7759904092 / 775-990-4092

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Pahrump, NV. Nye. United states
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94 complaints
Post by ER,

7759904092 I Simply located the number. If I get another phone out of it I'm taking a Vacation.

Post by Quin,

775-990-4092 Message from a Man named Quin. National Car Research. SCAM. Used to go by Matt before that Robert or something.

Post by Bryan,

7759904092 Simply got another phone from the number told them 3 weeks ago NEVER to call again the female on the other end got horrible said I must not have eaten my Wheaties today also 've Things for sale on Craig s List

Post by brenda n,

775-990-4092 becoming the same calls recently as you personally did attempted calling it back and it Bands Afterward goes to a occupied Transmission wish there was a manner to Cease it without not Publishing to crags list don t know what your pour Create for them hanging up or it going to your busy Sign is but it's stupid

Post by DICK,

7759904092 I Have A Auto ON GRISLIEST Overly. NOBODY CALLS To Buy MY Automobile Simply Companies Wanting ME For SPEND W FOR THEM To SELL MY Auto With NO Ensure THEY Can SELL IT SCAMS AND BS IF U Ask ME. . . . .

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 they Installed up

Post by Guest,

7759904092 hang up called back and it was busy

Post by Lee,

775-990-4092 SCAM Got a Motorcycle listed on Grisliest Needed to help me sell it.

Post by vic jain,

7759904092 Every daytime i get a phone out of this . No just one is on the other side. When you personally try calling this Amount there is no reply and Afterward it disconnects.

Post by Steve,

775-990-4092 Merely got this telephone dead atmosphere disconnected. Called back rang twice busy tone. Yes it s grisliest.

Post by bobby t,

7759904092 Merely got a phone nobody there. i have a crags list car Advertisement.

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 Replied and Put Upward. Think is from grisliest Advertising.

Post by phil,

7759904092 I also 've an RV Recorded on Grisliest and have been becoming Replicate calls from this number as nicely as two other scam Amounts. They're always silent and Afterward hang Upwards. I don t like this.

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 Instant hang up

Post by kristina,

7759904092 Simply got that phone today. Had my Auto posted on CL weeks Past. Weird

Post by SBS,

775-990-4092 Got a call from this Amount it was shortly after I posted an ad on CL. When I replied there was no one there or any background Sound. Almost a brainless senseless phone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gee Perhaps it was my wife .

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Tool ad for Auto on Grisliest and took my phone Amount out of there. Offers for advertise for you personally for W with no ensure it can sell. Won t Quit calling.

Post by Bruce,

775-990-4092 Got your same call. 've a Auto posted on CL.

Post by Lee,

7759904092 SCAM Got a bike Recorded on Grisliest Needed to help me sell it.

Post by Mike in WA,

775-990-4092 Got a call from W W W. Was dead on response. Goggled it and found the site. I also have a vehicle for private sale listed on Grisliest.

Post by Guest,

7759904092 They keep calling. . . unknown why. . .

Post by HicktownG,

775-990-4092 Got a Telephone phone from W W W. and no just one is there when you personally say hello and Subsequently they hang Upwards on you personally . and when i tried for phone back it did t go through ugh. . i also have Advertising on Grisliest and keep becoming Odd texts and phone calls I want theses Folks would Hit away the crap. .

Post by Ralph,

7759904092 Received telephone W W W W. No 1 on that line. Additionally 've CL advert Outside there.

Post by jeff,

775-990-4092 Same crap called cell and Residence Telephone I 've van for sale on Grisliest and Kojak and back page not Sir which ad they seen no response when you personally telephone back certain want to who there are.

Post by Chuck,

7759904092 Appears like that same thing as everybody else. I 've a Auto listed on Crags List. Soon as I replied they Put Upward. I ll Discount the number from here on Outside. . . . . .

Post by Paraquat,

775-990-4092 I vie been bombarded with unavailable all week and eventually got this Amount on my Owner ID. I called back and it Installed Upwards after W seconds. I Decided Upward a few times but it was Only dead air. Finally Individual left a express mail saying his name is Bailey and he saw my ad on Grisliest. I m Clearly having problem selling my vehicle and he would be willing for help me. I had a phone in 2 hours and a deposit the first night I listed my Vehicle for sale. Choke on a dick Bailey.

Post by David,

7759904092 I Additionally got a phone from this number. I have a boat on Grisliest and 've just obtained offers out of Firms wanting to sell my boat.

Post by Cephas,

775-990-4092 Yep I 've a coagulating as nicely no response and you are able to t phone back to tell them to Cease calling

Post by chris g,

7759904092 I have a Auto on grisliest becoming your same calls. . SCAM smelt it all the manner. wonder how they slumber at night Understanding they scam by daytime. .

Post by Lee,

775-990-4092 SCAM Got a bike Recorded on Grisliest wanted for help me sell it.

Post by maxrnb,

7759904092 No 1 there when I replied. I Additionally have Advertising on Crags List but I don t have that Amount Recorded. Are they getting Amounts from CL.

Post by DR,

775-990-4092 Called me today I 've a car for sale on Craig List.

Post by os,

7759904092 same here. referred to Automobile Recorded on grisliest when I called back no just one ever answers

Post by Aerialshot,

775-990-4092 Same thing here. As of Dec W W the phone Simply Arrived in However there is no answer. When I attempted a phone back it Bands a Rapidly busy. I overly have ad s within both Grisliest and eBay. I appreciate the Remarks out of other users. I can be Prepared for his next telephone. . . . her here here.

Post by Jeff,

7759904092 Total SCAM don t hassle replying. Simply want you for send them cash and they ll sell your own Automobile Vehicle whatever for you LOLA

Post by Kaylon Patton,

775-990-4092 Called me on cell not alive atmosphere Subsequently disconnected. Active Transmission when called. I overly advertise on grisliest.

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Advertisement for sell my Automobile that's posted on crackliest.

Post by DD,

775-990-4092 grisliest ad for a ZR W

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Called and Put up.

Post by abrasv,

775-990-4092 Only got your phone and nobody there. Th time from the Amount. I 've an RV for sale on Crags list thus must 've got that Information from there. Getting weary of it.

Post by Guest,

7759904092 i got a call and they wont pick Upward when u phone back

Post by bb,

775-990-4092 same as above. . . . . sounds enjoy BS scummier. also have grisliest ad.

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Saw Advertising for Automobile on Grisliest and took my Telephone number out of there. Offers for Promote for you for W along with no ensure it will sell. Won t stop calling.

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 Really annoying keeps calling and hanging up

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Did not answer

Post by AJ,

775-990-4092 I got a telephone today no reply. I 've an Advertisement on CL six

Post by Rj,

7759904092 No one was online tried calling back and it disconnected. I also have grisliest Advertisements.

Post by Me,

775-990-4092 Same thing they see your Advertisement on Grisliest and need for try to scam you.

Post by bobby t,

7759904092 Only got a telephone nobody there. i 've a crags list Auto Advertising.

Post by b,

775-990-4092 Only got a call from Thais Amount and tried for telephone back two Bands an then active Transmission gotta be BS Additionally have cl Ad. Cheers because of this site really helpful

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Gs ell my car

Post by Ricky,

775-990-4092 It s not worth that much cash for 've them sell your own car. Awaken up. It s a scam. They take your cash and you never Notice out of them again. They don t Actually sell your own Auto for you. Otherwise it would Merely be a service which if you personally were selling a K vehicle it would t be this kind of poor Cope.

Post by chris,

7759904092 Same here. I 've a Automobile Recorded on Grisliest. Can be taking Jay s idea from his post on Nov. W W.

Post by Dan,

775-990-4092 i got A Call ST thing i did was Google the people do not call back an unknown a few goes to international express send and you get billed W for a single telephone. i posted on CL 2 sell my Auto . that's how they get R

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Grisliest Scam.

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 They keep calling. About my Automobile on crags list. They Merely hang up

Post by Pete Gar,

7759904092 Thy phone I response thy hang up 've grisliest add too

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 Blank

Post by Christa,

7759904092 Got a Telephone call today and voice send offering to sell my Automobile. They desire you to telephone them immediately Yep certain whatever scampers They state I listed my car Underneath the Recorded Kelley Blue Book Worth and they need for buy my Automobile and resale it at no cost for me. I deleted your message before they went any further. ITS A SCAM. And I posted my add on Craig list. Thus beware.

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 Hung up when I picked up

Post by David E.,

7759904092 2 calls today also have Grisliest Advertisement.

Post by ronnj,

775-990-4092 same matter BMW for sale on grisliest and got calls no People there and when i call back beep beep beep beep beep gets annoying right

Post by rob,

7759904092 gristliest Advertising here too. no answer. this really is a fantastic site. thanks

Post by CADMan,

775-990-4092 Same phone with no 1 there but I vie also received several scam phone Striving to get me for pay W. W Upwards front along with a promise for sell my Pickup that I 've listed on Grisliest. NO Manner. . . . .

Post by bobby t,

7759904092 Simply got a phone nobody there. i have a crags list Auto Advertisement.

Post by Company tring to sell your stuff craigsl,

775-990-4092 That is a company Striving for sell your own items you've Recorded on grisliest. They need you personally for pay W bucks and they May sell it across your people. Like I told them its that they charge us them make cash on that interest that they charge others. You personally dint create cash BOTH manners . That's what has that Nation in a mess now. Its a scam and I would not use them Span. Your call out of this number is Merely fishing for great Amount to call back later so anticipate a call shortly.

Post by Guest,

7759904092 two calls from this Amount. . . i m always unavailable but they leave no number

Post by Jose,

775-990-4092 Simply got a phone call in my cellphone. No 1 within the other side Now.

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Spam

Post by Ricky,

775-990-4092 It s not value that Substantially money to 've them sell your Automobile. Wake up up. It s a scam. They take your own money and you personally never hear out of them again. They don t Truly sell your car for you personally. Otherwise it would Simply become a service which if you were Marketing a K vehicle it would t become such a terrible Cope.

Post by Jason,

7759904092 Just got a phone out of this and searched it and located the blog and reverse appearance up located that it Arrived from Vegas. Same here. . . 've a Pickup on grisliest for sale. Thanks everyone. Will not reply this phone call.

Post by ohio_jim,

775-990-4092 Got telephone Now no reply i have eBay and c list ads

Post by tired,

7759904092 wished they would quit

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 Unknown

Post by stephen,

7759904092 i have my Cycle for sell on grisliest and i got a telephone kind the number when i was at work strive Edward to call back had three ring and Subsequently disconnected

Post by sean,

775-990-4092 Been getting calls all week from this phone . Posted an Advertisement on CL for sell my Automobile. What your hell. Could t they get your message. NOT INTERESTED. . . . . . . . . When I answer they hang Upwards. . HOLES. . .

Post by Jay,

7759904092 I keep getting calls from these Individuals overly. . . . . the absolute best manner i think you can avoid this can be when you put your own number Upward on grisliest Place it within page format. . . so rather than W W W Place it enjoy this five one six five five five five five five five . . . . . . . . . they must have a system that mechanically detects Amounts in ads

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 I m Marketing a Auto on grisliest. They called and Put up

Post by Guest,

7759904092 phone and hangup

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 Damn Put up on me

Post by josh,

7759904092 wow. i too 've a car on grisliest. these calls are annoying. i get calls from unknown numbers also and when i response nobody says anything and than they hang up.

Post by Thomas,

775-990-4092 no answer no one there must be Around grisliest ad.

Post by brenda n,

7759904092 becoming the same calls Lately as you did attempted calling it back and it Bands Afterward goes to some busy Sign want there was a way to Quit it without not Publishing for crags list don t understand what the pour Create for them hanging up or it going to a occupied Sign is but it is stupid

Post by Gary,

775-990-4092 No message

Post by Jo,

7759904092 I posted a Automobile on grisliest last week. I keep receiving calls from the Amount so I go ogled it and located this Website. That caller eventually left a express mail earlier today It sounded enjoy an automated Individual offering to sell my Automobile for a small fee. Certain scam.

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 Spam

Post by Guest,

7759904092 A car Advertising Firm they promise for Promote your Automobile which they look for on Automobiles. com or grisliest on like W Sites that I vie never heard of and of course they want money upfront read your BBB reports and they're all Bad. It s a scam within that Finish.

Post by Marlene,

775-990-4092 Posted an ad on grisliest and got a telephone from this Amount they hung Upward when I answered.

Post by Guest,

7759904092 Telephone n Installed Upward on me

Post by Katiekono,

775-990-4092 Sold my Auto a month Past and still getting calls. I had it listed on Grisliest overly. . . Tried autocrat and the third person that called bought my car. Forget Grisliest for selling Autos. Pay your W W Dollars for Auto Investor and sell it.

Post by grumphy,

7759904092 W W W I vie received several calls out of this number Attempting for scam me from cash to help sell a vehicle on Grisliest.

Post by Guest,

775-990-4092 A few business calling me w recordings due to something I posted on Grisliest

Post by Guest,

7759904092 They have a Craig List Scam. . . may offer for sell your own Items for you

Post by AJpittsburgh,

775-990-4092 same Cope I think they re probably connected to your W Region code that called me each daytime the last time I tried for sell a Automobile on grisliest. What a Number of crooks. Wish I could block them from calling. . . The time same matter I m Marketing a Automobile on c list My Supervisor wants me for telephone you because we could help you sell your Automobile. . . Ugh. SCAM.

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3344149160 Complains by Guest,

Yes I got a text message saying I won a 1 W Target Gift card in the following phone Amount 1 W. it's spam.

4142090092 Complains by Guest,

I get 5 or more calls a day out of the number. That first call begins at 'm. No message left

8054561720 Complains by Ronm,

I read on many other post on the Website and Additionally ripoff report. com the same matter has happened for other people one of the other numbers used is on here at HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W.

9166686527 Complains by Guest,

Yodel sales

8184594799 Complains by person,

W W W called at W PM. I do not 've business along with the Folks. Mr. Camera bell said I was trying to get in Contact with you personally . . . who is you personally . arena t they Assumed to become more Special than that. He said phone W W W

4147455514 Complains by Guest,

Pitiful hoes

4147794019 Complains by Guest,

a pest

7864397805 Complains by Guest,

This really is a debt Set agency. . .

8001204500 Complains by 18001204500,

It's time for go outside

8002949961 Complains by Melinda,

Include Wellbeing Management Center

8042146522 Complains by omg,

i believe that gays are scam er

8042344307 Complains by KY Girl,

I Only gotten a telephone out of this Telephone number W W W After I said Hi I was Changed for your White House within Washington DC. That lady asked if I want to leave a Opinion for that White House. I told her that I did not create any phone phone and that I obtained a telephone. She said that I needed for report the to that Federal Communications. This telephone was really unusual.

8042122130 Complains by really,

HTTP Internet. Irs. gov AC Tax Scams Client Alerted Www. treasury. gov dicta contacted. notes. com forum ta Government warns of Phone scamp Large story. AP. org article Be's . . . Chief Government scam Report the Calls for the Actual Government here report your incident for your Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at W W W. You can also file a Gripe along with that National Trade Commission at FTC. gov. Add Government Telephone Scam for your Opinions within your complaint. Would consider becoming a phone blocking device or phone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or so. If its a cell phone some already have call blocking if not there are free apps on your web that may work for some. You can Google this. If you have a clever phone there is a free Program called telephone control. IPhone Search for have Programs also. Another 1 is called Mr. Amount. For traction amp right Speak HTTP play. Google. com Shop Programs details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. straight Speak. com instep Www. you send. com House Providers right Discuss block Amenhotep's Web. . com See Matter. PP. f W amp t W

8002832797 Complains by Unconcerned,

I got a Rob call out of this Amount. Even mentioned my name. Owner ID came Upward as PX Vigor but your message said it was within regard to a debt matter. Since I know I don t owe anything I m not concerned Around it but the misleading caller id Looks wrong to me.

8003048506 Complains by Terry,

If you personally don t know who your caller is then you should never give out a SS for anyone Particularly a debt collector. If they are calling you personally an abundant of times they should have all your information on file. That absolute best Remedy if this can be a debt collector is for look for Outside which debt of yours they're Signifying call that Firm and request to work Outside your Condition along with them directly. Additionally tell them the Lovers they hired are harassing you and Supply amount of times called and within the time Figure. If you personally work it Outside with your company along with your First debt they are most likely to make these calls go away.

8002266998 Complains by not buying it,

I Additionally got a call from these Folks they Asserted that my company had advertised along with them which we'd not. She called at that busiest time of that year for people and I tried for state that I was excessively busy but would try and create time for her on antihero daytime. She was so rude that she replied that she was busy overly. . This Business Looks enjoy a Fake scheme of liars. I won t even take their calls anymore.

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