SCAM

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 Annoying soliciting. Don t demand a back or Joint brace.

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Illegal solicitation

Post by K.L.,

775-432-0574 Called amp no MSG. Blocked.

Post by Mike,

7754320574 Bacall said that their office was Attempting for contact you Around your own Qualifications for Medicare . I m no where s close that previous. So that makes these Folks Merely another clueless telemarketer.

Post by blocker,

775-432-0574 I Adore telephone block Characteristic on my Telephone. . . Simply added another just one.

Post by TiredoftheseCallers,

7754320574 W W W is a number I do not recognized. I did t supply out my number to no just one. Thus how your hell did these numb nuts keeps calling my number and leave no message. Dealt with too many spammers Scampers. No message of who or exactly why they are calling so think what I 'm not calling back. . . not worth my time.

Post by anon y mous,

775-432-0574 They called me at 1 W PM PST on Thursday Dec 4 W and left no message. Since this is unknown number did not reply.

Post by Karie,

7754320574 I got a telephone from them Now. Left no message. Blocked their number

Post by John Dough,

775-432-0574 I am getting smashed by these calls Currently . 3 an hour. I 've a very private Amount and never Add it to Reports or Information requests. Called left no message.

Post by Guest,

7754320574 W calling W. Yes um no.

Post by TheyAreScum,

775-432-0574 Called it back and got a recorded message of a few idiot named Henry who says that seniors could qualify for blah blah blah. Someone needs to slug these people in your .

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Do you personally want a knee or back brace through Medicare .

Post by Silver Hairs,

775-432-0574 Called my phone no message left.

Post by Another Scam,

7754320574 Just gotten telephone out of this Amount recording Looking to present free watch. Just a scam

Post by wrong number,

775-432-0574 Don t phone.

Post by CAC,

7754320574 called and no message.

Post by Fed up,

775-432-0574 Called before Course left no voice mail

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Sick of these Pol calling me. . wake me Upward all that time

Post by michaelnewby,

775-432-0574 calls repeatedly never leaves a message and is disconnected when you Test for phone back by having an unidentified number

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Attempt to Sale braces

Post by Sue,

775-432-0574 've acquired several calls out of this telephone number and Distinct times of your daytime including weekends. They never leave a message. Believing this really is a scam for be Capable to make other calls using my Telephone . Do not Reply Your Telephone IF This APPEARS In Your own Owner ID

Post by Guest,

7754320574 They keep calling. Does not say a word

Post by Gen,

775-432-0574 Just got a phone out of this number. . . . it said Illegal Scam on my caller ID. Thank you personally for the heads Upward i suppose Lola

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Called 4 times within the same minute. . . Seniors Benefits

Post by ya ya,

775-432-0574 called and no message.

Post by Guest,

7754320574 k

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 They said they wanted for watch. sounded like a pervert to me. So I Installed Upward.

Post by Drago,

7754320574 Called no message either

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 At lots calling

Post by Ms. Norris,

7754320574 Spam Telephone call

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 Don't ANSWER

Post by pc boston,

7754320574 id as back and Leg. Again these People are Moving junk and then attempt to bill your own Advertising care. They 've been on Tv several times but if you Get that Wonderful print if Press care refuses to pay they will Invoice you directly for all kinds of junk. And they won t stop so don t respond for them. Your own physician may tell you when you personally need a Joint back or neck brace drugs pills face creams or whatever.

Post by Brandy,

775-432-0574 Gotten telephone from this Now with no voice mail. Owner ID said Pain Centre . Called back and got a recording for seniors along with Leg pain. Scampers. . . They use several Telephone s and several different Records.


7754320574 Appropriate ON SCOTT Telephone THEM BACK AND Supply THEM Your FBI Number W W W. GOD BLESS

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 SPAM. . . . tired of these calls.

Post by Tracy,

7754320574 Scam artist consistently wants Customers for telephone back don t call back

Post by 1frenchfri,

775-432-0574 Called my DC registered cell on W 1. No message.

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Spam spam spam

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 Likely an excellent thing I did t reply this

Post by Another Scam,

7754320574 Just acquired phone from the Amount record Seeking for give free watch. Merely a scam

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 Spammer Solicitation caller

Post by Guest,

7754320574 quot Checking account for Qualifications for a neck or knee brace through Medicare quot . Merely press 2 for become removed from call list. Otherwise they ll call non stop.

Post by pc boston,

775-432-0574 id as back and Leg. Again these guys are pushing junk and Subsequently attempt to bill your Media attention. They have been on Television several times but if you catch your Excellent print if Press care refuses for pay they can bill you personally directly for all types of Trash. And they won t Quit thus don t Reply to them. Your physician will tell you personally when you personally need a Joint back or neck brace drugs pills face creams or whatever.

Post by stop calling me!!!!!,

7754320574 called i didn't reply since i don t Understand the . . . . . . . .

Post by dont call,

775-432-0574 becoming calls unwanted

Post by Guest,

7754320574 I haven t requested the info

Post by Dan,

775-432-0574 Called and left no message.

Post by Guest,

7754320574 They say I have won something or something Around something say what.

Post by Harold,

775-432-0574 called Only now but left no message. getting weary of this.

Post by Mr M,

7754320574 This is a Business Striving to sell you medicare Products etc. They're Running illegally and I 've them Registered if anyone needs to class Actions it. It s the simply way to stop them. Julius is that Man over there so feel free for reach him. Very prohibited operating practices.

Post by B,

775-432-0574 I Only acquired a Telephone phone out of this Amount on my cell. They did not leave a message.

Post by Ossifer Stompweenie,

7754320574 frig gin NASA play within games. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fed Fluted Telegraph

Post by jan,

775-432-0574 called and message left

Post by newbie,

7754320574 Called today but left no VIM. Lot of ricking morons. They need to get a real job.

Post by same here,

775-432-0574 same Design here. W hour difference between my report and last poster here.

Post by gazu,

7754320574 Came Upward on my Owner ID as illegal scam. I did not reply nor did they leave a message.

Post by ??????,

775-432-0574 Same as everyone before me. . . Call. . no message.

Post by jess,

7754320574 It has been calling for months . ST said back and knee. . now it s showed up today illegal scam Yep I ll become blocking the Amount. Cheers for the heads up Verizon. Lola

Post by JMW,

775-432-0574 Only got the phone while waiting for class to Begin. Don t understand anyone within Nevada thus rejected the call. Happy I did now.

Post by Jeffery David Penca,

7754320574 SCAM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ALERT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I WORK FOR HIGHER Electricity. . . . . . . . . . . . Prevent You personally DON T Want For HELP ANOTHER ISIS TERRORIST. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GOD BLESS. . . . GOD BLESS That CIA FBI MILITARY AND ALL Men AND Parents Striving For Protect From EVIL gt gt gt gt gt gt gt HOLES gt Call me W

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 replied but no one was on the calling end

Post by Joe,

7754320574 Had a message on my Telephone Camera when I got House. It said Stop with faint discussion in your background for 5 sec then Hello Can I speak to Joe My last name pause then Hello and 2 3 seconds After she Installed up. I checked my Owner ID and it revealed Seniors Benefit. I am a senior but have had my phone unlisted for W years so I don t have to Set Upwards along with these sorts of calls. I really don t demand anything from them thus I did not return their call.

Post by misty,

775-432-0574 They called I replied and heard no just one and they Installed Upwards. But I continue for get these calls occasionally I don t response. But its on my last nerve

Post by jd,

7754320574 Called at W the morning. I did t reply and there was no message left. I don t ever use my number on Sites so Seemingly these Individuals are making Upward numbers and calling them.

Post by Mike,

775-432-0574 Called and left no message.

Post by Silver Hairs,

7754320574 Called my cell and left no message. Thank you personally for everyone who posts here. Your own comments help others like me out of being scammed. I m going for classify the as Telemarketer.

Post by Julz,

775-432-0574 No message left

Post by MGB,

7754320574 Same here. Called and left no message. Adding to Avoid list.

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 Did t answer call

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Spam. Sales Re Medicare

Post by SandRick,

775-432-0574 That is an unwanted phone that must discontinue

Post by Tracy,

7754320574 Scam artist always desires consumers to call back don t phone back

Post by Linda,

775-432-0574 Called 2 hours Past and did t leave a message similar to other reports

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Called my cell Telephone did not leave a message Owner id shows from Back and Knee. . . Vegas phone number

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 Calling about a back brace for seniors. . . Yes. . . . Something I definitely don t demand. Or am I everywhere near senior citizen standing.

Post by Guest,

7754320574 they keep harassing me.

Post by Pat,

775-432-0574 I got a phone out of this and from W W W a day apart. . . no message. Thanks to you I won t check on the more. Love the Website and your info Supplied.

Post by Pat,

7754320574 I got a call from this and from W W W a daytime apart. . . no message. Thanks for your requirements I won t check on the further. Adore the Website and your information provided.

Post by daveshoot,

775-432-0574 Began message about senior pain relief. . . or perhaps it was Leg pain relief. Tough for hear when you personally re annoyed.

Post by Maryland,

7754320574 I vie gotten several calls as Joint and back as nicely but Now your Owner ID said Illegal Scam . ROT FL.

Post by Guest,

775-432-0574 Rob Face er hangs Upwards before you can response because someone replied theirs faster.


7754320574 Right ON SCOTT Telephone THEM BACK AND Provide THEM Your FBI Number W W W. GOD BLESS

Post by LJ,

775-432-0574 Had an excellent joke at this Owner ID said Prohibited Scam .

Post by Guest,

7754320574 Unknown tel marketer.

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2064523367 Complains by Guest,

Claims for become Irs going for sue me but didn't ask for me or anyone Unique in Telephone message. Simply said to telephone this number

8175956502 Complains by lameduck,

He is now using your name of Greg Dawson. If it sounds too great It is.

9137320786 Complains by PJ,

They are trying to start online relationships through Match.com using beautiful girls pictures saying they want   to get to know me, but won't send any other pics other then a face pic. I have had plenty of legitimate women send me pic's with no problems.  They have an excuse as to why they can't right now.  One was a phone change,  and the other was it was in a file that she could not find. I'm getting these numbers in numbers now.

2482746935 Complains by Guest,

don't answer

3179249742 Complains by Guest,

You are blocked.

7027140002 Complains by Guest,

Scam selling fake sports items

8044264903 Complains by Northern Virginia Law Abider,

This number is being used for illegal recalling by Romney for President. It begins Instantly along with lies about everyone else except Romney king of liars.

8183519061 Complains by Amber,

He says his name is James. I Simply got a text Around your computer I m Marketing out of the Amount. It s a Cali Place code and I m within north Carolina. Dozen t create Considerably sense. Likely a scummier. . .

8001952603 Complains by Stephanie,

Call re Artwork win scam.

8000001122 Complains by Guest,

Called me twice on 4 W W once at 8 Am Afterward another time at 1 PM.

8002262307 Complains by AC,

Had my name and address but said my SS wrong. Said they where a debt collector but I 'm not too confident.

8002238112 Complains by s,

Thank you personally.

8002040190 Complains by mike,

Many Girl called left express mail. She had a saucy express. Lola. I kind of like getting your calls not much they may do on a unsecured debt. I have been threatened Upward and down. Hang in there Folks. . . were not much different than our Authorities who we so proudly respect that helps Enormous companies get out of trouble or Go away out of debt GM .

8002201000 Complains by Dannermam,

They phone about each three hours not stop. I 've to keep my Telephone on hushed because I never understand when your next just one is coming in. I just reported them for Web. dentally. gov

8002146612 Complains by Guest,

sounded weird not confident I enjoy him he wan t very Fine on the Telephone.

8002262278 Complains by Anonymous Coward,

Update Called them back. They said they're a telemarketing Business hired by com project. They Accepted for Setting the phone but mentioned that they are not able to process a DC request nor provide their own mailing address. They identified their own Firm name as digital World services Viewed up your Resp Org associated along with your Amount. It is UNI LINK TEL COM INC. Their Amount is 1 W W W. I called them and they got really upset that I had the nerve to telephone them along with a Grievance. I can ask my VIP Company to block future calls out of these creeps

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