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Telephone information: Pac - West Telecomm. Reno, NV. Washoe. United states
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Post by mary,

7755620197 They Simply called my cell Telephone a few minutes ago. I did t understand anyone in your W area code so I reverse searched them. Found the message board. I m using my block Owner Characteristic. Mindless scampers.

Post by ana,

775-562-0197 Ok so they can get their Amounts blocked but my cell provider said that I 've for pay 4. W for get the numbers blocked.

Post by Reason,

7755620197 Merely block that Amount. You personally should become Capable to would that on your own own and even if you can t the Firm can do it for you.

Post by Marcus,

775-562-0197 Short recorded message in Spanish that I did t recognize.

Post by mike,

7755620197 got the phone. . didn't understand your Amount so i didn't reply. . I'm within Florida. . i dint need Cancun Lola

Post by annoyed,

775-562-0197 Received your call within Spanish. Even though my number is registered in national Do not telephone list.

Post by dsi,

7755620197 Simply called my cellphone W minutes Past. Ya. . I could go back for crowded Cancun for another Holiday PI m in Ottawa Ontario

Post by myolddog,

775-562-0197 You vie got for be among that idiots that thinks everything is G. W. s fault. Get with your Software you personally liberal scumbags 've moved on for blaming everything on Daphne Basic. As for your Vacation for Iraq exactly why do you Get you personally cowardly then go can something to your country beside whining.

Post by stargazer88,

7755620197 I Simply obtained a phone out of W W W on my cell phone. Your recording was in Spanish and I Merely Put up. Who s calling and what are they saying.

Post by momo,

775-562-0197 I just got a phone from the did t reply Simply copy and paste for Google and I got this I don t post on any of the other websites mentioned so I don t understand why I would become becoming the anyhow I m in Utah thus it Looks these people are Only calling out of a list. . . thus who knows what's going on they did t leave a message tho

Post by JohnSmith,

7755620197 I got a telephone. It was in Spanish and it was Clearly prerecorded. Any Notion how they got my number.

Post by deaner,

775-562-0197 More Trash. I should never 've bought a Automobile if i knew it was going to become the Considerably problem. Didn't reply. Didn't recognize your number. Eff them.

Post by Jeff,

7755620197 Ci Resort Condominiums International LC R C I W N Mi Significant In W W map Indianapolis In Metro Region Telephone W W W Web site Ci. comfy Bloodstained

Post by srd,

775-562-0197 Do you've Cellular telephone and do you personally block a number.

Post by Guest,

7755620197 Its a school Monetary aid

Post by maria,

775-562-0197 Is this the result of your Do not Call List for that Canadians here enjoy me. If so this can be suck.

Post by Robert Trice,

7755620197 Don't telephone.

Post by 818-235-6949,

775-562-0197 remove my number kind your list. do not telephone W W W

Post by Angel o_O,

7755620197 Same i got called from . . . Whoa

Post by LD,

775-562-0197 TRACTION sells your info to these dirt bags where's your Solitude when we Purchase a brand fresh Telephone and minutes traction does not demand for understand your birthday or any other personal data. . . They will call you at Residence and try and sell you more minutes now exactly why do we demand for understand to do the. . DUH. . . .

Post by i HATE IT,

7755620197 I hang up right away when I Notice you Simply won. . . But still it caused me cents. . We should complaint the to your cellphone Service. . I 'm getting similar phone calls about once's a week.

Post by NO WAY,

775-562-0197 My phone is Seattle Region code started getting these calls after posting resume on creature job website

Post by Los Gatos, CA,

7755620197 Called Dash cellphone. No message left.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 Nu thing there Merely so annoying

Post by lalaland,

7755620197 i Only got that same message overly. . . . darn these things.

Post by Mary,

775-562-0197 This Amount called me about an hour ago. . . No message. . . I vie been becoming these each other month or thus out of Distinct numbers. . .

Post by canada,

7755620197 i got a call the morning at W W pacific out of this number overly Odd. . . I am within Vancouver b. c

Post by Mike,

775-562-0197 They called me left no MSG.

Post by Emily,

7755620197 Your same thing happened for me. It was creepy.

Post by C.F.,

775-562-0197 Gotten a call on my cell. I located the service Supplier PAC West Telecommute Inc. If you phone 1 W W W and whine they ll contact that Firm to stop calling your Amount. Let s see if it works. . . .

Post by Harlander,

7755620197 Oh and I Destination t given Outside my cell number online or anything. I reported the number to the Do not Telephone registry HTTP Web. dentally. gov complaint Criticism Assess. asp

Post by Kevin,

775-562-0197 Got that telephone on my cell phone. Missed that phone and no express mail was left. I m in that Chicago property Place W .

Post by The Dude,

7755620197 I got a phone from the Amount. It was a pare recorded message within Spanish. I m on T Mobile within your W Place code.

Post by Dancer,

775-562-0197 Called W W no message

Post by Kerri,

7755620197 Got a phone out of the did t answer message was allow within an Feature that s it.

Post by Mike,

775-562-0197 Who else here is from northwestern Chicago sub burbs. . lo ks enjoy a bunch of Individuals are

Post by not,

7755620197 Nope not a felon. It's an Similar option scam.

Post by dittos,

775-562-0197 I acquired a call on February 7 W at W 'm CST from W W W. I replied but they had Installed Upwards before I got to them.

Post by linz,

7755620197 acquired telephone out of the also. a lot of Sound within background Subsequently a record in Spanish. called back and a record said it was a travel related telephone but for Impact within phone if wanted for be removed from list. we can see what happens.

Post by Kristen,

775-562-0197 Hello. Cheers for taking your time Outside for explain the number so nicely. I read each component and recognize totally. I appreciate your own time and data.

Post by scorpio,

7755620197 Live within W Place code just got a call from your number. Did t pickup

Post by Angel o_O,

775-562-0197 Mew 1 W 1 Missed Call. . o. O W W W W PM It said many Reno NV PAC West Telecommute Inc. NV Cable line . Peculiar o

Post by Mr. Reality,

7755620197 Obviously all of you've more Relevant dilemmas to Problem yourselves with. Thus here s Cope. It is A SCAM. . . Nothing more. You could even become prompting some negative Activity that can effect yourselves when you press 1 to be removed from the list. Only believe about it. . . Exactly why would a scam Desire you for press ANYTHING if it did t result within SOMETHING. . . . Please please please Software your cell phones or your caller IDs with that Folks you know. Afterward if an unknown number shows up DON T Answer IT. If it is indeed Significant your caller can 've enough feeling to leave a message. And I pray that no fraudulent harm comes for anyone.

Post by Don't call me,

775-562-0197 Rec d phone 9 am no message

Post by Pixie,

7755620197 Same here. Weird. .

Post by Tim,

775-562-0197 It s one of those scams where they request you personally for press 1 and afterwards you get Priced a lot of money for long space calls. By pressing one you personally Honour for all fees the Owner charges you personally for enjoy those fake text ads on television that Price like 2 a message . Hang Upwards as soon as possible. Black list the Amount if it calls you again.

Post by pcc,

7755620197 I vie rec d numerous calls out of this number over several months. We've elderly relatives who live in the area code and at first I was startled by racing this . I realize it s not their . Can I block this call.

Post by elderly, sight impared, frail, retiree,

775-562-0197 Please remove my Telephone Amount from calls from strangers telemarketers travel services and anyone outside my family. I m aged and frail and 've low mobility. I don't need any more calls on my cell phone. This cell Telephone Amount is simply for family members for phone me not anyone else. Thank you personally. Please remove my Telephone number out of any commercial Owner s list.

Post by JJ,

7755620197 I m on AT amp T by your way.

Post by scorpio,

775-562-0197 Live in W area code Simply got a telephone from your number. Did t pickup

Post by sweet.tartt,

7755620197 they called i didn't answer they didn't leave a message. u understand i went through all my calls n just typed within each i didn't understand n it turns out there s alto of Individuals becoming your same calls from your same s i 'm. . . small universe.

Post by sydneyc,

775-562-0197 W Place code here too rec d your phone on my cell at work and it was a Spanish message too terrible I took French within HS eh.

Post by Angel o_O,

7755620197 Same i got called out of . . . Whoa

Post by Emily,

775-562-0197 That same matter happened for me. It was creepy.

Post by me,

7755620197 Gotten AND missed Telephone phone from W W W on my cell. . W Region code Called back on my other phone that is private thus they could t see who s calling That is a travel Linked something or other. . Loki would t put my Telephone Amount within to remove. . May}n' get more calls after. . who knows. . . I kept getting other calls out of another Amount which I finally answered they asked for me by name. . said sorry incorrect number Afterward got another call out of them asking for someone else sorry incorrect Amount again haven t heard from them since. . I think it absolute best not to answer any numbers you don t understand. . . better for become safe .

Post by Jessi F,

775-562-0197 I Only got a phone out of this number too 4 PM. I vie never Set my number on any Site. So irritating for get these arbitrary calls. But I never Choose up.

Post by isepiq,

7755620197 This is a Rob Telephone. An automated machine Only calls Amounts within Series thus sooner or After it's potential for every phone within the world to be called by them. It's SPAM SCAM. That phone NEVER originates out of where it says it does that's faked. They have Likely gotten many Bad spirit in Nevada blamed for your calls on the one. They 've some manner of making it show that telephone from somewhere that's USN t. Here is how I Manage these calls since you personally cannot Quit them because they're out of OUTSIDE of that Usa amp its jurisdiction I put them within my Associates list as a brand new number along with the word SPAM amp then your last 4 Numbers of the Amount that showed when they called. So this one would say SPAM W amp Afterward after entering that I go amp place your Ring tone to Hushed or NONE thus that when they ever phone again it doesn't interrupt anyone at this Finish. I Actually enjoy the Man that had a phone where they could set that From Service Beeps for incoming calls. . . That usually disconnects a Spam Scam phone Actually Rapidly. Anyone else got any Methods Upwards their sleeves to handle or get rid of these types of calls please post those enjoy I 've amp that out of service tone post. . .

Post by R,

775-562-0197 recording says something in Spanish

Post by SC,

7755620197 Gotten the phone at 7 PM essential time did t Select up though. T Mobile customer here.

Post by Amy,

775-562-0197 keeping becoming calls in Spanish from this number I am in Ohio

Post by specialk,

7755620197 I talked earlier with a sales rep from workplaces similar I think to that creature Website. I gave him my cell. . . wonder if its Connected.

Post by again from who???,

775-562-0197 more unwanted calls

Post by Antonio,

7755620197 It appears telephone list is international. I am within Vancouver Canada W area code and have Merely gotten a call from that Amount.

Post by maria,

775-562-0197 Same with me W Place code. Missed it no message. Figure they re using a list.

Post by Kal,

7755620197 Gotten the call 2 minutes Past I did t reply as I would along with all calls out of Amounts I don t Understand. I live in Vancouver BC Region code W.

Post by chelsea,

775-562-0197 just got a telephone a few Min's Past from the number and it was a man whispering sort of slowly while breathing greatly i know where you live and so i Put Upward kinda freaked out. Subsequently go ogled where does the Place code W come from and it Added me for this web site.

Post by annoyed,

7755620197 They called me twice and I did not response. . . its a Nevada number

Post by john,

775-562-0197 rec d call at 6 W pm p. s. t. saying we have travel data for you personally . we can strive back within Small bit. . . . . .

Post by Derek,

7755620197 Same here Only got your call out of the Amount. Nothing heard on phone.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 .

Post by k.m.h,

7755620197 got telephone within boulder co. also in Spanish its Only Unusual.


775-562-0197 Allowing for Interpol that is a scam out of Folks from Brand new York called valises they're American gangsters collide with Mexican mafia they are Only trying to stole your money. They should go for Guantanamo NOW .

Post by Arnold,

7755620197 It s phone Spanish not Mexican. You personally Compose within English not American

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 I don t know

Post by user,

7755620197 Simply got a phone from the number did t pick Upward Go ogled in and ended Upwards in this Newsgroup. I m within the W Region code.

Post by SESILIA,

775-562-0197 THEY Merely Demand To GET A Bloody LIFE They're Just SCAM ING PEOPLE

Post by ron,

7755620197 they called me too I'm in California didn't answer

Post by Eric,

775-562-0197 I did novel a Resort room through hotels. com

Post by e aguillon,

7755620197 don't call back I don t buy anything

Post by George S,

775-562-0197 Read Dinosaur ear s post at HTTP wholesome. com Phone Amount. asp W

Post by mike,

7755620197 Simply got the phone and it appeared enjoy a few recording in Spanish.

Post by C.R.G,

775-562-0197 I receive the call today 1 W W W W am telling me within Spanish that because i 'm an Unique Customer they have W dollars for me if you desire more data press 1 within that La's 4 month i m receiving this type of calls from Distinct Amounts along with Distinct subjects but your common prompt to press 1 for more info without identifying them self as a legal company.

Post by Vitaliy,

7755620197 Are any of you People registered with Livelihood Contractor. com.

Post by joe smith,

775-562-0197 Beginning a harassment law fit against CI Inc. if you'd enjoy to join within this suit to create an example of this Firm and that Waste Americans have for Cope with please email me. Collectively we can tell that distracting non English speaking telemarketers can never both us again.

Post by Ivo,

7755620197 is a scam offer free Holiday . . . .

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 you should report it

Post by specialk,

7755620197 even if you've text Edward for any contests or message boards

Post by bella,

775-562-0197 Its a dump telemarketer that could t even Chat English why would they even us Spanish speaking telemarketers.

Post by Reason,

7755620197 Just block your number. You personally should become Competent to would that on your own own and even if you can t the Firm can do it for you.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 Merely a message within. Spanish

Post by Tucsonfamily,

7755620197 Not confident your nature except that it was within Spanish and unsolicited.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 I don t know who it's but they talked Spanish

Post by x,

7755620197 Did anyone Lately publication on Help. I did last night amp Simply acquired a phone out of this number

Post by Bob,

775-562-0197 W is the Country Code for Santa Lucia it s within that Caribbean. W W W W W is how the phone would become written out if you personally were in Santa Lucia. They re trawling through numbers which are or 've been listed on Grisliest places. That Spanish message is Congratulations. You vie won the prize within your national lottery. If you personally press 1 for State your prize in Spanish you personally ll begin being back billed to your foreign info clearing house Amount as they re called. At rates of Upward for W. W a minute just for Linking for a SECOND you re gonna get charged for a entire Second. It s an foreign Mega scam. Keep it under that d bags listing in your Telephone. Like d bags 1 and d bags 2 so which you know who s calling.

Post by MariBelle,

7755620197 I live within W Region code overly but I replied it was a Spanish record saying I won W and for press one for Take so I did. . ha ha Anyway it was a phone center and a lady came on that line asking if I had a Charge or MasterCard and I said yes and she Inquired if I could get it and I told her I wan t going to provide her my credit card Amount and she said See you personally later and hung Upwards on me. . What a Group of scampers.

Post by MariBelle,

775-562-0197 I live in W Place code overly but I answered it was a Spanish record saying I won W and to press just one for Take thus I did. . ha ha Anyway it was a call Facility and a Woman Arrived on that line asking if I had a Visa or MasterCard and I said yes and she Inquired if I could get it and I told her I wan t going for provide her my credit card number and she said See you later and hung Upward on me. . What a Number of scampers.

Post by i HATE IT,

7755620197 I hang Upwards right away when I hear you Simply won. . . But still it caused me cents. . We should complaint the to the cellphone Supplier. . I am getting similar phone calls about once's a week.

Post by dale wamsley,

775-562-0197 Unknown Owner speaking Spanish

Post by othrprsn,

7755620197 Funny that this telephone Sources in La's Vegas. Yesterday I go ogled many trips in the Net on my Rim. I did t provide any info Outside Or sill any forms out Though enjoy mentioned I received the phone after Google ING Nevada Visits out of my cell phone.

Post by Toronto ON,

775-562-0197 Place code W they called me W minutes ago did t response no message.

Post by d carter,

7755620197 Spanish don t understand what it s Around. Don t want to be called again.

Post by wtf?,

775-562-0197 My coworker and I both got that same Telephone call within two minutes of each other. He s on AT amp T I m on People Cellular both within Chicago. We both Lately bought things away Amazon and Regrettably both felons. Anyone else 've any sort of scrapes with your law that might 've something for would with this.

Post by kevin,

7755620197 i get a telephone out of this number once a month. this is a Collection of b. s. This HAS For Stop. . . . . . .

Post by Arnold,

775-562-0197 It s phone Spanish not Mexican. You Compose within English not American

Post by N,

7755620197 Got a call from them Around 5 minutes ago did t answer. Viewed enjoy a company so go ogled it for see who they are here I am. No voice send left.

Post by Don,

775-562-0197 That is why I Display my calls. ALL of my calls.

Post by Pixie,

7755620197 Same here. Peculiar. .

Post by Stephanie Wallace,

775-562-0197 This number was calling me a lot and I usually never pick Upwards but today I was fed Upward picked Upwards and was going for tell them to Quit calling. Thus when I did Choose Upwards no one was there.

Post by jean,

7755620197 Simply got a call within Spanish on my cell. it s a Vegas Amount something about calling me back this day.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 Yes i received a call from them some time back. I did NOT answer that Telephone nor did I phone the Amount back. I go ogled it to see who it was and found several sites reporting quite scary Information. I am now showing that I used around W hrs value of Min's on my cell phone last month. Hopeless. That would 've me on the Telephone Approximately 1. 5 hours a day. Anyone with a Child knows how impossible this can be. Nicely at least it's if you personally Truly take care of your child. Not for mention that I Despise for talk on the Telephone. I will talk on that phone to my dad my husband amp business bills Physicians offices etc. but I infrequently Talk on that Telephone Merely for quot shoot the breeze quot . I m a bit concerned that they somehow quot hacked quot my phone .

Post by Karls,

7755620197 Simple rule to save pain. Never supply any personal info over that Telephone to someone you personally don t understand or verify.

Post by Tim,

775-562-0197 I vie never entered my Amount for any freebie in any respect However they managed to look for my Amount. Same along with my House phone as well. Gawd they re annoying.

Post by Cila,

7755620197 Quit CALLING

Post by booger2006,

775-562-0197 Got a call out of this number today but did not response. Is the a few variety of scam.

Post by lilasmash,

7755620197 Phoned me earlier today. I was sleep and did t answer.

Post by angie,

775-562-0197 i heard it was some kind of travel company. creepy.

Post by stacy,

7755620197 I missed your call but called back W W W from a separate line. They indicated that it was regarding TRAVEL and if I Needed for be removed out of their database to press 1. I Merely Installed Upward. What . is that Around. What happens for that those that respond and press 1.

Post by missymay,

775-562-0197 that's really terrifying. I'm happy you personally confronted them.

Post by anon,

7755620197 no message left by caller 3 W p. m. on Feb for Region code W in CT


775-562-0197 W W W. . . Just called did t reply. Go ogled and here I am. I m in Anaheim CA.

Post by Sylvester,

7755620197 On my prepaid cell phone Traction I got a phone out of this number. When I called this it said That is a travel Linked call and we may contact you again shortly. Otherwise if you personally want for be removed out of your database press 1 now. When I did t Reply it said I had got an Broken selection and asked me to enter a phone Amount which I presumed was for a callback but within fact it was prompting for that number for become removed. The calling number is allegedly a property line number within Reno Nevada but dozens of different Amounts 've been used along with the identifying message. Allowing to the news Post HTTP Internet. valley central. com sports story. asp. id W the local Cops state this is some kind of scam running out of Argentina but there s no Signal of that basis for that statement.

Post by Nerth,

775-562-0197 I Simply gotten another among these calls. I had another one about a month Past out of a W area code but that rest of the Amounts were Distinct. It was all in Spanish and being that I don t Talk any I could t understand any of it. The last time whoever it was called me 3 times within a row at work. I finally called them back and got many weirdo mumbling for someone else. I demanded to know who was calling me and heard many mumbles and grunting then they hung up. No Thought the best way to get the to Cease but I m sick of my cell Telephone becoming spammed. Mine is T mobile like another person above mentioned.

Post by Dubbz,

7755620197 DON T Phone MY Telephone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Karls,

775-562-0197 Simple rule to save pain. Never present any private data around your Telephone to someone you personally don t understand or Confirm.

Post by Anonymous,

7755620197 Called my cell phone and left no message. W area code.

Post by REC,

775-562-0197 nicely I am not out of Chicago actually not even close i live on your east coast Ma thus ID what this is. . .

Post by missymay,

7755620197 that is really chilling. I am happy you personally confronted them.

Post by Emma,

775-562-0197 I got that number today on my cell Telephone. I was occupied and did t answer. 1 time I got a missed phone alert on my cell out of an out of Place number and I accidentally hit your telephone back Vital it was within Dominican Republic. Word for the shrewd don t response calls you personally don t Comprehend Particularly on your own cell because those are minutes which you are paying for.

Post by Leigh,

7755620197 Vancouver BC Merely missed a call from the number. No message. I would love how everyone is Publishing here though.

Post by Beyond Unlisted,

775-562-0197 I got a call from this Amount on my cell Telephone. It was bought within a Section store for cash and it is reloaded using cash. There s no name linked to it whatsoever Recorded or unlisted. All you might have to can is call a Constant list of successive Amounts. These creeps Stadium t bothering to get names.

Post by quackquack,

7755620197 I acquired two blocked calls in an hour of each other that I did not answer. Ten minutes after your second phone I get a call out of W but I did t answer it since I did t Understand it. Within Vancouver BC

Post by ariana,

775-562-0197 This number needs to Quit calling KY phone. . . they vie called Around two times already.

Post by gbar27,

7755620197 Simply got a phone out of this number too. Toronto ON. very Bizarre. . . see you personally all within Mexico.

Post by girlie,

775-562-0197 W W No message but W is Nevada. I have a company in Vegas and that s where they got that Amount. Your Nevada Assistant of State is Guessed for protect our info but I suppose they re just as lame as each other state.

Post by BJ,

7755620197 Got just one too and go ogled it to see if anyone else got this. Glad I did t response. Cheers.

Post by Samantha,

775-562-0197 i got your same telephone Simply now. . wt its thus Unusual. it was a missed telephone tho. I am out of MA

Post by 7fingers,

7755620197 Called me on my cell phone but I vie gotten Ill and drained of unknown Amounts that I don t reply them any more. Gonna report this for your FTC by way of that National Do not Telephone List. Recommend you can that same.

Post by Hourglass,

775-562-0197 Don t response.

Post by tired,

7755620197 I do not know how these idiots get your own phone number . I idea there was a no phone list that I am on that they are not Presume for call. What's erroneous with your no telephone list. . . . Cease these Individuals from calling they even phone on sat and sun all hours of the night. I would adore tho 've hater Residence number and call them all the time.

Post by ana,

775-562-0197 Ok so they can get their Amounts blocked but my cell Supplier said that I 've to pay 4. W for get that Amounts blocked.

Post by rmr,

7755620197 there is also another number that's similar to the W crap. It's W. If you answer become advised that it could change your own phone settings for Spanish. That happened on my husbands Telephone earlier in your week.

Post by cellyphonecalls,

775-562-0197 I acquired a telephone out of the number earlier today on my cell phone. I Merely got that cell Telephone TWO days ago and made it active. It only rang three times and they Installed Upward before I could get to it.

Post by REC,

7755620197 i Simply got a telephone on my cell out of this Amount Now enjoy half an hour ago i didn't Select up cause i didn't know who it was but if u understand it d Actually help

Post by Lauren,

775-562-0197 I posted here a few pages Past. But as I read through your pages here anyone discover that alto of people who got this phone are within W Place Requirements Chicago Place. That's where I m at too. Hamburg Il.

Post by Marjory Hinchy,

7755620197 another unwanted telephone don t know who or what company. Did not answer

Post by Kristen,

775-562-0197 Hello. Thanks for Choosing that time Outside for describe this Amount thus well. I read every part and understand totally. I value your time and information.

Post by Also Another Angered AMERICAN!,

7755620197 LAO. that's humorous .

Post by anan,

775-562-0197 Simply got your same phone W area code

Post by Leave Me Alone,

7755620197 Simply called me also. Did t reply. Suppose which was your correct Go.

Post by Mark,

775-562-0197 Got a telephone from W W W. I did t Understand the Amount and so I did t pick Upward. The Owner did t leave a message. . . thus I guess it s telemarketers.

Post by Guest,

7755620197 They tried to telephone me I did not answer. My area code is W.

Post by Me,

775-562-0197 Got the call at 7 PM. It was a message in Spanish there was a cash register machine sound and Afterward a voice that said Congratulations you personally Only won W press 1 for State your Cost thus I Put Upwards instantly. I m within Elfin Il.

Post by o this ppl,

7755620197 I am out of California and i Merely received a call. i called back and it was a recording saying that it was a flight Bureau and that they would phone me again. so Odd.

Post by Carrie,

775-562-0197 W W W just called me also. Folks Wake up up and understand that this is a scam and NO you personally did not win a free Vacation to the place of your dreams. They called my cell number and I believe that they got my info off of my resume from Vocation Contractor. com.

Post by kb56,

7755620197 I Only obtained this called and go ogled the area code and located this Publishing. Mad. I Destination t followed Upwards by calling it back.

Post by ripon,

775-562-0197 Excellent research work Dino. Cheers for all your own efforts. Just one May}n' 've Understood it would become those CI cretins at your Base of this. . . .

Post by pissed off,

7755620197 They called me I did not response. WHO t response if I don t know who it's. They need for become stomped Outside enjoy roaches.

Post by Tim,

775-562-0197 I vie never Joined my Amount for any freebie whatsoever However they managed for look for my number. Same with my Residence phone as nicely. Gawd they re annoying.

Post by donalpfw,

7755620197 Did t leave a message for me. I just got the Amount last week and telemarketers are calling already.

Post by Ahkmed,

775-562-0197 Many Mexican called me out of the number. I told them I don t Chat German for mistake the Dumb .

Post by lilo,

7755620197 My area code is W Merely obtained a phone from W W W Registered message within Spanish I Simply hanged up.

Post by maria,

775-562-0197 Same along with me W Region code. Missed it no message. Guess they re using a listing.

Post by VOKI911,

7755620197 ya discover how on all the preceding pages your scam Needed us to press just one. 1 obviously does something great on their component and annoy in as a big old Bug on ours

Post by HateSpam,

775-562-0197 rec. phone 5 W MN time. Did not response because I did t recognize that . Am now really happy since I go ogled it. Furious they 've my .

Post by bill,

7755620197 It State that I won W. IO DOLLARS

Post by chronicsmokin,

775-562-0197 Got this call W Min's Past second time this happened. said i won a million dollars and press 1 for receive my money. Then it transfer ed me to many Female and she was asking my age I told her my age which is W and she said I Desired to become W. I Inquired what I needed to become W for and she Put up. all this was within Spanish.

Post by PiggieBanks,

7755620197 I Only got this phone as a missed call in W Region Code but I wan t George Bush I believe it was Monica searching for Bill Clinton she Needed for see he has any new intern Opportunities now that he is back within that white house along with his Partner.

Post by LD,

775-562-0197 TRACTION sells your data to these Soil bags where's the Solitude when we Purchase a brand new Telephone and minutes traction doesn't demand for understand your own birthday or any other personal information. . . They may telephone you personally at House and try and sell you personally more minutes now exactly why can we need to understand to can this. . DUH. . . .

Post by S.P.,

7755620197 T Mobile cell phone started ringing but Quit correct away. I suppose they disconnected on their end.

Post by scots,

775-562-0197 Phone Arrived within Spanish speaking female. Hung up.

Post by ana,

7755620197 if you personally call at amp t enjoy I did they can tell you for telephone the syndicalist. I called Art a second time to whine. They told me that I could get intelligent manners for 4. W per month. They could t would anything but take our cash. I feel thus violated. I don't supply my Amount away to just anyone. Nothing is safe anymore. I text ed my husband and two kids correct away. Of path they re intelligent enough to not response the phone. My hubby got rung X he never answered my daughter called twice as nicely. She did t Collection due for be unknown. I picked it Upward and called back but never Joined my Amount. I m apprehensive for get an outrageous Telephone bill.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 Tournament Success within Spanish

Post by Guest,

7755620197 I don t understand who it is but they talked Spanish

Post by abrown2980,

775-562-0197 I m in Oregon call Arrived within Approximately 3 PM my time today I did not reply and they did not leave a message.

Post by sandy,

7755620197 WT. . . . . Don t call me again. . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 it was a Spanish speaking recording

Post by George,

7755620197 The message is within Spanish push button Amount 1 a youthful woman answered Inquired for my name I told her that she or whomever she works for called me and when I told her my name she said within Spanish A mi no me gust Tu hombre hora Te Coy a col gar boob. I don t enjoy your own name I m going for hang Upwards now fool. When I called back the number rang as a busy tone. I called my cell provider and they wanted for sell me a phone blocker service for 5 Money per month. I Registered a Criticism with FCC and Lister my numbers on that Don't Telephone list.

Post by KV,

775-562-0197 Record left within Spanish. . . Thus annoying.

Post by JGG,

7755620197 Received a phone on my work cell phone from the Amount at W Am EST Now did t reply as I don t know that number I Go ogled it and here I 'm CT W Place code .

Post by Samantha,

775-562-0197 i got your same call Simply now. . wt its thus Bizarre. it was a missed call tho. I am from MA

Post by Mike,

7755620197 Who else here is out of northwestern Chicago sub burbs. . lo ks like a bunch of Folks are

Post by anon2,

775-562-0197 Toronto Canada Merely revived a phone out of this number for my cell phone 6 PM est on Feb 6 but I never replied it.

Post by peter,

7755620197 contact me for deal E-mail W protected

Post by Also Another Angered AMERICAN!,

775-562-0197 Do not phone my damn Telephone again i mean Actually you personally of Individuals for telephone and you Select a Amount from Ar. your Stupid. Go back for Mexico.

Post by mememe,

7755620197 hmm. I was using Google gm ail to call y Telephone and the number called me. . . wondering if k Google leaked my number. anyone else use gm ail for make calls.

Post by closet showgirl,

775-562-0197 W. . . I got this phone when I was on that second line. Your left a non express mail. Will take the advice to not locate out who the hell they're. The Amount comes out of Nevada. . . . .

Post by anon,

7755620197 Yes. I recently used travesty to novel a Trip gave my cell number as contact for flight Shift updates. . . Perhaps Help and travesty do the same thing use your same Amount to check if your Amount is working.

Post by joe smith,

775-562-0197 here is the number for your those who are harassing you personally can just one for others as they have done to you personally it s just Good. W appreciate your time along with them. i did. let them go through there whole sh peal all the manner to point of sale Subsequently tell em your own not interest that's my Favourite. What comes around goes Approximately have a Pleasant daytime. . . .

Post by tl,

7755620197 I 've t mobile and gotten a phone out of this today it was a recording within Spanish. . . Installed Upwards. I also got a weird text message on my cell last week from magi Videos. com or something. I appearance it Upwards on here and found it for be common with T mobile users as well. . .

Post by user,

775-562-0197 Simply got a phone from this Amount did t pick up Go ogled in and ended up within this forum. I m in that W Region code.

Post by deb,

7755620197 Are these Amounts supposed for become calling people if we've registered the numbers on that Do not Phone list.

Post by fromtheoc,

775-562-0197 they Merely called my cellphone. . i did not reply though

Post by M. L.,

7755620197 received call out of did t response. Don t know this Amount.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 Spanish message

Post by Aubrey,

7755620197 I keep becoming calls from the Amount in Spanish. I am not able to telephone it back and I vie blocked it from calling me but they still look for a manner to call. I 'm Sick of it. Something needs to be done.

Post by specialk,

775-562-0197 I spoke earlier with a sales Representative from workplaces similar I think for that monster site. I Offered him my cell. . . wonder if its Connected.

Post by chronicsmokin,

7755620197 Oh yea I am Additionally using AT amp T and stay in Cali W area

Post by Harlander,

775-562-0197 Oh and I haven t given Outside my cell Amount online or anything. I reported your number for your Do not Call registry HTTP Web. dentally. gov Criticism Grievance Assess. asp

Post by HaiNa,

7755620197 I Simply got called by this I pressed 1 for Chat to someone and said I did t need to become called and was on your National Canadian Do not Solicit list and she hung Upwards on me while I was talking. . I m in Toronto ON

Post by Nikole Leigh,

775-562-0197 I do not need to become contacted by the Amount again. Ever.

Post by Mari,

7755620197 Same as everyone else its out of a travel place and that they will telephone again.

Post by Ray the Tub,

775-562-0197 I ignored it and Assessed Google. Happy I did.

Post by missymay,

7755620197 that's really chilling. I am glad you personally confronted them.

Post by mikey,

775-562-0197 I got a phone out of this number Only now and no message was left. . . I m within South Western Washington

Post by Orange County,

7755620197 Phone in Spanish obtained five Min's ago. My service is AT amp T. 'm located in OX California.

Post by momo,

775-562-0197 I just got a telephone from this did t answer Simply Reproduce and paste for Google and I got the I don t post on any of the other Sites mentioned thus I don t know why I would be getting the anyhow I m in Utah so it seems these people are Only calling from a listing. . . so who knows what is going on they did t leave a message tho

Post by Aki,

7755620197 No response no message

Post by Calvin,

775-562-0197 Same here Spanish recording at 2 PM PST area code W W miles north of San Francisco. I 've T Cellular telephone. 'm on don't call list. Had formerly gotten similar Holiday calls out of Ontario Canada sometimes daily for a week.

Post by Guest,

7755620197 Spanish message

Post by chris,

775-562-0197 Picked Upwards the telephone and the message was within Spanish. I Put up.

Post by medicinal420,

7755620197 called my cell. . . some Spanish recording probably a scam. . . i hung up

Post by DaisyDog,

775-562-0197 There are in the travel industry. You are able to call them back and 've your own number removed from their database.

Post by Reason,

7755620197 Only block that Amount. You should become Capable for do that in your own and even if you can t your company can do it for you personally.

Post by Mack,

775-562-0197 They called me Upwards in Sonora ca. I called back to get away that list

Post by Duane,

7755620197 Called me on my cell Telephone that call started along with many crazy Sound that sounded enjoy a subway Auto that was Used by a message within Spanish that I could t comprehend cert inside it must be a scam Specially based on the other messages.

Post by myolddog,

775-562-0197 You vie got for be among the idiots that thinks everything is G. W. s fault. Get along with your Application you liberal scumbags have moved on for blaming everything on Dorothy Plain. As for the trip to Iraq why do you enlist you personally cowardly Subsequently go can something for your State beside whining.

Post by Tucsonfamily,

7755620197 We Simply got the call as well in Tucson Az. My Partner the a person who literally rec d that phone and I are using Traction services pay as you personally go system. My wife hung Upward because she does not comprehend Spanish Additionally it is likely a scam auto dial phone. You understand it dozen t issue Around the perpetrators ethnicity. It is rude Interval. I want it would all Cease.

Post by Darcy,

775-562-0197 They called my cell and did t leave a message. Enjoy others I Go ogled it and here I 'm.

Post by Mack,

7755620197 They called me Upward in Sonora ca. I called back for get away your list

Post by K-Diddy,

775-562-0197 I 've AT amp T and Simply received your telephone today overly. It is the travel arrangement voice message.

Post by jonh,

7755620197 Spanish. Won t talk. My Region code W in CT.

Post by Myrnie,

775-562-0197 I 've been receiving these annoying calls not simply in the number within Reno Vegas but other cities across your State. That first time I answered your call and when that Girl Began speaking in Spanish I Put Upwards. Now when a phone comes within and I don't recognize that number I don't answer. If it's a valid phone and they leave a message I call back. Since they use thus many different numbers from different states it is Practically impossible for block them all. Telemarketers should be totally banned. . It's an Attack of my cell phone my House and my time.

Post by A,

7755620197 Just now got a call out of the Amount on my cell phone. I answered there was what sounded like a Rush of static Used by arbitrary Sound and Afterward a recording in Spanish. I live in Pa area code W.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 It was a Spanish robot telephone.

Post by deb,

7755620197 did t leave message called me at W W am it's a pain because i do not present the Outside . It's my cell for family only.

Post by john,

775-562-0197 Spanish SORRY GAL That is AMERICA Learn ENGLISH PLEASE. . .

Post by the OC,

7755620197 rec telephone Now out of them on my cell. i m within W Place Verizon.

Post by etsybay,

775-562-0197 Buddies are getting calls out of this number along with MY NAME on the caller id. . . Same message within Spanish.

Post by In Arizona,

7755620197 I gotten phone last nighttime from this but did not reply. . . no message was left. Bizarre thing is I did reply a call two times before out of an Arizona Region code W and it sounds just enjoy what's being reported here because of this . . . . Spanish speaking female record and Afterward as shortly as I said WHAT. they Put Upward.

Post by DYNXA,

775-562-0197 Yeah I got a telephone from this Amount too. I had just 1 minute in my minute balance left thinking it was Significant and I replied it and it was a few Spanish recording. I don t 've any minutes on my Telephone and it still persists on calling me I want the law would get involved and 've them Quit spamming me what are they saying anyway. Could anyone Interpret.

Post by at&t customer,

7755620197 I 've at amp t and rec d the telephone. Never replied it cause I was at work but knowing I did t know that Amount I Viewed up it Upwards when I got home. I may now be blocking the number Additionally.

Post by Zeek,

775-562-0197 Thursday December W Cell ID Name Unknown Tel W W Time W Amado W W I ignored that telephone.

Post by Roxy,

7755620197 My niece got a phone on her cell Telephone from this Amount and she says that Man was just rambling on within Chinese or some Asian dialect. That female would not Cease talking thus she Simply Installed up.

Post by Steven Barns,

775-562-0197 They Merely telephone me and i Viewed it up for see who called me.

Post by CG,

7755620197 Got that call on my office line. There was a message left but was simply static and a hang Upward. I m in Boa Ra Lot FL W Place code.

Post by ODD,

775-562-0197 This can be so Strange i got a telephone overly i m just gonna throw away my phone you should would your same

Post by Kame,

7755620197 are you personally within Philadelphia. because i got your telephone at 3 W. I believe it goes from state to state within order

Post by m2anon,

775-562-0197 NJ Merely got a telephone from this number on my cell. . . how Peculiar.

Post by KL,

7755620197 Unwanted call from W W W obtained on January W W at 5 W pm CT.

Post by Genie,

775-562-0197 Merely got a phone I am in San Antonio. Some travel Firm.

Post by Michael,

7755620197 obtained telephone at 5 PM est didn't hassle answering as I don't response unknown callers no VIM left on telephone.

Post by nub,

775-562-0197 Me too. About an hour ago. W area code. Seems they're busy.

Post by Al,

7755620197 Just got a telephone out of them automated express saying i won a Vacation for Mexico and to press 1. . did t press anything and the line disconnected. Go ogled your number and got here. Oh no on my cell Telephone. .

Post by Sarah,

775-562-0197 Got a call from this number the morning. Did t response.

Post by eric,

7755620197 this really is a travel related telephone at which point i Put up

Post by Jessi,

775-562-0197 I got two calls from the Amount Now on my cell Telephone. I was on a call with my Man thus did t answer. One was at 3 PM and the other at 3 PM. I have a Nashville Tn area code. How did they get my cell number. . . .

Post by Guest,

7755620197 Credit cart Success of a Vacation I said nothing

Post by Also Another Angered AMERICAN!,

775-562-0197 LAO. that's amusing .

Post by JC,

7755620197 I called number back and got a fax machine

Post by Jennifer,

775-562-0197 These jerky Poultry hampers called me too. The Website is manner Trendy. . Anyway I did t answer it b c I don t answer s I don t understand.

Post by JJ,

7755620197 I m on AT amp T by the way.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 Spanish

Post by Ab,

7755620197 I just received a call from this Amount. I 'm in Canada with Ga area code. I get Priced when I reply phone calls that appearance important like this just one. I want for hunt these free ks and expose them.

Post by 7755620197,

775-562-0197 Called at about 6 W pm. Did t response and they did t leave a message. Won t annoyance for telephone them back Established on previous places. BTW I 've Sprint not T Mobile.

Post by Draftrider,

7755620197 I never answer Amounts I don t know thus I did t reply this one. . Now on my Blocked list. . Called W PM Jan Th. They won t again. .

Post by James,

775-562-0197 number was you HOLES Don't call me. . .

Post by master hacker,

7755620197 It s not sequential dialing my Thus s number is two Numbers out of mine and she never gets a phone from them but I do at least once a month. I called them back and pressed 1 Offered them their own number. If they use that to get more valid numbers for telephone or for sell to other telemarketers Afterward they just Attached themselves. Think I demand for go for that mall and sign Upwards for several hundred free Pictures use their number as the contact. Anyway they're on forward to a not alive phone Amount now. We may see how that works outs.

Post by j,

775-562-0197 called my phone a couple hours Past. Simply heard Girl s express state mail on my voice mail. . . maybe telling someone else they got my voice mail. Y are these people calling so many people. I m in Washington California. . . says it s out of land line within Reno NV.

Post by Melly,

7755620197 Got a telephone from the Amount at W W am on my cell. Did t Select up. No MSG. Also within Vancouver BC. Area code W.

Post by didi555soul,

775-562-0197 power saw that number Decided up it was a record saying congratulations you wont a Vacation to Cancun and i Put up

Post by o this ppl,

7755620197 I am from California and i Only received a telephone. i called back and it was a recording saying that it was a Trip Bureau and that they would phone me again. so Bizarre.

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 They offered me a Spanish fly and said they Enjoyed for RAPE me too

Post by mel,

7755620197 I have been called 3 times by unknown area Requirements on my cell phone and i called Bell and if u Press 1 or indication Upward for your do not phone list you supply Upwards all rights for your information and your Amount gets Offered off to phone list. my Buddy has been getting a least 2 calls a daytime on her cell Telephone as nicely so far all your area Requirements are located in the states and we re in Canada

Post by shock,

775-562-0197 Simply got a call from the number as well. . I am so joyful. I won a trip to Cancun

Post by Pompey Dave,

7755620197 Called my cell Friday 2 6 W at W Am. Ignored it Subsequently Go ogled the Amount. That search Added me here.

Post by S BS,

775-562-0197 Obtained telephone did t recognize that number so I did t reply. Go ogled number and saw this eyesight. It's one in a Amount of spam phone Amounts. Report it and don t answer it. If it s someone you understand they ll leave a message and put your number on that Do not Call list for telemarketing etc.

Post by james,

7755620197 no message left

Post by Mena,

775-562-0197 Just got a call from W W W on my Verizon cell phone. A few Electronic Woman speaking in Spanish. I hung Upward.

Post by k g anderson,

7755620197 Racist telephone Encouraging prohibited immigration and the killing of white Americans. Abusive gangster like cussing and slang.

Post by JIm,

775-562-0197 That is Simply a phone for a travel agency telemarketer. Hi no need for hatred within any direction no 1 is a Legal a racist or needs deporting. They telephone gotta run thanks Its a telemarketer not a bank robber.

Post by Kame,

7755620197 are you personally within Philadelphia. because i got that phone at 3 W. I think it goes from state to state in order

Post by Guest,

775-562-0197 I read it too

Post by frustrated dude,

7755620197 did t Select Upwards out of the Dumb number

Post by girlie,

775-562-0197 the was on my cell this am answered it all within Spanish had no freak in hint what was being said. wt how did they get my cell. .

Post by Ahkmed,

7755620197 Some Mexican called from this Amount. I told them I don t Talk German just for confuse the Dumb .

Post by laura,

775-562-0197 same here. . . . missed call no message

Post by Hate-er,

7755620197 I Only got that same phone and typed within my number to 've them stop calling me as well. Do they get our Amounts anyway.

Post by Mari,

775-562-0197 Same as everyone else its from a travel Put and that they will phone again.

Post by Pixie,

7755620197 Same here. Strange. .

Post by Catia,

775-562-0197 I replied. Message was given within Spanish and Subsequently the telephone was disconnected. Not a hint. I m in Idaho.

Post by Guest,

7755620197 I don t know who it's but they spoke Spanish

Post by Leigh,

775-562-0197 Vancouver BC. Only missed a phone out of that Amount. No message. Weedier.

Post by mark t,

7755620197 what i would when i get one of these those who call my cell i then save it as Trash within my cell phone book and that junk setting phone sends that one direct for express mail. . . doesn't even ring in on cell. . . . .

Post by Nikola Tesla Wannabe,

775-562-0197 Got a telephone from the number at W W p. m. PST. Did t response. Was busy doing yoga.

Post by Anne T,

7755620197 I Merely gotten a phone from the number as well. I did t response because i did t know that Amount. . . I am within PA

Post by Adam Nusser,

775-562-0197 Huge help thanks for that help they are Simply Individuals Striving to create your quick buck

Post by specialk,

7755620197 even if you've text ed for any contests or message boards

Post by Erik,

775-562-0197 Thank you so much because of this information. I 've been expecting an Significant telephone and was unsure if the was the party I was expecting or many B. S. thin gee like it appears to become. So again thank you personally quite definitely for the research.

Post by Thomas,

7755620197 I also got a telephone from a Amount starting with W at W. 'm yesterday. I believe it s type of a scam or something. HTTP Web. website outfit. com downloads drupe

Post by Arlen Bystander,

775-562-0197 The Amount Additionally called my cell. Did not answer and no message was left.

Post by Chucky,

7755620197 Only got a call on my cell out of the Amount something about travel. . . Vancouver

Post by bob,

775-562-0197 Called my Magic Port number didn't reply and they left an 8 second expressionless message. . . O's

Post by Lauren,

7755620197 I got this phone on my Telephone earlier. I m within Chicago area W Region code. I missed your call and they did t leave a message. Does any just one detect how all these pages of posts by people are in your last like hrs. That s sort of Odd we all got the telephone around your same time. . . My Telephone is a cell Telephone how that hell did they get my Amount. .

Post by ana,

775-562-0197 if you call at amp t enjoy I did they may tell you to telephone your syndicalist. I called Artwork a second time to complain. They told me that I could get smart manners for 4. W per month. They can t can anything but take the money. I feel so violated. I do not provide my Amount away to just anyone. Nothing is safe anymore. I text ed my husband and two kids right away. Of course they re bright enough for not reply that Telephone. My hubby got rung X he never replied my Girl called twice as nicely. She did t Collection due for become unknown. I Decided it up and called back but never Joined my Amount. I m anxious for get an outrageous phone Statement.

Post by Recently To Cabo,

7755620197 Maybe it had something for would along with your recent Holiday to Cab. CI Interval timeshare BS sounds possible.

Post by girlie,

775-562-0197 W W No message but W is Nevada. I have a company in Nevada and that s where they got your Amount. That Nevada Secretary of State is Assumed to protect the info but I suppose they re Merely as lame as each other state.

Post by joe smith,

7755620197 starting a harassment law match against CI Inc. if you'd enjoy for join within the suit to create an example of this Firm and that Waste Americans 've to deal with please email me. together we can promise that distracting non English speaking telemarketers will never fuss people again.

Post by Lea,

775-562-0197 My sister within law got that telephone first Subsequently after few hours I got the telephone. Did t Choose up the phone. I 've a feeling it s a telemarketer.

Post by frannack,

7755620197 Simply got a call on my cell. CA

Post by barb,

775-562-0197 same as everyone else. cell rings response a few female speaking within Spanish Put Upwards. . . . NEVER Value ANY s EVEN IF THEY Say IT Will REMOVE You Out of THEIR LIST. . . . .

Did you get an unwanted call from 775-562-0197? Is 7755620197 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Trans universe Systems

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never Choose up.

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money loan Pol

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kept sending Adult within my Telephone and cussed at me

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Called Around a loan. . Could not comprehend what he was saying but his name was Rob. . . what a joke

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I don't need the number block

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That Telephone Firm providing service to this Fake Owner should Close down W W W or become fined.

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no text

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Calls never leaves a message.

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This Amount keeps calling my cell phone. . I answered just one time. They where playing a Tv or something within your back earth but did t state anything. _

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Your user has blocked your own Amount.

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Unsolicited SIMS message Arrived. How is this Individual.

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These people telephone all your time and anticipate u to hold the line . . Yep whatever.

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Pl take me back n don t be overly judgmental along with me

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the ex calls aren't welcomed

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