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2016-02-26 20:08:31
Dwelling Website delivery text Around your order being shipped for your requirements. NOT SPAM. An extremely Useful service.
2016-02-16 09:22:39
Called three times in a row and left no voice mail
2016-02-16 09:19:07
How can I verify whether or not a debt collector is valid. Here are a few warning signs that could signal a debt Group scam That debt collector threatens you personally. Valid debt collectors probably won t claim that they ll 've you arrested or claim that they or their employees are law Administration officers. The debt collector refuses to supply you personally info about your debt or is Attempting for Accumulate a debt you don't Comprehend. You've particular rights to request a debt collector for Check that debt. You are able to use this sample letter for request the data. Ask for an explanation in writing before you pay. The debt collector refuses to supply you a sending address or phone number. That debt collector asks you personally for sensitive private Fiscal data. You should never provide anyone with your own private Monetary info unless You're sure they re legitimate. If you personally think that a Owner could be a fake debt collector Request your caller for his or her name Firm street address Phone Amount and professional license number. Many states require debt Lovers to become Certified. Assess that info the Owner provides you with your state officials or your state within which the debt collector holds a permit. If that Owner refuses or is not able for Supply you personally with info Around his company or if you can t Confirm that info he provides don't provide cash to your caller or Business. Tell that Owner you refuse for discuss any debt until you personally get a written Approval detect. This notice must Contain Your amount of the debt That name of that Lender you owe description of specific rights Underneath the federal Fair Debt Set Methods Act In case a Owner refuses to supply you all of the info consider Seeking the info in writing or seeking support before paying that debt to create sure that debt and the Firm are valid. Hint You are able to consider giving that collector a notice Seeking that info by using among the CF PB s sample Words. You are able to also submit a Grievance to the CF PB or you can contact your own state Lawyer General s office. Don't give the Owner personal Monetary or other sensitive data. Never supply out or affirm personal financial or other sensitive information like your own bank account credit card or Societal Security number unless you know your company or person You're talking with is a Actual debt collector. Scam artists like fake debt collectors could use your own information for commit Identification Thieving such as Charging your own Present credit cards Opening fresh credit card or checking account Reports Writing Fake checks Taking Outside loans within your own name Contact your own Lender. If your debt is valid but you personally think that collector could possibly not become contact your creditor about your calls. Share that information you have about the funny calls and locate Outside who if anyone that Lender has Approved to Accumulate that debt. Report the call. Submit a Gripe along with the CF PB or get within Contact along with your state Attorney General s office with info Around suspect callers. Cease speaking with the caller. If nothing else works and you believe the calls are fraudulent send a page demanding that the caller stop Calling you personally and keep a copy on your files. Tip You can use the sample notice for Compose a notice demanding that debt collector stop contacting you. By law Actual debt collectors must Quit calling you if you personally request them to within Composing. Trick If you re having problem along with debt Set you are able to submit a Grievance with your CF PB online or by calling W W CF PB W . HTTP Www. consumer finance. gov
2016-02-16 08:41:09
called 6 times in 6 Second between W W to W W. attempted for appearance it Upwards but found nothing
2016-02-16 07:42:30
2016-02-16 04:54:09
Won t Discontinue testing
2016-02-15 20:58:01
This Caller left W message s. 5 that endanger bodily Injury and many which were racial slurs. We'd to send everyone House today as is Treatment when there are threats. The Individual was very drunk. They gotten 1 postcard out of people and went on a W phone rant. We 're putting that W calls on Certificate of deposit and waiting for the phone bill. We 're Afterward going for send for your person asking he pay the phone Statement and W Folks s pay for your daytime we had for send them Residence or we send the Certificate of deposit along with threats to that local MT Cops department. Enough is Enough. Since the Owner is Trouble a person that does this alto for various different Business s thus we thought there should be a record of the.
2016-02-15 20:02:22
Keeps calling. Dozen t leave a message. I m on the do not telephone list.
2016-02-15 19:36:39
Received call on my cell. It was Tracy in the insurance department. Apparently rates are low these days. It was a recording. I get a telephone similar for this every week or thus.
2016-02-15 18:47:05
That s Crazy
2016-02-15 18:38:33
Discontinue these calls.
2016-02-15 17:05:51
Become grateful when someone does you a Party favor.
2016-02-05 08:32:52
We've been receiving calls out of the company for months now. We have been Recorded along with your Don't Telephone Registry. I have attempted to locate a number because of this company that was NOT a Facsimile line and apparently that company only lists fax lines as its Firm Amounts so there surely is no way to contact them to tell them to stop calling. I filed a Gripe with your Do not Call Registry as nicely as your FCC and I gotten a page from the FCC telling me that Granting for my Submitted report there was no violations and no Research would be conducted. So the Firm continues for harass my family and there is nothing I may do Around it.
2016-02-05 08:32:50
Calls repeatedly when it goes for voice mail they don t leave any message just hang Upwards and phone again. I get clusters of repeated missed calls along with same time Displaying on when call came through.
2016-02-05 08:32:48
8 W W Phone MY Set OF Business Regarding RECEIVING PAYMENT Out of A CUSTOMER VIA CREDIT CARD. Not sure However if legit.
2016-02-05 08:32:47
The Amount has called my cell Telephone repeatedly but never responds when the phone is answered. I vie Additionally called that number back and I get the following message quot The number is no More a working Amount quot . This really is within minutes of receiving your incoming phone.
2016-02-05 08:32:45
Scummier Directed} multiple sex texts don t know him would not response when I called back.
2016-02-05 08:32:43
LOLA Kelly Lara is on Joined within as an within dependant legal services rep in New York. . . . about Miles out of me. She call s my work constantly. . . . I wonder is she want it if I were to get her data of your net IE via talked and Begin calling her constantly. And BTW if you read the Kelly . . . . go ahead and sue me. . . . see how that works out for you personally. Did you personally know that each of those times you personally called my work I had you personally on speaker phone with witnesses for the fact that I told you personally not to call. Did you understand that I can t sue you personally for W. W for each Case you personally called after I told you to Quit. So. . . great luck along with all that. . . . Lola.
2016-02-05 08:32:41
don t answer
2016-02-05 08:32:39

Phone list in area 784

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
7844453274yes this Amount was given in Result to some Craig s List posting in Mo. Guest12015-11-04 20:23:59
7847902854DebtGuest82015-12-09 20:42:42
7844970252don t answerGuest62015-12-21 14:44:38
7843086331naanGuest12015-11-05 17:11:24
7840002256left no message. tool Amount on caller IDcoledot32016-02-05 08:28:24
7846218848Your own blockedGuest12015-11-06 00:46:24
7844966997BS guyGuest62016-02-05 08:30:11
7843913117Thank you personally thus Considerably because of this Service. I would you for know that I demand for contact this person again. Is there any way you are able to let him understand that I m waiting for his telephone or message. or if he could Supply me his brand new phone number or any contact data. Cheers you thus much. Guest12015-11-06 06:28:46
7847987683Lin no More activeGuest12015-11-06 12:50:24
7845546220Loan Firm offering instant loans which are unwantedGuest12015-11-06 19:30:59
7845741242telemarketing investmentsGuest62016-02-05 08:23:58
7845809246Called three times in a row and left no voice mailGuest52016-02-16 09:22:39
7844337746I live in Canada I don t know anyone from st. Vincent and that Grenadines. i gotten W calls from that number since 'm this morning. Never replied but its a spam for confident. Guest12015-11-07 05:25:59
7845129865from that Nation Amount. Guest32015-11-07 06:59:46
7844970260Telemarketing................Guest52016-02-05 08:18:24
7845289348don't answerGuest72016-02-05 08:32:41
7842681844no-1Bevarse felowGuest22015-11-07 18:43:24
7840912690annoying personGuest12015-11-07 18:49:24
7840006554Called but did not leave a message. - I consider this to be spamGuest262015-11-08 00:11:46
7844094791Stop these calls!Guest52016-02-15 18:38:33
7845289345who is thisGuest72016-02-05 08:32:35
7844967000Criminal phone scam activityGuest42016-02-05 08:30:28
7845755422hurrassingGuest12015-11-08 15:09:24
7845271653Spam. Offering cash.Guest42015-12-08 17:59:11
7845809239Diabetic suppliesGuest12015-11-08 20:19:24
7845337862Got calls from the number.Lou62016-02-05 08:20:43
7844970257Definitely Spam. Really annoyingGuest62016-02-05 08:18:17
7845741236I do not no themGuest62016-02-05 08:23:33
7840140449Stop calling meGuest72015-12-14 19:37:11
7847215501please don't call again as I have no need to talk to you as my life is getting better rather quickly so I don't need thisGuest62015-11-10 03:10:46
7841865428helloGuest12015-11-10 04:03:24
7845741238numerous callsTroy Armistead42016-02-05 08:23:37
7844970259Don't know the number but it calls several times in a row leaves no messageJohn72016-02-05 08:18:22
7847448989Got a call on my work cell from this number. Didn't know the number so didn't answer. In my phone it says the number is a Florida number. What ever the case they didn't leave a voicemail and I don't know anyone in Florida or Saint Vincent/Grenandines that would be calling my work cell phone.Guest42015-11-10 17:04:46
7840140456Keeps calling. Doesn't leave a message. I'm on the do not call list.Guest62016-02-15 20:02:22
7843952402SpamGuest22015-11-10 20:13:24
7844967007Home Depot delivery text about your order being shipped to you. NOT SPAM! A very helpful service.Guest62016-02-26 20:08:31
7845337863this number is no longer in serviceGuest72016-02-05 08:20:51
7848192898is not availableGuest12015-11-11 14:28:24
7844970253Didn't pay me my money he owesGuest32016-02-05 08:18:11
7844970254this number calls my home several times/day & hangs up on me when I answer.  Who the hell is this???none yourbusiness72016-02-05 08:18:12
7840026005don't colGuest22015-11-12 10:40:24
7845309079Avas?Guest12015-11-12 18:19:24
7844970262ScamGuest42016-02-05 08:18:30
7844970255Called and was just the sound of a weird clown laughingGuest62016-02-05 08:18:14
7845337860Dude is extremely rude & very rough. Doesn't know how to take no for a answerGuest32016-02-05 08:20:26
7847536770block all calls and textsGuest32015-11-13 13:14:59
7845741240stalkerGuest42016-02-05 08:23:55
7843961758Insurance company soliciting me on my cell phone.George Kenney42015-12-14 22:32:27
7840395092on his own kind of schedule. neg. neg. avoid avoid avboidGuest62015-12-18 20:42:44

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